Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) - full transcript

Have you ever stopped to think if the most ordinary, uninteresting, unobtrusive man you might see on the road or around you might have a love story to tell? Maybe not. How can an ordinary man have a breathtaking, goose flesh igniting, awe inspiring love story of all things to tell? This is what happened to Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) - a simple, clean hearted, honest man, leading a humdrum life, when he meets his total opposite and finds love in the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious - Taani (Anushka Sharma) for whom the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together. What follows is a journey filled with laughter, tears, joy, pain, music, dance and a lot of love. A journey that makes us believe that there is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi (couple).

I sleep on terrace.

Now this room cupboard its all yours.

If you want any thing then must call me.

I am a light sleeper

Yes alright.

I was late in meter delivery

Now i reached there. I check inventory himself.

Yes in 48hrs.



Thank you sir.

Punjab power in you life.

What a news surri...


Well surri you didnt come office since 2 days.

Everything is alright.

Yes everything is alright.

If everything is alright so why you not come at office.

Was go out oftown because of someones marriage ceremony

someones marriage or yours own.

No Nothing like this.

No anything hidden from us.

He is hidden rustam

You alone do all of this.

When you meet us with sister in law.

He is friends good friend he must give us party.

Listen everybody.

Today at 8 o clock party on the surrindar house.

Surrindar open the door why you hide your face into the home

Taani Jee Its me Surridar

nds are coming there problem is thatwednding news are arour

So he self invite there.

I am trying too much avoiding.

So there is small request.

If you come there and meet with him just for 2 minutes.

Its Okay Taani Jee You dont take tension.

I'll tell him she cant feel better.

I manage all of these.

And please take rest.

Oh dear saani where is sister in law.

Our eyes are waiting for her.

He hide sister in aw any where.

Taani jee is not feeling better.

She come here after long journey.

I'll get sister in law.

Hey sister in law.

Puri sir cant take one drink with me.

First we take drink. Then call the sister in law.

Okay surindar we are going its too late.

Sorry dear. She is not feeling to well.

No Problem. - She meet with you too much.

Surrindar Jee.

I Want to talk with you something.

Please will you come outside.


I am sorry

Whole day i am doing too much misbehave with you.

I marry with you by my own decision.

So i dont have rights i drop anger of lord on you.

I Promise you. I'll show you i am a good wife.

You just take care your self.

Matter is that.

If i want to make new taani after old tanni.

Then this is take a time.

I want to tell you one more thing.

I Never love with you.

Now i dont have love to give any one.

Ndont kowwithout love its possible you live your live or not

if no then i cant keep burden on you.

I dont know what is love taani jee.

I cant take good luck till that. Then i am love with any ladies.

I also didnt know any ladies.

Love is other things.

You take respect on my friend. Its love for me.

You are so lucky person.

That you found your love

Nothing is more painful in this world than love

Good Night,

Now i understand taani jee. Why i feel pain since 2 days.

When i saw you first time. Then i love with you.

Good Night Jee.

Good Morning.

I'll take it.

What is this?

They are teaching dance.

Its a very big company of bombay.

Actually i like this too much.

And also i was bored at home whole day.

But if you dont like then i cant do this.

I want to talk with you. If you didnt said to any one?

I am in love.

Oh Congratulation.


My Wife.

With taani jee.

Oh congratulations.

But she didnt love with me.

How she cant love with you. She is your wife If he i beat him.

You beat my taani jee.

No Surri you beat her.


this hannd up on the taanijee then you cutthis hannd with your


You love too much sister in law

But she tell me she never did love with me.

She want to change himself.

She tell me. She kill old taani and make new taani.

But i love with old taani.

Because i want dancing and taani.

When i saw first time.

And after see i love with her.

And i dont want she will be change.

I want she love with me

Please do something she love with me.

Do something i am be a hero on his life.

When she happy after see movies heroes.

Do any magic with your hand bobby.

Make my love story.

Make my love story.

Bawindar (Bobby)

Maybe he come for this day surri.

You'll see how i write your love story.

Taani jee never recognise me.

You if sister in law recognise you then i close my shop and g

Its amazing. Because taani jee join a dancing classes.

