Rabid (2019) - full transcript

The quiet Rose works in women's fashion clothing, hoping to be a designer. A traffic accident damages her face. She gets experimental stem cell treatment, leaving her stronger and prettier than ever - but there's a side effect.

M @ X Subtitling Kavisha Gayanath M @ X


Why do we repeat old tendencies?
- Shit!

Why do we give new life to
old things? Do we add something new?

Because without soul can not be life.
Are we following the masses?

Or we do art for the few
who dare to get involved?

well well well.

What's your excuse this time ...

to disrupt the flow of energy
throughout our day,

breaking whenever
you fancy?

Rose Miller!
I speak to you, okay?

You interrupt my day and not
say anything in your defense?

I almost had an accident and ...

I do not want to hear any excuses of
shit! Just come to work on time.

You think it's funny?

"Schadenfreude". Joy is
the misfortune of others.

Thank you my dear Rose.
Quiet, just wanted to clarify something.

It's okay.
Draw near to me.

There is someone in each of us
that do not want to show the world.

Someone who feels joy
when one of us fails.

A black passenger who wants to
survive at any price.

This is human psychology, huh?

And that expresses my new collection.
The dark side of the soul.

That's joy.

Gunter need these
skins for tonight.

All right. Thank you, Aurora.

Put all the body
on the table.

Hi, Rose. I have an idea.
You're going to the show, right?

I have to
- Would you go to a party later?

Have fun, let off steam.


- I think it's wasting time.

Yeah, well you network,
that's important, but I do not know.

I prefer to let my
talk work itself.

While obviously not say anything.

- Be my date tonight.


It does not have to be formal.
I just want to see you. It's okay?

Yes, sure.
- Good.

See you later.

Hey, Rose, can you do it
tougher for me?

I need a smaller size,
it sounds ridiculous.

Chels going to be really ridiculous.

I see myself thin
makes you feel good.

Well, just as products
natural and I feel great.

I do not understand how you can live this
way. It could never be vegetarian.

Seriously, how do you live without bacon?
- I do not want to suffer any animal.

You do not mind eating
something that is dead?

Or eat, or eat you.
What do you eat then?

Everything organic as possible,
B12 supplement for energy.

Many meat eaters eat
very little B12. That's the important thing.

Rose, I'm starting to live,
I'm worried about you.

Will you go with me to the party?

Really I wanted to go.
Brad asked.

Really? It was time!

It's nothing special,
we will be there.

But he says I'm his appointment.

My God, Rose! That's great
for you! What will you wear?

Only this.



Do not tell anyone,
or joke.

I'll think something. It will be very
fun and you'll look sexy.

- No, name: Rose.

Name: Miller.

And you're on the list?

I guess, I did it myself.

Hi dear.

It's okay?

Good. Rose Miller

Rose Miller. Here you are.

To a good time.
- Yes.

- Thank you.

Hey, Rose!

- There is a lot of noise here.

Come on.

It's better?
- Yes.

You look terrible.
- Yes thanks.

You look ... you look good.


You do not want to greet Gunter?
- No not really.

Otherwise, you would be ashamed in
front of him.

Good and? It's a temporary job.
I'll become a photojournalist.

This is totally stupid or not,
but does not pay well, so I will.

It's better than weddings.

Can I ask why

Yeah, you know, for me the true
beauty in things,

There are still undiscovered.

I want to share discoveries,
be part of history.

You want to be part of something bigger?
What you really want?

You know, I work in fashion.
- Yes, but what 's next?

Shit, I ...
- Okay. No matter.

It was embarrassing.
- Was nothing.

Uh, no offense, but why
you want to work in fashion?

I love the feeling
it conveys clothes.

Can be and become who
you want, transform.

Clothing you is like an
armor, you know?

Get ready and leave the house.

I designed to help
people, give them the feeling of strength.

It 's stupid, I know. You were right.
- No.

Yes it is.
- Not at all.

What you just said, you have
to tell Gunter. Come on.

Nerd .
- Yes.

No I can not.
- You can do it. I will go with you.

Really I can not.
- He loves me.

The dress is from her collection.
You should not use it at all.

- Yes.

Does this dress is Gunter?
- I will kill me.


You're full of secrets.
- Yes.

Still there?

No, your secret is
safe with me.

Where are my manners?

