Raagala 24 Gantallo (2019) - full transcript

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is
injurious to health and it causes cancer.

The meteorological department
has announced..

..that the two Telugu states
will experience heavy rains..

..with gale, lightning and
thunder in the next 24 hours..

..because of cyclonic
effects in the Bay Of Bengal.

The government has urged
everyone living in lowlands..

..to immediately evacuate
and move to safer grounds.

The revenue department
and the police force..

..sprang into action to start
off relief and support activities.

Three convicts escape
from the Charlapalli Prison.

The three men named Vineet,
Puneet and Advith..

..who were recently convicted
in the shocking case of..

..Meghana's rape and
murder have managed to..

..escape from the Charlapalli Prison.







Alert all the check-posts in the city.

Do a thorough check of all the vehicles.

Check all public places.

Shopping malls,
theaters, bus stands, railway stations..

hospitals, including ambulances.

No exceptions. Am I clear?

Yes, sir!

Good. Disperse.

There is a press-meet
at the ACP's office..

..in a few minutes.

All media personnel are eager to see..

..ACP Narsimha's response
on the convicts' escape.

Good evening, everybody!

Good evening, sir.

Sir! How could the
convicts escape so easily?

How will people feel secure
when hardcore criminals..

..are freely roaming about?
What are the police doing?

Do we view it as your failure..
I mean, police failure?

Are you done?
Or, are there any questions left?

Your department hasn't been
able to nab the convicts yet.

Doesn't that prove how inept you are?

Who says that? Huh? Who says that?

If there's a sudden cyclone..

..does that mean that the meteorological
department is incompetent?

Don't pose stupid questions
just because you can.


It's already been two hours
since the convicts escaped.

When will you catch them?

Those convicts are
not some petty pickpockets.

They are notorious criminals
who brutally raped..

..and murdered an innocent woman.

I arrested them and made
sure they got a sentence.

You know that.
I can assure you one thing.

My bullet will hit them
before your mics can reach them.

(Police siren wails)

It's not safe here.
Let's get out of here.

(Police siren wails)

(Clock ticking)

The person you are trying
to call is currently unavailable.

Please try again..


(Door creaks)

(Thunder crashing)

(Window slamming)

(Thunder crashing)

(Electrical buzz)




Who are you?

Let me go!


Help me!

Let me go! Help!

(Electrical buzz)
- Help! Help!


Shut up! Shut your mouth!

We are escaped criminals..

..who were put in prison
for rape and murder.

Don't shout.
The police are searching for us.

Give us one hour.
We'll kill you if you make a sound.

My husband. He is not at home.

He'll be back any minute.

(Door bell rings)

(Police siren wails)

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

Wait. I don't care if it's
the police or somebody else.

If you tell them that we are here..

(Door bell rings)

Go open it.

Let's go.

(Door bell rings)

Let's go upstairs.

(Door bell rings)

Cupboard. Let's hide in the cupboard.


Oh God! Dead body.

Get him off me!

Get him off me!

Come on, lift him up! Hurry up!


Please. Please, help me.

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

Down here.


It's me. Abbas Paul.

He's not at home.

That's why I'm here.

How can you barge inside like that?

Barge? What took you
so long to answer the door?

I heard you scream and came running.

Since you are alone at home,
I braved the rain to come.

So late at night?
Why didn't you just call?

Good question. Give me a second.

He's your husband, isn't he?
And I'm your neighbor.

A man just like him.

Mr. Paul. Maybe I screamed
because I had a nightmare.

Please go.

But it didn't sound like that.
You sounded scared.

An anxious mind in a body
is like a dead body at home.

I've a headache. Please, go.

Oh no. You've a headache?

Let's go to the bedroom.
I'll apply balm and..

..give you a massage.
Your headache will be gone.

Where's the balm?

Mr. Paul!
I'm talking to you! Stop right there!

What are you doing? Please leave. Leave.

Why do you look so worried?

I'm not worried. Please get up. Get up..

(Fly buzzing)

A fly.

A fly in a house is called a housefly.

An illicit affair and pickled
mangoes taste delicious.

Why are you telling me all this?
Please, leave.

Good question. Give me a second.

Did you watch the news on TV?

Three men brutally raped
and killed a girl named Meghana.

Those three men escaped from prison.

You're good at dodging too.

Those criminals..

I like the way you hurried towards me.

It seems they are
called the Diaper Gang.

They target women who are alone,
like you.


Oh no! What's that sound?

Maybe it's them.
Come on, let's see who it is.

Come on, let's go.
- No, I'll hide in this cupboard.

Come on, let's see who it is. Come on.

I'm scared.

Get out.
- Don't push me, I'll fall down.

You said he's not at home.

I lied.

I killed my husband.

(Thunder crashing)

You killed him?

Yes, I killed him.

(Thunder crashing)


One of the most famous
ad-film makers in India.


(Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

He's willing to take any
kind of risk for his photography.

Just a moment.

- Yeah, perfect. Perfect.


Don't move.


On the count of five.

Rahul, what's happening?
What's all this?

Five, four, three, two..

- (Camera clicks)

I love your work.

- Hmm?

I'm ready to marry you if you say yes.

Thank you, but I'm sorry.

If you get married to her,
you will become..

..one of the richest
persons in the country.

I don't want a girl who is mad about me.

I want someone who'll
make me go mad for her.

(Goat bleats)

(Goat bleats)

(Brakes squeal)

Why did you ruin the shot?
We are shooting.

Will you kill a poor lamb
for your shooting?

How would you like to be in its place,
you monkey face?

I'm an orphan who grew up in
Pucchalapalli Sundaraiah Orphanage.

Mr. Sundaraiah founded the orphanage.

- Yes?

Come here.
- What's up?