And after going to home and surprise her.

What are you doing?

Dont cut mostache.

Oh relex brother i never cut this. I just doing trim

Now a days girls didnt like mens mostache.

Really. Slowly slowly.

Dont worry its coming in 1 minute.

I'll see -where you go...

I am getting tension.

Taani jee like new surri isn't.

Oh brother taani jee come to you legs with dance.

And she tell you slowly in you ears.

What she tell?

Suuri jee i love you jee.

Nbay person never knew there is too much power in amritsar

All of you noticed we makes two groups.

Group green and group red.

So now one dancer of group green with apartner of group red

Becasuse dancing enjoy must come with partner.

Listen please i never dance in my life.

No surri no runaway

Only be a hero of taani jee.

Rememberone thing nowyou are notsuuri from punjab power

Now your are a hero of taani jee.

You are singing.

You did dance.

You save her respectness.

You kill villian in climax.

Hello jee i am taani.

I am your hero.


I am taani and you are?


You must heard my name.

I mean

never say good bye.

Always say we are lover traveller.

We meet again.

We are love traveller, we meet again, like walk...

I cant understand one thing.

You tell me after see a dance i'll give her surprised.

And now you make other mostache.

Geta chance ofndance with taanijee annd you tell me i leave a

nk when taani jee know that i am dancer with her then she dai


You know if she did then she is not that taani jee.

Who i see today.

You understand.

What do you want?

You cant understand.

Do you know surri remebring his pain and sorrows.

She never be old taani with surri.

Now today i get a chance with raj.

Then i past my timewith her.

Me one thing why she is just my partner between with lots of

How i know that.

I will tell you.

Just because of lord.

If he want then taani jee recognise me in one minute.

But he didnt do this.

Do you know why?


Listen what saying God?

God said

Surri see now i start your love story.

Now you did dance with your taani jee.

You know him very well.

Give her smile too much.

Give her happiness.

Then she forget all sorrows.

She is be a dancing taani jee for you.

You said every thing of your heart after be a raj.

All things who didnt tell her never.

Go and live you love story.

Now your mostache and now you are a surri.

Sorry i am late i am coming after change.

Take this tiffin

Taani jee now i am every day coming late.

Now this month i am did over time duty in my office.

You also busy in every evening. Then i thought i did extra job.


Oh Taani partner.

You heard a name.

S no any colour remain in shop. Whole dress buy a mother lov

if any clour is remain. Then must buy this.

Because now after yesterday. Yellow is my favourite colour.

When i saw you first time. Then you also wear yellow.

Yellow Yellow.

I dont like this rubbish talk.

Dont try to flirting with me.

When i did flirting. Flirting is that when i told you

I cant see any beautiful girl before you.

When you ndance yourclinkle was going left rightthen i was ndi

i didnt said like that.

Sorry mr raj i didnt dance with you.

Sorry from me. Never again.

Amjuttthats why i ndont kow howto talk with respected girf

so simple i cant say any thing wrong with you thats a promism

One Chance One Chance please.

Taani jee you didnt tell me buy sexy dress.

Raj is here with number one bike of punjab.

No Its okay i'll go.

What you thing there is raining now please sit.

Me oldies tell if you want any thing first rain then you must ge


What you want? - What i want i take all of this?

On my back seat of bike very beautiful girl sitting there!

Well taani partner what you want in first rain.


Anything must want your heart.

No nothing.

How isit possible. Everyone heart must want any thing.

You have all persons information.

Yes. You tell me what my heart want.

Can i tell


You heart want your sorrow become less.

Raj see on the road.

You are seeing.

Now please see on front.

Oh taani partner No Good bye.

Yes we meet again

No Please full version.

We are love traveller, we meet again. By walking.

Will you drink first love sparkles.

Its so sweets.

Sorry my bike have in problem thats why i am wet.

Taani jee can you please close the window.

The floor was drained with rain


For your cough.

Thank you

Good night -Good Night

I am alright i am alright.

Why you put your finger in nose.

If i put finger in your nose yoi like it.

Raj Leave me.

Other girls are doing good.

Whats your problem.

Ourdancing competition is begin o monday.

