Raavanan (2010) - full transcript

Dev Prakash Subramaniam is assigned the task of apprehending a bandit, Veeraiya, and accordingly re-locates with his wife, Ragini. Shortly thereafter, while investigating another matter, he will be notified that his wife has been abducted by Veeraiya. He, in the company of several well-armed policemen, and guided by a forest guard, will relentlessly pursue this elusive bandit who is both revered and feared by the local residents; while Ragini will find out the real reason behind her abduction.

-How dare you hit us?
-Don't hit me

-With whom are you playing?

-Who are you all?

Who are you?
Why do you pour it?

Don't fire!

Seems he is coming to dash us

It will break

Turn your boat.
Don't come close





Name is Veera

But has hundred nicknames

Very courageous

You decide the fate

You can be good or bad

You're a mix of
both good and bad

Why were you born?

What path did you take?

Why did you take up the war?

You're a mix of
both good and bad

Santhosh Sivan, V.Manikandan



Sir! Hemanth is on the line!

Yes, Hemanth!

Sir, I don't know how to put it

Tell me Hemanth

There's been an accident

A boat accident, sir

In that..

When? Where?

In the past hour

Near Padayaar Padithurai

Your wife's been kidnapped

-Who's responsible?
-Veera's men

They're headed toward the hills

A search has been initiated

A special task force is coming

Anyone there?

Anyone there?

The men here. Don't think twice
before wringing necks

Who are you?

Delicious chicken curry

Want a bite?

Why did you bring me here?

Who's that?

Who is that?

I'm not scared of you

No guts to fight a man...

...so you pick on a woman

O heart, fear not! In this life

Victory will be yours
Freedom and peace..

...is yours through devotion

The Goddess's blessings are with you

We're no enemies

O heart, fear not
in this life...

Victory will be yours...

Of your many sins,
the worst sin is abducting me

-She will die
-She won't

14 hours to go before we
blow her funeral conch

Let her swim some more

Can't you see?
It's the police

Too busy to answer, eh?
Speak out

Open the gate

-I swear...!
-You moron

Can't you see who is coming here?

I missed a beat again

-In the bullock cart..
-You drunkard

You bullock cart
will you accompany with me?

You go now and come tomorrow

-What's that? -Shut it!
Open the gate -Ok!


-Smart men never win
-Return the gun. -Go man!

You drunkard

-Especially one without a gun
-Catch him! -Do you wan to catch?

-I swear I am a watch man!
-Come down

Come down. Or you're dead

As if you could fly like me.
I am going to escape

He is climbing

-So you're Gnyana Prakasam?
-Yes sir

-Are you a forest guard?
-For 28 years

-The Forestry Department praises you
-Is it sir?

-You have a record for
getting suspended. -Yes, sir!

Suspended now, sir.
But, two months whizz by..

Know your way round the forest?

Or only round a bottle?

Is your leaping about
thanks to alcohol?

You playing decoy?

Sir, you're a
government servant, inspector

with a great track record
A top police officer

I'm a government servant too.

A-one forest guard

I've been waiting
for 3 hours for you

I won't let you go alone, sir

I don't trust him.
He's a drunk

Could be Veera's man

Can't tell his arse from his elbow

I don't trust him.
He has a short fuse

A right idiot

He's clueless about the forest
and everything else

I'll box your ears

Will you box my ears?

Are you from Thoothukudi?

I like Thoothukudi folk.
But you could be the exception

I should let you lose
among the forest beasts

-I'll kill you idiot

Veera. Also called Veerayya

Born in Vikrama Singhapuram

Every local police station
has a file on him

63 charges against him

I was transferred here
to finish him off

Ambasamudram Circle

No reception!
No escort

I know you don't care for all that

I believe that many people here
do not like the police

Is that true?

I'll stay far away from such people

Excepting one...

...the man they call Raavanan

The ten-headed Raavanan

Shake the central head,
the others will shake too

Shall we give it a go?

His elder brother Singarasu
is Veera's front man

The lawmaker

Brother Sakkarai is somewhat educated

He settles disputes

Veera consoles when blood is shed..

...and takes revenge for any killings

Why can't you arrest him?

We needed an Inspector like Dev

The other Inspectors feared Veera

What are do?

Guardian angel to some

Terror to others.
And to us..

