Raabta (2017) - full transcript

In 2017, Shiv and Saira fall for each other and form an inseparable connection. Until, Saira crosses paths with a reincarnated lover from a previous lifetime who is determined to make her his lover again.

Where's Shiv?

It's been 2:30 minutes.

God's impressed.
You can come out now.

If you want to drown,
do it in Budapest.

We'll miss our flight.
Hurry up.


Congratulations to you too!

No-no...the company's given
him a house.. car... luxuries.


Now Kakkads will take over Europe.
Budapest is near London.

The old man is cuckoo, putting London
and Budapest next to each other.

Soon he'll claim that Queen
Elizabeth is his daughter-in-law.


Forget about him and listen to me.

You're not going to drink there.

If you do drink, you won't drive.

If you drink and drive..

..then you won't date a foreigner.

And if you do date a foreigner..

Don't marry her!
- Yeah..

Bye, mom.
- Bless you.

Tell Gurmeet Singh I said goodbye.
- Take care, son.

Listen. Come here.

Take your father's blessings as well.

He's an embarrassment.
- Shut up!

Bless you, son.
- Take care.

I'll get a handsome
foreigner for you as well.

Shut up.

Insecurity, huh!

See you.
- Let's go, or we'll miss our flight.

Bye... See you.

'Exactly 800 years later..'

'..the comet Lovejoy is
heading towards Earth.'

'The entire world is quite
excited about this event.'

'Because when the comet will pass...'

You see, bro..my score's 47.

But I am getting hungry for more.

We're not coming back
without scoring a century.

And even the girls
out there are like me.


Well, they don't charge
a penny here either.

By the way, this is happening
for the first time in 800 years.

First time in 800 years..

..someone from the Kakkad
family is going abroad.

What are you saying?

Hey pauper Kakkad..

Look here..at what
they're saying on the news .

- A comet is heading towards us.

That's not a big deal.

Gurmeet Singh fires a
comet after every meal.

It's the comet Lovejoy
that's coming back..

..and that too after 800 years.

And it's going to
pass so close to Earth..

..that there's going
to be fireworks in the sky.

So give it a 'like'.

Astrology is nonsense.

Astrology is not nonsense.

They say it's a super
lucky month for lovers to meet.

This month..I'll find
my true love as well.

What's more, they claim that a month
later it can be seen with naked eyes.

I've always had 'naked-eyes.'

Thank you.
- What thank you?

Where were you?

You took so long.

I've been waiting for a 1000 years.

Sorry, I don't follow.
- Then follow me on Twitter, baby.

Did you just say that?

Do you know what day it is today?

Love-month is starting, baby.

Lovejoy is coming.


Comet passes the earth.

- Yes, comet!

It passes the earth.

And love rains only
once in 800 years.

- I swear, Nancy.

My name is Melisa.

Hi, Melisa. I am Radha.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

We're going to Budapest,
for our honeymoon.

Accent, huh!
Get lost.

Believe me, I am totally single and..

And just like your beautiful hair,

Thank you.

- What?

- It can't be true.

Is this a sign, baby?

"My move.."

"My move.."

"My move.."

"Watch my move."

"Watch my move."

There's no way she's falling for you.

Let's make a bet..10 Euros.

750 rupees.

Your loss.

"Little love.."

"Little coaxing."

"Some more.."

"Some more.."

"Watch my move."

"Watch my move."

"Watch my move."

"Watch my move."

Hey, hold this.

Come on.

Wha.. What are you doing, Shiv?

You can't just jump
off some random bridge.

It will be illegal.

These guys will throw you behind bars.
- **** them..

We're middleclass people.
We'll die middleclass.

Marry some Sunita,
Name our kids Sunil, Kishore..

..and when they grow up,
they will be bankers too.

If I keep being 'legal' all my life..

..what stories will I tell my kids?

Don't stop me today my love!


You made me a wimp!

The same nightmare again.

The same weird one.

It's all your fault.

Really, I mean..
who's scared of water?

I can't even drown myself in shame.



So what if I am a wimp..

I am also hot.


So what was the poisoned
sweet that 'Ranjha' ate?

Laddoo (Sweetmeat).

- Indian Laddoo..the Indian Sweet.


You're so hot.

You need to tell me one thing.

Is this a sign, baby?

Yes, the neon sign.
- Neon sign..

You're so cute, my tubelight...
I'm saying you're very intelligent.

Come, I'll treat you
to some sweet balls of love.

But why is nobody..

Lots of chocolates.


So many chocolates.
- Yeah..


When did you arrive?
I didn't see you.

Been a while.

I didn't realize, I'm sorry.

No, its okay.

I want milk chocolate.
- Yeah..

What's good here?

- Hi.

Well, you must try
our liquor chocolates.

I swear they'd melt in the mouth.

And our sea-salt caramel
chocolates are just..

I just made them this morning..

..so they are very fresh.


And if you like dark chocolates..

..our beans are actually from
Guatemala, so they are really special.

Shiv. I want milk chocolate.

No-no-no..baby, you must
try sea-salt caramel truffles..

They are like..

You just made them
this morning, right?

She just made them this morning.

And the dark chocolates
are very special. They are from...


- Shiv!

I want plain milk chocolate.

But baby..Guatemala is very good.

Baby, please sea-salt caramel..
- No.


Baby gone.
- What?



For me?

For her.

By the way, where's Guatemala?

I've been trying so hard to find it.
- What happened?

She kicked you out so
you came straight to me?

I would've come anyway...
Now that I've found you.

Hold on.
- How many times have you used that line?

A lot, that's how I got this far.

Can I say something?

Hold on.

You sell sweets but I can see
Your broken heart in your eyes.


Don't you see the
chocolate bill, as well?

Pay up my 10 Euros.
No fooling around with my livelihood.



Just 10 Euros for
your sexy livelihood?

You're so cheesy.

Thank you.
- Thank you.

Baby, a part of me
is chocolaty as well.

I didn't say that, he did.


You see..this has never
happened with me before.

I swear, this is completely new.

