Raatchasi (2019) - full transcript

The headmaster of a government school brings in several changes at her institution despite facing odds from various quarters.


[Students] Hey,
the lorry has arrived.

Come on, keep reversing

there, stop right there!

Come on,
put that bench out here.

Ey-- climb up in twos

climb up carefully

Ey-- hope everyone is
carrying your casual clothes?

Ah-- students in uniform
change into casuals.

-Be careful, kid
-Brother, how's AHM doing?

He's doing good,
when is the next gathering?

Very soon, it'll be great
if the head count increases.

you hike the price 50 per head.

It's their parents demand.

Ah-- fine will pay up soon.

AHM asked to mention it.

You guys are charging 200/head--

--why don't you use that?
-Then, what about us?

As if you're going to pay up.

One, two, three, four, five...

...six, nine, ten
-Hello, hello...

Where are you taking the
students during the school hours?

-He's the new Teacher
-Oh is it?

Can't you hear what I am saying?
Let them go.

Ey-- how dare you?

-Hurry up lazy heads, load them up sooner.
-Oh God, what happened?

-That's our Maths Teacher

-Come on, climb up
-Look, there's space...

-Load them up
-You're forgetting this is a school

Get lost, damn it

Come on climb up.
Load them all carefully...

Hey, bolt the door.

That's fine, you've been asking
too many questions though

are you new to this town?

Are you going to get an
admission at that school?

Obviously they'll
be shocked to hear

it's not a school,
but a buzzing market.

Garbage lying all over

will be like a herd of goats.

You will see students gathered in
groups fighting in the name of caste.

Teachers are hopeless,
with no sense of time or discipline.

Govt. Schools,
are bound to be worse

but this school,
tops the list in being the worst.

Schools are meant
to teach good things

but if you study at this school

you'll end up attaining
all sorts of bad habits.

The town is called "Puthur"

but the teachers are
still stuck in Stone Age.

Look-- the safe haven you
were looking for is here.

[Vendor] Sour berries for 1
buck, and candies for 50 cents.

In spite of warning,
you're getting an admission here

carry on

It's better to give an advice
or experience, only if asked.

Add this cigarette on my tab.

As if the students are smart
enough to grasp, if taught.‏

She's gone a little overboard
with the lipstick today.

Ey-- play without
making a noise.

Ey-- let that go buddy.

Prominent ruler and War
Commander Karren Wallis Prabhu

following Warren
Hastings Prabhu,

took an oath as Chief
Commander of India.

Fine, shall we remember the name?

"Foreigner... Wallis"

Keep water mug as a reference.

They had arrived to loot
everything from our country.

Yes, Teacher
[In Unison]

Very Good.
Now tell me what is the name?

Karren Wallis Prabhu!

Ok, next we'll try
to remember the year.

How's your business
coming along?

The business is running good.

I Just came to
sign the register.

-There's no one at the shop, I'll leave.
-Fine, you leave


Excuse me!

Don't you conduct
morning prayers?

What do you guys want?

I'm here for admission

wait for a while, once AHM is
here, meet him and get a receipt.

Only then,
I'll issue an application.

Seems like there's no
Head Master out here.

There's no Head Master over here

don't be annoying,
wait over there.

If AHM arrives,
he'll yell at me.

-Come on...

I can't even do a
Rangoli in the morning.

Excuse me!

Welcome, Sir.

Gotta pay electricity
bill for both the houses

-don't forget
-I'll go right away, Sir.


-Bloody womanizer
-Give me a smile...

Don't you have any sense?
you're blocking the way

move aside.

Right in the morning.

-Good Morning, Sir.

Listen, this is AHM.
Come in and speak to him.

-What do you want?
-Admission for this kid.

It's been a month,
since the school began

and you're here now?

-Which grade?
-6th grade.

Why do I have to
pay 2500 rupees?

Isn't the Govt. fees 230 rupees?

If you seek Private Schools,
you'll end up spending a bomb.

Moreover they'll demand
more for being a month late.

If you're willing,
then pay what's mentioned on that

if not get out from here.

You're not even
1% fit to be here

wonder how you became a Teacher.

Ey-- Ey, how dare you?

Don't mess around with me.

You're getting angry,
'cause I insulted you

just the same,
we're angry when you speak.

Oh-- so you too will get angry?

If you're angry,
take your kid to another school.

This kid won't get an admission,
even if anyone recommends her.

Take your kid and
get out from here.

You're going overboard, damn it.

Ey-- Ey! Vasugi!

-Stop that woman
-What is she doing?

-Stop that woman.
-Ma'am stop, don't do it.

-Stop right there, damn woman.
-Please listen, stop it

Don't you have any sense?

-Give me that rod...
-What you've been doing?

She's so bloody stubborn.

Can't you hear?
Have you gone mad?

What are you reading?

Put that paper
down and stop her.

She's the Head Master!

AHM got rattled,
'cause she rang the bell.

They'll ask us to disperse
once the prayers are done.

I am Geetha Rani!

From this moment,
I'm the Head Master of this school.

Everyone should be inside
the school before 9am.

At 9:05am the school
gate will be locked.

No one should jump
over the walls.

No one should step inside the
school without the uniform.

Oh God no!

In spite of hearing
the bell ring

12 teachers who didn't enter the
class, issue an memo to them, Vasugi.

Ok, madam.

If anyone gets 3 memos,
generate suspension

6 teachers, who have signed the
ledger but not inside the school

file a Police
complaint against them.

I'll recommend suspension.

-Once in, hand it over to them
-Seems like, we gotta work


School should remain as a school

and teachers should
be there for students.

Prayer, disperse!


Shall I assemble all the
teachers for introduction?

-How long will it take?
-It will take an hour, madam

who will be teaching at the class?

I'll get to know the names and
details, when required

-ask them to head to their classes

Ok, Madam.


Why isn't he at a class?

Madam, we didn't prepare
a schedule for him.

Prepare a schedule and hand
it over by the end of the day.

Now ask him to
substitute for a class.

He can come over,
when I'm not around.

Ok, madam!

Good Morning, Madam.

Why is this here?

So that no one gets in
without your permission.

To discriminate ones' entry--

--it's not the crux of a Temple.

-Remove it!
-Ok, madam.

The room is in a great mess.

I'm doomed!

I'll clean it up,
I will get men and get it cleaned.

I've made her admission,
please sign here.

-Make sure she comes to the school
-Ok, madam.

Study well.

Go ahead!

Sorry Madam, I wasn't aware
you were the Head Master.

Heavy rainfall in Andhra,
from Cuddapah district.

But our town is
parched with no rain.

Ey-- AHM is here.

Sir, please come in.

He must be tired after the class.

He comes to the staff
room, once in 6 months.

Move aside, let him sit down.

Sir, please sit down.
I've cleaned the bench for you.

Don't be scared, it won't break.

Sit down, he won't ask you to.


Wonder where she came from...

...just a day,
and it feels like we faced a hailstorm.

I was having a candy.

-Do you want?

-What 'bout you?
-Don't piss me off

Even if you're, I don't care.

Bloody dufus!

He's nodding like a Penguin.

-Look, isn't this good?
-It won't work out

-Get inside
-HM, is here...

-Get lost...
-Buddy hide your cigarette

It's the HM, get inside boys.

I'm studying at a Govt.
School, 'cause it's not strict

-do you know, who is my father?

He has to bring his
father to school tomorrow.

-Ok, Madam.
-Got the cigarette, scoot from here.

Welcome, Miss. New Head Master.

You should sell, cigarettes,
betel etc 500m off the school

I shouldn't see
sell them anymore.

You can put a leash
on your students

don't teach us how
to run a business.

Ey-- Ey! Ey-- Ey!

Look here,
you're messing with the wrong person


Hey, come on keep running

madam, I won't sell anymore



What is it?

The new teacher held the
shopkeeper's hand twisted it

then she gave a strong
blow with another hand.

Then she whisked
a strong kick---

---he fell far from here.

-Did you see it?
-Yes, I did see.

-She's poisonous...
-She was there too

Can I join you guys?

-Good afternoon, teacher
-Please come in, ma'am

Good afternoon, teacher

Hey, move aside.

Please sit down.

Please share among yourselves.

What 'bout me then?

Here, please take these.

-Ey, share some
-You too share...

