Raaghu (2023) - full transcript

A medicine delivery executive named Raaghu working at night shift loots the houses he delivers. An unexpected incident in his life forces him to accomplish few crooked deals overnight and decode the antagonist failing to which his...

(Lord Krishna song)

♪ Welcome to Bengaluru ♪

♪ Come night reign begins ♪

♪ In the heat of mid night
One cup tea and cool wind ♪

♪ In green signal traffic
Government's plundering with petrol price ♪

♪ Haunting night lights
Potholes gifted puncture ♪

♪ He got scared after seeing the street dog ♪

♪ He's tired of going round Bangalore ♪

♪ Driving opposite direction on a one-way street
Will save time ♪

♪ Don't drink and drive
It will lead you wrong ♪

♪ Lord Shiva
Oh Master, Lord Ganesha ♪

♪ What to do? ♪

♪ Phew! Totally fed-up ♪

♪ Dear me, what to do? ♪

♪ Oh my, totally fed-up ♪

♪ Oh dear, who to tell? ♪

Not possible, Jenny

Tell me why?

What is this, Jenny?
You cannot have the final say all the time

Come if you wish,
or simply go if you prefer!


'Dear, the guy upstairs is going overboard'

'He always returns home at a time
when ghosts roam around'

'He always returns home at a time
when ghosts roam around'
'I'll talk to him, leave it to me'

'I'll talk to him, leave it to me'

'I'll talk to him, leave it to me'
'That is why you shouldn't
rent your house to bachelors'

'That is why you shouldn't
rent your house to bachelors'

'You never listen to me From tomorrow
I'll just lock the gate at 10 o'clock'

'I said, I'll talk to him
Don't do your rant'

'Hmm, like hell you spoke to him!'

'You've been saying the same thing
for one year now'

'For many months now,
growing theft incidents'

'Locked houses are their main target'

'Thieves leaving no clue behind'

'Stand as a challenge
to the Bengaluru police'

'What, old lady, why've you
ordered so many medicines?'

'I am going abroad to see
my grandchildren'

'It will take me a month to return'

'What if I don't get my medicines there?
That is why I'm carrying from here'

'Hi, Uncle
You are getting your house disinfected?'

'Don't even ask!
Bugs are terrorising my house'

'That is why I'm getting the house disinfected
And will stay at my daughter's place for three days'

'Hello, ma'am
I've come to deliver medicines'

'I'm at the location'

'Oh sorry'

'I had an emergency
I came to my hometown'

'Shall I call you when I return?'

'Okay, ma'am'



Hey you!

Who are you?

Hey you!
Don't come close

Hey you!

Who are you?

Hey, listen, don't..



Hey, don't!


Hey! Who the hell are you?

Hey, don't..

Please.. Please.. No

No no no!


What is wrong with me?

Damn him!

What is it at this hour, Anacin?

Hey dude, did you see the news?

Is it really the time for news-watching?
Why're you torturing me, just hang up

Breaking news, dude!

Is it really time to watch breaking news?
Why are you torturing me?

Dude, listen to me, switch on tv first

Such a pest!
Wait a minute

'In attempt to stop second wave of Corona'

'The central government has announced
nation-wide lockdown starting 9 pm tomorrow'

Second lockdown
So what now?

So you're cool with it?

Damn not matter what
your work will not be distributed

But the situation isn't same for us
we'll be jobless resting at home

Okay, allow me to sleep
Hang up

Hey, hold on
What about Jenny?

It's the same

I haven't called her

Why do you guys fight like tom and jerry?

Hold on, Jenny is calling

Who were you talking to?

I am asking you!


Which friend? Girl or boy?

I was talking to Anacin

Why are you bothered, anyway?

Are you aware that it has been
a week since we last talked?

Are you planning
to be like this forever?

It's you who started the fight

Raaghu, stop being so immature

Okay, chuck it

At least, did you watch the news?

Yes, second lockdown

Good news for you

I agree it's my mistake
It's lockdown from tomorrow

Shall we meet before 9 pm?

How will you come from so far?

The lockdown starts at 9 pm, right?

I'll be there by 6pm

Let's meet at our regular spot

Okay, don't be late

Okay, bye

See you soon


Where are you?

Sorry, I'm stuck in traffic

I'll be there in 15 minutes

I've been waiting for so long
Where are you exactly?

I'm at BEL circle road
I'll be there in a jiffy, sorry dear

Just 15 minutes, I'll be there

Come soon


No no!