Do you want a drink.
- Sure.

What do you want?
- No matter. Surprise me.

I thought I had done.

I'll be right back.

Did you see that? Rose Miller with Brad Hart?

OMG. How I could
overlook Scarface?

I can not believe it's real!

Chels asked Brad
to go out with her.

- Yes.

Chels does everything for her.

I have no idea, Chels family
took over Rose or something.

She lost her family in
a car accident.

Look at his face,
it must have been serious.

Brad, sorry for him. He is very friendly.
- Chelsea are very friendly.

I do not understand what Rose,
she's so sad and strange.

So you think Brad
throws it out of pity?

OMG! Something like that.
He pulled them all.

Ready to go?
- Yeah right.

C'mon C'mon.

All right. Let's go to the party.

My God, Rose. You look good.
- Did you fix this with Brad?

Shit, who betrayed me?
- God, I feel humilllada.

Why did I do this to me?

Like and was crazy about this.

But I'm very happy.
- That's not what I meant.

How then, Chels? I do not want
you to help me. I do not want to be here.

I do not want more handouts from you,
okay? - What are you talking about?

You're my family, do not!

I only wanted to help you! Rose!


Rose! Shit!

Dr. Bruce, in obstetrics,
please. Dr. Bruce.


God, Rose! Can anyone come?

Everything is fine. Stay still.
Doctor? She woke up!


Hey Hey hey. Everything will be fine.
Do you remember anything?

The accident? You were wound.
How much sorry, it was my mistake.

She is awake! Welcome
back, Miss Miller.

Can we make her comfortable?

Do you remember what happened?
The accident?

No, please, do not talk. You were
unconscious for a week.

We are very happy to have you
back. Keloid am the Doctor.

I'm a senior doctor here at
Saint Agnes. Okay, look at me.

You know why you're here?
Suffered facial injuries.

Especially in the jaw.

We could not sew it completely,
so we had to leave it on .

For the moment.

Until we can think
in reconstructive measures.

The handlebars of your bike scooter
pierced your abdomen.

This started a huge part of
your intestine. But do not worry.

With proper nutrition, you can
lead a completely normal life,

despite the shortened body.

We only see Chelsea Cottrell
as an emergency contact.

It's me. His parents are dead.
We were his adoptive family.

Well well. It is important for her to
receive the greatest possible encouragement.

I want to see

Really sure.

But keep in mind that it
is a long process.

Like everything else in life.

And it makes no sense to
worry about the aesthetics.


What if.

Well, carefully.

Give the mirror.

Okay, okay.

I strongly recommend
not using mirrors.

What he needs now is
rest and relaxation.

They take several weeks
before you think ...

you can leave this room.

I know it is not easy to handle.
Please take your time.

We'll leave you alone now.


All good?

I'm a monster

You are alive. That is the most important.

What about work?

I'm sorry Rose. The competition
is too strong.

But, hey ...
Gunter will not charge you dress.

Rose, you're like a sister.

I know you want to be alone,
and certainly you're right.

But I will not go.

I know I did wrong, but I'll fix it.

I did not know where to put your
things, so I brought them .

You know the apartment is huge.
You can not be alone right now.


Hey, honey, hey, hey.
Everything will be fine, okay?

Well, here we are!
Are you at home.

I unpacked
some of your stuff,

but he did not want to act as a
serial murderer rummaging around.

That's why some still
are in the boxes.

There's the fridge, filled with
natural things, because I love you .

Oh, I even have porridge for babies,
and I must say it tastes great.

The mixer is here.
It is only for a portion.

Put the slurry in it and then
put it in the dishwasher.

And even I have grenades.
No grains. I'm sorry.

The bedroom is there, and I'm
here if you need anything.

Thank you!
- Is nothing.

I have to go shopping,
but I will return in two hours.

Four, if there is heavy traffic.
¿I can get you something?

You'll be fine?

Honestly or just you do not
want to make me feel guilty?

I'm fine!
- Well well.

And please, take whatever you want.
This is your home now, too.

Well, Brad E-mail address
is on the computer. He has yours.

It feels really bad. But no
matter, just think about yourself.

I'm sorry to have spoiled.
He's really a good guy.

He helped me with your stuff.
It was very sweet of him.

I'm glad you're here.

Rose, I think about you all the time.

