Raat Akeli Hai (2020) - full transcript

The film follows a small town cop who is summoned to investigate the death of a politician which gets complicated by the victim's secretive family and his own conflicted heart.

His full name is Jatil Yadav.

He is an inspector.

Look how handsome he is.

He is dark-skinned.

-He is dark-skinned.

But he is good-hearted.


-What is it? Move!
-Why'd you show that girl my photo?

I told you to smile a bit,
but you gave such a sullen look.

See how your photo has turned out.

Didn't I forbid you?

It's my colleague's wedding.
My co-workers are here.

I also have a wish to see you sitting
as a groom on that throne.

Mr. Yadav, Jai Hind!

Jai Hind, Mr. Mishra. How are you?

-I'm doing good.
-Meet my mother.

-Greetings, ma'am.

I'm Manoj Kumar Mishra.
When are you getting our boss married?

The only remaining bachelor
at our police station.

-This is my wife. Say greetings.

And then he needs to start a family too.

As soon as we find a nice girl
and he says yes,

you'll have the invitation.

Come, I'll drop you home.

Are you leaving so soon?
The dinner hasn't been served yet!

Let's go have some chaat.

-Wake up, Sonu.
-Let's go.

-Come, Sonu. You wanted chaat, right?
-Come, let's go.

-Come on, Sonu.

Here he comes
My beloved is finally here

Here he comes
My beloved is finally here

O my beloved, come to my doorstep
With a palanquin

Here he comes
My beloved is finally here

My bangles ask me
When my sulky beloved will come

Without him I'm not happy
My courtyard feels like a jail

Now I have to heat my meal myself.

But you're always geared up
to run a fool's errand or humiliate me.

You turned down the wedding meal...

a cold meal is what you get
after that, son.

Why were you showing that girl my photo?

Didn't you see
what kind of clothes she wore?

Do you think that's my type?

Your head is full of crap.

I want a decent girl,

with a fine character,

who knows her limits at home and outside.

You're so frustrated all the time.

You never got any girl.

So you condemn all girls.

And what about the fact that you spend
hours online gaping at girls?

What choice does one have 
if nobody is concerned about them?

And I see girls online for marriage.
You can check if you want.

-Shall I tell you the password? Check it!

Why should I check?

You want a beautiful fairy.

Beautiful, virginal, sings a hymn
every time she opens her mouth.

Where should I find
such an extraordinary girl?


and decent-looking.

I'm not asking for too much.

Love cannot be planned, son.

That's absolute rubbish.

It's a life-long matter, after all.

I believe that a life-partner
is someone you enjoy living with,

you get along with,
not someone the world approves of.

Appearances can be deceptive,
I'm telling you.

Yes, sir?

I'll be there, sir.

Have your meal first.

-Jai Hind, sir.
-Have your meal first.

It was the SSP's call.
He could hear everything.

"Have your meal." I am!

Inspector Jatil Yadav.

Yes, hello. Come.

What happened here?

The owner of this house,
Thakur Raghubeer Singh, has passed away.

I'm his brother-in-law, Ramesh Chauhan.

-Was there a celebration on here?

It was Raghubeer Singh's wedding today.

Raghubeer Singh's?

Yes, his second marriage.

My sister passed away years ago.

Please come. His corpse is upstairs.

Where are you going, Karan?

This is Karan, Raghubeer Singh's son.

-Yes, uncle!

Please take him inside.
The inspector is here.

Karan, come inside.

What's with you?

I've been telling you to eat.

The ceremony was completed at 9:00 p.m.
Then there was feasting.

At midnight, we found out--
Those two you just met are his children.

Watch out for the broken glass.


What's all this mess?

The lamp fell.

Are we waiting
for an auspicious time to clean up?

What if someone steps on it?

I did clean up all the shards.

Just do as Mummy says. Don't argue.

Today, everyone is overly emotional.

Yes, I can see that.

They've come from the police station.

Inspector Jatil Yadav.

This is Vikram Singh,
Raghubeer Singh's nephew.

He discovered the body.

-Mr. Mishra, bring him upstairs.
-Come along.

You said nothing was stolen or missing.

As far as I saw, everything is intact.

Except for him.

What time did you get here?

At 12-- No, at 12:30.

Some people wanted to go
to the temple, so they called me.

-When I returned, I saw him -
-Called? So you were not here?

I'd gone to M.G. Road
to drop my fiancée home.

At what time?

At 9:30 p.m.

-And when did you get back?
-At around 11:00-11:15 p.m.

It takes only 15 to 20 minutes
to get here from M.G. Road.

What took you so long?

Actually, it's the wedding season.

Wedding processions
were lined up on the street.

One of them was just passing by, in fact.

What time?

Around 10:00-10:30 p.m..

I guess... the area is quiet by 11:00 p.m.

Who was the last one to see him alive?

I spoke to him over the phone.

Around 11:30 p.m.

Is this his phone?

-Mr. Mishra.
-Yes, sir.

Call the station

and ask for the forensic kits
that came from Delhi.

I'll call, sir, but we haven't been taught
how to use them yet.

-Call the ambulance!
-Okay, sir.

-And lock the room.
-Yes, sir.

Where was this stored?

It is his.

Come, I'll show you.

As soon as I saw it,
I recognized it as Raghubeer's gun.

It was stored in this cabinet.

Someone broke the glass and took it.

It must've been broken with this.

Why are you touching it?
Put it back. Come on!

So much glass was broken...

a shot was fired...

and yet...

no one heard a thing?

Look at this area.

Many guns are fired by guests
as wedding processions go by.