Looks like your mother
is cooking up a feast today.

I can smell the food from here.

Not my mother.
Some uncle is cooking 'Biryani' for us.

- Yes.

Yes, Vidya.
Usually people donate money for food.

But this man wanted to cook
'Biryani' with his own hands.

Excuse me. I'm Vidya. Nice to meet you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Let's go.

I love you.

Please, stop it. Ever since I saw you..

..you've been following me around
like a puppy saying 'I love you.'

Who are you?

Hello. This is Mr.
Rahul. A famous ad-film maker.

All the CEOs of India's top companies..

..wait for his appointment.

Many models queue up
for him in the hopes of..

..shooting an ad with
him to become a top model.

A man like him is here for you..

Das, that's okay.


Vidya.. I'm not as great as Das claims..

..but I was haughty that no one can..

..make ads like me
or shoot photos like me.

And for the first time..
You came into a frame I made..

..and increased its beauty 100 fold.

Its a million dollar shot.
So I believe that..

..my life will be even
better if you are with me.

So.. I want to marry you.

What are you waiting for, Vidya?
Go ahead.

(Temple bell rings)



"Homage to your beautiful face"

"Homage to your wonderful qualities"

"Homage to your honeyed words"

"Homage to your kind heart"

"Homage to your beautiful face"


"Your eyebrow is a bowed arch"

"Don't raise it at me with a scolding"

"Your eyebrow is a bowed arch"

"Don't raise it at me with a scolding"

"Fiery woman, your beauty.."

"..has conquered my
heart and made me restless"

"Homage to your naughty tantrums"





"The first step that we took together.."

"..lead us to a shared life"

"The first step that we took together.."

"..lead us to a shared life"

"Our breaths are in sync.."

"..when we are entwined
in each other's arms"

"Homage to the sweet drops
of sweat on your forehead"








Water! There's water!

Look at all this water!

Where is it coming from?

Where is this water coming from?

I don't know. I really don't know.

Oh God! Maybe that
dead Rahul is behind this.

What? Shut up!

What is going on?

Hey.. Look there!

Let's check it out.

No, I won't come. You go on.

Lord Shiva! Lord Anjaneya!


Vidya, come.

I didn't want to wake you up.
Come, join me.

What are you doing?

I'm watching our romance.

How can you make a video
of the intimate moments..

..between us in the bedroom?
Are you mad?

Of course. I'm mad. I'm mad about you.

What's wrong in it, Vidya?

Why do we have a video
of our engagement and wedding?

Because they are all
sweet memories, right?

Our first night is the
sweetest of all memories.

What's wrong in having it on video?

We show those videos to everyone.

Will you show this
video to everyone too?


No, no, no. This is just for me,
I mean, just for us.


You look so beautiful
in that wonderful moment.

Especially, those lips.
Those half opened lips.

Your expression is so erotic.

Your beauty increased
100 fold in that moment.

All the blood in your
body rushed to your face.

You look like an early morning sun.
Just look.

Rahul, it's so disgusting.
Please, stop it.

Vidya, be honest.

Did you ever see yourself
looking so beautiful?

That moment will be
lost if you close your eyes.

But if you record it,
you can watch it your whole life.

And.. I'm watching
you in a very artistic way.

So, let's have fun.

This is not fun.
This is porn. You are objectifying me.

What's wrong with you?

Why are you making it a big issue?

I'm not showing it to public.

Don't spoil my mood. Let's go.

Stop that nonsense.
Delete that video first.

I can't see that rubbish.

What? Rubbish?

Don't you ever say that again!

You are insulting my passion.

Passion? What do you mean?

Why did you shoot a
video without my permission?

What permission? You are my property.


Yes, you are my property.

I mean.. I'm sorry, Vidya.

Don't. Don't touch me.

Please hear me out.
- Please.


(Door opens)

(Door closes)


Did I scare you?

Knife and wife.

Nice frame.

I'm sorry for what happened last night.

I deleted that video.
Already deleted it. I'm sorry.

Stab me with this knife
if you don't believe me. Stab me.

Stab me!
- Rahul!

Should I stab myself?
- Let it go!

I'm sorry, Vidya. Please, forgive me.

You are taking it too lightly.

It's something that
should be just between us.

How could you record it?

Even we don't look into
each other's eyes in that moment.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

The camera is my third eye.

That's my strength and my weakness too.

I've never had any direct relationship..

..with a thing or a person
ever since I was a child.

All I know is the world
I create with my camera.

Instead of experiencing
life with my senses..

..I started looking
at things through my lens.

Probably, that's a disorder.

I'm very fortunate that you married me.

I'll see a doctor if you want.
I'm ready to come.

Please, don't be upset.
I'm sorry. I'll touch your feet.

I hope you won't do it again.

I swear. I swear on you.



What are you doing?

I'm cooking lunch.

No lunch.
I'll take you to a restaurant today.

We'll have it there. Okay?

(Camera clicks)

Hi, Rahul.
- Hi.

Hi, uncle.
- Hello.

How's the ambience?

I like it.

Sir! Order, please.


One Non-Veg Platter and
one 'Maharaja Pulao'. Very fast.

And yours, ma'am?


I already ordered.
You want to order again?

No. That's fine.
- Yeah. Take it.


Vidya! Surprise!
- What a surprise!


So good to see you. So good to see you.


High five!
- Hello! Don't forget me.


What are you both doing here?

He finished his IAS
training and returned..

..from Missouri yesterday.

We were trying to figure
out how to find your house and..

..luckily we saw you here.

Best friends in college.

But she didn't invite
me for the wedding.

That's wrong.
- Your final exams were on.

So what?
I could've tried again next year.

That's exactly why I didn't invite you.

Then marry a second time, Vidya

I forgot.

