RV: Resurrected Victims (2017) - full transcript

Jin-hong is a coldhearted prosecutor who's obsessed with catching the man who murdered his mother. He quickly becomes the prime suspect when the deceased woman returns from the grave to avenge her death.

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Hey, Sung Hoon.

What's up?

I'm still in law school.

They're all born with silver spoons
in their mouths, except me.

Anyway, next Friday...

Hey, I'll call you back.

- Let's get out of here!
- Wait up!



Wake up!


Wake up, Mom!

Stay with me!



Hold on, Mom!







Thus, the prosecution seeks...

the death penalty for the defendant.

The court is adjourned.

The sentencing will be given on September 15th.

I thought we had a deal!

I told you he's my cousin!

How could you do that?

I asked for due punishment.

The rest is up to the judge.


What about the victim's family?

He'll support the kids till they go to college.

And my client is repentant of his actions.

To the victim's family...

paying for the crime means more than just money.

Do you recall the mother

who died in a motorcycle robbery 7 years ago?

The victim's son is now a prosecutor.

In the trial of a man who killed a couple
and burned their house,

he asked for the rare death sentence.

Missed Call (11)


I'll call you after work.

Where are you?

Coming out of a trial. Why?

Come home right now!

Why? What's wrong?


Mom is back.


Mom came back!

She's watching TV with me now!

Is your husband home?

She can't sleep without pills.

She should be hospitalized again.

You try convincing her to go.


That's crazy!

He's hilarious!

Jin-hong? You're home?

- Mom, it's Jin-hong.
- Hi.

Who are you?

You must be hungry.

I told you to change first!

But he's hungry.


Hi, Jin-hong.

- Pastor!
- What?

Deaconess Choi is back?

Did you have a nightmare again?


How can this be!

- Oh Lord!
- Oh Jesus!

"God raised him from the dead,
freeing him from the agony of death..."



Let us praise God together!

There's a land that is fairer than day

And by faith we can see it afar

For the Father waits over the way


Mom passed away.

I know!

And now she's back!


Did you meet Jesus?

Is heaven really beautiful?

Did God entrust you with judgment?




What's happening?

- Mom?
- Hee-jung.

- Hee-jung!
- Mom!



- Mom!
- Let me go!

What's with you!


Hold her!



Jin-hong! What do we do?

Mom! Are you okay?

You'll be alright.

You called the cops?

No, 911.

Why is she here?

The police were notified first. We had no choice.

Reflexes, normal.

Vital signs, normal.

Normal sensory processing.

The first resurrected victim appeared in the U.S.

This file was released by the CIA

to intelligence agencies around the world.

He took me to his place that day.

And he did a bad thing to me.

Then he strangled me to hide the truth.

I came back to make justice...

There will be more people like me...

coming back to life for the same reason.

Also, in Macau,

when a serial killer couldn't be caught,

5 women appeared
and claimed to be the lost victims.

2 of them even explained
where their bodies were buried.

Later, the killer bled to death
after the women attacked him.

Just like Roberta Oswald,
the women got their revenge.

Then they burst into flames and vanished.

Intelligence around the world has confirmed

the resurrected appear when culprits
were not properly punished by law.

Eyewitness accounts on the Internet are calling them

Resurrected Victims, or RV.

Here is the first RV in Korea, Choi Myung-sook.

She died in a motorcycle robbery in 2008.

7 years after her death,
she appeared at her home today.

Then she attacked her son,
Prosecutor Seo Jin-hong.


to prevent the spread of public panic
from this case,

the NIS will conduct an investigation
controlling the media and all eyewitness accounts.

The world is full of surprises.

Take a leave of absence if you need to.

Yes, sir.

Don't worry.

We're the only ones in Korea
who have the right to prosecute.

Intelligence is in charge here.
Come to headquarters.

Yes, sir.

She majored in criminal psychology
in the U.S. after the police academy.

What happened?

No idea.

Tell me.

How many resurrected victims are there?

At present, intelligence agencies
have counted 89 in total.

Of course, she's the first in Korea.

How many are still alive?

All RVs have gotten their revenge then vanished.

