R.L. Stine's Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls (2015) - full transcript

A small town Halloween festival finds itself intruded upon by an evil carnival with designs upon imprisoning and feeding off the souls of unwary teenagers. Targeted are four high school friends, who's two leaders, Kellen and Beth (not quite a dating couple), suddenly find themselves with alternate romantic choices (namely, carnival temptress Lilith and tall, dark, handsome transfer student Hunter). As the stroke of Halloween midnight approaches, who will wind up entombed in the carnival's dire Cabinet of Souls forever?

- This way, guys.
- Trick or treat.

Okay, wait up.

Yeah, I'll be right there. Hang on.

Hey, Kellen!

Gummi bears and churros.

Combo bite.


That's gross.

What's so gross about it?

Mmm. Who are you talking to?

Who are you texting?

Oh! Emoticon? Emoticon?

- Dude.
- Yeah? What?


Hurry up, Nicole. They're waiting on us.

Come on, Beth.

You know it's always better
to make the boys wait.

Come on, spaghetti arms! Throw it!

Ha! I curse your lousy aim.

Hey, listen, um, when Beth gets here,

maybe you can sort of not
hang around for a little bit.

What do you mean, not hang around?

Throw it, bozo!


- Are you kidding me?
- What?

You've been planning on making a move

ever since she moved next door to you,
and that was 10 years ago.

Every time, you chicken out.

Well, maybe this time,
I won't chicken out.

Throw it! Before it hatches!

I bet you can't do that again!

Sorry, Ms. Sarkosian.

- Hey, guys.
- What's up?

- Hi, Kellen.
- Hi.

Um, I know you like these.


That is so incredibly sweet of you.

Thank you.

Is that one for me?

Uh, sure.

I don't eat sweets.


Uh, I'll take it.

Fine, here.

I shall go find
the candy apple-eating area.

I was thinking for Halloween maybe
we can get a bunch of scary movies

and do, like, a marathon.

Yeah, that could be really, really fun.

I'll start, like, an event page.

We can make it a party.

Yeah. I'm down.


This just reminded me.

Do you remember
when we were trick-or-treating?

I think we were, like, seven.

You were sitting on the curb,
and you were just crying,

because this big kid stole your
little pumpkin full of Halloween candy.

- No, no, no. I was...
- You were crying!

I was not crying!

You sure you don't want some?


It doesn't bite.

- Ha!
- Oh, great, you...

You have a picture of me
crying on your phone.

Yeah, my mom just scanned,
like, a bunch of old photos.

So, tons.

Well, I'm glad my humiliation
has been preserved in the digital age.

Blackmail for days.

Oh, gosh, I know. I know.

Help me.

I better go save Nicole.


Attention, everyone.

Uh, right this way, please.

Come on over.



That's in the teeth.

Good evening, guys and ghouls.

Because it sounds like "girls."

Moving on.

"I want to officially welcome everyone

"to our annual Harvest and Halloween
festival here in Old Town."

"Now, I'm going to hand
the mic over to Nora Fishbean."


Fishbine, of Nora's Ballet
and Dance Academy,

who will be the spooky mistress

of the very spooky Halloween
dance contest. Bleh!


Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

- Count Dracula.
- Yes, that was clear.

Well, may I invite you all,
all of our participants,

to make their way to
the dance floor? Yes.

Should we?

Oh, come on, don't be so shy.


It's about time everyone
got to see my dance moves.

Come on, come on, come on.

Okay, everyone,

in keeping with the Halloween spirit,

I'll call out different Halloween themes,
and the dancers will have to improvise.

Now, there's no right or wrong.

Just get creative.

All right? Everybody ready?

Let's dance!

Come on!

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

Dance like a zombie!

Dance like a skeleton!

Oh, that's good. I like that.

Now, everyone, dance like a banshee!

What a fun festival this is.

But there is plenty more to come.

Scary Halloween fun.

