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Ascetic, come to my abode

Light the lamps of enlightenment
in every dwelling

Studs in your ears,
thorns around your neck

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You'll get a slap this time.

This is raga Bhairavi, son.

Its notes have the magic
to halt someone on the move...

and soothe a restless heart.

It fills hearts with devotion...

and helps people reach God.

Alright, now sing with me.




Where's Rajan, you son of a fool?

My father isn't a fool.

- He's Ramadeen.
- Fool!

Have you forgotten my name, too?

- I'm Rasiya.
- Out of the way.

Won't you teach me
how to play the tabla?

You could never learn
how to play the tabla.

- Understand?
- Yes, I understand.

Father, he's gone.

She has no interest in playing.

I've tried hard to tell her...

Don't give me excuses!

Raagini! Raagini!

Are you hurt?

What's wrong?

You make me fall down.
Then ask what's wrong.

Let me go.

You won't run away, will you?

- Can you stop me?
- Yes, I can.

- How?
- With my magic.

- Show me, then.
- I'll show you.

I am not the same
as the rest of the world

I am a carefree magician

My song has the magic
to make your feet halt

You, who hide and look at me...

your smile will come
to your eyes

You've made my heart dance
with your melodious song

All I know is that
you've created magic

How can I stay mad at you?

I only pretend to do so

Look how we come
together after a fight

Come in.

Are you mad at me?

- What is it?
- I won't talk to you.

- You won't talk with your Rajan?
- Never.

You have a way with words.

I also know how to pacify
someone who's angry!



Stop it.

Is that all you'll say?

What can I say to you?

You're always busy with your music.

- Do you hate my music, then?
- Hate?

Sometimes I feel like
breaking this tanpura.

- It's always close to your heart.
- Is that it?

- If that's what you want, then...
- Oh!

- What are you doing?
- What you want me to.

I was just pulling your leg.

What, did you think I'd
actually break it?

Did you like the joke?


- Oh! Your father!
- Father? Oh no!

Say, did you like the joke?

- Oh, you witch!
- Let go of me!

- You always come at the wrong time.
- Sir's coming!

Who, father? Oh no!

- Why didn't you come earlier?
- It would've been the wrong time.

Go, hide. Hurry up.

You can escape while I'm playing
the tabla for your father.

- Shut up!
- Father!

Did you see the magic of my music?

- Yes, I saw it.
- How was it?


But have you ever seen
the magic of this stick?

- This stick?
- Yes!

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, mother.
- Mother? Am I your mother?

Who, Champa?


My love, I'm a kite,
you're my string

I fly all around

My young heart cannot be controlled
when dark clouds cover the sky

The cool breeze dances as it blows by.
The clouds of love gather over my heart

My body and heart dance as I sing.
Oh, my veil flies away

My veil flies away

Your grace is nimble, your eyes intoxicating.
Your gait has changed, your ways unique

You cast the spell
of love on my heart

Your eyes meet mine
and steal their sleep

They steal my sleep

My fair, beautiful thief looks
at me in such a way

That her gaze pierces my heart.
I have no control over it

My heart dances
to the tune of the shehnai

This beautiful night
has brought dreams with it

The moon smiled as it met my eyes.
The desires of youth awake

The desires of youth awake

Oh, brother Jaggu!

Come, come, brother Jaggu.

Why are you roaming around today?

The landlord's car broke down.

I got it repaired and
took it out for a drive.

Why do you smell it?

Take it if you like it.

The flower I want
isn't in your shop.

- Yes, you'll find that flower with Rajan.
- Madan!

Hey! Don't take your anger
out on me.

You can't even impress a girl,
yet you boast of so many things.

- Take her away from Rajan if you can.
- Madan!

Madan, is it true
that he and Raagini...

He's been romancing her day and night.

You better think of a plan,
or the bird will fly away...

and you'll only be able to watch.

- Florist!
- Who is it?

- But I'll take double for it today.
- Why?

- But I'll take double for it today.
- Why?

Because I have two buyers
for this flower coronet.

- But I'll only pay four paise for it.
- Get lost.

- Madan.
- Yes, brother?

- Here's the money.
- Here's your coronet.


Take it, take it.

Aren't you insulted?

She didn't just throw it at you,
she slapped you with it.

Now I'll make her mine
at any cost.

Now you've got time
from your music.

I've been waiting for you for...

- Jaggu!
- Yes, Jaggu. Your lover.

Mind your words, or...

Oh, you're even more beautiful
when you're angry.

You're shameless!

- What do you want?
- I want you.

I'm in love with you.

It was very sweet.

- Let go of my hand.
- Raagini! Raagini!

- How soft your hands are. I wish I could...
- Jaggu!

- I would die for your tantrums.
- Loafer!

Where are you going?

I haven't had a chance
to find you alone in ages.

Where are you lost, Raagini?

In the land of dreams.

Where only you,
I and our love reside.

Your love will help me
attain the highest honor in music.

Don't go so high
that I can't reach you.


Raagini, I promise you
with God as my witness...

that you'll always be the only one
in my heart, my dreams and my music.



Catch this goon and take him
to the village council.

Don't dare step forward.

You stain the village's honor...

and then try and fight with us?

Catch him and take him to the villagers.

- Jaggu!
- Rajan!

- If you step forward...
- Who do you think you are?

- Let go of me. - Rajan!
- Catch him!

Hit the goon. Hit him.

Hit the goon. Hit him.

Rajan has dishonored our community.

He has ruined the honor of our village.

