Rabid Dogs (1974) - full transcript

A gang of thieves hijack a man's car after botching their getaway from a robbery. They take a woman prisoner and command the man to drive them to safety. The man must try to cope with the bad situation he is in as well as trying to get help for a sick child that he is caring for.

Here they come.

Easy. Don't attract attention.

Get out! Hurry!

Watch out! it’s a stickup!

- They're armed!
- Close the gate!

- Close the gate!
- Hurry!

Police, please, it's urgent.

There's a holdup at our company.

- Your company': name, please.
- Giboni Pharmaceutical Company.

Open up, damn it!

- Get him!

Dispatch calling unit 24.

There's a holdup
at the Giboni Pharmaceutical Company.

Report to the scene.

- Gimme that bag, you bastard!
- Calm down!

Don't fuck with me!

Come on!

Let's go!

- Start the car!
- Move, damn it!

Stop or I'll shoot!

He's hit!

Look out!

- Fuck!
- Move him over!

- He's the paymaster.
- Don't touch him.

- He's dead.
- They went that way!

- Hurry!
- Step on it!

The money.
Did you check the bag?

- See how much it is! Hurry!
- I'll do it now.

- Oh, yeah!
- How much is there?

Holy shit!

- There's a fortune here. We're rich!
- Finally!

- They're following us! Faster!
- Calm down.

- Doc?


We're not losers anymore.
We can live it up!

Blade, I bet the first thing you do
is screw a broad with big boobs!

Of course!

Right, Doc?

No, God damn it!

- They're on our fuckin' asses!
- Calm down.

Damn it! We're fucked!

Dispatch calling all units in the northern area.

Unit 24 is requesting backup.

They're in pursuit of a vehicle carrying
four armed and dangerous robbers. Over.

This is unit 16. Roger.

Faster, Doc!

Move it!

- What the fuck's happening?
- We're out of gas!

- Are you kidding?
- What do we do now?

Get out!


- What's happening?
- They're armed.

Over here.
Maybe there's another exit!

They went that way!


- Quickly!
- This way!



This way.

Close all the exits!

Freeze! Don't shut it!

Get out of here!


Watch out!
They shot someone else.

- Where are they?
- They're hiding over there.

Dispatch, we've located them.

They're on foot, hiding in a garage on
via del Castello. We're awaiting further orders.

Roger, unit 85.
We're working on it.

Backup units are on the way.

- What zone are they reporting from?
- Zone Eight.

Dispatch to unit 3,
report immediately to Via del Castello.

- Let those women go!
- Freeze!

Don't get any closer or we'll kill 'em!

Stay away or I'll kill them!

Don't move!

I mean it!

Go to hell, you sons of bitches!

If you don't leave, we'll kill them!

- Want me to slit her throat?
- Help us!

More units are on the way.

What the fuck did you do, Blade?

You killed the bitch!

The son of a bitch really did it.

Get out, or we'll kill her too!

We're not jokin'!

Want to see?

Move back, everybody.

Get in!


Dispatch, the robbers are escaping
in a green Fiat 125.

They've killed one woman
and taken another hostage.

Unit 37 to Dispatch, we've intercepted them.

Now they know our car.

It's over.
They're going to catch us.

I don't give up so easily.

- Please, let me go!
- Stop it!

I have nothing to do with this!

Shut up, bitch!

- I'll kill you if you don't shut up!
- Don't hurt me!

- Don't do anything stupid, Blade!
- Please!

Stop whining, or I'll slit your throat too!

Those bastards are still behind us.
They're almost on us!

Damned sons of bitches!


Calm down.
Now I'll show them.

We did it!
Those sons of bitches have been cut off!

All units, set up roadblocks
on all roads leading out of town.

Stop all green Fiat 125s.

They're extremely dangerous.
They've taken a woman hostage.

Block state highways 2, 4 and 6,
thoroughfares 28, 114 and 56.

Use caution.
They are armed and very dangerous.

We need backup units
on the freeway leading to the airport.

Captain, there's a woman
on the phone for you.

Her name is Giannotto.

Line one.

Captain Diotallevi.

Any news? Please tell me.

Calm down, ma'am.
I assure you we're doing all we can.

- Believe me.
- So much time has gone by.

I'm afraid something terrible
might happen.

- Please.
- You have to be patient.

As soon as I hear anything,
I'll call you, okay?

I promise.

Don't move.