Veera is a lawbreaker and violent man

A terrorist

The police are supposed to
protect us from men like him

You must stop him.
Shoot him

I had a chance to get this Raavanan

but he got away

This time I will get him

I won't rest till I do

Be brave till then, Ragini

Inspector. Stop here

Just a moment

In the forest ears are
as useful as eyes

Thoothukudi! Look, he's here

Who tied you up?

Stop chewing.
Are you the boatman?

You gasping?
Get some water for him

What? He said you'd come
and untie me?

He said we'd come
and untie you?

Come on, tell me

They asked you to come
to the mountaintop..

...if you are very smart

Veera ties him up and tells
him where he's headed

Are we looking for him?
Or is he looking for us?


-Mountaintop -He asked us to come
to the mountaintop

Tell to sir

Did you see her?

Is she all right?
Is she hurt?

Was she crying?

Leave me
I won't come

Leave me

Leave me

What are you doing?
I won't come

You will be ruined

Our curse won't leave you

May you suffer all your life.

You'll pay for your husband's sins

Who are you to kill me?

Who gave you that right?

Why must I pay for men
who fight each other?

My life is mine.
It belongs to me

Not another sound

Already 10 voices in my head

Veera! Kill her. Don't hesitate

Shoot her

-I won't die.
-Damn you!

End the wretch's life.
Let the world know

You can't kill me

The voices in my head

Shiva dancing in fury

A question
An answer

Eternal dilemmas
Anger, Calm, Revenge, Peace

-You can't kill me
-Die laughing

-You'll laugh for 7 lives.
-I won't die

-If not, you won't..
-My end isn't in your hands

You foolish girl!

When you were born on this earth?

Why you lit a spark in my mind?

The teak forest is tall and mighty

A matchstick has no height

The teak forest is tall and mighty

A matchstick has no height

Yet the falling matchstick
Sets the teak forest on fire

I die bit by bit
seeing the quiver of your lip

O beloved, I implore you
Give me your heart

Standing on the other shore,
longing to reach you

Enough! You're hurting my ears

I said stop

I'm not crying

Swallow your tears now


Find yourself another
woman to follow you

Have you no shame?

You coward, abducting a woman

All the abuse in the world
was made for you

Bravo, Veera! The weeping has stopped

Better to hear swear words
than a woman's sobs

The circling sun and moon
come together in a line

Abstinence and honesty lose their grip

I die bit by bit
Seeing the quiver of your lip

O beloved, I implore you

Give me your heart

Standing on the other shore,
longing to reach you

A fruit that scorches
is desired fruit all the same

This story is a story told before

A few always defy the rules

Man creates rules
exceptions too

Even goats look before jumping

Can't you use your brains?

Why did you save me?

Vultures wouldn't prey on you

Then why did you?

Killing you was in my fate

Some bastard erased it

Pray, if you believe in God

Your end is in my hands
It is written in stone

What did you say?

No bastard will erase
your death from my fate

Gazing at the faraway sun,
the lotus comes to flower

Light rays may separate them,
but their bond is strong

Is it a bud? Or poisonous weed?
Can't tell them apart

The poison spreads
But the heart is ever fearless

One day I will meet my end

Will your face fade from my eyes?

I lay buried with you in my heart

The circling sun and moon
come together in a line

Abstinence and honesty lose their grip

I die bit by bit
Seeing the quiver of your lip

O beloved, I implore you
Give me your heart

Standing on the other shore,
longing to reach you

A fruit that scorches
is desired fruit all the same

Veera, they're waiting for you

Move along
Veera is coming

-How are you?
-Go away!

I now understand
why you didn't kill her

What a fool!
It escaped me

One bullet would have done the trick

A case would be filed. Sakkarai
and I would serve five years for you

The problem will be solved

But you have a plan

What plan?

In only 14 hours the Inspector...

...panics and brings truckloads of men

What would've happened in 14 days!

What a plan!

A gun my hand...
Two minutes from her death

But in her eyes
not a grain of fear

How to kill someone
who isn't scared of dying?

If you were in my place,
what would you have done?

I don't have a brilliant
my mind to think so far

Ask for a tasty goat soup.
I'll make it

Ask me to fix someone
or send him to jail

It's done

But all this business of women,
their courage, way beyond me

This is no circus. Go!