Everyone carries a gun.

How would anyone know
the source of the gunshot?

-You're his brother-in-law, right?

From his first wife?

Yes. And also his son's local guardian.

He studies at a boarding school
in Gwalior.

Raghubeer asked me to bring Karan,
so I came along.

This way.


And, sir, this is the other route.

These stairs go to the terrace?

Up to the water tank.

Tankers used to come to the house,
so we got them made.

You stay here.


The deceased's son-in-law, Mr. Sisodiya,
has returned and is creating a ruckus.

-Do you all think it's a joke?
-Listen to me.

Do you think it's a joke?

You just sit around twiddling your thumbs.
She’ll make beggars out of all of us.

She'll make you all beg!

-To hell with her.
-Listen to me.

No one has the decency to throw
that woman to the streets!

-You all just stand by and stare!

-Brother-in-law, please.
-Leave me! Get off me!

Just wait and watch. To hell with her!

Who the fuck are you? Move!


-Brother-in-law, what is this nuisance...
-Shoot him!

I'll shoot him! How dare he touch me?

Make him calm down.

-Let me go.

-Listen. Let's go inside.
-How dare you touch me? Move!

Will you touch me? Go on! Try it!

Go on!

Get one thing straight, okay?

I'm next in line after your father.

Only me!



Let me make one thing crystal clear.

I'm going to investigate this murder.

Whom to arrest and whom to throw out,
I decide.

So no one goes out
without my permission, got it?

No one!

-Mr. Mishra, get everyone's details.
-Yes, sir.

May I come in?

Chunni, I won't meet anyone now.

You'll have to meet me.

Either here or at the police station.

Fine. Get a lady constable,
and I'll come with you.

Constable Kamla Kumari’s disposition
is tougher than the sight of my face.

I'd deal with me if I were you.

Where are you from?

I didn't see any of your family
on this joyous occasion.

She has no family.

She lives here alone.

She is an orphan
so she doesn't have a family.

"We found her in the trash,"
is all there's left to say.

She must've come from somewhere.
It's not like she fell from the sky.

Where were you before the wedding?

Right here...

with Raghubeer Singh.

Chunni, get me a glass of water.

-Chunni, stay here.

Go ahead.

So you were his mistress.

And now you’re the missus.

That explains all the ruckus in the house.

I won't be able to help you.

I was downstairs the whole time.

Someone rearranged his face.

You won't even recognize him.

-I said I was downstairs. I saw nothing.
-Lower your voice!

Or I'll drag you to the station
right now, got it?

Why are you evesdropping?

I just came to check on you, aunty.

Are you okay?

Call me aunty again,
and I will slap you. Got it?


I shall leave as well.

Remember the name, Inspector Jatil Yadav.
We’ll meet again.

Sign here.

Write your name and address here.

-Do you live in Gwalior?

Come along, Mr. Mishra.


Rebel of Chambal Valley.

My daughter...

jumped off?

This is what she was wearing.

The girl ran away?

Is she dead?

Leave me!

Who are you? Leave me!

She has made my life hell.

She tries to jump out at every station.

Now you can go to sleep. I'm here.

I'll keep an eye.

I'm a police officer.

Sub-inspector Jatil Yadav.

Where are you from?

What's your name?

Radha. Bamor. Morena district.

So you're from Chambal.

So, you're a rebel.

I’m a cop, so take it from me.

It’s a cruel world out there.


What can I say, dear?

He’s not exactly getting any younger.

And no girl is accepting the proposal.

I’m telling you, at this point
I’ll be okay with any girl at all.

Yes, I showed his picture at the wedding.

and she said that he is dark-skinned.

Ajay Devgan is equally dark.

Doesn’t make him any less of a hero.

When Jatil steps out in uniform
with his shades on,

he looks just like Ajay Devgan.

I’m just on the hunt for a girl
who can see that.


Raghubeer Singh's wife,
when did she pass away?

About five years ago.

She was returning from Gwalior by road.

She and the driver were killed
in a robbery.

Then Raghubeer Singh brought this girl,
from God-knows-where.

Did she tell you anything about herself?

The MLA?

Munna Raja.

Raghubeer helped him win many elections.

But this time, Raghubeer Singh
was planning to run himself.

I know.

That's why he married that girl.

Did you meet Munna Raja?

I heard he took the Prayagraj Express
to Delhi the same night.

He'll be back today.

Vikram Singh, Raghubeer Singh's nephew.

And that's probably his fiancée.

-This one, right?

Nice girl.

Vasudha Singh, Vikram Singh's sister.

And that's their mother, Pramila Singh.

I've heard she has moved out.

Hold on!
This is Raghubeer Singh's son, right?

Yes, that’s him. He got caught with drugs.

Raghubeer himself came to the station
to bail him out.

That's how I know him.

Ravi Sisodiya.

The prodigal son-in-law.

The Thakur dies
and leaves behind a wealthy widow.

And leaves him hanging for scraps.

-Now he's trying to put the girl in jail.
-Which one?

Raghubeer Singh's whore?

Well, that's it.
She must have got it done. 100 percent.

Why... why are you... all fired-up?

Why are you losing your temper?

Conduct an investigation first.

-That's what is going on.
-Then move on.

Get going.

Okay, fine.

I'll kill you! I swear!

-Shoot me! You fucking coward! Shoot!
-Nandu, get the gun.

Take aim at me! Come on! Coward!

-Put your gun up! Come on!
-Hold him. You simmer down!

Shoot! Shoot me!

I'll kill everyone!
Don't look at me like that!

May you rot in hell!

