Raana (2022) - full transcript

Raana an aspiring Police Office enters Bengaluru City. He's all set to marry Priya. Kapaali is killed under mysterious circumstances. Raana is blamed. He sets out to find the real killer.

This is our Police Academy

To everyone it is an Academy,

but for me it is a temple

Since their childhood,

everybody will

think of becoming

either doctor or engineer

but i have always wanted

to be a police officer

because it is my fathers

dream and his last wish too

My mother and my friends are the

reason why i have reached so far

for all of them,

i will definitely

win and will become

a police officer

(A man screaming)

(Screaming fades)

(Screaming starts again)


I can't bear to

hear his screams.

Please ask our boss

Kapali to kill him soon!

The boss is coming tomorrow to

rid this guy of his suffering!


You should develop

large heartedness

by seeing the

good in everything;

not growing a prick by

watching unwanted stuff!

(Man writhing in pain)

(Man writhing in pain)

(Man writhing in pain)

Kapali - doesn't

he appear like a

well marinated tandoori chicken?

Kapali - forgive me!



If what you did was a

mistake, I could perhaps forgive

but what you did

was break my trust!

Damn you

you plotted to kill me in

the guise of being an aide!

You need to have

courage to murder

someone or make big bucks, Fool!

One should have guts...guts.

Tell me why you did this?

Just to lead a good life

with your wife, isn't it?

Hey, let go of me...

Kapali - please do anything

to me... not my wife, Kapali!

Please let her go...

Kapali means Lord Eeshwara!

Once the third eye opens,

you burn down to ashes!

There won't even be a

dead body - just ashes!

Will smear it across

the forehead like

the "vibhoothi" (sacred

ash) and walk off!

Slash her to pieces

right in front of him!

No, no, please don't Kapali...

Please let her go...

No... no...

(Woman screams)


what are you doing?


how many times

are you to be told

that this is a "No Parking" zone

and vehicles shouldn't

be parked here?

Pay a fine!

If "No Parking" signs

are put up everywhere,

where do we park then?

I won't pay any fine!

In that case, you can't

take your vehicle either!

Let me see how you won't

let me take my vehicle!


apart from breaking

the rules, you

are throwing your

attitude at me?

What sir

you seem to be throwing

your weight on a girl?

You think you can threaten

a girl to make some money?

Hey, mister

mind your words!

Her vehicle is in the

"No Parking" zone.

Just ask her to pay the fine.

No need of any

unnecessary talks.

What will you do if she won't?

I will tow it to the station...

I dare you to touch the vehicle!

Cops are for our safety .

so, the only reason you

raise a hand is to salute

and not to hit them!


just walk down and

apologize to the cop.

Sorry, my foot...

Sir, sorry sir...

please forgive me...

Let me go sir...

Please bless my son to

become a police officer...


Are you here to pray for getting

me and your son married soon?

You & your silly mischiefs!

When did you come?

Let that be...

Where is Raana?

He has gone to

the Huligi Temple...

"Oh, Godess!"

"Watch us over with

your kindness & mercy!"

"Oh, Godess!"

"Oh, Godess!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Oh, Hulikaambe,

mother of Huligi!"

"The one who reached

from atop the hills!"

"You are the kind Mother who

keeps bestowing us with boons!"

"You are the one who shelters

those who are in pain & sorrow!"

"You are our only

faith & you are our

only saviour - oh,

Mother of Huligi!"

"The Godess who

maintains a balance

of this world while

in a palanquin!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"We crossed paths of

fire chanting your name!"

"We crossed rivers while drowned

in complete

devotion, oh Mother!"




"You are the rain bearing

clouds and you

are the rain too!"

"This Earth itself is

your alms, isn't it?"

"You are the Sun and

you are the sunlight too!"

"The one protecting

us itself is you, isn't it?"

"You have many forms but there

is no one who can oppose you!"

"The moment you threw

your gaze upon us."

"The notion of "I & Me"

disappeared from us!"

"You are the power

in the "Shree Chakra"!"

"You are the kind hearted Mother

in this Dark Age ("Kaligaala")!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"You are the creator and

you are the creation too!"

"Nothing ever transpires

without your orders!"

"You are the protector and

you are the destroyer too!"

"Without you, all of

us are non-existant!"

"Please help us tide

over our troubles,"

"Please protect us

from all evil, oh Mother!"

"We all are your

kids and are fragile..."

"You are the

protective Mother whose

heart is as tender as a flower!"

"You are the beacon of

our hopes & aspirations!"

"You are reflected in every

bit of our song & devotion!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"

"Hail Huligamma!"


has Priya's dad really agreed

to the alliance and come here?


he's here to play a game!

Fool - he's come only

because he has agreed!

Would someone come

unnecessarily otherwise?

I had wanted to get my daughter

married to a doctor

or an engineer.

I don't like that this guy

wants to join the police.


What to do?

For the sake of my daughter...

What sir?

Are only engineers

& doctors the ones

who are capable

of having a family?

Just step out of

your imagination

and look at the world...

you will know how even

someone who drives

a cab or an autorickshaw,

works at a hotel

and even daily

labourers work hard to

earn livelihood

for their families!

Sir, one who isn't at

the mercy of anyone and

earns his livelihood

sincerely is always a King!

If you don't like my job

then, I don't need

your daughter itself!

Hey, Raana...



Wait, will you?


I know

becoming a police

officer is your passion.

I don't know why

your dad doesn't

like me becoming a police!

Isn't a cop capable

of running a family?

I will talk to my dad.

You just don't worry about it!

Hey, what's up with

these guys - they

seem to have grown

balls overnight?

Those who were scrambling

like lizards on the wall...

..have started posing

like gangsters these days!

That Kapali's brother

Suri has come in yesterday.


and that's the reason for the

changed behavior

of these scumbags!

Who is Suri when we hardly care

about his brother

Kapali himself?

If he tries to fly high...

I will smash him to pieces

right here in the bathroom!

I can bear suspicion...

...but how can I bear insults?

The entire village asks

if you are born to me?

When asked, your

**** of a mother

didn't answer me straight...

When asked, your

whore of a mother

didn't answer me straight...

so, I killed her!

You join her too!

My son Kapali alone

is enough for me!

I will raise him like a king!

I don't need you...

What sir - what are

you looking there for?

I'm the one who beat him up!

Hi pal!

Hi Giri!

Keep that bag at the back.


so, how have you been?

I'm super!


hope you didn't mind

me being a bit late?

In fact, I'm wondering

how you made

it this quickly in this traffic?

Actually, it wouldn't

have gotten late...


Why it was late, because..

One of my boys committed suicide

in front of the airport...




There is a rowdy

called Kapali - ******!

He had lent money

and our boy had

not repaid it on time

That prick snatched

a young baby!

'A despicable fellow'

The baby has kept on

crying and died of hunger!

Hearing this...

our guy committed

suicide at the airport.

That prick didn't stop at that.

he has gone to the

wife and asked her to

pay the insurance

money she would get!

The cab driving

profession requires

us to live by borrowing money!

What a shitty world

they want people to work hard

and when people bend

their backs to work hard

others climb their

back to ride them!