This isn't just about a few people...

but the reputation
of an entire village,

Our reputation is dearer
to us than life.

It's very shameful.

The same village soil
once considered holy...

isn't even seen
as worth stepping upon now.

Lalaji, we must do something...

before we face the consequences.

What should we do, Lalaji?

How can I say?

Panditji is the wisest person
in the village.

What can I say?

If this was about the Puranas
or some religious scriptures...

I might've been able to help.

It seems like common sense
that the fish...

dirtying the water can't stay in it.

If a body part becomes unclean,
it's washed, not amputated.


Meaning Rajan and Raagini punishment...

should be getting tied
in the bonds of matrimony.

The bond of matrimony?
Between a Brahmin boy and a Thakur girl?

- What's the problem with it?
- Stop it!

Aren't you ashamed of insuldting...

the Brahmin community before a priest?

Would you rather the girl
beg on the streets for a living?

Have you considered how a helpless girl
would be treated in this world?

I don't care what happens to her.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

That's wrong!

Why not kill Raagini before
you let her turn to begging...

and prostitution?

- Sir!
- Panditji!

- He's right, Panditji.
- What?

- He's right, Panditji.
- What?

It's Rajan's fault, not Raagini's.

He's the cause.

Why shouldn't we uproot
the cause of the problem?

Of course we should.

There's no place for such
hooligans in our village.

Yes. yes, there's no place for him.

You're the village headman.
You're this village's pride.

It's your duty to protect our honor.

All of us have the same opinion.

Throw him out. Throw him out.

Throw him out. Throw him out.


If this is what the villagers want...

then it's what I want, too.

Rajan is banished from the village.

Jumman, go.

- Rajan!
- Raagini!

- I'll go with Rajan.
- Raagini!

- Rajan... - Raagini.
- Rajan... - Raagini.

- Rajan...
- Go inside.

Mother! Mother! Open the door.

Open the door.
Open the door, mother.

Or I'll hit my head
against the wall and die.

Open the door, mother.

Open the door.

Open the door, mother.

Stop! Stop! Stop, Rajan!

Rasiya, where are you going?

Rajan, when you're
leaving this village...

what use do I have here?

- I'll go with you.
- Come. Two's better than one.

Hey! Where are you going?

- Inside.
- Where?

To meet the company's owner.
For a job.

You'll have to become a man
before you get a job.

- I'm not a man?
- Are you?

Look at yourself.

Will the company's owner care
about my clothes or my work?

This is a film company.

Wear good clothes,
come in a big car...

and you'll have everything.

If you haven't got that,
you have nothing.

Move aside, there's a
car behind you.


who is the singer
in the house behind ours?

- A singer?
- Yes.

He's such a talented musician.

My entire body danced to his voice.

- I wonder why he stopped singing.
- It's a good thing he did.

- Why?
- What if you'd started dancing?

What if I had?
Would it have killed me?

- You should be careful...
- Because I have a weak heart.

I'm so weak, I could die
if I danced. Right?

These dark words have already killed me.

My happiness lies
in your happiness, madam.

I can summon the singer,
if you want.

I want to, but I fear
that if Mr. Jugal finds out...

- So what?
- He'll feel bad.

Let him.

- Don't say that, Durga.
- Why not?

- What's he ever done for you?
- He's done so much.

He saved me from prostitution...

and gave me a place
in the world.

He made me a respectable dancer.

He's done everything,
but he couldn't become yours.

You're right. The dust from the road
can't rest on a god's forehead.

- He's helpless.
- He's not helpless, he's cowardly.

- Durga!
- It's the truth.

Mr. Jugal chose his family honor,
his mother and society over you.

He can never give you joy.

You must find your joy yourself.

I have only one joy
in life: music.

- I can't have anyone now.
- Why not?

As long as Durga is alive,
you'll get whatever you want.

- Yes?
- I'm Durga.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Your name?
- I'm Ustad Rasiya.

I'm a musician.

It's your music
that's brought me here.

The world fawns over my voice.

But I only sing where I can get a little...

A little? You'll get a lot.

- Do you know who's called you?
- No.

- Sitara Devi, the famous dancer.
- Really?

- Would you like tea?
- No.

I'll put on my clothes.

Sit down, please.

She's here.

Shall I sing?

- Shall I sing?
- I've had enough of your nonsense.

Nonsense? What did you say? Nonsense?

Ustad Rasiya's singing can't be nonsense.

Don't say it before anyone
or they'll laugh at you.

They'll cry when they hear you sing.

Cry? You don't understand music.

- Get lost.
- My reward?

- Reward? Will you leave or should I call someone?
- I'll leave.

These are bad times.
If I could get some money...

Aren't you ashamed of begging?

What did you say? Begging?

- Take the tanpura and pay me its price.
- Price?

Give him some money.

Take it. Take it with you.

I don't take back what I sell.

What about your tanpura?

You didn't respect my songs.

Should I hit myself
on the head with this tanpura?

I'm leaving.

Rasiya, you've won my heart
with these sweets and milk.

- Should I get more?
- No.

- I can't sing if I eat too much.
- Sing?

- How will you sing without the tanpura?
- Tanpura?

- Rasiya, where's my tanpura?
- In your stomach.

- What?
- Half of it's in your stomach, and the other half's in mine.

- Rasiya!
- Listen.

If our financial crisis continues like
this, we'll have to sell our clothes...

and our bedding, just to survive.

- Tell me where my tanpura is.
- I'll tell you.

Over there.

- There?
- Yes.

- See that lane? - Yes.
- Over there, in that mansion.