No sari shops here

A plantain leaf. My size

Wrap it round and tuck it
in with a pin. Try it!

Go away!
I will tell you

Didn't I tell you to scoot?

Doesn't fear guns nor has any humour

What a life!

Some food. Treat it better

Throw it away!

I'm not an animal you tie up and feed

Be grateful. For generations
We've sweated blood to get food

-Your snobby attitude
-And your attitude?

Ah! Women

I felt sorry for her,
brought her clothes and food

Even my wife doesn't talk to me like that

Eat, if you're hungry

If you regard me an enemy, don't eat

It's up to you

Now you've eaten our salt,
you'll have to be loyal to us

For always

-Go and watch out
-A pistol shot

Maybe it is

They're telling us where they are

Greetings! Don't be scared

The Inspector is here.
Ask them, sir

Where is Veera?
Where is he?

Where is Veera?

Veera is a soft-spoken sage

What rubbish!

A sage? Get lost, you

He's fearless

He is a match for anyone

-That's it!
-Even the God of Death

These men don't know anything

Sir, his heart is clear as water

He's like a mother to us

Likes a bit of mischief
and creates some problem

Creates some for us too

A poet. He speaks in verse

Great poet Thiruvalluvar?

Women go crazy over him

Not all women

From pantomime to street theater
he excels in everything

A Great comic, splits your sides

And your liver burns

He's dangerous

Drinking, killing, fighting
and womanizing

He has every vice
and his drum-playing...

He seems like the God of Death

-No escaping death.

You're confusing me with your
10 accounts of him

My head spins

Your hand..
...is so rough

When our marriage was arranged...

...and our horoscopes matched...

...my mother didn't ask
if you had soft skin

My precious dancer,

a police officer has dangerous hands

Are these hands unsoiled?

Cross your heart and tell me

-O wise saint, I'll tell you

Dearest heart-thief

O dweller in eyes

See me with your hands

Hold me with your eyes

Teach me the art of love

Lost in thought of you,
my eyes know no sleep

Master, my master
How much I adore you

Grace me with your love

With every passing week,
my love grows

Wrap me around your being

Need I tell you of my desires?

Need I tell you of my desires?

Can't you discover them?

Your touch brings me alive
Come. Rule my heart

The Tamil language
expresses every nuance

And you?
Do you know love's nuances?

Dearest heart-thief

I came here running
when he told me about you

What are you blabbering?

I'm scared.
Oh my goddess!

Get out of there!

Come out!

Be a man

I didn't do it. I swear

It wasn't me. I promise

I know nothing

Out with the truth!

No trouble getting here?

What's this?

A watch

The one I gave you?

I gave you my sister too

Where is she?

-I don't know
-Did you lose her?

-Out with it! -You didn't lose the watch,
but you lost my sister

-The watch was safe
-Ask him to let me go

-I don't know anything.
-Where is my sister?

Trust me.
Ask him to let me go

Veerayya, believe me,
I know nothing

Growl like villains!

The photo should scare them

Hey, camera! Start clicking

You clicking?
Or must I click you?

The Inspector's wife
is flapping like a bird

Thump her on the head.
She'll stay still

A scarecrow

It wouldn't even scare the crows


Find out where the nearest hospital is

Bring the truck inside

The first-aid box!

His blood is clotting.
He must be taken to a hospital

Leave us alone

Bring the stratcher.
Where is the ice box?

Veera's brother-in-law?

-He cut my hand off
-I thought you were family

-The animal cut my hand off.
-Is it?

But why leave you here
with a severed hand?

The pain is killing me

Take me to a hospital, sir

Dressed you in my wife's clothes

What's he trying to tell me?

No sir

-It's paining...!
-Why did he send you?

-My hand pain is killing me...
-Is he scaring me?

Will he cut off my hand too?

Where are you?

They'll kill me
if you don't come soon

Are you trying to see
how brave I am?

I'm not that brave

I'm just pretending
I scream..

...and put up a brave front

Have you given up, Dev?

Answer me!

When will you come?

Hey lady!

Scream away.
Your God won't come

-Or your husband

Some food. Take it

Eat it and sleep.
Calm down

She'll eat. Let's go

-The tape is running.
-lts working -Talk now

Hello Inspector

How are you?

