RPG Metanoia (2010) - full transcript

Nico (Zaijan Jaranilla) is a simple 11-year old kid living a simple life. But whenever he plays the MMORPG (Massively Multi-players Online Role Playing Game) called "Metanoia", he transforms into a hero of his own little world. One day, the Metanoia network gets infected by a virus which affects the online world, and Nico goes on a journey with his friends to save the online world and prevent it from taking over the offline world.

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It hung again?

That did it!

Nico, didn't I tell
you to go to bed?

Why do you keep wasting--

--your time on that
infernal game?

Just a little
longer please, Mom?

Are you kidding?
It's two in the morning!

How does a kid your age even
manage to stay up this late?

Now come on,
shut it down.

- Okay, okay!
At least let me save it.

What's the big deal?
It's summertime!

Come on, Mom...

Hey--you okay?

I'm alright, thanks!


Hey Daniel--you coming?

You got a new
Sudoku book?

Hurricane Assault!

Intense move, man!
What's it called again?

"Hurricane Assault!"

It does a lot of damage Bry,
but it uses up all my Manna reserves.

So if your target
survives the assault--

--you're left vulnerable
to counter attacks?

Bob, that's Nico you're talking to!
Check out that level status!

Did you just level up again?

I don't get it!
I haven't leveled up in weeks!

That's cause you never
go on quests, Mark.

You just troll around
looking for chicks to chat with.

You don't get points for that genius!


Whoa! It's the poster
for the tournament!

It's tomorrow?

I wish more chicks would
sign up for these things.

Now we get to show the
world what we're made ofl

With our secret weapon
here, we can't lose!

Right, Nico?


Darn straight!

Knuckle it, dude.

That's not hopscotch!
It's a serious tournament.

You'll be up against some
of the most hardcore-

--online gamers in the world.

You won't stand a chance.

That guy has some
serious issues.

What the heck is hopscotch?

Did you enjoy Cal's
inspiring little pep talk?


I thought I told you losers not
to show your goofy faces in here?

You don't own thisjoint!
You don't get to order us around!


You got a lot of attitude, punk!

What-you think
you can take me on?

You're huge!
No way!

What if... we challenge
you to a game instead?

A challenge?

What game?

Wh atever.

You decide!



How the heck did we
end up playing basketball?!

You guys agreed to it too!

- Bobby, watch that guy!


Nice, Daniel!

Nico, get the ball!

- Go Nico--you can do it dude!


Do it Nico!
Throw the ball!


Relax... he won't make it!


Is he okay?

Let's check him out!


Hey Nico, can you hear me?

Check for internal bleeding!

Dude... what a klutz!

You dorks give up?

'L'lme out!
We got an injured man over here!

I'll play for him.

- Who the heck is that?
- Beats me, but she's just my type!

Sure kid.

We'll even let you
take the first shot.

You game?


Wait, let me try that again.

Bryan, Bobby, Mark...

uh... Daniel?


- Hey, Nico's alright!
- Well... he's conscious anyway.

Nico, meet May.

She totally kicked Andrew
and David's butts!

That was you by the
swing this morning, right?

Feeling any better?

Uh... yeah, I'm alright.

Hey dorks, I want a rematch!

Are you still here?
You lost rem ember?

Doesn't count!
Your girlfriend bailed you out!


Hey Pal Wejust met!



We're not talking basketball-Metanoia!

Tournamenfs tomorrow, right?

Metanoia? I can--

We don't have to
prove ourselves to you.

- I call, we're in!
- Nico, take it easy dude!

If we win tomorrow,
you'll leave us alone?

Uh... sure, why not?
But if you dorks don't win--

--we get to kick you out of
the Bomb Shelter, forever!



Uhm, hello?

Hey, Nico!

What's up, Chief?


You were right!
I followed your advice--

--and it led me to the secret lair
of the Mecha-Slave Syndicate!

Ah--we were just talking
about that over here.