Rahul, Ganesh.

Ganesh, Rahul my husband.

Hey! It's such a pleasure meeting you.

You won't believe it, bro.

Everyone in college thought
that whoever Vidya marries..

..will become a big celebrity.

But a big celebrity married our Vidya.
It's simply great.

As Vidya's life partner,
you are special to us too.

You are very lucky.

Your words clearly show
your admiration towards Vidya.

It's not admiration, bro. It's devotion.

Vidya is a symbol of beauty.
A symbol of humility.

Vidya is a wonder. Vidya is everything.

If this guy starts talking about Vidya,
you don't need to order food.

His words will fill your stomach.

Oh. Vidya, shall we cancel our order?


Joke. Nice joke.

No, no, no. Don't stop.
- Chaitu, please.

Only our friends can
tell us what we are like.

And only a girl's boyfriends
can tell us what she's like.

- Continue.

You are really funny, bro.
- I know.

But jokes apart,
we find many friends in life.

In short,
if I have to talk about my life..

..it was before Vidya and after Vidya.

Friends like Vidya help
us to learn about ourselves.

Oh, really? Then..

Why am I meeting idiots
like you because of Vidya?

Why am I not learning much about myself?

What are you talking about?

Just shut up!

He doesn't even the have
the sense to understand..

..that he shouldn't intrude
in a couple's private time.

And he's going to be an IAS officer?

I'm sorry, bro.
- Just shut up.

What were you doing before?
Just do it again?

No, just do it again.
This, this, this and this. What's that?

And then this fellow
says not to forget him.

- Do I look like a fool? Just shut up!

Vidya, please.

It's my fault.
Please don't fight because of me.

You take care.

I'm sorry for the disturbance, bro.
I mean.. Sorry, sir.

Let's go.
- Ganesh..

Rahul, what is this?

Just sit. Just sit down.

What you did is not right.

And you did the right
thing before your husband?

And what were those hand actions?

Do I look like a used goods husband?

Rahul, please.
Don't assume things about us.

Oh, really?
Is he your friend or boyfriend?

He's more than that.


I love you so much that..

I love you so much that..

Did he forget his dialogues?

I don't know how to say it..

What's wrong?

I don't know how to say it..

There's no other option.
Say it with words.

What's going on?

I don't know how to say it..

You can't say it.

Yes. If you had to write
down a poem about me..

..you won't find words for it.

If you had to give me a gift..

..you won't find anything
that is more precious than me.

Your eyes tell me how much you love me.

True love doesn't look for passion.

It looks for compassion.

Sincere love doesn't desire compliments.

It desires a complete man.

I can feel your love. I love you.

Yay! (Applause)

Your spontaneous dialogues
saved the day, darling.

- Hmm?

Your Romeo is here.

Shut up.

What's up, Ganesh?

I need to tell you something.

I know what you are going to say.

You think that whatever
I said on the stage is true..

..and so you came
to propose to me, right?

No, Vidya.

When I was a little toddler..

..whenever I was about to fall,
my mother used to..

..hold both my hands so that I can walk.

After I took a few steps,
she used to squeal with joy..

..take me into her arms
and kiss me on my forehead.

When I fumbled with
my lines on the stage..

..you said those lines
for me and kissed my forehead.

The audience saw you as my lover.

But I saw my mother
in you in that moment.

You misunderstood
the bond between us and..

..hurt my feelings with your behavior.

This is not correct, Rahul.

I don't care about your
feelings or emotions, okay?

And I didn't bring his mother with me,
I brought my wife.

You are my property.

My property should bring me comfort,
not to another man.


I'm not hungry anymore.

(Anklets tinkling)

Hello, ma'am.

Hello. Is she your daughter?

Yes, ma'am.

What is your name, darling?


Nice name.
Did you offer up your hair in Tirupati?

No, ma'am. She has cancer.

They shaved her head
for the chemotherapy.

Doctors said that she
needs immediate surgery.

He loves kids.
He'll definitely help you. Talk to him.

Do you want Complan or Horlicks?


Boost is the secret of my energy.
I want Boost.

Go, Mom. You are Mom
to everyone in this world.

Good morning, sir.

Das! If my wife is a Mom to you,
I'm your Dad, right?

Sorry, sir. Ma'am.

- Sir.

What is today's schedule?

We've to select models
for the next ad shoot.

I asked the coordinator
to send in the photos.

You've to select them.

Let me see.




Come here.

Vidya is a symbol of beauty.
A symbol of humility, so on.

That's what your son who
is like a boyfriend said, right?

I mean your boyfriend who is like a son.

Select the girl you
like from these photos.

Good. Almost matches my taste.

Okay, go. Give her Boost.

- Sir.

Prepare a contract with
her name and write a cheque.

Okay, sir.



My little girl is getting
treated for cancer.

I'll need 2.5 million rupees.

I've a house in my hometown.
I've put it out for sale.

I'll return the money
as soon as it is sold.

- Sir.

When you came in with your daughter..

..I looked at her hairstyle
and expected that..

..you will play this emotional
scene in front of me.

Not now. First get the work done.

Sir, you said the same
thing when I asked you last time.

I really need the money, sir.

Even though I didn't like your work..

..I hired you because
I liked your name Das.

I thought you'll serve me like a slave.

What is your salary?

25,000 rupees, sir.
- What?

25,000 rupees, sir.

Why does a man who
earns 25,000 per month..

..need treatment that
costs 2.5 million rupees?

Okay. Even if you spend
2.5 million on her treatment..


..there's no guarantee
that she will survive. Right?

Das! Even rich men like
me have to finally trust in God.

Do that. Because your
little girl might die tomorrow.

So better do your work.


So you came here with a backup plan.


