R U There (2010) - full transcript

R U THERE is the story of Jitze (20), a professional gamer who travels around the world to compete in video game tournaments. During a stay in Taipei he unexpectedly witnesses an accident, which confronts him with his own mortality and makes him doubt the certainties of his existence. When he meets a Taiwanese betelnut girl he is attracted to, he only manages to get close to her in Second Life, which serves to compound his doubts.


That went well. Right?

It went the way it was supposed to.

Have you seen the others yet?

Yes, I saw Paolo a minute ago.
I haven't seen the others yet.

It's that way.

Damn it. Just a minute.


This is not going into my system, no way.

Didn't you see a sushi bar near here?

Don't be such a pain, man.

There's fruit too.

I can't be gaming on just that all day.

How does it feel?

A lot better.

The bus is leaving in ten minutes.


It feels all right, I guess.


- Fuck off, man.
- It's just a joke.

Losing from a qualifier...

What's going on?

No idea.

I just couldn't do it.

It felt as if sometimes
things froze up.

Froze up? Are you sure?
In that case I'll file a complaint.

I don't know.
My arm was bothering me again too.

- I thought your arm was fine again.
- It was.

And now?
What about the team match?

What will you do about that?


You're not playing
until you've seen a doctor.

Vlad will replace you today.

- Is it me, or is it fucking hot here?
- Not really. It's quite normal.

- I'm sweating like mad.
- Sorry, man.

Will you be going to the fitness room?

No, I'm going to bed soon.
Maybe practice for an hour first.

I feel a bit nauseous.


Come here for a sec.

You'll be replaced by Vlad today.

- Why did you say that?
- What do you mean?

In the dressing room.

You told me I wasn't a pro in front
of everyone. Why did you do that?

- I think you got me wrong.
- I hope so. Cuz if anyone on the team is a pro

It's me.
You know that as well as I do.


We're waiting for you.

Sleep tight.