'Sorry, dear'

'I'll be there in just 15 minutes'

'I'm at BEL circle road'

Dude, where are you both?

Why aren't you picking my call?
Why is Jenny's phone switched off?

What are you both upto?


Hey, I'm not Jenny
It's me Anacin

Hey, I'm not Jenny
It's me Anacin
What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

What are you blabbering?


(Call not connecting)

Ah Jenny!

Evening 6 'o-clock, I was at the pub

At 6:15 I called jenny

Now it's 9 pm

Where did Jenny go?

When did I come to my room?

Hello, Jenny!

Are you playing with me?
Where the hell are you?

You said you'd come in 15 minutes
It's 9 pm now

Where are you?


Hello.. Hello..

Hello, who is speaking?
Where is Jenny?

When hungry, one just needs food
in that moment

Doesn't matter whose yield
or who cooked it

All you need now is
your lover Jennifer

What do you need my personal info for?

Hey, who the heck are you?

Where is Jenny?

How did you get Jenny's phone?

If I go to Jenny's place
or if Jenny comes to my place

She'll have to be with me

And her phone as well
Has to be with me

I don't care who are you

But I get that
you want something done from me

What do you want exactly?

Good, you're really intelligent

You didn't take much time to understand

I'll come straight to the point

I'm a drug dealer

The package that had to be delivered
to me is stuck due to sudden lockdown

You have to deliver it
to the place I tell you

If you deliver the package safely

I'll set your girlfriend free

But why did you target me for this job?

Let me clear it

Only medical executives have the permission
to work freely in this situation

That's the reason I choose you for this job

What is the guarantee that you will release
Jenny safely after I complete the job?

When the sheep is being butchered
it stands still

Do you know why?

Now the situation is same with you

You have no option

Just because you choose me
how did you think I'll agree to do this?

I've worked in detail before choosing you

Once you are trapped there is no way out!

That's my policy!

What do you mean?

Your entire biography is in my hands now!

If you deny my work you'll end up
in jail in less than 5 minutes

I won't tell you how or in what way

Decide yourself what is best

-We don't have much time

Hello hello hello!

Damn it!

Where do I find the package?

Where should I deliver the vehicle?

I'll send you the location on WhatsApp

Deliver the stuff safely
and then call me

Oh shit!


Come on, pull over

Yeah, right there

Come on, get down

I said get down

Greetings, Sir

Where are you headed?

Sir, I'm on my way
to supply medicines

Show me your ID

Sir, here it is

Where should it be delivered?

To Indra Nursing Home, this way, sir

Ramesh, check the vehicle

Okay, sir

Sir, it's refrigerated
It'd be a problem if opened

Hey, I know it

Go open it

Sir, there are injections inside
It'd be a problem if opened!

I-I'll be questioned

Hey, I know all that

Go open it

Ramesh, you go check

Okay, sir

I'm telling you, go open it
-Okay, sir

Come fast, open it

Yes, sir, I'm opening it

What are you looking for?
Open it fast

Yes, sir

I'll open it..

Greetings, sir

Oh, hello!

Sir.. Ashok sir..
-Hey, where are you going?

What are you doing here?
-Greetings, sir

What are you doing at this hour?

Sir, I was carrying medicines
to Indra Nursing Home

Do you know him?

I know him, he's the one who
supplies medicines to our house

Yes, sir, you can ask him
I supply medicines for him

Ramesh, he's an acquaintance of his
Let him go

Okay, sir

Thank you, sir
Sir, thank you!

Sir, if you need any medicine, call me
I'll get it for you

Okay, okay
Go on your way

Thank you, sir
Good night, sir

Ramesh, remove the barricade

Yes, sir
Yeah, come on


Good, you reached safely on time

I've completed the task you set me
Let go of Jenny now

I will, I will let her go

But not now

You still got tasks to complete yet

What? Are you kidding me!

I'm not playing the fool

This is just a small task to test your honesty

Are you playing games with me?

It felt like walking on knife to complete this task
I was almost caught by police

It was my luck I barely escaped

I can't do it anymore

It seems your luck is good
with the police

Let's try your luck again
with the police

Hey you are crossing your limits

If I get hold of you..

Your next test
is at the police station

What! Police station?

Now go straight to Anjana Nagar police station

And break into the evidence room

And destroy File 124/12

Hmm, I'll go to the police station

As if they're waiting for me to
hand over the files so I could destroy them!