Who brought Dry fish curry?

It was from me, teacher.

Tell your mom, it is delicious.

Ok, teacher.

We didn't get introduced.

I'm Seetha

I'm Deepika

I'm Farahana

I'm Ashika

and I am Chitra, teacher.

-I am Geetha Rani
-Ok, teacher.

Just call me, Geetha.

that's how you call a
friend, right?

but make sure,
don't get too comfortable with it.

-Ok, Geetha.
-Please eat.

Ey-- HM is here.

Ey-- come on run.

run away, you're going
to get beatings from her

Hey, be careful!

Why do you have run so fast?

Eh-- can't you be careful?

Why were you running from me?

Do I look like a witch to you?

You were here to drink
water, right?

You should fear,
only if you've done something wrong.


Which grade are you in?

2nd Grade!

-What's your name?

-Kathir, is it?


Only the day and
date is being changed

Newspaper looks like is
being xeroxed everyday.

You asked for coffee
and disappeared.

I went to the neighbors to get
cable and newspaper contact.

Fine, how was the school?

It's good though.

But I heard something else

I was told the town
is a hot bed for crime

at least one murder gets
registered in a month.

This town keeps the
Police quite busy.

If Teachers put in extra effort

the burden on Police
will come down.

Fine, you've started your job

no one can stop you, continue.

-Coffee is on the table.
-Will have it dear...


Did you get your kid
admitted into the school?

Why are you headed once
again to the school?

I've started a new
job over there.

Really? That too at
that atrocious school?

What job is it?
Oh, you must've joined the Treasury

Thank goodness,
I thought you joined the herd of donkeys.

One main reason, this nation is
backward, is 'cause of the teachers.

They never nurtured a generation
stating, bribery and scams are wrong.

Do you think Teachers
take up the job to serve?

If the Govt. announces,
their salary will be reduced to half

half the Teachers training colleges
in Tamilnadu will be shut down.

Failing to do their job,
in spite of getting paid is a scam too.

What do you say?

Madam, daily I'll do
your pick up and drop

I'm a scam-free auto driver.

Don't look for another auto.

-Here, take this...
-thank you, madam.

Good Morning, Good Morning.


Please sit down.

-Vanakkam, Madam.

You're Susheela Teacher, right?

That's right, do you know me?

I've heard a lot about you.

When told you'll be
promoted only if transferred

you refused to do so

and have continued to work
in this school for 33 years.

Please bless me.

Ah-- it's fine dear.

Bless you!

Good Morning to all.

I'll tell you the new
format for prayers.

Once the bell rings, everyone should
assemble on this ground in 5 minutes.

They'll play you a song.

All of you can
dance to that song.

In fact,
even the teachers can dance to it.

This will be called,
Warm up song!



♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ A new era has
begun, wake up folks ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Jump your hearts out ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Embrace the reality ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

Ey-- they're dancing
inside, come on let's go.

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Wake up buddy,
c'mon wake up it's high time ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Keep jumping,
jump your hearts out ♪

-Ey-- don't be a nut case
-It's refreshing

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Understand 'n'
embrace the victory ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

♪ Go! Go! Go! ♪

Hereafter, the school will
remain open on Sundays too

It's not mandatory for
anyone to come on Sunday.

But, I'll come on Sundays.

Whatever you feel
like conveying to me--

singing, dance and your talent

you can write down your demands
and put it inside that box.

This is called, "Sunday Box".

We can celebrate this together.

Everyday, one teacher will be
responsible for the school.

All the events on that day,
will have a governance.

If something goes wrong,
responsibility should be taken.

On that day, they'll be the
acting Head Master for the school.

Let's all say it together...

"Let's learn with utmost Joy"

"Let's learn with utmost Joy"

"Let's learn together"

"Let's learn together"

"Learn with courage"

"Learn with courage"

"Let's learn the world"

"Let's learn the world"

"Let's learn with utmost Joy"

"Let's learn with utmost Joy"

"Let's learn together"

"Let's learn together"

"Learn with courage"

"Learn with courage"

"Let's learn the world"

"Let's learn the world"

Mmm- start the car.

Vanakkam, Sir.

our new school at Velumpatti

he's the Teacher at the Govt.
school over there.

He got 12 bright students
to join our school

he's here to collect
his commission for that.

Good job!

If he gets 20 or more students,
give him 10-15% commission.

Ok, Boss!

-Wait here.

Good morning, Sir.

-Good Morning!
-Sir, a minute please

-What's it? -Quarry details
are here -Good Morning, Sir.

Boss, quarry order file is here.

Listen-- a new voice was
heard at the school in town.

I did hear-- inquire about it.

Ok, Boss!


don't send anyone,
you personally inquire about it.

Ok, boss.

Who was it?

Look, that lady over there.

An outsider with such arrogance.

Stop right there,
are you the new Head Master?

I heard that you won't let my son
inside the school, if I don't meet you

Our party will reign next

I'm the MLA of
this constituency.

That's the only reason,
my son is studying in this Govt. School.

He's living his life
with full freedom

I don't bother him at all.

Who are you to question him?

Freedom is something,
you shouldn't take it for granted.

You should do the right thing.

What!? I didn't understand?

Then he's not incapable

You're incapable
of being a father.

I'll take care of him.

You can get out from here.

Ey-- you don't know who
you're messing with?

This is my town.

This is my, School!

I'll get you sacked
from this school.

Ey-- you don't have to study
at this school anymore.


I meant you.

What are you staring at?

That's right, you're a Zero!

Have you achieved anything
other than your father's wealth?

Have you topped the class?

or have you won a
prize in some sport?

You're a hero, only if you achieve
more than your father offers.

If not, a Zero!

Win, if you got the courage.

I'll present my cheeks to you

you can give me a slap.

If you think you'll lose

get out from here, right away.


A woman in this town has
become popular in just a day

what did you say?

That school has got a
new woman Head Master

-She's arrogant it seems.

She dictates her own rules.

MLA from the opposition
party of this town

his son studies at that school.

He went on to
speak for his son--

--and got insulted
by the Head Master.

That woman Head Master,
is new to her job--

--just wait and watch,
she'll succumb to scams too.

Highly Possible!


Just 'cause a new HM has arrived

they'll call for a meeting
and yell at the kids.

On top of it, an
useless gathering.

Ey-- look at her blouse

looks like a Police women.

-Good Morning, Madam.
Everyone is here -Ok.

For God sake,
please be seated calm.

We can only go in the evening--

--this women,
called everyone for a gathering.

There's no one to help at the
shop, gotta find someone

Greetings to one and all.

-I'm the new new Head Master.
-Yesu said will take care of it

Why don't come too,
we'll catch a movie.

Come on, let's catch a movie.

Ey-- Ey, hang up,
I'll call you back soon.

I'm sure many will have a personal
attachment with this school.

You might have
studied over here.

Can someone,
tell me if there's a difference--

--from the time you
were a student out here?

Nothing has changed, madam.
Everything is the same.

Who do you hold
responsible for this?

Neither MLA nor an MP has
done any good till now.

What else?

Officers working here don't report
the mishaps to the higher officials.

What else?

Neither the system nor the Govt.
is doing anything about it.

What have you done?

What have you done for
the school you studied in?

Temples in every town
are vibrant and colorful.

Govt. didn't come forward
with funds to develop them.

It's the public, who did it.

Temples and schools
are not the same.

In fact, a step above.

God comes after the Teacher.

People are generous with donations
during the Temple festivities.

Why don't you feel the same,
when it comes to the schools.

If you people come forward,
not only the crux of temples,

even the school toilets
will be spick and span.

It should come from your heart.

Many wage workers children
study at this school

I'm asking them too

even if you have to carry
a huge sign for help

either at your work place
or someone for that matter

you guys point me towards
them, I'll ask them myself.

But that has to
benefit our children.

Hello, tell me.

I'm Head Master
speaking form R Puthur.

Tell me, madam.

Accounts state, since 4 years you've
used fund for the welfare of the school.

But nothing has been done.

Your people should
arrive tomorrow over here

and the work should begin.

If not, the entire school
will be at the PWD office.

Ok, Madam!

♪ You're here to
scale the peaks ♪

♪ you do what your
heart commands to... ♪

♪ You're here to
scale the peaks ♪

♪ you do what your
heart commands to... ♪

♪ If you behold
a strong vision ♪

♪ it paves way for a noble
heart to fulfill it. ♪

I shall make a new
board and hang it here.