Not well, I hope

Our troubles are caused
by big shots like you

It's Veerayya

Poor, uneducated

Not high born like you

So, an enemy. The villain

Did you see the photo?

Recognise her?

We took it for you with great care

Keep it safe.
Or you may lose it

If she doesn't return
you'll at least have the photo

Are you angry?

It hurts, right?

Does grief weight
heavy on the heart?

We abducted one woman
from your home and...

...the police rampage through the forest
Trampling elephant to mosquito

Are your women fragile flowers?
And ours mere gravel?

Inspector, pray..

...that your wife won't suffer
the same fate as our sister

Keep the photo safe

Anyone there?


Where to?

Be good. Go back.
Tie yourself up. And sleep


O forest girl!

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

Will she bring rain? Or thunder?

Or vanish?

On seeing her pure face

the forest heaved a sigh

Lightning struck

The heart quickened

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

My life is desiring for you

This wretched heart of mine
loses all control

O heart of mine

O heart of mine

Let me go home

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

Will she bring rain? Or thunder?

Or vanish?

O forest girl!

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

Will she bring rain? Or thunder?

Or vanish?

-The river is flowing like a deer..
-Let's push her into the water

-It is flowing like a deer..
-Oh gosh!

Rasathi come up!

Hey Veera uncle has come

-We pushed Rasathi into water.
-Rotate it fast

Rotate it fast

Rotate it a little faster

-She looks like one of us.

Hey Kuruvamma!

Hey Kuruvamma!

Send me back or tie me up

Wander in the sun with us
and turn dark like us

She is staring at you

-Why don't you stay with us?
-Why don't you stay with us?

Where are you going?

Answer me

Will you stay with us or not?

Where is your gun?

-Take out it and shoot me
-Keep quiet. She is angry.

Better that, than asking me
such a question

Very well. Shouldn't have asked

The Inspector shouldn't have met you

Shouldn't have married you

Shouldn't have come here

Shouldn't have done what he did

Shouldn't have wanted to shoot you
You shouldn't have jumped

Shouldn't have saved you

Shouldn't have felt alive
when you opened your eyes

What's done is done.
And can't be undone

My feelings can't be changed

My words can't be taken back

Will you stay?

If you weren't married...

...would you stay?

Are you eating jungle food?

Corn and yam?

No wedding feast here

We have to make do.
Right, Akaash?

But don't drop anything

Everyone will know our whereabouts

Veera appears to know...

...every step we take

A little forest bird..

...seems to be singing in his ear

“The Inspector is coming
from the East"

Anyone seen this forest bird?

What about you, Ranjit?

HOW long?

What have you told Veera?

I don't get it, sir

Where we are.
And how many

I can't..

Talk to me

Sir, you're assaulting an officer

Don't you feel ashamed
to be called a police officer?

-I can hit back too, sir
-Just try

-Where is Veera?
-I don't know, sir

Take me to Veera

You stay 6 months or a year,
then you're transferred

We have to live here

My brothers and sisters study here

Who guarantees their safety?

-He's right, sir.

You wear a police uniform
and are loyal to Veera?

He is right

-I don't know where he is
-Tell us what you know

We will find Veera

-What's wrong?
-Vehicle has stopped

The fuel cap is missing

Move aside


In all three trucks?

How did they do it?

I am not

I don't know

Sir, the villagers need to cross
the camp to graze their cattle

The Inspector's tent?

Hemanth, here is a problem
they've sabotaged our trucks

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The lovebird is filled with longing

O elders, marry them today

What shall we cut the tongue?

The nose? Eh?

Ok. How about the ears?

-Your turn next. Shave him

Catch him!

Shave his head

My brother lost a bet

He said we'd never return alive
from the police camp

Shave his head

I have seen your husband's palace

And a photo

Not of you. Of me

Snarling like a villain.
Real mean


A demon's photo in a king's tent

Sit him on a donkey
Catch him

Slay them..

...if a line is drawn

If a fence is made...

...pull it down

You always ruled. We rule now

Slay them..

...if a line is drawn

If a fence is made...

...pull it down

Heads lowered for eons.
Heads held high now

They want to share a meal?
Lay out a feast

They want a share of our riches?
Off with their heads

Make the rules.
We won't obey

The sky won't heed rumbling clouds

No one can claim our ancestors' land

We befriend snakes too.
Open hearted is our clan

Mess with us.
Invite trouble

Born to a brave mother

When the bull charges guts spill..