Don't move!
Make one move and you're dead!

Get inside, you!


- There's a kid here!
- Who the hell cares?

How come he's still asleep?

Strange with all the racket we made.

What's the matter with him?

He's sick.

What's wrong with him?
He's white as a ghost.

He's been given a sedative.

I was taking him to the hospital.

He needs immediate surgery.

- There's no time to lose.
- Keep your eyes on the road.

There's been a change of plan.
You can't take the kid to the hospital now.

First, you have to take us out of town.

Turn right.

Please, have mercy.
His life's at stake.

So are ours.

To be honest,
my life means more to me than his.

We don't give a shit about your son.
we're saving our own asses!

It's not even their money, damned bastards!

Why the fuck should they care?

Listen to me.
Let me and the child go!

I'll take him to the hospital.

I swear I won't say a word!

I didn't even see the license plate!

Please, have mercy!

Please, let me go!

Shut up, bitch!

They're on our tails
like a pack of bloodhounds,

and you want us to let you go?

Fuck you!

Do you know who we had with us
until five minutes ago?

A guy called Fangio
because he could drive like a god!

You know what those bastards did to him?
You know what they did, you bitch?

They shot his brains out!
Just one shot!

It splattered all over!

I'm covered in it!

That's enough. Calm down.

- And you, watch the road.
- Pl kill her.

Move closer to that area over there.


Chopper 135, report your position.

We're combing the state highway
north of the city.

Try and calm down now.

You'd better listen to him.

Good. You're behaving.

Watch it when you get down there.
You're taking the turnpike.

Keep on behaving,
and we'll release you and your son.

I can't stop.
Try to understand.

If he dies, it'll be your fault.

You're breaking my heart.

We've already killed four people.

One more makes no difference.

We're gonna get life anyway, so...

So what the hell do we care about your son?

Who knows? If you kill a minor,
maybe they'll give you a discount.

Cut it out, Blade.
Let him drive.


Would you kill a kid to save your own ass?

You'd better believe it.

- Are you sure you've got the guts?
- What kind of fucking question is that?

We're of no use to you dead.

You're right.

You're much more useful to us alive.

Let us go, please!
What have we done to you?

Let us go.

Keep the car if you want!

- They can keep it, can't they?
- I told you to calm down.

Did you hear that?

The kid is snoring!

What do you think that means?

What the fuck do you think it means?
He's sleeping.

What a stupid question.


What's your son's name?

His name is Agostino.

That's a nice name.

Do you call him Agostino or Ting?


It's a good thing Tino's sleeping, isn't it?

He might get scared, have a shock.

Don't you agree?

Yes, of course.
I guess it's better this way.

You guess it's better this way?

Listen up.

You're a little too calm for my money.

I hope you're not thinking
of pulling a fast one on us.

No, I'm not.

I want to get this over quickly
so I can get my son to the hospital.

That's good.
Better not get any strange ideas.

I wouldn't recommend it.

I'd like to believe you. For now.

This is it. Take the turnpike.

Sweetheart, why won't you
give us some sugar?

Why are you looking at me like that?

Maybe it's because I'm your type?

Quit acting like assholes!

Isn't what happened enough for you?

- Why are you lookin' at me?
- “Why are you lookin' at me?”

I'm talking to both of you.
Stop acting like kids.


So, your name is Riccardo.


I'd better hold on to this.

- What's your name?
- Maria.

Like the Madonna.

Come on.
You can't be serious.

You look like that movie star who never laughs.

- What's her name?
- Greta Garbo.

What was that song she sang?

Blade, do you remember?

Great song.

Let's search that area down there.

Listen, Riccardo.

Come on, baby. Let's keep each other
company, have some fun.

- We'll be at my house soon.
- I'm getting bored.

Just keep calm.

Move slowly.

I just want to make sure
you don't pull any fast ones.

Don't forget,
Tino's asleep in the backseat.

My friend 32 and I have itchy fingers.

If you shoot,
you'll draw attention to yourselves.


Good thinking.

But you're forgetting Blade's back there.

He doesn't make a sound.
He's quiet and very good.

I can assure you.

That's true.

It's amazing how long
a person can survive with a slit throat.

That's true for adults, but also...

for children.

Actually, it's especially true for children.

Children have more resilience.

They've got strong blood.

- Want to see?
- No! Please!

Shut up, Greta Garbo!

Anyway, he's not your kid.