Gets a point every week. And after that competition between to

and who is win in this pair. Then he is a dancing Jodi (Pair) No

Madonna medam said correct.

I feeling from inside taani partner.

We are being a dancing jodi (pair) No 1

Not No 1 Its last time

today rain is not come. I go himself.

No i didnt come for this.

Taani partner i think you must arrange new dancing partner.

I know that i talk too much bad and i dance much more bad.

But you are the best mean your are complete best.

You must come No.1

if i am with you then you must loser.

If saw you when you become a loser. Then i never like this.

So now you must arrange new partner on monday.

Now i am going.

Now you finished Raj.

Think one more time surri.

I think all of these.

I never see this when taani jee become upset.

She is so upset when he see on me after competition.

And how much time its running.

So its best you did The End of this.

And i am happy on this.

And one more thing. Raj is wearing tight dress.

He feel too much pain.

In front and also back.

I am late i want to go with taani jee 9 to 12 show.

I'll meet you later.

Surri brother your role is till that.

I am not your in this life.

But i promise i am your on next life.

I always waiting for you.

Taani partner

You are bored isnt.

There is no reason on now a days love stories.

I learn love with love fathers.

So i'll show you romance with dance.

Hindi film style.

Taani jee congratulation

thank you

there is one dancer partner Raj

Do you have his number and address?


Yes Raj Kapoor

I dont have number but there is address.

Raju Motors, eteast round mosque.

Raju brother how much you take a time?

Its done brother.

I cant understand one thing.

Why surri brother drive your bike.

I give him alto car.

Brother its othe story leave it dear.

Other one medam is cover there. And she is asking about raj I

My mother like too much Raj Kapoor.

Surri is our raj kapoor.

How surri become a raj kapoor.

Brothere there is very important work.

Surri listen to care fully sister in law reached there.

And she is finding raj kapoor.

Taani jee reached there.

Now what i do?

I told you i finished Raj story.

I remeber but i thing you forgot.

Now you write this story.

And God are seeing this.

And raj days are less and how

its depend on your hand. You go to home fast.

Okay i am coming

Where is my dress.

In my cupborad. Okay i am cmoing in 10 min.

Bobby i love you dear.

I love you too dear.

Taani partner.

Taani partner my friend give you fully treat or not.

What are you seeing?

Go from here.

So Taani Partner.

Why you not come on the dance class.

I am leaving dancing.

I think its so boring.

And its not in our hand.

You didnt leave dancing you leave yoru taani partner.


For that i cant be loser.

No its not like that.

But i cant leave my partner

and nor i am lose.

If you are a partner then you become partner till end.

Promise me you do over night practice with me then we must

Taani partner i told you. You miss me too much.

Atleast Raj magic has done.

Now you start again

Now you promise again you cant do this cheap flirting with me

No ifyou want extra annd overtime work promise then you tak

But i didnt give you promise of this cheap flirting.

Flirting is natural in me.

Its gift from God

aj Jee nowwe are friennds annd you ndind behave like good friend

So we meet tomorrow in dance class.

Taani Partner.

You forgot soemthings.

Bobby dear. Dear are you sleeping

No Problem take it this.

Leave it dear i am enjoying fully.

Where is my pant.

You are there.

Look Surri. Taani jee cant leave.

She come to Raj.

Did you hear now we are a friend.


Oo much hindi movies. And you know boy and girls are never

After friend ship must done a Love.


Ow i take a hannd oftaani partnerannd ndoing ndance with romano

And you are happy with your tiffin.


Oh Dear why you stand here like villian.

You ruined her life.

Where is miss worfnd. Annd where is surri work on punjab power

I told you if she runaway with me you take a site.

So i get my bride like hero and audience are doing claps.

What happen?

Now think more.

We talk tomorrow.

You think it. I told you what you think.

You think Taani love with raj and forget surri.

But she didnt love with surri.

Then Suri has no Taani

Wanna play?

Round Balls

How much?

Younger brother you just bring them

Today no limit

Very good
Very good

What do you mean by good?

No limit means?

Round balls means competition

Does competition also exists in this?

Then tell me one thing

What prize will be given to winner?

