Raangi (2022) - full transcript

An online channel reporter, finds a fake Facebook account of her niece. She encounters a boy Aalim from Libya. The FBI on the other hand wants to bring Aalim under their custody using Thaiyal Nayagi and her niece as bait.

Hey, how dare you guys kill policemen?!

Bloody murderers!

-Get me that rope!

How dare you!

Sir, I'll confess everything.

We got a call
from an organization in Libya.

They gave us the details
about the Inspector

and asked us to kill him
and the other policemen with him.

That's why we killed them.

Hey, stop spinning lies, damn it!

-I'll blow out your brains!
-I swear, we got a call from Libya.

They said,
"The Inspector has arrested a girl.

Nothing should happen to that girl,"

and asked us to kill the Inspector

and the others
before they get to the police station.

We don't mess around
with the police otherwise.

That's right, Ravi. The reporter
who recorded the shoot-out live

was arrested that day under suspicion.

Isn't this the same reporter
who exposed the Minister?

If we nab her, we'll know the truth.

-How dare you kill policemen!

Come on, hurry up!

-Are you the reporter Thaiyal Nayagi?

-We need to talk.
-I don't have time.

Hey, didn't you hear me?

-Hey, who are you?
-Our question exactly. Who are you?

Who's the reporter Thaiyal Nayagi?

I am from CBI. They're FBI agents.

They have the Indian Government's
permission to take her along.

Looks like the first time
she's being handcuffed.

-You're right.

Thaiyal, if you answer their questions
truthfully, you'll be safe.

Don't be under the illusion that you're
safe just because you're a media person.

The news of your arrest
won't even make it to the news.

The worst case scenario is

your colleagues will share it
on social media,

and that will be shared
by another ten people.

We'll register a complaint
that you went missing.

No one will even know
if you're dead or alive.

Don't try to leave out anything.
No tricks.


-Thank you, sir.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, what's the purpose
of your visit to Italy?

In this current state of affairs,

it's imperative to be friendly with
other countries to protect our nation.

But that's not the only purpose
of my visit.

In the process of inviting them
to invest in our country,

we can generate a lot
of employment opportunities.

Sir, if such a company comes on board,
how many people will get employed?

Thaiyal, why are you standing outside?

Our politicians are not going
to make our people CEOs.

They'll invite Italy and say,
"We have cheap labor in our country.

You can come and be their CEO."

They're not going to do
anything good for the country.

He's unlike other politicians.

He's honest.

I never denied the fact.

If you agree, then behave
like a responsible journalist.

As per my knowledge, the last honest
journalist in Tamil Nadu was my father.

It's been seven years since he died.

So, you don't consider
your brother a journalist?!

You mean this guy?

He makes a living by reporting gossip.

Don't you consider yourself a journalist?

If you call me a journalist…

then what would you call Gauri Lankesh?

I need a job for social status.

I turn incidents that occur
around me into news,

and I get paid for it. That's it.

They report the news about
an old man picking up a girl at a bar…

but did any of the journalists
investigate the case

of the old man who asked Prof. Sharmila
to supply him with college girls?

Did they even report the news
to put the pervert behind bars?

They didn't, right?

Politicians make sounds on the podium
with empty promises.

The Government imposes
new rules by the day.

In Natesan Nagar, they closed a pond
and built quarters for IAS officers.

Not even one journalist
has reported the news about it.

All the flats are owned
by government officers.

The buck didn't stop there.

They've built a compound wall
around the pond.

Bloody frauds!

We report the news that doesn't harm us

and call ourselves reporters
and journalists, without shame.

I never get lucky with women.
I wonder how these old men get them.

Bad time!


-What is it?

-How much did you pay me?

Five hundred rupees.

-What's your offense?
-I didn't wear a helmet, sir.

Is that all your head is worth?

-Sir said the fine is only 100 rupees.

You neither wear a helmet
nor carry change…

but you don't fail to torture the police!

-Get lost! Go!
-Stop the vehicle.

-Where do you work?
-In the media.

Okay, go.

-Hey, check her.
-Sure, sir.

Kanagaraj, give me that. Blow into it.

Madam, over here!

What is your name?

-Thaiyal Nayagi.
-Thaiyal Nayagi!

-What do you do?
-I'm a reporter.

Reporter? Show me your ID.

"Third Eye Press Reporter Thaiyal Nayagi."

What work does a reporter
have late at night?

What work
does the police have late at night?

We're patrolling the area
to prevent crimes.

I, too, have been patrolling the area
to see if crimes are being committed.