Seems like you are not aware of the police

Once you get caught by them
your life will be ruined forever

Hey I know you won't get caught

We don't have much time, hurry up
We have a lot of work to do

I am not ready to take this risk
for any reason

You don't have an option
but to take risk

I'll send a video to your phone, watch it

Hey, how did you get hold of all this?

It's not of your concern

You should complete the tasks I set you
at any cost

Otherwise, you are well aware
of the consequences

Don't think too much

Behind you there's a vehicle

Take that vehicle and leave


It's not an easy to task to go to the
police station and destroy the file

What shall I do?

Who are you?
What do you want?

Why is your face all roughed up?

Did you get in a fight?

Where did the fight take place?

Sir, this is not from a fight


Robbery, sir

Sir, my name is Raaghu

MedWheels.. I work for MedWheels

You know Puttenahalli, right, sir?
There was a robbery there

Four men.. Sir..
I'm really scared

Okay okay
Calm down

Hey Prakash, give him some water

Here, take this

Go on, drink
-Thank you, sir

Hey, drink slowly
Don't choke to death

You're at the police station
Fear nothing

Now tell me, what happened

Is it a toothache?

I'll tell you, sir

I'll tell you everything, sir

Note it down, Sunil

My name is Raaghu, sir

I work for this company called MedWheels

As a delivery executive

Sir, I was out on my last delivery

After finishing it, near JP nagar..

The place near..
-Where exactly..

Sir, near Puttenahalli..
I was coming that way

I heard an ambulance sound behind me

To make way for the ambulance,
I slowed down and pulled to the left

Very nice

I thought the ambulance
would pass by

It came right in front of me
and blocked me

I had no idea what was happening, sir

Four men, sir! Quickly got off
the ambulance and came towards me

I got scared

Out of fear,
I hid my money bag behind me

I tried to hide it somehow

But a guy came from behind
and held my neck

He held my neck in a tight grip

I tried to escape from it
But he didn't let me go

He pulled a knife to my neck!

I was really scared
To protect my bag

I dragged him on the ground and
tried my best to grab back my bag

But a guy came
and hit me hard with a rod

And I fell down

On falling, I was almost unconscious

Before I could get up

Those four men, took my money
And escaped in the ambulance

Sir.. The company will blame me

Sir, I will lose my job
Sir, please help me, I beg you

Fine that, did you notice
that vehicle number?

Sir, number plate..

Sir, it didn't have a number plate
Instead there was a sticker


What sticker?

'Catch me if you can!'

Was written on it, sir

They had a sticker which read
'Catch me if you can'

Oh sticker!
Okay fine

Write your statement on this sheet

Yes, sir

Hello, Control Room

Speaking from JP Nagar station, over

Near Puttenahalli circle

A robbery has taken place
half an hour ago, over

There's an ambulance roaming, its number plate
replaced by a sticker stating 'Catch me if you can'

Alert all police stations

Sir, your tea

Is it sugar less?
-Yes, sir

My wife is killing me with sugar


Hey Prakash,
get this typed up

Okay, sir

Get the keys of patrol vehicle number 102

Yes, sir.. I'm getting it

Even though he is retiring in one month,
he won't cease tormenting us!

God, don't spare this man

Damn these rats!

No matter how many times
I change this bulb it is yet flickering

What might be the problem?

What is that sound?

Barani, come here

Yes, sir, coming

Destroy file number 124/12


Hey where did this man go?

Hey, what are you doing over there?

Sir.. Sorry, sir
I thought the toilet was that way

Did you piss in the record room?
-No, sir..

S-Sorry, sir

Who opened the record room?

Sir, I had opened it to replace the bulb

Go lock it
-Okay, sir

Here, sign this
-Yes, sir

Prakash, judging by his fear,
I believe he is the thief

I do feel the same, sir

The officer will come in the morning
Come meet him

Sure, sir
-Leave now

Hey, stop!

You dropped the complaint copy on the floor

The paper is in my hands!

So irresponsible!

If you're like this,
obviously you will get beaten down

Go home carefully
-Sorry, sir

It slipped

Don't slip in life

Thank you, sir
-Be careful

Yes, sir

Raaghu, I am leaving everyone behind
to come live with you

My trust won't be betrayed, right?

Jenny, you trust me, right?
Just believe

Your job is done

Vah! What a dedication and timing!

Be it selfish people, conmen or killers

They will go to any extent
for the girl they love

I don't need your bloody appreciation

Tell me what should I do with the file

Send me a photo of that file

Give me a minute

Did you get it?