Fuck off! Fucking bitch!

Shut up or I’ll blow your brains out
right here.

How dare you hit the son of the house?

The kid shoots a defenceless animal
and I do nothing?

I’ll lock you all up.

Only if you survive, right?

I’m calling Munna Raja.
Enough of your shit.

-Calm down.
-How dare he touch him?

Call whoever you want to. Go ahead.

-Just wait.
-Call him.

With my brother-in-law gone,
there’s no man left in the house.

Hello. It's Ravi Sisodiya speaking.

The policemen are bullying us here
since this morning.

Yes. They slapped Karan as well.

-Doesn't she feel suffocated in there?

Quiet. Let's go in.

If you permit, may I enter?

So, you remembered me?

How many years has it been?

A hundred, a thousand...
what’s the difference?

How did you end up here?

Mother died. Father sold me.

Ever been to a police station?

Cops line up at this doorstep
and I go to the station?

You weren't imprisoned,
could have run away.

I did once.

But I couldn't get too far.

Where could I go anyway?

It’s a cruel world out there.

You’re a cop, you should know.

As a cop, let me tell you...

if you've done something,
now is the time to spill your guts.

If you killed him
or had him killed...

you won't escape.

I'm not insane to kill him
and make my life even worse.

That's why I'm saying,
tell me the truth, trust me--

I didn't even trust my father.

It's crucial to know your place here.

Neither will you be able to help me,
nor do I have any expectation.

Don't talk rubbish.

If you suspect anyone, then say it.

I suspect everyone.

He didn't really care for anyone.
And no one really cared for him.

He left you with everything.

Must have cared for you a little.

You were with him…

day in, day out.

His affection was for lifeless things.

I still have a lot of life in me.

I thought that I helped you that night.

But now it seems I was wrong.

I won't let you
suffer the same fate again.

But I won’t tolerate any deceit,
remember that.

Looks like you’ve made yourself at home.

Uncle, please connect me
to a senior officer.

This station-in-charge is useless.


The Thakur has passed away...

leaving his whore behind.

This family's prestige is crumbling.

Do you understand?

For those who traffic girls...

fussing about prestige is pointless.

As for complaining to my senior officer,
listen up, Mr. Sisodiya...

I'm not afraid of anyone.

And if you try to hamstring me,
then come what may,

I will dig out the truth.

I'll take your leave. Greetings.
Nandu, take his statement.

Did you see that?
Do you see the arrogance?


I just need your statement.

Where were you yesterday night?
I mean, on the wedding night, sir?

Mr. Mishra, did you talk to that woman?

Sir, that woman is mad.

You just don’t want to work, do you?
I told you to enquire.

She's a mute, sir.

-Is she a mute or mad?
-She is both, sir.

Sir, she was the maid here.
Her granddaughter works here now.

I went to enquire once. Crazy, old bat
chased me away with a sickle.

It was her son… the driver

who was returning from Gwalior
with Raghubeer’s wife.

Approximate time of death...

is between 10:00 p.m. and midnight.

And the body was discovered by 12:30 a.m..


About an hour before that...

Vikram had spoken to him...

on the phone.

That means he was murdered
during that period.

Yes. First, he was shot.

Then he was bludgeoned repeatedly
on the head, with the same gun.

When the house was quiet....

only family members...

but no one heard a thing.

It seems someone was very upset
with this man.

What do you think?

Think? It's obvious.

It’s an inside job.

Gobi manchurian, chicken chilly, lollipop?

Bring some chowmein for us.

I won't have noodles. Fried rice for me.

-What's with you? Try something new.
-Fried rice.

What's wrong with chowmein?

Eating chowmein makes you look like
an animal. Look at him.

Take a chance in life for once.

Just look at me.

You know, I met Pinki just once.

So simple, so shy, that she didn't even
let me touch her last night.

Nandu, listen to me...

This case is twisted.

Pay attention.

The house was quiet by 11:00 p.m.

All the guests were gone.
It's not like it was a grand function.

No music, no crowd, no processions.

During that time,
the cabinet was broken...

a shot was fired and no one heard a thing.

Then, he must've been killed before that.

When wedding processions were passing by,
between 10 and 11:00 p.m.


That's the only possible time
for the murder.

And that hero says... what's-his-name?

-Yes, Vikram Singh.

Says he was on the phone
with Raghubeer Singh at 11:30 p.m.

It makes no sense.

Vikram Singh is Raghubeer Singh's nephew.
Maybe he's twisting things.

Get the details of that phone call.

And find exact--

You eat it.

Here, Jatil Yadav, Lord Shiva's offering.


where has the investigation reached?
What now?

You tell me, sir.

MLA Munna Raja called this morning.

You were very rude to him.

He was infuriated.


Munna Raja may be an independent MLA,

but every party sides with him.

Got it?

So next time, keep your cool.

I've persuaded him for now,

"Jatil Yadav is a very good officer.

He's sincere, hard working."

-Thank you, sir.

Since he also wants this case solved...

he's remaining calm.

But next time, Jatil, be careful.




-Coming! What happened?

What is this?

Don't you know what it is?

I'm telling you,
stop messing with my things. Okay?

Just watch your TV shows.

How’s your case going? Caught anyone yet?

How? It’s only been one day.

I was asking because if you are free,

we can go to see a girl this Sunday.

I don't want to.

Why? Have you found someone?

Because of you I won’t go.
You’ll pull out a dowry list again.

We lost many proposals
because I didn't make any demands.

"Your son must have a flaw, Sarita ma'am.
That's why you've no demands."