Our forefathers had
nothing to leave to us...

Only their bravery

Slay them...

...if a line is drawn

If a fence is made...

...pull it down

The aroma of homemade food
wafts in the air

Sip our water, strong as country liquor

Deprived lives can survive
drought and famine

A cactus can live without monsoon rains

Struggling forever does not
make you poor

Lose dignity. And right away
you have nothing

We honour mother and wife.
And just as proud of our land

The soil of our forefathers
is watered with our blood

Slay them...

...if a line is drawn

If a fence is made...

...pull it down

You always ruled.
We rule now

Slay them...

...if a line is drawn

If a fence is made...

...pull it down

You always ruled.
We rule now

Look at me

Can you hear me?

Open your eyes

Ah! The captive freeing the caged

Nice game

What will you do to him?

Sit him on a buffalo and

pack him off to the God of Death?

Is no one human to you?

When will your savagery end?

When will their savagery end?

You only see the uniform.
Not the man

He's human too
Devoted to his family

Why do you torture him?

Shoot him at once. Kill him.
Stamp him. Shoot him

Answer her question

Answer her

You mother's boy

Fool! Respecting ladies?

Tell her what you did to Vennila

Who's Vennila?

The girl who changed your life

Who's Vennila?

Tell her about Vennila

Our stepsister

The daughter of father's second wife

Vennila was smart. And brave

The only one who didn't fear Veera

She fell in love with a boy

A high society type like you

Veera had to persuade the family that
Vennila could marry him

Hers was the first wedding in the family

She was overjoyed

Lightning struck

The heart quickened

Lightning struck

The heart quickened

My heart is looking for her

On seeing her pure face
it got sunk

-Another henna lady is here
-Send her in

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

-Let's go!
-Will she bring rain? Or thunder?

Or vanish?

O forest girl! Where do you belong?

Will she bring rain? Or thunder?

Or vanish?

You look nice in a sari

See the man I am?

I came here despite everyone around

Dressed in a sari, escorted by eunuchs
You got away with it.

Otherwise my brothers
would have fixed you

I know Judo and Karate.
I learnt it in school

White belt
No one can touch me

You're scared of no one?

-And now?
-Stop! Are you crazy?

-You said that you're scared of no one
-Close the door. Someone will see us

If your brothers see me, I'm dead

-Show them your Judo -Are you nuts?
Don't open the door!

Where did your guts vanish?

-Stop, will you? -Let's show the world
how brave you are. -You..

Damn it. We are caught

Why did you abuse?

Shouldn't I abuse?


-Brother is coming

I told you to go

Where should I go?

Why has he come now?

-Hey girl
-What? -I am dead

-Open the door
-Can't open it now

-Oh gosh!
-Who's inside?

What are you asking?

Just me and my shadow are here

Someone came to you to apply henna,
isn't it? I know

I'm changing my sari

How can you change your clothes
with henna in your hands?

-There is that lady
-Oh god!

What are you doing here?

Not his mistake.
I asked him to come

And he came running?

I told him to prove
he had the guts

So he comes in a sari?

What are you doing in girls' quarters?

-No reason
-I was holding hands

Who with?

Come here

With which hand you hold her?

Don't harm him

Brother said he'd give him a bike
for our wedding

He'd look a clown riding
with one hand

He should've thought of that earlier

Which hand?

Which hand?

Open your eyes

Look at the time

Two more days till the wedding

Keep your hands to yourself till then

Or you'll be garlanding her
with one hand

Now go

You tell him

Or else, he'll be glued here.

Adorn the garland
101st goat

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The lovebird is filled with longing

O elders, marry them today

The bride is so lovely
in her wedding sari..

...hopeless dreamer

Marry them when the trumpet blows

Get ready, O bride

The lovebird is filled with longing

O elders, marry them today

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The bride has the look of Goddess Sita

Resembling Shoorpanaka,
lying on her bed

The bride is so lovely
in her wedding sari..

...hopeless dreamer

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The bride is delicate as
newly picked lime

But what a chatterbox

Beat the drums till they tear

The brothers-in-law are impatient
to welcome the groom


The bride is here to pay
respects to sister-in-law

Why the delay?