Be careful. I hope you don't
become a victim of a crime.


Your appearance might
instigate someone to rape you.

-I don't think anyone would do it.
-I feel like doing it.

-You look vivacious and sexy.

Moreover, it's midnight.
It's just a craving.

So, midnight cravings instigate
a police officer to rape someone?!

You're touted as the "public's friend."

The public is leading a happy
and peaceful life under your protection.

I don't care if you're a reporter.

I'll arrest you and hold you
at the station until morning! Go!

Your appearance might
instigate someone to rape you.

You look vivacious and sexy.

Moreover, it's midnight.
It's just a craving.


Hey! Who is the reporter Thaiyal Nayagi?

Hey, let's see if you're truly brave
like you claim to be!

Get downstairs, damn it!


"Thaiyal" doesn't just mean stitching.

It also means women.

And "Nayagi" means leader.

That makes Thaiyal Nayagi
the leader of women.

And… that's me.

I can't believe he sent
five men to beat her.

A hundred people like the post.

Twenty people share it.

You work for
a good-for-nothing online news portal…

but you're acting like you're a big shot!

Why are you getting
so worked up if you believe

only 100 people like our channel?

You've posted the news without
realizing his position in society!

You may not know about him,
but I'm well-versed with his traits.

-Not only his but yours as well.

I'm holding back only because you're
a woman! Shut up, or I'll kill you!

I couldn't care less that you're a man.

I'll rip your clothes
and parade you buck naked.


You'll regret to have been born
as a woman…

and you'll plead and quiver to me!

Being a man is not enough
to make a woman quiver.

You'll need both brains
and grains to make it happen.

Hey, what are you doing here?
Go and study!

Don't move from here
until we come back home.

don't go upstairs to meet her.

Come in.

How did you know it was me?

Your mother makes
stale curry with fritters.

I can smell the stench of it from afar.

That's how I know.

She's right.

How come you dared to come upstairs?

-Mom and Dad have gone out.
-Sit down.

Here you go, eat.

-Your brother?
-He's scared, so he refused to come.

I bribed him with chocolates
and asked him not to rat me out.

Tell me.

I was saying…

that I aspire to be like you.

Like me?

As in, how?

You have a clear mind,
and you're very bold.

Everyone is scared of my dad.

His friends and the people
from the neighborhood.

Sometimes, even Mom.

But you're not scared of him,
and you even call him out with arrogance.

Not only your dad,
I even call my dad out.

-I was never scared of them.

Now, that's a little difficult for me.

Madam, he spoke out of work stress.

Please take down this video.

If he's stressed because of work,
then ask him to quit the job.

At least people who have no job
and are stressed can get employed.

Keep calm and read all
the comments on the video.

That's the public opinion on the police
and the police department.

But you're deluded and claim
to be honest, truthful,

responsible, dignified, and protective.

If you keep rewarding medals to each other
on Independence Day and Republic Day…

the public will never respect the police.

Hey, stop ranting nonsense to her!

Will you take down the video or not?

-I will not.

You'll definitely get
booked under a case one day.

On that day,
I'll strip you naked and lock you up!

Mark my words!


Obviously, you're good for nothing.

You will get caught,
and I'm waiting for that day.

Our family is tarnished.

Please listen to me.

-I should just…

Hey, Priya! Priya!

Listen to me! Calm down!

She has no idea about it.

Look, don't be scared.
I'll take care of it.



Would you like to eat something?

What happened?

I don't know what to do.

Had it happened to a stranger…

I would've reported it as hot news.

Only when it hits close to home
do we realize its pain.

A college boy called me earlier…

and threatened to send me
my daughter's video.

He's been sending them
continuously since then.

Now, I'm not sure if phones
are a blessing or a curse!

Did you ask her about it?

She's only 16.
What am I supposed to ask her?

I don't know how to handle this matter.

I'm scared it'll become news
if I file a police complaint.

Did you watch the video?

I did play one of the videos.

I immediately deleted it
when I saw that she was naked in it.

He keeps sending them,
and I keep deleting them.

I'll take care of it.
Give me his phone number.

Please make sure
it doesn't make it to the news.

Stay right here. I'll be back.

-What is your name?
-Ananda Narayana.

-What does your dad do?
-He's an auditor.

Didn't your mom teach you
how to behave with women?

Your mother has raised
a pig to stray on the streets.

Tell me.

Six months ago,
we became friends on Facebook.

She has been flirting
with me since day one.

So, even I flirted with her
and asked her to meet me in person.

She asked why.

-I told her I wished to see her naked.
-Damn you, boy!