What the hell!


Listen,stop at a medical store

I have a headache!


Sir, please give me

a tablet for headache.

Yeah, ok...

Hey, Raana!


How are you?

I'm fine and you?

I'm fine too!

How come you are not

to be seen at the village?

(BP tablet, is it)

I haven't married

one who they liked

for me to be visiting

whenever I like!

They don't like that I

married a person of my choice.

So, they are still upset

about it, I suppose.

Perhaps, they

will be alright once

they have grandkids shortly...



Thank you!

So, what's news at the village?

How can there be any

news when everyone

migrate to the

cities for livelihood?

Earlier, people

used to visit during

weekends, now it's

become month-ends

and down the line, it might

turn out to be year-ends.

Over a period of

time, they may even

forget the villages

itself completely!

This middle-class life

is quite like that buddy.

it is exhausted

entirely in a bid to earn!

Sir, here is your tablet!

He is my husband.


Hi! Nice to meet you!

See you later!

Bye, bye!

Your friend is it?


Another large?


Enough Kapali...

No matter where I go,

this is as much as I drink.

Why? You don't trust me or what?

Do you know what Kapali means?

It means Lord Eeshwara.

So, who else other than

Lord Eeshwara would I trust?


you the the face of

all my illegal assets!

You asked for 10

crore rupees for

starting a mutton-pork

mixing plant

and I gave you the

money without a question.

Right now, it is just a security

guy who guards the pigs there!

You think I do all this

without trusting you?



Kapali has a

mistress, I believe!

It seems she's too hot

Have you seen her, sir?

You ask me if she's hot or not?

She's like an angel.

One needs to touch her only

after washing the hands clean.

But, this rogue touches

her even without showering.

He's locked her up

at the Sanjaynagar

bungalow snatched

from that merchant.

She's a lovebird

imprisoned in a golden cage!

a lovebird imprisoned.



why are you

standing there? Come.

Come up here...


when did you arrive?

I was telling my PA

about you up until now...

saying that one should

learn loyalty from you!

Don't mind but I

was here to hear

you praise about

what fascinates you!

Pacchi, Pacchi

please don't go and

share this with Kapali.

If you do, he will

target my wife!

Is it?

Just be bothered about

whose vote is in whose favor...

not whose d*%* is in whose...

Got it?

Bye then!


Ok, Raana!

Your documents are in order.

your fitness is also right.

Just take care to not have

any criminal cases on you.

Best of luck!

All the best.

Thank you, sir!
Good luck!

Excuse me, sir...


Where are you?

Here, at the academy...

I'm near your

room. Be here soon...

Fine, I will be there shortly.

Priya, you didn't

even knock before

barging inside a

bachelor's room!

Wake up, buddy.
Priya is here!

Come darling

You know how much I like you?

True love... True love...

Not you though...

Wake up, dude!

I will love you more than your

husband... come up to me now!

It's Priya, dude...

You & your Priya...

Why speak of bitterness when

I'm dreaming of a sweet dish?

Does she even measure up to

the range of our boy (Raana)?

She's such a control freak!

Criminals would fear seeing

him once he becomes a cop

and yet, he shivers seeing her!

Such a shame!


I don't like it one bit.

Let me devise

something to break them

apart and find

another girl for him!

What say?

What do you say?


Hey, Priya madam is here! Buddy!

my data is exhausted. Switch

on the hot-spot for me please!

Let it be... you can

check it out tomorrow.`

Are you done bathing?


Done bathing?

Done bathing?
Who said so?

Not yet done?


How come you are

all drenched then?

Well - that's not being drenched

but having sweat so much!

He's sweat so

much for this alone?

You think it's a joke to

exhaust 1.5GB of data?

Oh crap!

Oh no!

Priya - I was watching

some Yoga videos...

Dude - you know how

many postures are there?


I loved one in

particular though!

You good for nothing fellow!

Has she left or not?

Hi Priya!

You asked me to

get back urgently

what's up?

Dad finally agreed

for our marriage!


Yeah... he has now

asked for your horoscope.

Your dad is more concerned

about the alignment

of the planets than you

& I being aligned, is it?

Look, I couldn't care less!

Just make sure

to get a horoscope

that matches well with mine!


I'm not one to get

married with a thousand lies.

I'm a man who will get

married by saying the truth!

Got it?

My dad was impressed

as you stood your

ground about

doing a job you love.

I just told the truth, didn't I?

My police job is more

important to me than you!

Is that so?

Yes! The job is more

important than me, is it?



Won't your friends watch us?


they won't look at all this.

Even if there is such a

situation for them to watch,

they would rather

pluck their eyes off!

You better get off this place

worse than a pigsty

I sure will!

Bro...Get me a drink

he is going to be a

police office, but still he

is doing a part-time

job, look at you morons...


the broker was here yesterday

and said he will show

you 3-4 houses tomorrow.

Okay, bye!


you aren't even

married and Priya

already started

ordering you, is it?

You think I will

just follow orders?

We are the ones who

are here to rule the world.

We don't leave if one

comes to quarrel with us.

I have only given her my heart,

it's regime is still mine!

Let's see!

Anyways, do wear the uniform.

The RTO guys are on the prowl.


Yeah, Priya...

What's the progress

on the new house?

Have seen a few...

ou can also see

them and decide, okay

Hello... Priya... hello?



What about the horoscope?

Well, go to a good astrologer.

All of them seem to be on

televisions so, who to go to?

Well, am driving right

now. Will call later, okay?



Why is she here?

Why are you standing alone

here at this hour in the night?

Let me drop you home...

Not needed...

Where's your hubby?

He isn't to be seen from 4 days.

His phone is unreachable too.


Not to be seen from 4 days?

That's right!

Why haven't you lodged a

complaint with the police?

I know that he has

been kidnapped

by the ones who

have lent us money.

I'm scared that

if I go to the cops

then, my husband will be harmed.

I'm running around with money to

pay them back

from the last 4 days

but haven't been

able to locate them.

Who is your lender?

A man named Kapali.

There is a rowdy called Kapali

He had lent money and our

boy had not repaid it on time.

That prick snatched

a young baby!

Why are we here?

My friend Nihal stays

here and works for Kapali.


You are set to become a cop...

why get into this mess?

She is from our village, dude...

Her husband is also at fault.

It's been a year and

there has been no sight

of either the interest

or the principal.

To top it,

they have lodged a

complaint on Kapali as well.

What you say might be true.

and her husband

might be at fault too

but, what has this

girl done wrong?

Hey, we are from

the same place...

We are not people

who say "why bother"?

We are ones who live for others!

You don't know

anything about Kapali.

You dare to open your

mouth in front of him

and that's the last time

you will ever open it!

I can't help you here.


Dont say No...

please do something !

Well then...

let's do this.

Here's a right hand

man for Kapali - Pacchi.

Things could work

if we approach him.

92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98...




Sir - hello. I'm Raana

and she is Abhishek's wife...

I don't need anyone's

wife as of now..

Let me be done with work

and then let's check it out...

Sir, she is the wife of the

medical shop owner Abhishek.

Say so properly.