- To whom did you give it?
- Not give, sell.

- Sell?
- Yes.

You couldn't have had milk
and sweets for breakfast if I hadn't.

The milk and sweets came from...

I bought them
with the tanpura money.

You idiot!


- Greetings.
- Greetings.

The tanpura my friend
sold to you is mine.

- Yours?
- Yes.

- What's your name?
- Name?

I haven't made a name
for myself yet.

- Where do you live?
- Behind your mansion.


- Were you the one singing last night?
- Yes, I sing sometimes.

You sing very well.

- When did you hear me?
- How does that matter?

- Durga!
- She's gone out, madam.

Come in.

Come in.

- I don't have any money.
- Money?


- The money my friend...
- Oh! Forget about it.

Take the tanpura.

I don't wish to humiliate myself
by accepting favors from a stranger.

I don't wish to insult music
by selling an instrument.

- I worship music.
- In that case, let it stay with you.


You must pay the price
if you want it back.

I told you, I have nothing.

- You have a lot.
- What do I have?

Music. Your one note
can pay its price.

It's a request, not an order.

My crazed heart...

sings of our union day and night

With the lamps of hope lit...

I have been waiting for an eternity

My beloved has come

The Lord has come
to reside in my heart

My anklet rings out

What is this magic?

- Mr. Jugal...
- What were you doing?

His music has such magic that I...

Sitara, don't you know that dancing
isn't good for you?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

- Sitara...
- I'm tired.

Tell them to call the doctor.

Is it serious, doctor?

I'm just surprised her heart
is much better than before.

But you said music
isn't good for her.

Dance, not music.

She can still soothe her heart
by listening to music.

But dancing is still dangerous for her.

- Alright, goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Please wait outside for a moment. I have to talk to you.
- Very well.

He sings very well.

Sitara, I've hated music since
the day it became dangerous for you.

What if anything happened
to you today?

Mr. Jugal, it's about time you started
praying for my death instead of my life.


how can I wish for my own death
by wishing for yours?

What has happened to you today?

If something had happened to you, then...

What use is such madness?

- Sitara, I...
- Why are you so worried?

Because I look at life through
your eyes, not mine.

Sitara, when I look at you, I...

If you look at me like this,
I'll begin to fear you.

Go. He's waiting for you.

Price? What price?

I mean, if you need any help,
you may approach me without hesitation.

I can give you money, a job,
anything you need.

People pay to listen to music,
and you're paying me to not listen to it.

Yes, something like that.

Mr. Jugal, I'm poor,
not a beggar.

- My poverty won't beg before anyone.
- Listen.

You're hurt. I'm here to befriend you,
not to insult your poverty.

I'll always take a hand extended
towards friendship.

Who is it?

You? Here?

- How do you feel now?
- Very well.

Your music has given me
a new life.

Come in, please. Have a seat.

- Please sit down.
- Yes.

Where's your musician friend?

He was so scared,
he returned to the village.

- I'm thinking of moving to another city, too.
- Why?

How can I live here
without a job?

- If you only want a job...
- I want both work and money.

I dream of becoming
a renowned artist.

You'll get what you want.

But before you win people's hearts,
you must sing simple songs.

I can sing whatever the world
wants me to.

I can sing any kind of song
to please the public.

- Then come with me.
- Where?

To the world you've
been dreaming of. Come.

Your house is...

the place where sorrows rejoice
and joys lament.

Look at these curtains colored with sorrow,
these paintings robbed of their color.

The beauty drowned in melancholy.

It feels as if the world
is sad just because I am.

But why is that?

My dance was everything to me.

When I couldn't dance
because of my heart...

I felt as if the world
had become desolate.

You still dance very well.

I used to, four years ago.

Nor am I the same now,
and neither is my dance.

People have rightly said...

that the death of art
is the death of an artist, too.

I still worship art.

It is dearer to me than my life.

But your life is dearer
to me than art.

Mr. Jugal, when did you come?

Just now. I'd been waiting for you.

You again?

- I haven't come here to sing to her.
- Then?

He didn't come here,
he was brought.

- To sing for you?
- No, for the world.

- I don't understand.
- Mr. Jugal...

I want the world
to hear his voice.

Your theater closed down
the day I stopped dancing.

Open its doors again.

He'll sing and I'll dance.

You'll dance?
How's that possible, Sitara?

It could prove fatal for you.

If my death could build
an artist's career...

then it would be an honor
for me to die.

You know everything, Sitara,
yet you want to risk your life.

Death comes only once...

but when it does,
neither you nor I can stop it.

Alright, but I can't take this risk
for your stubbornness.

- You know the doctor said...
- That my heart is better than before.

- Yes, but...
- He also said...

that his music has infused
life into my body.

I understand, Sitara, but...

Mr. Jugal, music is medicine
for the weak-hearted.

- That may be, but...
- Please don't refuse.

She'll be cured if she's happy.

- Please, show mercy on me.
- Not to her, but to her art.

- Her art...
- Yes.

Miss Sitara is an artist
whose art represents...

the art and culture of our country.

It's our duty to preserve her art.

I understand, Rajan, but...

I'll keep her away from all harm.

That's my duty now.

Please say yes, Mr. Jugal.
Just this once, for my sake.

- Alright, Sitara, but I have a condition.
- What?

You'll always be accompanied
by a doctor.

There's no better doctor
for me than music...

but I accept your condition.