There was a time when police chiefs
called young prosecutors 'sirs'

and got slapped in front of their juniors.

Close the door.

Our commissioner wants to get
independent investigation rights

from the prosecution before the end of his term.

This prosecutor was on the news today.

- For seeking the death sentence.
- Right.

His mother died in a motorcycle robbery 7 years ago.

Why reinvestigate her case?

His mother came back to life.


Ever heard of RV?

The dead mother appeared
and tried to attack her son.

Which means she pointed him out as the killer.

I'll share necessary information with you
because you're a prosecutor.

Things may get uncomfortable
for you, Prosecutor Seo.

As soon as you became a prosecutor,
you took all her case files.

I couldn't trust the investigation.

Could you explain in detail?


the case was filled with discrepancies.

Based on CCTV footage,
the police said there was 1 culprit.

They indicted an ex-convict who matched
the DNA found on Mom's hand.

But the witness I found
said there were 2 culprits.

And the descriptions
were different from the ex-convict.

I also tracked down the motorcycle.

The culprit must be
a wanted Chinese criminal.

Many folks like that come here.

He paid by credit card.

He used a duplicated card from Chinatown.

And the witness said he had a Chinese accent.

He was a three-time motorcycle thief.

He turned up dead 45 days later at the Han River.

They estimated he died about a month before.

The DNA matched,
so they concluded he was the killer.

Why'd Seo reinvestigate?

If he were the real culprit
he would have had a Chinese accent.

But he didn't. So Seo requested
that police reinvestigate.

hen he checked out records
of people who left for China.

He also asked Interpol for a list
of wanted Chinese criminals.

But something is odd.

What is it?

Seo was the sole beneficiary
of his mother's $500K insurance.

It could've easily been his salary
if he went to a law firm.

He killed his mom for the insurance?

That's too obvious.

One odd thing about criminals,

they always return to the crime scene.

Seo could've taken the case files
for similar reasons.

Check on the insurance, CCTV files,
and eyewitness statements.

Get me Seo's alibi
and call history for that day, too.

Yes, Chief.

The son killed his mother?


Did you burn yourself?


Could you get me a bandaid?

I get good food at the law school.

I have nowhere to put what you make.


Can't you wire the money?

I'll bring it to you later along with the food.

But eating out is okay.

Take an umbrella!

Why did you ignore me!


Hi, Jin-hong.

Why didn't you call? Is Mom okay?


She'll be out soon, right?

We're planning on taking her to Thailand.

What in the world?

We got disconnected?

Why is the reception weak in here?


Come to your senses!

Mom kept saying in my dreams...

"Keep my things."

She said she'd be back.

I honestly can't believe
she came back from the dead.

Why not?

You saw the video I took!

That's why we're going to Thailand!

She has no metabolism.

And her brainwaves are weak,
as if in a comatose state.

Perhaps some supernatural power
is judging humans.

If humans do not pay for their crimes justly,

it's as if God steps in and punishes them instead.

If the world finds out about this,

there will be sheer chaos.

I found over 100 clips on RV on the Internet.

You think you can keep hiding it?

Then how many UFO clips are there?

If we reveal Choi Myung-sook's case,

things will get awkward for you.

RVs have never been wrong
in their targets for revenge.

Have any failed?

How many RVs have appeared exactly?

How can you be sure that all of them got revenge?

She tried to attack me, but she didn't hurt me.

We must catch the real culprit this time.

If what you say is true,
her killer must still be alive.


The killer is back.

Check on any Korean-Chinese
who left 7 years ago and returned.

Quickly, please.

Yes, sir.

There was a strange call for you
after you left yesterday.

From whom?

He said he knew your mother
and must speak to you.

Track down where the call came from.

Yes, sir.

Do you remember

the top high school student
who stabbed his mother to death?

Where the mom fought him off with a golf club?

She was very strong to have fought
while being stabbed so many times.

ince her husband died young,
her only hope must've been her son.

I guess.

Then why'd he kill his mom?

Who is it?

Are you Prosecutor Seo's sister?


Please have a seat.

Your mother looks lovely.

Dad died when I was 7.

Mom even drove a truck to support us.

Even when Jin-hong passed the bar,
she worked in a kitchen.

