Rabid Dogs (2015) - full transcript

After a bank job goes badly wrong, three desperate criminals take a young woman and a father and child hostage - it's the beginning of a frantic and violent road trip that not all of them will survive.



Hey, little man.
Not so close, okay?

Thank you, sir.

You okay?
What got into you?


4:20 pm

The first time it'll hurt.

It'll squat inside your skull.

If you're made for it,
you'll come back for more.

Ignore the assholes who preach.

This is your story.

Only your version matters.
No other.

Good afternoon.

No double-parking here.

You have to move your car.

I'm waiting for my wife.
She won't be long.

Your wife better hurry.

You can't stay here.

I wonder what she's up to.

You know the score.

We'll give you a few minutes,
but no more.

Sure thing.


Everyone, down!

- Down!
- Drop your weapons!

- Get down!
- Drop them, now!


Let's go!

Start the car!

Hurry the fuck up!

Watch out!

Jesus fucking Christ!



Go left!

Move your asses!

- Move!
- Calm down!

What's this?

Get down!

- Kill them!
- Get down!

Shoot them!

You're fucking sick!

Just let me!

Step on it!

Watch out!

Get out!

Now get lost!

Let's beat it!

Come on!

The cops! Move it!


What do you think?

4:53 pm

What are we doing here?
Let's beat it.

Shut up!


What is it?

Got a better idea?



Cops and security all over!

- Relax.
- I don't shoot people.

I don't shoot people either.
Trust me.

Calm down. I know him.
He'll get us out.

He shot cops!

- Shut the fuck up!
- We risk lives!

Relax, it'll be fine.


We got a problem.

Open that bag.


Step away!

Don't shoot!

Let's beat it!

Get down!

Hear that?

Take the two of them!
Her and him!

Come here.

Don't move!

Get out of here!

Or we waste one of them!

- What are you doing?
- Listen!

Shut up!
You and your men, out!

I'll see to this.

Shut up!

- What do I do?
- Dunno.

Get out now!

Everyone, keep calm.

Shut up!

You and your men, out!

- Three!
- I have kids. Please.

Shut up!

Tell me what you want.


Take pity.


Where's your car?

Answer me. Where is it?

Down there.

...poor working conditions
and an increase in violent crime.

Now the weather.

This evening,
dramatic changes are expected.

Boy or girl?

Excuse me?

Boy or girl?

A girl.


The red one.
Works each time.

AC-13, here. I repeat: AC-13.


Follow the plan.
Share the loot.



Cross the bridge, change cars.

Take the first one you find
and leave.

That warehouse Drive in.

Beat it.

Let's take the bags
and the girl.

- We leave him?
- We get out of here, I said!

5:30 pm

What now?

- So?
- Next car.

Stop the fucking car!

Stop your fucking car!

Hurry up.

Get moving!

You can't. Not to us!

Shut up!

- Start the car!
- There's a kid.

We can't take her.
Change cars.

Leave her here.

We're going to the hospital.
She's sick.

Who the fuck cares?

You can't. She needs a transplant.
You'll kill her!

Shut your mouth and drive.

News flash
about the violent robbery

that just took place downtown.

The robbers' escape
has left 4 dead.

Over 100 policemen are on their trail.

Police call for extreme caution

describing them
as heavily armed.

It's simple... try anything
and I'll waste you.

Look ahead.

5:55 pm

I have 7 hours to save her.

Why is he talking?

Hostages keep quiet.

Don't get pulled in.

Why won't she wake up?

- What?
- The kid's still asleep.

Doctor said
to give her a shot.

On dialysis since birth.

We've been waiting for a kidney.

Why is he talking?

The hospital called 3 hours ago.
To operate.

What's her name?


Where's her mom?

She left me.

The kid's illness wore her down.
She couldn't take it.

Fucking whore.
Left you in deep shit.

No one's expecting you.

- No.
- Give me your cell phone.

Vincent, check her bag.
Toss the phone.

We got cops after us.

Think they'll find us
in a car like this?

This is bullshit

Let them go.
We didn't plan on hostages.

Let's dump him. Useless.
I don't like him.

What do you want to do?

How do we dump him?

Drop him and his kid
on the side,

and hope he won't talk?

Are you for real?


Please, what do I do now?

Drive to the border.
Slow, so we don't get spotted.


I see you!

6:12 pm

- Know why we're here?
- No, I don't

You really don't.
Or you'd never have come.

In 30 seconds a guy will come out
from down there.

I offered a junkie a ton of dope
to beat you to a pulp.

This is the way I work.
Either him or you.

If I were you, I'd go for me.

Goddamn junkie!

So fucking hopeless!
He's early.

Take this. No time.

Step back!
Step back or I'll waste you!

Stop laughing like an idiot.
That's enough.