I, a Bengali lad,
doff my hat to love

I, a Madrasi lass,
am in love with you


Every fair maiden has
long hair in my Bengal

Fried flatbread with fish
is what they eat all the time

Nowadays, every market sells fake goods

- I'll deck myself up for you.
- I'm dead, I'm dead

Bengali music will make
your heart frolic

Where do I find you, my friend?

- My nimble dance has set Russia on fire.
- Oh God!

I am an anklet, my love,
and you are my chime

To tell you the truth,
my heart is incapable of love

Oh Bengali, Miss Pillai
asks you to become hers

- Pappi calls out to you, oh Ganguly.
- What did you say?

If you become mine,
everything will be sorted

Why have you tugged
at my heartstrings?

Why do my anklets ring out?

I sway at every step

Why does my heart keep dancing?


I've been telling you for days
that she needs blood.

But you didn't listen to me.

- She's anemic.
- Doctor, it's my fault.

- Mr. Rajan?
- I'm Rajan.

Your blood group matches the patient's.

Lie down on that cot.

Sitara, I can drive
if you're feeling unwell.

Let me drive. It feels good.

- Where shall we go?
- Anywhere.

Anywhere? When will you realize
where your destination is?

- Don't say that, Sitara.
- Then what should I say?

Sitara, I...

What's the use of holding the hand
that can't stay in yours?

Sitara, I know you're waiting
for the day when...

- But Sitara, I...
- But, you're helpless, right?

Mr. Jugal, anyone from
a renowned family is helpless.

There's no place for an ordinary dancer
like me in such a family.

Sitara, you don't know what
place you have in my heart.

I've a place in your heart,
not in your home.

In my home?

- Sitara, you know that...
- I'm a woman, Mr. Jugal.

Every woman has a desire to have
a family, a husband, children.

I understand what you feel, Sitara.
When the time is right, I...

When the time is right?

What can a helpless man do
without any support?

Jugal! Jugal!

- What is it, mother?
- Come to me, son.

How are you now?

I'm well.

Sit down.

The girl's family wants a reply.

What should I tell them?

What can I say?

So you don't accept
this proposal, either.

How do I answer you, mother?
I don't know what to say.

I know that decisions are made
by the heart, not the brain.

- Mother, that's why I...
- I won't put you under any pressure, son.

I only want a daughter-in-law
from a family...

with the same status
and reputation as ours.

I know, mother.

If you marry any other girl,
society will...

I don't care about society.
I only care about you.

Mother, I don't want
to disappoint you, so...

- So what?
- I'll never get married.

That'll hurt me even more, son.

I'll die before my time.

What can I do, mother?
How can I marry when Sitara...

I've understood everything, son.

- Don't be saddened, mother.
- I don't wish to shatter your dreams.

And I promise I'll never marry anyone
without your consent.

- Greetings. How are you now?
- I'm alright.

- Please sit down.
- I was very scared.

You donated your blood
to save my life yesterday.

Have you done any less for me?

You've risked your life
for someone else's.

Forget my blood, I could give
my life for you, Miss Sitara.

What are you looking at?

I see someone in your eyes.

So, you've discovered that, too.

- Who is she?
- Raagini.

You're always lost in ragas and raaginis.

One can only gain
after having lost something.

And then, life is interesting only
when you make someone your own...

or become someone else's.

You're flying very high, Rajan.

You've helped me take flight, Mr. Jugal.

I only did what a friend should.

"The city danced to Rajan's music."

"Sitara's dance has mesmerized people."

"Rajan: a promising musician."

- "Sitara: a goddess of art."
- Rajan! - Sitara!


He turns around to look at me

He throws glances my way,
my unknown lover

When the weather exults,
my heart searches for someone

What can remain hidden
when the eyes start to speak?

The boats set sail
when the waves beckon to them

My heart slowly dances
to your tunes

When my heart sways,
it sings of someone's love

Someone looks into my eyes and smiles

Whose gestures call out to me?

Sometimes, my eyes look down.
Sometimes, my tresses curl

When I'm with you,
my walk becomes graceful

No one knows how beautiful
our dreams are

- But Panditji, when and with whom?
- Our Jaggu.

Jaggu, do you agree?

It's the question
of our community's reputation.

How can I refuse?

- But Thakur...
- Why do you hesitate?

You're lucky Jaggu
agreed to marry her.

Otherwise, who would marry
a girl like her?

When will you come again?

- Whenever you think of me.
- Think of you?

I've forgotten about myself.

Such a nice painting,
but in such a deplorable condition.

Everything here is colorless,
pale and lifeless...

even in my own life.

Oh, your handkerchief's dirty.

This painting is more precious
than my handkerchief.

Yes, this painting is more precious
than I am.

At least people spare it a glance.

But who'd look at your painting...

If they could look at you instead?



Do you really love it?
My painting, my dance?

Yes, they pierce an artist's soul.

- To tell you the truth, I worship you.
- Worship?

- What are you thinking of?
- Nothing.

- Something, surely?
- I was thinking how colorless, gloomy and lonely...

my life was before I met you.

You brought all the joys of the world
into my life the day I met you.

I've gained a lot since
I met you, too.

Fame, renown, respect.

These things might make life better,
but they don't complete it.

You're right about that.

A person's life is incomplete
until they have a home, a partner.

How strange! Our lives
and dreams are so similar.

The day our dreams come true...

We'll be the happiest people
in the world.

- What are you thinking about, son?
- Nothing, mother.

You never go out these days.

I can't see you so troubled.

What can I say, mother?
I've reached another crossroads.

On one hand is a mother's love,
and on the other...

I know the biggest obstacle for you...