She's amazing.

She said Jin-hong shouldn't
accept bribes just to support her.

She even paid expensive insurance premiums...

The report says you filmed her with your phone.

Didn't Jin-hong tell you?


Intelligence agents were just here.
They took everything.

They told me not to say anything.

Oh no.

When did he start working out?

Prosecutors tend to be heavy drinkers.

But I heard your brother doesn't drink at all.

Was your mom very strict with him?

Me taking psychiatric drugs...

and Jin-hong not drinking are the same.


Mom loved Jin-hong more than life itself!

Thinking Mom died because of him!
How could he drink!

What is it?

Bad reception?

It's good in the bathroom.

Over there.

Seo is quickly on the move.

He's going around with his investigator.


He's on the Chinese criminals
wanted list you gave me.

His name's Li Chingchung.

He left in 2008 and recently returned
with a fake passport.

This way.

He's Prosecutor Seo.

- You're sure it's Li Chingchung?
- Pay up first.

He exchanged the money and left
the day after she died.

He doesn't leave his pad, eh.

Gets what he needs delivered, eh.


Seo caught on that we're tailing him.

Our men lost him in Chinatown.

Find out why he went there.

Yes, Chief.

The first bullet will be a dud.

To shoot again, pull this to reload.

Postal delivery!


Who is it?

I need a signature for the delivery.

Please sign here.



The box is big. Could you open the door?

Just leave it and go.

Okay then.

She's held captive, sir.



Who are you? Wanna die?

He's on the run! Hurry!



You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used against you in court.

Got that?

Screw you!

Get in, fool!

Nice to meet you


What the RVs in Macau said, "RANEKAMA"...

It means 'For Revenge' in ancient Hebrew.

Furthermore, the revenge of RVs occurs
only in the near place of where they were killed.

The fact that RVs always appear in the rain
is related to the fact that 80% of the human body is H2O.

And the iron content in her blood is more than
ten times higher than that of normal humans.

When the vengeance is enacted, all these seem
to be related to the strong magnetic field that is formed.

However, this is the first case that RV has come
back in a living state after failing revenge.

We visited here to find out the reason.

Who are you?

Choi Myung-sook.

Aren't you already dead?

Then why'd you come back?

For vengeance...

against my killer.

Did your son kill you?

Then why did you attack him?

Because my son...

made me die.

Who sent you?

Who ordered you to seek revenge?

Choi Myung-sook.

They must've gotten his DNA
from your mother's hand.

Then why say someone else was the killer?

It makes no sense.

We'll know for sure by comparing
his DNA to what was on my mom.

The guy that we caught is a perfect match.

- So he's the real killer?
- Yes.

They framed the wrong guy 7 years ago.


Choi Myung-sook's case is different.

There's no telling what could happen.

We can't keep saying it's the first case.

What's with you?

You said to cover it up again, so I'll do my best.

But it's like hiding my head in the sand.

What's done is done. It's complicated.

This time, the revenge target is a prosecutor.

And the police are on the hunt.

But we're doing this for the country and people.

Just do as you're told.

Don't complain.

Rude bastard.

He says he's only guilty of illegal residency.


He's been charged with 2 murders in China.

If you're sent back to China,
you'll be shot within months.

But the death sentence here

hasn't been carried out in over 20 years.

This man chased you earlier.

You know him, don't you?

He asks if he's a cop.

Choi had another insurance.


You can't go in, sir!

A man and his daughter died on the same day.

The man's father received
Choi's other insurance payout.

Myung Hyun-chul was 38
and Eun-ji was 9 when they died.

Cause of death?

Both died in traffic accidents in Hongeun-dong.

Isn't that where Seo lives?


I'm a prosecutor who has been
investigating this case for a long time.

I'm also the son of the woman
you killed 7 years ago.

I know that the investigation was fabricated.

And I know that you didn't do it alone.

As I snatched her bag and looked back...

some weird guy appeared
and stabbed the woman madly.

Who was he?

- Stop!
- Move!

Who are you?

National intelligence.

We're taking Li.

Choi Myung-sook's case
is under our jurisdiction.