Winner can do anything with looser


And looser can't say no

So listen carefully

Tonight I'll eat all the round balls
of whole Amritsar

But I won't loose

We'll see

Come on uncle bring all the stuff

If you are full then leave it

No no bring more

Say congrats to me

I'm selected for top 10 position in
dance competition

Its a very good news

Today I made Biryani (Spicy Rice)

You go and change your clothes,
I bring the Biryani (Spicy Rice) for you

You dont like Biryani?

I love it

I really love it

I just come back

Where is your plate?
I ate spicy things on my way

Me and Raj ate spicy things
for celebration

Who is Raj?

Hey I didn't tell you about raj

Raj is my dance partner

There are couples in dance competition

Thats why every one has given a partner

Raj has its own garage

Raju garage

He is a very funny guy

He always make me happy

You dont like Biryani?

Tania was right

Love has a pain

When you change yourself,
you got pain

When you dance,
you got pain

When you eat,
you got pain

Love will kill you

I'm really sorry
Are you OK?

Bloody bitch

Mind your tougue

Shut up.
I know peoples kinda like you

First you hit and you say sorry

So that the best one will get hurt

Bloody bitch

Hey Miss Rajpath Nagar

If you say bitch one more time,
then I'll hit you very hard

Calm down

Let me talk

What I say?

I say sorry for my partner

And you say sorry for your partner

Look at them


What happened to my leg?

My name is Taani Singh

Do you have any problem?

What's in size?

You have to be solid

My house name is Little

Leave it. I say sorry for everyone

Full and final sorry

Wanna hug?

Hey what you said?

What do you mean?

I think lets dance together

From where you made this tattoo?
Leave it

Ok as wish.
I dont have any authority to hold you

She is saved from my hands.
I wanted to hit her very hard


Taani partner can I say one thing?

I dont like calling names from your mouth

When I said calling names?

You said B for Bitch

I also know C, D, E, F.
Can I tell you?

No No its enough for today

I dont know you know all this

Go back

Be careful

Come down

You also come here.
Lets fun together

You were very good

Taani partner I'm ready

By the way what we are doing?

Next time dont mess with me

Dolly now dance

I'm died

Taani partner you are Dhoom 3

My best friend's brother has a bike

Every night we went on ride

I've 3 years practice

Is there anymore surprise?

Will you fly like Krrish?

Just wait and watch

I'm waiting and watching

So taani was riding a bike


And on 120 km/h speed


What were you doing?

I was sitting behind

What were you doing behind?

I was holding hand bag

A girl was riding a bike and you
were sitting behind by holding hand bag

Are you crazy?

Sorry brother

What do you mean by Macho?

Is it expensive?

Why boys ride bikes?

To be like Macho

Why they wearjeans?
To look like Macho

But who is Macho?

Macho means strong man

In films if heroines are not agree
then Macho man's make them happy

That's we call Macho

Like our Dharmendra

Like our Rambo

You cant be Macho when you
sit on back seat

And you killed Macho's...

Then what Macho do?

First you dont sit on backward seat

Whether its a bike or car,
always hold steering in your hand

Or your wife wont respect you ever

Walk strongly

Hey Macho


Last week...
wait 1 minute

Bobby Brother.
Hey Macho

What Macho?
All girls are making brothers

Every girl is making her partner her brother

Hey if Taani also decided to do this?

DO one thing hide in bathroom

I'm still in bathroom

I'm intelligent

Now what I do?

Whatever anything happen?
Don't come outside

Whether you die but dont be her brother

Are you inside?

Yes I'm inside

My digestive system is not well

Thats why I cant dance today

I've a very big problem in stomach

I think we should go for shopping

Everyone is making brothers here

Then I'm coming

Nothing good can happen in this country

Everyone is making brothers here

So that nobody can think anything wrong

A boy and a girl can't be a friend?

Or can't be professional partners?

Actually this is a thinking of girls

Boys dont wanna be brother of any girl

For example Dolly and Tiny

Till yesterday we were thinking

We were thinking that they love each other

But today they are brother and sisters

He was crying

Boys can't do anything

Girls dont tell that what they want?