- is your mother's love.
- What are you saying, mother?

Your love is dearer to me
than life itself.

Then why don't you get married?

I told you, I won't marry.

You must marry the girl
I've chosen for you.

Mother, I can't...

- Take these.
- What are these?

Marital bracelets. For Sitara.

Sitara? But mother,
you think of her as...

Son, if you trust her, I'll be happy
to make her my daughter-in-law.

Give her these bracelets, and put them
on her wrists on an auspicious day.

My crazed heart...

sings of our union day and night

With the lamps of hope lit...

I have been waiting
for an eternity

Here comes my beloved

What's the matter, madam?

- Was Mr. Rajan singing here?
- Here? No.

- Was it a dream?
- A dream.

- A beautiful dream.
- A beautiful dream?

What's the matter?

I spent the night...

I spent the night counting stars

Ever since I became yours,
my heartless lover

By casting your spell upon me...

what is this pain
you have given me?

The flowers sigh
as they ask me...

whose eyes have met mine?

My veil slips from my head.
My heart yearns for your love


- What is it?
- It's good news.

I've come here to say
what I couldn't all these years.

What is it?

- What's this?
- An engagement gift.

- But what about your mother?
- These are her blessings.

Allow me.

We shouldn't delay this.

- These hands are no longer yours.
- Not mine?

Who is he, Sitara?

Sitara, who is he?

I understand now.

You took too long, Mr. Jugal.

Sitara, I always thought that you...

But why didn't you tell me?
Answer me.

I didn't tell myself, either.

I thought I loved his art.

But eventually...

Your love for the art turned
into love for the artist, right?

But wasn't the love of the person
who gave life to your art true love?

- It was.
- Then why did you...

I thought a lowly girl like me
could never earn your love.

I've refused proposals from many
reputed families for you.

I've sacrificed my happiness
for yours, but you...

- I'm sorry, Mr. Jugal.
- I'm sorry for interfering with your happiness.

Your house changed, your life changed...

But I never thought you'd change, too.

Congratulations, Sitara.
Sing, dance, celebrate.

Mr. Jugal! Mr. Jugal!

I have no place
in your life now.

- Doesn't my happiness make you happy?
- Happy?

How do I answer that?

You have everything you ever wanted.

A new life, music, dance, and,
and someone's love.

Mr. Jugal, I can never forget
your favors and your sympathy.

What do you mean?

I can sacrifice my love
for your joy.


Sitara, my love isn't lustful and greedy.

You and Rajan can create
your world of music.

As for me, this is my life...

to be betrayed and laugh it off.

Mr. Jugal! Mr. Jugal!

Have you severed all ties between us?

A man and a woman can
only have two relationships.

One of love, the other of hatred.

But I don't hate you.

You don't love me, either.

Sitara, my only option
is to forget you.

And I hope you'll
help me with that.


Look, I've brought this
saree for your bride.

- Do you like it?
- It's beautiful, mother.

Son, don't think I'm unhappy.
I'm overjoyed.

I'll dress up your bride so well...

that she'll look as radiant
as the full moon.

I've bought lots of jewelry for Sitara.

I'll show you right now.

Is everyone in the village alright?

There's lots of problems
in the village.

You must go there immediately,
or Raagini will be in trouble.

- What nonsense?
- It's the truth.

Rumors are flying about you.

People are saying
the city has changed Rajan.

- And?
- They say you're in love with a dancer.

It's not true, Rasiya.

You're the only one who knows that.

Raagini is very troubled about this.

Aunt Jamuna agrees with
the villagers, too.

I have to go there immediately.

Yes, immediately.

- Rasiya, make the arrangements. I'll be back soon.
- Alright

- Mr. Jugal.
- Oh, Rajan! When did you come?

Take a seat. I have good news.

Many renowned musicians and rich people...

will be attending the show.

House full. It'll be a grand program.

Mr. Jugal, can't we cancel the show?

- Cancel? Why?
- I want to go to my village.

No, no, Rajan. You can't
leave the city before this show.

- Why?
- If the person for whom I sing...

my music will die.

- I fear that...
- What do you fear?

What'll happen to your music?
What's the matter?

- There's a girl in my village. Raagini.
- Raagini?

She's my childhood sweetheart.
My ray of hope.

- What do you mean?
- Mr. Jugal, I want to marry her.

Rajan, you...

If you want to marry her,
why are you deceiving Sitara?

- Deception? What deception?
- What else is it?

You swear by your love
for Raagini, yet you say...

you worship Sitara.
What does that mean?

It means I worship her art,
not her beauty.

We are only connected
by our music.

Believe me, I...

What makes you think
I loved Miss Sitara?

- Sitara thinks that you...
- She's mistaken, Mr. Jugal.

This mistake will ruin her.

She's complicated her life
for no reason.

Mr. Jugal, I respect her,
but you can't call that love.

Please try to make her understand.

I'll have to,
or she'll keep dreaming.

Mr. Jugal?

Has your anger cooled down?

- Are you going out?
- I was, but...

I know where you're going,
but it'd be better if you didn't.

Why? Does my happiness bother you?

Your happiness doesn't bother me...

but the tears in your eyes will.

What are you trying to say?

People get hurt
when their dreams shatter.

This is your story, Sitara.

The path you're treading
is one which has hurt me before.

I don't understand.

It's better if I don't say it.

- What should I understand?
- That...

- Sitara, Rajan...
- Why'd you stop? Tell me.

- Rajan doesn't love you.
- It's a lie.

It's the truth.

He sees you only as an artist.