The prosecution and police
have handed the case to us.

You can check if you'd like.

We're sending Li back to China.

They've agreed to charge him
upon his arrival tomorrow.

But we have to find the second culprit.

And find the one who fabricated
the DNA results 7 years ago.

You've already checked with forensics.

Come in.


Myung Jin-soo.

Who is he?

But why...

Does Choi's family know?

I've sworn to secrecy with the policy holder.

But she passed away.

I don't know him. I just made the payout.

She said that Jin-hong could never know.

So I never told him.

Why? Is something wrong?

Really? Hold on.

He's not in the country.

The researcher who submitted
the false DNA flew off to the U.S.

He lives there now.

I'll call you later.

Someone fabricated the evidence
of Choi's killer and closed the case.

9 years ago

Myung and his daughter died
in unexplained traffic accidents.

But Choi secretly made
Myung's father her beneficiary.


I definitely saw his body light up!

I was totally shocked and terrified.

The Macau women burst into flames,
then vanished too.

Who's this?

What the hell!



Where are you?

Same place as before.

Do it and wrap up the case.

Yes, sir.


Why here of all places?

Why here, you ask?

Over 500 bodies are found here every year.

So many commit suicide.

There's no telling how many end up as fish food.

If his body turns up,
they'll think it was a suicide.

Or they won't want to identify
such a badly bloated corpse.

With forensics on our side,
this is the best way.

Might as well make use
of having the world's highest suicide rate.

Why did you fabricate the DNA 7 years ago?

Things are complicated.

At least you cleared your name.

Your mother died, and you got the insurance.

What else do you need?

That makes no sense.

None of this makes sense.

Late at night after Seo passed the bar,

9-year-old Myung Eun-ji died in a hit-and-run.

Her father was also found dead
on the street 4 kilometers away.

I don't know them!

And your mother secretly

gave money to the man's father,
as well as her insurance payout.


9 years ago, on the night
Seo Jin-hong passed the bar...

Tell me what happened.

If you lie, you could be legally charged.

We checked the CCTV footage at the scene.

And all the eyewitness accounts.

This man actually died 2 years earlier.

The second culprit was Myung Hyun-chul.

He appeared as an RV 2 years after his death.

He got his revenge on Choi.

Then he vanished in the rain.

You mean...

he died because of my mom?

December 2nd, 2006.

He died in an accident in your neighborhood.

His daughter was also found dead nearby.

Your mom must've moved
one of them after the accident.

Or perhaps one struggled to get help,
and then later died.

Leave it to us to chase
such mirage-like phenomena.

Choi got her revenge, so she'll soon vanish, too.

Seo Jin-hong speaking.

I found the person who called you last night.

His name is Park Yo-han. He's an ex-cop.

He worked at the station in Hongeun-dong.

In 2006 he suddenly quit.

The first officer to the scene
quit his job 9 years ago.

He's become extremely on edge, as if on the run.

They say he's been living in his shop lately.




He hasn't been dead for long.

After seeing the CCTV footage
at the scene of your mom's accident,

I suspected you were involved in her death.

You could've crossed the street
before the light changed.

But you walked slowly,
as if to wait for the accident.

This was here for you.

That night,

a report came in past 1:00 a.m. and I headed out.


Are you okay, kid?

Where's your dad?

In his room.


Wake up, sir!

Get lost!

Go bring my damn wife!


He's your father, right?

If I take you now, your dad might report me.

He'll be okay when he's not drunk.

Please don't go!

It's okay. Don't worry!

Please help us!

It's okay. Don't cry.

Take care!

I returned to the station.

An hour later, Choi Myung-sook came by.

Is something wrong?

He has a bright future ahead of him!

All he knows is studying! He made a mistake!

Please let him off this once!

No! Wait!

Say that I stole the truck!


I beg you!


I beg you!


Please, sir!

So I returned the truck to its owner.

I thought everything was over then.

Officer! Over here!

I was scared.

If I went to prison,

what would happen to my wife and kid?

It wasn't for me, but for my family.

If I just kept quiet, no one would ever know.

That's what I thought.

But lately, I started seeing the dead girl.

She kept chasing me around,
as if she wanted me to die.