What's up now?

Sir, we are here to pay

the money and settle

the matter regarding

their loan with Kapali

Who the hell prepared

this tea - it's rubbish!

Take it away!

What is it with you both?

Boss, they both are

from the same village...

What do you do?

I work for a travel company.

You are in a travel agency

and she's from the same village.

That's it, right?

Nothing else, right?

Why shy?

The way you seem

hesitant makes it seem

that what I doubted

earlier might be true!

How much money do you have?

2 lakh rupees.

Hey, you Fool...

since how long have

you been counting?

You are quick to

make bucks though..

No boss... got confused...

Listen - your

husband isn't with us.

Someone has tipped

you off wrongly.

Whether things are bad

between the two of you

or he has run away

with someone else

how do we know!

Just go and search for him.

Hey, you travel guy

just take your customer with you

the one from your village!

Why do you speak like this?

Abhishek is with you!

I suppose they are

looking for more money!


what's with the hush-hush talks?

Nothing sir...

looks like they are confused

with the calculations.

Why don't you tell us

what the amount is?

4 lakhs.

The loan was only for 1.5 lakhs.

Even with the interest, it

would only amount to 2 lakhs.

You are trying to say

that I'm swindling?

Sir, sir...

Were you there when

he took the money?

Just because you are

here with your perfumes

you think I will be ready

to drop my pants down?

Sir, please..

How dare she doubt

my calculations?


If I lose my mind,

I will rip your

skin out and hang

you right here!

Don't just keep

all these with me.

Just take her out

from here, travel guy!

Come... let's go...

Hey, medical store lady

apparently there's a

condom that's called

"extra force" - bring

a dozen of them.

Give me company until

all of them are used.

After that, I will send your

husband even without the money!

Is this deal okay for you?

Let's just go, dude...

They won't let go, buddy!

They seem to have

eyed the medical store.

Either the money has to be paid

or we need to

let go of the store.

Apart from that

there is no other way.

Here - take this.

If we don't help people from

our places, who else will?

Thanks so much, pal!


what's your relationship with

the medical store woman?

She's from my village, sir.

Even I have friends

those who join me

only to hog & drink!

It's appreciable that you have

stood in her difficult time!

Why won't he?

That lady is good

enough to look at for

someone to even go

to war with anyone.


What's with that stare?

Don't die in the streets of

a city coming from a village!

Hey you!

Don't belittle people

from the village!

They are the ones who

have ruled in Delhi too!

Just sit down!

He's staring, Kapali!

You won't go home...

I will slash you into pieces

& pack you in gunny bags!


how much have you brought?

4 lakhs!

You shouldn't have

let him go, Kapali.

These people should be beaten

to pulp right then & there!

We reached home.

I will get him off...

You step aside...

Sir, it will all be alright...

just step out carefully...

Thanks, Raana!

what are you doing?

Why all this between us?

Bring some water to drink...

Yeah, I will...

Please go towards that side...

That side.

Why are you so upset

sitting at the reception?

Look at them

how they are lost

in each other without

a care about the

rest of the world!

And, here I have a boyfriend

who forgets about love and keeps

talking about the entire world!

He has anyways

given the horoscope

as you asked of him, right?

Then, why are you still mad

at him instead of being happy?

Just imagine

no one at home except

you & your boyfriend...

Boyfriend and for me?

Well, I still have

hopes,no doubt!

You are just wearing a slip

and he barges in suddenly!



come out I need

to speak with you

Why are you here?

Mom's at the neighbor's house

and will be back any minute!

Priya - come out - I

need to speak with you.

I can't.

Tell me what it

is from there itself.


you had asked for the horoscope,

right? I have brought it.

Keep it right

there - I will take it.

This is a horoscope and

can't be kept wherever...

It seems that I

need to hand it over

to the one I'm

getting married to!

I can't... just leave

it there and go.

I will give it to you when

we meet next then. Bye!

Fine... wait a minute!

Give me the horoscope...

Leave soon before

mom gets back... Fine...

By the way, don't

take your lunchbox

today. Let's go

out for lunch, ok?

Oh, what's up with

the sudden lunch plan?

Didn't know I had

to seek permission

to take my girl out for lunch!

Alright - you leave... I

will join you for lunch.

I will be waiting!

Your boyfriend is

seeing you for the

first time in his

life in such a dress.

How would you feel?

You are upset for this, is it?

Let it go...


Hush... hush...

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Is that the way for

someone to barge

in - as if they have no brains?

That's not the thing...

Then, what else?

Seeing you in such a state

and still not doing anything...

How would one feel?


I felt so insulted!

I thought that after

barging in that way

and seeing you in a

single-piece of dress

he did something

that upset you...

What does it mean though?

that I'm not hot enough?

Nothing like that...

The guys from this generation

are a waste, I tell you!

I only have an

hour's permission.

How far will you

take me out for lunch?

What's wrong with you?

You seek permission to

even spend some lovable time?

I have taken permission

to eat, not to be lost in love!

Won't you even think a

bit romantically at least?

I have seen how

romantic you are!

What's the matter?



in the morning, you slipped

and I shrank like a bar of soap!

You ran away

knowing that I would

see you in that

state, didn't you?

Why talk about what

happened in the morning, now?

That was the first innings.

and this is the second!

I must admit though,

you looked gorgeous

when headed for the

bath in the morning!

Enough of seeing me,

watch the road and drive!


Hey, listen

what I fix are the rates.

If you try to act smart then...

Boss, that travel guy

is here with some girl...

Go, take a look at

what it is about...

Sure, boss!


He's a decent guy and

would be here for lunch.


he's ordered lunch.

Go, keep an eye on him...

I will, boss!

Can I take your order, sir?

Hey, you order while I use

the washroom... Give me here...

Anything special?

Okay, madam...


someone is beating

our guys black & blue...

Who is he?

Don't know, boss.

In your office today...

Hello sir!

Who is that?

Just someone I know...


2 gangs have entered

the city, targetting you

Who are they?

Even I don't have the details.

It's just an information.

Do those Fool think

I'm the Kapali

theatre (a renowned

cinema hall) to just

raze the building?


this rowdyism itself is like

the game of snake & ladders.

No one knows when

a ladder is available

or when a snake would swallow!

Just be cautious!

This is Kapali's godown

for all his illegal stuff.

This is where he locked your

brother and killed

him & his wife!

Even their bodies weren't found.

Stop here.


come here!

What are you all

doing here at this hour?

We are Kapali's boys, sir.

Those guys from

Prakash's gang have

plotted to kill Kapali it seems.

That is why the

boss has asked all

our guys to be

prepared on the ground.

I think they don't know

much about Kapali.

Finish them off

quietly and get going.

Public & media

shouldn't get to know.

Please come in, sir!

Take a look

it is built as per Vaasthu.

It's as if the place was made

to order for family dwelling!

Even if the couple fight,

no one would get to know!

Why would you jinx it, sir?

I'm not even married yet!

It will all happen in

time... please come in...


From what I see, based on the

names alone, this

is a good match!

On top of that,

when the horoscopes are tallied,

it's even better!

I liked the house, sir.