What are you talking about?
Leave the child alone.

- He has nothing to do with this mess.
- Oh, yes, he does.

That's better, Riccardo.

You had me worried for a minute.

You didn't seem very worried about your boy.

I told you to leave him alone.

Yes, of course.

No problem on my end.
It's entirely up to you.

There won't be any problems.

As long as you're worried, I won't be.

Careful now.
There's the tollbooth.

Turn the radio on.

I'd advise you not to do anything stupid,

or Blade will have to use his knife.

Thank you.

Good boy.

Keep this up.
It's better for everyone.

Breaking news. A horrifying crime wave
swept through our city this morning.

Around 11.:30, four criminals staged a bloody
holdup at the Giboni Pharmaceutical Company.

They made off with the employees' wages.

The robbery ended tragically

with the death of the paymaster Armando
Vanzelli, who courageously tried to —

What an asshole.

Their other victim,
the security guard Salvatore Caponi —

- Another asshole.
- ...as he attempted to prevent the crime.

One of the crooks, as yet unidentified,
also lost his life during this horrific crime.

- The police are already working —
- Hey, 32!

Did you hear that?
They're painting our portraits!

- Happy? Be honest. You love it.
- Fuck off!

“Fuck off.” “Fuck off.”

Is that all you know how to say?

Be polite.
Don't forget there's a lady present.

If my mother knew they were talking
about me on the radio,

she'd be so thrilled, poor thing.

At this point, there should be
the usual presidential condolences.

The president has sent word
to the victims' families.

That wraps it up.

Let me out!

Shut up!

Unit 247 calling Dispatch.

The Fiat 125 used by the Giboni Pharmaceutical
Company robbers has been found abandoned.

We believe they are headed north,
towards the turnpike. Over.

Let's check out the area
beyond the woods, towards the turnpike.

We've told you a thousand times
to cut the whimpering.

Want to end up like your friend, honey?

- Did you know her? Was she a relative?
- She was a neighbor.

We'd gone shopping together.

Why did you kill her?
What purpose did it serve?

You hear how he keeps
busting my balls, Doc?

This asshole's always got to express
his fuckin' opinion!

No, my friend, it did serve a purpose.
You're wrong.

The proof is that we're here to discuss it.

If we hadn't killed that woman,
we'd all be in the morgue by now.

But that girl had absolutely
nothing to do with it.

Yes, she did, I just like all of you do.

Listen here. It's very simple.

On the one side, there's us.
We want money.

On the other side, there's all of you.
You're trying to keep it from us.

It's simple reasoning, don't you think?

I could care less about this story
or the money you stole.

- Asshole!
- Calm down. What's wrong with you?

Are you crazy?
You want us to run off the road?

This guy's up to something.

Can't you see he's trying to make us
lose our cool with his fuckin' talk?

He's a fucking son of a bitch!

Doc, shut him up!

Listen. Give me the child and let me go.
I don't care about the car.

If you don't knock off this bullshit,
I'll tell Blade to cut the kid's balls off.

Got that, asshole?

You're saying that now because you're afraid,

but, at the first opportunity, I bet
you'd be ready to play the hero and kill us all.

Maybe you'd get your photo on the front page
and a medal to show your kid.

All I want is to take my son to the hospital.

All we want is to get away!

So get this through your head.

Your only hope of doing what you want
is after we escape.

Riccardo, isn't there an ashtray in this car?

Oops. My ashes fell off.

Would you two knock it off?

Drive calmly. Don't do anything stupid.
Think of your son.

Doc, the police are onto us.

Can't you see they're passing us?

Calm down.
There's nothing to worry about.

Turn around.

As soon as you can, get off the turnpike.

I can't. It's too dangerous.

If he says you can, you can!

Do what I told you, and keep your eyes open.

Turn here.

Congratulations, Riccardo.
You did that well.

We can exit at the next tollbooth.

Even if they've started putting up roadblocks,

we'll have a better chance of getting away
if we take a road leading back to the city.

What will we do at the tollbooth?
The ticket's no good now.

Now there is no ticket.

I can't find my ticket.

Sorry. I think I lost it.

Hold on a minute.

Here. That's fine.

Don't forget what I told you,
or you'll be the first to get it.

Yes, I know.

- Did you find it?
- No.

Sorry, but you'll have to pay
for the whole trip.

Fine. we'll pay.
How much do I owe you?

What can I do?
The regulations are clear.