It's the right file

Now burn it right there

Do you think I'm a fool?

I'm not doing anything with the file
until you safely release Jenny

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time,
there lived a noble man

He used to save people's lives by delivering
medicines to homes from morning to evening

As night fell
The same person

Used to plan and loot the same houses

He sends lakhs of swindled money
to Dubai using the hawala system

In one month,
he and his girlfriend

planned to fly to Dubai
and settle there

But the twist that
the thief doesn't know

The hawala note that he had safely
stored in his locker

Is not there anymore

How do you know all this?

Not just this
I know a lot of things about you

This is just a sample

If you don't burn that file

I will burn this note
as well as your future

Hey, don't do that
I will burn the file right away

In this world,
no one values kind words


I can't motivate you
before every task

You're aware of FibriC3 injection, right?

I know nothing about it

You don't lie to me!
Forget it, listen

When FibriC3 is injected into a human body

In just three hours, all the blood cells
in the body will clot and cause death

Now I will inject it to your girlfriend
-Raaghu, save me!

No no no!

-Jenny.. Please..
-Don't worry, nothing will happen

Don't inject that
It's very dangerous


Listen to me
Jenny.. Jenny.. Don't worry

If you don't do the task I set you
before 4 am..

No, no! Please!
-..and give Jenny the Antidote..

You will lose her forever

No no no! Hey, please!
-Your time is ticking

Please, hello!

Oh God!


Bro, police!

Our plan leaked

Escape escape

You take that exit, go!

Jump jump!

He seems to know a lot about me

He must be someone I know

'I've done full upfront work, bro'

'Bro! Bro, third locker is not opening'


(Munna laughing)

It took you so long to recognize me

You b*****
We were friends

What's wrong with you?

Why are you doing all this?
What harm have I done to you?

What? Friends?

You are an opportunist
How could you ask what have you done?


Yes, you

What did I do?

Do you remember March 22nd, 3 years ago?

I don't remember

I'll tell you

We both had gone to burgle
liquor dealer Prakash Reddy's house

Yes, I remember
There were three lockers in that house

We opened two lockers



The third locker is not opening

(Police siren sound)

What the f***!

Bro, police!

Our plan has leaked
Escape now!

If we both go together
we'll get caught

You come around the other way Go!

Jump! Jump!

I jumped the compound wall like you said

I jumped the compound wall like you said
To my bad luck
Someone had lit dry bush

To my bad luck
Someone had lit dry bush

To my bad luck
Someone had lit dry bush
I fell into it by mistake

I fell into it by mistake

?At the same time you ran in front of me

I shouted so much, without paying heed
you escaped with the stolen money

Somehow I escaped from the fire and survived

But my body and face
were completely burnt

But my body and face
were completely burnt
From that day, I'm not able to
show my face to the outside world

From that day, I'm not able to
show my face to the outside world

I've been living my days in darkness

All this happened because of you!


Munna, you've mistaken me
Please listen to me for a moment

In the hurry of escaping,
I asked you to jump from another side

I didn't know there was a fire there
And I never saw you falling in the fire

And.. Jenny doesn't know any of this, Munna

Jenny is innocent

I'm not a fool to believe you again

You have already used up
20 minutes of the time given to you

You didn't save our friendship

Save your girlfriend by completing the task

(Call cut)

Damn it!

Oh God!

Hey, Malla!
Come this way

Oh, I'm coming

Come right here

Did you get everything?

I've bought everything
But I didn't get pickle

One quarter bottle
and kebab for sidedish

One quarter bottle
and kebab for sidedish
What, only one quarter bottle?
One quarter bottle won't be enough

What, only one quarter bottle?
One quarter bottle won't be enough

I'll need 3 quarter bottles for myself

It's hard to get even one quarter bottle
in this lockdown time

And you want 3?!

A quarter bottle won't be enough

Go check the register book
We've buried 32 corpses today

All are Covid cases

Yes, that is why I told him
if someone from his family dies from virus

space won't be given for burial

So he gave me
another quarter bottle, look

So he gave me
another quarter bottle, look
You have proven yourself worthy
of being my apprentice!

You have proven yourself worthy
of being my apprentice!

We certainly proved our worth today
to the bar owner

Pour some for me
Don't pour it all for yourself

You are smart my boy!

There are hundreds of graves over here
Tell me correctly, which one to dig

His name is Prakash Reddy
He died 16 hours ago

That's all the information I have

It's left to you how you find his grave
and collect his fingerprint

Idiot! You're playing the fool or what?