Here you go with

the advance. Okay!


Tell me please...

Just a condition though!

What's that?

Just don't look towards that

house opposite to yours...

Please don't sir...


That is Kapali's mistress's

house so, keep distance!

Everyone says she

is so hot to look at!

Have you seen her?


Just that the milkman

was here at 7AM,

then, the vegetable vendor...

She never turned up at all...


have you been just watching or

carrying out a watchman's duty?


You seem to have observed so

much with attention to detail!

We need to be watchful

in a new house, isn't it?


I'm a cop not a rogue!


I have brought some sweets.

I made them.


How's it?

It's a bit short on sweetness.

where's my phone?

It must be in the kitchen.

I have missed a call from mom.

Call her back.


don't you dare getting

your friends here to party

saying that there is still

time for the marriage!

I don't like those

dirty friends of yours!



she's acted alongside

top actors from

Telugu & Tamil

languages, I believe.

Falling in love

with Kapali, she's

the one who settled down here.

One never can ascertain why and

whom these girls

fall for, buddy!

Isn't it?


like the Ramyakrishna

character in the

film "Neelambari"

who bathes in blood,

she bathes in milk, it seems!

That's how she's so fair!

Can't see at all!

I mean can't see her!

Hey, what are you

guys doing here?

Hey, is this what

you call a sweet?


Is this a sweet?

What happened?

Where do you get such

lousy stuff, anyways?

(Mumbling under his

breath) Stop it, will you?

If ever a diabetic person

eats this... Hold it off, pal...

He will be so

dissatisfied that he

will stop eating

sweets altogether!

Just stop it man...

Hey, Priya!

When did you come?

Will you have some sweets?

It is lousy and you

had to come in when

I was eating this

lousy sweet, is it?

Don't know which lousy person

made it... Just stay quiet...

Hey, why?


Priya, wait...

Didn't Priya hear

anything I said at all?

She didn't even

thank me (for saving

her from eating

the lousy sweet)!

Forget them...

We just need to ensure

that we open beer

bottles before the

housewarming ceremony!

You just ruined it all, fatso!

You ate the laddoo

(sweet) right?

What was the need for a review?

Couldn't you have

shut your mouth?

She was the one who prepared it!


as it was your girl,

I just gave a review.

If it was my girl, I

would have divorced her!

Tell me honestly -

was the laddoo good?

What the hell, guys!

No wonder you don't

have a girlfriend.`


I know it isn't good.

With girls, you

must lie that things

are good even when they are not!

Even if she's hefty, you

need say she's bubbly!

That great Harishchandra himself

would have lied to his wife

So, what are we compared to him?

Is that right?

Uh, no!

Hey, Priya - that's

not what I meant!

Hey, Priya

This laddoo tastes sweet!

She won't believe now...

She won't, right?

100%, she won't!


the team that

has plotted to kill

Kapali is the one

who beat you too!


That guy has planned

and targetted to hit me!

He is surely someone I know.

He covered his face so

that I don't get to know.

I need to know who that is.

I won't spare him!

Hi sis!



Hey, Priya!


What was such a big

deal that you are so upset?

Look, I have kept

all those guys away!

They will never

sneak this side ever

again as they have

some shame too!

Please sweetheart...

I'm sorry and I miss you too!

Please forgive me this one time!

Sis - the call is answered

and on speakerphone!

Priya, please sweetheart!

Priya... I have answered instead

of disconnecting the call.



we all feel so sorry

for having been

the reason for your

current situation!

Stop that, will you?


Tell me what needs to be done.

I will do it.

You just drink up your

booze. That's enough.

Go, die!


He's been calling incessantly

the whole of yesterday!

I didn't pick any.

But, today....

there's not even one.

Looks like the call

you wanted happened.

Why wouldn't you pick it up now?


Life is not about receiving

whatever comes our way.

We need to maintain a

certain level of self-respect!

(Mumbling under the breath)

Never short of such attitude!

Raana is calling me...



Tell him I'm not here...


Hi, Sneha! Hope

you have been well!

(Priya whispering)

Yeah, I have been good!

Actually, Priya isn't here..

Well, I called to

speak with you!

With me?


Well, speak then..

Why? Shouldn't I speak with you?

Nothing wrong at

all... please speak...

Stay away... Hey, hand

over the phone to me...

Give me the phone...


Hi Priya!

How dare you

speak with my friend?


What discussion you

should've with my friend?

That is...

If you are so courageous

then, speak right to my face.

I don't have the

courage to face you


I'm standing right behind!

Uh? Back?

You followed me here too?

You are still angry at me?

I'm out of this game...

Hey, Sneha...

where are you off to?

Carry on...

Join me... let's

speak a bit personally!

She will feel a lot

more jealous! Sit down!

You call her just because

I don't pick calls, is it?

Knocking the neighbor's

door is how the

door to our house

seems to open, I reckon!

Is that so? Then, go knock

on the neighbor's door!

Hey, Priya!

Get lost...

Wait, Priya...

I was just joking...

"Hey you beauty, Shall

I become your partner?"

"I have been feeling anew

and refreshingly different!"

"Hey you beauty, Shall

I become your partner?"

"This love doesn't

require any receipt."

"If you say "Yes"

and not a "No","

"I will plant a

kiss officially!"

"I'm a guy from the streets

and you are a city bred girl,"

"Our hearts seem to

have been in sync!"

"I'm handsome

and you are beautiful,"

"Our horoscopes seem

to have been strong!"

"Now that we have a

license for our love,"

"Let us book a flight!"

"Tell me a place of your choice

and we will fly there even

without looking at a map!"

"Let us sit together

to enjoy the

ground mixture of

tamarind & jaggery."

"Okay, okay... I understood what

you want so, let's get going!"

"Tell me who is your favorite?"

"That's you!"

"I'm a graduate in love! Super!"

"Our love is like the patchy

road which got laid with tar!"

"You are a guy from the streets

and I'm a city bred girl,"

"Our hearts seem

to have been in sync"

"You are handsome

and I'm beautiful,"

"Our horoscopes seem

to have been strong!"

"Click a selfie

without a filter."

"Those who see it would have to

admit that we are

a super couple!"

"Dunno why, but when beside

you, I feel like it's winter."

"Then just hug me baby

since I'm your heater!"

"Our pair is a

superhit! Awesome!"

"I will share savories

to one & all. Okay!"

"My attitude grew

after you became mine!"

"You are a guy from the streets

and I'm a city bred girl"

"Our hearts seem to

have been in sync!"

"You are handsome

and I'm beautiful,"

"Our horoscopes seem

to have been strong!"

"I'm a guy from the streets

and you are a city bred girl,"

"Our hearts seem to

have been in sync!"

"I'm a bad boy and

you are an angel,"

"Our pairing is the best!"

Oh, Raana,

it's you!

Go on... move...

What happened?

You still don't know, is it?


Our boss Kapali has been

attacked and hence the search.

You leave...

We have completed the surgery



As it's a head injury,

he's in coma

Just wait for 48 hours.

There's God to take care.

They say this is

the best hospital in

the city and you

are the best doctor!

Did I bring him here to be told

that God is there to take care?