If it were up to me,
I'd let you pass without paying.

It doesn't matter. How much?

If I look the other way for you,
I'd have to do it for everyone.

- That's going overboard, don't you think?
- Fine. How much is it?

- 16,000 lire.
- Here.

I'm sorry, but, like I said,
It's not up to me.


Wait a minute.
I'll get your change.

Let's go!
Who gives a shit about change?


Here. Do you want a receipt?

No, thanks.

- Bye.
- Good-bye.

Chopper 135, report your position.

We're searching the state highway.

Patrol along the turnpike.

- Maybe the crooks are fleeing that way.
- Roger.

Roll up the windows.

Look. Lucky them.
They must have air conditioning.

If their windows are up, they do for sure.
I don't imagine they're stupid.

Are you crazy?
Look what you did.

Look at this.
You wrecked my bumper! Come on!

Get out and see what you did!

Damn it.


You bent my bumper
and broke the lock on my trunk!

Are you insured?

Do you have insurance?
Yes or no?

I hope you're not one of those people
driving around without insurance.

We're in a hurry, and it's really hot.

Let's settle it here.

How much do you think
the damage will cost? 60,000 lire?

To be honest, it doesn't look so bad to me.

You think the damage is worth 60,000 lire?
Don't do me any favors.

- It's practically nothing.
- Fine. Then let's exchange info.

Don't even think about it.
Besides, you'll have more fun with us.

I can't fix anything with 60,000 lire!

Look. You broke my taillight too.
It's shattered!

The license plate light's gone too,

and who knows what other damages
we haven't even noticed yet.

That guy's busting my balls.

I'm gonna take care of him.

- Wise guy, huh?
- I was just kidding.

Here you go.

- Fifty plus 50 makes 100,000 lire.
- Thanks.

I'd like to have a few minutes
alone with you, honey.

Turn here.


Do you have a map?

I don't know if you hit him on purpose,

but from now on,
you'd better be more careful.

Hurts, huh?

I'm so sorry!

Take the first right.
We have to get around the roadblocks.

Then we'll go back to the turnpike.

- Get going.
- Listen.

I've done everything you asked.

Leave me here with the boy, please.
You're out of danger now.

I have to give him his medicine
and get him to the hospital.

Start the car. Let's go.

I'm sorry, Riccardo.
We come first.

Then maybe we'll get to your son.

What are you thinking about, Blade?

Maybe Doc is right.

What do we need them for?

We could kill them...

and keep the car.

We're too jam-packed to move in here,

especially with this kid.

What do you say, 32?
Think it's a good idea?

I could take care of it.

That's enough!

If anything happens to that boy,
I'll drive the car off the road!

Is that clear?

Those guys are crazy.
Please, put the boy up front.

Give him to her.

- Okay.
- I beg you.

Give the kid to the woman.

Now move.

I think he's waking up.

Listen. We have to stop
and get some water.

I have to give the boy his medicine.

There's no time to lose.

We have to stop now.

We'll see.
Just keep driving.

Please, let's stop.

Let him take his medicine.

I need to get out too.

I have to —
Try and understand, please.

Do you have to pee or poop?

You're a heartless madman,
an insane criminal.

What would you like me to do, then?

You want me to do it here in the car,
on the seat?

Doc, she's right. You don't want her
to get the car dirty, do you?

- Have you found them, Captain?
- Unfortunately not.

I 'm sorry, ma'am.

It's unbelievable.
They seem to have vanished into thin air.

If there are any new developments,
I'll inform you immediately.

Oh, my God.

Go on. Get out.

Back there.


Why are you letting her go so far away?
Shouldn't we keep an eye on her?

Where could she possibly go?
Why don't you just say you want to watch?

He's right. Admit it, 32.

Admit it.

Knock it off!

She's escaping!

I'd better hang on to these.

Help me!

Please, someone help me!

Is anybody here? Please!

Is anybody here? I beg you!

Open the door!

Please, they want to kill me!

Help me!

Please! They want to kill me.

Hello, beautiful.

No, 32.

She's a lady, isn't she?

You're hurting her.

Didn't you have to piss?

Don't tell me you did it
while you were running.

Goon, 32.


No, please!

Blade is right.
You still have to piss, don't you?

Come on.

Do it here.

What are you waiting for?

Piss, bitch!

Stay there!

I didn't tell you to move.

You have to piss right there, bitch.