What's your commission in this?
5 million or 7.5 million?

But how will I get
5 million in commission..

..for a cheque of one million?

Oh. Sorry, Dad.
Does this look like one million to you?

Sorry, sir. It's 10 million.

But I wrote one million in words.

I was under stress.. Let me correct it.

- Please, sir.


What is your daughter's name?

- Vaishnavi.

Vaishnavi, come here.

Vaishnavi, do you know how
many zeroes are there in one million?

One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six, uncle.

Very good. So, if you add
an extra zero to one million..

..will your teacher punish you or not?

She'll punish me.

Your Daddy added an extra zero.
Should I hit him or not?

Should I hit him or not?

Not in front of my daughter, sir.
Please, sir.

Ma'am, please tell him.

Should I hit him or not?


- Daddy! (Crying)

Das, please take her home.

Daddy! (Crying)


What do you think you are doing?

What do you mean, Mom?

You donated 10 million
to the orphanage that day.

He's been working for
you for so many years.

Can't you help him
save his daughter's life?

Yes, I donated 10 million
to the orphans that day.

Not because I love them,
it was because I love you.

"Love is wonderful,
but my lover is cruel"

"Love has brought me.."

What the heck is this?

There are many top agencies
that have brand image.

But do you know why I
signed this contract with you?

Because all the top
models follow you around.

You showed me a
top-class model the day..

..we signed the contract..

..and now you show up
with these third-class models?

Did you lose your passion
after getting married?

Hold your tongue.

Okay. I can.

The deal was to shoot
the ad with the best model.

Now you came with someone else.
Do I look like a fool?

Do I look like a fool or what?

(Phone rings)

Look, Rahul.

We pay you as much as
you demand only because..

..I know you'll increase
the brand value of my company.

(Phone rings)

I'll give you one week's time.

I want my ad to be
done with the best model.

Otherwise I'll claim damages from you..

..for delaying the contract.

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

(Banging on door)


You look gorgeous.
What's special about today?

I've some good news for you.


What is it?
- You are going to be a father.

- Yeah.

Really? Wow! Whoa! What news!
- (Laughs)

Did you consult a doctor?

No. I wanted to share
this news with your first.

What? Let's go to him right now.
Come on.

I never knew my mother.

But I'm very happy that
I'm going to be a mother.

I can understand, Vidya.

Is everything okay?

Sorry, Vidya.
Yours is not a normal pregnancy.

It's a tubal pregnancy.

Usually a fetus forms in the uterus.

But in some rare cases,
it forms in the fallopian tube.

And that's what happened in your case.

Once it starts growing in the tube,
your life will be at risk.

Better to remove it immediately.

This condition will put you
and your baby at great risk.

I say this as a doctor
and your family friend.

It's better to abort
it as soon as possible.


Vidya.. Vidya, calm down.

Doctor, my Vidya is important to me.

She must be safe. Please do the needful.

Take rest, Vidya. Don't think too much.

I've some work at the office.

I'll finish it and
come back to you. Okay?

Come soon, Rahul.

I will.

Take rest.

Wow. Beautiful, man.
Gorgeously beautiful.

This is the kind of beauty we need.

I knew your capability, Rahul.

If this beauty endorses my company..

..my company will grow to new heights.
(Snaps finger)

She's awesome, man.

Why did you waste my
time by showing other models..

..when you have such
a beautiful model with you?

Nice. Superb.

If you get this girl
to endorse my brand..

..I'll give you double
the amount that we agreed upon.


Why didn't your children visit you yet?

Did you leave them
at your mother's place?

I don't have a mother
to look after my kids.

And I don't have kids to call me Mom.

Really? So why did you
decide not to have children?

Oh, no. I love children.
We'll plan again in the future.

Plan again?

How can you have children
after the uterus is removed?

What are you talking about?
I just had an abortion, right?

Didn't you know about it?
But your husband..

..signed the declaration form..

..and asked us do surgery
to remove your uterus.

You removed my uterus?

(Thunder crashing)

That rascal deserves to be killed.

What happened after that?

Are you even a human?

Rascal! Who gave you
the right to make me barren?

Oh, you know.

I didn't know my parents..
I grew up as an orphan.

I wanted my children to call me mother.

But you took that away from me.

Vidya, calm down.
What will you get by being a mother?

You will just have ugly stretch
marks on your pretty tummy.

Your hourglass figure will
turn into a deflated balloon.

The best painters in the world
will want to paint your beauty.

When I first captured
your beauty in the frame..

..I wanted it to mine as long as I live.
Is that wrong?

The true beauty of
a woman is in motherhood.

It was my dream to
give birth to children.

I'm trying to turn
you into a dream-girl..

..and you want give birth to children?
Silly woman.

Shut up! I'll press charges
on you and drag you to court.

I'll make sure that you
spend your life in prison.

I don't care if you put me in prison..

..go to women's associations,
drag me to court..

..do whatever crap you want to do.

But before you go,
do a nude photo-shoot for me.

How dare you, you bloody rascal!

Who are you to ask me
to do a nude photo-shoot?

Who am I? I'm your husband
and you are my property.

Don't you have any shame?

You want your wife
to do a nude photo-shoot?

Even after knowing me,
you thought I'll agree to it?

You idiot!

You won't agree. I know that.

I've something for you.

You believed me when I
said I deleted the video, right?

I've many intimate videos of us.

But I swear, I never thought
I'll have to use them like this.

If you want your honor intact..

..do this shoot without making a scene.

I'm sure this will
be the best ad in my life.

If you want I can buy you
ten children as remuneration.

You can happily raise them.

Look, Vidya. If you shoot this ad..

..this photo will turn
you into the best model.

Or, that video will turn
you into something else.

Think about it.