Dr. Hysteria's Hall of Horrors
is not for the faint of heart

but for those who crave
the shake and shiver,

the thrill and chill of
a fearsome dark journey

into the wretched black heart
of pure evil itself!

But fun.

Yes, but fun.

Fun for your whole family,
or your main squeeze or just yourself.

All are welcome to join us
if you dare to walk

through the grim, black gates
into the Hall of Horrors.

We open right here, tomorrow night.

Close on the stroke of midnight,
on Halloween.

Everything you need to know
is on the flyer.




Okay, I wanna go. We need to go.

- Yo, I'm strolling with my posse
- Yo

'Cause we got the moxie

Yo, yo

- Beth and Kellen won the contest
- Yo, yo

Why don't you give it a rest?

- Oh!
- Oh!


I'm sorry, man.

That's the parents. I gotta go.

- Okay. Mwah.
- All right.

- Hey, tomorrow night, get our scare on?
- Yes.

- Whoo!
- Yes, yes, yes.

- Yeah.
- Good night.

- All right.
- See you guys.

- Bye. Sweet dreams.
- Bye.

Uh, hey, do you wanna come
over for a little bit?


I really would, but I really can't.
I have a lot of homework.


You can keep this, if you want.


You would part with this
example of fine craftsmanship?

I actually think this is cheaper
than my Peewee soccer trophy,

which I think I won for,
like, second place.

We were good together, huh?


Yeah, I think we rocked it.

See you in school tomorrow.

- Wait!
- What?

Oh, ah!

- Do I have a bug on me?
- No, no, no.

It's just... It's just that
I wanna tell you something.


Yeah, sure. What's up?

Remember, we have that... That...

That English quiz tomorrow in school.


- Yeah!
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.

- Um, yeah.
- Whoo! Thank you.

- Yeah.
- Good looking out.


- Okay, bye.
- All right.

The Halloween season reminds us

that it was around this time last year
that 15-year-old Andrea Payton

mysteriously disappeared
from Federson township.

She was last seen by friends
wearing a maroon Federson High School

pullover hoodie and bluejeans.

Her family remains hopeful
that someone, somewhere,

will come forward with information
as to her whereabouts.

When we return,
all the latest weather updates.



I... I guess I just, uh...

I just wanted to tell you that...

Who is that?

Hey, um, you guys were at that
dance contest yesterday, right?

You guys are great together.

How long have you been dating?

What, was that your, like,

super subtle way of asking
if he's my boyfriend?

Maybe it was.

It wasn't that subtle.


He's not my boyfriend.


We are... We're just, you know...
We're... We're pals.

Right, partner?


Well, I'm Hunter. I just moved here.

Maybe you'd be interested in hanging out
with the new guy sometime.



I mean, the...


A few of us were planning

on going to the Hall of Horrors
tomorrow night, if you want to join.

I don't know.

Haunted houses aren't really my scene.

Too scary?


Although I surfed in a monsoon once

and outran an avalanche
with a broken snowboard, so...

I wouldn't say I scare easy.

Yeah. I mean,
who hasn't done those things?

I think that you should
definitely come with us.

All right. I'll go.

If you let me take you.


In the meantime,
can you point me to the office?

Yes. Yeah, I can take you.


Oh! Hold on just a second.


Kellen, did you want to
talk to me about something?

Oh, uh, never mind.

- Okay.
- All right.

Hey, maybe we'll see you
tomorrow, too, partner?

So, the office is right over there.

Kel-man. Let's snag a smoothie?

No, I'm good.

- Who's that guy?
- Some new kid.

His name's Hunter.

Hmm. It looks like
Hunter's found his prey.

Dude, what happened
to your sense of humor?

All right, well, uh,
I'll see you later, right?

- Uh, maybe.
- Maybe?

Snap out of it.

I'll call you tonight.


Who won the dance contest?

Uh, yesterday, the dance contest?

Um, I won. I mean, Beth and I won.


Is she that really pretty girl
you were dancing with?

