Rabbit Without Ears and Two-Eared Chick (2013) - full transcript

A rabbit is discriminated by all the other rabbits and even by the fox for having no ears. He just wants to have a friend, when an egg rolls to his front door.

Damn! Which one was it?

They all look the same.

Ah, there you are
my little honey suppliers!



Dude, You're so annoying!
Go make yourself invisible!

Can't you even chase me?
Just once? Please!

Go away, I've got work to do!

Just for fun.

You must have run out of
the carrots in your bed!

Hey, you're so embarrassing!

If the others see me with you!

There is no one there!

It's really easy! Hop!

- You got me!
- Go away! You're disgusting!

- You caught me!
- What's going on here?

Uh, hello, guys! It's not what it looks like.

Yes, the fox caught me.
It was a dangerous hunt.

He jumped into my arms!

Exactly! You know I want
nothing to do with this, this…

Cuddly little rabbit?

Cuddly little rabbit! Pfff!

The fox chases only real rabbits!
Rabbits with ears! Understood?

- That's it! Rabbits with long ears.
- And rabbits with short ears.

And, uh, uh

Shut up! And rabbits with big ears.

And what's on your head?

Beautiful, cuddly, soft fur?

Cuddly fur. Exactly!
There are no ears.

That's why I don't hunt you.

Well, maybe I don't have big ears…

but I can do everything,
that a real rabbit can do.

And what is that?

I can run quickly from
here to there…

- And from there to here.
- Anyone can.

I can also dig quite deep holes.

- Cuckoo!
- Hey, watch out!

And… what else can you do?

I can munch away a pile of carrots in no time.


And now comes the best trick.

Hide everyone!

So there is where you are hiding now.

And here I am.

Awesome, right? Something
like that only works without ears.

Can I play now?


Real rabbits have ears!
And you don't have any.

That's why you can disappear!

The fox is chasing us now!

- Ready to go, Foxy?
- Uh, alright, right away.

Just where is it?

What are you looking for?

That's none of your business.
And now get going! Hop home!

I say so long, farewell, and goodbye!

Hey, Foxy! Are you ready yet?


Hey, I'm in the middle of work!

Stupid forest stump.

Oh, I hate bees!

Poked me a lot in the paw.

How mean.

Hellooo! Cute bunny here.

I have some time to play.

Anyone interested?

No one there.

As always, no mail for you.

No card, no letter,
No registered mail,

No package, no telegram,
No direct mail,

No advertisement, no contest,
No greeting card. Nothing at all.

And now close the door, it's drafty.

You cuddly bunny sit here.

From there you can have a nice
look out the window.

That's what you like so much.

So, one for you, one for me.

I'm making our favorite meal
again today: carrots with carrots.

Yes, the good organic carrots, you know.

I'll be right back.

Who do we have here?

You're a sweet little caterpillar!

Do you like carrots too?

Then eat as much as you like,
there is enough. Cheers!

Bon appetit, Honey.

Mmm, delicious!

Well, if this isn't going to be a great day
with the two of us, what do you think?

Ok! Plan B!



This is the information desk.
How can I help you?

Hello? I am looking for a friend.

One for the day and night, and one
that does not fall so quickly off a chair.

Uh, one moment, I'll connect you.

She knows someone
who has a friend for me. Yippee!

Dating Agency "Friend and Partner"

- What can I do for you?
- Uh, hello.

I am looking for a friend,
one to play and cuddle with.

How should they look? Hair color?

- Uh, brown would be nice.
- Size?

Like a big bunny, I would say.

Big bunny? Uh…

What should they be like?

In any case, they should have nice soft fur.

And run fast, jump high, dig holes…

and munch on carrots.

It sounds like you are looking for a rabbit.

Not necessarily.

In no case should he have ears.

I want a friend without ears.

So you are looking for a rabbit-sized,
brown-haired friend without ears,

who likes to dig and eat carrots.
Are you kidding me?

Oh no! I would just like…

Your bunny ears really need to be stretched!

But I have none.
That's exactly the point.

I just want a friend.

Eh, still haven't caught anything?
And you call yourself my son?

Slower than a snail!

Dad, you have to be fast.

That's what I'm saying!
Get going, be snappy!

I'll try it, but in your time rabbits
were also a lot dumber.

Nowadays there's television
and, uh, the internet.