Do you know about Love-Joy?
Once in 800 years..

Hey..I've sold 200 kilos of chocolate
since morning over 'Love-Joy'.

So don't try to use the
'comet' line on me.

For the first time
in my life I am not trying.

I'm just speaking my heart.

So tell me, Pushpa...
- Forget it, Rajesh.

You're just like me.

I am Shiv.

Saira Singh.

Well...you don't know me Saira Singh.
I'm a lady killer.

And enough of this
'playing hard to get'.

Do you know how you were staring at
me? I'm irresistibly handsome right?

You see...I am a player.


And, you know.
- Yeah, I know.


Why don't you make it a goodnight?

Let's put in a lift in this building.
There are too many steps to climb.

Listen..can't we work something out?

Wait...I'll help you.

Why don't you keep
things in their place?


Uninvited guests are not welcome.

You're the uninvited
guest in my heart.

After you.

Have you noticed how
touchy-feely we're getting?


What are you doing?

Coming towards you..slowly.
- Why?

I want to take it slow, baby..please.

Are you done?

- Now leave.

But..I was just..trying
to make you laugh.



So my love..what's up with Kiara?

Don't know.

She threw me out.

Your cheap tricks won't work here.

And anyway,
she's way beyond your league.

Well..something's special about her.

I didn't feel like
it was our first meeting.

Mr. Casanova..don't
forget what your mom said.

No dating foreign chicks.

She's 100 percent Indian..like me.

10 Euros.

Claira... Indian?

Now he is in my dreams as well.

24 hours..

..how can you keep smelling so nice?

Which soap do you use?
- Shower gel.

Yeah, that.

You're back again.
- Hold on..why wouldn't I be?

After last night I don't
believe in one-night stands.

I am not that kind of a boy.

I deserve at least two.

That kiss was a mistake.

So let's kiss and makeup today.

Tell me about your family.

You're so random.
You just changed the topic so easily.

You can try, but can't avoid me today.

And anyway, doesn't really matter.
There's no one at your house.

Yes, I don't have parents.

Sorry... Sorry...

Why are you sorry?

Don't know.

One second..


Hello..how are you?


I want this.
You like this?

Great, you like it.

Oh.. I get it.

Lonely girl..

Planning to get married when
she sees an ideal bachelor.

Well..let me tell you
about my family tree.

I've a lying father..Gurmeet Singh.

A drama queen mother..Gurmeet Kaur.

And I'm their one and only..
- Hero?

Only by looks.

Actually I am a banker.

Banking runs through my veins.

So let's do it now..

You talk too much.

I like the silent types.
- Hold on.

Silent types are scoundrels.

How do you know?

Actually, I'm silent types myself.

- I swear.. I swear..

Do you know how to spell 'Silent'?

Realy..I don't speak at all.

I swear.

You know,
I can't stop talking since I met you.

But I swear.. I am enjoying it.

Will you make chocolates?

Now I know why you
chose this profession.

Chocolate is loaded with Kamasutra.

It fills you with lust.


Add this.

What are you adding?
- Jaggery.

Mom used to add it.

For energy. Have.

On a serious note,
does this even have any future?

I mean if you had to
be a lifelong Halwai (cook)...

...you could've stayed in Punjab.

Did you just call me a Halwai?

Oh yes, I did.

What's wrong with that?

Why did you leave Punjab?

For you.

Did this line work there as well?

In Punjab,
the line used to begin with me.

Wanna see?

Obviously, she'll need to see.

Hold on.
I'll show you.


"Oh my cruel beloved,
my temporary cook..."

"You call this a date,
but you keep making chocolate."

"Look at my fate!"

"From the time she
has entered my life..."

"Oh my cruel beloved,
my temporary cook..."


What are you doing?

You've come too close
in just two days.

With you..
I'm different.

I've never done this before, you know?

I know...

I know baby, I'm a catch.


That's true.

Big eyelashes.

Perfect sharp nose.
Let me see...

Great jaw line.

You are so like the model kind.

Sorry, for being so good-looking?

I am so disappointed.

Wait a second...

I know why you are with me.


This is what you want, right?
My Badan (body)?

Okay, take it.

Who says that?

You've got a hot body, hottie!

This youth will be of no good dead.

Come into my arms, sweetheart.

No, let go of me.
Leave me, for God's sake.

Let me get a good hold first.

You're being very dominating,
Shakti Kapoor.

Come here, my Bindu!

Hey Badan, what's happened here?


And how did I miss this?
- Oh, this... this...

Well, you were busy.
- Oh yeah, yeah.

What happened?

I was shot.

In a bank?



One second.
Oh yes.

What are you doing?
- Follow me, follow me.


Just feel the moment?

- Okay?

Slightly intense please.
- Okay.

Go for it.
- Go for it.

- Yes.

- Yes.

What are we doing?

I don't know about you
but I'm having fun.

It's vibrating down below.


Your phone.

Move, you idiot. Where is it?


Hi Maanav!
- Maanav?



Movie? Dinner?

Of course, I remember.

No, no, no. Yeah, yeah, you can...

- What? I'm not going anywhere.


Second lane, third house on the right.

You wouldn't have to
hunt if you'd help me shift.


What are you doing!

Stop using me!

Why do you keep throwing
me out of your house?

And this time I'm naked.
I feel used!

Shiv, I have a boyfriend.

- And he is coming over.

What am I doing!

What are you doing!
- I...

The same thing you did
with your Milk Chocolate chick.

Bye now.

This is wrong.
Everything was out in the open for me.

Okay, sorry.
Now please, get out of here.

Let's go and tell
him everything about us.

What's the problem?

Tell him? What will we tell him?

That I know you for only two days?

I've seen sunrises with him.

He takes me on long drives.

We have had candlelight
dinners together.

Just a second.

Are you saying this
to me or to yourself?

Tell me.


Excuse me,
is this third house second street?

You think I'm Google... stupid?


I'm Google? Come search.

Go in.

Hello, Radha?

There is no such
thing called love-joy.

It's all rubbish.

I understand, Shiv.
- How will you understand?