Prosecutor Seo Jin-hong,
I hope you turn yourself in.

We were all punished because of you.

I can't get an arrest warrant
for a prosecutor with this will.

But I may if I let this leak in the media.

But without hard evidence
or a confession from you,

it'll be hard to indict you.

I don't remember anything.

If you can't find other evidence of this,

I'll find it myself.

Jin-hong? Where are you?


When I came home drunk
late at night after passing the bar,

what happened to Mom?


The cops were here.

They asked the same thing!

They think you and Mom
killed someone back then.

I said I didn't know anything.


You got really drunk and ran off!

You said you didn't remember
how your mom brought you home.

Is something wrong?

Man! I knew you'd pass the bar!

If I ever do something wrong,

you're letting me off! Got it?


I'll put your dad on the witness stand.

So he'll beat you in court!

No problem! I don't care!


- Cabbages on sale!
- Mom?

- Big sale!
- Are you deaf?

I told you not to sell here!


You can't boss me around!

Damn it!

Please don't.

You bastard!

You crazy woman!

Calm down! Back off!

I'm dying here!

I'm dying here!

- Push me again, you fool!
- Stop acting!

That's too much.

That's enough, ma'am.

Why don't you go home!


Go on.

Why isn't she vanishing?


Park Yo-han was the first one
at the scene of Eun-ji's accident.

The suspect was identified after several years.

He was found dead today at his workplace.


How many cases have been closed
without having caught the killer?

Probably dozens a year.


Choi Myung-sook may not be the first RV in Korea.

Stop the bus!



Please stop the bus!

What's he doing?

Mister! Stop the bus!

The breaks won't work! Get back!

Stop the bus!



Sorry, I ignored you then!

I'm sorry, Mom!

I'll do everything for you!

You can rest now, Mom.


Must be Mom's.


What was that?

What in the world?

Jin-hong drove this here?

Oh no!

Oh my god!

Is he out of his mind!

What did he do!

If you say anything, you're dead!



Where are you going?

Damn it!






Wake up!


My baby!

Who did this?


Open your eyes.

Daddy's here!

Eun-ji! No!

Why! No!

That bitch!


Pull over!


Damn it!

Stop the truck!

Do you remember what happened last night?

Why? What happened?

You were drunk and lost in the street.

I brought you home.


Sorry, Mom.

Luckily, nothing happened.

Come out when you're hungry.

Don't you remember me?

Why did you ignore me?

Come to heaven with me.



My son didn't do it!

It was all my fault!


Please! Let him live!

He didn't know. It's my fault!

I'll die again!

I'll die a thousand times!

Stop it!

Please! I'll die a thousand times!


Please! I'll die a thousand times!

Stop it!

That night...

I was the one who hit you.

I remember now.

It's all my fault.


I'm sorry I'm late.


You've suffered enough for me.


I'm sorry.

I'll set things right.

I'll pay for my crime.

Please forgive him!

Mom! I passed the bar!

Charged with killing a girl
while drunk driving 9 years ago,

Seo Jin-hong turned himself in before
the statute of limitations expired.

Even before his trial,
Seo claimed he would not appeal.

Defendant Seo Jin-hong.

Do you have any last words before the verdict?

According to the police,

Eun-ji died because of me.

That is true.

It's late, but I'd like to offer her
my sincerest apology.

And I'd like to apologize to my mother too.

To be honest...

I saw my mom that day.

She was standing across the street waiting for me.

I knew if I didn't run,
I wouldn't cross the street in time.

But I just walked slowly.

Why did I do that?

I couldn't be bothered.

All her life...

she wanted me to have a bright future.

But I didn't run across...

because I couldn't be bothered.

Until now,

we've considered RV as 'judge' of revenge.

But, in this case there was an error
in the basic role of RVs.

What is your answer for this case?

It wasn't an error.

Rather, I see it as the perfect judgment.

Seo realized his sin and asked to pay the price.

It's the first case that showed
forgiveness is possible over revenge.

I hope it's remembered as that.

KIM Rae-won

KIM Hae-sook

producers HAN Woo-yong, KWAK Cine

a film by KWAK Kyung-taek