They are pretty smart, those rabbits.

What nonsense! Bunnies are stupid
and have an overbite.

- And what do the fables say about us?
- Yes, yes,

the sly cunning fox, I know, Papa.

Come on. And what does
the sly cunning fox do?

Catch the fat, stupid bunnies?

Exactly! It's time to use force!

Go and catch one of those little rodents!

Come on, get a move on!
Get going! Go now!

That constant croaking.


Well? Did she find someone for me?


These fools must think I'm stupid.

But this time it could be a friend.

Ha ha very funny.

I knew it, you sneaky bunch of rabbits!

Lame, you didn't know anything!
We fooled you!

Man, you look stupid.

You can take the bell down.

No one is coming to visit you, no-ears.

Come on, guys, let's go!

Retreat! Cheers, no-ears.

Come on!
There's my rabbit stew!

Foxy! We're much faster!

I'll have you soon!

Come here!

Oh, this is exhausting.

Oh, those nasty rabbits!

As usual, no mail for you.
No card, no letter,

No registered mail, no package,
No telegram, nothing!

And now close door, it's drafty!

Come on, Foxy,
Are you already getting tired?

You will never get us!

Phew! I need to get back
to doing endurance excercises again.

Hm? What is he doing with my egg?

Wow, it's alive!

One moment, I'll be right back!

Yes, please?

Tell me, can it be that
you have an egg that strayed?

So white and egg-shaped?

Eggs can't walk.

No matter. I am looking for a
perfectly normal egg.

That belongs to me!

If you tell me where it is,

then I could imagine chasing you sometime.


Sure, of course!
The others will be so surprised.

You're only saying that
so that I may give you the egg.

Ha! So you got it!

There, back there is the egg.
There it is!

What? Sneaky rabbits!

I just wanted to protect you.

Aren't you afraid?

Dangerous animals also hatch from eggs.

Snakes, crocodiles, dinosaurs
and even monsters!

Oh, no! My lovely breakfast egg.
But I can still get it.

Hello? Hello!

Papa, is that you?

Is that you? Is that you?

Who else would I be?
Santa Claus?

Hello! So what's going on?

Where are you anyway?

On the hunt of course
as you said.

I would like to have you here.

- I'm sitting here waiting for…
- Papa!

I have to go,
there's one running behind me.

Yes, a really fat one. Bye!

Do not look at me like that, telephone frog.

Go splash around.

Search: Dangerous
animals that hatch from eggs.

Alligators, snakes, sharks.

Restrict search to your region.

There are no dangerous animals
that hatch from eggs in your region.

Search: Animals that hatch from
eggs and have ears.

No animals with ears hatch from eggs.

You have no ears! We're going
to be the best of friends!

Do you want any? No?

The egg is now ready. Bon Appetit!

And next week it's about eggnogg…

I just wanted to pet it.

Hands off, you scoundrel!

Dating Agency "Friend and Partner".

We do have someone for you
that fits your description.

Uh, thank you, but
I've already found someone.

Crocodiles, dinosaurs, monsters…

Hello? Cuckoo!

I do not care.
The main thing is, it has no ears.

Today I'll show you from up here
the fields and the forest, and our house.

You've grown quite heavy.


Where are you going?

This can't be happening.

No, it can't be?


This could only happen to me.

- Do we live there?
- What?

Uh, yes, that's where I live.
That's where we live.

Oh yes, cool!

One moment!


So now it's hatched.

But what?

Oh, a delicious chick!
But with ears?

No matter! It will taste good.

So, sit down first.

- Why are you mumbling like that?
- I'm not mumbling.

Maybe a little bit...

So, now you are here.

And you're here too.

Yes. I'm here too.

And what are we going to do now?

- Are you hungry?
- Oh yes!

- I'll get us something to eat.
- Ok.

I'll be right back.

- Sit tight.
- Ok.

Which is the most beautiful?
Ah, here.

Hey, Caterpillar, it's you!
Imagine I have a visitor.

It's a real live…


With ears.
A chick with ears.

Have you ever heard of
anything like that before?

It is still totally cute though.

Right, really cute,
a grade "A" chick, I tell you!

I'm back!

Stop, wait!

Oh no, not the good porcelain!

What's going to happen now?

Oh no,
do not sit down on the chair!