Invitation to our clinic.
CLINIC Burroughs


Belief or theory that
man is aware of ...

their physical and mental limits
current can develop.

Especially through
science and technology.

The term "Transhumanism"
comes from an essay ...

of the Canadian philosopher WD
Lightfall of 1940.

In 1957 he used the
biologist Julian Huxley ...

as the title of an essay
different on the subject.

Today is considered the
founder of the movement.

He argued that the human species,

if desired, you can cross borders.

Not only sporadically as
individual in one way or another,

but in its entirety,
as humanity.

Despite the clear
advantages of the movement,

any progress was
held back by restrictions ...

health authority.

Clinic Burroughs, however,
saw an opportunity in this challenge.

In exchange for some analyzes
of blood, families ...

attend Burroughss tests
for medical care for life.

This includes the treatment
of special cases.

with medical innovations,

that they are not available
to the public so far.

We hope to hear.

I get involved in very sick things
for free treatment here.

It's not funny!

I'm sorry, I just wanted to encourage you.

Your nose is great!

Okay, I'm sorry.
It is you, not me.

Okay, let's go.

Is that how it works.

All good?

It's okay. There is.

It's nice, very chic.

- Hi.
- Hi

We have an appointment to Rose Miller.

Well, sign here, okay?

On the bottom.

You let me?

Nice to meet you.

My wife Cynthia and I founded
the clinic for people like you.

Your physician, Dr. Keloid called.

He thought he'd be a good candidate for
our experimental procedures.

Cell manipulation.

The procedure is not new,
but it is the key to life.

I can not afford that.

We assume all the costs.
If you are eligible.

And as I see it , you meet
all requirements.

We live in a country that ...

neglects care
health of its citizens.

We are a research institution.

A major in
the re-generative medicine,

and we need test subjects.

That is for mutual benefit.

It is safe?

Would not be our first
patient, not last.

In my opinion, there are only
bureaucratic formalities ...

that prevent ...

such life - changing therapies
are available to all.

The rich have benefited
for a long time about it.

Okay, discuss it with
tranquility. I wait outside.

Pretty good, right?

Pretty shitty .

The hospital has charged you
large sums,

Do you know the prices for
plastic surgery?

How can these people
sleep peacefully?

I'm scared

I know it's unfair, Rose. But,
honestly, what have you got to lose?

I'm sorry. Come here, honey.

We found a solution. Do it.

Let me see.

You are his friend.


Oh, no.

But it is important to me.
- Very affectionate.

Tell me a little about it?


... I want as little
as pernicious anemia.

The word "vampire" is not
heard here with us.

We strive for
a better picture.

"Correlation" is the key word.

free correlation of prejudice.

Life in all its rich variety.
Take something and leave something.

However, due to the logistics
unstoppable vampiric process,

always it takes something more
than what you leave.

Everything is alright?

I'm recovering.

Pretty well, so I see.

I seem familiar.

You're probably not a
fan of television.

"Major Medical", con Dominic Danvers
como el Doctor Tony Calabria.

And what are you doing here?

Just a routine check.

- That is my phrase.




I think I was awake last night.

It was strange, like a dream.
But he felt he was awake.

And where were you?
- In the pool.

Dreams reveal much
about ourselves.

Open your mouth, please.

Our inner truth,
our longings.

Our fears.

Were you in the water?
- Yes, I was.

In dreams, water symbolizes
our feelings.

Immersion in water means that you
explore your unconscious.

Get to know you better,
gain more self - esteem.

This dream is beautiful.
I also know him.

But sleep is important.
Do not you work too much.

That would affect how your mind
processes information.

Then you feel like
in a dream awake.

Your body had a lot of stress.
This can cause fainting.

Honestly, I feel good.

Very strong, even.
- Fantastic.

Does that mean I'm going home?


Make an appointment to
document how will the cure.

Of course.
- Signing the agreement when you leave.

There may be one or another effect
side, I must mention.

What we use are basically
grafts of skin imperishable.

These medications help
to a smoother transformation.

But sleep when you're tired.

Otherwise, they can cause nausea,

dizziness and even hallucinations
very real.

A change in diet is inevitable.

Drink this if you do not bring food
normally you.

What exactly is there?
- A super protein.

Easy to digest and especially
tailored to your nutritional needs.

It is completely harmless.
- Thank you , Dr. Burroughs.