That flaw is thanks to you.

You wrote Jatil instead of Jatin.
On my high school certificate, no less.

I told you to get it changed back.

You sound like a broken record.


Just watch your favorite series.

The water pipe’s been broken for days,
and no one bats an eye.

Had the cable been cut,
there'd be revolution in the streets.

Why are you in a bad mood
all the time, son?

You carry chaos home with you.

So what should I do? Should I leave?

When did I say that?

You just can't speak nicely to me,
can you?

I remember your father…

He always spoke to me
with sugar-coated words.

He was a cook.

Sugar-coating was his job.

He was a cook at the officers' mess,
not at a soup kitchen!

The halwa he used to make
was finger-licking good.

-The officers'd say, "Subedar Yadav--"
-"Subedar Yadav,

Give the enemy a taste of your Halwa,
and they’ll drop their weapons."

Everyday, he would tell the same tale.

But at least he would talk to me
and not be cranky all the time.

I miss him.

Should I talk to the walls now?

I miss him so much.

-To hell with Mummy!

Yes, Nandu?

I found out, boss. There was a call
made from Raghubeer Singh’s phone.

At 11:30 p.m.?

-Yes, but there's something else.

Before that phone call,

Vikram Singh received many phone calls
from another phone number.

Ten times a day and 12 at night.

Whose number is it?

Raghubeer Singh’s. A second number.

Send the number to me.

head straight to the police station.



That was a tragic tale
you told me the other day.

How long have you been hooking up
with Vikram Singh?

Or did he also force himself upon you?

He didn't.

I went to him willingly.

I used to love him.

But... this eternal love
is coming to an end.

He is getting married to a girl
of his status.

It takes guts to love me, not status...
which he doesn't have.

I've checked
your and Vikram Singh's call records.

You two may have ganged up
to kill the Thakur

but only you will go to jail, not Vikram.

That's why
I want an impartial investigation.

-and ensure that you get justice.
-Look, sir...

I didn't come to you asking for justice.

As for the impartial investigation,
that's your duty... not a favor to me.

So stop following me
and showing sympathy in private.

I wouldn't let someone like you
anywhere near me.

I came to help you, out of pity.

Such loathing... such doubt.
How could you possible help me?

You think you deserve better?

Someone who sleeps with two men
under the same roof.

I’d rather suffer open deceit
than take your help.

You reveal your scars,
and hide behind your words.

I can't figure you out.

Go inside.

Why should I?

I told him everything already.

Go on, take action.

I told you everything.

Now do your impartial investigation.

Hurry up.

Come on.


-Take him in.
-Where are you taking my brother?

Where are you taking my brother?

-Where are you taking my son?
-Stop. Is this how you investigate?

Vikram, stop.
They can't just take you away like this.

-Where are you taking him?

-Shut up and go back in.
-Just go inside, you two!

-Come on, get in.
-Stop, Vikram.

I'll be right back.

Vikram, get out of the Jeep. Vikram!

Your beloved uncle’s new bride

kept calling you all day
over and over again

while you were in the same house.

She is delusional.

She thought I would elope with her.

You had no problem
getting her in the sack, though.

She came to me herself.

“I’ll kill myself. I feel suffocated.”

In that house and in your presence,

she was assaulted.

Beaten and abused.

But rather than helping her,

you made her a scapegoat?

-I never said Radha played any part in it.
-But you did.

And I’m sure she was complicit.

Had I wanted to kill him,

why would I do that after the wedding
and not before?

Maybe the victim found out
about you and Radha.

Property, land, your share in it...

-you could see yourself losing everything.

My uncle left me more than his son.

-His own son!
-Well, everyone makes mistakes.

Anyway, let it be.

I know where you were
between 11:00 p.m. and midnight.

Before that?

M.G. Road.

Your cell location says otherwise.

Belaghat, the murder location.

The cell location
is indicative, Inspector...

not exact.

The trains come and go
at the railway crossing.

I was stuck there.

You have all the answers, don't you?

Tell me, how did you used to meet Radha?

Every day... under the same roof?

Shall I tell you?

You’d take the back stairs.

Probably took them that night as well.

Maybe you got caught.

After killing him, a bit later...

you entered through the front door,
took everyone, and left for the temple.


And then... his ghost called my phone.

Get some evidence.

When you know they were both involved…

why didn't you bring the girl in?

Vikram would've walked free
like he did today.

She would not.

Poor girl.

What did she even do?

Just screwed both the uncle
and nephew under the same roof.

I know what she is.

But we're investigating a murder,
not her character.

She is stringing you along.

Not at all.

She hardly even looks at me.

That's how girls do it.

If you want to get a man’s attention,
then ignore him.

He gets intrigued.

Now… that woman ignores you,

and what happened?

You got intrigued, didn’t you?

That is what is called a ‘tease’.

For instance, my wife.

For three days, she is saying no--

Have you read the fingerprint file?

I already told you,
no fingerprints were found on the gun.

Not the gun.

I'm talking about Raghubeer's phone.

-Whose fingerprints are on it?
-No one's.

If Raghubeer called Vikram,
where are his fingerprints?

-You tell me.

I was passing by,
so I thought I'd ask you a few questions.

-About what, sir?
-Can I have some water first?

You're my informer.

The only one who can get me
the inside scoop.

These rich folks won't associate with us.

I also don't know anything, sir.

Well, at least tell me
how the new mistress is doing.

You two seem to be thick as thieves.

She wasn't much older than me
when she was brought here.

She would cry everyday.

Now she has confined herself up there.

Mistress, my foot!