Shut up!

See? Not so hard.

6:36 pm

One of the robbers

was killed by police.

3 others are on the run.

To reiterate:

At 4:30, three masked men
armed with Kalashnikovs...

It reeks of death here.

4 employees
and 10 clients were present.

One of the robbers,
considered the leader

threatens the manager,
makes him open the vault.

In 5 minutes, they leave the premises

with loot estimated at over 2 million.

A 4th accomplice awaits outside.
A control car passes by.

Leave that.

- What is it, cops?
- What the fuck?

What now?

Yeah, what?

Wait, I'm trying to think.

Want to save your kid?

She's not well.

I'll see to her.
Give her to me.

A test first.

What the hell?

Let me deal with this!

Now listen real good
and do exactly what I say.

It's far from over.

- What is it?
- A fight.

Cops won't even clear the road!

Stop it!

- Excuse me...
- Go away.

My daughter-

Stop right now!
Or I'll haul you all in!

Ambulance and tow truck coming.
Go to your cars.

Cool it!

Go to your car
and wait till it's cleared.

My girl is sick. An emergency.

What is it? Where is she?

After the truck.
She needs an operation.

Can you help me?

What the hell is he up to?

Cut it out.

- Should I go look?
- You've done enough.

What's got into you?

I thought the cop was shooting.
I panicked.

You got us in deep shit.
What if we get caught?

3 cops and a hostage!

Did I shoot the cops?

Forget it... I'll go.

I don't trust this guy.
He'll screw us.

Great fucking plan!

Want to manage on your own?

Want to go?

No? Then shut the fuck up!

Really want to help?
Watch her and shut up!

What can he do
with his kid here?

Manu, I'll go.
You get out and watch my back.

Why me?

Want to piss me off too?

I pull all the weight.
If you're not happy, get lost!

Both of you, get lost!

Little Chief gets on my nerves.

I can't let you through.

All hell will break loose.
Everyone else will want to.

I'm warning you.
Fuck us and she dies.

- I kept quiet.
- You better have.

- They can see-
- What's going on?

Is there a problem?

No, it's...

my brother-in-law.

My daughter has us all on edge.

I'll get you out.
Hurry or I'll change my mind.

And you, sir.

Keep your cool now.

- Got that?
- Sure.

Why is he here?
I didn't ask for a copter.


Take it easy.

Put the kid on your lap.

She's your daughter now.

I'll take that off.

You better keep your mouth shut.

Put that thing away.

- Psycho!
- Shut up!

Shut the fuck up.

It'll be fine.

Start the car.

Hundreds of police are searching
for the robbers and the woman hostage.

According to sources,
she is a 39-year-old tourist.

Authorities have met with her husband
in their downtown hotel.

The wife had gone out
to do some shopping.

The gunman killed by police,
a repeat offender,

just got out of prison.

7:14 pm

There's someone.

Of course there is.

Can you fill it up?

He's talking to you.

- She needs her shot.
- What?

She'll wake up.

She'll shriek.
Better she stays calm.

Do what you have to.

Careful with the needle.

Keep an eye on him.

Excuse me.

I need to change.

I feel dirty.

Do something.

There are people inside.
Tell them.

Too dangerous. I can't with her.

I already saw them kill a man.

They don't care. They'll kill us.
We must act.

Trust me, please.

Just trust me.

We can't risk it here.

- I have to try to save her.
- This is the only way.

If we try anything,

they'll kill us
and everyone inside.

Better to wait.

The three of us will make it.

You have my word.

Give me her arm, please.

- Like this?
- Perfect.

I'll pay. Give me the needle.
Back to your spot.

And stop blabbing, you two.

I need the restroom.

Don't play me for a fool.


Go on.

Put this away.


- 52.70.
- What?

The gas is 52.70.

- Got a restroom?
- Down on your right.

Everything makes me laugh!

How long?


The transplant.

- How much time left?
- 5 hours.

Know where you're going?

Of course I do.

You're new to this.


And it shows.

It's not reassuring. I mean,
your friends don't reassure me.

You're fucked.

You killed a guy.

I'm being up front.
I was shocked.

The cops are after all 3 of us.

Actually I think we should split up.

Are you crazy?

We stick together.
Nothing has changed.

- Hands off me.
- Things are tense.

Have a drink!

Is this really the right time?

Think she likes me?

She's hot as hell.

Are you serious?

Can I say what I feel?

Go on.

I pity you.

- Watch your tongue.
- It'll be your fault she dies.

She won't die.

Why would I believe you?
Are you sure?

If you obey me, she won't die.

- Why are you doing this?
- Want to hear my sob story?

Who the hell cares why?

Think the cops will ask me?

Let us go.

Take another car.
You have nothing to lose.

I'll go straight to hospital.