She sent me a video of her.
In fact, she'd send me one daily.

After looking at the videos,
I forced her to meet me in person.

But she blocked me.

That's why I called her father and…

-Sister, tea.
-Keep it over there.

Have some tea. I'll be back.

You want to see her naked?!

You'll hit the headlines soon.

Do you know him?

No, Auntie.

What is your Facebook ID?

I'm not on Facebook.

You're not?!

Okay, eat it. I'll be back.

She says she's not on Facebook.

Check out her ID.

I'll show you the videos she sent.

She used to expose
everything but her face.

I'll call you soon.

Auntie, why do you look so mad?

Take off your clothes.

-Take them off.

Do it, damn it!

Come on!

Take them all off.

Turn around.

Put them back on.

I want to meet your friends.

-Hi, Auntie!
-They've arrived.


-Hi, Auntie!


Sushmitha always talks about you.
We're your fans, Auntie.

You look a bit scary in your pictures
but not in person.

You look very beautiful in person.

Your posts on the Anti Indian column
were awesome.

We all commented on it.
Not sure if you noticed it.


-Bye, Auntie.

Hey, Neha, I'll drop you off at home.

You please wait at the restaurant.

Have you arrived?
Please wait. I'll be there.

Sit down. Sushmitha, note down this OTP.

1902. Car no. 1399.

It's waiting outside. You can go.


I'm sorry, dear.

Auntie, why did you do it?

It's for your own good. Go.

Why are you staring at me?

Neha, you should trust me on this.

What is your Facebook ID?

-Neha Anand.
-What about the other ID?

Auntie, I don't have another ID.

Neha, trust me.


In the video,
I noticed a wart on your back.

Sorry, Auntie.

When I hang out with my friends…

boys pass comments on them
and check them out.

But not even one boy looks at me.

It really hurts me when that happens.

I don't receive
any friend requests on my real ID.

I wanted to receive
a lot of friend requests.

So, I used Sushmitha's picture
and created an ID under her name.

In order for them
to continuously chat with me…

I sent them my videos.

I knew if they looked at my face,
they'd find out that I'm not pretty.

That's why I didn't expose my face.

My intention was never to tarnish
Sushmitha's reputation.

Who told you that you're not beautiful?

I watched the video.
You're very beautiful, my dear.

Everyone has a different
perception of beauty.

If you really wish to look like others,

then you'll just have to fix your teeth.

Get educated. Earn a lot of money.

You can fix your teeth.
You can fix your chin.

In fact, you can even fix your face.

My dad said he'd fix my teeth…

once he returns to India from Libya.


someone shot him dead in Libya.

Mom is struggling
to even pay my school fees.

That's why I couldn't afford the braces.

Does it hurt?

If you want to look pretty,
you'll have to bear the pain.

Don't worry, the pain will wear off.
You can leave.

Once your teeth are fixed,

avoid the boys who come after you
for your good looks.

I will deactivate the Facebook ID
under Sushmitha's name.

Give me the password.
I'll deactivate it myself.

-Come on, tell me.

Okay, let's go.


Seems like they'll change
the purpose of Facebook itself.


-What is the problem with men?

Continuously, for an hour,
18 people are chatting only about sex.

Eight among them are married.

Instead of chatting
over here for an hour,

they could've done something
with their wives.

These perverts don't even spare the women
who visit temples and churches,

let alone Facebook.
It's like their happy hour.

Men think there's nothing else
to talk about with women but sex.

Calm down and go to sleep.

By the way…

why are you up so late in the night?

For no reason as such.
I'll call you in the morning. Bye.

Why are you indulging in matters
that don't concern you?

Okay, then tell me, what shall we do?

My daughter has nothing to do
with that Facebook ID.

Then why don't we just complain
to the school or her parents

and carry on with our business?

Do you think that'll resolve the problem?

Did you discuss this matter
with your wife?

Damn it! I don't know how she knows it!

The other girl is also 16 years old.

I'll do something
that doesn't get either into a problem.



Don't worry.

She's here as promised.

Ananda Narayana, you are lucky.

Go to room 1030, I'll join you soon.


Oh, you've also arrived. Come in.

-Oh, no. Once again, I got caught.
-Go and sit there. Come.

Everyone here is just like you.

Damn, so many of them have got beaten up.

But it's not as bad as I got beaten up.

What is it?

Auntie, who are these people?
They just keep coming.

Just wait.

How long am I supposed to wait here?
My legs hurt.

You aspire to be like me, right?
Then keep at it.