I knew you would be
jealous of our love.

I can tolerate anything.

Everything you love is dear to me.

Then why would you say
something like this?

I don't want to see you heartbroken.

Not another word.

- I prefer your silence.
- Sitara...

Don't go so far on the path of love
that to return might prove fatal for you.

I want Rajan to tell me...

whether his love will give me
life or death, not you.

You didn't do the right thing
by separating Rajan from me.

Sitara, you're mistaken.

Believe me, I didn't...

- Rajan.
- What?

- Something feels off.
- Off?

- Go find out.
- Find out? Right away.

- Champa, Champa.
- Rasiya!

Listen to me. What's going on?

Why are you here?

The vermilion that ruins someone's
life should be wiped off.

- How dare you!
- How dare I?

- Rajan!
- This wedding won't happen, father.

It will.

- As long as I'm alive...
- Rajan!

Before you're responsible
for a girl's death...

the ruin of a father's
reputation and a village...

you'll have to go over
my dead body.

So, you're the biggest hurdle in my way?

I'm not the only one.

The village's reputation also.

You value the village's reputation
more than your son.

- Son...
- If I had known my own father would betray me...

- I never would've come here.
- Rajan!

What's going on here?

It's time to take the
bride to the aisle.

And you haven't gotten her ready?

What can we do?
Raagini won't wear the wedding dress.

Why won't she?
I'll get her ready.

Leave, now.


Bring the bride.


Where'd she go?

She jumped out the window
and ran away.

- I'm ruined. I'm ruined.
- What happened?

- Raagini's run away.
- What?

We're being followed.

Here, hide.

- Look, she's running.
- Where will she run to? Come.


Where are you going?

Please forgive me.

You'll chase an unknown woman!

- Wait! I'll complain to the entire village.
- Please forgive me.

- I will...
- Listen to me.

- Panditji!
- Forgive me.

Look, this man's following me!

Aren't you ashamed?

Forgive me, mother. Forgive me.

- To hell with you.
- God!

Hello. Hello. Roopkala Theater?

What's the current situation, manager?

House full.

All the tickets were sold in advance.

- Any idea where Mr. Rajan is?
- Yes.

Er, no, he hasn't returned yet.

The show is scheduled in the evening
and he hasn't returned yet?

Not returned yet?

What? Ask Mr. Jugal. Alright?

- Hello.
- Roopkala Theater. Sharma speaking.

Yes, Sharma, tell me.

There's no information about Mr. Rajan.

- Is he with you?
- No, he hasn't come here.

Ask Sitara. She might know.

Miss Sitara told me to ask you.

- Sitara told you to ask me?
- Yes.

- I don't know.
- You don't know, either?

If Mr. Rajan doesn't come on time
for the show, we'll have a problem.

I know, I understand
but what can I do?

Oh, Rajan! We were just
talking about you.

Yes, Rajan's just come here.

Let Sitara know that Rajan has come.

We were all so worried about you.

The show was scheduled for this evening,
but you were nowhere to be seen.

I came back because I'd promised you,
but I can't sing now.

What happened? Did Raagini...

Raagini has left my life forever.

She's married to someone else.

- You're laughing, Mr. Jugal?
- What else can I do?

We must laugh through sorrow in life-

My life is over, Mr. Jugal.

My music is dead.

Rajan, you're an artist.
You live and die for art.

Raagini is no longer yours.

It's a sin to think about her.
Forget her.

I wish I could.

I can never forget Raagini.

You'll have to, Rajan,
or you won't be able to live.

I don't want to live, Mr. Jugal.

I understand how you feel, Rajan,
but whatever happened was for the best.

For the best? How?

You needed unforgettable pain.

Now you've experienced it.

Now you need someone
who will share your sorrows...

and treat your life
as if it were hers.

Do you mean...

You know who I mean.

- Sitara is your life and joy now.
- Mr. Jugal...

Both of you are artists.

You have the same ambitions.

- If you marry each other, then...
- What are you saying?

I know it'll be difficult for you.

Rajan, if you can't share
your joys with her...

you must at least share her sorrows.

She'll be happy with you,
no matter how you are.

How can you say this
when you love her?


My job is to light up Sitara's life...

even if it leaves only darkness for me.

I don't understand, Mr. Jugal.

Rajan, you'll do me a favor
by giving Sitara a new lease on life.

You'll fulfill a friend's duty.

- Your words are scaring me.
- I understand.

- Where are you going?
- I don't know, but I'll reach the theater.

Do reach on time, or...
or Sitara will be shattered.

Is this Rajan's house?

No, it's a theater.
Roopkala theater.

Rajan will sing here tonight.

It'll be a big show.

Go inside and find out more.

- Madam, ticket.
- Tlcket? I don't have one.

- Then get lost. Get lost.
- Sir...

- Watchman, take her away.
- Sir...

Come on, leave. Get lost.

Drink, my dear.


No, he's Kalua, our driver.

Oh, Kalua! Our friend!

Sorry, I'm too drunk
to recognize you.

We had some money
we needed to settle.

Forget about the money.

Will you bet now? No?

Do it. You'll forget. No?

- As you wish.
- Let's go.

Drink, my dear.

Drink in the name of the Lord.

I never hid anything from you.

Why hasn't Rajan come?

Sitara, I've already told you that.

Sitara, Rajan doesn't love you.

The girl he loves is named Raagini.



She's married now.

Rajan couldn't come
because he was heartbroken.

Sitara, if you don't support
Rajan right now...

the darkness may
take him away forever.