She used me and threw me out.

She's definitely not the one.

She is not the one. She is you.

She is just like you.

I mean, how many girls
have you done this to?

You are sc**wed.

Shiv, for the first time,
you've met your match.

Shiv Kakkar,
I am proud of your choice.

"I am proud of your choice."

Look at yourself, Mr. Proud.
You're 30 and still without a girl.

Get out of the closet
and accept that you are gay.

Hey Shiv... what do you mean?
- Forget it.

Look, she is wearing such
skimpy clothes and going with him.

You know what Shiv would have done?


He would have stripped
that guy off his underwear.

See, you are focused
on that guy's underwear.

Come on, now...
- Are you serious?

Let's follow that underwear. Come on.

Dude! What's up, man!

David, my favorite number please.

Oh, you are sitting
on my regular table man. ??

I'll have a pina-colada... virgin.

And what about you, love?

I'll... I'll have a...

Sairu! We meet again!

Badan! Remember me?

Baby, you mind joining them?
They are insisting. Please?

Sit, sit, sit.

Say hi.

Hey, how are you?
- Hello.

What a coincidence!

Such a long time.
- What are you doing?

Where have you been?

Still like Champagne?

Sit. Where have you been? Join us.


Champagne, please.
The one with bubbles?

And what is this?

I mean seriously, what is this?

Where's the ambience?
Where's the mood?

Where's the romance?

Come on, guys. I'll fix it.


Two candles please.
The smelly ones.

Scented, you mean?
- Yeah, those ones.

And menu, please. Fast.

I am in a hurry.
I'm very busy, you know.

Keep your volume
down a little, please?

- Everyone's looking at us.

Excuse me, but get used to it.
I'm a crowd puller.

Tell him, baby.

- Oh, right on time.

Very good.


Excuse me, where's the washroom?


Guys, hold on, I'll be back, okay?

Thank you.

I'll just come from the washroom.


You've never worn such
skimpy clothes with me.

You are seducing him.

What are you doing?

You intend to break us up?
- Hmm.

That too for free.

You can pay me in kind.

Look, it's very important.

When I see you like this,
I get those dirty, obscene thoughts.

Like Saira, the huntress.

Shiv, the Tarzan.
I am getting these kinds of thoughts.

But because I am very
decent boy from a good family...

I am not allowed to think like that.

So what do I do?

Can I be honest?


I swear, I too get
the same kind of thoughts.


Let's go.




Now I know how decent a
boy you are from how good a family.


- Sorry.

You took quite some time.
Shall we order?

You can buy her dinner but
I'll be the one taking her home. Okay?

Saira, who is this lunatic?

And what is he talking about?
- What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?

Yes! Listen carefully.

This girl... she is using you.

- Yes.

What nonsense is he talking about?

Okay ask her, from where
did this other man come from.

Ask her,
where did the first one go wrong?

Ask her.

Maanav... - Don't bother asking her.
She is very confused.

These girls use us.

They stay confused and mess us up.
I'll tell you, dude, they are all the same.

Oh my God,
there are two guys in my life!

She treats one and cheats the other.

Wow, that rhymed

I have gone crazy.

I'm reciting poetry now.

Look, she made you
Majnu and me a Devdas.

I'm picking up random girls
from streets now.

Baby, you must be thirsty. Take it.

Shiv, it's not funny anymore.
- What?

I didn't promise you anything.

I don't know what happened.

I felt good when I met you.

I had never felt like this.

- What?

Since when do you know Saira?

Since my previous life. Yeah, so?

Only since two days.
- What are you saying?

Two days?

We have been friends
since the last two years.

We are in a relationship
since the past three months.

I know her quite well.

I know her mood swings,
her choices, her tastes.

What are you,
a boyfriend or a shopkeeper?

Saira, is this guy crazy?
- Yeah, crazy about her.


You know her since two years, right?

Then let me tell you something,
She's beyond you. Got it?

You show her sunrises, right?

She is the go crazy on
a full moon kind of a girl.

And she snoozes through
your candlelight dinners.

Tell me something, what's
the use of going on long drives..

..to just watch the road?


How can you look away from her face?

She doesn't need long drives,
she needs long walks...

...that too with a lunatic
who falls into a f**king ditch...

...because he didn't
take his eyes off her.



He's talking rubbish, right?

If he was, I'd have stopped him.

Maanav, I'm really sorry, but if I
can feel this then this is wrong, no?


Saira, you should get this straight.

Your love story is exciting
because I was in the middle.

Really? We didn't realize
it yesterday, right Sairu?

What did you say?
- Nothing, I was just joking.


Look Saira, all this
is exciting because it is new.

If I move out of the way, all
the problems and conflicts will arise.

Same old story.

What will you do then?
Call me?

Maybe I'll accept you?

- What are you doing?

Baby, follow me.

Before you go, listen to me.

Can you drop my girl to Buda Castle?
She doesn't have any cash on her.

Baby, sorry this has become a
Romeo-Juliet kind of a situation.

He'll drop you home.


I'll miss you too.

What are you doing?

What a breakup that was!

Poor guy!

"Poor guy!"

Shall I call him back?

"Maybe I'll accept you."

Let me tell you something.

You couldn't have done this alone.

You are the kind of a girl
who keeps stretching a relationship.

Like a chewing gum.

You won't even chew it
hard because you fear hurting it.

I was feeling a little guilty.
- Right?

I too am feeling a little guilty.


Because I am again imagining
you in a huntress' costume.

"Then let's go, my Tarzan."

"Then let's go, my Tarzan."

Now I know exactly how
guilty you're feeling.

"You feel like...someone
right out of my dreams."

"You're always on my mind."

"Like a gift bestowed
out of the blue."

"You're like a sweet craving."

"Feels like you're always around me."

"The sensation that stays on my lips."

"I'm crazy... Crazy about you."

"I'm addicted... Addicted to you."

"Why do I keep crossing my limits..."

"...little by little for you?"

"You're the melody
that echoes in my breath."

"The secret hidden in my heart."