Standing up.
You heard right.

Come on. If you're careful,
you won't even get dirty.

Take off your panties.

Didn't you hear?
I said take them off!

Good girl.

Now spread your legs.

Now, if you open your skirt just a little,

you won't get it wet.

And now, piss.

Now you can wipe yourself
with your panties, sweetie.

Then you can throw them away.


You don't want to throw them away?

Let me go!

Why are you so mad?

We didn't hurt you, did we?

We didn't even touch you.

I don't want to sit back here!

Please, help me. Do something!

Don't you understand?
They're going to kill us!

I had to run, don't you see?

Calm down, please.
Getting upset serves no purpose.


Good, Riccardo.

See how reasonable he is now?

Let's go.

Be good. Calm down.
Don't get the seat dirty.

This car means a lot to Riccardo.

Stop it!
I can't take it anymore!

You're revolting, you pigs!

Know what I discovered?
She's got no underpants!


That's enough! Cut it out!

Why, Riccardo?

Maybe you're jealous.

Doc, see that? He's jealous!

You're nothing but filthy pigs!
Stop it!

Hey, you!

I give the orders here.

So you can't tell anyone to stop anything.

Have I made myself clear?

Settle down, Doc.

I'm sure he won't do it again.

You're not offended, are you?
I was joking.

Isn't it a little too quiet in here?

Let's play a riddle game.

I know a great riddle.

It'll make you piss your pants!

You tell it, Blade.
It makes me laugh too much.


what's hard when it goes in

and soft when it comes out?

The cookie you dip in your latte!

I'll bet you were thinking of something else.

You women always have
one thing in mind, right?

We've gotten around the roadblocks.

Soon you should turn left
towards the turnpike.

Where are we going?

Seeing him under this blanket
makes me sweat too.

Please don't.

The doctor said he should always
remain wrapped in a blanket

and I should never remove it.

No problem.

Hey, Blade.

Hey, lady.

Greta Garbo.

I know you're not asleep.

I just want to be nice.

I just want to show you something.

Turn around. Come on.

I've got a little gift for you.


Don't be scared.
Make him happy.

It'll only take a second.

- Disgusting pigs!
- Now you know why they call him 32.

I can assure you
women love every centimeter.

You've never seen one like this, huh?
You'd like some of that, huh?

I don't know how experienced you are,

but I'm sure you've never
come across anything like this before.

Want a taste? Want a taste?

It's all yours, sweetie.


It's your choice.
I won't impose anything on you.

You can do whatever you want.

Either you give me your hand...

or you lower your head.

You're a bunch of rotten cowards.

We've done everything you asked.

There's no reason to be so disgusting
and torment that poor girl like that!

Slow down.

Since you're the one who gets to say stop,
why don't you say it at the right time for once?

Listen, pal.

I don't like your tone of voice.

If she hadn't tried to run away
through the fields,

we wouldn't have done
anything to her, understand?

You'd better stop talking to us
like that, asshole!


Otherwise, I won't think twice about —

Listen to me, assholes.

Cut the racket, once and for all!
Have I made myself clear?

And you,

touch that kid again,

and I'll shoot you
in that rotten head of yours.

You've already done enough damage
for one day, you fucking moron!

Why are you treating me like this?

I did what had to be done.

If I hadn't killed that woman,
they'd have caught us by now!

Keep your trap shut!

I'm telling you both, cut it out!

That's enough.
I'm fed up with both of you!

Fuck off.

We interrupt our programming for the latest
on this morning's dramatic robbery.

The police are close
to identifying the dead criminal,

Still no news of the woman
being held hostage by the robbers.

The Via Ajaccio gang is believed
to be behind the robbery.

Don't they ever shut up?

There's have been no reports
of the robbers running any roadblocks.

It's looking more and more likely
that they are hiding in the city.

Now, back to our musical program.

Well done, Riccardo.
We made it, thanks to you.

My God. He's waking up.

I told you.

I have to do something.

Have mercy.
At least let me give him a tranquilizer.

I need water.

There's a rest area.

- Let me stop, please.
- All right.

Besides, you've earned it.

32, go with him,
and don't let him out of your sight.

Now you're asking too much.

The kid stays here.
You can bring him some water.

I'd like to freshen him up.
He's so sweaty.

I said the kid stays here.

32, go with Riccardo.

- Please keep an eye on him, ma'am.
- Of course.