Firstly, throw this away.

Ok, madam.

Just now, someone accused me of
not having a life of my own.

I'll remove it, madam.

♪ If you can crack the
code to your heart ♪

♪ will fix a frame setting
out for the journey of life ♪

♪ You're here to
scale the peaks ♪

♪ you do what your
heart commands to... ♪

Oh God!

Ey-- paint carefully.

Sir, please get me that brush.

-I'll whack you
-Sir, please get that for me

♪ If you can crack the
code to your heart ♪

♪ will fix a frame setting
out for the journey of life ♪

♪ You're here to
scale the peaks ♪

♪ you do what your
heart commands to... ♪

She's done so much?

That's right Boss, even the board
at the entrance has been changed.

We'll be starting admission
in next 6 months, right?

That's right.

Mmmm, ok.

You put up a big
banner in multicolor

right in front of that school.

Whenever they go
past that school--

--they should be
reminded of our school.

Our people,
when they look at the advertisement

will take up loan and admit their
children for the sake of pride.

She can't do squat about it.

Ok, boss.


Students, listen here

am, is, are

was, were

shall be, will be

these are the 12 forms

this is the formula
to speak in English.


Can I ask you 3 questions?

Ya sure, please go ahead

Is this the easy formula
to speak in English?

That's right, madam.
Grammar it is.

Why don't you talk in English?

I can read and write, madam

but to speak in English,
small problem, madam.

If you spend an hour for 40 days

private schools state,
you can easily learn English.

But over here

in spite of learning it for 12
years, 99% can't speak in English.

English draws in only fear.

It's 'cause, the English
teachers can't speak in English.

You have 30 days--

--if you don't speak in
English, then I'll have to

asking to check your quality

I have rights to do that.

If you're not aware,
then read the rule book.

Can I ask you 3 questions?

Sure, madam.

Where all Maths is applied?

Addition, subtraction,
division and to multiply

-it's used for all of it
-what else?

What else...?

There's no computer
without Maths

you can't launch a
rocket without Maths.

Time and period,
everything rely on Maths.

There's no science
without maths.

First, you gotta learn

then you can teach them.

One month

Teachers who don't
update themselves--

--can't create
advanced students.

You can't perform an
experiment given in the book

how can you create
scientists out of them?

History is read--

--not to just create history

teach them not to repeat
the mistakes in the history.

Do, have, had...

I have not slept
well, last night.

Who the hell invented, English?

It's surprising though

didn't you say,
only private school teachers take notes

You just make rice cakes,
I'm already out of steam.

seems like you've started working.

Mom, at your school even
teachers are given homework

shut up and mind your business.

She sounds exactly like her.


It wasn't me, Teacher

-Keep studying, Dad.
-Get out!

I'm going.

Is it O2H for water?

or is it H2O?

I read that in school,
can't remember.



Look like he's got piles,
been walking for a while

How come you're not eating?

Not hungry?

Stop right there,
do you have constipation?

That madam,
is going out of control.

She's been torturing everyone.

That's why you should
be a PT master.

She won't come
towards the ground.

Next you're doomed.

My curse will come true.



-Good Morning, Geetha
-Good Morning!

Hey kids, come over here, quick.

Put aside the bat
and balls over there.

Everyone stand in a line.

Ey-- please, one, two

One, two

My chickpeas...four

oh no, it's falling down

five, six

Sorry chickpeas...chickpeas,
seven, eight

Good Morning, madam.
Can I help you with something?

I'm on duty.

I don't speak to anyone on duty.

-Duty first!

One, two, three, four

-Can I ask you 3 questions?

Damn that baldy's
curse is coming true

Two periods per week

in a year approximately
60 classes

Is this what you
gonna teach them?

Individual games

did Sir, examine everyone
based on team sports?


Ssssh...be quiet.

Then why do we need a PET
master for the school?

You conduct competitions
for the sake of it.

A kid on the run inside a
jungle can defeat an animal.

You can find a runner in him.

Farmer’s children has
got the best of stamina.

Martial arts, ploughing,
there are a many forms

You should find out,
what they're capable of.

Ok, Teacher.

Only if you discover
talents from rural children

we can win Internationally.

That's true, teacher.

I asked you to do it.

Then one more question--

--how many games are
played in Olympics?

Madam, I'll learn
everything in a month.

I'll somehow manage to make
her, PT Usha.

I'll definitely do
something with him.

But I'll listen to
everything you ask me to do.

Please don't give me a memo.

-'Cause I have loans to pay
-It's not really up to me

It lies in your performance.

Performance uh?

What is that?

I'm not sure what
you're going to do

you got to transfer that
lady from that school.

It's not even two
months, since she joined

how can I transfer her so soon?

Fine, our district Minister,
isn't he your close friend?

why don't you ask him?

Don't just rant
for the sake of it.

He's ruling party
and I'm opposition.

Come on,
he's been waiting for you to come.

Do you expect me
to go and meet him?

I can't bow down to him

suggest another way to it.

If that's the case--

--not only transfer,
you can even suspend her

as if you're not aware of it.

Stir up a conflict.

She never smiles at me--

--how come she's smiling today?

-He's here...
-Vanakkam, Sir.

Sit down.

I'm wondering, how she became an
Head Mistress at such an young age.

When I inquired at CEO office,
I was told, direct posting.

I think he's not aware.

I'm sure, something is fishy.

I'm going to drag
her to the court.

-What is it? Don't believe me?

I'm going to make her beg.

You've been suspended.


That's right, Sir.

Damn it,
do you peck yourself for a Queen?

Do you peck yourself
for a Queen?

You don't make the rules here.

You've suspended
me, without a memo.

Only CEO has the
power to suspend.

But you must've recommended.

I might have

May be one of the students

who were swore at
in the name of caste

or for harassing the
teachers and female students

may be their complaints had
led to take action against you.

I'm ready to state the reason.

But you have two daughters.

They shouldn't feel ashamed,
'cause of your actions.

Just 'cause you're
working against me

If you think I suspended you,
then you're making a mistake.

The school is
scorching with heat

why so? Is the heat too much?

It's 'cause of your daughter

Oh-- she's taking salary from the Govt.
and is actually working?

Ah-- she's here.

-I'll speak to her,
you can leave -Ok, Sir.

Vanakkam madam.
Come on, keep moving.

Dear, check out this news.

This boy in the news used
to study at your school.


Paandi Ammal, Kavitha, Karpagam

Murgesan, Muthumaari, Pazhanisamy

Why are we gathered here?

what she's gonna ask today?

-she must drag something
-Last year 9th grade

You people have
failed, 82 students.

Do you know,
how many have continued?

To get good results in 10th grade,
we have to filter them in 9th grade.

Isn't that the procedure?

My question was how many have
continued to come to school?

How would we know about that?

seems like the next
conflict is on...

28 students.

54 have discontinued.

That means,
you've destroyed 54 lives to dust.

Do you know, what these kids
are doing at the moment?

Majority of them
are wage workers

and are on the accused
list at the Police station.

Why do we need schools to create
criminals and wage workers?

If they're not capable,
obviously we have to fail them.

Shall we conduct an exam
for all the teachers?

Let's see how many
capable to be a Teacher.

Whoever seems incapable,
shall we chuck them out?

If all these students file a case
against you people proving you're wrong

you'll end up compensating
for their lifetime.

Once you're defeated,
they don't tend to turn back.

That's why we ask them to return to
the school, once they pass out SSLC.

There's a pride in
failing the SSLC

but failing the 9th grade
will considered uneducated.

I'm telling you people now--

--those 82 students have passed.

We don't have enough teachers.

Moreover, they can't be taught.

Don't call them incapable

tell me, that you're incapable.

Why do we need doctors
for the healthy?

If you can teach only
to the smart students

then don't call
yourselves teachers.

I'll get more teachers
from, PTA fund.

If that isn't enough,
we'll get volunteers.

Madam, last year results have
been signed by CEO and DEO.

-How's it possible?
-Do you have a better idea?

I'll be the class teacher
for those 82 students.

I'll handle the issues
which will come my way.

What are you doing?
hit it hard. Idiot!

fill in the sand into those dyes'

stack them in order

Brother, hold on for a minute

-Aren't you Muthu Maari?