She doesn't even have a man
in her life now.

God knows how she will hold out.

How do you hold out?

You live alone too.

You work all day earning a living.

My grandma here, with the sickle,
protects me.

Chunni, who killed the Thakur?


That night, you called Vikram
from Raghubeer's cell phone.

No, sir.

I saw you.

On the camera.

As the lights went off,
you went upstairs with a lantern.

Yes, sir, I did.

Why didn't you tell me?

I forgot, sir.

What did you see upstairs?

Should I remind you?

The Thakur was on a call.

I put the lantern in the room
and went downstairs.

Later, Vicky sir returned
and found the body.

Another lie.

The lantern was not in the Thakur's room.
It was smashed on the stairs.


You went upstairs with the lantern.

You saw the Thakur lying dead.

You rushed downstairs...

and the lantern slipped from your hands.

Who was up there?

Vikram Singh?

Fine, go ahead, help Vikram.

You and that foolish woman,
you will both get caught.

I won't make it out alive.

If I tell you anything, they'll kill me.

You will come to no harm.

But I can only help you
if you tell me the truth.

You won't be able to, sir.

They finished my father too.

Your father was killed
in a robbery, wasn't he?

Along with the Thakur's wife?

My father called me that night.

He said he'd be back in two hours.

He left Gwalior at night.

Why would someone kill your father?

How would I know, sir?

If my report was investigated,
then maybe I would.

But your senior officer, 
along with these people, closed the case.

Do you know what you're saying?

Look at my grandmother.

She’s gone insane trying to find out
what happened, for years.

She never got to see the body,
so she refuses to believe it.

You send it immediately.
I'll talk to you later.

It's Ramdeen's missing report, the FIR.

-Chunni's father, the driver Ramdeen.

He called home from the road and said
he'd be back in two hours. Read it.

So he was near Kanpur.

I called every police station
within a two hour radius.

A car of the same description
was reported at Akbarpur station

the very next day.

Akbarpur is situated
between Gwalior and Kanpur.


Go to Munna Raja's place
tomorrow morning...

and apologize for what you did
to Vikram Singh.

Go and say, "Sir...

I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

And mean it.

Sir, I sought your advice

and you told me to work without fear.
So that’s what I’m doing.

You are working recklessly.

You, sir, are a servant of the state.

And he is the state.

No investigation, no evidence
just beating a hollow drum for no reason.

Sir... Vikram Singh's phone location
was in Belaghat,

and he says he was at M.G. Road.

And then,
there’s the property angle as well.

-That's not enough. Find something else.
-Sir, that girl, Chunni...

she knows something.

Servants, they see everything.
She will talk.

Go ahead.


What is it?

The case of Raghubeer Singh's wife
and the driver...

was it a robbery or something else?


I mean, in armed robbery cases,
you usually find the body or the car.

But nothing was found in this case
and there wasn't any report either.

Or maybe we missed something.


All this was recovered
from the same accident site.

This stuff doesn’t look like
it belongs to the car.

A truck, maybe.

Yes. It was a hit-and-run case, right?

The other vehicle's debris
is also kept in this evidence box.



What do you want, sir?

Your boss, who runs this place.

The boss? He lives close by.

He lives at his butcher's shop,
behind the Jinnato Mosque.

I’m asking you about the owner
and you're sending me to the butcher shop.

It is owned by an MLA, sir.

Who wants associate their name
with a tannery?

What happened, sir?

Where can I find the Jehangir Tannery guy?

Around that corner.

Do you run Jehangir Tannery?

I've heard you run it for an MLA.

What's his name?

Tell your boss to show up
at Belaghat police station tomorrow.


Just like milk has water,
water has bacteria,

and our body has bacteria in it.

Similarly, terrorists and their community
blend in our society...

then, from society to our streets
and then to our homes.

Homosexual relationships
violate the law of nature.

The next 20 years will see
an alarming rise in such abnormalities.

Sir, I've been instructed by my senior
to report here.

Well, Vikram Singh
is your future son-in-law, so...

forgive him.

When are you arresting that woman?

Show some force, she’ll spill everything.

Yes, sir. You're right.

But what she will spill may...

damage the family's prestige.

You need to rehearse a bit more.

Go on. I'll call you later.


It was good.

Sir, you knew about the two of them
all along? Vikram Singh and--

Do you know...

what it takes to go
from whore to homemaker?

She knows men inside out.

Be it Vikram Singh... or anyone else.

Heard you took a trip to Jajmau yesterday.

Yes, sir.

What were you inquiring about
at Jehangir Tannery?

I was there
only to inquire about Raghubeer Singh.

Maybe... I had the wrong information.

You've got informers
in the mansion too, I've heard.

The SSP has high hopes for you.

So show a little force.

-Yes, sir.

It's a simple case. A man was murdered
by his wife and her lover.

But instead,
we are chasing conspiracy theories

You see only two suspects, don't you?

Do you know
that Munna Raja is involved

in Raghubeer Singh's first wife's murder?

-Munna Raja?

It was a case of hit-and-run,
not highway robbery.

And you want me
to leave all the investigation,

put that girl behind bars
and get it over with.

I didn't even know anything
about the victim.

What kind of person was he?
Why was he murdered?

What kind of person was your father?
How would you describe him?

He used to traffic girls into his home.

What do you think he was like?

Did it bother you?

He never gave a damn
about anyone's sentiments.

He did as he pleased.
No one had the guts to stand up to him.

And your mother?

She was scared.

She was terrified of him.

Still, living with such a woman
in the family...

There was no family.

Karan was in boarding school
from the beginning.