- Four ham sandwiches to go.
- Okay, and you?

- A bottle —
- Don't you want anything?

- Yes. I'd like a bottle of mineral water.
- Okay.

You get the bottle.
I have to visit the men's room.

Hold it. I have to go too.
Let's go together, okay?

I'll go with you.

Be honest, Riccardo.
You wanted to pull a fast one.

- It's not worth it.
- I just wanted to go to the bathroom.

When you need to pee,
you have to ask my permission.

Just like in school, remember?

Where are you going? Wait.

I'm not done yet.

I'll get a nice bottle of whiskey,
just for me.

Don't move.

- Marisa.
- Riccardo, you really are strange.

First, you tell me you're spending your
vacation in town, and then I find you here.

It's just a short trip.
I'm with some friends.

Don't give me that.
What are you hiding? You look so strange.

- I think I know what's going on.
- What?

You're here with a woman.
A fling, am I right?

May I introduce a friend of mine?
As you can see, he's no woman.

Have you known Riccardo long, Mr. Altoviti?

Not very,
but we hit it off right away.

- Right, Riccardo?
- Yes, of course.

I think we'd better go.
They're waiting for us.

What's 32 doing?

You know as much as I do.

As soon as he sees a pair of tits,
he loses his fuckin' mind.

- I'll take care of it.
- Wait.

If I'd known Riccardo
had such charming friends,

I'd have spent more time with him.

Thank you, but I have to go.
My friends are waiting for me.

You're leaving? I just met you,
and you want to run off already?

Good-bye, Marisa.
We have to go too.

I'll call you later.

- You're a pain in the ass!
- Let's go.

Great tits.

So you ran into a friend?

- It's a small world.
- Yeah.

A great piece of ass, Doc.
You should have seen her.

Two beautiful tits, big and firm.

They looked like they were gonna
pop out any minute.

So that's why you took so long.
You were waiting for them to pop out.

Why don't you stop drinking?
Give me a sandwich.



Want some?

Come on. Eat.

Use your mouth to eat for a change.

If you get too skinny,
your boyfriend will blame me.

Come on, Greta Garbo.
Just a bite.

- You dropped some.
- Stop! Leave me alone!

- You've got mayonnaise on your tits!
- Let go!

I'll rub the mayo in
till your tits shine like a mirror, honey!

- Be good.
- You fucking pig!

Stop squirming!

Look what beauties!

Come on.

32, stop that. Enough.


One more swig.

Give me some too.

- I want a swig.
- You didn't pay for it!

Let go!


32, don't you think you've had enough?

Knock it off.

Yes, mommy.

I just wanted to inform you
that you forgot to wear panties today.

Let's see those tits.

Let go of me!

I'm not going to tell you again!
Cut it out, you bastard!

Cut it out yourself!
Stop using that tone of voice!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I should have known
I couldn't trust an asshole like you.

Where were we?

Be a good girl, Greta Garbo.



Stop it!

What's the big idea?
Too cheap to get a room?


Stop! Everyone's looking at us!

Why are you looking at me like that?
Keep your eyes on the road.

You're tough, 32.
Together, no one can harm us.

Yeah, we're tough, all right!

Yeah, we're tough, all right!

You shouldn't have done that, Doc.

I had no choice.

Otherwise, they'd have caught us.

You know I'm right, don't you, Blade?

There was no other way to stop him.
I had to do it.

You shouldn't have.

You know he was my best friend.

Try to understand.

He'd have gotten us arrested.
I had to do it.

Maybe you're right, Doc.

He'd have gotten us all caught.

There was no other choice.

This asshole.

This asshole!

Who told you to stop?

Keep driving.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Here, Blade. Cover him.

Hurry up.

Come on. Move over here.

You heard.
The boss said to hurry up.

Move it, bitch!

He's alive, Doc!

You dirty bastard.

Trying to fool us, huh?

But I knew it!

Who can kill you?

I knew you weren't dead!

But you've got to be good now.
Doc means business.

Stop that.

Can't you see he's more dead than alive?

Let him die in peace.

No, my friend.
Don't listen to him. You can't die!

Don't worry, 32.
Everything will be okay.

I'll cover you now.

There you go.

Listen to me, Blade.
Leave him alone.

All right, Doc.

Sure, if you say so.

SO now...

So now we split the loot two ways, right?

500 million lire each.

Poor 32.

I loved him to the end.

Maria, calm down.