Seventeen of them have arrived.
Only one more to go.

When he arrives, come inside with him.

Okay, Auntie.

Do I have to give an interview?

-Come in.
-Don't touch me!

I am particular about etiquette.
You may spoil it.

-She's damn strong.

Everyone, please come forward.

Do you know anyone from this crowd?

No, I don't.

Have you watched Kill Bill?

Watch it now.

I know that each and everyone
of you know her.

You, 18 men, with great skills

were texting all day and night
about how to have sex.

But you weren't texting her.

It was another girl who created
a fake ID under her name and picture.

You must be wondering
how I know about your skills, right?

For the last one week,

I've been texting you all from that ID.

Except for her face, you've seen it all.

I'm sure, by now, you must've understood
that she's not the same girl.

I could've warned that girl
and deactivated the ID.

But that won't resolve the problem.

In another ten years, this man might ask
her hand in marriage for his son.

She might become your sister-in-law.

She might get a marriage proposal
from any one of you.

She could be your college mate.

You could meet her at a theater
or near your street.

No matter where you meet her,
you must not get close to her

with ill thoughts in your mind.

I had to do this
to make you all understand.

She's not the girl whom
you all have been texting.

The girl whose videos you saw…

is not of appropriate age,
and she cannot have sex with you.

So, make sure you all delete the texts
and videos she sent you.

Hereafter, don't ever chat
with a girl with cruel intentions!

If you still continue to do so…

I'll castrate you!

It's quite easy for me.

Thank you all for coming.

we'll continue the movie at home.

-Bid goodbye to all the uncles.
-Bye, Uncle.

Wait outside.


-What about the room rent?
-We'll split the cost, madam.

You all, please be careful.

If a woman decides something,
she can shake down…

not just 18 but eight crore men.

Thank you.

It'd be great if I could
just delete these men

the way I'm deleting these messages.

Oh God, no! Here comes a new one!

It's a never-ending problem. Damn it.

Aalim. How did I miss this guy?

Oh God, I have to start
from the beginning now.

It's been a week since I slept peacefully.

I don't understand your language.

I usually text you in Arabic.
Have you forgotten it in these six months?

Use the translator.


She's the only person on his friend list.

Where are you from?

-I'm from here.
-Hey, stop kidding.

I have to tell him the truth

and deactivate the ID.
Only then will the problem be solved.

I'll take care of him tomorrow.

Aalim, you walked right into my trap!
You're dead meat!

Khaled, take position!

Make sure they're dead for good.

To start two new oil companies in Libya,

two American technological officers
were killed on their way to the site.

This incident has angered
the government of their nation.

Militants from Libya are constantly
indulging in such attacks.

As they don't use any kind of network,

they're not able to track their names
or their whereabouts.

The American Intelligence Agency
is having a hard time.

They've formed a special task force
to capture and eliminate the militants.

The militants killed
the Americans using a rocket launcher.

They had come to Libya to survey
in order to start new oil companies.

Hey, Deepa, take a look at this.

What is it?

It's the same place.

Last night,
a guy pegged me for a schoolgirl

and sent me this picture
where the attack took place.

Last night? But the attack
took place during the day.

The sun sets at 8:00 p.m. in that country.

The attack happened exactly ten minutes
after he sent me the picture.

What if the guy who sent me
the picture is a terrorist?

Prabhu wants to see you both. Come on.

Yeah, he is definitely a terrorist.

Americans sent their two men
to survey the place

in order to start two new oil companies.

A terrorist who has been…

profusely waiting to assassinate them

was chatting with you on Facebook.

Do you realize how absurd it sounds?

I think he must be in the military.

I feel disgusted to even think that it was
a military man who was chatting with me.

-What if he's a reporter?

Just for the news,
will he risk his life in that country?

Tell me. Will you collect news
by risking your life?

I will. I'll find out his whereabouts.

I'll find out whether
he's a terrorist, a military man,

a reporter, or just a civilian.

And I will report the same.


There's a guy named Aalim
on your friend list.

Yes, Auntie. He's from Libya.

As Dad used to work over there,
I used to chat with him.

-How is the guy?
-He's not like those 18 men.

He's a very decent guy.

He didn't even attend my video call.

Aalim, I googled the picture you sent me

and found out
that you live in Garia, Libya.

Why have you sent him
so many pictures?

Whenever I used to text him,
he used to ask me where I am.

Then I used to take a picture
of where I was and send him.

That's a habit, Auntie.

Has he ever sent you his picture?


yesterday, I was in Garia, Libya.

I'm not there right now.