They're talking about your little caper
in all the online forums!

You're famous, Chief!

For real?
All the way there?


I'm so proud of you, kid!

I said--THAT'S MY BOY!

The others didn't believe me,
so I asked them flat out--

Where do you think he got
the mad gaming skills-right?

Dee! The guards had
me totally surrounded!

I thought fast, and outsmarted them!

I totally ticked-off the Overseer!
(He's the level's boss character.)

It was ginormous Dee,
and it had three ugly heads!



It crawled out of its hole,
and started chasing after me!

It just ran over everything,
even its own robot goons!

It was really mad, Dee!

Whoa-m ad, huh?


I had nowhere else to go,
so I started climbing.

It followed me up, but when
I got to the top-l had tojump off!

When I did,
the crazy thing jumped off too!

I was up here, and
it was over here...

Then what happened?

It crashed into the
ground and died.

But you know what Dee?
When I got to the end--

--the computer froze!

I almost didn't get
to save my progress.


Maybe it's due for an upgrade.
It is pretty old.

Can we, Dee?

Gee chief--

--maybe you ought to
talk to Mom about that.

You know she's in charge
of our budget, right?

I'll give it a shot, but...

I just remembered-
the tournament's tomorrow!

You playing?

That's a tough one, Chief.

It's been pretty hectic around here lately.


Yeah, too bad, huh?

Hey Chief, I'm gonna
have to sign-off, alright?

Kick butt at the tournament,
then tell me all about it, okay?

Okay, Dee.
I won't let you down.

Bye, Chief.

"God Mode".

Nico, dinnertime!

I'm coming!

- The world's greatest massively
multiplayer online RPG gets even bigger!

Global interactive launches
the highly-anticipated-


Come on, Mom!

What-can you eat the TV?

It's time for dinner!

But it was almost over.

Eat more vegetables than
rice this time okay?


I'll be in the sixth grade
this school year.

Bryan's older brother Nikki, said that
the sixth grade is going to be tough!

It's all research-assignments
and tons of reports!

Maybe we should upgrade my PC--

-so I can do all my
research on the Net--

--and make better
presentations for my reports.

With animated graphics
and cool sound effects--

--stuff like that!

- Really?

- Uh-huh!

Maybe if my grades are good enough--

--I'll get into the honor roll!

You'll get to go up on
stage when I graduate!

That's right!

I bet it'll do wonders for
your video games too!


It'll boost the quality of the graphics!

The trouble with games these days is,
the computer tends to slow down when--


Nice try.

I had a feeling this was just
another computer-game ploy!

Go on and eat your vegetables.

Didn't we just get you
that computer?

It's been three years, Mom!

Great. Now I feel
absolutely ancient!

And where do we get
the money for this upgrade?

Between my paycheck and
the money Dad sends us from Dubai--

--we can barely
make ends meet!

It'd be great, to collect rent from
our lousy boarders next door--

--but they disappear
faster than ninjas do!

Come on, don't be like that.

I'm just worried about you--

--cooped up in your room all day,
playing computer games.

Look at you.
You're pale as a ghost.

Summer's almost over--
try to get some sun!

Go out and play!

But, I stink playing at basketball.

I can't dribble,
I can't shoot.

I just end up losing
the game for everyone!

Look, I'm not asking you to
become an athlete or anything.

All I'm saying is-

--try to make the most of
the summer days you have left.

Have fun with your friends!

Play Hide n' seek, Tag,
Cops and Robbers, Dodgeball--


What about that bike we
gave you for Christmas?

It'sjust lying in a corner, rusting up!

I've never even
seen you ride it!

What do you call it?

That game you're so crazy about?


What does that mean again?

M assive-

--Massively Multiplayer
Online Role-Playing Game?

Massively Multiplayer-

I'll send Dad an email
about that upgrade, alright?

For real Mom?!

For your birthday!

But, I just had my birthday!

Next one's a year away!