If anything happens to him, you

will be the one

who will meet God!



don't worry.

Nothing will happen to

your brother! I'm here.

Hey, MLA!

You think I'm one of

your voters to be bluffed?


How could you let this happen to

my brother while

being around him?

Well, Suri..

If my brother doesn't wake up

then, it will be your

funeral before his!

I'm coming from

the crime scene, Suri.`

Looking at things

I don't feel it's an

attack by a group.

Looks like the work

of a single person.

If I get the other piece of this

bat, it will help

my investigation.

The one who did this

has attacked from behind...

It also appears that the

person might be left handed.

I will have to check the engine

so, I will need 3 days.

Is it?


Fine then.


Hello, Mr. Raana?

Yes, sir.

Your name has been

shortlisted based on

the interview

conducted the other day.

Good luck!

Okay, sir!
Thank you, sir!

Spread the word

throughout the city about

my brother Kapali

being attacked by a bat.

Round up anyone

you find suspicious!

Don't spare anyone.

Who do you think would

have attacked Kapali, sir?

Kapali has enemies

all over the city

so, it's difficult to guess who

would have carried

out this attack.

You guys will never be

able to earn such big bucks!

Just show me who

attacked my brother...

and this is all yours!

One can perhaps

tie an irate elephant

but not Suri in this mindset.

God knows what he will be up to

and what he will end up doing!



I have a doubt...

that Murthy &

Prakash are the ones

who would have attacked, Kapali.

Hey, Suri

I have not attacked

your brother!

I have not attacked...

If I had then,

there wouldn't have

even been a body to be

carried to the cemetary

let alone to a hospital!

Your body will be

available though...

Throughout the city and in

pieces... Suri...

please don't...

Move aside...

You will face the music now...

We shouldn't spare

him today, boss..

Where is Murthy?

I don't know, Pacchi...

Bloody scumbags...

Pacchi... I don't

know, Pacchi...

you guys plot to

attack Kapali, is it?

I will skin you apart...

Get up... Pacchi...

everyone is watching...


Suri... it's not

me, Suri! Not me..

What's the matter, aunty?

You asked me to visit...


Well, Priya witnessed

some ruckus

at the hospital felt very scared

She isn't stepping

out of her room.

Can you check on her please?

Please don't

worry. I will check.




No need to be scared

for these silly stuff.

Get up!

What happened?

I won't go to work anymore.


I saw a man getting beaten

up right in front of my eyes...

They are called

rowdies for a reason.

Such things are

common amongst them.

These things shouldn't

stop you from working!

If we know how to stay away from

trouble, no one would harm us.

Let us go to my native

and visit mom. What say?

That reminds me...


Mom's away...


I'm a typical

conservative girl...


You have about 10

minutes time for romance...

Come, let's travel

to my native...

Get up and get ready dear !

Something is not right...

Imagine you are Prakash.

What would you do if death

were to stare you in my form?

Knowing that you

would die for sure,

wouldn't you gloat that you were

the one who attacked my brother?

Would you beg for mercy?


Someone else is involved!

It's an exact match, Suri!


we stopped his cab

just a couple of streets

away from where

Kapali was attacked.

Guaranteed that it is him, Suri!

The forensics guy said that

the attacker was left handed.

This guy is a leftie too!

Call him.

What's the need for a

phone when I'm next to you?

Someone is calling... let

me see who it is. Nope.

It will remain switched

off u ntil we get back.

Until then, you will

just listen to me!

Okay, boss!

Boss, it is not reachable.

Keep trying...

Even if he doesn't

pick up the phone,

I will pick him off

from this world!

Shortly, he will start

working and your

parents have also

agreed for the marriage.

The sooner your marriage is

completed, my

wish will be fulfilled.

See buddy,

how quickly the

mother & daughter

in law are getting close.

Can you cook? Yes, I can.

Yeah right! Now they

seem to be getting along.

I will also teach you.

Just wait until you are

married and then you

will see them fight

like roosters in a ring!

You will need to teach too.

You just need to have

an interest to cook.

Don't scare me buddy!

I'm not scaring

you, just warning you!

I will teach you one right away.

Is that so?

Do it once and you

will learn it yourself.

Mom - will you keep talking

or serve me some food too?

No asking me anything anymore.

Ask your wife whatever

you need from now on!

Let's see!

It's started already, pal!


Hey, Raana!

When did you arrive?

Just today.

Hello aunty!

What Purshi?

You are here after

such a long time?

My marriage is fixed so,

I'm here to invite you.

Is it, buddy?

Oh, you got it all

done by yourself

even without telling us a word?

Let me see too...

Nothing like that, aunty.

It all got fixed so quickly.

Raana - come along

for a minute, please.

Tell me, buddy.

Look, there's a

bachelor's party today

you shouldn't miss it buddy!

I can't pal... am headed back.

Don't give me reasons.

You are not gonna miss

it and we will enjoy! Okay?

You need to make it... bye!

Ashoka - where is Raana?

He is a family man now...

how would you find him with us?

Have been trying to

reach him for a while

but the phone seems

to be not reachable.

Tell me what the matter is...

The bat which was

used to attack our

bossKapali has

been found in his car.

Tell me the truth

- what did he do?

What would he do?

Don't you know about our pal?

The evidence is stacked

up against him that way.

Suri has everyone in his

gang looking for Raana.

Just escape from wherever you

are and inform the others too.

Tell me Suri...

Leave that taxi driver's

matter to me to handle.

Your department

need not get involved.

Fine but make sure

that no news related to

this incident gets out

in the public domain.

Won't people label us as

drunkards if we booze every day?

We need a good reason to drink!

Here you go...

Take it.

What's in it?

A bus fell off a cliff

and killed 20 people...

We got the reason...

drink up! Good reason.


you are Raana's friend, right?


it is something known

to everyone and yet,

you are here asking

me about it in a bar?

You seem to new around here!

Get going!


One should never

disturb a tiger that's

ready to hunt and a

man drinking in a bar!

You get the hell out of here!

Get the hell out... I

will see you tomorrow.

From now on...

The entire Bangalore...

From tomorrow,

our boy will rule

all over the city...

What the hell

are you staring at?


What are you staring at?

I will pluck those eyes and

play with them like marbles!

If I lose my mind, I'm

not a man at all... err...

I won't remain a

human is what I meant...


Will you walk off from here

or want to be carried

out as a dead body?

You decide!


You better decide!


My dad hesitates to look

at me in just a vest and yet

here you are seeing me nude!

How are you guys

comfortable with it?

You seemed to be

flying high at the bar?

Of course, boss - that was

the booze hitting my senses.

Now that your thrashing hit

me, I'm back to my senses!

Do you even know

about my friends?



you do seem to know about them!

We have rounded up his friends

and won't spare that Raana,

no matter where he is, boss!


What is it?

they say our Raana

attacked Kapali.

Where is Raana?

"Come near me,

oh colorful lady!"

"Nope, I feel so shy!"

"Why don't you stand still?"

"My legs hurt if I stand still!"

"Shall I follow you?"

"Please don't;

things will be ruined!"

"Shall I bring home

something for you?"