Murugesan, Velan,
Ayyanar, Devi, Jennifer

why are our names
being called out?

Head Master has cleared
you from 9th grade

you're moving to 10th grade.

wash your hands and leave.

Come on,
she called you right away.

That's fantastic!
Go on, study well dear.

You guys have
cleared the 9th grade

HM has asked to come over

You guys can head to 10th grade.

Our next lesson is
about shore salts

there are two types
of shore salts

Sea Salt and Kosher Salt

-Turn over to the next
page -You too do it...


-That's the correct one...
-Did you make a note? Shall I take it?

A over B, B=C

You should strike A & B

Ey-- this is No.18

the last house, check that out

we didn't do anything wrong.

Why are you here to arrest us?

-Is this kid in the 7th grade?
-Yes, Sir.

He hasn't been attending
the school for a month

as family's salutation was
bleak, I had sent him for work.

It's mandatory, for them to
attend the school until 8th grade.

if parents refuse to do
so, we have to arrest them.

That's the law.

Their Head Master has filed
a complaint against you.

What shall we do?

I'll send him to the
school, tomorrow.

Fine, you can go.

♪ We've been bestowed
with the wings now ♪

♪ c'mon let's take
the flight together ♪

♪ It's our re-birth literally ♪

♪ celebrate it with
music and dance ♪

♪ The world is waiting to
celebrate you with love ♪

♪ if you're talented, the people
will buzz around you like bees ♪

♪ Let's take this
flight together... ♪

♪ We've been bestowed
with the wings now ♪

♪ c'mon let's take
the flight together ♪

♪ It's our re-birth literally ♪

♪ celebrate it with
music and dance ♪

♪ You can dance and sing too ♪

♪ so do you can take a
leap and play around ♪

♪ Gather people and
compete with them ♪

♪ growth 'n' courage will
make you successful ♪

♪ There are many gigs which can
be accomplished physically ♪

♪ the world will help you
open your eyes to them ♪

♪ Every human being is unique,
to recognize your potential ♪

♪ the world will help you
open your eyes to it. ♪

♪ The world is waiting to
celebrate you with love ♪

♪ if you're talented, the people
will buzz around you like bees ♪

♪ Let's take this
flight together... ♪

♪ Question things,
and if you crack the answer ♪

♪ you can be your own Teacher. ♪

♪ Grow wiser with words 'n'
if you're good at music ♪

♪ you can discover a new
identity of yourself ♪

♪ If you treat everything
as fresh and new ♪

♪ that will pave a new
path in your life ♪

♪ Every human being is unique,
to recognize your potential ♪

♪ the world will help you
open your eyes to it. ♪

♪ The world is waiting to
celebrate you with love ♪

♪ if you're talented, the people
will buzz around you like bees ♪

♪ Let's take this
flight together... ♪

Ey-- climb up and cut that rope

move away,
it might fall on your head.


Here take this, it's 20 bucks.

-Good Morning, Teacher.
-Good Morning.

So, you're Geetha Teacher?

-Sir, give that back

No tomatoes for you
people, find another shop

It's not that Teacher--

--I never thought my son
will pass through the exams

but you've made
him clear 9th grade

these tomatoes will last only for a
day, that's why I didn't sell it to you

Fine, is it fair to
sell them to others?

If I sell them,
I'll make 5 bucks.

Fine, I won't sell them.

Ey Munnswamy,
do you have fresh stock of tomatoes?

I got a fresh batch
in the morning.

He's got them,
please get it from him.

Ey Ramesh,
send these tomatoes to the hotel.

-Please visit again, teacher.

-Let's go, Dad.
-Ok, dear.

-Were you talking about her?
-Yes, Dad.

We did get a valid
permission for the banner.

It's a silly reason.

We we're accused of cutting
down the trees for the banner

and a complaint was lodged
with Forest Department.

I've already made arrangements
for the new banner.

Do you want publicize
my humiliation?

Let it go,
she's not worth the trouble.

She's not working
for just one school

she overcame the education of
half the riches in Tamilnadu.

Others might come forward with
loads of money for admissions.

People stand in queue, in spite of the
donation is 1 lac, do you know why?

They don't send
them here to study

it's for their pride.

If she enlightens them,
it'll spread endlessly

She's going overboard,
no one to stop her.

why didn't you pay your due?

I did pay them, the other day

they've been
torturing me for it.


Do you know, who am I?

Obviously she knows you.

Here, have this dear

Wondering, why I was pretending
not to recognize you?

It's not good to be
disrespectful of the guest.

That's why-- do you
think it's fair?

you're luring someone in starvation
with a well spread feast.

In front of the school,
where people are not well to do

AC Rooms, colorful toys

tours and fun activities.

Won't they long for it?

We will put up a banner,
who are you to question?

Are you trying to intimidate
me in my own house?


-It's not that Boss...

You mind your own business,

and she will mind hers.

If you create any problem

she'll definitely
make it tough for you.

You can leave now.

Fine, I'll mind my own business.

I'll take a leave, Teacher.

-Good Morning, Sir.

Listen-- The Collector is here.

Ok, let him come, Sir.

Please get up,
he'll sit over there.


-Hello Sir! -Hello...
-Welcome to my School.

Please sit down, Sir.

Can't you offer
coffee or tea for him?

Govt. doesn't give me an
expense account for that

if you still insist,
I'll buy from my own pocket.

Not required.

We're here for
Inspection, come with us.

You're here unannounced

I have some work to do

The school is ready for you,
can proceed with Inspection.


What is it, Geetha?

Who is our one day
HM for the day?

Mmmm, It's Kayalvizhi teacher.

-Ask her to come.
-Ok, Geetha.

You can leave, Sir.
She'll join you.

(a + b)³

= ₐ₃

+3 a²b

-Good morning, Sir.


(a - b)³

-Vanakkam, Sir.

I'm Kayalvizhi.

-Oh! One day HM.
-Yes, Sir.

Come on, let's go.

The school looks
different from before--

--it has changed a lot.
-Shut up.

Shall we complaint to
Collector about our HM?

What are you planning
to complaint about?

We were jobless,
without doing our duties

but now she's asking
to do our jobs.

Or there's no salt
to dip mangoes?

Continue pretending to work.

Ey-- boys and girls
stand in different queues

-Come on, do it
-Hold on...

Give that cane to me

Who's out there?
Kalimuthu, come over here.

-Where are you headed?
-I'm off to Delhi.

Show me your hand.

-How are you planning to go?
-By airplane.

Ok, go.


You made a stop at, Chandigarh.

Give me that stick.

-Who is going next?
-Teacher, I wanna go...

Teacher shall I go?

you come over here.

How are you planning to go?

I'm gonna take the
train, teacher.

Here take this stick, go.


girls are winning these days.

Applaud for her.

Sir, they won't forget
this in their lifetime.

Next is Vishakapattinam,

-you can take the
ship -Teacher...

The Collector is here.

Vanakkam, Sir.

Take this, Teacher.

It's fine, you please sit down.

-Please sit down.
-I'm fine, I will stand

Please everyone go outside.

You carry on with the
kids, please continue.

Everyone wait out here.

Come on, sit down.

Geetha Rani!

Extremely arrogant, right?

There's a huge list of
complaints from your school.

They must've planned
to suspend you.

Someone had sent me a
message on whatsapp.

That's why I came
personally to meet.

Do you want to check the files?

Shall I ask them to get it?

Ya, right!

I used to be just like
you in the beginning.

Faced too many transfers.

Couldn't take it.

Shall I order lunch?

Then you'll state it has
to come out of your pocket.

Not required, I'm leaving.

Be careful.

Sir, did you notice that
woman is very arrogant.

That's why,
I gave her a stern warning.

Ok, Sir. Thanks, Sir.

I thought will get
promoted as HM this year

I wish to be the Head Master
of the School at my native.

One year, exactly one full year

I made sure no one
got appointed as HM.

But that woman tarnished
my dream into the dust.


I think my job is in danger.

I've been ranting
the same rubbish.

we don't deserve this

that too it's our town.

I'm not gonna beat
around the bush anymore.

Strike her down
with a strong blow.


-She doesn't listen to us
-You're being arrogant

I asked her to sit next to me,
but she went and sat next to him.

stop it...