Ouch! Cool!

Please stop!
I thought you were hungry!

- Is the food ready now?
- Sit tight.


Ok, you can come now.

Here I am!

Come on, push!

- What is it?
- You'll see in a moment.

So, so that you don't spill.

This is something really great.
My favorite food.

Here you go!

- And bon appetit!
- Ok.

Not like that!

A carrot must be munched away!

You see? I's quite easy.

As a beginner, it's best to
hold them at a 95° angle

and exert light pressure
with the paws, here.

Does it taste good?


I think we'd better practice tomorrow.

Come on, I'll show you
where you can sleep.

Oh yes!

Beautiful bed!

Yes, this is a great bed.

- Cozy.
- You find that cozy?

Ouch, my poor hare's back.

Wait a minute, I just have to crack my back.


It was an exhausting day, wasn't it?

I'm looking forward to my bed.

- Don't you still have to brush your teeth?
- No, I don't have any.

But that's my bed.

Hm, oh, no matter.

- Good night, cuddly bunny.
- Good night.

Ouch, what a pain…

No way. Don't you have a mailbox?

Hello, little boy, how is it going?
Have you finally caught one?

No, Papa. Not quite yet.

You loser!
You want to be my son?

I let him go again.

I didn't want to eat so heavy tonight.

- Yes, and…
- Yes, tomorrow I'll get him. Certainly.

And when you finally catch the rabbit tomorrow

you put it right into the pot.

Mmm, with herbs and garlic,
lots of garlic.

Can a chick go in instead?

Instead of garlic?

No, instead of rabbit.

A chick.
It also has lovely fluffy ears.

He's my boy, I must love him,
He doesn't have anyone else.

Yes, son. Then you just practice with a chick.

He is my father, I have to love him.
He doesn't have anyone else.

Good Morning!

But what are you doing?

- Well, I'm helping you tidy up.
- Uh, yes, great, thank you.

Wow, that's
nice weather outside!

Come on, we're playing outside.

Cool! And what is
on the agenda today?

We're playing… Race!

Come on, join in!

We jump and jump and jump!

And hop and hop!
Why are you staying still?

Maybe you would rather play
something else.

How about… digging?

Hm? Dig? Dig!
Yes cool! Dig!

And, did it work?

It worked like this.

Hey! How about hide and seek?

Oh yes! I can do that.

I want to play hide and seek!

I want to play hide and seek!
How does it work?

I look away and count.

And you just go behind
some bushes or some tree.

Great, I'll tell you right away

- where am I hiding.
- No, I must not know,

otherwise it would be "Find"
and not "Hide".

- That's right again.
- Ok, let's go!

- 1, 2…
- Hm, what hiding place do I use?

3! 4!

5! 6!

7, 8.

9, 10! I'm coming!

There you are! Found you!

Oh no, did my leg stick out?
Or my tail?

- Did I do something wrong?
- No, nonsense. It is the tree.

Would you like to play something else?

No, no! I'll do it right this time.

Yes, you'll see…
I mean, don't see.

Well, good.

- 1, 2…
- Cool, yes! Yippee!

3, 4, 5…

6, 7, 8…
Are you ready? 9…

I'm turning around! 9 and 1/2…

Uh, 9 and 3/4

Damn, you should stay at home.

Watch out, I'm coming!

You are driving my customers away!

Not now, Papa,
I'm just about to catch the chick.

- Go! Surprise attack.
- Yes, surprise.

But this is bad,
if we're holding a meeting here.

Well, someone must teach you!

It must not be frightened!

- I have to hang up now. Bye!
- What's happening?

I'm really coming now!

Cool cell phone.

Is it yours?

- Where are you?
- Uh, yeah…

with a fancy frog cover.

Oh, and you? Traveling alone?

No, but I'm looking for a hiding place.

A hiding place?

Sure, I'll show you
the best hiding place in the world.

Your friend will never find you there!

Oh, that's nice of you. Don't you want
to take your cell phone with you?

- Where are you?
- Oh, I'll find it.

It's the, uh,
self-running frog cell, you know.

Hello! Chick!

You're really well hidden!
Super! Great!


Oh! You live here? Cool!

Why do you have such a big pot?

So I can, uh, hide you better.

You're safe in there from your weird friend.

My friend is not weird.