Okay, forget it then.

Wait, hold on!

On my Birthday.

This is what we'll do.

Promise me it's for something
other than games, okay?

First thing tomorrow,
we'll head over to the park--

play a few rounds of badminton--

Then let's talk about--

--convincing Dad into
getting you that upgrade.

Sound good to you?

Give me a kiss.

Mom, you're choking me!

Thanks, Mom!

Now, don't forget to
do the dishes, okay?

Wash your face,
brush your teeth--

--then go straight to bed.


Yes, Mom.


What time is it?

Yeah okay, I'm on my way!

I know! I'll be there! Bye!

Oh, right!

Nico, are you up?

Wake up sleepy head!

We're going to the park today, remember?



- Hey mister!


Downtown sir, and step on it!

- On this momentous day--

- On this momentous day--

--you will all be pan of the most important
event in online gaming history!

- Because, today marks the unification of all
Metanoia servers around the world!

The best players from
different countries will meet-

There you go again.

What is it with you and puzzles?


I was just curious!

--But only the most powerful
will emerge victorious!

I made it!

Did you guys start yet?

You were saying?

Can you say it again?

Just log-in already.

What did he say?

- Beats me.

Attention, all players.

Especially those of you
who are up to no good.

Always rem em ber--

--I can see you!

And I'll be watching your every move!

Big Brother!

What a weirdo.

That is all.

Long live Metanoia!



Hey, come get your health potions!

Wow! Is this the new portal?



Mark, catch!

I don't need one.

I've got an invulnerability tattoo, remember?


__bogey at your six!

Relax, don't be so trigger happy!

Save it for the tournament!

Nico, give it back!
No fighting on neutral ground!

We might get booted out!

Take it!

It's starting!

Whafre we waiting for? Let's go!


They can't be serious!

There're thousands of them!

I knew I should have
brought some bug spray!

They're a distraction!

Our real goal is to get to the tower!

Maybe they're like bees--

--we don't bother them,
they won't bother us!

It's useless!

Nothing can hurt--


"lime out?

You've reached yourtattods damage limit!

Give it time to recharge!

Awesom e!

We're almost there!

Now's our chance!

Hurry! While they're distracted!



The gate's closing!

Bye» bye!

- Bye!

What're you guys doing?!

We're getting left behind!

Why don't you try getting blown up?

I can't! I'm too tough!

Get up already!

Do you mind?

Quit bugging me!

Hey, I'm all charged up!

Come on!

I don't think he'll ever learn.

Ready? Let's move!

These guys aren't so tough!

Kill any bugs yet, boss?

Well... no,
what about you?

One, I think.

Nicked it.

Not bad! Keep it up!
We're bound to level up eventually!

Outta' my way!

Here I com e!

You'll pay for that!

Serves you right!

Bobby hurry, the door--

Go on ahead!
I'll cover you!

Now you're gonna get it!

- He's stuck!

Did you really have to be that fat in the game too?

You want me to slug you?

Argue later!

Everyone, PULL!

Easy does it? It's like delivering a baby!

Bobby, you okay?

Come on!

Nice work, guys!

It's a dead-end!

I knew we should've turned left!

Maybe I can pick the lock?

No wait!
It's probably booby trapped.

Let's try magic instead.

Pona ablihon!

Bry, you okay?

Energy feedback!
It was a trap, alright.

You think?!

I took a lot of damage from that!

At least you got it open!
Let's go!

Stay alert, and watch out for bad guys!

Hello-anybody home?

Any bad guys in here?

- Cut it out!
- V\/hat's your problem?

You think they didn't hear that
explosion you caused back there?


Daniel, the door!

See what you did?

What did I do?!

You keep goofing around!

It's an Earthquake!

I have a bad feeling about this!

Let's go look for a way out--

Guys, Nina's gone!

Hey, what's that?

What?! Where?!

Somethings moving along the walls!

The bugs!

How did they get in here?