None of these graves have names on it,
just numbers

None of these graves have names on it,
just numbers
Which grave to dig?

Which grave to dig?

Which grave to dig?
Even if you shout to sky
that's all the information I have

Even if you shout to sky
that's all the information I have

If you try to con me,
hope you know the consequences

Give me some clue, Munna


(Cuts the call)

'Go check the register book
We've buried 32 corpses today'

'All are Covid cases'


Prakash Reddy


There are two Prakash Reddys
Which one of them is it?

'He died 16 hours ago'


Did you complete the task?

Yes, it's done

That fine, why are you gasping
like a deer escaped from a cheetah?

Did you have to dig too deep or..

Was it hard finding the grave?

Nothing like that

Some psycho

Looked exactly like me

Followed me everywhere

He came here too

He attacked me
and tried to kill me

I took his weapon
and finished him off

And put him at the same grave

So, it's working!

What the f*** is working?

A new illusion drug
has come to the market

And I filled that drug in your inhaler

And it is working
exactly like I thought

Whatever you saw till now
was just an illusion

(Munna laughing)

Raaghu.. Raaghu.. Raaghu..

You f***** drugged me?

You m*****!

Why did you do this to me?


My moto is to torture and make you suffer
in every possible way

(Munna laughing)

Shut up

To satisfy this fantasy of yours
and for you to experiment on

You couldn't find anyone else other than me?
You bloody!

Well, do you know something else?

The fingerprint you collected
after so much of hard work

Do you know whose fingerprint it is?

How will I know that?
It's your plan, right? Bloody tell me

Okay, okay, I'll tell you

Three years ago,
on March 22nd

The person's house
to which we had gone to burgle

When we had an unsuccessful attempt

It's the same Liquor Prakash Reddy's fingerprints



They say an impulsive person's mind is blind

That day, you cheated me
Out of greed for money

But now, all his lifetime earnings
will be mine

Through you

Through me?
What are you saying?

Go to the place I tell you
There you will find a laptop

And use his fingerprint to open it

Transfer all the funds
from his account to mine

If you try some extravagant scheme

You know the consequences, right?
You won't get back your Jenny, got it?


Listen! I don't want you or your money

But if you harm Jenny in any way,
I won't spare you, hey!

(Munna cuts the call)


Oh God!


Your work is done

I got only 45 minutes to save Jenny..


What happened?

The shutter lever got snapped

(Munna laughing)

To tame a buffalo
a rope was tied to its leg

but it died by hitting
is own tail to its base

Now your situation is similar

More than the torture
I am giving you in this game

you are creating two-fold problems
for yourself

My phone's battery is 1%
It might switch off at any moment

Please tell me where is Jenny, Munna
I beg you, please tell me where is Jenny

If you come to DKS Tower, fourth floor
before by 4 am

You will get your Jenny

If you fail, I'll make sure you'll
remember me to your last breath

It's my promise!


(Phone switched off)


Hello! Is anyone there?


♪ In the cycle of time ♪

♪ In the hands of invisible ♪

♪ I became a doll ♪

♪ To the savour of infatuation ♪

♪ To the illusion of deception ♪

♪ I became a hostage ♪

♪ Not knowing who I am and what I am ♪

♪ I forgot myself ♪

♪ I am alone on this road ♪

♪ I lost myself ♪

♪ Horrible is this road ♪

♪ I got conned ♪

♪ Out of my hands now
Doomed and dark ♪

♪ Even in this daytime ♪

♪ Even in the presence of that glare ♪

♪ These eyes have now turned blind ♪

♪ Horrible is this road ♪

♪ I got conned ♪

♪ Out of my hands now
Doomed and dark ♪

♪ Even with the light of this morning ♪

♪ These eyes have now turned blind ♪
















You, b*****!

You! Where are you?



Hey Munna!



Munna, where are you?


(Munna laughing)

Raaghu.. Raaghu.. Raaghu..
-Munna! Munna!

Munna, please! Where are you?




Events happening around us in life

Are the consequences
of our own past actions, Raaghu

Your karma from the past has bedevilled you

Today I will liberate that devil


Please believe me, Munna!


Munna, it's not my fault!
Munna, please!

Munna, please!

Munna, please!

I'll make sure you'll
remember me to your last breath

Even if we shun revenge

Karma will stir up eventually

Even if we think of running away from it

A voice inside us says fight back

(Munna laughing)