- Pretty?
- Mmm-hmm.

Uh, yeah. I guess she's pretty.

I noticed this other guy
who kept checking her out,

a super good-looking guy.

I mean, like, really good-looking.

I could see his muscles
through his shirt.

Yeah, that would be Hunter.

I think she sort of likes him.

Maybe she's just trying
to make you jealous.

No, Beth's not like that.

She doesn't play games.

You don't know much about girls, do you?

Well, if you're right, I think
your Beth is making the wrong choice.

I'm Lilith, by the way.


I'm Kellen.

Well, Kellen,
I have to get back to work,

but I hope you come to the show.

Oh, my, gosh, that's...

That's really real.

This place is so awesome.

Do you think they sell churros?

You and your churros, man.

Yo, I like a churro

Lights up my neuro

Yo, I got one in my home, yo

It's in my bureau


- Hey.
- Yo, yo, yo, Nicole, watch out.

Watch out. Watch out.

Hey, back off worm face.
Don't be messing with my lady.

- Hey, Kellen.
- Hey.

- We should go in together.
- All right, all right.

Just remember, it's all special effects
and make-up, okay?

- Okay.
- It's not real.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, everyone.

This is great, huh?

- I love all these characters.
- Yeah.

Ooh, look at that one.

Hey, I'll get the tickets.

Do not feed the zombies.

Beware the ghouls.

Do not look the witches in the eye.

What are you doing?

Well, you said not to look
the witches in the eye.

Don't worry. I'm not a witch.

I'm an enchantress.

Then I should definitely look away.

If you can.

Do not feed the zombies.

Beware the ghouls.

Do not look the witches in the eye.

Get a ticket. Get your hand stamped.

Kellen, I don't want to do this.

You're fine.

Oh, my God!

Take her. Take her.

Quiet down. I'm trying to sleep!

Hey, Kellen, I didn't know
your mom worked here.

Could you just cool it?

Honored guests, or should I say,
unfortunate victims.

I invite you to journey
to Zombie Boulevard.


- Kellen, I can't do this!
- You're okay.

Brains on a stick.

Get your brains on a stick.








G... Z...


I'll be right back.

Hey. Cool show, right?

Yes, yeah, totally.

Can I talk to you for a sec? Alone?

I'll just go ahead, okay?

- You so don't have to.
- You'll catch up.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

I mean, um...

So you and Hunter are...


You're like...

We're like, what?

I don't know. I mean...

I see you guys are,
like, um, holding hands,

and I was...

Kellen, were you watching us

through binoculars or something?

- No. It's all good.
- Okay.

I'm just...

You know, never mind, all right?



Where is everybody?

Did you leave this door open?

What if someone saw?


Get 'em.

Come with me.

What was that?



Good night. Join us again soon
for more scary fun.

Sleep with one eye open.

Sweet pumpkin fritter.

That was kind of fun, huh, kids?


That felt really real.

Hey, you know when I was crying,
I was just pretending.

I wasn't really crying.

We should find
the bathroom really quick.

That was awesome.

- You jumped about seven times.
- Mmm-hmm.

You okay?

Me? Yeah, I'm fine.

Okay, well, I'm starving, so.


We should get something to eat.

You know, you just go.
I think I'm gonna take off.


Beth's not the only girl in the world.

Yeah, I know.

I just feel like going for a walk.

Hey, hey.

Hey, Hunter. I'm so happy I found you.

- Me, too. Come on.
- I just want to get out of here.

Andrea Payton mysteriously
disappeared from Federson township.


Oh, it's you. Uh, I didn't...

Recognize me out of costume?

The real me?

I like to ride around after the show,
just to chill out, you know?

I saw you wandering around aimlessly,

and I thought one of our
zombies had escaped.

Sorry to disappoint.

You didn't.


So what's it like?

Working in the show? I love it.

I was born into it,

but you'd be great in it.

- Me?
- Why not?