NO girl wants bodyguard in shape
of boyfriend

Who shows his muscles

Taani partner

There is a little confusion

Why? Any problem in size?

No not in clothes.
There is a confusion in mind and in heart

What confusion?

Tell me one thing

What a girl wants?

Its a very tough question

What a girls wants...

only a girl can understand

now i have to be a girl?

Answer is very simple

till a boy understands it,
they both become old

U tell me in a short way

i dont wanna be old alone

a girl only wants

a person loves him the most

and she dont want anything more

to live

now do you understand?
If dolly thinks that tiny loves him like this

then she wont make him her brother

lets go

I love you more than anything

But you are not watching

no problem

I will show you my love

and no Macho

taani partner tomorrow is my birthday

thank you

so I want that you spend whole day
with me tomorrow

how can I?

You can't say no

Remember round ball winner

I want my winning prize

I celebrate my birthday alone every year

So i want some change this year

No dont say that you have to be
my brother first

ok tomorrow I'll be with you

Ready steady go

Whats this Raj?

Its love

Its a true love

I dont know how to propose

So that I decided this

You dont like this?

Every girl wants that a person loves her most

But its an impressive love

I really like it
And I'm very hurt too

I made a mistake.
I've to told you that I'm married

I know everything

His name is Surinder Sahani

he works in Punjab Power.
You live in 52 Sen Pura

I know everything

But there is nothing bad in my mind


I just wanted to tell you that
you are very important for me

You dont worry nothing is changed

We were friends and still we are friends

there is only difference, you are married
and I'll be married one day

Nothing is changed

everything is same to same

No Raj everything is changed

If a girl see dream in open eyes

Then her life is changed

Nothing can't be same

Please go from here Raj

I wanna be alone for some time

Its enough now

wind up this double role scene and
tell everything to her

not now

but why not?

Because I wanna know

She loves Raj or she loves Suri?

They both are same

Whether she loves anyone,
she loves you

But she dont know thay ther both are same

From her point of view there is a big
difference in both of them

Suri is her husband

Raj is nothing

There is one more difference

Raj shows his love infront of whole world

And Surinder hides his love

Nobody is god

Everyone is mankind

A man is hungry for love

He always attracted towards love

You are doing wrong with Taani

You are making her happy with Raj

You are making her sad with Suri

Show her Raj's Love

Then she won't see any Raj

Suri can do comedy and dance to make her happy

He can change his self

But for her love he cant change his love

She has to love Suri

She has to understand Suri's love

She'll understand

Why are you creating problem in your
soft love story?

How is your dance practice?


How is your partner?

What's his name?


Ok Ok Raj

Is Raj married?


I've 2 red fair passes

Tomorrow is sunday.
Wanna go? Yes

Why are you waiting for?

Lets go and start

You have to fight

What are you doing?

You've done well

Punjabi's are best

For this victory Mr. Sahani has won
2 return ticket to Japan

What was that?
Why you need that?

Dont you know that you are an average
working person?

You daily works in 4*4 cabin

You are not hero

that you fight with much stronger man
than you

What do you wanted to prove?


Please tell me why you need that?

You was silent in whole fair

Only you were happy in Japan stall

Then I thought you wont see Japan
in my salary

If I win then you can see japan

Please dont care for me

I'm happy

I cant laugh whole day

If I'm silent, it doesn't mean
I'm not happy

If I want anything then I'll tell you

You've already done so many things for me

Please dont do so many things for me

It wasn't my good work

It was my love

See that

We enjoyed in that dinner

Lets go

You forget this as you were hurry

There is a new picture in Realito

Wanna see?

Ok I'll be ready

I said sit down

He missed you alot

I think Raj has cast a magic on you

He is very impressive

He loves you alot

Close your eyes and feel this rain

Nobody is inside

Taani is in garage and
asking for Raj

I thought you forget your partner

Lights and I love you
leave it all

You are Punjab's number 1
special dancer

Hey Taani partner any problem?

How can you be so happy?

Without need me how can you
love me?

Dont you feel pain in love?


Iove is god's gift

Then what kinda pain in love?