Then, after my marriage...

my father and grandma...

were the only ones left.

What about his brother's family?
I mean, your cousins...

Vasudha and... what's-his-name?

-Yes, Vikram.

They moved out a few years ago.

Karan and Vasudha were in boarding school.

They used to visit on holidays,
but not every year.

That means...

it was after a long time
that you all met at the wedding. Right?

What do you think?

Who killed him?

Vikram worked with my father most closely.

The business, property...

and you know the rest.

Can I have some water?

Yes, of course. Get some water.

Pramila aunty keeps an eye on me
all the time.

She can do anything for her son.
I have serious doubts...

I told you,
you should take care of yourself.

-Come on, sit.
-I was about to get it.

But you didn't, did you?

Instead you’re having a long conversation
with him.

Why, dear? There's no man at home

yet you let him in without my permission?

Now when they return from last rites,

I will have to tell Ravi...

what you’ve been up to.

Wait, aunty!

You also have to talk to him.

Or I'd feel like you're hiding
something from me.

Mummy stayed back here
just for you guys.

-She does so much for you and you--
-I didn't call her.

I’m sick of the two of you.

-You are just jealous!

So, tell me...

when and why did you move out?
You used to live here, didn't you?

This won't go on for too long.

Munna Raja is toying with you. Understand?


Or maybe he wants to find out
who killed his friend.


who hated him so much,
that on the very night of his wedding…

People with prosperity, reputation,
power, money…

don’t inspire hate.

They inspire envy. You won’t understand.

-You used to live here, didn't you?

Aren't you sad about his demise?

The thing is,
I don't like unnecessary melodrama.

I have always been at the hostel
or my home.

I didn’t know him well enough
to feign grief.

I had a look at your FIR
and started the investigation.

Soon I will reach a conclusion.

But for that to happen...

you will have to help me too.

So this is Kamla Kumari?

Looks tough.

But my skin isn’t too thin either.

-Not taking me to the police station?
-If the case drags on…

I'll have to do that, too. Don't worry.

I already told you everything
that happened that night.

You know the rest of the story.

Didn't Raghubeer Singh ever suspect
your relationship with Vikram Singh?

You’re pretty confident in your charade.

If he had suspected, you'd have found
my body in that room, not his.

Who could have killed him...
apart from you two?

Could be anyone. Someone braver than me…

Someone more desperate.

But I don’t know anyone like that.

Bring the car around.

You may go.

The other day...

why didn't you take me
to the police station?

I took your friend.
Munna Raja bailed him out.

Now, pinning the whole thing on you alone…

is not something I would stoop to.

Yes, hello?


These two fingers look fractured.

And look at the neck here.

Strangulation marks.

She was strangled to death, Inspector.
It's a murder.


Chunni! My child!


Chunni! Where are you taking her?

My child!

Chunni! Leave me!


Oh, my God! Chunni!

My Chunni! My Chunni is no more!

-Ma'am, leave him.
-My Chunni is no more!

My Chunni is no more!


remember Munna Raja’s man
in Jajmau…

let’s pick him up.

Make him sing.

-What happened? Broke down again?
-Your brains have broken down.

You can't see what's happening
right in front of you.

What the fuck are you saying?

That woman, along with her lover,
committed the murder. It’s obvious.

But instead of going after her,
you’re making me run around in circles.

You’re not thinking from up here
but from down there.

That bitch has turned your brains to mush.

You wear the uniform…

but you can't investigate to save your
life. You’re a fucking idiot. An idiot.

Fine. But even as an idiot,
I'm far better than you.

I married a nice, respected girl. I’m not
chasing a fucking streetwalker like you.

Get lost!

In broad daylight…

you two were brawling with each other.

All the criminals in town are dead.
So cops have to beat each other up now?

Sir, it wasn't my fault. He provoked me.

-Sir, he called me moron. Ask him.

-He insulted me.
-Narendra Singh...

-I'm saying control yourself.

Sir, I don't want to work with him.

Narendra Singh, please go out.

Jatil Yadav...

You will file a written explanation
of your conduct.

And then you can take leave,
or I can suspend you. What will it be?

I knew this day
would definitely come, sir.

I won't give in so easily.

A child has been murdered.
I won't let it go in vain.

And now,
I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

Jai Hind, sir.

How many times should I tell you
not to disturb me?

Nandu, I was attacked.

They were following me
from the headquarters, fired shots at me.

You must be wounded, then?
Must have bled a lot?

-Should I send an ambulance?

No, I’m an idiot, right. 
I’ll believe anything you say.

You say you got attacked, you got shot.
I'll believe everything.

Listen to me.

Listen, they’re going to arrest her
tomorrow morning.

Once in custody,
she’ll sing like a canary.

You’re making a mistake.

In fact, the SSP and Ravi Sisodiya
are having a meeting, as we speak.

Her time’s up.


Stop, you bitch! Stop!

You want a share of the property?

-Stop. Open the door!
-What's going on?

Fuck her! I will kill her today!

What's going on?

-Have you lost it? What's happening?

-Open the door!
-What, are you going to kill her?

Move it! Fuck her! I'll kill her today!

You came looking for them that day,
didn't you?

I will melt your flesh and bury you
right there with them. You hear me?

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

The dawn steals into the city of dark

It's me.

Wake up

The dawn steals...


...Into the city of dark

Wake up

A patch of light in the cloth of the night

He used to keep me here...

whenever he would visit Gwalior.

Raghubeer's family must be knowing
about it


No one from the family comes here.

Only Karan visited once.


What about these people?

