Rabbit Hood (1949) - full transcript

While unwittingly trespassing in the royal gardens in search of carrots, Bugs runs afoul of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who tries to apprehend him for poaching. The royal grounds are, in fact, amply posted with "No Poaching" signs (one sign reads "Not even an egg"), but Bugs either didn't see or ignored them. Of course, Bugs sets out to endlessly turn the tables on the hapless Sheriff, at one point talking him into building a six-room two-door home in the middle of the King's gardens. The dueling pair are periodically interrupted by a chubby Little John who proclaims, each time he appears, "Don't you worry never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here". In the end, the merriest of merry men does appear and it's...it's...oh, see it yourself. Bugs goes in disguise as the King, who then knights the Sheriff ("Arise, Sir Loin of Beef...").

[Loony tunes theme music]


[Alarm stops]


O-Ho, varlot.


Eh, what's up, doc?

What's up, forsooth?

It's the rack for you,
me long-Eared knave.

These are the king's


King's carrots?

Aye, king's carrots.

Heh heh, well, uh...

I must be toddling along.

A spot of tiffin
and all that, you know.

Uh, give my regards
to the king and the queen,

And the jack,
and the ten of diamonds.

Oh, no, you don't!

We have an appointment
with the rack.

[Trees creaking]

Don't you worry,
never fear.

Robin hood will
soon be here.

[Plays call to the hunt]

Yeah, mr. Wise guy.

Now you're gonna get it.

Robin hood'll fix you,

Eh...where was we?

It's the rack for you,
me long-Eared fellow.

The king shall be indeed
proud of me.


Oh. Lo, the king

The king?
Where? Where?

There! There!

O'er yon flowered bank.

Your majesty.


Odd's fish!

The very air abounds
in kings.


I wonder how you get out
of this place.

Stop! Stop!
You can't go in there!

You're not allowed in there!

This is the king's
private garden.

You're standing
on royal ground.

Royal ground?

You mean to say
that this ground

Is better than
that ground over there?

Yes, it is.

Oh, I don't know.

Now, you take this piece
of ground over here.

Now, here's a nice
piece of property.

Level, fruit trees,
choice view,

Improvements already in.

Eh, what type of house
was you plannin'?

Well, I, uh...

I sort of had
a 6-Room tudor in mind.

Then this is just
the place for you.

And it's priced
just right.

But, uh, first, uh...

are you a veteran?

No, I'm, uh--

Good! Then it'll
be easy.

Here. Just sign
on the dotted line.

Well, uh,

Couldn't i call you later?

You see, I, uh--

Well, I dunno.

You see, there was
a couple here

From Kansas City
lookin' at this place

This morning.
And they--

All right, i'll sign.
I'll sign. Here.

You'll never regret it,
my friend.

This place'll double
in value

Inside of 6 months.


la dum da dee

ta ta ta ta,
la da dee

Ooh, I hate myself!

I do! I do! I do!

What a mess.

I shoulda gone
to worcesester-Sestershire.


Duh, don't you worry.
Never fear.

Robin Hood will soon
be here.

Oh, guinevere,
this is where I came in.

Oh, you again.

Sheriff of Nottingham,
meet Little John.

How do you do?

Glad to meet ya.

Little John,
Sheriff of Nottingham.

How do you do?
I'm sure.

It's a pleasure.

Sheriff, John.



John, sheriff.

Sherry, notty.
Notty, sherry.

S. Of n., L.J.
L.J., S. Of n.


It's a pleasure.



Glad to meet ya.

It's a pleasure.
Hiya. Hello.

Stop it! Oaf!

Halt in the name
of the king!

The king?
Lo, the king approacheth!

King, indeed. Ha!

Dost thou taketh me
for a fooleth?

No, really!

He approacheth e'en now.

O'er yon chevy chase.

I ignore you.

But it's honest
and truly him!

Look! Look,
it's the king!

His most royal
majesty cometh!

Sound the welcomes
and blow the crumpets!

The king is here!

Look, look! The king!

O, mighty king!


I shall probably
hateth myself

Cometh the dawn.

Where, liar?


[Plays first call]

his most royal majesty,

The king.

The king!

Your majesty.

[English accent]
Sheriff of Nottingham,

In gratitude for your
faithful service,

I shall knight thee.

Your most gracious majesty.

In the name of my most
royal majesty,

I knight thee--

Arise, sir loin of beef.

[Wham] arise,
earl of cloves.

[Wham] arise,
Duke of Brittingham.

[Wham] arise,
Baron of Munchhausen.

[Wham] arise,
essence of myrrh.

[Wham] milk of magnesia,
[wham] quarter of ten.

You are too kind,
your majesty.

Got lots of stamina.

london bridge
is falling down

falling down,
falling down?

London bridge
is falling down

falling down,
falling down

London bridge
is falling down

Duh, don't you worry,
never fear. R--

Yeah, I know.
Robin hood'll soon be here.

He robs from the rich
and he gives to the poor.

Yo-Ho, we go skipping tra-La
through sherwood forest.

Helping the needy
and the oppressed.

Ah, you've been sayin' that
through the whole picture.

Well? Where is he?

Oh, you should not
talk mean like that.

Because there he is.

Welcome to Sherwood!

Nah, that's silly.

It couldn't be him.