-Geetha is here...
-Laughter is quite much

Nothing much, Geetha.

So, tell me

Ey-- you tell her.

Fine, at this moment,
you're our friend not a Teacher.

Only then I'll tell you.

Fine, tell me.

-There's a guy who travels in our bus

he keeps smiling at
her all the time.

What's madam's
reaction for that?

Now even she's
smiling back at him.

Does it tickles your heart?

no hunger, nor you can study

smiling without your knowledge

this is usual at your age

I'll tell you all a story.

Let's take life as
a beautiful journey.

At the end of that journey--

--there a exuberant treasure
filled with gold and diamonds

will be waiting for us.

But won't be visible to us.

We will move seeking towards it.

On the way, we'll find bits
and pieces of the gold.

Just like this.

Looking at that,
if you think you got your treasure

the journey will
end right there.

Who continues to seek
till the end ignoring it

they will find that treasure.

So, what is it Farhana?

I'm going to take a
different bus from tomorrow.

Ey-- come on guys.

Oh God, no...

Ey-- the truck goons are here.

What do we do now?

Ey-- get out!

-Oh Damn!

-Ey, take my bag

You refused to send
the kids with us.

That too in our own town.

Don't think,
you can make the rules.

Ah-- Ey-- close that door.

Brother, please don't do it.

Let us show here what
"Fear" is all about.

Please brother, don't do it.

Doesn't matter,
if it's a man or a woman

who stands up against us

shouldn't forget us
for their lifetime

Ey-- scar her face.


-Can you open the door?
-Sure, Madam

-Need to wash my hands
-Sure, madam

Ey-- who's got the keys

open the door, damn it.

She's a strong woman

she fights like a professional

She just gave me one beating

my mouth is swollen, brother.

Damn, she beat him up.

CEO said,
that The Collector is on her side.

The entire town
should go against her.

You work from inside

and I'll take care
of the rest here.

Will you do it right?

I will do it, Sir.

Dear, I went out for
lunch and had Biryani.

Sorry, you had made lunch for me

but I didn't eat.

Did you eat?

Hope you're not stressed out?

fine, close your eyes

Did you close your eyes?

take a deep breath

feel free...


Bye, dear.

Ok, Dad.

don't be roaming around,
go home and take rest.


Come in.

They made sweets at home today.

Thank you!

-Did you eat it?

Then, you have to marry me


My cousin mentioned that

if she takes the
sweet from me and eats

we'll get married it seems.

That's why,
I didn't give it to her.

Now that you've eaten it

you have to get married to me.

Fine, I'll marry you

but you gotta wait for me

until you grow older

-Sure, I'll wait.

But this secret
should be within us.

I won't mention it to anyone.

Fine, get to the class.


what are you doing here?

everyone get to the class.

why are you not stopping them?

It will become an issue, madam.

Why are you scared to stop
the fight between the kids?

It's better you don't
get involved in this.


Stop it!

Listen to me damn
it, stop the fight.


Ey-- Azaghu please
listen, stop it

Ey-- what's all this, stop it.


Stop it!

Ey-- Sundaram!

Stop it.


What is happening out here?

These guys hit one of our guys.

WE can't be calm,
if one of our guy is beaten up.

That's why we gave them back.

What do you mean by that?

***** people

***** people

In one hour, all their threads
should be burned to ashes.

Madam, please understand

this is a sensitive matter

we're here from
different cities for work

don't we need to
lookout for ourselves.

It's not my duty to
provide you protection.

If you're scared,
then don't get out of your houses.

Who knows,
the roof might fall on your head.

First page of every book,
states encouraging haptic is a crime.

Seems like you guys have
never gone through that.

It happened,
exactly like I mentioned

look where she
has dragged us all

We shouldn't let that woman
step inside the school anymore.

Treasury ma'am,
do you know one thing

that head mistress,
removed the caste bands off the students.

The caste fanatics are
restless with their rage.

We can never change them

they apply for caste certificate
before birth certificate

people from other parts of the
world are reaching out to moon

but over here, the carve a space in assembly
and rule the nation in the name of caste.

Look, they've started already.

I have to see,
who is this woman.

Ma'am, let's meet her together.

"Geetha Rani, Down...Down!"

"Transfer, Geetha Rani"

"Transfer the Head Master"

"Geetha Rani, Down...Down!"

"Transfer the head master"

"Geetha Rani, Down...Down!"

Sir, she's our head master.

Vanakkam, sir.

-Are you the head master, Geetha Rani?

Officers are on the way,
they'll discuss and resolve it

you don't have to step
inside, please leave.

Aren't they
protesting against me?

I'll speak to them myself.

If something goes wrong with you,
who will take the responsibility?

If it does,
I'll take the responsibility.

Brother, please take this.


Please listen to
what I have to say.

Can you people just listen
to what I have to say?

All you people want is
for me to leave, right?

Fine, I'll resign from my post.
Is that enough?

As I'm going to leave--

--shall I ask you
people 3 questions?

They're webbed now.

What are your questions?
Go on ask them.

First let me ask them a question

I like people who stand
up for themselves.

Especially I like them the
most, who stand up against me.

Tamilnadu govt.
Budget from last year is 1,90,000 crores

from that 70,000 crores goes to salaries
and pensions for the govt. Employees.

Which in fact amounts
to 35% of the total

there are 18 lacs, govt. Employees.

From the public share of
3%, 35% goes as income.

Teachers have equal share in it.

Still-- the salary isn't
enough, facilities aren't enough

you people who protest
for silly reasons

the quality of education is bad

students don't receive
basic amenities

system should bring a change

have you ever protested
with these demands?

Chief vanakkam. Your flag is
fluttering all over the town.

There's a party
office at every town.

But if that served as a medium to fulfill
public demands, would've been good.

You pose your caste is
behind with full support

that paved success to
your entire family.

But how many have you
upraised from your caste?

According the quota allotted,
how many have pursued higher education

or have seeked out govt.
Jobs or have been approved bank loans

at least have you helped them
seek MSME skilled labor?

Except for your henchmen
and your so called slaves.

Come on, reply.

Are you trying to turn
my people against me?

I have one more question

I don't have to
answer your questions.

I know how to tackle you.

Ey-- come on, let's leave.

Who the hell is this lady?

She has a point though.

You're always
against the teachers.

I'm supportive of the students.

If you don't do your job,
in spite of getting paid

I believe that should be
added to the list of scams.

I'm very sure of it.

Children of 38 teachers of our
school are studying in schools.

Raise your hands, how many have
their children study at govt. School?

When you don't
believe in yourself

how do you expect
me to trust you?

Just those 5, you guys tell me

should I step inside or not?

She faces anything
with true grit.

When questioned,
reverts with force.

Now, she's known
to the entire town.

If we try to hurt her

our image will be tarnished.

Our next move
should be a big one

Ey-- you were very enthused,
but now you've done squat about it.

I can hear your
bloody mind voice.

That teacher,
teaching me a lesson too

our next blow to her

she should remember
us for her lifetime.

But we need to know about
her background thoroughly.

I'm aware now...

Madam knows that you
were behind everything

AHM who went against,
is relentlessly frequenting the court.

You've completed the job

I'm pretty sure, your job is...

"Parade, turn right!"

One, two, three, four...One!

"Parade, march forward!"

"Turn left"

one, two, three, four...One!

"Parade, caution!"


"Parade, caution!"


"Parade, march left"

"turn left"

one, two, three, four...One!

"Parade, march forward"

"march briskly"

"One, two, one"

"One, two, one"

"parade, halt!"

"Coming to halt... one, two"

Ey--Ranganathan look over there.

Ah-- what's happening?

"Line cut!"

-Ma'am, how are you?
-I'm very good.

-How's everything?
-All fine.

And is everything good?

-Everything is fine...
-Ok, ma'am I'll leave.

If we get hold of him,
we'll know everything.

Go and get him.

Singh ji!

Singh, Singh, sing...Even his
walk is like he's running.

Do you know her?

What were you guys
speaking about?

Where did she come from?

I can't understand, Tamizh.

And I can't understand, Hindi.

Ey-- get someone
who knows Hindi.

-How can I find someone here?
-Go, damn it.

Hindi, where are you?

[Sings in joy]

Sir, this is not Hindi

Let that go, come on.