Most of our performers started working
with us when they were about your age,

and, uh, well, I started
when I was a little girl.

Yeah, I just... I don't think
I'm the show business type.

Are you sure? I've seen
your wicked dance moves.

That was all Beth.

You've got charisma.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'll take you home.

It's not on fire. Get on.

Wrap them around, stud.

Good night.


Hey. Can I talk to you?

You saw the zombie eat a live rat.


No, I didn't see, but I heard it.

And the vampire. I know that I saw that.

Because he was standing
right in front of the mirror.

Come on, Beth. It's a haunted house.

It's full of trick mirrors.

Well, then, what about the missing girl?

Andrea Payton went missing from Federson
township the exact same week

the Hall of Horrors was there.

That doesn't prove anything.

What about this? Have you tried
washing this off your hand?

I mean, I took a shower.

Mine will not come off.

So it's strong ink.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- So you gonna help us?
- Us?

Yeah, Beth thinks there's something
weird about the Hall of Horrors.

And let me guess. You believe her.

We'll see. I just know
I'm here for Beth.

Well, looks like he's got you covered.


- Dude, where are you?
- Nowhere. Just home.

Okay, well, get over here.

No, I'm just gonna chill.

Man, this is all about Beth, isn't it?

No. No, it's not.

I'm looking at them right now.

- Oh, my God, they're kissing.
- They are?

With tongues. Oh, man, it's sloppy.

- There's tongues everywhere.
- What, really?


You're so not funny, man.
Like, I'm serious, dude.

It gets old. You know what I mean?

Hello? Fine.

Cool, whatever. Have a nice night.

Yo, churro!

Hey, paying customer here!


Uh, one-man show.

So you sell the churros.
You run the place.

What, you probably sweep up, too, right?

On the house.

All right. Thanks.

Are you all by yourself this evening?

Um, yeah, I guess so.

And where might be all of your friends?


Well, we kind of had a little...

Had a falling out?


Come with me.

You can bring the churro.


I've been watching you.

Oh, good. I was afraid that following
the weird carnie wouldn't be creepy.

You see, it's that exactly.

You're funny,
but your friends don't laugh.

They don't appreciate you.

It's because they're jealous.

Yesterday, you made a joke
when the banshee flew overhead,

and you said, "I didn't know
your mom worked here."

It's not funny when I say it.

It was just one of those
"yo' mama" type jokes.

You're far too modest.

It may be just one of those
"yo' mama" type jokes,

but it's your delivery,

your timing.

- Say it.
- Um.

Yo, Kellen, I didn't know
your mom worked here.

I love the "Yo, Kellen."

Do it again.

The whole thing.

Yo, Kellen, I didn't know
your mom worked here.

All right, I get big yuks and megabucks,
to pay me my money,

you're gonna need dump trucks

I can do slapstick, I can be pretty,
can make a face, don't need to be witty

You're very entertaining.

I got my clown on, no frown on

That's no sass, 'cause I get laughs,
like matter gets mass

Very clever.

Laughing gas ain't funnier,
ain't got nothing on me

I got more lines than the DMV

I got more jokes than a forest got trees

You'll come undone, man.
Your sides will split

Ain't exaggeratin' I can guarantee it

Where am I?

You seemed to have wandered
through an exit door.

I... I don't remember.

Let me show you out.

Kellen should pay more attention to you.

You know Kellen?

Young lady, tonight,

I shall give you a very special treat.

The VIP entrance?

Anything less would be an insult.

You are a very important person,
are you not?

After you.

Fetch my man-servant.

How may I serve you, my darling?


My feet are tired.

Allow me.


What exactly are we looking for?

I'm not sure.

I just know that there's something
that they don't want us to see.

Let's go.



Now you are mine.

I gotta say this is one of the weirdest
dates I've ever been on.

I'm not complaining.

Did you hear that?



This is pretty creepy.

It's probably, like, a prop
for one of their bits, right?

Maybe this is what
we're not supposed to see.

"The Cabinet of Souls."