Only I can understand
what he's going through.

Rajan hasn't arrived yet.

The audience is getting impatient.

Sitara, if there's anything
you can do...

Please do something, madam.
They're only shouting now.

Soon, they'll start damaging
the property, and I'll be in trouble.

Sharma, announce that
Rajan can't perform...

and Sitara will perform instead.

- What if the crowd goes berserk?
- Do as I say.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we're very sorry to announce that..

Due to a sudden deterioration
in Rajan's health...

Who said Rajan is unwell?

Look, he's come.

- Come on, start.
- What should we play? - Anything

Don't make me long
for you, traitor

What is this you have said?

I accept that I am an inebriate

Come, laugh at my state

Everybody has come
to listen to my song

Nobody knows my heartache

Sing, my heart, sing

I bid adieu to your gathering

ls there anyone who will hold me?

I've fallen down

You are everything to me

It's for you that
I've drunk today

Forget your sorrows, forget them

- Traitor...
- Rajan.

- Doctor!
- Traitor...

- Rajan.
- Rajan. Rajan.

- Call the doctor.
- Doctor!

- Yes.
- Please see.

I know what's wrong with him.

Take him out in the open.

Make arrangements to take him out.

- Where are you taking me?
- Come on.

Get up.

Don't make me long for you...

Go with him.

Look, Rajan's leaving.

Rajan! Rajan!

Rajan! Rajan!

Stop, stop! A girl's fallen down.

Mr. Jugal, madam's gone home.
Please leave this at her house.

Put it inside.

Sir, a girl has fainted.
What should we do?

Go and check on her.
I hope she didn't get hit by a car.

- What happened?
- She's unconscious.

She's unconscious?

Get the car.

- What happened?
- The girl's fainted.

Take her to the hospital.

- Durga, go with her.
- Alright.

Come on, pick her up.

She had a narrow escape,
or the car would've knocked her down.

Sir, why are they shouting?

A rustic girl slipped and fell down.

Move on.

- Go with her.
- I'll go home.

You want to go home?
You should go with the girl.

Sharma, go to Rajan after getting
the girl admitted to the hospital.

- How will you get home?
- I'll manage. Driver, go.

I have to go to the theater.
I have a show there.

We're returning home from the theater.

- The show's over.
- Over? Oh!

- You sang very well tonight.
- I sang?

- Where?
- In the theater.

In the theater? I sang?
I don't remember.

How could you? You were drunk.

I don't want to remember.
I don't want to be in my senses.

The theater, music, dance...
I want nothing.

I want to forget everything.

I, too, want to forget
my past, but...

- What is it, Rajan?
- Nothing.

- Perhaps you're thinking about Raagini.
- Don't say her name, Miss Sitara.

I want to forget her.

Miss Sitara, I don't know how
to express my feelings.

My condition is exactly like yours.

But life is meant
for laughter, not tears

If you want to live,
go with the flow.

Life is a song. Sing it.

Ms. Sitara, I apologize for...

Forget the past.

I'll transform your
tears into smiles.

Have faith in me. Look ahead.

These roads will take us...

to a new beginning,
a new home, a new life.

I'm absolutely fine, doctor.

Please take me to Rajan.

She seems to be
crazy over Rajan's music.

If I wasn't crazy for him,
I wouldn't have left...

my village, my home,
everything, to come here.

Does Rajan know you?

If the god of music doesn't
recognize his Raagini...

then who will he recognize?

We've known each other
since we were children.

Please take me to him.

Doctor, if you allow us to...

Yes, she can go now.

I'll take you to Rajan.

Why are you taking me
through this path?

I'll help you meet Rajan secretly.

You've eloped from home.

If anybody sees you,
both of you'll be in trouble.

Come with me quietly.
Come on. Great!

Come on.

I told you to sit upstairs.

- Where is Rajan?
- He'll come. Go upstairs.

No, I won't. I'm scared here.

Call Rajan here.

Don't insist. Go upstairs.

- No, I won't.
- Why won't you?

- No, I won't go.
- Why not?

- I won't go.
- Come on.

Why won't you go?

- Leave me.
- Why?

Why'd you stop?

What's the point in playing
an untimely melody (raagini)?

Miss Sitara...

What happened?

Why do you name the
person I want to forget?

- I thought...
- You were mistaken.

I want to forget everything.

May I make a suggestion, Rajan?

Let's go somewhere far away.

Kashmir, for example.

A change of scenery
will make you feel better.

- Take me anywhere.
- Alright.

If I can get the tickets,
we'll leave today.

Hello. Indian Airlines?


I want two tickets to Delhi.

Book them in Ms. Sitara's name.

Tonight's flight.

Rajan, I've got the tickets.
Delhi, at 11.

- Alright, but...
- What is it, Rajan?


- You get ready, until then...
- I'll be right back.

- Are you going somewhere?
- Yes.

- To Delhi?
- Yes.

- What about the upcoming show?
- Cancel.


- Where's the girl?
- Which girl?

The one you took from the theater to
the hospital, and then brought here.

- Hand her over to me.
- Who are you?

I'm her fiancé.

She ran away from the wedding altar.

- But she said Rajan...
- She has no relation to Rajan.

She's mine and she'll always be.

- You'll get the girl, but...
- No excuses.

Where is she? Hand her over
to me or I'll kill you.

Calm down.

Do your work so
your purpose is fulfilled...

- without facing any trouble.
- I don't care about trouble.

I can give my life
and take others' for my honor.

Where do you stay during the day?

- You don't care about your food or appearance.
- I'm fine.