You brought a small kid

sir, he's the son
of pani puri vendor

he speaks good Hindi.

Look at him,
he's round like a puri.

-Namaste, sir ji.

-Did you see that?
-I know Hindi, sir.

Ask him, what I had asked you

they wanted to know,
what was Madam's previous profession?

Madam is great and very strong.

HM, used to be a High-Rank
military officer.

-Military is it?

♪ There's no Bigotry,
no matter what you do, don't despair ♪

♪ There's no Bigotry ♪

♪ Keep searching for vectors,
there's no limit to it ♪

♪ Keep searching for Vectors ♪

♪ Your brisk walk, will make the
mountains and cliffs look smaller ♪

♪ Your lightning streak
will pave way for success ♪

"Platoon retreat"

"Turn right"

"Turn right"

"About turn"

♪ Keep searching for Vectors ♪

♪ There's no Bigotry ♪

♪ There's no Bigotry ♪

There are three
outcomes of a war


Self defense


these three are
under our control.

We move forward by attacking

our strength builds
with self defense.

And failure reinvents us.

This paves a new path for us.

Doesn't matter what it is...

♪ If you're agile,
the distance recedes ♪

♪ Be persistent and succeed ♪

♪ Fixate on matters
which you feel is right ♪

♪ Believe in yourself,
your doubts will disappear ♪

Why do you want to get relieved?

I'm eligible for it now.

Stop that eligibility nonsense.

With your capacity, you can rise
to higher rank and end your career.

I'm proud of being in military.

But now I definitely have to go.

According to your category under Civil
range, Thasildar, Deputy Collector

you can be either of it.

But you're stubborn on
being a head master.


Oh, did you get a promotion
from military school?

Fine, instead of choosing a big
cities like Coimbatore and Madurai

but you've chosen an
unknown town down south.

-That's where I should be, sir.


...sounds like you have
a plan in your mind.

All the best!

Take care.

when am I getting my due paid?

I had a doubt, when she
instigated the state government.

That she must be from
the central government.

You're doomed.

You've shown your
antics to an elephant.


A person who travels
empty hand in the dark

than the person who
travel with a flame torch

the latter will have more grit

my grandmother
used to mention it.

Must be true.

In fact, it's true.

Never knew she
was that dictator.

Socrates-- silent, silent...

you seem very silent today.

No, no, nothing like
that, madam.

You said the right
thing, the other day.

You can't blame the
teachers all together.

The system is not right.

There's a kid next to our house

he scored centum in maths

but scored 64% in biology
and failed in 12th grade.

Do you think he'll be able to pursue,

They won't let him, right.

we lost a mathematics genius.

Head master ma'am,
toppers are not genius.

You can take it as,
they're good at mugging up.

This system has turned engineers
into food delivery boys.

That means,
the system is a failure.

What crap is this, it's in English.

What is this letter about?

Coming week, there's district
level tournament happening.

Fine, we'll do it.

District level tournaments
are about to begin

even this year our school's
name should be in papers.

Ok, Sir.

If that doesn't happen

you can't find your names
under teachers list.

Don't even bother to
collect your salaries.

Ok, Sir.

You're always munching.

That's exercise for the mouth.

I'm not working out though

-at least let my mouth work out
-you'll never change.

You're faking the accounts right?
Keep at it.

The road looks hazy,
after evaluating the papers.

Sir good morning, sir.
Sir, good morning.

HM has summoned you.

-For what?
-I have no idea.

Sir, give me your hand

come on give it to
me, will return it.

You gathered a crowd, right?

Congratulations for
your suspension.

Go, I have to eat my chips.

Tell me teacher,
you had summoned me.

Take this.

What is that?
What is it, teacher?

-Take it
-what is it, madam?

Next week there's Junior
District Tournament

you be the in-charge of it.

Madam, he's a maths teacher.

-I'm a Tamizh teacher.

Are you looking for OD
or money from PTA funds

there's no set rule that a
Tamizh teacher has to attend it.

Last 6 years,
you've been in-charge

our school never won a prize.

This year even if
he can't win a prize

there's no difference in it.

He managed to gather a
crowd for the protest.

We'll finally know,
if he's really worth it or a dummy.


Ey-- get back.

Everyone get back.

No PET master should be
seen close to the field

If I see them will
disqualify their team.

Get back, come on get back.
Ask them come accordingly

Sir, our students
made the long jump.

Over here, my verdict is final.

If you still dispute it,
will disqualify your team.


did you see what they're doing?

Madam, we should be winning

their measurements are wrong.

Won't you question them?

Your anger is valid

but you're venting it
out at the wrong place.

shall I ask you 3 questions?

Mmmm, go on.

Sir, do you have a clear vision?

Or at least you know the
difference between one and two?

let me ask the 3rd question

will you agree, if your child
is given a different initial?

You're giving away their
rightful victory to someone else.

Damn it! How dare you
speak to me like that?

I'll whack you.
I'm disqualifying your team.

Which school are you from?
I'm gonna disqualify your entire school.

Get out! Out!

Get out!

If you ask what
nature consists of

moon, sun, sky...

Did they call out
our school's name?

Why do you look so nervous?

I can feel your heartbeat
on your shoulder.

I'm scared that we'll
lose the competition.

If that's the
case, it's awesome.

Only the winner
should be scared.

But we are going to lose,
why should be scared?

I went through your content.

It's awesome.

A packet of 10 potato
chips, must be 1 buck

but they sell it for 10 bucks
through packaging and advertisements.

So, content 10%,
presentation 90%

success 100%

gather all our students.

Come on, get them.

Come on, let's go.

I'm going to disqualify you.

-Suspension bonus.

Re-conduct all the
events handled by him.


-Do you understand now?
-I do, sir.

So, nothing to be scared.
There's no issue.

Next on stage is S.Vadivel of R-Puthur
Govt. Higher Secondary School.



"Let no ear listen to my squabble"


"Nor any eye shall witness my actions"

"If you ask why?
I'm going to talk to the nature."

"Nature helps us breathe"

"Nature offers fragrance"

"Nature offers music too"

On your mark!

Get set!


If a rooster and a chicken
is pit against each other

who do you think will win?

We can survive only,
if the world doesn't know their roosters

Why do you think I spend a
fortune and send you guys there?

She's just one person,
you guys are useless.

Just quit the job and leave.

Get lost!

Sorry, Sir!


Speak to those 8 students

get them into our
school under free quota.

It's 8 seats, Sir

if we say 50k/person,
it's still 4 Lacs.

Last year we spent 14
Lacs on promotions.

If we take them in--

--they'll make sure at least 10 times
their names will appear on the newspapers.

Free Promotions!

So, our expenses will
cut down to half.

We can save 3 Lacs from it.

So don't teach me economics.

He wanted to meet you--

--he is the AHM of that school.

Vanakkam, Sir.

I was told you
used to be an AHM?

That's right, Sir.

I was good at my job.

But that lady suspended
me out of the blue.

This is your side of the story

we should inquire out there
too, you get to the point.

Teachers out there are
having a tough time.

We have to take notes

should be disciplined

she imposed strict rules

we end up slogging like cows
just as Private school teachers

It's Annual day at
the school in two days

I'm sure that school will
be your strong competitor.

-He's thinking in our favour.
-Yes, Boss.

Send a bouquet to the school.

Ok, Boss.

Do you agree?

I most definitely agree.


♪ It's celebration all
around our school ♪

♪ we've carved a niche name
in the History of friendship ♪

♪ Teachers and Parents,
their hearts are pure as always ♪

♪ It's celebration all
around our school ♪

♪ we've carved a niche name
in the History of friendship ♪

♪ Teachers and Parents,
their hearts are pure as always ♪

♪ Our friendship is
vibrant like a rainbow ♪

♪ if there's an exam on friendship,
everyone will pass in flying colors ♪

♪ millions are there as
our kins to shower love ♪

♪ keep playing,
our time has come ♪

♪ The kids out here are brats ♪

♪ but their antics on
the stage is atrocious ♪

♪ Just like the new born calf ♪

♪ we sketched a rangoli
around the stage ♪

♪ we turn into little gangsters
slowly during our play ♪

♪ Once we step out
of the playground ♪

♪ we don't ponder on
ego in friendship. ♪

♪ We can create an
Earth above the sky ♪

♪ can bring the stars down
and spread the the light ♪

♪ we can teach that
proletarians are our God ♪

♪ we can create a world
without discrimination ♪

Arrogant women.