If you want love,
then you have to wait

Love cant be exchange

I saw god in you thats why i love you

You saw love in someone else,
then you love him

Ladies dont have to think this

Even you dont have to think

My life is not that smooth

I cant see love in anyone

I cant see love in anyone

I had closed all the doors of love
in my heart

Then came happy

And then you said

I love you!

By meeting you I came to know

that what is true love

There is no pain in true love

Then you showed me your love

The love that I killed in myself

Why you came in my life?

Now what I do?

I'm a married girl

Then answer me happily

What I do?

Lets go with me

If you are not happy with him

If you dont love him

Then come with me

God never gives same to same happiness
to everyone

They have to snatch their happiness
from god

You've snatched it

Lets go with me

I saw so many bad things

Now dont want anymore

I wanna live happy

I wanna love

Please take me with you

I cant take it anymore

I promise you

Tomorrow we'll have a last
night in Amritsar

I lost

I wanted to make Taani happy

I wanted to make my love story

And now my story has come to an end

I dont understand one thing

Why dont you tell everything to her?

Please try to understand

When a married girl

Like Taani

Ready to go with another man

It means she is not happy with
his married life

Taanis doesn't love me

She is not happy with me

Then its a duty for me to let her go

So that she can find any Raj

No Raj can have Suri's heart

Taani loves Suri's heart

If Taani loves that heart

Then she could understand
Suri's love

I've decided

Tomorrow after competition
I'll leave a k

I've put my property on her name

Are you crazy?

You are totally crazy

I'm going to tell her everything

No please

Once you stopped me

That god is writing this love story

Then please let it by god

Taani came here when I've to
do any big work

Today is the biggest day of your life

I know god is with you

God please take care of my taani

And I dont want anything

He says that he see god in me

I dont have any quality like you

How peoples can see you?

I also wanna see you

Please show me god

I cant come with you Raj

Your love has made me weak

Your love has made me selfish

I forgot that he hold my hand

when i was totally alone

now i cant leave his hand

he is boring
doesn't speak much

he is simple

in living

and in work
just a normal person

but i can see god in him

and today i found my god

i can leave a person

but how can i leave god?

Wherever I go,
there must be god there

i cant leave my husband

so that was our couple no.9

now you are wanting to know who is
couple no.10?

My dance partner will not come

you disqualify us

now judges will tell who is number one?

Lie. No Taania
Everything lie

You told a lie to me

that you dont know what is love

everything lie

you turned my sadness into happiness

you turned my tears into happiness

i didn't give you a single
moment of love

and you always show me your love

how can you love me so much?

Its so simple

i can see god in you

i respect you

i feel comfort

when i see you happy, i feel
so comfortable

is this is love, then i love you
more than god

dont cry

i forget that in home


god will not be angry on me?

That i love you more than him

everyone say truth

then after that a honeymoon in Japan

its amost famous park of Japan

Its me, taani and an old man in this picture

its a backside of that park

its equally famous

this is most famous brigde

clothes like country

japan's hat, japan's goggles

and japan's underwear

but only kiss is off India

This is japan's tradition

man do Yoga here

fold hands like in our country

Taani is very happy

Dont you believe it?

This is most favourite color of mine.

I told you about yellow

she is coming closer to me

i'm feeling shy

this is mount Suji

its necessary to hug here

its a japanese sign

i think its written here that

Soku lake

I know little English

Taani is again romantic

Taani is much free in japan

Japanese wont scared thats why
we sit there

We went to most famous temple there

God is only one

we feel so comfortable

i'm feeling shy

its my first public kiss to Taani

we enjoyed alot

we wore new dresses
and also dance there

we know dance and again we
enjoyed alot

we had fun

we enjoyed alot

let me tell you one thing.
I remember my childhood memories

its mickey mouse's hat

you know mickey

we also went to snow mountains

we enjoyed alot

we had snow fight

once i had a close fight with Taani

its truth.
I found my naughty Taani

I'm also very naughty

We missed bobby

this hug is for you

i wish you could be here

these are our private moments

she bacame very naughty

she wore my glasses

and then she said I've a problem
with your mostache

i also wanna know

how to kiss a person with mostache?

This is amritsar's number one couple

Mr. & Mrs. Surinder Sahani