"You're my future and my present."

"You're my future and my present."

" It often happens"

"After losing my heart to someone "

"Everything seems so beautiful "

"Now that I've fallen for you.."

"..the effect is such that.. "

"I keep smiling all day through"

"Actually...you're love..."

"You keep showing up in my stories."

"You're the acceptance
hidden behind the denials."

"You're the acceptance
hidden behind the denials."

"You're the acceptance
hidden behind the denials."

Hey Queen, don't come any closer.

You might fall in love with me.

King, you too shouldn't
be looking at me like this.

I am no ordinary thing.

Then what are you?

I am something you should
forever and forever keep with you.

Okay, very good.

Tell me something,
isn't one forever good enough? It is.

Come on now, striptease.

Okay, as you say.

"Oh my love..."
- Yeah baby!

"You got me hooked to your love..."
- Why aren't you stripping?

"Where are you going
after making me..."

Strip. What are you doing?
Hey! - Hey!

What have you done!

You killed me.
Your queen just...


Hey, hey, hey!

- Sorry.

Are you crazy?

Give me that.

It was just a story.
Stop being so emotional.

Don’t laugh.

Just a second. Just a second. Wait...

Are you crazy?

Shut up.

Who's Radha now?

You have a thing going
with her as well?

Since childhood.

Talk to me, Radha.

Shiv, have I ever told
you how much I love you?

B**tard, tell me, where are you?

Jewish Quarter,
last house on the third road.

Come over.

Well...come on in, darlings.

She completes me, dude.

I used to feel so incomplete.

Rascal, I knew you are into men.

Where did you find this Hidimba?

Please Shiv, love ignores such things.

But you won't understand.
- Why?

You don't have that kind of depth.

Forget the depth, look at her width.

Where did you find her?

At the Budapest fair.
- What are you saying?

My future got set.

Why is she staring at my girlfriend?
Is she like you?

You sleep at night,
but something keeps you awake.


I get nightmares.

Of someone drowning,
of blood, water, a stuck chain...

I feel out of breath.

Two bodies? Maybe my mom and dad?

When did this happen?

When I was two.

My mom, dad and I were traveling
In a car… and we met with an accident.

The car fell into water
And mom-dad...

Ever since then I cannot sleep.

I get scared of water.
I get strange dreams and I...

I really miss them.


Your life is so deep,
intense and sexy.

I mean, there can't be a
story more interesting than this.

I just can't get
more dramatic than this!

And look at me! I am a banker.

My father is a banker.
His father is also a banker.

I mean, I have such
a common man's life.

And my parents are so ordinary.
They aren't going anywhere.

I am so ordinary and boring.
I hope you won't leave me...

Are you crazy?

Stay just as you are.

You don't look good when sad, Sairu.


You know how to win a heart, huh?

King of hearts.

You were once a king.

Yeah, how do you know?

There was once a king and a queen,
but their death came in between.

I'm getting the drink,
you go get cold water to mix in.

Damn that fatso... baby,
don't listen to her.


Ask whatever you want to ask.


What's your question?

Actually, I've just met Shiv.

We hardly know each other.
But I feel as if...

I was wondering if...
- If he's the one?


Full moon...

Sun, water, rain...

First rain after sunny days.

Everything in your
life is about to change.

Someone is going to come.

A prince.

A prince?


Things come back to you.

They repeat.

What had happened will repeat.

Only you can change it, Saira.

Who is going to come?

I've already met this lunatic.

Then what was that Hidimba saying?

Holy shit!

I knew it! You are a psycho!

What are you doing?

Come here, I'll introduce you.


Come here.
- To whom?

Mom, dad... Shiv.

Shiv... Mom, dad.

Hello, uncle.

I seek your blessings, aunty.

Talk to them.

What do I say? Did they ask something?

- What?

They are asking how
much do you make in a year?

I get 22 in hand after TDS.

Sairu, can we talk later?

What happened, lady-killer?

Got scared?

Look carefully.
- At what?

Nose, it's like mom.

Smile, it's like dad's I think.

I'm an awesome combination, yeah?


Absolutely awesome.

Wait, uncle is staring at me.

Don't worry, uncle.

I'll handle your defective
piece with utmost care.

Okay? Don't worry.

What are you doing, you stupid girl!

She's very beautiful.

Who is she?
- Your daughter-in-law.

It's 10 and she is still sleeping.

Had too much to drink last night?

She is an alcoholic, mom.

She and Gurmeet Singh will
get along so well, I can't tell you.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Gurmeet, Saira. Saira, Gurmeet.

My mom.

I seek your blessings, mom.

She also pays respect!

That's enough, drama queen.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Are you alright?

I'm done for.

What happened?

Look at your hand.

What's happening?

Quick to jump into bed,
quick to propose.

- Then what!

Yesterday we met your parents.

Today we met mine.

So now we are kind of engaged, huh?

Are you asking or telling me?

Do you have full on attraction?


Has this ever happened before?


You've answered your own question.

But what if this
'Happily ever after'...

...becomes 'Happy never
after' after some time?

You are right.

And you have a great track record too.

What if you get bored?

You are no Ms. Virtuous either.


Okay so the issue is,
how do we trust each other?

So the issue is,
is this feeling enough?

- Then..

The issue is, do we get this
feeling with someone else or not.


It's like a buffet out here. So find
some new fancy dish for yourself..

..and I'll find someone
for myself. And we'll know.

Hold on.
Ideal bachelor, great catch.

What are you doing?
This is too risky. - Please.



I'm leaving. The things
I've to do for her. Just watch.

Same here.

That was a big mistake.
Letting him loose.

Somebody looking for me?

I can smell something
burning out here.

Oh you! Hi!

Having fun?

Keep going. My turn now.

Call me.

One apple juice, please.

How rude!

I'm not used to people
not turning around to look at me.

So you are one
of those silent types.

You come to a party and
then stand alone in a corner...

Waiting for a girl.

What does someone turning to look
at you, have to do with your beauty?

So that means you are
interested in me. Right?


I have come with someone else. So...