Yeah, yeah, sure. Don't get excited.

Here I have something
for your, uh, camouflage.

Very pretty.
You look beautiful.

- What?
- Leave the camouflage on!

And off into the pot!

This will make a delicious broth.

- What?
- Uh, it's nothing at all!

Oh, I almost forgot the garlic.

I need it so that you taste really good,
I mean, so you're hidden.


Chick! Chick!

Where can she be?

Oh, what if something happened to her?

Oh, no. I can't do this right now.

- Are you playing too?
- Shh, not so loud.

Yes, this is also part of the game.

Yes, please?

Hello, Fox. Can it be that you
have a yellow chick?

Such a fluffy one with ears?

With ears?
Since when do chicks have ears?

It doesn't matter!
I'm looking for one with ears.

Tell me where it is, and I will
never ask you to chase me again.

- Huh! For real?
- Yeah, really.

You're just saying that so
I'll let the chick go.

Ha, so you got it!

There, it's running!
Tricked you!

Hey, Foxy! What's going on?

Nothing, I just…

we waited like crazy for you
and you never found us!

I guess you'd rather hang out
with the loser here.

Hey, I'm not a loser.

You! Shut your mouth!

This is a matter between
the fox and the cool rabbits.

Capiche, no-ears,
or don't you understand French?

- I was just asking the fox something.
- People!

Take a hike,

or draw straws, but work
it out between yourselves.

Sorry, sorry, but I was just cooking
a small modest soup,

- and it is waiting for me.
- Hello, Hello!

Man, hiding is so boring.

There you are!

You smell so funny, like
thyme and a touch of rosemary.

Isn't that from the Great
Forest Roast Cookbook? Yes?

Well, come on, I think,
We'd better go.

The camouflage tastes very good, by the way.

Did someone in particular want
to cook chicken soup?

Oh, what, no, that was just a…

very simple vegetable soup for detoxifying.

Anyone want some?

Clearly you are trying again,

to shove poor, innocent rabbits into the pot.

We may have only marble sized
brains, but we're not stupid!

So long!

Oh, I was so close.

No, Papa, not you again…

- I'll help you clean up.
- Uh, don't.

Just sit down here, okay?
Watch a bit of television.

There are always some interesting
shows on at this time.

They hatch out of an egg.

Weak and clumsy.

Wings, feathers still undeveloped.

So at first they are
completely dependent.

But with every day
they grow stronger,

to leave the protective nest.
And at the same time also develops…

their innate talent…

- to fly!
- Oh, it's that time again!

Joke For Wit! Today: Who tells…

- the funniest vegetable joke?
- Come here! This is my favorite show.

It's really funny.

Hi! There's two snowmen,
one says to the other…

"Can you smell carrots well?"

They have a carrot for a nose!

- Funny!
- Joke For Wit!

I can't believe it.

The only thing missing was the garlic,
then suddenly it was gone.

If you can't do it like that,
then build a decent trap.

That works for everyone,
even for hunter failures!

Hm, trap?

Sounds like a super good plan,
but how do I lure it there?

Now I know how to do it.

So… perfect!

And now the honey pops. So…

one more here and here and…

Oh! Mmm! Honey pops! Mmm!


Stop! No!

The one with the crispy coat!
Oh, I love them!

What is this now? Ow!

That such a few small honey pops
could knock you out, old man.

Good idea, a little nap can't hurt.


Here is the mailbox.
Speak after the…


Hey good morning.
Did you sleep well?

So, the breakfast is ready.

Look, I have a beautiful
breakfast carrot for you.

No, you can't do that, chick.

That's a breakfast carrot,
you munch on it like a regular carrot.

I'm not stupid, I know that's a dumb carrot.

But I'm not a rabbit.

You always want to do rabbit
things with me.

That's why you can do everything better.
Running, digging, hiding…

Well, rabbits can just do those things.
It's probably innate.

And what is innate to me?
I don't like doing rabbit things anymore.

- Chick…
- Besides, I do not like carrots.

She doesn't like carrots?
That can't be true.

She doesn't like carrots?

Perhaps the little caterpillar,
knows what chicks eat.


Now Caterpillar is gone too.

Hello? Are you there? Chick?

I brought you something new to eat
that hopefully you will like.

Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

Do you think I'm good
at something too?

Or, at least, somewhat good?