Anyone got a fly swatter?

Mark, focus!

Where's Daniel?

You want some of this?
Come and get it!

Bry, we're running out of floor!

Daniel's our only hope now!

Daniel, hurry!

We're running out of time down here!

It's all over!

I love you man!

Hey, it stopped!

What just happened?

Daniel did it!

We're still alive!

Awesom e!

How'd you figure it out?

- Mark's such a goofball.

There's our way out!

Daniel, hurry!

- These guys are INTENSE!

- V\/here do we place the orb?
- The central core most likely!

Look, I don't think they
have orbs of their own!

They'd be racing to the core
instead of slugging it out.

Then let them beat each other up.

Once we deposit our orb
into the core, we win!


I'll insert the orb.

I think I can clear the gap to the core.

Great! Let me just boost
your stats and health.


Just deliver the orb.
We'll handle the opposition!

Alright! Time to bust some heads!

Player versus player?

Those guys are way out of our league!
They'll rip us to shreds!

Yeah! I was wondering about that.

Look, we don't need to beat them--

--just distract them long
enough for Nico to get through!

Ready, Nico?


Thank you, Lord!



Where's! that guy come from?

He's been following us
since the tournament started!

Now everyone knows he has the orb!

He's doomed!

Thank you!


Stop him!

Nico, heads up!
That guy knows all our moves!

Let's back Nico up!

- Bobby, do you have a clear shot?

- Negative! I've got no shot!

Then let's get to higher ground.
Nico, we're on our way!

Hey, Nico!


Do you know why you failed?

You failed 'cause you
still think this is a game.

- Nico, wait for us to get into position!
-But if he inserts the orb...

You're no match for him alone!

I'll improvise!

Now you're gonna get it!

Bobby, you got him!
Take the shot!

I'm not through with you yet!

- You had it all along?!

Nina's in the way!

They're coming back!

Ahdonis to the rescue!


His health's almost depleted!

This is getting dangerous!

Let's get out of here!

Ram-ham PM.!

Why are you losers still here?

Get a move on!

But you didn't even
make it past stage one!

Why are you kicking us out?

You weren't paying attention were you?

What I said was... ifYOU DON'T WIN--

--you take a hike! Get it?

He's right!

See? We have a witness!


Oops... sorry!

Oh, man!

Let's get out of here.

Don't forget to text!

And get a new secret weapon!

That one cost you the game!

Who, me?

If you hadn't blocked my shot...



Bye bye!

Wait! How is it my fault?


I told you to wait for us, but you didn't!


Where're we
going to play now?

At least you have
a computer at home.


Bry, wait!

Don't take it too hard kid.

The only person you
can really rely on, is yourself.

You're better off alone.

You know what, gang?

Maybe it's time to
look for another hobby.

Can you toss me the ball, please?

Come on!

Hey! What's going on?

I'm so dead!


I thought we had plans this morning.

I'm really sorry.

I forgot we had a
tournament this morning and--

Take a bath.

Dinnefs almost ready.

Yes, Mom.

Did I leave this on?

Mom must've...

Wonder if Dad's online.

Where the heck are they?



How much for a yoyo?

Fifteen, each!


I'll take the red one please.

Awesom e!

What's... wrong with this thing?

Let's try that again.

And now--

--get ready for--


Where'd it go?

Ha! Gotcha!

- Do it May!
One Shot!

- Bet you can't do it!
- Is that a challenge I hear?

- Quit stalling!
- V\/atch and learn, chumps!

- Awesome!
-It's easy!

Just take the time
to line up your shot!

- Bet you can't do it again!
- Sure!



Piece of cake.

Bet you can't guess who this is!

- That's Nico!
- You're so mean!

- Good one, Mark!

- You guys want to
hang out at our place?

Perfect, I'm starving!



Mark's just a big jerk!
Now, I know how they really are.

I don't need them.

- So, you'll take care of it, bro?