Is he even a human?
I won't spare him. I'll kill Rahul.

(Claps hands)

- Sir.

That tall man there,
he's my wife's boyfriend.

He says he'll kill me.
Close the doors. Close the doors.

You guard the doors.

Yes, sir.

You brought my son,
I mean your boyfriend..

..who is like a son,
to kill me in my own house?

You! Have you gone crazy?

- Sir?

Why is he calling me crazy? Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?
- No, sir.


Actually, Mr. Ganesh, I am crazy.

I'm crazy about my wife..

..but you dared to come between us.

- Shut up!

I'll kill you today!

Vidya, he's going to kill me.
Are you happy?



(Glass shatters)

Am I crazy? Am I crazy?


Ganesh, let him go, please.

I will kill you!

No! Ganesh!
Ganesh! Please stop it! Please!

You are going to be an IAS officer.

Don't become a murderer by killing him.

Leave me, Vidya.

How can I spare a
man who did this to you?

He should die. I will kill him.

Ganesh, please.
This is our family problem.

Don't interfere in this matter.

But Vidya, he's dangerous.

Ganesh, please. Get out of here.

Vidya, he's a psycho..

Please, get out. Get out I said.

Please listen to me.
- Get out.


Just get lost.


(Door open)



I'm sorry.



You were more concerned
about his golden future..

..than about him killing me.

You are a true mother. True mother.

But when we were bashing each other up..

Hey, Ganesh! Oh, Rahul!

What a performance!

You are not an ordinary woman.

You are a brilliant actress.

Brilliant actress!

If I let you go,
you'll go and settle down with him.

No. No.

Rahul.. Rahul, don't.

Please don't do it.

He wanted to kill me
with this knife, right?

Rahul, please.


Rahul, don't harm me.

Can you just come here?

Please don't harm me.

I won't harm you.
- Please.

What are you saying?
- No, Rahul.

Rahul, please.

I beg of you. Please.

I'll stab you even harder
if you irritate me. Come here.

Don't harm me.

Come here!

- (Thunder crashing)


Oh God! (Groans)


Smoke. Why is the
house filled with smoke?

Where is it coming from?

Let's go check upstairs.



Right there.

Come on.
Let's put the fire out. Hurry up.


(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)

He's not a human being.
He's a demon who ruined your life.

What do you want to do now?

My conscience won't allow it.

I'll surrender to the
police and confess my crime.

Are you crazy?

The law requires proof,
not a conscience.

90 percent cases are closed
because of lack of evidence.

Then, let's bury the body.

No. Let's burn it.

Then there will be no proof.

Do you have any farmhouse
far from the city?

Yes. On the way to Chevalla.

There's no watchman there right now.
He's on leave.

Let's take the body there
in the car and burn it.

The police are searching for us.
How can we go out?

There's no other way to save her.

If we take the risk of getting there..

..we can easily escape from there.

Let's hide underneath
so that nobody can see us.

You drive.

Why did you stop?

The police are checking
all the vehicles.


It's ACP Narsimha.

Turn around. Turn around.

Oh no! Darn!

Check all the vehicles.
No vehicle should get away.

We've to catch those three convicts.

Hide. Come on, hide.

(Car alarm chirps)

Why did she lock the
car and where is she going?

Excuse me, sir.


A patient is in critical
state in the hospital.

He needs blood urgently.
I've the same blood group.

I'm in a hurry. Please let my car go.

Not possible.
Three convicts escaped from the prison.

We are searching for them.

The ACP gave strict orders
not to let any vehicle go.

It's an emergency, sir.
He'll die if I don't reach on time.

Please, sir.

Okay. Write down your
home address and details..

..in this register and sign it.


Yes, sir!

Check this girl's
car first and let her go.

Come on, madam.

Go with him.

Come on, madam.

Go on.

Come on, hurry up.


Open the lock. Come on.

Open the trunk.
How many times should I ask you?

Come on, hurry. Open the lock.

Come on, open the trunk.

(Car alarm chirps)

She's in a hurry to go to the hospital.

Yes, sir.
- Don't you have humanity?


This is why people
don't respect policemen.

Chewing betel leaves
has affected your mind.

Does she look like a killer
or an accomplice to convicts?

Use your brain.

Go on, dear. Take your car.
- Thank you, sir.

Come on, make way for this car.

(Brakes squeal)


The man who tormented
you is burning in those flames.

Let your past burn with
him and start a new life.

Come on.


(Phone rings)

- (Phone rings)

(Clock ticking)

(Phone rings)



What? Were you sleeping?
How can you sleep?

Who are you?

We can talk about my
name and address later.

First let's talk about
the dead body that was burnt..

..at the farmhouse, alright?

What do you want?

Good. Right to the point.

I'll call again to tell
you what I want and where to come.

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

Looks like you didn't sleep all night.

You had a headache after all.

I sat at my window all
night thinking about you..

..and looking at your house.

Is your fever gone?

Are you afraid that I'll get it too?

Should I bring you tablets?

I've no such problems. Just go.

You are too shy, dear. Make use of me.

Should I call your wife?

(Phone rings)

Here, she's calling me.

Should I reject it, or answer it?

Please leave. Get out.
- Wait.

(Phone rings)

What? Are you worried?

I won't ask stupid questions
like why did you kill him..

..or how did you kill him?
I just want money.

I'll tell you when and where I want it.
Listen carefully. - (Door bell rings)

Don't you have any shame?


Why aren't you answering
your phone, ma'am?


Sir gave me his phone
last night and forgot about it.

I was calling to tell
you that but you didn't answer.

So I came here to give it to you.

Sir is still sleeping.


I'll give it to him. You can go.

(Door bell rings)

Do you think this is a game?
Why did you cut the call?

I had to disconnect because
somebody else called.