I won't say a word.

It's in both our interests. See?

Are you done now?

Get going.

Sources say
that police are questioning...

You hear this?

They're afraid of nothing.

The robbers should be identified soon.

- I saw you.
- Excuse me?

Don't flip out.

I saw you, that's all.


What does that say?


I saw you, that's all.

What exactly did you see?

That one.

No smoking in the restroom.

It's forbidden by law!

I'm sorry.

I'm kidding!
I don't know if you smoked.

No cameras, not enough money.

Nice and gentle.

Just a little fun.

What do I owe you?

You see?
They won't make it,

if you ask me.

Kids, I say.

Fucking junkies.

They won't get me!

I'm prepared.


That'll be 76.


- Your change.
- Keep it.

Where are you going?

Quite a few of you.

You in that Volvo in front?

Haven't seen one in a while.

- Drive safe.
- Take care.

Don't move.

Hands up.

I said hands up!

You too, little prick!

What happened?


Shot the shit out of him.


Some blood left.

What happened back there?

Nothing... Nothing happened.

7:52 pm

Let me.

Fragile at this age, right?

It's like I can break her arm,
she's so thin.

Let go of her.

Tell him to stop.

- She's only four!
- Who cares?

Stop, let go of her.
You'll hurt her!

- What?
- I said stop!

Who the fuck are you?

Stop, you'll hurt her!

- Just relax.
- I'll relax if I want to!

You're just a follower.
Everyone here knows.

Let me tell you
why you're here.

When we need an idiot
to send to the front,

who comes to mind?

Understand now?

You rail about this kid
and left yours?

You couldn't recognize him.

You're my buddy
because it suits me, but

if I do the math, in my head

Little Chief up front, murder.

You, murder.

As for me...


Got a guy?

Don't worry.
I went about it the wrong way before.

You'll be a princess
with my dough.


I knew I turned you on.
You'd have screamed.

You get me even harder.

Do it...

You have a knife.
I have no choice.

Here in front of everyone?

See how she treats me?

Do you have to blab on?

You wear me out.

8:41 pm

- Get out. Keep them away.
- What do I say?

That's your problem.

Back in your car.

Go back.
I won't repeat myself.

My daughter is very sick.

Stay there.

Stay there!

Hands up!


You! Stay in the car!

- What now?
- Shut up.

What are you doing?

Hurry up.
Take my seat in the back.

Police are concentrating
in the central region

after a gas station owner was found

brutally murdered.

The Interior Minister
spoke minutes ago,

calling on locals
to report any suspicious behavior.

9:26 pm


- What?
- Can I ask you a question?

Who will kill me?

You okay?

We'll head out soon.

Tell your friend
to stop getting wasted.

I got married 3 days ago.

It's our honeymoon.

We decided to have a kid too.

Like you did.

What's his name?


Your son.


That's good.

First cigarette
since Charlotte was born.

To spare her second-hand smoke.

- And here she is now.
- I said she'd survive.

I believe you now.


Why now?

I don't know.

This morning they called
to say a woman died.

Hit by a truck.

The transplant was authorized.

Best day of my life, I thought.

Strange, isn't it?

You left a bank
with bags full of money.

Probably thinking the same thing.

Best day of your life.

It's like that.

The law that governs the universe.

Things are not what they seem.

This will end badly.
You're wanted now.

What are you doing?

Stop talking to her.

I have something to tell you.

Come here!

Sit down.

What are you up to?

- Following him?
- Stop it.

What about me?

Would he do this, for you?

- I didn't think twice.
- I know.

It made me crazy.

I'd do it only for you.

They had it in for you.

It made me wild.


People think you're a killer.

You're not.

Don't talk about me.

You don't know me.

They think your pals are gangsters.
Things are not what they seem.

That's the law.

With your money,
you'll see your kid.

- You'll buy him stuff...
- Shut up!

Don't you see we're dead?

Get it?

I'll make it.

It's the only way.

My only question is
who'll try to ice us first?

The cops...

or Sabri?

She's not here. She left!

- She's gone!
- Where is she?

What the fuck? You had one job.

You had one fucking thing to do!

- We'll find her!
- Quiet.

Who do you think you are?

Don't talk to me!

Can't you hear?
Don't talk to me, dammit!

Move it.

Take a stroll

in the woods

while the wolf isn't there

If he was there...


Over there!


I said not to take risks.


I said move!

That hurts.

9:43 pm

Two policemen were found dead
off the main road.

On the run for five hours,
they've left 7 dead and 5 wounded.

Slow down.

Just a little village.

The hostage's husband offered
a large reward for information.

Think your husband will save you?

Wipe your face.
Put makeup on.

Back up. Let's go.

Why are we stopping?

Why are you here?
Didn't you see the car park?