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The lovebird is filled with longing

O elders, marry them today

The bride is so lovely
in her wedding sari..

...hopeless dreamer

Marry them when the trumpet blows

Get ready, O bride

Father said I must pay my respects

No pretend tears

You're like the star Sivaji Ganesan

Seeing you any sister would cry

The groom knows already...

...when we give,
we don't take back


All of you come!

The sacrificial goat is cooking in

the clay kiln, drinks pouring

The lovebird is filled with longing

O elders, marry them today

Stop! No place here for big shots

Our new groom!

We have the invitation and
we're here to bless the couple

Damn it blessings!

-Come brother!
-Leave me!

Our new groom!

-Move aside.
-No, marriage is going on

Play the nuptial drums
Sing a song and dance

Our new groom!

I beg you, go away

Hey Qfoom!

Hey Qfoom!


Dev must have had
a good reason

It can't be his fault

The fault is mine


Eight men pulled me away

I shouldn't have left Vennila alone

I should've obeyed my conscience

Veera should have known

I didn't think that
the groom would run away

Vela, don't go

This mother's boy...

...took my Vennila from
wedding to police station

Tell me in which rat hole
is your brother hiding?

Till then you stay

I'll get you talking

So what if you're a woman

Talk to me

The police have sharp noses

Sniff him out

You will get ruined
Your family wouldn't prosper

I'll cut your nose off

You took her to the police station

Didn't you?

Are you badly hurt?

Can't you speak?

Never mind

You can't squabble with me now

I can say anything I want

You can't argue with me

Sister-in-law, did you see my husband?

How quickly he ran

Tail between his legs

Who wants a husband like that?

Why did I want to marry him?

Better to stay unmarried like you

But who the hell are the police...

...to have ruined my wedding?

I wasn't scared

They asked me that
your husband has scurried off

So with whom will you
spend your nuptial night?

I swore at them

I begged, 'Don't do it'

But I couldn't stop them

I told myself I would soon be home

They wouldn't let me go

I screamed and begged
They didn't leave me

The bastards took turns.
All night

My life is in tatters

I lost everything


Watch out

Pull it

Pull it


Come fast

-Get a blanket
-I will

You're nothing to worry

They've stripped him of everything

No hair. No dignity.
Nothing left

He's breathing

You're still alive.
Damn the rest

-You don't worry
-Where's that blanket? Hurry

-Don't worry.
-I am bringing it, sir

Can you hear me, Hemanth?

I'll tell you one thing
A stiff drink will...

-Hurry up
-Lift him. -Ok sir

He was there for a few hours

And madam? For 8 days

-I say “enough" too

-Take him to camp..
-When big convoys like ours advance,

...everyone knows.
Even the ants

They'll take us one by one
and make us bald

Any bright ideas?

One, sir. I need your permission
That's enough

Give me strength

Don't take my anger away

Anger gives me the will to live

Stop them from showing
compassion to me

I beg you

Don't show bad people in good light

Nor show them as truthful

Give me the courage to fight

My anger cannot lessen

Can't you do that much for me?

Did I barge in like a bull?

What kind of man is he?

Your inspector

A good man...

...or a very good man?

God-like, enough?



An ideal man?

A man with no flaws?

Won't ten heads together equal him?

Not even close

What's he like? Good-looking?

Handsome, no doubt

What else would you expect?

I must see him.
At least once

To see what he's like in person

I should ask him
why he met you first

Is he loving?

Does he make you laugh?

And you...

Do you love him?

I feel jealous

A burning ache deep inside

Does your god feel jealous too?

No. Only Veera does

The downtrodden, the uncouth brute

Not a match to you

Or your God-like husband

But jealousy has made me
suddenly feel matchless

It has made me suddenly feel invincible

This demon of jealousy..

...has made me all-powerful

Where are you?

It will be tasty if we add more..

Don't say no

I'm a forest guard..

Do you eat sour fruit?

Bite the onion
and swallow the sour fruit

Imagine it's a feast

A wedding feast is very tasty!

Your husband has sent me to find you

Searched every inch of the forest

Glad you're ok, Mrs. Inspector

He gave me a keepsake.
It is in my pocket

What was that noise?