Yes! But what would you do?

Yeah, I don't know.
A chick thing maybe.

Um, well.
A chick thing… I know!

- We'll simply ask the experts.
- Yes, we'll ask the experts!

What is that?

Well, if you don't know something yourself
you have to ask someone.

And the one who knows,
that is the expert,

and we are lucky because the experts
live just around the corner.

Cool! Oh yeah! We'll ask! Come on!


- We have a question.
- What do they want?

And what would that be?

So, my friend and I,
we wanted to ask…

what chicks are actually good at.

Uh… We peck and scratch.

Yes! We peck
and scratch for worms.

- We can do that well.
- Yes, hm-hm.

Do you see? Pecking and scratching,
that's what chicks do.

Well then! Thank you!

And what about flying?

- Fly?
- Yes. Why do we have wings?

I do not know. Looks good...

- But I would like so much to…
- …fly?

She wants to fly!

Yes, then stick a jet up your tail.

Or a propeller on your head.

Chicks can not fly!

Hey, let's go, we won't
let them bring us down.

Do I have to do rabbit things again now?

No! You're a chick!

But chicks can't fly.
And I wanted to fly so much.

Hey, they do not have a clue!

None of them have an opinion
of their own!

I'll help you figure out
how to fly,

- and then it will happen.
- Really?

- Sure.
- Yes!

You're the greatest friend in the world.

Oh, not at all.
Come on, let's get started.

It is always scares me,
when people think so differently.

- Just what are they going to do?
- Do you think we should do something?

I would say we must!

Let's see what we have.
Here, take it.

- Ok.
- Careful!

Oh! I Have you! Oops!

- No problem!
- Where is it?

My Friend, The Rabbit;
My Friend, The Fox.

My Friend, The Tree.
Well, at least the tree is true.

Ah, here: My Friend, The Bird.

Here it is explained in detail.

- So, first you need wings.
- Which I have.

There are large and small ones.

Visiting at this time?

I'm coming! Yes, yes, I'm already here.


Ouch! Right on the rump.

Do you see? Chicks can not fly.

We just wanted to say it again.

Well my chick can! I hope…

Hm? Who was that?

Oh, just the neighbors.

They wanted to know something
from the stupid internet.

Oh, right.

So, let's have a look…

Can chicks fly?

But now I'm curious.

Chickens can not fly.

Can chicks fly that have ears?

Chicks with ears do not exist.

What? What!

Of course they do. Stupid cow!

And they can fly!

They can not.
And besides, I'm not a stupid cow.

- Yes, they can!
- Rude!

- No!
- But!

- No! No! No!
- But! But! But! But!


- Enable collective print.
- Huh? Why print?

What are you doing?

Nothing at all!

Can't I participate in anything?

Read the beautiful book.

No, don't come in, stop!

Can we start flying?

- Not now!
- That's all right! Then when?


Oh, there's a chick on it.
But a part is missing.

Yes, I just figured out, um, that…

- What?
- There. Better see for yourself.

Oh, a sun!

Yippee! The chick in the picture can fly.

Then I can certainly do that too.

Yay! I"ll hang that right away over my bed!

Hey, why are you staying?
Come on, hurry!

Yes, of course.

Oh, I'm so happy!

What do I do now?

Look, here, you see!
I can fly! Yippee!

I can fly! I can fly!

Um, yes, hm, very nice.

- 8 o'clock, ok?
- Ok.

- Good night, favorite bunny.
- Good night.

I made breakfast for you.

And I now I know how to fly.

I have you the best
training program the world.

We need to train your legs…

because you will need
strong legs to take off.

And your wings will have to flap properly.

Hm, there was something else… Oh!

After breakfast we have
to get the right equipment.

Oh yes, oh yes!

Finished! Let's fly, please!

Come on, let's go.

Yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

First you need this cap.
This is an aviation cap.

Here! This is totally important.

It's crazy, everything you know about.
A bit tight on the ears though.

That's super, then it won't
come down while flying.

So, next, you need,
of course, a coach.

Where do we get that from?

- He's standing in front of you.
- You?

- Exactly.
- Oh.

- Are you ready?
- Ready!

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2

Ist point: perseverance training. And off!

Watch out! You jump down
and land on the pillow!


Um, jump!


Ready, go!

Bravo. Check!