If you don't want me to inform
the police about the murder..

..you should give me 2.5 million rupees.

My little girl is getting
treated for cancer.

I'll need 2.5 million rupees.

Are you listening to me?

Yes, please tell me. I'm listening.

I'll tell you where I
want you to bring the money.

Listen carefully.

There's an aluminum
factory outside the city.

Come to the 4th shed there.

If you try any tricks with me..

It's definitely him.

(Locker beeps)

(Phone rings)

(Brakes squeal)

(Phone rings)

Hello. Take a right and walk straight.

Do you want a betel leaf to chew?

Or you can eat betel nuts.

Yes, sir. Yes. Yes.

We caught him red-handed.

I'll keep updating you, sir.
Thank you, sir.


She's in a hurry to go to the hospital.

Yes, sir.

Don't you have humanity?


This is why people
don't respect policemen.

Use your brain.

Go on, dear. Take your car.

Thank you, sir.

Don't chew leaves like a goat.
Get to work.

What's the issue?

Nothing, sir.
- Sir.

She was in a hurry
to get to the hospital.

So we checked her car and let her go.

He lied to you and
followed her car, sir.

(Police siren wails)

(Police siren wails)

Then, he came back after some time..

..and clicked a photo
of her details in the register.

Keep an eye on him.

Do you want a betel leaf to chew?

Or you can eat betel nuts.


Is the shock too much for you?

I'll kill you. Don't you
have any other dialogues to say?

He's attacking me.

You should be ashamed of what you did.

How dare you attack him?

What's your relationship with that girl?

Open the trunk.

When our constable
wanted to check her car..

..I noticed blood
dripping from the trunk.

I saw the anxiety in her face and
became suspicious. - (Car alarm chirps)

I stopped him from
opening her car's trunk..

..let her car go and followed her.

(Horn blares)

You idiot!

When I was searching
for the missing car..

..I saw it leaving a farmhouse.

I found it suspicious
and went into the farmhouse.

I saw a dead body burning.

I assumed that the girl
had something to do with it.

I returned to the check-post..

..took her phone number
and details from the register..

..and called her.

The fear in her voice confirmed..

..that she committed a crime.

I called her again and
asked her for 2.5 million rupees.

Cops like you are a
disgrace to our department.

Keep him in remand.

Please overlook it just this once, sir.
- Bhaskar!

Madam! Sir wants to talk to you.
Come inside.

The CI was talking about a farmhouse..

..and a dead body that was burnt.
What's the story?

He is right, sir.

I burnt my husband's
dead body at the farmhouse.

I killed him.

You killed your husband? Who was he?

Ad film maker Rahul.

Ad film maker Rahul is your husband?

Bhaskar! Raju! Ashwath!

Bhaskar, take a team to
ad film maker Rahul's house.

That's a crime scene.

Ashwath, inform the forensic department.

Search every inch of that house.

Don't miss any evidences.

Understand? Come on, get going.


(Camera clicks)

(Phone rings)

You can go. I'll see it later.
- Okay, sir.

(Phone rings)

Who is this Ganesh?

Answer me!

A friend.
- Just a friend or a boyfriend?

Answer it.

Put it on speaker.

Hello? Hello, Vidya. I've been calling
you continuously since last night.

Why aren't you answering my calls?

After the fight last night, I
was so worried that Rahul will harm you.

Hello? Hello, Vidya?

I'll talk to you later.

What happened? Vidya, tell me please.

Who are you?

Who am I? Who are you?

Police. Assistant
Commissioner of Police.


Sorry, sir.
I'm Ganesh. Where is Vidya right now?

In police custody.

No, sir. No complications.
I think we can handle it.

Not at all, sir.

Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir. I'm Ganesh.

What are those bruises?

What do you do?


What do you do?

I completed my Civils, sir.
Waiting for posting.

Future IPS. IAS.

Sir, where is our Vidya?

In interrogation.

What actually happened, sir?

She killed her husband.


She killed Rahul?
Impossible. That's impossible, sir.

She's not that kind of a girl.


She confessed to the murder.

Please give me a chance to talk to her.

I'll find out what happened.

- Thank you, sir.

Five minutes.


Is the ACP telling the truth?

You killed Rahul?

No, I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.

The police believed me.
Get out of here right now.

Don't be stupid.
I can't leave you in this situation.

I'll talk to the lawyers
and get you a bail.

Go and tell the ACP
that you were in shock..

..and didn't know what you were saying.

After that?
They'll find that you are the murderer.

Will you go to jail instead
of becoming a Collector?

Why will I be put in prison?

Because you killed Rahul.


I killed Rahul?

Yes. I saw you jumping over
the gate after you killed him.

What? I jumped over the gate?

There is some confusion, Vidya.

I was so angry last night
that I would've killed him..

..then and there if
you hadn't stopped me.

You stopped me and asked me to get out.

After I left,
I didn't even look back at your house.

How can you say that I killed Rahul?

Then, it wasn't you who killed Rahul?


Then, who killed Rahul
and jumped over the gate?

I didn't kill my husband, sir.

Are you both staging a new drama?

She thought I killed Rahul..

..so she took the blame
for it to save me. She's innocent.

If you want,
you can take me into custody..

..until you find the real killer.

If you want us to find
out who the real killer is..

..you've to tell me what
really happened after Ganesh left.

Oh God! (Groans)

Vidya! Vidya!
(Banging on door)

Vidya! Open the door! Open the door!

After a while,
the banging on the door stopped.

I hesitantly opened
the back door and went out.

(Thunder crashing)

(Thunder crashing)



I noticed the blood drops and
fearfully looked out of the window.

I saw a man jump over the gate and run.

(Thunder crashing)

I thought that Ganesh
came back to save me..