She challenged me.

Did you see how I
won against her.


In 14 years of service, for the first
time, you've done your work

now tell me, who won?
Is it you or madam?

You're not even aware of that.

♪ Front benchers are genius... ♪

♪ ...backbenchers
are outright smart ♪

♪ we most definitely listen
to our girl friends ♪

♪ we shower them with
unconditional love ♪

♪ We're the young
wind of change ♪

♪ quoted our beloved
Abdul Kalaam. ♪

♪ Caste or religion
wouldn't matter... ♪



Thanks Dad, look at this.

That's awesome, son.

Murgesan +1 A2, Third Prize

Come over here

-Come on...
-Mom, where are you taking me?

I said, come with me.

Now do you agree
my son is a winner?

Kumar +2 C2...

Your son, will never prosper
'cause of his actions

he'll be tarnished into the dust

he'll be unsuccessful
and loiter the streets

You are the right person.

I was scared,
how my son's life would turn out

Sir, you sent a flower bouquet

but nothing happened

It will happen, have patience.

May I come in, Madam?

May I please come in, Madam?

Come in.

I'm coming from MSC School.

Our correspondent
sent me to meet you.

Sit down!

Thank you, Madam.

Your work is amazing.

The entire town is
raving about you.

Your services shouldn't be
constrained to this small circle.

The Govt.
won't respect your talent.

Only the Private Sector,
will know your rightful place

how to raise your bar

also how to respect your talents.

what I'm trying to say
is, at our MSC School

should take up the position
of respectable Head Master.

That's our Sir's wish too.

To express that friendship,
he sent a bouquet.

Also... one another thing

Take this.

-What is it?
-5 Lacs in cash.

Sir asked to give it to you.

You want me to work in your
favor, right?

If I meet him, will convey
that you were grateful to him.

Please take this and leave.

Sir is a very good person.

You just list your demands

I'll speak to Sir and
make arrangements.

You seem wiser

should've given a thought,
when this job was given to you

-but you didn't

Get out, damn it!

She was disrespectful, Sir

she asked me to get out.

Get out, damn it.

She was way better...

I had something else in mind.

What was it?

-I thought it was a bomb...

Did you peck me for
a heartless killer?

You're asking to
kill the children.

You're not fit to be a teacher.

There's a huge difference
between killing and winning.

She bloody challenged me

I will win against her.

But, you get out from my school.

Get out!

I have another idea, Sir.

What is it?

82 students who failed
the 9th grade last year--

--were cleared and sent
to the 10th grade by her.

Exams are going to
start in 10 days.

the hall tickets have come.

Lawyer advised that,
we can file a case against her.

You've said it right?

The Idea is good.

I'll take care of it.

Don't be inside my
school, just get out.

Disgusting Creature!

Clean the spot,
where he was standing

-Call my son-in-law
-Ok, Boss.

Come in

What did you get me today?

I didn't get anything.


People came to ask my
neighbor's hand in marriage.


I asked them why?

Asking ones hand in marriage
is the first step to marriage.

Then you have to get engaged.

Later you can get married
at your convenience.


Shall I ask your
hand in marriage?

Ey-- you're going overboard.

Should I call your parents?

Not required, my brother will
come and ask your hand in marriage

my brother studies
here too, in 7th grade

I'm gonna whack you,
go back to the class.

Are you angry?

Sir, here take this new pencil.

Wow, the one with the
rubber on the back.

He's a tiny brat

he's speaking about
marriage and engagement.

May be he's reminding
you of something.

People are still asking
your hand in marriage.

Dear, you still haven't moved
on, right?

Please get to bed.


you always find
ways to shut me up.

Dad, didn't you go
for your morning walk?



can you please come over?

What happened?
Is it an emergency?

♪ You were my dearest friend... ♪

♪ you will remain in
my heart forever ♪

Seems like he passed
couple of hours ago.

If you have to,
please inform your kith and kin.

♪ You were my dearest friend... ♪

-Please certify it, Doctor.

♪ you will remain in
my heart forever ♪

♪ I may have not
spoken to my mother ♪

♪ but I heard every word you
said, your loving daughter ♪


Hello, Madam.

I'm taking half a day off.

Ok, Madam.


♪ I've become oneself
'n' moving into future ♪

♪ moving on... ♪

Is your father unwell?

My father, passed away.

-Shall I?
-No issues, I'll take care of it.

-You guys carry on, I'll follow

Don't lower the body,
get the head around.

Turn it around.

Hey-- who is this woman?

Madam, please stop.

women are not allowed
here, at this hour.

-Step aside.

♪ voices go unheard in
the wandering world ♪

♪ any soul which doesn't
witness the death ♪

♪ will never get
a full closure ♪

♪ You've always pampered
me without any qualms ♪

♪ just the same,
my sorrows have clouded me ♪

♪ Life is taking
a different turn ♪

Mustache Man!

♪ you'll be there
to guide me always ♪

♪ with you gone,
I have a unanswered questions ♪

♪ In all that is seen,
I will look for your face ♪

♪ your lovely face... ♪

-Ey, Sai

Men have decided to visit HM's
house during the lunch break

we shall tag along too.


Ey-- look over there

it's not even dusk since
her father's demise

she's already at the school.

She's a weird woman.



...you made my favourite curry

It was delicious.

Tomorrow make your
specialty chicken pulav--

--I feel like having it.

Dear, are you stressed out?

Ah-- now Dad's gonna treat you

close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Feel free...


Bye, dear.

I love you, Daddy.

Are students ready
for their exam?

I too pecked you
for a stone-hearted.

You have every
right to be angry.

Sir, just like you asked--

--we settled it with your
brother-in-law at Dindivanam.

-Your work will be done
-Thank you.

-What's the status?

I just got done with the job.

your timing was perfect.

The deal is done.

Not even a student can
write the exam tomorrow.

That's great.

Students, you guys are
ready to write your exams

you're going to
face many changes.

But I have a penitence

the year is about to
end, since I got here.

I never did any work.

She never worked?

I pushed you guys to study.

I pushed them to
teach you guys.

If you gain victory,
it's the result of your hard work

In case, if something goes wrong

I'm fully responsible for it.

I envy looking at few
teachers over here.

The books he selects
for the students

if its read in full,
he rewards them with 100 rupees.

He stands by the notion,
that books can change the society.

Practical skills of their sort--

--is equal to Noble thesis.

An entire Maths formula--

--he's turns them into a song

and makes the students sing it.

My only penitence is

that only a handful
teachers are available.

In spite of advanced technology,
you people are backward.

In Govt.Medical College, not even 1%
is allotted to Govt.School students.

And in Govt.
Engineering colleges is less than 5%.

Students who are below poverty
line study at Govt. Schools.

Just 50% reservation for
their higher education

we can eradicate
the poverty line.

But I'm unsure, what is the Govt's
idea of eradicating the poverty.

If that's the case

how long will be our run?

Based on your scores

the world is waiting
to grade you.

Just like finger prints,
everyone has peculiar talents.

Only if you discover
it, this is possible.

My best wishes, to
everyone for the exams.

It was a meticulous plan, madam

the students you cleared,
can't write exams tomorrow.

Good Morning, Teacher.

Hurry up, we're getting late.

Madam, please sign here

the question papers have arrived.

-How many?
-Not sure, how many...

Hurry up, it's Hall No.7

-Let's meet after the exam

Give to her...

...pass it on

Just look at the questions

put down your number

Ey-- why haven't we got
our question papers yet?

Madam, please can you move.
I'm running late.

Everyone, please sit down.

Please pass this over

as I was late, you'll get
extra ten minutes, don't panic.

how is the victory treating you

Damn it! They're writing the
exam, get to the court

How did this happen?

"It was a meticulous plan, madam

the students you cleared,
can't write exams tomorrow."

Head Master is on the phone.

Hello Sir, how are you?

I'm good, how are you?

I need a favor from you.


Please tell me.

There's an issue with our
students in writing their exams.

Please, you have to
speak to the Minister.

Officers can't surpass
Minister's orders.

I'm not able to turn
down your request.

I'm going to talk to
him after 7 years.

That too,
it's only for Geetha Teacher.