Yeah, isn't there,
like, a saying, you know,

"Never open a cabinet of souls
in a Hall of Horrors"?

I don't think that's a saying.

It should be.



Who are you?

Can you hear me?

It stopped at midnight?


No! No, no!


There you are. I...
I thought I lost you.

- Where'd you go?
- I was inside of that.

- We have to get out of here.
- Okay.

Can I help you?

Do we have a problem?

You look frightened.

But then, this is the Hall of Horrors,

so I suppose that's quite the point.

You saw the Cabinet of Souls?

That's a pity.

It's not ready for viewing.

It is to be one of our best attractions,

but there are still
some technical issues.

See, I told you.

Did you see it, too, young man?

No, sir.

It's a cool park, by the way.

Theme park quality.

I'm sorry if I sounded harsh,

but this area is for employees only.

Yeah, we... We totally get it.

We'll go. Okay.

You don't believe me.

I believe that you believe.

Okay, it's just...

That place is all about illusion.

The stuff they can do these days?
Smoke and mirrors?

The mind plays tricks on itself.

Maybe, but that missing girl
from Federson...

Andrea Payton?

I really think that I saw her.

You sure?

Beth, I admire you for caring so much.

Thank you for coming with me tonight.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can I talk to you for a second?

- Sure, come in.
- Okay.


I saw something tonight.

Is it the Cabinet of the Souls?

Yeah, how did you know that?


Dr. Hysteria has been working
on that trick for years.

Was it cool?

Was it cool? No.

Why... Why is she here?

She stopped by.

I told you she's cool.

What did Hunter think?

He thinks it's just all smoke
and mirrors, but that's because

he didn't see what I saw.

Do you, uh, see this coin, Beth?


Oh, that's funny, because I see...

A bird.

That's awesome.

Yeah, well, what do you see here?

Look. I found this on the web.

And this is from the year 1832.

I know.

That's the inspiration
for the Hall of Horrors.

Dr. Hysteria copied
that character's looks,

but he thought that
Hall of Horrors sounded

more modern than Carnival
of Creeps, so he changed that.

Oh, that makes sense.

So he isn't almost 200 years old.

Well, between you and me,
sometimes he smells like it.

Have something...


Good night.


Bye, Kellen.

Okay, that was really good.

Kellen, if she knows
about the Cabinet of Souls,

then she's obviously in on it.

In on what?

I mean, what are you talking about?
You know what? I know.

You could start going
with this Hunter guy,

but the second another girl
pays any attention to me,

she's part of some evil plot.

This is so not about that!

I mean, this thing was really scary.

And I'm not positive,

but I think that I saw
that missing girl in there,

from... From Federson? Andrea Payton?

You're really tripping, Beth.

Kellen, that girl,
that Lilith girl, I...

- I'm really worried about you.
- Yeah.

It's like this new person comes to town.

And all of a sudden,
I start acting all crazy.

Oh, wait, that's not me.



You know,
I know a disappearing act, too.



You've met Andrea.

Andrea, tell Beth what you told me.

You can't save me!

Tell her to her face.

Please, save me!

Must feed.


You're almost empty.

You were a good worker.

But tonight, we get fresh souls.

Chop-chop, let's get to work.


- Hey, Nicole?
- What?

Have you been getting my texts?

Yeah. About 500 of them.

It's annoying. I turned off my phone.

Queen Beth says there's an emergency,

and everyone's supposed to jump.

Get real.

What's going on with your hand?

Hey, Nicole!

Good morning.

Oh. Hi.

So I spoke to Dr. Hysteria about you.

Told him I knew a guy who might
want to work in the show.

- Me?
- Are you interested?

You'd get to be a character
in our Halloween finale.

Really? Cool.

Then let's go.

Now? I have school.

And school will be here tomorrow

but I won't.

That's the warning bell.
I'm gonna be late for class.

And if you don't follow your heart,
you're going to be late for life.

Let's go.