That's Andrew--

--and he's talking to-


- Alright, alright! I'm convinced.

Come on in.


No way!

Who the...?

You want him?

Come and get him!

Not now!

- Are you sure you're a level 150?

It's mine now!

What fighting style is that?

Chicken style?



Oh, I know--

--it's the Loser's Style!

What the...

Where do you think you're going?


Who's the loser now?

You probably didn't
see me as a threat--

--due to my shabby but
clever appearance!

Well, appearances can be--


You were saying?

You cheater!

No fair summoning a creature!

- Fight like a man!

- V\/hen I get out of here,
you'll be sorry!

How typical.

You can't take losing to a girl
so I must have cheated, right?

I give up!

Mercy! MERCY!


Jolene, spit him out!


"gel up already!

What's the use?


Andrew was right.

I'm useless.


The big dope, who hangs out
by the basketball court?

You know him?

- Nico?


What was your name again?

So, you saw us
playing hoops earlier--

-and you didn't even
bother to say hello?

First of all, you've seen
how much I suck at basketball.

Secondly, the guys hate my guts-

--for screwing up in
the Metanoia tournament.

Strange, it didn't seem like it.

They were actually waiting for you--

--wondering why you
didn't show up today.


You know, your friends
are actually pretty cool.

They're weird, but fun to be with.

'Specially that guy...

What's his name again--

--likes to wisecrack a lot?

Is he short, tall or fat?

The tall one.


That's the one-Mark!

Are you nuts?

What's the problem?

Sure, he's vain,
and a little annoying, but--

--he's kinda cute!


Breathe a word of
this to anyone-

--I'll slug you!

Don't worry.

Where the heck is IT?

What on earth are you looking for?

That thing that I was chasing.

The Jiglie?

It's long gone.

I let it go hours ago!

You did?

Ah, nuts!

I kinda felt sorry for it.

What is it with you
and that thing anyway?

Don't you know anything?

The Jiglies are a menace.

Their acidic nature lets them
eat through metal objects.

They can be a nuisance
when left unchecked-

--so the cities below offer
rewards for capturing them--

--to help curb their population.

Besides, I need the experience points-

--and this is the
easiest way to get them.

Aren't you taking all of
this a little too seriously?

If there was only one
thing you were good at-

--wouldn't you take it seriously too?

You can do anything,
if you work hard at it.

Why don't you try stepping
away from the computer?

Come out and play
with us tomorrow!

The problem with you is--

--most of your experiences
are from inside this game.

Let the real Nico go out
and get some for a change.

You don't want to be afraid of
the real world forever do you?

Leave me alone, will you!

I'm perfectly happy where I am-

--'cause in here, I get
to do whatever I want--

--and no one gets
to tell me what to do!

- Nico!

- You better not be playing
that game when I get up there!

- Did you brush your teeth yet?
- Not yet, Mom!

- Well, are you waiting
for them to turn yellow?

That's my mom.

So, see you tomorrow?

- ONE...

I have to go!
See ya!


I bet he won't even show up.

He can't just sit in front
of his computer, forever!

He can't just sit in front
of his computer, forever!

He's too much of a klutz as it is!

What ifhe really
doesn't want to change?

He's too easily discouraged.

One bad spill, and he'll give up!

All he needs is some
positive reinforcement!

Maybe if...


Told you!

Guess, you were right!



I was worried you wouldn't show up.

It's a good thing you did.

I've been thinking about what you said.

It'd be a shame to miss out on all this experience, right?

Bry--you're here too?

Of course.

Where else would I be?

Oh, yeah.

So, what are we playing?

This is called patintero.

It's pretty simple.
'Old school'!

What do I have to do?

See those guys over there?

We'll have to get through each one of them.

One of us has to get to the end and back,
without getting tagged.

Got it?

Seems... kinda complicated.

That's what makes it fun!

Just be careful and take your time.

It's a game of wits not speed!

You can do this!