They were hired to guard
the house and me.

Their situation is as bad as mine.

They won't tell anyone.

Get some rest.

You could have run away from me.

For a minute, I thought...

you left me and went away.

I should have.

-You have no respect for me anyway.
-I do.

For your courage and honesty.

What honesty?

I'm a whore.

A murderer.



I’m too simple for you.

I’ve become numb.

Dr. Joshi...

you have stated here that dead skin
was found in Chunni's nails.

Yes, dead skin.

In these fingernails.

What do you mean?

The murderer's skin is damaged,
Narendra Singh.

We have found a layer
of the murderer's epidermis in her nails.

You see,

she may have scratched the murderer
while struggling.

-Jai Hind.
-Ajay, is the chief inside?

He is in a meeting. Please wait a little.

Your granddaughter, Chunni…I’ve come
to enquire about her case.

Look at this.

This is Munna Raja.

And his man over here, behind him.

Do you know him?

Have you seen him around?

Did he have anything against you
or your granddaughter?


You were in that room that night?

What the hell? Leave me!

You and Vikram did it, right?

You dragged Chunni into this too.
That's why she got killed.

Isn't that so?

I kept protecting you...

kept trusting you and you...

you kept lying to me.

Yes, I lied.

What could I do?

I used to think...

Vikram didn't have the guts
to do anything.

Turned out...

he never had the intention.

Let's talk later.

I said we'll speak later.

Why leave it for later,
when we can settle this tonight?

-I'm going to tell him everything.
-Radha, listen to me.


-Radha, wait. Listen to me.
-Listen to you?

Weren’t you going to run away with me
today? You told me to pack my bags.

That can't happen. Where would I take you?

So you lied to me all this time?
You used me.

Let’s not get into who used whom.

You stay here!

I will take care of you.

How generous of you.
But I’m not as noble as you.

What’s done is done. But shamelessly
parading your fiancee around--

Yes, brother-in-law?

Yes, I'm on my way.

Yes, take care of it. I'll be there soon.

It will take a little while.


-Please forgive me. I made a mistake.
-Uncle, let me explain.



Vikram sent me downstairs.

After I left,

What he said to Chunni...

I don't know...

but she didn't say anything to anyone.

God knows where Vikram is.

Watch it!

What are you doing? Clean it.

My beloved teases me
What do I do?

I was twelve when I married and came here

I was twelve when I married and came here

My beloved teases me
What do I do...

After a little while,
Vikram came through the front door...

and took all of us to the temple.

Shall we go?

Enough. Let's go.

What could I possibly say after that?

And to whom?

Who would believe me?

-Yes, Nandu?
-You were right.

Munna Raja’s man killed Chunni.

The post-mortem report says
there was dead skin under her nails.

And his hands have scratch marks.

I have seen it myself.

He killed her to save Vikram Singh.


That child…


I'm speaking from Morar Police Station,
in Gwalior.

I have booked the suspect.
You should manage the hand-over.


Jatil Yadav is sending the girl back.

She’s of no use back here.

Weary, yet searching

Weary, yet searching

Knots of doubt, tying and untying

Cutting down the threads of pain...



Hello, who is it?

Blow away the smoke,
Shatter the mirrors

Under the hollow skies

On the beat that your heart skipped


Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin


These are clinic bills.

From the clinic where your sister
was admitted a day before her death.

An abortion clinic.

No. It's rubbish.

My sister came here for Karan.

And what about this report
and these bills?


Karan suffered from malaria that year.

He was here on leave from his school.
My sister was here too.

You can confirm this with the school.

I'm not lying.

Is this your first time drinking?

Your sister...

why did she leave for Kanpur
late at night?

Someone called her that night.

She left. When she didn't return
after a few hours, I called her.

She seemed quite tense.

She said, "I'm going to Kanpur.
I'll call you when I get there."

After that...

Didn't you ask her...

why she was leaving... all of a sudden?


But she didn't answer me.
She was at the train station.

With the sound of the train
and lots of noise,

I couldn't really hear much.

Why was she at the station?

She was returning in her car, right?

I thought she went to the station first.

I heard the sound of the train.

When I asked where she was,
she hung up.

Madam ordered me...

that if the Thakur brought a woman here

I should inform her.

Who did Raghubeer bring?

You think he would give me a name?

But yes... they would often
spend the night here.

Open the bungalow.

Take a thread of doubt
A thread of illusion

And weave a cloth of misery

Take a thread of doubt
A thread of illusion

And weave a cloth of misery

The quilt of fate 
Is bordered by frills of deception

On the frill is a teardrop


Weary, yet searching

Crawling, breaking, mending

Crawling, sleeping, waking

Crawling, sleeping, waking

Unanswered questions hang on pegs

Unwinnable battles rage in the soul

Never dying, like an old habit

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a feeling
In every pore of your body...

Nandu? No, forget that.
Take out the FIR filed by Chunni

and tell me the date on it.

Like a feeling
In every pore of your body

Like the robe of skin
Covering your naked soul

Under this robe is agony

A scream, a cry for help
But what boils is a burning resolve

Simmering, bouncing, springing

Measuring the weight of grief
Without scales

Bound only by the limits of your flesh

But never dying, like an old habit

The SSP called me.

I’ve been ordered to take the suspect
and wait under Jajmau bridge.

Like a spinning wheel, spin...

Okay, do as he says.

Like a spinning wheel, spin

Like a spinning wheel, spin...



It's nothing.

It didn't hit you.

Just grazed you.


Come over for Holi celebrations tomorrow.

We'll form an alliance as we celebrate.