..killed Ganesh,
jumped over the gate and escaped.

My life was already ruined.

I didn't want Ganesh's
future to be ruined too..

..so I took the blame for it.

I lied to you that I killed my husband.

If it wasn't either of you,
who really killed Rahul?

(Phone rings)

Tell me.

We found a bloodied
knife outside the house.

Send it to the forensic lab immediately.

Okay, sir.

- Sir!

Take the fingerprints of these two,
the guy in my room..

..and that man Abbas Paul.
- Sir.

They found a knife on the crime scene.

Check if any of their
prints match the ones on it.

I want the reports immediately.

Okay, sir.

None of their prints
match the ones on the knife.

We did further comparison
in our bureau too.

Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

Thank you.
- Welcome.

Was there somebody else there..

..when your husband
was fighting with him?

He says he'll kill me.
Close the doors. Close the doors.

Yes. Rahul's manager
Das came home with him.

Was he still there when
they both were fighting?

I didn't notice it, sir.

Do you have Das's phone number?

Yes, sir.

Call him.

The number you are trying
to call is currently not reachable.

There's no doubt about it.
It must be him.

None of your prints matched
the ones on the knife.

I'm sure Das is the real killer.

- Sir.

- Sir.

Arrest that manager Das right away.
Don't let him escape.

Come on, go.

Excuse me.


A little girl named Vaishnavi.
Which ward is she in?

They were discharged early
in the morning today. - Thank you.

(Police siren wails)

(Phone rings)

Yes, Bhaskar.

He's not at the hospital.
His house is locked.

He has escaped.


It's him! Definitely him!

Question his family,
relatives and friends.

Don't leave anyone out.

Check all vehicles going
out and coming into the city.

Alert all the check-posts.

Railway stations, bus stands, airport..

..I want our men checking
all the places. I've to find him.

Sir, can we go?

Of course. If you wait half an hour..

..we'll arrange a music
band to play music..

..and come as a procession
to leave you at home.

India's most famous
photographer was murdered.

He was a VIP.
Do you know how serious this case is?

I can't let you go just
because the forensic reports..

..suggest that you don't
have anything to do with it.

You are the culprits until
we catch the real culprit.

When I saw the risk you
took to save your friend..

..I saw myself in you.

So I'll take a personal
risk and let you go home.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Ganesh, you both go home.

How can we leave you
alone in this situation?

Please. I want to be alone.

(Phone chimes)

Why did he send a text to Rahul's phone?

(Brakes squeal)

(Door bell rings)

(Door bell rings)

(Door knocks)

(Door creaks)



You guys?

Did you come to tell the ACP about us?

Yes. I came to find out
what is actually going on..

..and ask the ACP about you.

What will you ask him?

How does the ACP know my husband?

I came to ask him about
the connection between..

..my husband, Meghana and the ACP.

And what's the connection
between those three and you three?

I thought you heard my story.

But now I know that
I was a part of your story.

I selected Meghana for the photo-shoot..

..and then she died after two days. How?

Please tell me at least now.
What actually happened?

In your story,
you accidentally became the victim.

But in Meghana's story,
she unwittingly became a victim.

We were born and brought
up in different places..

..but accidentally found each other.

That was our life. One day..

Where were you last night?

Why didn't you answer any calls?

Who is she?

I told you about her.
She left home with a suitcase.

So I brought her to our room.

Okay, let's go inside.

Wait a minute.

Where are you going?

Let's go to the temple
first and get you two married.

Hello! I'm not going to marry anyone.

I want to be the No.
1 model in India. That's my aim.

I promise you this as an older brother.

We are here to fulfill
all your dreams and ambitions.


"We'll place the skies in your palms"

"We'll fill your eyes
with joy and happiness"

"We'll lay our lives
for you if you ever ask"


"We don't have any specific dreams"

"Even if we do,
we'll put them aside for your dreams"

"We don't have other
things to bring us joy"

"Even if we do,
we'll forget them for your smiles"

"We'll place the skies in your palms"

"We'll fill your eyes
with joy and happiness"

"We'll lay our lives
for you if you ever ask"



Your Meghana has been selected.

Puneet! Adwith! Meghana!
- What's the matter?

Meghana, congrats!
She got selected for the ad campaign.

Oh. Congrats, Meghana!

Come on, hurry up and go.

I won't go.
How can I leave you in this state?

That's not more important than you.


"Your dreams and ambitions are ours"

"We'll give life to
them like a rising sun"

"Your paths and journeys are ours"

"We'll guard you on your way"

"No matter what your fun may cost us"

"We'll happily bear it for you"

"No matter how far
your goals and dreams are"

"We'll capture them for you"

"We'll become horses with wings for you"

"We'll carry you into
a world filled with colors"

"We'll place the skies in your palms"

"We'll fill your eyes
with joy and happiness"

"We'll lay our lives
for you if you ever ask"


Sir has finalized Meghana.

Bring her here at 10:00 am tomorrow.

(Camera clicks)

(Claps hands)

Good job, guys. Good job.

Alright, everyone go outside. Quick.

Go, go, go. Leave the set.

How are you feeling?
- I'm so happy.


Meghana, please come.

All the best.
- Thank you.

All the best.
- Thank you.

All the best.
- Thanks.

(Camera clicks)


Hi, sir.
- (Camera clicks)

(Camera clicks)

Do you need a special invitation?

- Get out.

Sorry, sir.
- Come, come.

Come. Just stand here like that.

(Camera clicks)

Nice. Looking good, man.

Sir, modeling is my dream.

My first photo-shoot with
a legendary photographer like you..

I can't believe it. I'm so happy.

That's okay.

Meghana, right?


There's jewelry in that box.
Just wear it.



Good. Nice.