Have you guys been
to Dr. Hysteria's Hall of Horrors yet?

Yeah. Yeah, it was awesome.

Not that scary.

Some of it was funny.

By any chance, did they stamp your hand?

Yeah, they did,
but it just washed off, so...

I can kind of still see mine.

Not anymore.

Ew! Gross.


That hairdo is a hair-don't.

Did you stick your finger
in a lightbulb socket?

Brillo pad, puffball, poodle-head.

Hey, uh, nice perm.

1980 called.
They want their hairdo back.

Whoo, whoo.

Dude, that was really mean.

Yeah, so who cares?
I was getting laughs.

What happened to your hand?

What happened to your face? Score.


Now, you are mine.

Oh, yeah!



Wanna drive?


Hello, handsome.

Hello, everyone.

Has everyone made their Halloween plans?

Today, we are going to
work on our history packets

so, please get them out
and work quietly at your desks.

Has anyone seen Luke?
Is he in school today?

I saw him when I was
in the hallway earlier.

How about Kellen?

Ms. Sarkosian, may I use the hall pass?

Go ahead.

Ms. Sarkosian, may I go, too?

No. One at a time.

Get him into costume.

Yes, yes, a costume.

Tailored just for you.

Take him away.

Ooh, that's a big mouth.

Good lad.

Oh, get inside. Whoo!


Nicole's just been gone
a really long time now.

Do you think that I
could go check on her?

Go ahead.


It's Dr. Hysteria.

He's turning teenagers into monsters,
and he's taking their souls,

and he collects them in this... This...

This cabinet, this Cabinet of Souls,
which, according to my research,

probably makes him
some kind of minor demon,

which means that he's keeping them for
later so that he can feed off of them.

And now he has my friends, and I think
that he's gonna take their souls, too,

if I don't stop them
by midnight tonight.


Beth is my most steady student,

straight A's,
the good citizenship award,

and there are kids missing...

He's really, really dangerous.

A gun isn't gonna do you
any good against a demon.

Okay, then how am I
supposed to stop a demon?

I don't know.

Right. Then you stay here
and Google that,

and I'll go have a look around.

Hello, Sheriff.

How may I be of service?

Well, the girl says that you're a...


She says that there may be
some missing kids up here.

Really? She said that?

So I was wondering
if I could have a look around.

By all means.

Thank you.

Did you want to look at my permits?

The originals are
all filed at City Hall.

No, no, that... That's okay.

Showbiz magic.

It's amazing what it can do

to the imagination.



I get your point.


- After you.
- Yeah.


Hey! Kellen!

This one of the missing boys?

- This is Kellen.
- Missing?

I'm not missing. I'm... I'm right here.

You said I was missing?

Well, he's not himself.

- I'll show you.
- Wait. No!

Oh, my.

I really don't like
her running around back here.

She could get hurt.

Boy, this is quite
a maze you've got here.

It's all modular.

We move it around during the show.

Sometimes even I get lost.

I found it!

This is what I was talking about.

Andrea Payton is in here.

This is an expensive prop,
and it's not ready.

Don't go near it.


Please, don't.


There's no reason to make
a legal case out of it.

I believe the young lady just got
wrapped up in the spirit of the season.

That's very decent of you.

I'll get her back to her parents now.

I'm calling Beth. I feel bad for her.

I do, too, but we can't fix
everyone's problems.

Come on. I wanna show you something.

Do you know why trapeze artists
are able to perform

such death-defying tricks?


They practice with a safety net.

People are more willing to take risks
if they have something to fall back on.

So I'm curious, Kellen.

Are you Beth's safety net?


Then I think you're ready.

Ready for what?

What's so magic about it?

It's where you'll see
what truly feeds your soul.

And once you've seen that, well,

then you're under my spell.

I think I already am.


Now, watch.

There you are.

That's me.

Hey, she's mine.

You dare challenge me?

Bring it.


What just happened?

Where am I?

You're in my father's power now.