The worst is over.

We're almost there,

and then we'll be free.

Are you sure about that?
Who told you we're almost there?

I thought...

I don't give a damn what you think.
Keep driving.

I swear I'll never say a word
about what happened!

I don't want to die!

I swear I won't tell anyone!

Please, I want to live!

Tell him.
You tell him too.

Tell him to believe us!

Why don't you listen to me?

The only thing to do is keep calm.

Look here, honey.

See how sharp my knife is?

Knowing how to use it is an art.
Not everyone can do this kind of work.

You need a steady hand.

To do it well takes a wrist, an eye,
a sense of touch and lots of practice.

Unfortunately, cars
with leather interiors are rare.

You can't imagine how different the result is
from what you get with plastic seat covers.

Human skin is another thing entirely,
I can assure you.

You can peel a man like a banana.

Once I wanted to try it on a corpse,
but I didn't.

You think I'm crazy?

Damn it. We're out of gas.

You didn't fill up on purpose earlier,
you son of a bitch!

I told you this bastard
would try to screw us, Doc.

You're gravely mistaken
if you think you'll get away with this.

- It's going to end badly for all three of you.
- Don't do anything foolish.

Just wait.
we'll exit as soon as possible.

If we leave the turnpike, there's sure to be
a gas station near the exit ramp.

I hope so, for your sake,
but remember this.

If this car stops, I promise you
none of you will get out of here alive.

There's an exit coming up.

Should we take a look inside?

Hey, excuse me!

Excuse me, please.

We're sorry to bother you,
but we've run out of gas.

We have to reach the city
as quickly as possible. It's urgent.


Didn't you read the sign?
We're closed.

We'll be open in less than an hour.

We're running very late.
We can't wait.

- If it's a question of money...
- No, sir, it's a question of time.

I'm taking a break.
I have a right to rest, don't you think?

Will you open this damned door?

I told you it's urgent!

First, what makes you think
I'm stupid enough to open that door?

And second, I might always fire
a couple shots accidentally.

Have I made myself clear?

What are you doing?
You don't think we...

I don't think anything.

I got held up once,
and I don't want it to happen again.

Let's get out.

Hurry up! Get out of the car.

Tell him the kid's sick.

Cover that bloodstain.

Please, make an exception for us.

It's a matter of life and death!
Believe me.

There's a very sick child in the car.

We must get him to the hospital.

Please, help me!

They didn't tell me that.

You understand.
We have strict orders.

What's wrong with the child?

He needs immediate surgery.

- Are you the father?
- No, he is.

- That's 30,000 lire.
- Here.

Wait a moment!

Thank heavens someone's here.
|'m so lucky.

My car broke down up the road.
I don't know this area.

My God, I felt lost,
so I started walking.

I'm exhausted. These shoes!
I didn't bring another pair.

I started walking,
and I ran into you 10 minutes later.

It's a miracle!

Hot, isn't it?

Why the silence?
Do I look like a ghost?

It's broad daylight.

Couldn't you take me to a mechanic?

- I don't know the area.
- Sorry, ma'am, we're in a hurry.

- Maybe he can help you.
- Great.

I'm no mechanic,
but what's wrong with the car?

If 1 only knew. A bunch of smoke
was coming from under the hood.

Then two lights came on.
Not just one, two!

So I ran off immediately.
| didn't want to end up roasted.

I need a mechanic to tow it and fix it.

The closest garage is about 10 miles away,
straight that way.

Oh, great! It'll just take a...

There's a man asleep back there.
Please don't wake him up.

I'll sit in the front.
There's a little boy too!

He's very cute. I love kids.

Your name's Maria too?
What a coincidence!

Of course, it's a common name.
Less than it used to be, though.

Excuse me. I haven't introduced myself.
My name is Maria Sbravati.

I thought I'd take a couple days off.

I'm meeting a friend on the coast.
We've rented a place.

But now this has happened,
who knows when I'll be able to leave?

Let's hope the garage has a phone,
so I can call her.

Otherwise, she might worry.

They must have one, right?

I may have been unlucky with my car,
but I'm lucky to have run into you.

It's not often you find
such nice people to give you a hand.

Is that man faking it,
or is he really sleeping?

Maybe our chatter woke him up.

He's teasing us.
How funny.

He wants us to believe —

Leave him alone. He's tired.
He's really sleeping.

I didn't want to disturb him.
I was just chatting.