Thank you.

-What happened?

We didn't get a stay
order from high court.

They pushed it by 6 weeks.

Summer vacations.


Did we lose?

We didn't!

I'll go to the bench, get a hold
of someone and get the judgment.

You don't have to worry.

I'll go to extremes to win this.


Vanakkam Head Master,
how are you?

I thought of coming
to your house--

--it's a pity that your father
is no more to offer me tea.

Deepest condolences.

I came down to thank you.

I was damn lazy--

--but you turned me very agile.

By making me work.

moreover, you're standing
in accordance with me.

When the school
reopens next year

not only you,
but the students who you cleared

won't step inside the school.

More than working for the people

Govt. employees work
for us diligently.

I'll take a leave.

[NEWS] 10th Grade exams, which were
conducted from March 16th to April 20th

their results will out tomorrow.

The results will be available
online tomorrow morning 9:30am

In Tamilnadu and Puducherry...

Madam, why are you headed
to school on a holiday?

Results are coming in tomorrow,
so heading to prep for it.

We should get rid of exams--

--I'll preach about
it another day.

-Take this, brother
-Thank you, bye.

how come you're at school today?


I'm retiring from
the school today.

Unfortunately, it's a holiday
on the day of my retirement.

Once the school reopens

you'll just solicit
my retirement.

Please come.

This school and I

have an never ending bond.

My husband

worked as a Teacher
at this school.

This is were we met
and then got married.

I've got a son

he too studied at this school.

He must be of your age.

Once he completed M.Ed.

he took up a job over here.

also got his appointment order

Just a day before
he started the job

was killed in an accident.

His name was--




B.Sc Azhagappa University

then he continued M.Sc

I studied with him.

Once I completed
B.Ed I joined Army.

We decided to get married,
once he gets a job.

He did get a job.

He asked when shall
we get married--

--then he bid goodbye
at Madurai Airport

while he was returning

But the news of his demise--

--got to me a month later

The time when we were in love

more than we spoke about us

we discussed how
to run a school.

But now,
it's just me at this school.

He did mention,
that will bring a girl like a Queen.

That's how he used to call me.

Rani-- Geetha Rani!

That's me.

Shall I--
come over to your house?

Hand over the office keys.

There's an arrest warrant
issued in your name.

-Get inside the vehicle.


We should present her
to the court by 3pm.

Get her signature,
and take her to Central Jail.

please step outside and look

What happened?

"Release her,
Release her...Release the Head Master"

What the hell is happening?

"Release the Head Master"

"Release her,
Release her...Release the Head Master"

Barricade the entrance

they might come inside
the Police Station.

Ey-- come on let's go.

We have to present her
to the court by 3pm.

The crowd is increasing
by the minute.

I get worked up,
looking at the crowd.

Give me permission for Lathi
Charge, I'll do it.

I can't handle
these negotiations.

Sir, for God sake,
send in a Civil officer.

Ok, Sir. We'll meet in person.

We'll come over, right away.
Thank you, Sir.

Lawyer, asked to meet in person.

He's a very sharp person.

He'll be very clear
with his defense.

We can surely get
madam out of the jail.

Let's go.


Please be quiet.

Please be quiet.

Only if you're quiet,
you can understand what I have to say.

Please be quiet.

Please be quiet!

This is court's order.

We can't do anything about it

That means, Law and the Court
are not in favor of people.

Does your children study at Govt.
or Private School?

Why do we have to
discuss it now?

Then you won't
realize our struggle.

"Release her, Release her..."

Please first understand,
what I have to say.

"Release the Head Master"

Don't, please be quiet.

For God sake, please be quiet.

Won't you listen to us?

"Release the Head Master"

I might have to take
drastic measures.

-What the hell is this?
-Uncontrollable, Sir.

I'll speak to them.

No madam,
if it takes a different turn

then it'll end up in a big mess.

RDO are speaking
with higher officers.

It's better they discuss
and resolve this issue.

Sir, I'm not able to do anything

the crowd is not
ready to listen.

Ok, Sir. Ok.

[NEWS] At R-Puthur Govt.
High School

Geetha Rani,
a Head Master at that school

was arrested around 10:30am
at the school premises.

The year before
she joined the duty

students who did not
clear the 9th grade

she misused her authority

has been accused that she let
them write the 10th grade exams.

But the people, teachers & the
students of that town, refuse to agree

and in order to get their
Head Master released

have been protesting gathered
in front of the Police station.

-Sir, Vanakkam.

-Who are you?
-I spoke over the phone.

Oh, please come inside
for two minutes.

Not sure,
what they're planning to do

but that doesn't
mean, we can give up.

we couldn't get anything to eat.

Please adjust with this.

Is it enough for
everyone outside?

I don't want, thanks.

One minute.

Sir, it's all school kids.

How can I beat them up?

Place is surrounded by media.

We'll wait till morning.

You will have to figure it out.

Tomorrow the results
of 10th grade are out.

I want to see the results.

If you're here,
it won't be an issue.

But I'm sure, they'll take you
to Central Jail by tonight.

Out there it's not possible.


Oh, is it?

Fine, we'll handle it.

Sir, they've collected
all the documents

in order to decide if a 9th
grade student is pass or fail

HM, CEO, DEO...3-4 gazetted
officers would've attested it.

Even the court can't
change its course.

But if a woman has
done it all by herself

it's a huge mistake.

In these cases,
first Departmental actions are taken

but if the court has taken
an action skipping it

please understand the severity,

we can't do anything.

It's past 11:30pm

neither students nor
their parents have left

they refuse to negotiate
with the officers

and are very stubborn on getting
their Teacher released from jail

let's wait and watch,
if their protest turns successful.

for Thanthi TV, from R-Puthur

I thought of something,
but something else is happening

we've given free
promotions for her.

Next year, we'll have to spend
5 Lacs more for advertisements.

Shall I ask our men to infiltrate
the crowd to create chaos.

She is now famous
among the town people

are you trying to make her
famous across the nation?

[REPORTER] Clueless in
how to handle the issue

Police officers are waiting for
orders from higher officials.

Sir, Collector is on the phone.

-Yes, Sir
-What's the status?

It's the same--

--but I'm unsure how to
handle the situation.

-If that's the case

Follow the legal procedure.

Ok, Sir.

If you're not able to handle,
I'll send in the Deputy Collector

-Ok, Sir.
-Keep me posted.

Ok, Sir.

Are they going to
remain like this?

They're not ready to listen.

Vinoth, get the camera

Vinoth get the camera ready

Hold on, I just got
here, please wait.

Sir, the situation
is getting worse.

They don't seem to understand.

For God sake,
please listen to us.

We can't do anything about it.

The warrant has been issued.

What can the Police do in it?

Officially 4 officers
have signed and registered

and she didn't honor that

please for God sake,
leave from here

Please listen to us.

-The details are in here.

Once the results are out,
get me a print out. -Ok.

You will have to
remain seated here

they'll definitely
not release her.

"Release her,
Release her...Release the Head Master"

"Release her,
Release her...Release the Head Master"

"Release her,
Release her...Release the Head Master"

[NEWS] Since yesterday in front
of R-Puthur Police Station

demanding to release
their Head Master

people and students of that
town are continuously protesting

In few minutes, exactly at 10am

the results of 10th
grade will be out.

It's been 24 hours since the
court orders were issued.

There's a lot of pressure.

Dad, I think it's time

give me the phone,
have to check the results.

Give it to me.

-Home Secretary.
-Ok, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Ok, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Here, take this madam.

Is that so?


Dad, I passed the exams.

I have scored 412

Hey, the results are here

-Hey, give that to me
-I passed too

-I passed...
-Me too

Everyone listen up

82 students,
whom your Head Master cleared

79 students out of it
have passed the exams.

And 14 from them
have scored above 400

So, the court itself
has bailed her out.


4 Officers signed in green ink

stated they're not fit to
appear for 9th grade exams

Now 7 officers have
signed in green ink

and are saying they've
passed 10th grade.

Madam, Madam!

Madam, just one question

Madam, just one question

Teacher we passed the exam.

my son has cleared the exams too.

He has scored, 412.

Thanks a lot, Teacher.

Just speaking
about the injustice

but not putting an end to it

instead keep along with it

become a part of the injustice.

But who oppose them,

they become History.