Oh. I hope he won't
mind if I hold your hand?

Or put my hand around your waist?

What happened?


You can't dance.

This is a problem tall girls face.

Excuse me! - Yeah?

Let's see.

It didn't seem like you
are here with someone else.

What about you?


I was alone...

Until now.

Openly flirting?

Have you never seen
a pretty girl in your life?

No, I was waiting for you.

Do you do anything else
other than charm people?


we have just met, okay? - Okay.

Slow down.

Spend some time with me
and you will find out everything.

Oh, mystery.

You guys think that
if you speak less..

..hide a few things then
the girl will stay interested.

Your smile itself is mysterious.

If you can spare a
moment from looking at me..

..then let me
know what you'll drink.

Whatever you want.

Why do you do this to yourself?

Why do you do it?

You got jealous, right?

I mean... you are drinking
alone to drown your sorrows.

You could have joined me.
Stupid girl.

That isn't my drink.

And I am not alone.
Who told you that?

So who's with you?
- I've found someone.

Who? - My kind of guy.

You are such an unfaithful,
characterless woman... - Me?


Dude, I swear. Thank you so much.

What would have happened
if you hadn't showed up.

Sorry, sorry.
Shiv. Nice to meet you.

It feels as if we go way back.


No, people generally feel so.
But it isn't so.

So, why are you being so intense?

we are childhood buddies. Happy?

We are childhood buddies.
Happy? Okay?


Oh. - Thanks.

Aww. - Cheers.


How cute!

You can buy her a drink but
I'll be the one taking her home.


It was a joke.

He gets serious very quickly.

Just loosen up, okay?

Baby, I'm thirsty.
Give me your drink. Please.

One sip.

It's poison.

It was a joke.

Okay, he..
He caught me on that.

But everyone copies my style, baby.
- Please.

- You can flaunt your style...

But I'll be the
one taking her home.

You're learning pretty quick...

I like him. - Yeah?

He's learning pretty quickly.
Very very quickly.

Zak a.k.a. Zakir Merchant.

Excuse me.
Thank you.

I have found out everything.

Are you thinking about him?

Are you drunk?

It's a ladies' loo.
You'll get beaten up.

No, I am not going anywhere.

I am missing you a lot.

Anyway, I won't be
able to meet you for a week.

Why a week?

Bankers' conference,
Vienna. Sorry.

You couldn't tell me any sooner?
- Sorry, I forgot.

Okay. Let's go outside and talk.

What is this?

It's quite noisy outside.

What silent kind of a
conversation do you want to have?

We talk a lot, don't we?

But we don't listen to this.

I think they are both
conspiring against us.

We have no control.

So what now?

So now, let's leave them alone.

They are acting smart.

It's all about trust, right?

So let's see what they
do when they are alone.

One week.

Away from each other.

And what if they
don't mend their ways?

Next level?

Do you really have to go?

It's good in a way.

If you don't fast,
you don't enjoy the feast.

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

"This helpless soul awaits you."

"Come to me..."

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

"This helpless soul awaits you."

"Come to me..."

"The day is about
to come to an end..."

"My heart belongs to you,
my friend."

"It is used to your company."

"I am a moon and you are a star."

"Come to me..."

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

"This is the limit of love.
It has started testing me."

"My love has started
to cross all limits."

"My restless heartbeat
pleads you."

"To embrace me,
so I find peace."

"My only job is to love you."

"My idleness has started
serving a purpose."

"On top of that,
even the weather is lovely..."

"Come to me..."

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

"I've been in love before."

"But with you it's different."

"This bond that we share."

"Is the journey of this life."

"Or do we share
an old connection?"

"Come to me..."

"Come to me..."

How rude!

Even I am not used to people
not turning around to look at me.

Using my pickup line on me?

- Liquor baron Zakir Merchant.

Must have been quite an impression.

You did research on me?

Are you following me?

That day you bought me a drink
so now you want chocolates for free?


You are such
a big business tycoon.

I'd think you'd be able to afford them.
- Afford?

I can even afford a car.

But then how would I
enjoy this walk with you?

How will this work
if you too keep quiet?

I am already the silent type.

Who comes to a party and...

Personality problem.

Mysterious smile?

And I want to make chocolates.

Have our personalities exchanged?

You're damn strange, man.

It's hard to figure you out.

That means you are
trying to figure me out.

Actually, yes.


I think we should
do business together.

What say?
- No.

But liquor and
chocolates get along.

They do.
- So then?

It'll be difficult to focus.

For you.

Doesn't that
sound like a Hindi song?

"A girl walking in the rain."
- Yeah!

"Sleepless on a sleepy night."

"She met a stranger."

"Unaware of the danger."

"Tell me, how is that fair?"

Oh shit!

You see...

You are lucky.
- Yeah.

You got yourself a date
With me in the rain.

A walk with me feels
like a date to you?

No, not really.

There should be a
sunset for a proper date.

And flowers.

A light drizzle...

Soft music...

A long walk...

And endless conversations.


And what if it starts
pouring down heavily?


What happened?

This car can accommodate
your dilemma, as well.

Sorry. Take your time.

Keep getting wet.


"She's completely
drenched from head to toe."

"She's definitely a little crazy."

Are you alright?
- Yes..


My friend Saira. - Hi.

Wine. - Sure.


Did you hear that? - What?

Drinks are on the house.

It was planned?

Don't tell God.

I made it rain.


Shut up.

I sleep with one light on.

I sleep with all lights on.

- Yeah.

I talk to my plants.

I didn't talk
till the age of seven.

- Yes.

Not even a word.

That's weird.


I think I have
seen you in my dreams.

Same here.

Just shut up now, please.
- No!

I think you are the most
beautiful girl in the world.

You're hungry?

I never thought
I'd be here with you.


I have never felt this way.

I would have never
known if I hadn't met you.

I'm soaring!

You know you totally get me.

It's weird.

You are so my type.


Stylish, cool.

A little crazy, but not bad.

This is the kind of boy I wanted.

But this...

Actually before I met him,
I didn't know what I wanted.