I should hook him with the right bait.

Whenever he asked Neha
about her location,

she sent him pictures.

Now, he's doing the same.

Send me a picture of your
current location.

I'll find it.

That's Minister Kumaravel Rajan.

I asked him for his location,
but he sent me the Minister's picture!

Minister Kumaravel Rajan
met Italian businessmen

and discussed their plans
for investments in India.

We're really proud to start
an Indo-Italian collaboration.

India is the second-largest
populated country in the world.

You're in Italy right now.

Abu Farooq.

No, Sushmitha, you're wrong.

The Minister is in Italy right now.

But he's saying it's the wrong location.


The number plate is in Arabic.

Copy. Paste.


Tunisia is at the border of Italy.

Tunisia is also at the border of Libya.

That means…

the Minister has met someone
unofficially in Tunisia.

Let me post it,
and it'll take its course.

The picture of the most-wanted
international criminals

along with the Union Minister
Kumaravel Rajan

uploaded by the online news portal
Third Eye has gone viral.

That's awesome!


The picture you uploaded
of Minister Kumaravel Rajan

with the terrorists in Tunisia…

has become sensational news.


The men in the picture, along
with the Minister, were terrorists?!

How did I miss it?

Will they dismiss
Union Minister Kumaravel Rajan?

If the men with the Minister
were terrorists…

does that mean Aalim is a terrorist too?

But then, why would he click a picture
and send it to me?

Something doesn't add up.

I will talk to the Prime Minister.

Please. I will sort it out.

Shut your mouth!

-Sir, we've arrested the Minister.

He owns 13,500 petrol bunks across India.

He met the four terrorists
to start an oil unit in Libya.

The money they make from it

will be sent to their organizations
in India. That was the deal.

This is truly a master plan, sir.

Doesn't matter which state
or city in India…

if they need money,
they can get it from these petrol bunks.

Minister Kumaravel Rajan got killed
in a plane crash.

It happened because of
a technical malfunction in the engine.

Engines always fail.

Whether it's a plane or politics.

"Minister Kumaravel Rajan got killed
in a plane crash."

You were always the first
one to take on the mission.

Since you fell in stupid love,
you're way behind everyone.


did you forget we've lost everything

and have been fighting for our rights
all along in our own country?

As you were sharp in technology,

we gave you access to a phone
and network to do our job.

But you took a picture of the Minister
and sent it to her.

The moment we suspected you
we should've killed you.

Just killing you won't solve the problem.

She must die as well.

Ask her where she is!
Come on, ask her!

Come on!

Which country are you from?

Should I answer this question?

He's in Libya, and I'm not sure
what kind of person he is.

Sushmitha, please don't reply.

Doesn't matter. He's giving me the news.
Let's give it a try.


Where in India?

Tamil Nadu.

Where in Tamil Nadu?

Chennai, 7/11,
Defense Officers Colony, Guindy.

Send this address to our men
stationed out there!

She has to be killed.

Would this cause any harm to Sushmitha?



Sir, we arrested the people
who were in front of the school.

-Have you seen the CCTV footage?

That means Aalim is not
an ordinary person.

He's the assassin who killed the American
technicians of an oil company in Libya.

But he cannot escape from us.

She's a school student.

I'm sure she doesn't know anything
about the picture.

Spare her. Kill me instead.

You're hurt.
Please let me help you.

Sushmitha, someone has hacked
your Facebook account.

They stole the picture I sent
and turned it into news.

Please be careful
while using your Facebook account.

Deactivate this account.

Create a new ID
and send me the details.

How does someone in Libya

know about the incidents
as they happen in India?

He blocked the account!

I think I will have to create
a new account.

He sounds like a dangerous guy.

I'll not use
Sushmitha's picture this time.

Please install this app.

For what?

I created this app so that
no one can trace my Facebook ID.

So, you're a genius
who can create an app!

Aalim, I'm doing everything
you say only because

I'm using Sushmitha's ID.

If it were my real ID…

Sushmitha, please upload
your picture on Facebook.

He's once again trying
to get her into trouble.

I won't.

I can't save your picture.

I'm used to starting my day
by looking at your picture.

For God's sake,
please upload your picture.

My life is filled with tears and anger…

but I learned to smile and blush
only after I saw your picture.

-What is it?

Did the troublemaker come downstairs?

When did she come downstairs?

-I don't know.
-Oh, no! She's looking over here.

-Why is she taking her picture?
-I don't know.

Give me a smile.


That was a close one!

Oh, no! She stopped.

-We're doomed.
-Calm down.