No, not now.
I'm with my whole family right now.

Let's meet and talk tomorrow.

Yes. Bye.

Yes, congratulations to you too. Bye.


The factory you have in Belaghat.--

Go, get the door.

What about it?

I mean...

give some to me too.

Give what?

A share, what else?

I serve you so well.

Wipe your nose first. Share, indeed.

Who is out there?

Why did you let her in?

I’m staying right here.

Do whatever you want.

Is that so?

Has he left you?
The one you ran away with?

Where did you run away to?


Where you go every month
to give your brother-in-law his dose.

Ravi Sisodiya was caught
giving drugs to your brother.

The school informed your father too.

Get out of here!

What have you done, Ravi?

You wanted a share in the property.

-You murdered Raghubeer Singh?

He didn’t commit the murder.

That’s a whole other story.

Which you know only too well, sir.

Your man has probably been arrested
by now.

An excavation at your tannery
will start tomorrow.

That's where you disposed of the bodies

of Mrs. Raghubeer Singh
and her driver, Ramdeen, right?

What nonsense is this?

Your mother and her driver...

-are both buried in his tannery.
-This is bullshit.

Vikram, son, bring the car around.

I will deal with him.

Vikram, didn't you hear what he said?

Finish what you were saying.

Munna Raja was behind
Mrs. Raghubeer Singh's murder.

His man has confessed.

You are lying.


That night, Mrs. Raghubeer Singh
went to her husband's farmhouse.

She had her suspicions.
And she was right.

The caretaker himself had called her.

She saw Raghubeer Singh with your sister.

Vasudha Singh murdered her uncle.

She was a minor back then.

She was abused many times.

We can build a case of self defence.

but you’ll have to testify at the station.

She also had an abortion once.

The principal suspended her
and informed her local guardian.

And her local guardian
was Raghubeer Singh himself.

So that's the story you two have spun.

The abortion was in the name
of Mrs. Raghubeer Singh on March 14th

at the Sharma Nursing Home in Gwalior.

On March 15th, your sister, Vasudha Singh,

was expelled and on the same night...

Mrs. Raghubeer Singh her her driver disappear.

Chunni filed an FIR the next day,

on March 16th,
which was never investigated.


What does that mean?

Vasudha Singh was expelled
because of her abortion.

We have the principal's testimony,

clinic bills, and the caretaker
has identified her.

And most importantly...

Her scarf, soaked in Raghubeer’s blood,

which she hid in Radha's bag.

Until 10:00 p.m.,
you were wearing the same scarf

on which we found Raghubeer Singh's blood.

And the murder was committed

when only you were missing
from the wedding video.

And when you came back,

you were wearing a different scarf.



I've spoken to the magistrate.

If you come with me in the morning--

She won't go anywhere.
She hasn't done anything.

Don't be afraid of him.
You'll be the one to put him behind bars.

He is equally responsible
for your daughter's rape.

He covered up the crime...

and made sure the victim
didn't get any help.

You’ll be stripped of your uniform
by tomorrow morning.

-Let’s go, dear.
-Where are you going?

-Let him go.
-We're breaking all ties with your family.


I’ll talk to him.

I will.

What do you think?

Whom did Raghubeer’s wife call that night?

Hello? Sister-in-law?

She wanted to go back to her brother.

-But your mother...

-begged her to return to Kanpur quietly.

And when she left Gwalior...

That’s when your hallowed family
made its deal with the devil.

So now...

what do I tell Raghubeer?


Sister-in-law is on her way from Gwalior.


you have persuaded me.


see what you can do about her.

You think you are worthy...

to be Raghubeer's heir, right?

Your mother made a deal
with her daughter’s tormentor.

She had me...

arrange for this girl so that her own
daughter gets off the hook.

Satisfied now?

He is lying.

This is all a lie.

It's not true, Vikram.



don't worry.

-I will explain everything.
-Let's go, dear.

Are you listening to me?

I told you, didn’t I?

That I would dig out the truth,
no matter what.

And listen...

you don't have much time.

Have you gone mad?


My dear...

You have seen...

how I have slaved for this family.

For years,

in this very house.

But I had no right… over anything.

And also…

I was scared, dear

I was scared.

I wanted to secure my son's future.

So that’s what I did.

What else could I do?

Tell me. What else could I do?

Your son's future?

And what about mine? Your daughter's?

Don't ever forgive her, Vasudha.


-Take me home.


Just go.




It's me, Mummyr.

Congratulations on your wedding.

This dream of yours of a happy,
wholesome family…

forget about it.

If you had any shame at all,

you would have killed yourself years ago.

You wouldn’t have the insolence…

to even look me in the eye.



“Raghubeer Singh murder case relevations.”

But it says here that Pramila Singh

plotted to kill Thakur Raghubeer Singh.

Read it thoroughly.

She conspired with Munna Raja

and committed suicide
out of fear of getting arrested.

She is said to be involved
in the murder of the housemaid too.

In the course of this case...

SSP Lalji Shukla...

SSP Lalji Shukla will also have to face
a special inquiry.


-What are you thinking?

I’m not thinking, I was just thinking…

what happened to the girl?

Pramila Singh committed suicide
after confessing.

Vasudha Singh's name was kept out.

Not her, I'm talking about the other one.

The one you went to meet everyday.

She got her share.
She’ll start a new life somewhere else.


That's good.

There's nothing here for her anyway.

Has she left?

She's leaving today.

By which train?

-Chapra Express.
-Is that where you're going?


I got off to get water.

It’s a cruel world out there.

I can’t do it alone..