Madam, here.
Look behind you

Trust me. I'll carry you
away on my shoulders

And take you to your husband

Why didn't Dev come?

He's five kms away

His convoy makes such a ruckus,
everyone knows when they move

So I came up ahead

Don't hesitate

They are wild people.
They aren't kind

Say the word

-We'll throw chilli
in their eyes and escape -Oh God!

Don't hurt him.
You already have me captive

I am going to slay
him like a goat

Will you throw chilli at us?

Your death-knell too
I hear many sounds

The inspector's convoy is
heading this way

Watch out

I may be from the Inspector's party

But I'll vote for you

Look around you

They will do anything
for you. Even die

Am I wrong?

They will do
You've done so much for them

But I ask you, why would you
want to risk their lives?

You're the only one who'll die

You will die with in a minute..

Send madam back with me.
Stop this quarrel

We'll drop all charges

-What if we don't send her back?
-Go man

He hears the whole story.
Still gets it back to front

Need I answer?
The end of the world

All over and done with

Old man, explain

Brother, he says it'll be the
end of the world. All over

Must we shake with fear?

-Hey! -What brother?
-Are you shaking?

I am shaking

-Are you scared of dying?
-Why should we have fear?

-Anyone scared?
-Why are you asking like that?

No one seems scared.
So now what?

Throw stones at a dog.
It will bark and then bite you

Force a tree branch down and let go

It will spring up with greater might

What's new in your threats?

We've heard it all before

They hit us.
We hit back

They caned us.
We did the same

The bastards point guns at us now

We'll snap your necks. Understand?

Veera, I won't leave
this place without madam

Who said you were leaving? Eh?

Brother! His end is near

Get him a drink.
Leave him at the cliff

He'll roll down himself

You're making a bad mistake

He isn't against us.
He's right

Go to the Inspector then

Get yourself a uniform

Come back and
plough me with bullets

He's talking of peace

Why be angry?

With ten trucks of ammunition?

Talking of peace?

He's sniffing around to see
if we're strong

What is our strength?

Shall I tell you? You are

That strength is our weakness now

I am observing,
you are arguing with him

Be quiet, brother
I am asking you too

Everything has gone wrong
since she got here

A curse has fallen on us

The witch will burn us all

You said she'd die in 14 hours.
That became 14 days

Not in 14 years he will let her go

-Will you stop it? Why do you
repeat it again? -Hit me

You can hit me

You dared to hit me

But you don't dare question Veera

You don't do anything.
Let me go with the forest guard

Make him see sense

It is mistake going
to the police

It's mistake.
Sending him alone is a mistake

I'll go with him

I'll go with him

You can't open your mouth
without swearing

How can you talk peace?

Brother, I am not a child.
And I've studied till Plus two

I know the law

Give me a chance.
Trust me

I won't let you down

I've seen her

Where is sir?

I found her whereabouts

I went where no one goes

And saw the captive one

I deserve a medal.
Gold or silver. Anything

-ls Veera here?
-His brother is here. To talk peace

My medal?
You Mrs..

-Where's his brother?
-Waiting, sir

All negotiating done

If you say over,
everything will be finished

Where is my bottle?

Where is my bottle?

Who is it? Sakkarai?

Come out

I'm alone

Just me

Come and see

The gun isn't loaded

Two conditions

Drop all charges against us

And take your men and go

You talk just like a police officer

Your wife is with us

She's still alive for now

Is that a threat?
Join the police force

I came here to talk peace

I want peace too

No more bad blood

Send Ragini back

Veera will come to no harm

Come out when you want to talk

I'll be waiting in my tent

Do I tell Veera
you're ready to make peace?

Do I tell Veera
you're ready to make peace?

It's only a scratch

Next time you won't be so lucky

-Veera told me, but I didn't
listen his words. -Don't run

Hurry UP!

A battle cry rings out

Like angry seas, two great armies
rush to the attack

Deafening as thunder,
chariots hurtle forward

“An end to your arrogance.
The battle has begun"

Like angry seas, two great armies
rush to the attack

Deafening as thunder,
chariots hurtle forward

“A warless day is no day“

“He will come with an army
and dethrone you"

Hemanth, careful

Keep coming and you'll die

A round of applause!

He isn't running.
He's flying

Where is Ragini?

Where is my sister?

Where is Vennila?
Where is she?