Always she smiles, Rose.


My God, Rose! That is incredible.
I also want an operation!

Let me take a look.

- Your glasses?

Well, I do not need more.

Okay, Spiderwoman.
You look completely different.

I am still.

I'm happy for you!
- Thank you.

I'm going to work. Call
if you need anything.

Yeah, I'm not sure
what to do with myself.

What recover from your surgery?
Really, Rose.

You're the only person who wants to
work, even though it is free.

Do something for yourself.
Design something. Get inspired.

I am very grateful that you
take the time to look at my work.

They are very commercial.

Your creations are very
sophisticated and really nice.

But also something traditional.
Boring without risk.

I forgot them again.

Who are you, Rose?
You know?

I can handle criticism.

I can do better.

I want to show you something else.

I always wanted to be a designer, I can
do much more than you can ...


May I help you?
- Hi, Rose.

Could you open the door?


I mean, great!
You look...

I look horrible, right?

How were that?

Is graft experimental.
- That is incredible.

As if the accident never
happened. - No, it is not.

So I did not mean that.

I ... I'm glad you're okay.

Chels says I should leave you alone.

That's why I thought you
were still here.

Chels talk much when
your day is long.

Yes actually

I wanted to apologize for everything.

No, it is not necessary

It was stupid of me to think
that you go out with me, right?

Hey, come on. It's not like that.

I would like to amend it.

And go out with you tonight.

And I have something in mind.
- What about tomorrow?

I'm organizing something.

You want it difficult
for me, right?



What you refused to Brad?

This time I had nothing
to do with it.

He feels bad, do not want pity.

You know, now you're pretty.
No longer you have to be nice.

That's horrible.

I 'm glad you have
pity, never go out with me.

You said a drink!
- I know, and that's all.

- Good evening, ladies.

You do not want ...
- Not today.

Cameron, come with me, let 's try
Arabic restaurant, right?


Thank you.
- Rose Miller!

Rose Miller? I'm talking to
you, yes.

OMG! Let me take
a look. Whose is it?

It is from my collection, I designed it.

Your design?

Something new, I see.
I'm impressed

Someone seems to be
able to work again.

Yes it is. I start
again on Monday.

And working with you in the
Schadenfreude collection.

I really like that, Rose.

The launch is in two months.
There is still a lot of work.

It is good that you are well again.
- Thank you.

But please do not disappoint me.
- Never.

And you, Candy! You have a session
tomorrow at nine, right?

Nothing drinks.
- Do not exaggerate.

Do not take a drink, yes? Than
not, you're too fat.

C'mon C'mon.

Who was?
- She's my assistant, Cameron.

Bubba, where the car is?
- Just in front.

I have to walk?

My God, I begged you to come back.

I did not realize.
- Shut up, it's time to celebrate!

God, Dom, you're literally glowing.

Are you on drugs or what?

Are you always so hot here?

- Somebody open a window, God?

It's like a retirement home!
- Fresh air for Dom, please?

Someone do that?
Ice cubes or something.

Dom, you want ice?

God, take my hands!
- From you agree, are you okay?

Yes yes I'm fine.
- Are you ready for hunting?


This is not brain surgery, Cindy.
Every week's the same shit.

You mean to me. I can not
concentrate if you like.

It ruins your own scene.
Not mine.

What you are going on with you?
It is real? I want to see that.

Let 's do it.
- Silence!

Well, Silence, please!
As in a library.

I love you, I love how you
approach the scene.

Is exactly the energy
that I see, okay?

- Ready?

From the beginning?
- Yeah come on.

We are rolling, guys!
At your own pace, let 's do it.

Shut up!

Action. Action.

I can not cheat on my
husband, Tony.

That was never the problem,
why now? - Why...

¡Dominic! ¡Me lastimas!

Dominic, you 're hurting me! Let me!
- Cut, cut, cut.

Shit! Behave like a
professional fucking, okay?

I do not talk like that , okay?
- One second. Cindy, a second.

- Yes.

I'm just here to give
witness to your truth.

You're really great.
You got it? Agree?

There is much in this scene.
- I have it.

Slightly less intensity.
- Good.

Do you feel the wild animal in you?
- Yes Yes.

Turn it into a flower.
Let it flourish.

A flower well.
- Ready?

Yes Yes.
- Cindy, are you okay, honey?