"No - everyone is watching!"

"Hey you naughty-beauty,"

"The one with slender

hips and a wheatish color!"

"You are like a firefly"

"In search of whom I have

travelled all over the place!"

"You are a notorious

theif of hearts!"

"A true notorious!"

"I'm a boy from Hubballi!"

"Oh boy from Hubbali - I'm

a flower that's in full bloom!"

"Why do you look at me

as if you would devour me?"

"You can't take me for a ride

just by playing with words!"

"I'm most beautiful

belle in this village!"

"Oh, yeah, I'm aware of that."

"If only I gesture slightly..."

"Then, the entire

village will be sleepless."

"If I go visit the

village fair..."

"I know, it will

halt to a standstill!"

"If I meet someone alone..."

"Then, it's as if he has

won a wrestling match!"

"Oh naughty one... you

said you will meet me..."

"If you do, then, all my

properties will

be in your name!"

You are a notorious

theif of hearts!

You are like a sensuous creeper!

Just turn around

to give me a look.

I'm a boy from Hubballi!

Shall I bring you a saree?

No, it would slip off...

"Shall I adorn your

hip with an ornament?"

"No, the hip already

has a sprain!"

"Shall I place an earring then?"

"No, that would cast

bad eyes on me!"

"Shall I kiss you then?"

"No, that would go viral!"

"How do I withstand

your adorable tortures..."

"The one who has followed

me all over the place?"

"If things go well

between us then,"

"We can visit some

places together!"

"You are a notorious

theif of hearts!"

"How much will you

keep pestering me?"

"I will now take

control myself!"

Lets go.


Come, get in..

Take us to Jayanagar...



Hey, Mani!

How come you are here?

I just finished my work and

headed back home, brother.

Your phone seems

to be switched off

and you are nowhere to be found?

Well - "someone"

switched off my phone!

Let that be as it may be...

what's the status of my cab?

Is it reparied & ready?

Yeah, it's ready, bro.

Hey, Mani... wait...

Hey, what happened?

Why are you running?


What amazing guts you have?

Thought you would have fled

the city after attacking Kapali

but, you are roaming

around with your girl?



I haven't attacked anyone...

Hey, don't play games with me...

Look, you need me, right?

Let me drop her and be back...


I love "buy one

get one free" offers..

Come, my love...

Hey, let go of me...


Hey, go attack him...

Leave me...


Come with me...

This entire area is

under our control, Suri.

They can't escape from here!


Hey, Priya...why? What happened?

Come, come...


listen to me properly...

Apparently, that travels

guy has entered our

area and Suri boss

has asked us to search.

Just search!

Hey, why the hell

did you attack Kapali?

Are you out of your mind?

Have I not been with

you for the past 3 days?

My dad kept saying that a

police job is not required...

Should have listened to him...

Uh no..

Things are like this even

before you join the police...

Can't imagine how it

would be once you join...


It isn't safe for us to

stay here for long...


Call your parents and ask

them to leave immediately.

If my father gets to know,

that would be the end of it!

Understand the situation, Priya!

Please call them right away!

They are near the scrap

road at the market, Suri.

Call all our guys...

Ask Kalki to enter

from the Town Hall side.

Let us lock them from

the Kalasipalya side.

They shouldn't slip

away at any cost!



where are you?

Hey, I haven't

attacked Kapali, buddy!

The bat that was used to attack

him was found in

your car though!

That's a car belonging

to a travel agency man!

So many people get in

and alight in a single day.

There must have

been some confusion!

I will speak with Suri!

What reason do I have

to attack Kapali anyways?

Suri isn't in a mood to

listen to anything, dude!

What do I do then?

Where are you right now?

In a small lane in the

scrap road at the market.

Of all the places, why

did you have to go there?


Suri has a gang for

almost every lane there...


You are trapped,

Why are you scared?

I'm running along only

because you are with me.

Or else...

No need, Raana!

If this were to end

today, I would have

myself asked you

to hit back at them.

They will keep

getting back at us.

So, it's best for us to

go away somewhere!

Fine. Come along.


Don't be scared...

I'm there...


You are screwed!

Packing you in bags as

pieces is confirmed now!


Suri is coming

from the other side

so, if you step that way,

you will be killed in one blow!

Standing here will mean

getting beaten by all of us!

Decide for yourself!

Darling - don't worry that you

would no more have a lover.

We are all here!

Each of us could

take turns everyday

to be your lover for the day!

Don't be scared, To succeed in

life, one needs

to be courageous!

Until I stand as

your shield, you

should never take a step back!

Let us finish him off

before Suri arrives here...

Sir try to understand sir

Hey, not even our

neighbour's would get to

know of our existence

that's how I led my life!

And now, you have

brought us all to this mess!

Sir, why should i kill Kapali...

A wife would be anxious

about the time at which

her husband would get

back home every night

whereas, if my daughter

marries you, she will

not even know whether

or not you will return!

Priya, at least you

say something to him...

Sir... please come

with us... please...

Nothing will

happen. Dont worry..

Look - just stay with your

relatives in Mandya for a while.

I will take you all back

once all this is all sorted.

You also come along with me.


A battle can't be

won by staying quiet.

Let it be decided

whether it is him or me!

You just stay safe.

I'm there for you, Okay!

I will surely be back for you!

Stay strong!


Just go, Priya. I

won't go... please...

Come along, Priya...

You join us too... Nothing

will happen, come along, Priya.


smash every damn thing!

He should get

scared of my hunt..

I somehow feel that fleeing

the city is the safest way out!


Why the hell should I flee?

Why should I?


This city doesn't belong

to just any one person!

millions of people who have been

leading a life in

this city until now!

Suri or Kapali are

not the reason for.

It is because people

trust the police!

As someone who has

to work in that department

to run away from these things

instead of facing them head-on!

It would be an insult to the

uniform I would be wearing!


My friends are in this

mess because of me...

how can I disown

them at this stage?

If they are caught,

they will beat

them to pulp and

send them back home

but, if you are caught,

they will just kill you, man!

It's so much

better to die fighting

instead of running

away to stay alive!

You don't get it, Raana!

Have some patience...

What the hell is he saying?

Listen to me,

Raana... Forget it guys!


the travel guy isn't the one

who has attacked Kapali!

Is it enough that you say so?

At the time when

Kapali was attacked,

he had dropped one of

our people to the airport, sir.

That being the case,

he isn't God to be

present in two places

at once, isn't it sir?

Even God can't save you guys!

Only Kapali can.

What do you mean?

Only when Kapali

wakes up and tells

the truth, will

that Suri listen.

I somehow doubt that

guy having attacked Kapali.

Why do you say so, sir?

In a raid last night,

6 girls were arrested.

One of them was with 2 guys

those guys had Kapali's wallet.

I didn't arrest them though

sent them off.

I know what they do

and where they will go.

You are sitting here and

smoking away to glory!

Bro... why..?

You piece of shit, you

think you are some biggie!

an't do a simple

thing assigned to you!

All I asked for you

guys was to keep your

head down and not

to surface anywhere!

Instead, you are

off sniffing ass!

Sorry, bro!