Worshiping God is not eligibility.

People who mooch off others' earnings

have made worshiping God eligibility.

Don't trust them. Be careful.

She and her arrogant walk!

What do I need to do for you
to upload your picture?

If I upload my profile picture,
will you send me your picture?

-Hey, ask her to pull over.
-Stop. Please stop.

Ask her what her name is.

-What's your name?
-Thaiyal Nayagi.

-Ask her what she does for a living.
-What do you do?

-I'm a reporter.
-Give me your ID and bike papers.

-Take her into custody as a suspect.

Hey, stop grazing her. Sit apart.

Hey, let him have fun.
I made him sit next to her just for that.

Once again, he's inviting trouble.

Sushmitha, please upload your picture.

Then I will send you my picture.

Right now, it's not possible.


Let me scare the police for a while.

The police have arrested me.

Why did they arrest you?

They don't need a reason.

If we don't drink, they arrest us,
and if we do, they rape us.

That's about it.





Give me more details about them.

It's Inspector Krishnamurthy
from J. 3. Police Station, Guindy.

I don't care to whom you complain.
You can't do anything.

Hey, stop the vehicle.

Hey, get down and leave.

Madam, where are you going?
Please stay in your seat.

She's going overboard.
Take her inside, and then leave.




You've left your family in despair!

Now, how am I supposed
to raise these children?

This happened for the first time in
the history of the police department.

There has been no such incident to date.

From here on, the case will
be handled by CB-CID.

The shoot-out doesn't look like
it was done by the local rowdies.

Let go of me!


My nights were always sans the moon.

And my days were never graced
by the sun.

I'm not sure if your picture
is a moon or a sun to me.

So, I'm clueless
if I'm living the day or the night.

Thank you, Sushmitha.

Men in every country know
how to romance.

But they fail to sustain the romance.

Send me your picture now.

So, he's in the army.

But who is he in this picture?

Is this you?




Sushmitha, I'm not in the army.

My entire family…

was sacrificed for the greed
of an omnipotent nation.

I lived in fear of death, I was hungry,

and I was held at gunpoint
by merciless soldiers.

I was one of the young boys in peril.

Sir, why was there a war in Libya?

Libya is a small country in Africa.

Before Gaddafi,
the people of that nation…

were uneducated, had no homes,
and lived in poverty.

Gaddafi entered politics
at the early age of 25.

They discovered that Libya
is rich in oil resources.

Gaddafi chased away other countries
that were destroying their resources

and declared them government-owned.

He built houses
for the people of his nation

and offered them all facilities like
free education and free medical.

Gaddafi turned Libya into the number one
country in the African continent.

He refused to transact oil

in exchange for dollars and demanded gold.

Do you think America would have
stayed silent after this response?

They created an organization
within Libya against Gaddafi.

They made the people
fight among themselves.

They incurred material and people damage.

In 2011, America got Gaddafi beaten
to death by his own people.

Then America entered Libya
on the pretense of solving the problem,

formed the Tory Government,
and ruled over them.

They'd suck Libya dry of its resources

and abandon them
just as the Brits did to India.

What happened to the abandoned children?

Most of them must have died.

If any of them survived,
they would've become terrorists.


Obviously. The situation called for it.

There were also people
who would've turned them into terrorists.

I am a student. What are you?

Come on! Fast!

One who makes money
with ardor, a millionaire.

One who speaks politics
with severity, a politician.

One who passionately questions justice
is not an advocate…

but a terrorist!

According to your perception,
I'm a terrorist, Sushmitha.

How old are you?

I'm just a year older than you.

Rightfully, you should be in school.

Why don't you get out of being a terrorist
and live as a common man?

I can't write a petition like you
to exercise my own rights…

and submissively sign my name
under "Yours faithfully."

I'm used to taking my share of rights
and justice by fighting for it.



Who's that slave that implanted the idea
of asking for rights with humility?

Being submissive to request for a leave
of absence during school is okay.

Then we requested for community
certificate with humility.

Then we requested to file tax returns.

Then to build our houses.

Drinking water, sewage, electricity,
birth certificate, death certificate…

we request for everything with humility.

If every citizen is considered
to be the king of their nation…

then why does a king have
to request with humility?

Hey, Aalim, you're a free citizen!

-I think she has lost it.

All the people in this country are slaves.

They're used to falling
at the feet of the powerful.

Just like the worms
that swerve in sewage.

But you…

Don't you desire anything at all?

I have only one desire, Sushmitha.

I wish to meet you
at least once in my lifetime.