- Yes.

Okay, pain is a gift. Do not
forget. The next shot will be magical.

Are you ready?
- Yes! Come on!

For! I have an idea!

Trent, Trent! Is Trent on set?
- I'm here!

Enters the scene eating
some cake.

Who is Trent?
- You look at Cindy very closely.

You wonder what's going on .
- Let's go guys.

Who the hell is he? - Trent Taylor.
I play the new doctor.

Doctor? How old are you?
No new doctor in my script.

Do it! You are an artist,
you work with him.

Really? - What's so
funny, asshole?

Moron! Piece of shit!

- That...?

No, man, nice
to meet you .

My mom admires you.

Take that!



What am I doing?

It can cause
real hallucinations.


Shit. Shit.


Please let's go!

Please answer!

Hey, leave us alone, okay?
- Well , not dressed like that , ladies!

You also want something!
- Enough, friend!

Púdranse, little monkeys!
- That's right , get out of here, man.

Well, sir, I calmed down ,
can I go back now?

No. It 's all for you.
- Watch out.

I will make sure that fired them both.
My friends are still there.

We do not care, go home!
- Get your hands off me!

They have lucky that
no knock them both!

Yes. Take a number.

What's up , beautiful?
I'm Billy, how do you call it ?

Excuse me, you dumb or what?

You can not speak?
Damn, I'm talking about!

Is that typical?
The dog is considered special.

If someone congratulates Say thank you!

Pretend you're talking
on the phone! Damn bitch!

You're not as great as
you think, honey.

You're getting fat!

You never get someone
as sexy as me!

My God, Miss!
It scared me to death.

It looks very sexy.
- you take me with you?

But of course. Wherever you want,
honey. Enters.

Will you tell me your name, blonde?
- Rose

Rose! I'm Billy.

So where are you going, Rose?

To nowhere.

To nowhere?

I knew immediately that you were
a little bitch when ...

Was it too difficult for you?

You do well!

Please do not do it.



Is there someone?


Mister Taylor?

Mr. Taylor has had a new
operation, yet should not be lifted.

Oh, I still can not
remove the bandage!

His face is very swollen.

I can not yet say
how it will look to the end.

What's going on here?

He bit me! He bit me!

He bit me!

You did well to come here for that.

Tell me about your desire for meat.

Not only meat, also the blood.

Basically blood.

Patients often report
a change in their sense of taste.

This is a side effect
of anesthesia.

Some things taste very different.

We develop a desire
for the unknown.

What's your appetite?
- I'm always hungry.

Vomiting all the time. I have
these strong stomach pains.

And when the pain becomes
too strong,

I have hallucinations and see ...


Miss Miller?

... drinking blood.
- What you dream.

I know it looks real,
but it is not.

Listen, research of
dreams is still in its infancy.

But one thing we know, the time
we dream, our soul healthy.

Why dream of drinking blood?

To dream of drinking blood is
about unfulfilled yearnings.

Your desire triggers guilt.
- Do not feel guilty.

You have control
dreams or is the other way around?

Sometimes I control.

And sometimes it seems to me
I'm looking at myself.

I am, but I'm someone else.

These nightmares ...
- Hallucinations.

They make me feel like I'm
becoming a monster.

Well, unfortunately
I have to disappoint you .

Your monster is psychological.
Like most monsters.

Is your creation.

Not recognize your reflection,
then you see a monster.

When will stop this
dissociative disorder?

When I feel
like myself again?

That depends on you, Rose.
We see what we want to see.

And there are things that
we refuse to see.

But we create our
own reality, Rose.

And also we are
who we influence it.

There you are, Rose Miller.
- I am sorry for being late.

Silly stuff! What have we here?

No, these ...

Who drew this? Your?

Yes. They are not yet finished.
I 'll show later.

But already they made.

So ... you serious or
is the Schadenfreude? I...

Nerd. This is Schadenfreude.

My job is...

Yes Yes.

For my collection.

Implement your design.

Thanks, Gunter, that would be great.

Thank you for this opportunity.
You will not regret.

These designs are the essence of my
collection. The dark side of the soul.

We do not show anyone's face.

Who are when
no one is watching?

Doctor Riley?
- Yes?

Dr. Beverly, talk
on the phone. - Sure.

It would be good that the authority
healthcare send someone immediately.