You ready?


See that?

Now it's our turn!

You okay?

It ain't over yet!

What's the hold up?
Get on with it!

What're you doing?

I did it!

Go, Nico!


Come on, just try it!

- You got him, Mark!

Hey, YOU-ugly kid!

Lucky break man!

So, we just keep letting him win?

Just until he learns to do it himself.

Goodjob, Nico!


What on earth happened to you?

What animal did this to you?

Who did this?


Mom, I was just out playing with my friends!

- You were... playing?
- You should have seen me!

I went through Bobby, and
then Mark and then Bryan!

On my way back, Bryan called out--


Bobby got in the way--

--but got confused when
Daniel came through!

Then he jumped that way-

--I slid this way!

It was great!

We won the round!

Afler that, it was their
turn to go through us!

- I got to be the last sentry!

- Bryan went first,
Bobby was next!

- Daniel made short work of Mark.

- Bryan was fast--

-but not fast enough for May!

- She had to let Bobby through--

--but I managed to tag him anyway!

Thank goodness!

Ugh, you stink!

Give yourself a bath,
and let's look at that gash later, okay?

Hurry! Dinner is almost ready.

Mom! After that,
we played cops and robbers!

Our team's base was that old tree--

--right next to Mang Jun's place!

And after that, we played hide and seek...


It stings like crazy! What is that?

Aqua oxkgenada.

That stinging sensation means--

-there are germs in there.


This kills all those nasty
microbes we can't see!

See that? It's foaming up!

That means it's working.


There, all done!

Don't get it wet, alright?


Thanks, Mom!

Rem em ber, it's okay to play outside-

--as long as you're careful.

Playing is good, as long
as I'm careful. Got it.

Yes, Ma'am!

Hey Mom, take a break--
I fixed you a snack.

Wow, thank you!

I'll see you later, Mom.

- I'm going out to play with the guys--Bye!
- Okay, take care!

Mee-oh, it's you!

What's wrong--is there a problem?

No, everything's fine!

I just wanted to ask--

--about that thing Nico needs
to upgrade his computer?

He needs a new video card,
I e-mailed you a list.

Any one of those will do.

Ah, here it is.


Are you sure we can find these here?

Pretty sure.

You want me to buy it here?
Might be cheaper.

That's okay, I'll do it.
Just so, I can give it to him right away.

Besides, he hardly
ever asks for anything.

Looks like Nico got on your good side!

I just want to surprise him.
He's changed a lot you know?

Since he started playing outside,
he seems happier, more active!

He tells me his stories now--

--like the way he tells them to you!

Are you sure this is our
son we're talking about?

Oh dear! I wish you
could see us like this!

You'll be so proud!

I wish!

What about you?

I hope you've been
taking care of yourself.

Oh, stop--

I'm serious!

What's keeping you busy these days?

Oh you know, this and that.

I play badminton, go out for walks--

--but mostly... I just think about you.

Admit it!

Admit it!

Admit it!

I'm not hearing this!

- I can't hear anything!

Just admit it Nico--
are you guys an item?

You're crazy!

Mind your own business!

Going with the showbiz answer eh?

C'mon Nico, you can tell us.

- Hey, he's blushing!

This is you, Nico.

This one's May.

Hi, Nico!

Hi, May!

What do you want from me?

We're just friends okay?

She's not even my type!

You--you're her type!


Yeah Mark!

She says you're vain and annoying--

--but it's okay 'cause
she thinks you're cute!

That's you, alright Mark!

What's so funny about that?

I really am cute!

My point is-

--I don't have
a thing for her, alright?

Never have, never will!

Got that?!

She's not the type guys
have a crush on anyway.

Heck, she's more macho
than all of us put together!

Am I right or am I right?

Nico, she's right behind you!

Oh yeah?

Let's ask her to clear things up then!

Right out of the horses...


How long have you
been standing there?

I just wanted to give you
invites for my birthday--