I'm not blessed with a long life.
It's a very short one.

So, please permit me to meet you sooner.

If I were Sushmitha,
my answer would've been different.

Why am I not Sushmitha?

Did she hear me call her crazy?

What do you want?


What do you want?

Call Sushmitha.

-Sush-- Is there a problem?
-I just want to talk to her.


Please come over here.


I'll send her after some time. Go.

What is it, Auntie?

Not bad, you're beautiful.


-A dew drop
-Here's your sambar.

-Cannot put off

-The light
-I was being sarcastic.

I get everything I want

From a long distance

When I talk to him

There are no words like them

Your distance and mine

Prevent us from seeing each other

A dew drop

Cannot put off the light

I get everything I want

From a long distance

When I talk to him

There are no words like them

Your distance and mine

Prevent us from seeing each other

I am in the future

I do not seem to know anything

Haven't seen the woman I love

I do not want to melt in tears

I will pour bullets as rains

In my sleep
I will call your name

When I look up
The sky heats up

I am alive only in the hope of seeing you

When I talk to him

There are no words like them

Your distance and mine

Prevent us from seeing each other

Age barrier wouldn't allow us

To connect

Even if God gives it to me

I do not want it

She is not your dream

She is not the food for your love

Why are we troubling each other?

Your distance and mine

Prevent us from seeing each other

Aalim, your country,
lifestyle, and staple…

it's really hard for me
to see you endure it.

Oh, no, he's calling me.

Aalim, I deceived you
for the sake of news.

I will not contact you anymore.

Should I or should I not
switch on the data?

Oh, God.

Today, there's a surprise
waiting for you.


What is it?

As I couldn't reach you for a week…

I'm standing in front of your school
to meet you in person.

What if he has really come down?

Oh, no! He wasn't lying!

In another 15 minutes,
my wish is going to come true.

Maybe, if you had continued texting me,

I wouldn't have thought of coming down
to meet you in person.

He's going to meet Sushmitha,
and she won't recognize him.

I should get there before school ends
and prevent them from meeting.

He's back online!

Play it!

-I am sorry, Sushmitha.
-Let him chat more!

Keep him busy! Now!

Why are you sorry?

For not meeting you.

Once I was informed by my men
that the FBI is looking for me,

I escaped dressed as a policeman
of your country.

I was punished
because I came down to meet you.

But that won't stop me
from keeping in touch with you.

I fear they might find your
new Facebook ID and kill you.

So, please remove your profile picture.

My only happiness has been
taken away from me, Sushmitha.

Shit! He's gone offline!

Wow, he's an awesome guy.

Even in this situation,
he's worried about the girl he likes.

This is the point
when most women fall for men.

Send the CCTV footage
to the head office! Immediately!

Hey, Aalim messaged.

Play it!

Sushmitha, my desire to meet you
is going to be impossible.

This will be my last message to you.

I always thought

no one would shed tears on my demise.

But I know you'll shed tears for me.

I believe you'll remember me
until your last breath, Sushmitha.

Tell him you love him!

Go on!


call your brother.

Thaiyal, what did you do?

The police have been stationed
inside our house for 15 days.

They're not allowing kids to go to school
and have seized our cell phones.

They have us on house arrest.

What happened to you?
Where are you?

When will you come home? Thaiyal!

If you don't cooperate…

they'll bring Sushmitha here
and make her chat with him.

I won't.

Hey, Thaiyal!

You know what…

to use a gun, you need to load it first.

Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Put the gun down!


Put it down I said!

Aalim, I love you.

I've never experienced
such happiness in my life.

But for some reason…

I feel these were not your words.

Anyway, my happiness at the moment

has no leaps and bounds.

I am feeling extremely joyous, Sushmitha.

Love is not just a word.
It's beyond anything.

To you people, love is sharing a bed.

To our people,
love is hanging out and feeling up.

This love is unlike the former.

To understand this love,
you need a pure heart and mind.

What do you want me to do?

Tell him that you want to meet him.

Aalim, I want to meet you.

In this situation,
it's not possible for me to come to India.

"I'll come," tell him.

I'll come to you.

Is it possible though?

It is.

Finally, my only wish
is going to come true.

Soon, I'll inform you about
the time and place to meet.

Got him!

With love, Aalim.

I'm well aware
of the state affairs in Libya.

How do I trust you, people,
to bring back my daughter safely?

Rajan, they plan to use your daughter
as bait to capture him.

I requested you to solve a local issue…

but you got her webbed
in an international conflict.

I won't permit my daughter to leave.

They're not here to seek your permission.