Maria, just between us women,

which one of these gentlemen
is your husband?

My husband is...

- Well, he's...
- I'm her husband.

I thought so. Congratulations.
He's a good-looking man.

He's very distinguished and charming.

Is this your little boy? How cute!

- He's not well.
- What happened to him, poor thing?

I've taken some classes in nursing,
and I"m good with children.

First of all, you shouldn't
cover him up like that.

In this heat, he'll sweat.

You should let him breathe.
It'll remove the toxins.

-I'll do it.
- Don't touch that child!

As you wish.

I just wanted to help.

You're all so nervous.

That's true.

You're right.

Please, forgive us.

My husband is very upset.
Actually, we're all quite upset.

It's because of the child.
We're worried, you see?

I'm so sorry.
Perhaps it's my fault.

I always go overboard,
but it's because I want to help.

Especially since you've been so kind.

I'd like to listen to some music.
Maria, would you turn the radio on?


We interrupt this program to bring you
the latest update on this morning's robbery.

The police have managed
to identify the kidnapped woman.

- Her name is —
- That's enough.

Sorry. Maybe you were interested,
but I can't stand listening to that sort of news.

The idea of what those monsters
might do to that poor woman.

She may have children.
There are some things I just can't bear.

It's very depressing.

What's wrong, Maria?
Why are you crying?

Don't worry about the child.
He's sleeping.

Take no notice, ma'am.
Her nerves are a little frayed.

Don't worry.
She'll be all right in a minute.

Of course.

My God! That man.

What's wrong with him?

What's wrong with him?

What's the matter, ma'am?

Come here.

I want to tell you something.

Come here.

Calm down.

Calm down, Maria!

Quit it now!

We have to get rid of these two.

I meant the corpses.

But 32 is still alive.

We can't abandon him.
He's still breathing.

Here. It might be useful.

We can't toss 32 like that.
He's my friend.

All right. Carry him down.

Careful. Be careful.

We mustn't hurt him.

Don't worry, 32.

Don't worry.



Easy now!

Watch out.

I'll keep this...

as a memento, my friend.


Pull over.

Stop, thief!

You dirty thief,
I'll teach you to steal from me!

Sorry, I was thirsty,
and there was no one to ask.

I needed something refreshing.

Don't worry.
I'll pay you for it.

I didn't want to steal it,
but I really needed it.

I was feeling sick.

Here. Take this.


Grapes picked straight off the vine
have a different flavor, don't they?

Sure! Let's stop and pick some apples too.

I'd love to know what goes through your mind.

You wouldn't understand anyway, Doc.

Until today,
all you had seen were city streets.

What do you know about nature?

City grapes have a nasty flavor

because they spray stuff on them,

and who knows what the hell it is?

My father told me not to eat them,
or I'd get sick.

These were good though.

They must have been.
You paid 50,000 lire for them.

You were shitting your pants
like you used to when your father scolded you.

What the fuck are you saying?

You think you know everything.

You keep talking bullshit,
and you don't even realize it, Doc.

I'm not afraid of killing anyone, got that?

Even my father, if necessary!

You know what?

Turn the car around,
and take me back there!

I'll show you how I can cut
that fucking farmer in half!

Turn there.

End of the road.

We're here.

Are you happy, Riccardo?

You were in such a hurry.
Now we're here.

Is that the car, Doc?

It's a beauty.

- You thought of everything, Doc.
- Yes, but it's not over yet.


Come on, Riccardo.


You too. Get out.

Get out of there!

Come on, beautiful.
End of the line. You're here.

Go on. Get the child.

- Now?
- No.

Why not, Doc?
No one's around.

How do you know?
It's safer over there.

- Take her inside.
- Come on, honey!

Come here.

I beg you. Let us go.

We're not dangerous to you.

Leave the boy alone.
He has nothing to do with this.

He didn't even see you.
He knows nothing about this mess.

Get the kid out of the car.

But why? Why?

Don't you have a heart?

Do as I say, Riccardo.

We don't have much time.

Doc, the keys!


-Where do I go?
- Inside.

Signora Giannotto speaking.

My son? Is it about my son?

Yes, it's about your son.

- Is he all right?
- Of course.

- Is he with you?
- Yes.

If you want your son back alive,

don't involve the police
and do exactly as I say.

You'll need to come up with three billion lire
in cash in two days' time.

Three billion in small bills, understood?

Three billion?