Now it doesn't listen to me.

It belongs to him.




About that Shiv?



Thank you.
- Welcome.

May he die in his sleep.

Shut up.
- I'm sorry.

So last one and
I'll drop you home.

"Intoxicated and swaying..."

"In this lonely rainy night."

"Tell me, how is that fair?"

Kill him.

Good morning.
- What the hell, Zak?

- Where am I?

With me.

In my world.

What do you mean?

How could you bring me here?

I asked...

But you didn't reply.

Obviously, I was drunk, right?

Just a second.
What did you mix in my drink?

It took me 25 years to find you.


What if I tell you
that we've met before?

What if I tell you there was a time
when we loved each other like crazy?

And then someone separated us.

What would you say to that?

Then I'd say that you have
gone crazy and you need help.

No. No.
I am not crazy.

Doctors too used to say the same.

They were treating me.

They were trying to erase
the image from my mind.

But how could I forget you?

I found you.

All the questions became meaningless.

My existence is for you.

This is what the universe wants.
- Just leave me. Let me go.

Wait Saira, wait! I am not crazy.
- Leave me. Let me go, you psycho.

I'm not..

I'm not psycho.

You don't believe me.
Come here.

Just let me go.


Look at them.

That's you, age 6.


And this one...

Look at this..

This is you, age 18.

I tried.

The nose is a little..

What are you saying?
I have never met you before.

But the smile is the same.
- You're crazy.

Saira, am I right?
- I have to go just...

I'm going to call the cops. I'm going to..
- Saira!


Don't you want answers to your dreams?

It will take some time.

But you will understand everything.

And until then, be my guest.

It's perfect.

Dinner will be at 8.

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

"This helpless soul awaits you."

"Come to me..."

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me..."

You really don't know anything?

She isn't at home and she
isn't even answering her phone.

What's this?
- Read it.

You want to fast some more?
Look who finally took her home.

Girls want princes not paupers.

Hey, hey, hey!

Brother! Brother! What is it?
- You want money? I have money.

"Come to me, my love..."

"Come to me, my love..."

Oh! Hi!

You want something?

No appreciation.

Don't come any closer.

Saira... what are you doing?

Come down.

Don't come any closer or I'll jump.

Oh come on, Saira.

You know you won't jump.


You stay here.


Why did you target my prey?

Because Saiba was confronting
a tiger with a dagger.

The tiger didn't even
have a dagger, Kaabir.

It's my duty to protect Saiba.

Paathar belongs to me.

You have to either
drown or fly to reach here.

I don't want anyone's help.

It's beautiful.

I fear someone might cast an evil eye.

Kaabir… there's news that Muraaki
Jilaan has set his eyes on our Paathar.


we wish to conquer the world...

Why this sudden move
towards measly Paathar?

A world unseen,
unheard and unapproachable...

Muraakis are the ones
who conquer them all.

Muraakis have dared
to set their eyes on our Paathar.

Whether he rips the sky apart
or makes his way through water...

Jilaan is destined
to die in Paathar's waters.

If he was born on a no moon night...

...then we are that dark night.

The one who dares to confront us,
is headed to his destruction.

Water should stay blue, not turn red.

Jilaan has sent just
one Muraaki to fight us?

Just one.



Either surrender before
the full moon night or die.


Saiba wishes to fight the
war the warriors of Paathar couldn't?

You don't just fight wars,
you also strategize them.


We buried their warriors
so the Paathars sent women?

It's a woman
who shall kill Jilaan.

Muraakis give only one chance.

This full moon night,
we shall conquer Paatharghat.

Conquer me,
and you conquer Paatharghat.

Who are you?


Barbaric Muraaki, you have never
been this close to a woman, have you?

Get lost.

I've come to kill you.

You will have to defeat
me to win me over.

Show me your face.

Why do you need to see
my face to fight with me?

I need a reason to fight.

Then lower your gaze.


Saiba's beauty is like the sun…

It's wise to lower your gaze.

You got a reason to fight.

Now do you have
the courage to fight?

Just her and me.

Jungle Trap.

This is your Paathar's dense jungle.

A huge tree at the end.

And a dagger on the top.

The first one to get
the dagger gets to draw blood.

If I draw your blood,
you give up on Paathar.

And what if I draw yours?

My Ghat will belong
to you and so will I.

Jungle Trap.

100 paths, 100 wrong ones.

Then the wrong one it is.

When in the jungle, protect your life,
Not your pride.

I'm sharper than the dagger.
Watch your step.

What's your intention?


I knew that Muraakis' brains
are below their waist.

Accept defeat.

My next strike might kill you.

Try to not kill yourself.

For me.

Kill me.

I cannot stay here.

I won't be able to go back.

We let Paathar go,
Saiba is now ours.

He cannot be defeated
even by a beast…

A Muraaki can be
killed only by deceit.

Saiba is yours.

First we marry.

Jilaan loves wars,
then why this marriage?

Oh Muwaqqit, what do you
gain by conquering the world?

Bodies meet, bodies perish.

Souls meet,
they together forever flourish.


Why are you here?

Saiba forgot why she is here.

Jilaan shall no longer
even look at our Ghat.

Didn't you get the message?
- I got the message.

But I didn't get Saiba.

I'll take Saiba with me…

After killing Jilaan.

Nothing can be done now, Kaabir.

I belong to him.

But Saiba belongs to me.

Maybe in another life.
Maybe this was destiny.

Father has asked
me to get Jilaan's head.

Then take mine along as well.

My heart shall always
beat with Saiba's name.

Have you ever heard your
name in that Muraaki's heart?

Muraakis only have courage,
they don't have a heart.

Jilaan is a Muraaki.

He has as many wives
as the wars he has won.

He must have done
this hundreds of times.

He must be having
hundred more Saibas.

I have only one.
- Jilaan loves only me.

Is Saiba happy?

Then I shall learn to live.

Only Paathar will feel lonely.

Don't forget me, Saiba.


Jilaan-Saiba. Celestial lovers.

Muraaki! Muraaki!