Yoohoo, that's fun!

Chicks can not fly!

And that's that!


Stupid people.

As the cord moves the bells rings.

Hey, how is it up there?

- Are you afraid of heights?
- No, everything is super!

Hello! is it right that you
are getting smaller and smaller?

I'm almost not sick at all.

I must admit that I might need a break.

Wow, the trap, the trap! I caught something!
I caught something!

Everything checked out.
Now it should work.


From the top of the hill it's a breeze.

Nothing can go wrong here!

Our fan club is already here.

Well? What are we going to see no-ears?

My friend here is going to fly today.

Chicks can not fly.
This is scientifically proven.

- From a chick scientist.
- You curious about it, Foxy?

Fly to me,
you juicy yellow lunch.

Come on, let's show them now.

Perfect flying weather.

Just think about everything I have shown you.

Footwork, Wing Technology, Lifting Off…

and do not forget to breathe.

In out, in, out… Ready?

And now… you will experience…
you will experience… something!

Attention… Ready…


That's good! Super swing!
Great beak attitude! And now take off!

Jump! Jump!

Jump! You can do it!
You're about to take off!

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Oh no!

Hey, don't be sad.

Your footwork was great.

I want to go home.

Come on.

We have always said that it is not possible.

- Chicks can not fly.
- Yes, but it would have been nice.

- After least they tried.
- It almost worked.

- Such a pity.
- The helmet was much too heavy.

- We do not have flying ears.
- Otherwise we would be flying rabbits.



What have we done wrong?

We walked, jumped and whirled.

We have done everything
it takes to learn how to fly.

- I just don't understand.
- Oh no!

She didn't fly a bit.

Not a tiny little bit.
Not one bit.

Hello, is that you? Is that you, Chick?

Oh no! Damn!

Chick? Chick!


- No. - No. - No. - No.

No, she was not here.

- No. - No. - No. - No.

No, I'm sorry, mate.

You didn't tell me the truth.

Chicks can not fly at all.

But you're different than the other chicks.

Maybe the others are right.

I can not fly and you're not a real rabbit.

But I am a real rabbit,
even though I don't have ears.

And since you're my friend, I don't
give a damn what the others say.

And you know what? I don't give a
damn what others say either.

If you really want something,
it can come true.

I really wished I could find a friend once.

And then one day there was a knock…

and you were standing outside the door.

So, you in your egg. Simply like that.

You mean that one day there will be
a knock and then I can fly, just like that?

Oh, no, Chick,
I did not mean it like that.

One can not know beforehand
how a wish will come true.

You know, in my garden
lived a small caterpillar.

Her name was Raupi. She was very
sweet and always ate my carrots.

She loved it as much as I did.

She even crawled onto my paw once.

But then one day she was suddenly gone.

And then, when I went into
the garden the other day,

I saw something.
A little cocoon.

And there she was, the sweet caterpillar.

And when she slipped out of there,

suddenly she had wings and she could…

she could fly!

- Fly?
- Yes, I tell you!

But now we need to
dry you at home,

otherwise you'll get a cold.
You're all wet.

Funny, it didn't work on me.

Is that because you have something I don't have?

What do you mean?

Looks at this.

- What is happening to me?
- Nothing.

And now with you?

I'm hovering.

Do you know what I believe?

If you can hover, you can fly.

Oh, come on! We'll try that out!

Very dark.

Well, we'd better wait until tomorrow.

Otherwise you'll get lost.

Wow! I am very excited! Yoohoo!


Ah, not on the chair!

I was very close, I swear!

There were only a few technical problems.

It's always the same with you.

What does that mean?

She was really good at it,
knocked me over.

I'm lucky I'm still alive!

Hey buddy. I saw that your light was still on,

I thought that we both might together...

Hello! What's the matter?

I caught the bear! I caught the bear!

What have you caught?
A bear? I can not believe it!

Papa! Papa? Stay here!

I give up. Now he's finally crazy.

I can send you a photo!

Wind from north to northeast,
the scent of fresh spring air, and…

a lift from below… super flying weather!

Do you think it will really work?

Yeah, of course. Are you ready?

Should I let go?

Yes! Yoohoo, it works!

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Look, I told you!

I'm flying!

Are we the experts now?

Exactly, experts on aviation,
friendship and ears!

I'm coming!