Hey, did you get

Kapali's wallet?

I told him not to

take it but he...

Hey, where's the wallet?

Bring it up... give it to me...

Be off from the city right away!

Otherwise, even

I will be snuffed

to the ground

along with you guys!

Buzz off!

There's just half the

money here, boss!

Hey, did you kill, Kapali?

If only you had

finished him off as I

told you to,then, I

would have paid full!

What's our mistake in this?

We were just waiting for the

right time & place to kill him.

At 9pm, he went inside the

Naidu hotel and we waited.

Later, when we went inside,

Kapali was nowhere to be seen.

We didn't know

where he was off to.

Thinking that he would

be at his girlfriend's place,

we went there.

Even that place was locked.

So, while on our way back,

we found his car on the road.

Next to it was Kapali's

dead body, boss.

Our minds froze and we

just ran away from there.

What crap!

You guys ruined it all!

What's the matter?

I was the one

responsible for all

of Kapali's collections (money).

With so much

money right in front

of my eyes, I snuck a few once.

Then, I got emboldened.

Was never able

to really enjoy with

the money I could

lay my hands on.

It was then that I

decided to finish off Kapali.

You don't fret!

I will pay twice the amount

Kapali used to pay you!

Just let things be and come

to an agreement right here.


We can't trust the cops.

Instead, let's go to

either the commissioner's

office or the court

and surrender.

Surrendering at

the commissioner's

office or the court?

There's a process for all

this and it takes a lot of time.

Kapali's guys are also searching

for you guys everywhere.


How the hell did we

get stuck in all this?

What do we do now?

I need a car!

For what?

I will kidnap Kapali's mistress.

Hey, Raana...

What the hell is

he planning now?

I have a feeling

something will go wrong!

This house has

security round the clock.

There is no way that Raana

can get out of this mess!

Even in the extreme chance that

both Kapali & Suri are killed

you think their boys will

leave you guys alone?

If you are to have a chance to

survive, you guys

need to leave town.

Is Kapali's mistress

really in this

house at all or

is it all hearsay?

I don't know any of that...

I'm scared and

I'm off from here...

Just let me go...

Sir... sir... listen to me...

It's between you and Kapali...

Sir... sir...

(Girl screaming)

Hey, shut up!

Hey, shut up!

Dude, you just drive...

Let go of me...

Hey, everyone is

searching for me

thinking that I have

attacked Kapali.

Call Suri and ask him

to release my friends.

He won't listen if I tell him

but, if you do, he would.

I know very well that

you are as important to

Kapali as much as

Kapali is important to Suri!

He had got a job as a cop and

was about to get married too.

Look at what has

happened now because of all

this mess he's gotten

into criminal activities!

Hey, just stay quiet.

Dude, call Nihal.

Hey, dude!


Oh, damn!

What happenned?

Dude, Kapali is dead!

Kapali was the only

one who could save you.

Now that he is

gone, it's all over!

All over now!

Man turns into a

demon in his anger

however, this Suri

was already a demon!

Hey, buggers, we

have been asking

you all along - where's Raana?

Even when you ask a

sheep to bark like a dog,

it can only do

what it knows to do!

They won't budge this way, Suri!

What now, dude?

Get up!


Don't know, is it?

Suri - he's still breathing!

Go and throw this body

in front of his house!

No matter where he is, that

Raana has to come to me!

Otherwise, he needs to

know that a dead body of

another of his friends would

be ready to be received.

You guys go & surrender.

"There is no sun & no

moon and the sky is empty!"

"With no friends &

relatives, peace is shattered!"

"Courage is diminishing when

there's a search for fortitude!"

What happened?

They have killed Giri it seems!

"Courage is diminishing when

there's a search for fortitude!"

Our other friend

will also be killed if

you don't surrender

to Suri, it seems!

"With whom an entire childhood

and growing up

years were spent!"

"With no meaning for life

and no justice for death,"

"Dunno what's in store as

living itself seems


"All alone even in dreams,

dunno what's in store!"

Ashok - some rowdies came

home and destroyed everything.

Please tell us where Raana is!

I haven't met him at all!

Aunty, this is Raana speaking...

Raana - am totally

at a loss of ideas...

I don't know what to do!

I'm so scared that they will

kill my son like

they killed Giri!

Aunty... no, I

will ensure to get

Praveen back without any harm.

I will surely bring

him back, aunty!

Please do something, son!

"Even known streets

are throwing up hurdles..."

"Where is the friend who

was with me until now?"

"It's an incident that

can't be understood!"

"The usual place we used to

sit at, is asking

what happened?"

"The lamps that

used to light up the

streets are asking

how this happened?"

"Giri unnecessarily lost his

life because of me, buddy!"

"No answers to be found and

everything remains

as just questions!"

"I'm a lonely guy now

with no words to speak!"

"Let time turn back the

clock to wipe off the mishaps!"

"With no meaning for life

and no justice for death,"

"Dunno what's in store as

living itself seems


"All alone even in dreams,

dunno what's in store!"

Stop the vehicle!

Get down... get down, I said.



Look...I'm sorry to

have involved you in this.

Take this money and

just go far away from here.

Let's go!

We could have

somehow tried to negotiate

with Suri using that

girl as a leverage!

Nope... She's of no use to us!

You go home!

And you?

I will meet Suri!

What? Are you out of your mind?

Pull over the vehicle!

Hey, listen to

me... don't do this...


No, don't do this!

Leave me!

Giri is dead because of me...

Don't be with me

and ruin your lives!

At least you can

live peacefully.

No, buddy... let's

think of something else!

nobody will survive with me

Take this...

It's all over!

How long shall I keep running?

I can't anymore!

If something happens to me

please ask my mom & Priya to

forgive me if possible, please!

There's no other way

other than having to either

find who killed Kapali

or to admit that I did!

Dude, the girl who we

just got off of our car

she boarded my car on

the day Kapali was attacked!

They say she never gets out so,

why was she out that night?

Also, she had covered her face.

Please stop, son...

Where do you need to go, madam?

My daughter isn't keeping well

our house is close-by -

Rajajinagar, 6th block.

Please drop her till

there... I plead you!

Fine... Please get in...

Come and get in

now... come on...

Get in... get in...

Do you want me to take

to a hospital, madam?

Not needed... a good night's

rest at home is sufficient.

Please drop us home.

Where to, madam?

There is some connection to

Kapali's attack and this girl.

We need to find what that is!

I thrashed her in an effort

to find out what happened

learned something that

soothed my heart, boss!

That girl was the

one who killed Kapali!

hat night when I was headed

back home after work...

"Die.. die..."

She was smashing his

head with a cricket bat!

I was only able to stand

& watch there without

being able to do anything.I

went away from there!

While running away from there,

I saw your boys in the street.

Fearing that

they would kill that

girl, I went back to that girl.

She was sitting

there dumbstruck!

She didn't even

remember who I was!

Hey, hey!

I felt very sorry for her.

In a bid to help her,

I brought her home.

Keep going... keep going...

That's all.

Boss, that girl's

necklace is with her only.

You aren't cooking

up stories for

the sake of that

necklace, are you?