I wish I had known before.
You sure is rabies?

It was difficult to diagnose.

It seems to be a strain mutated and hyperactive.
And extremely aggressive.

We know nothing about the trigger.

What we have here is the supposed
case first reported. Dominic Danvers.

What is your condition?
Not good at all .

We need to know what bit him.

Still you're avoiding me?
- No, I'm just busy.

I had some more tests.
- You're good?

If everything is fine. In fact,
I just came from the clinic.


What did he say?

I should be more patient.

Did he say anything else?
- You should eat regularly.

So I have to
buy you lunch.

I fell into the trap, right?
- as he planned.

Y? Do you have appetite?
- I am insatiable.

I have literally always hungry.

All I have are the
protein shakes clinic.

Then let me order.
What would you like to eat?

I'm not sure. My stomach is
very messy since the surgery.

Is that why you were with Burroughs?
- Yes.

That and nights I do not have
particularly good.

What do you mean?
- I have nightmares every night.

That certainly has something
to do with the accident.

Do you have nightmares?

Yes, but I always feel
I'm awake.

It looks so real.


No, ignore him. I'm sorry,
I'm tired.

I do not know what I'm talking about.
But thanks for asking.

No need to
feel sorry for me.

I do not have it.

I just like you.
- Seriously?


Can I say something openly?

God! It's okay!
- It's not important.

I'm sorry.


- All good?

I bit my tongue. I'll be right back.


- Sorry. I have to go.

That? You're good?
- It 's my stomach.

I have to go really, sorry.
- Okay, I'll walk.

No, it is not necessary.
- Let me take you.

Hears! Get away from her!

What the hell?




The virus damages the nervous system.

As a result, the brain sends signals
false, which makes infuriate the victim.

This is behavior
aggressive and unpredictable.

The victim becomes a danger
to herself and others.

What can we do? Poor Dana!
- No, she's not Dana.

Vaccinate in the early stages
and isolate those with symptoms.

Oh my God.

We incubation times
of less than 48 hours.

How is this possible?
- I have no idea.

But a mutant strain with a
short period of incubation,

You can trigger an
unprecedented epidemic.

What about those
who already have symptoms?

We relieve his discomfort
until finished.

But we have to separate them , so
that mass hysteria is not active.

The small waiting
a painful therapy.

But no less rage.

It spreads like a
venereal disease.

But if so many people
contract the virus,

then there must be
some common denominator.

A connection between
these patients.

A person infected?
- I do not think he's human.

But something has come into
contact with many people,

and if we do not stop,
there will be many more victims.

Are We issued a health warning ?.
- No no no

If you put this in the
news, there will be panic.

We need a quarantine for
all infected and stop it .

Rabies virus is one of the
most dangerous in history.

If we do not control
this mutant strain,

all mankind could
be infected.

Why we have to make an
autopsy Dominic Danvers before
it is too late.

We need to ... For the love of God!

Hear! No weapons!

The man was sick!

I was here to help!



Does not it feel good?

Slow slow.

You should not walk around here
alone so late at night.

Everything is alright?
Miss, can I help you ?

Now, please ... Do not go there.

All good?

All good? I will not hurt her.

Holy God!

I'm Dr. Burroughs.

Please leave a message
and a number. Thank you.

In emergencies, contact
with my colleague, Dr. Elliot ...

on the main line, extension 4.

Doctor Burroughs, soy Rose.

I have severe nightmares
and stomachaches.

Maybe I should take more
of something or less of something.

Please call me.

Life generates life.

Energy creates energy.
Only giving something will get rich.

Keep pushing until there's
nothing left in you.

Nothing else, huh?

No, no one should die for fashion,
but fashion is beautiful to die.

Is a fantasy, huh?

This woman is too
beautiful to exist.

Our fashion is not common.

What about you and Brad?
- Any.

We visited for lunch yesterday. But I felt
bad for the stomach and had to leave.

Did you have a date with
Brad and not say anything?

What else are you hiding?

He comes, should I stay or not?

Not well. Thank you.
- Hi.

We need to talk about last night.

I take this medicine causes
some problems, okay?

To be honest, I do not remember anything.

How did I get home yesterday?

I took you.

- Thank you.

I'm waiting.

Chelsea, please.

So, Rose, what do you see?

It's okay.