No, I didn't.

Park over there.

Park there.
It's going to start.

- Let's get out of here.
- Fucking lunatics.

- I keep driving?
- What the hell is this?

How do we get out?

- Why are we stopping?
- I have to park.

- We gotta go.
- We won't make it far.

What are you doing?

Excuse me.

We're in a rush. We can't stay.

You shouldn't have come then.

- I'm outta here.
- Stay put!

He's in a rush!

Enjoy the show.

May as well.
Town's sealed off.

Feast of the Bear.

What's that?

Get down, please.

Can you get down?

Down! Get the fuck down!

Or else what?

Want to call the cops?
They're nearby.

Just kids having fun!

See your car?

One headlight.

No bumper.
Should we tell the cops?

Everything's fine.

Don't budge.

Calm down
or we'll calm you down.


Don't be wise-asses.

Keep it up and we're dead.

Every one of them is armed.

No problem.

Respect the tradition
and keep cool.

Come here.

I'm sorry.

- Sorry.
- Celebrate!

Come here!



We should stay in the car.
It's smarter.

With our three faces all over TV.

We have to mix with the crowd.

We need to split up.

Welcome to the 73rd Feast of the Bear!

Is she waking up?

Let me leave with her.

I beg of you.

- Think I'm dumb?
- No. Of course not.

- You think I'm dumb.
- No, I swear.

Don't treat me like a dumb shit!

- Don't talk to me.
- Stop, that hurts!

Come on, don't fight.

Tonight's for celebrating,

Everything's fine, ma'am.

You can't see a thing.

Just keep obeying me
and you'll be free.

Look straight ahead.

Don't be shy, please!

There's trouble.

With my kid.

- She's sick.
- What's wrong?

She's ill. Panic attacks.

- A friend?
- She's mine.

She's waking up.

- I'll give her a shot.
- What kind?

Her treatment.

This is nice of you,
but we don't need

- Understand?
- Take it easy.

Treat her inside
and watch the festivities.

It's my pleasure.

Hold on.

- Her medicine.
- Stay put!

- Where's Vincent?
- I don't know.

Keep an eye on her!

Got your gun?
If she tries anything, just shoot.

10:25 pm

- Ma'am.
- It's just my mother.

Stop, Mom. I'm coming.

We'll put the child here.

Behave or you're dead.

She's not well.


I think she has a fever.

What's her problem tonight?

Be right back.

I'll let you go in,
but I have my eye on you.

Move it.


What is it, Mom?

Oh yes, I'm sorry.

Two strokes.
She can only move a hand.

Makes you think.


Where is she?
Where's Sabri?

Honey, I'm here now.

I'll give you your shot
and you'll sleep.

Daddy's here.
All's well.

Can you keep it quiet, please?

Of course.
Stop, Mom.

What is it?
Sick of watching TV?

I called the cops.
We have to stay.


How did...

How much time?

Not long.
But we must stay put!

No, we have to go.

If cops come,
they'll realize we called and kill us.

Let's go.

- We're going!
- No.

What do you mean?

I warned you.

Put that down.
We'll settle this outside.

- Put it down.
- Shut up!

Let's go... Hurry up.

Move it!

Calm down.

- Shut up!
- What are you doing?

Don't move!

Don't move.
Come on.

Lower the gun, Manu.

Lower it.

I called the cops.

- What?
- If you shoot, you're dead.

I'm already dead.

Stop it! Stop!

It's over.


Don't move!

Why do this?

What the fuck?

Why did you do it?

It's all your fault!

Let go!

Let's go!

Fuck! Come on!

Hey you!

Put the gun down!

Don't act stupid. Put it down!

I'm going to shoot!


11:20 pm

Pull over.


We need to trust each other.

We had no choice.

He tried running off
with our money.

We'll make it.

We will.

What did you think?

You could leave with my dough?

Stop looking at me.


This didn't have to happen.

You wanted to save her.

It's too late.

You had to obey.

You betrayed me.

To save your kid,
you just had to obey me dammit.

It wasn't hard.

What the fuck do I care?

I pity you.

You want to play hero.

Just a fucking coward.

If I were you,
I'd have done everything to save her.

Just had to obey.

You deserve to die.

You obviously deserve to die.

11:47 pm

This was the plan?

He takes us across the border
and it's over?

What about them?


What do we do with them?

Go get them.

Get out. Last stop.

You too.


7:22 am

...have yet to find the robbers.

They still have one woman hostage.

So far, they've left
a trail of 10 bodies.

Next, the weather

but first a news flash.

A 4-year-old girl was abducted

yesterday leaving school.

The kidnapper
contacted the family

and has requested
an undisclosed ransom.

The girl is the daughter
of industrialist...

That's how it is.

The law that governs the universe.

Things are not what they seem.