Just keep that and remove the dress.

I didn't get you, sir.

What didn't you get?

Don't you know this
is a nude photo-shoot?


Keep the necklace
and take out the dress.

I'm running out of time, make it quick.

I can't do it, sir. I didn't
know about it. I can't. I'm sorry.

I don't know why you
are making a scene out of it.

I'm just trying to
show the way you are. Okay?

I'm not shooting
pornography here. Just..


Are you mad?

I rejected 1,000 models
before selecting you.

I finalized the contract
by showing your photo.

And that idiot liked you.

After this I'll be an
international ad film maker..

..and you'll be an international model.

And I swear I have no time for this.

I'll give you as much
remuneration as you want.

Please come.

Sorry, sir. I'm not doing it for money.
It's.. It's my passion.

But I can't do nudity.

Why are you being such a pain?

Didn't you ever stand nude before a guy?

Are you doing it?
Or else, I'll do it for you.

I didn't expect this.


I'll call my friends right now.

Which friends?

Hey, no. No, no. No.
Why did you remove it?

Just do as I say. Hey..



I'm sorry.

Did you hit me?

No.. I'm sorry.
- What sorry?



Who are you trying to call?

- Who are you trying to call?

Your friends?
- Adwith!


It's our Meghana's voice.
- Puneet!

Yes, it's Meghana.
- Help!

Come on!


What did I ask for? Just one photograph!


No! No! Puneet!

Why did you hit me? Why?

- Why did you hit me? How dare you!




Open the door!
- No! No!

Call him. Call him. Come on.


Hey! Rahul! Stop it!
- Rahul! Open the door!

Open the door!

Rahul! Open the door!

One photo is all that I have ever asked.



Such a waste of my time.

Open the door! Open the door!

Meghana! Meghana!

(Glass shatters)

Meghana.. Meghana..
- Meghana.. Meghana..

Meghana.. Meghana..

Open your eyes.

Meghana.. Meghana..




How dare you kill Meghana!

I'll kill you right now!


Thanks, man. You came at the right time.

That's the power of police.


(Camera clicks)
- Don't harm our friend.

What are you doing?
- (Camera clicks)


Actually I should shoot
you with my revolver.

But I need someone
to take the blame of..

..raping and murdering her.

So I made a video on his
cell phone to upload it on..

..Facebook, Instagram,
and what's the third one?


Yes, Twitter.
I'm uploading it from his account.

Hey! No!

Got it. It's uploaded.


We won't spare you. We won't spare you.

I won't spare you too.

Rahul, scar her face
with that cigarette.

We've to make them
look like sadistic psychos.

We should provoke
the public against them.

No. Please don't harm our Meghana.
Please, no.

Please, no.


Please, no.
- Please, no.



Meghana is alive.


She's alive.

Meghana is alive, sir.
Let's take her to the hospital.

Please help us to save her.

If you commit a crime,
you should do it perfectly.

I'll complete what you left unfinished.

No, sir. Please don't kill her.

Please, we beg of you. Don't kill her.

Meghana.. Meghana..

- Meghana..


We were convicted for a crime
that we didn't commit.

We decided to kill Rahul
and the ACP for what they did.

We escaped from prison
and came directly to your house.

Vidya, open the door!

What are you doing here?

We escaped from prison to kill you.


Die! Die, you rascal! Die!

'So the man who jumped
over the gate in the night..'

'..wasn't Ganesh or manager
like I thought. It was you.'

Correct. We jumped over
the gate and tried to escape..

(Police siren wails)
- ..but the police were onto us.

So we ran back to your
house to hide ourselves.

We were shocked to see
that Rahul's body wasn't there.

Then you saw us.

We were even more shocked
when you said that..

..you killed Rahul
whereas we had killed him.

We felt sorry for you
when we heard your story.

It reminded us of Meghana.
We felt pity for you.

We were imprisoned for
a crime we didn't commit.

We didn't want you to go
to jail for the crime that we did.

So we helped you
to dispose Rahul's body.

Now tell us. Shouldn't we kill the ACP
like we killed Rahul?

Kill him.





You idiots!

Why are you hiding? Come out!

You can't kill me but you'll
definitely die in my hands.

Rahul died as soon
as you got out of prison.

I immediately knew
that you were behind it.

I knew I was your next target.

That's why I took precautions.

I won't spare your lives today.
I'll kill her too.

First Meghana and now Vidya.

Oh God!

(Glass shatters)

Hey, no! Hey!

(Empty gun clicks)

(Gun Cocking)




(Brakes squeal)

Mr. Das.
- Yes, ma'am.

Here's 2.5 million rupees
for her surgery.

Get it done right away.

When Rahul sir and Ganesh
were fighting that day..

..I sneaked into your locker room
to steal..

..2.5 million rupees
for my little girl's surgery.

I tried to open the locker,
but I couldn't, so I stayed there.

After a while I heard screams
and came to the living room.

I saw those three men killing him.

I didn't know what to do.

When I came out again after some time..

..you were kneeling beside
Rahul sir's dead body.

When you were telling
your past to them..

..in an effort to escape from there..

..I opened the tap in order
to divert your attention.

But one of the three stayed
back in the living room..

..so I couldn't get out of the house.

In my second attempt to run,
I put the curtains on fire.

I was very scared that
if I get involved in this case..

..my little girl will be left alone.

So I decided to leave
the city with my family.

I left without thinking
about you that day.

But you thought about
my daughter's life..

..and gave me the money.

Please forgive me.

Vidya is here!
Vidya is here! Come on, everyone!

How are you, dear?
- I'm doing okay.


You are not an ordinary woman.

You are a brilliant actress.

A brilliant actress.

Am I crazy?

I didn't kill my husband, sir.



I'll kill you!