They're just informing you.

After what she has done, even if
the Indian Government wishes to intervene…

they won't be able to stop
them from taking your daughter.

Don't tell anything to your daughter.

Just tell her
that she's going on vacation.

Thanks, Auntie.

-Who are these people?


I'm not sending her by trusting
the Government, CBI, or FBI.

I'm sending her because I trust you.

I only thought of
my daughter's well-being,

but you were concerned about
Neha's well-being as well.

How-- How can I not like you?

I like you a lot, Thaiyal.

I adore you without anyone's knowledge.

There are times
when I felt why I am not like you.

If you were my neighbor or a friend…

I would've celebrated you for life.

But you're my sister-in-law.

Your troubles always seemed
to me like my own troubles.

To avoid them,
I pretended not to like you.

I know that Sushmitha…

aspires to be like you.

But she's not like you, Thaiyal.

She's more like me.

An innocent soul.

A timid girl.

Thaiyal. Thaiyal, please, Thaiyal.

Please bring her back to me alive.

Thaiyal, you, too, are important to me.

Please come back safely.

Bye, Mom! Bye, Nitesh! Bye, Dad!

I can't believe that my mom sent me
on a vacation abroad with you.

I am very happy.

I'll bring you back home safely
even if I have to sacrifice my life.

They have sent a sketch of Aalim
from the head office.

Hereafter, you can't use your cell phone.

Ask Sushmitha to travel alone.

Aalim and his men
might tail her from the airport.

You never mentioned it in India.
She's too young to be traveling alone.

We have no other option.
She has to travel alone.

Sushmitha, after this,
we'll be going our separate ways.

A car will be waiting for you outside.
I'll be following you in a car behind.

Auntie, how can I travel alone?
I'm scared.

You aspire to be like me, right? Go.


The flight has landed,
we can expect her call any time.

Oh, guys, it's her! Excuse me!

Tension. If you just listen to this, okay?
Just concentrate.

-You've reached. Now, don't worry.
-The FBI has got his photo.

Right now.

His name is Aalim, right?

Listen, no one can override
International Human Rights Organization.

Thank you.

Aalim is a very good boy.
I've never seen him so happy

in his entire life.

Go straight and take a right.
You'll find the hotel.

Has Sushmitha arrived?

Yes. I dropped her off at the hotel.

Did she ask about me?

The reason I ignored
Aalim chatting with that girl…

was for this opportunity.

I'm sure Sushmitha has not arrived alone.

The FBI must've tagged along with her.

All of them should die on this very soil.

Make sure Aalim doesn't get
a whiff of this plan.

If the situation calls for it,
you can kill Aalim.

We're zealots only if we win.

But if we lose,
they'll brand us terrorists.


Give me your phone.

You'll lose focus
if the phone is with you.

Return that gun.

This is what you deserve
for the trouble you caused.

They've arrested the reporter
who gave you the cell phone.

Don't expect
World Human Rights Organization

to save Aalim.

One of the five members is an American.

Obviously, the FBI got intel.

Don't get into trouble
trying to save Aalim.

They won't hesitate
to kill you or Sushmitha.

My only worry at the moment is
to take you both back safely to India.

Aalim, please don't come over here.


Sushmitha, down!




Why are they shooting at us?

As guns have been invented,
they have to be sold.

The ones who bought them have to use them.

That's why they're shooting at us.
That's it.

Get inside.

Stay right here. I'll be back.

Aalim. Aalim, where are you?

Where are you, Sushmitha?

Aalim! Run!

-Come fast!
-Is Sushmitha with you?

I don't understand.

Aalim, please escape from here.

The FBI used us as bait to capture you.

Oh, no. He doesn't understand Tamil.

Aalim, you just escape.

They brought us here only to catch you.

He doesn't understand a thing.
I'd better send him a message.

Worthless shit. Rot in hell.

Damn it! The boy we're
looking for is still missing!

Let's not waste time looking
for him in such a huge city.

He risked his life for Sushmitha.

So, he must be somewhere around here.

If we kill her, he'll definitely come out.

Hey, go and look for him!

I won't permit killing Sushmitha
as collateral damage.

-She's my responsibility.
-Shoot Sushmitha!



I love you, Sushmitha.

Auntie, who is this guy Aalim?

If Libya didn't have oil resources,

they would have killed
neither Gaddafi nor me.

your nation is rich in minerals.

Please be careful.


I never expected to become

an honest journalist in my life.

This is one of the changes

that Aalim, a 17-year-old zealot,
brought in me.

He inspired me to write this book.