I know everything.

I don't understand why Sitara's
behaviour towards you has changed.

Mother, it's not Sitara's fault.

A man can fight everyone
except his fate.

Everything's gone wrong.

Everything's gone wrong.
The show's been cancelled.

Cancelled? ls Rajan alright?

Well enough to fly out
at 11 with Miss Sitara tonight.

There's no chance they'll come back.

Alright, cancel the show.

Why's he going out with Miss
Sitara when Raagini...

- Which Raagini?
- Rajan's Raagini.

The girl who fainted is Raagini.

Durga took her home from the hospital.

- But isn't Raagini married?
- No.

She left home to come here.

- Was Rajan going to marry Raagini?
- Yes.

I don't understand why she
isn't at Mr. Rajan's house yet.

She isn't there? How do you know?

I've come from Mr. Rajan's house.

Raagini wasn't there.

Durga might be up to something.

I think so, too.
I'll call Sitara right away.

- When do they leave?
- At 11.

I saw her book the tickets.

Hello, who is this?

- This is Jugal's mother speaking.
- Oh, you!

- Greetings.
- God bless.

Durga took the girl Rajan
wanted to marry to him.

- Do you know if she...
- Yes.

Now all I want is for you
to become my daughter-in-law.

Why are you troubled?

Say something.

Bringing Raagini here wasn't
the right thing to do.

- Jugal's mother...
- Don't think of her.

Think of yourself.

But if Mr. Jugal finds out,
he'll think that I...

Raagini will be gone
by the time he finds out.

Leave for Delhi
with Mr. Rajan immediately.

- I'll handle Raagini.
- This isn't right.

- Take her to Rajan...
- To Rajan?

What'll happen to you when
Rajan is reunited with his Raagini?

I can't ruin someone else's life
for my own happiness.

- I can't.
- Why not?

You're a woman, not an object.

Your love gives life and
your hatred brings death.

Be strong,
or the plan will be ruined.


Sit down.

Call Durga.
I want to talk to her.

Durga's gone out.

What's the matter?

Raagini was seen with Durga.

- Do you know anything about it?
- No.


I've understood.

Mr. Jugal! You love me, don't you?

Mr. Jugal, if you love me,
you won't go there.

Tell me. Whose voice
was that? Raagini's?

Why don't you answer me?

I want to keep Raagini
away from Rajan...

so Raagini doesn't end up
killing my love.

You want to keep her away?

How? Tell me, how?

I love Rajan. I want to remove
Raagini from his life forever.

I didn't know you
could stoop so low.

That your love would
turn you into a monster.

Mr. Jugal, I'm not made of stone.
I'm a woman.

I thought you were holy.

You were a goddess in my eyes.

I held you in higher
esteem than God.

But today I've realized you're
nothing but a cruel, lowly murderer.

Say whatever you want,
but Rajan will never see Raagini...

and if he does,
he'll find her corpse.

As long as I'm alive,
you can't harm Raagini.

Mr. Jugal, my betrayal has
driven you to madness.

But your madness isn't
more powerful than my love.

The Sitara I loved is dead.

The temple I worshipped at
lies in ruins.

Why don't you understand that
Raagini could be my death?

But she's Rajan's life.

It's my duty to hand
her over to Rajan.

Is your duty more
important than my love?

Love? People give
their life for love.

They don't take others'.

Let go of me.


- Usman!
- Yes, sir?

- Where's Durga?
- Durga?

- Where is she?
- She's gone with Raagini.

- Durga!
- Leave me, leave me!


Come with me or
I'll inform the police.

Leave me. I won't go with you.

I didn't know you
could stoop so low.

I didn't know your love
would turn you into a monster.

The Sitara I loved is dead.

- Hello.
- Rajan here.

I'm waiting for you.

I would've come, but I felt unwell.

No, no, you needn't come.

I'm fine now.
We've very little time.

Get to the aerodrome.
I'll meet you there.

Alright, I'll reach the aerodrome.
You can meet me there.

I thought you were holy.

You were a goddess in my eyes.

I held you in
higher esteem than God.

But today I've realized you're
nothing more than a cruel, lowly murderer.

- Hand the girl over to me.
- She's my fiancée.

This wasn't right.

I did it for your happiness, madam.

I can do anything
for your happiness.

How can I be happy
after stooping so low?

I understand. You're worried
about Mr. Jugal, aren't you?

He's always been
a problem for you.

But you needn't worry. Mr. Jugal will put
himself in danger if he tries to save Raagini.

In danger? What do you mean?

It's almost impossible for Mr. Jugal
to save himself from that goon.

What happened, madam?

You're a murderer, a killer.

Get out, or I'll hand
you over to the police.

- I did it for your well-being.
- Shrew!

Get out of my sight.

You've demeaned me in the eyes of a
man who respected me more than God.

You've made me a murderer.
I can't face anyone now.

Get out. Get out.

I've done the wrong thing.

- Which flight was that?
- The one to Delhi.

- Rajan! You didn't go?
- You!

- Where's Sitara?
- I'm waiting for her.

- She didn't come?
- No.

- She won't come, either.
- Won't come? What do you mean?

Come with me, I'll tell you.

- Rajan!
- Raagini!

The heart attack was
a serious one.

It almost proved fatal.

She shouldn't go through any trauma.

She'll regain consciousness soon.

Alright, goodbye.

No, no! Stay away
from me, stay away.

I can't face anyone.
Leave, all of you. Please leave.

It's my fault. All my fault.

- Should I go too?
- You...