Okay, but ... But what?

Show me.

Haute Couture.


Chelsea, would you come back one
time, please?


All models,
please come.

Quick, come. Pace, speed.


This dress closes the show.

Chelsea child.

Will I go to the last? I?
I mean, What about us?

It really is amazing,
Rose, huh?

If you continue like this , your own
collection will be conceivable.

Well done.
- Thank you.

Okay, candy,
come on , out, come on .

The job is waiting!

Warning health authority
declared a state of emergency.

Due to an outbreak of rabies,
authorities require individuals ...

you notice a sudden onset of
symptoms similar to the flu,

seek treatment
doctor without delay.

Avoid animals and people with
aggressive or unpredictable behavior.

It calls on all citizens to
stay in their homes.

We pray for your health.

- Stella, hello!

What do you say to those who criticize ...

the premiere of your collection during
the outbreak of a disease?

He is considered an event of
public relations in bad taste.

Fashion does not consider anyone
or anything. You know that, Stella.

And often we have experienced
disease outbreaks.

I myself lost friends.

And what is?
A cold shit.

That's nothing. We are
talking about fashion here.

This is undated.
- In agreement.

You will cable television.
- Gunter, come now.

Like the blue?
- It's amazing.

Yes, I think so.


Hey, did you see Chelsea somewhere?
I can not find it anywhere.

- It's not that important.

- Rose, doctor Burroughs.

Has called.

Listen, I have the results
of your test now.

I think you'd better come
to the clinic for more tests.

It 's not serious, but just
to be sure.

You can come today?

Today is not possible,
but it could be tomorrow.

Well, I guess it should be.
But ... take care.

Yes thanks.


Oh, God ...
Chels! What happened?

I just arrived. Really,
sometimes I hate this damn country.

Everything is alright?
What the hell happened to your hand?

The streets were closed, I had to
take the subway, and it was this lady ...

who went crazy and bit me!

And the police shot him!
- You look horrible.

You can do it?
- I will do it.

I did not know it was so difficult.

What is difficult, darling? Be beautiful?
Will the last one out?

I wish I had your problems.

My God, Chelsea.


It looks like a beggar, but I'm
sure it's her looks.

Takes more coca. That helps
your radiant personality.

Hi, I'm Chelsea. As you see
it, I can not answer.


Chels, where ...?


Did you hear that?



What happens to that bitch?

Please help.

What is that? Shit!

Hey friend.

For for.

Rose. You 're awake - What ...?
What do you mean, what happened?

You fell out,
do not you remember?

- I'll take you away from here.

No, I am not ok.

Just I am under a lot of pressure.

I get something to eat.
- In agreement. Eat something.

That's right, but not here.
I'll take you to the clinic.

Nerd. I have an appointment for
tomorrow, you can expect.

Rose, Rose! He can not wait.

I want to see my dress,
Shut the show!

You know how much I've sacrificed
for it? I will not miss that.

I will not go.
- Rose, Rose!


Crazy, right? The best
dressed of the whole collection.

Hey, where were you ? You're good?
- No matter. I'm here.

Was always our
dream, remember?

Close the show in
one of your designs.

And here we are. Finally.
How does that feel?

Somehow it not
is real any of this.

The show starts
in a minute.

You're good?
- Of course I'm fine.

I'm not gonna miss something!

Many women would kill
for standing here.

And soon we will walk by you.

You'll be a star.
- You'll be the star!

I'll close the fucking show.
I am a star.

Go. Do not miss your
big moment.

I have something to tell you, I ...
- Rose. Gunter asks for you.

My God, Chelsea, you're sweating.
- Come on , Chelsea, come now.

We have to go immediately.
- That?

I know what's going on , because
you feel sick. Come on.

I'm fine.
- Rose!

Really nothing.
- We do not have time.

Did you hear that? It is part
of the show?

My God, Chelsea.




Chels, no!

What are you doing?
You've lost your mind?



Police! Do not move!
- Chelsea!


Do not move!


Chels ¡no!
- Para!


Rose, come. Go Go!
- No!

Come on.

You're good?
- Rose!

Have you passed out and hallucinations
are becoming stronger?

I'm losing my mind.
- It could not be faster.

No, Chelsea should ...
- Okay.

He did the right thing, Mr. Hart.

Rose, I 'm sorry you're suffering
so much stress out of the clinic.