No sir... she gave me

the necklace herself.

I just helped her as I felt

sorry for her. That's all.

Boss, that girl had

a stomach ache and

Kapali came home

drunk too, that night.

They both (Kapali & the

girl) went to the hospital.

Where the hell

were you guys then?

Kapali had sent us out for

some work that night, boss.

Then, how did that

bat reach the cab?

That bat was with

the girl itself boss.

I was the one who threw

it at the back of the car.

The driver didn't notice it.

Let this new

information not get out.

Ok, boss.

Whatever is known

until now, let it remain so!

I have an outstanding

to settle with

that Raana so,

let him pay for it!

What about her?

Take her somewhere

far away and finish her off!

Boss, that girl is

too hot and what

if we find her before

Suri finds her?

Find that girl before Suri

gets to know any of this.

Railway station, bus

stand and even auto

rickshaw drivers -

check them all out!

Yes, boss!

Did you see a girl with curly

hair, anywhere around here?

Oh, that girl?

I just dropped her

at the main road.

Take me there...

There was that other lady with

her too, isn't it - the maid?

I suppose we can get something

out from her

about Kapali, right?

I was the one who killed Kapali.

Go, tell this to Suri and all

your problems will be solved.

I was the one who killed Kapali.

I left the place

thinking he was dead.

I killed him with the

bat found is his cab.

Suri - she would have

told Raana everything.

If her history gets out, it

would cause another issue.

Greetings, boss!

A local contractor's

daughter is kidnapped

her dad

is a multi-millionaire!



He is one among the

top-50 richest men in India.

The news of this

kidnapping has reached the

media, making it a

burning headline topic!

So many ministers' phones have

been busy just for this reason.

The Bombay police are on alert!

Even if we were to

apologize, we would be

finished off, let alone

do anything for money.

If the cops get to know

about our involvement then,

rest assured that

all the bullets with the

state police will find

their way into my body!

I don't know what to do now!

Please hide her somewhere!


What's your name?

Where do you stay?

Tell me...

Say it...

What is it?

She doesn't remember anything?


what's your name?

what's your name?

Say it!


she hurt her head

and seems to have

forgotten everything since then.



Your name is off

of the encounter list

so, you can enter the city now.

Each one has a different

thing to say about her.

Who are you?

I don't know.

Don't remember anything.

However, I do know that...

Kapali had locked

me up forcefully.

How long will you keep

savouring the same girl?

Every woman is the

same in the darkness.

Why risk it?

Just snuff her life out

and wash your hands off!

One needs luck to relish wealth

as well as a wealthy woman!

She's such a

luck that has fallen

right on to my

plate all by itself!

in case her dad decides

to conduct an event

where she were to

choose her own suitor!

Heroes, builders,

ministers' sons will

stand in a queue

to get married to her

That's her range

so, I'm okay with any

risk to keep relishing her.

Where to, Suri?

She said she will meet us.

The moment we meet her...

I will finish off that Raana...

That girl could have escaped

whenever she wanted to...

But, she got caught

trying to help us.

Suri will surely kill her!

Haven't we undergone enough even

without having

committed anything wrong?

Whereas, she's actually

committed a wrong

so, she will pay

for it accordingly!

Where's that girl?

First release my friend.

You first surrender that girl...

I will let go of your

friend in the morning.

You are criminals

who live a life of

distrust regarding

those right next to you!

And, I need to believe you!

Release my friend first!


Hey, it's Suri boss...

Tell me boss..


Release that

travel guy's friend...

Why boss?


Do I need to sing a

lullaby and feed you

to narrate everything

that's happened?

I will let him go, boss!

I have asked them

to let your friend go.

Where's that girl?

Follow me.

I don't have the courage

to face that girl now, dude.

You go and show them...

Where's she?

Show them...

Come with me, boss..


the rest of you stay here..

Where the hell is she?

Right here, boss.


please kill me as

soon as you can..


buzz off from here...

Boss, can I and

Raana both leave?

Both of you wait outside

and we will be there shortly.


take him away.

Come with me...

Just tell me who I

am and that's enough!

You can kill me after that...


I don't want to die being

called as Kapali's mistress.

Where are these guys?

Oh, they have snuck in

due to the cold, I suppose!

Hey, Ramu...


Hey, Kalki...


The mobile network

isn't available...

The car tyres have

all been punctured..

We are not the ones

here to hunt him,

he has brought everyone

here to hunt us down!

He's screwed us well, Suri.

It's a risk if we stay here.

Let's get out of

here first, Suri!

I'm someone who fights

scores of people at once...

And, you ask me to run

away fearing just one guy?

No way!

Pick up the weapon...

Suri, no... listen to me...

Please don't harm them, Suri...


Suri & Pacchi

took away that girl...

And, I went to

my friend's place.

I don't know what

happened after that.

He said the same thing

at the station too, sir.

That he wasn't

the one who killed

Kapali and it was the girl.

Even Kapali's brother

Suri confirmed the same.


There is no whereabout

of Suri at all...

So, based on what you mean,

did Suri's enemies

finish him off then?

Even I'm unable

to ascertain, sir.

There were 8 guys

with Suri that day.

All of them are missing.

There will be a clue

with just one murder

It's dangerous to even just

have an acquaintance with death

and yet, here you

are toying with it?

I will cut you to pieces so that

even a dead body isn't available

and do the same with all

your friends & family too!

We live with the hope of parents

and friends, if we focus on

you leaving them aside, there

will be no gundas in the society

i have decided...

All those who used to

take your name with fear

will start asking where

is he from now on!

That's what I will do!

Hey Raana, you are

my brother dude...

You messed it up

even more, dude!

Suri's boys won't

leave you alone...

Even if they did,

you think the cops

will stay quiet?

If they file a criminal

case, your entire

career is over even

before it begins!

Only if people outside

get to know, right?


You asked for 10

crore rupees for

starting a mutton-pork

mixing plant

There will be a clue

with just one murder

and here we are talking

about so many to be murdered

& disposed of...That

would be very difficult.

There would have to be at

least one clue available, sir...


what do you think

would have happened?

Well, there is not

a chance that he

would have anything

to do with it, sir..

Let us let him off the hook...


release him...


That Pacchi who

was with Kapali has

snuck a lot of money

under his nose.

Both Kapali &

Suri knew about it.

Something has happened

between the three of them, sir.

What could have happened?


Get up, lad... get up...

Why fall at my feet?

You will always

have my blessings...


see to it that no harm

comes this boy's way.

Thank you, sir!

You want to become

a cop, right? Yes, sir!

Salute me after

you join the duty!

You can go now...

Okay sir...

Thank you, sir!

All this has to be

investigated unofficially...

got it?

Okay, sir!

Oh, my daughter - Rajani...

My sweetheart!


please don't ask her anything.

Have it.

Please don't feel bad

its ok sir

as I don't know

how to thank you!


As a token of appreciation,

please accept this.


despite all the money

at your disposal,

it couldn't get your

daughter back!

My father always

used to say that

I should earn from my hardwork &

efforts and not

for helping others.

Your blessings

would suffice, sir!

I will take leave!