I am no ordinary thing.

Then what are you?

I am something you should forever
and forever, keep with you.

Isn't one forever enough?


For you it will be
another victory tomorrow.

You are my victory.

Then leave the rest
of the world for me.

What, Muraaki?
Can you only fight?

Only the one
who can fight can love.

Can fight for love.

Can die for love.

What is going to happen tonight?

Is the sky going crazy?

Don't question nature.

This is happening..

..because you are about to
belong to me forever and forever.

Such a ferocious storm happens
only once in a thousand years.

There will be only one Saiba
and Jilaan in a thousand years.

The moon shall yield a sword.

You are the moon and
I am a dark night.

How did I get so attached to you?

Trust your heart.

Does your heart beat to my name?

How would it?

Muraakis don't possess a heart.

Saiba belongs to me.

And she shall always belong to me.

I had said so.

You shall die in Paathar's waters.

So Muraakis don't possess a heart?

We gave you a heart
and then stabbed it.

We killed you with deceit.

Saiba did.

No trust, no love.

Don't commit this sin, Kaabir.


It is no sin to kill for love.

Die for love,
don't kill for love, Kaabir.

This full moon,
this water, the shadows...

Jilaan, Saiba, such love...
happens once in a thousand years.

Saiba was mine...
and will always be mine.

Here.. I die for you.


'A stormy sky...'

'A ferocious moon...'

'Bodies meet, bodies perish.'

'Souls meet,
they together forever flourish.'

Saiba was never yours
and shall never be.

Nature shall repeat this story.

Today love has bled into water.

Then there's no lover greater than me.

'If they do not make it
through the ocean of fire...'

'One last breath
would forever remain a desire.'

'Saiba was mine...
and will always be mine.'

'No trust, no love.'

'Here... I die for you.'

'Souls meet,
they together forever flourish.'

Karma. Things come back to you.

They repeat.

What had happened will repeat.

Only you can change it, Saira.

You were mine and
shall always remain mine.


So you know...?

So now what?

The same old story, this time
I am the king and you are the queen.

Now I need to decide..

..whether I should
kill him to get you...

Or shall I get you and then kill him.

He will die and you will belong to me.

It was me who made the mistake.

Spare his life.

So much concern for him?

I have come back only for you.

There is a difference.
- What's the difference?

You took a life and he gave his life
to come back.

You have to also kill to get love.

I want to change this story.

You want to change it?
How will you change it?

I don't want anyone's
blood on my conscience.

Blood... Why blood?

He can fall from a tall building.


..he could get electrocuted,
while making toast.

I promise you,
I'll give you a right to choose.

And what if you can have me?

Then you won't kill him, right? Yeah?

The one who had disarmed
him is now his armor.

This time he won't die because of me.

Okay, done!

We get engaged in three days.


You will fall in love eventually.


The only one...

I am the only one you can love.

Not even a kiss for your fiancé?

This is quite a strange beginning.

Hi, good evening.
Glad you could make it.

Hi, welcome.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.


The future Mrs. Merchant.

Bodies meet, bodies perish.

Souls meet,
they together forever flourish.

"The heart has confessed to you..."

"Making the eyes speak..."

"A promise of faithfulness was made."

"I have bonded you to myself."

"My prayers got answered."

"My dreams got fulfilled."

"You now dwell in my heart..."

"The eyes express the said,
and the unsaid."

"There is some connection with you."

"There is some connection with you."

"Why it is,
and how it is, you tell me."

"There is some connection with you."

What happened?

"It obliged me while going..."

"A passing moment
fulfilled my wishes..."

"I got to see you.
I got shinning star..."

"Like I got a sign from fate."

"It looks like the world
has blossomed with your favor."

"I got your sign in my dreams..."

"There is some connection with you."

"There is some connection with you."

"Why it is,
and how it is, you tell me."

"There is some connection with you."

Congratulations, my love.

Remove it, remove it.

Remove it! Look at the size
of the diamond he's holding.

This same old scene
takes place in every story.

One dude makes a last minute entry and
the engagement goes for a six...

You and your intense look.

Don't worry.
This won't happen to you.

Do you know why?

Because women don't fall for the man,
but the mansion.


You ditcher...

I left for a week and you left me.

Only if you had been
a little more crazy...

...you would never have left me.

You remember what I had told you?

You can give her a ring,
but I'll be the one taking her home.

Remember that.

Stay for dinner.

I was only playing with destiny.

Anyway, he will die as destined.

Go find him.

What's the angle?

Why have you come here?

Why did you go there?

Don't you get a newspaper at home?

You are changing the topic again.

You can try. You cannot avoid me.

Why did you go there?
- Shiv! What's wrong…

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?

I am getting married.


And he's just the type of guy I want.

Intense, charming..


Silent in bed as well?

Stop your nonsense and leave!

I am the one talking nonsense?
I am the one talking nonsense?

He's just your type?
He's charming?

What were you doing with me?

What were you doing with me?

Tell me, what were you
doing with me then!

Tell me something.

Listen… please.
I won't do anything.

Listen to me.

I understand that
economics is important.

I am a banker, I understand.

But doesn't chemistry mean anything?

Doesn't chemistry mean anything?

Try to understand, please.

- I'll kill her.

Move... Move...

Stay there.
I swear I'm going to kill her.

What have you done, Shiv?

He will kill you.

Wait, did you kidnap
me or did I kidnap you?

I don't understand.

Oh my!
- What happened?

Uncle and auntie.

- Hello, uncle.

I seek your blessings, aunty.
How are you doing?

Did you see what she was about to do?

Ultimately, I had to explain
it to her that she cannot marry him.

And auntie,
after using my body, how could she…

Don't be stupid, Shiv.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Just a second, aunty.

You didn't jump into the
pool but you jumped into the sea!

You know you are the first heroine..

..to go and plank herself
in the villain's den?

And I am looking for
you like a hero turned monkey…

And that b**tard is coming after
my tail with a match in his hand.


Let's go.

Shiv, we have met before.

In our past life.


I was a princess
and you were a warrior.