This is the day you'll die

Say Your prayers

“The virtuous tumbling to hell"

Come, sweetheart

No gun, no uniform, no back up

Just you and me

Come to me

Veera, let go

Let him plummet to his death


Where is he?
What's happened to him?

He's God for you

And me?
The ten-headed demon

Tell me he's all right

Don't make me beg

Say something

Tell me

Hold this

Alive? Right?

Seemed damn fit when
I last saw him

He was dangling...

...with one hand from a bridge

Spitting fire.
So gutsy. A real hero

Hold tight

Don't you let go

Where's that Inspector?

Where is he?

There he is

Amazing. Slithering like a snake

Do me a favour

Only Gods do favours.
Not demons

Don't kill Dev

Come up and face me alone

I'll let go

-Only one beast can survive
-I can shoot you

Who do you bet on?

Think I'd give you a loaded gun?

I have always wondered
who would end up killing me

Shoot me...

...and, in a few minutes...

...the turmoil and the suffering

Everything will be snuffed out

Aim here.
And in an instant...



Your very life

All gone. In one go


Looking at you, I'll die contented

With a smile on my face

And if I stayed, will you spare him?

Will you stay?

Are you sure?

What are you doing?

You have a beard?
A 14-day growth?

You should've come for me in 14 minutes

You had me scared

I'm back now

At last, I came to you

Where is he?

Why do you ask?
I'm here

What more do you want?

Where's he hiding?

Did you come for me?
Or Veera?

He left you here and escaped

Let it go

I'll be back

Take me home

Let's go home

Did he hit you?

Did he threaten you?


Did he touch you?

What happened that shouldn't have?

They kept you for 14 days

14 days and 14 nights

I know what you're asking

Look at me.
Can't you tell?

Will you take a lie detector test?

We'll soon know

How dare you talk like that?

If you aren't lying,
why does the test bother you?

I just about survived 14 days

Now I wish that I were dead

The truth is sometimes harsh

How do you know the truth?

He told me

Who told you? What?

My hands may be defiled

But your wife is not pure as gold

She's sullied

Impossible. I don't believe it

He couldn't have said that

He said a lot more.
Shall I go on?


I'm getting off this train

Don't threaten me

Are you throwing me out of your life?

I don't like your lies

I never lie, Dev

But you're lying now

Your face... all lies

Your body... more lies

It shows in your eyes

You shouldn't have come back

Even if I knew where Veera was,
I shouldn't tell you

But you're asking me
to take you to him

I don't know why you came back

If you are still angry on him,
kindly go home

Let Veera keep the regard he has for you

I don't know how long
you'll have to wait

I've left you something to eat

You're back

What did you tell Dev about me?

I'm out of breath.
I really can't hear you

I can't hear you?

Am I the weapon to defeat him?

I'm dizzy with happiness

Don't be harsh

What did you tell Dev?

What did you say?
Tell me

Hey, Veera

Let him plummet to his death

He'll die screaming

Hold on tight

I could kill you to win your wife

And I could spare you for her

Shall I leave you or save you?

Shall I leave?

What did you say about me?

You have a wife, pure as gold

Throw gold into fire..
..It becomes purer

Our hands may be defiled

But we have...

...protected your wife with great care

What else did you tell him?

Take her and go
before I change my mind

Come yourself up

Veera is so happy,
how can you be upset?

Were you captive for only 14 days?

Only 14 days?

Why do 14 days
sometimes feel like a lifetime?

I didn't feel so bad when I sent
you back, blindfolded

But why do I feel such happiness today?

No tears

Swallow those tears

I don't like women crying

if eel alive again

I can breathe again

Dev said vile things.
He didn't heed a word I said

Why did he talk like that?

Without any reason?

-He distrusts me
-Distrusts you?

The Inspector?

Well done!

Dev isn't here

Dev, you're so devious

Dev doesn't know I'm here

He really knows how to get to me

Come out
Show yourself

I told you I'd come back

Go on, shoot

Shoot me

Not once. You'll have to
shoot me ten times

A hundred times

Shoot me

Shoot me!

Ragini, move

You can't destroy my happiness


You can't destroy it


I will come again

Come back to follow you

Is life a mere scribbling of a child..

...in which meaning is sought?

Life changes and ends
when the meaning is unraveled