I did not want to rush things.
- The situation is out of control!

Believe me, I know exactly what
I'm doing.

Dr. Burroughs, I'm sick.

The virus which is spoken,
comes from me!

Quiet, Rose.
- Terrible things happen.

This is not a dream.
This is my fault.

Tranquila, Rose.

I hurt people,
and Chelsea is dead.

How do you look at me?
- Calm down, Rose.

Take it easy.
Do you take your supplement?

- Come

It's like blood, so do not drink.

Is it blood?
Why does my blood?

Sounds crazy, but these
are not hallucinations.

Something happens to me. - Blood?
Hallucinations are strong.

You should tell the
truth, doctor.

All those people are
dead or sick because of me.

Rose, Rose, Rose. What if
I tell you that there is a disease?

And that 100,000 people
will die today.

100,000 die every day
people if they do not heal.

No matter how healthy they are.
Could you...

Kill adults in their best
moment, as well as newborn
babies or seniors.

She is ruthless and arbitrary.

Rose, if you stop the disease,

you could save the
people, would you?

Of course.

Well, this disease is already
here, Rose. She is already with us.

And it is called death.

We have a cure for it,
but we can not do anything.

It's right in here.

What the hell is that?

We have to get out of here.

I should tell
Rose, do you, Mr. Hart?

You'd better tell the truth.
- I can explain everything!

I committed to Mr.
Hart as your tutor.


It was the perfect candidate.

He easily approached you,
and when I told him you were,

Well, he is a journalist,

You can not resist a story.

That I am?

Rose, this ...
- Did you know all the time?

No. I cared for you.
- spying on me?

How a scientific experiment?
- No, is not that.

How is it then?
- I just wanted to protect you .

He wanted it so!
- But I ... I wanted that?

Nobody asked me.
- I know. I blew it.

If you're right.
That's right.

Rose. ¡Oye!

I love you
- do not believe you.

So much for integrity
journalism, Mr. Hart.

Burroughs, unclean bastard!

What the hell is this?
Is this blood?

Your mind will be the biggest
of your questions,

when you relax and
wait for the answer.

What the hell does that mean?
- Read a book.

Your new body has a
greater need for blood.

You have to drink, Rose.
I can not refuse.

You should know long
they are not hallucinations or dreams.

You have a predator, Rose.

And longs for liberation.
- What did you do to me?

I'm just exhausted allowing
your potential untapped.

To improve humanity.

What about my humanity?

An outdated concept
and overrated!

The human is limited.
Now you're much more, Rose.

Yeah, I know, the price is high.

But all pay for life
until death.

The body kills cells
to sustain life.

Humans ate 56 billion
farm animals last year.

What you do to achieve
immortality is nothing.

And it is worth sacrificing
a few.

Reasonable to ensure the
survival of the species.

You have no right to
play God!

What God? We are God.

What the hell?


What is this thing?

When cancer my
wife was no longer treatable,

she donated her body
to science.

And now it represents the
progress of my research.

Is that ... that was your wife?

The first intervention
saved his body,

but then the cancer itself
himself became immortal.

And the human shell is
transformed into something unique.

I do not expect you to see the
beauty in it.

I limited myself to myself,

by the constraints of a system
of values based on the human being.

Our humanity, so important
for you, imposes restrictions.

Cynthia was the first
of many I could save ...

as soon as I freed myself from concepts
narrow-minded as humanity.


Do not get hurt!


Honey, Rose!

So that their sacrifice is not in vain,

Let live in you!


Get away from my wife, dammit!


Although it is reported the ...

disproportionate use
of military force,

the rabies outbreak could be
stopped, though.

Because the vaccines
were ineffective,

all patients affected
by the virus were euthanized.

The health authority has
lifted the emergency,

because the epidemic could be
contained as quickly as exploded.

Health officials still
are baffled about the cause.

Initially there was talk
of a rabies outbreak,

government agencies now say ...

it was an aggressive flu virus .

Result of hysteria online.

This way, you can now
trust your neighbor again.

However, many
are missing.

M @ X Subtitling Kavish Gayanath M @ X

Please save the translation rights.

No, this is not for you.
You had your food.

No no no. This is not for you,
is for our guest.

Good Morning.


Yes, the immaterial immortality
has a very high price, right?

Okay, where were we?