And we were in love.


Zak killed you to make me his.

And the same thing
is going to repeat again.

Shiv, are you getting me?

You lost your life because of me.

Shiv, we can't be together anymore.

Just…just…just a second.

One second.
Just give me a second, okay?

Listen to me.
- Just a second, okay?

Very important.

You nitwit! Where is your Hidimba!

That bloody old hag!

You ask why am I cussing?

She has made my life hell.

My girlfriend has lost it.
- Shiv!

Past life, king and queen
and what not she is talking about.

I'll stab her to death if I see her.

Let her know.

What? I am on the other
side of the island. Wait a second.


What's your problem?
- You think I have lost it?

Think about it.

Who are you?
- What do you mean?

I mean why is Zak coming
after a boring banker?

Hold on a second!
Who's boring?

I'm a crowd puller, okay?

Everybody knows that. It's nothing new.
- Shiv, this is not funny!

What is not funny?
I'm not being funny!

What are you saying?

All of this is connected.


In fact, even the comet…

All of this has happened before, Shiv.
You have to believe this.

I have to believe this!

What…what…what are you saying, baby?

You are an educated, English speaking,
modern girl who lives in Europe.

You make chocolates!

Why are you saying
such strange things?

What do I do, I don't have any proof.

Hey baby, what are you doing?
- Just a second!

Baby, you cannot use
sex to make me believe.

I'm reminding you of your birthmark.

Just think, why do you have it?

This is where Zak had attacked you.

I have seen it, Shiv.

What happened?

I am remembering a few things.
Just a second.

It's a classic 70mm
3D Jodha Akbar scenario!

Oh God!

I look so hot in that costume.

And Zak was getting beaten
up back then as well. Take a look.

He looked like a joker
back then too.

And you were so sexy back then too!

Press it again. Press it again.

Go to hell if you
don't want to believe it.

Baby… slave…
Massage my feet before you leave.

Get lost!
- Farewell my subjects!



Who am I?


- Yes.

Don't move.
- What happened?

There's a spider on you.

What are you doing!

Where did it go?

I feel ashamed.
- Why?

Back in that life,
you had killed a tiger.

That too without a weapon.

Baby, in this life,
I am the tiger. Got it?

I'll bite if someone
tries to touch me.

- Yes.

There you go.
- Thanks.

Let's go.

What? Everything's set, right?

Yes, everything is set.

I'll take a plane and
go straight to Budapest.

From there I'll go to the embassy
and then I'll come to get you.

you'll get stuck in the water.

And no one has seen my face
so there is nothing to worry about.

Everything will be…

You are scared.
- Very scared.

Scoundrel… I too am scared.

You look after yourself in the boat.
- I will.

We will take Lord's name.
everything will be fine.

- What?

She is You.

One should be ready
to face danger for her.

You take care of yourself, got it?

You are my life.

Let's go?

- Yes. Let's go.

You really don't believe
that we have met before, right?

Not at all.

But this bloody thing…
believes in everything you say.

This understands that just to save my
life you agreed to marry a joker.

I don't know about your past life.

But in this life...

I love you so much…

…that I can handle
ten such villains for you.

Look! Look! Look!

There's another one!

Lovejoy's love rain.

What happened?

Full moon?


Let's go.
- Where?

Hurry up!

Where are you taking me?

"A girl completely drenched."

"Sleepless in a sleepy night."

"She met a stranger."

"I am the one in the past.
I am the one in the present."

"Tell me…"

"This is a fact!"

Good evening.

If your adventure trip is over,
shall we leave?


You have five minutes.

Leave before this cigarette gets over.

I cannot leave.

What story will I tell our kids?

That papa got scared so
he ran away?

I forgot!
This story has an armour too!

No.. No..

No.. No..


Come on, leave this world.

'A stormy sky...'

'A ferocious moon...'

It's time, Jilaan.

Stop it!



'If they do not make it
through the ocean of fire...'

'One last breath
would forever remain a desire.'

Bodies meet, bodies perish.

Souls meet,
they together forever flourish.

Shiv! Shiv!


If you wouldn't have come for me…

Then what stories would
you tell our kids?


Listen carefully.

Your mom might sometimes say that you
were Karan-Arjun in your past life.

Don't believe her.

Your mom is a little crazy.
But we all love her.


- Okay?

Yes, baby!

Don't believe her.
Let's go.

"No, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."

"Separating the world from myself…"

"I'll hug you and keep
you with me forever."

"I wanna say to you, that I
want to live with you, oh beautiful."

"Separating the world from myself…"

"I'll hug you and keep
you with me forever."

"I wanna say to you, that I
want to live with you, oh beautiful."

"I did the whole love thing."

"I fell head over
heels in love with you."

"I wanna say to you, that I
want to live with you, oh beautiful."

"I'm your boyfriend…"

"I'm your boyfriend…"

"I'm your boyfriend,
you're my girlfriend…"

"But she tells me, no, no, no, no."

"I'm your boyfriend,
you're my girlfriend…"

"But she tells me, no, no, no, no."

"Wait up, at least hear me out…"

"But she tells me, no, no, no, no."

"I'm your boyfriend,
you're my girlfriend…"

"And but tells me, no, no, no, no."

"Wait up, at least hear me out…"

"And but tells me, no, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."

"Blue eyes enhanced with
Delhi's kohl invites me."

"How do I come close to you?
How do I hug you?"

"This thought excites me."

I know you, I know your habits."

"You fall for every girl."

"I don't trust you, I don't love you."

"Why do you keep following me?"

"You'll leave me after bothering me."

"After you've finished lying to me."

"I wanna say to you, that I don't
want to live with you, oh beautiful."

"I'm your boyfriend…"

"I'm your boyfriend…"

"I'm your boyfriend,
you're my girlfriend…"

"But she tells me, no, no, no, no."

"Hey, you're my boyfriend,
I'm your girlfriend…"

"And I now won't tell you,
no, no, no, no."

"Wait up, at least hear me out…"

"And I now won't tell you,
no, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."

"No, no, no, no."