Now you are mine.

He's your father?


You tricked me.


Beth was right.

Oh, hush, dear heart.

There's nothing you can do now.

I gotta get out of here.

It does my heart good
to see the friends together.

Now, get him into costume.

We still have a show to do.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Come in.

I'm telling you, she turned
into a real live witch.


Wow, Beth, are you sure Nicole
wasn't wearing make-up or something?

I was sure.

Well, there's only one way to find out.

We're gonna have to go back
to the Hall of Horrors.

- But you don't believe me.
- Like I said before...

I'm here for you.

Do not feed the zombies.

Beware of the ghouls.
Do not look the witches in the eye.

Do not feed the zombies.

You're okay. You're okay.


The first thing that we're gonna
need to do is find my friends.

And if they're okay?

Then I guess I'm gonna have to admit

that this whole thing
has been in my mind.

Did we take a wrong turn?

I don't know.

Let's try down here.

Come to this side.

It's wonderful.

Join me.

I will.

- You can't go over there.
- You can't leave us.

We need you.

You're free without them.

This is where you belong.

It's who you really are.

No, that's not who I am.

This isn't right.

Your friends are holding you back.

I would never betray
my friends like that.

I'm gonna get out of here.


We should go back in there.


I mean, what's going on
in there is obviously

some kind of sorcery, and it's wrong.

It's showing us what we could be,

the two of us together.

Who are you?

Don't be stupid, Beth.

Showing loyalty to my friends
is not stupidity, Hunter.

What about your loyalty to me?

I don't owe you loyalty!

What's wrong, brother?

Isn't she cooperating?


No, she's not cooperating.

She's being a stubborn little fool.

Calm down, Hunter.

He didn't mean that.

He cares about you, Beth.

We all do.

Get away.

Where's my broomstick?

Who stole my broomstick?

Wait a minute!

You stole it.

No, I didn't.

I curse you!

Here's your boy!

Nicole. You have to get out of here.

Clear the way!


Beth, you belong with us.

I hate balloon animals.

No, no, not the pin!

Shut up.

You're getting the pin.

No, no, no!

Too late!



It's Beth.

Come on, you know me.

Look into my eyes.

I know that's you.

It's Beth.


No trying to tame the monsters, folks.

Kellen, please!


- Ladies and gentlemen...
- Okay, Kellen.

...the Hall of Horrors

- will be closing in five minutes.
- Okay, come on. Come on.

Please proceed to the exits.

We hope you had a fun
and gripping experience.

Okay, Kellen.



We have to find Nicole and Luke.


Stand up for me.

I know you can stand up.

I know you have it in you.

I need you to stand up for me right now.

Leave me.

Save yourself.


Please try.

Kellen, please try for me.

Just try for me. Come on.
Please try for me.

I need you to do this for me.


Wow, that seems real.
I mean, it just seems so real.

Oh, Sheriff.

- What did you think?
- It was outstanding.

I'm gonna talk to them
about coming back next year.

It has been great for this town.

Well, it's almost midnight, so I should
probably be getting these kids home.

Good night.


Count Dracula. Oh, okay.

Good, Kellen.



He was stronger than we thought.

And that's good, Father. That's good.

His soul will provide nourishment
for a long time.


Hurry. It's almost midnight.

Bring her inside.

Oh, Kellen.

Luke, Nicole.

You guys, wake up!

They can't hear you.

They exist now only to feed us.

That one was strong.

He resisted more than usual.

But you're the strongest, Beth.

You're special.

It would have been easy for you
to give in to temptation,

to deny your friends for the sake
of your own happiness,

but you resisted.

It's that strength that we look for,

not in our food,

but in our family.


I don't want to be
a part of your sick family.

Beth, you'll live forever.

Nothing can save your friends.

But you can save yourself.

It's almost time.

Join us.


Take that!

Guys! Wake up, you're free now!

It's too late!

You and your friends are all doomed!

Guys, there's not much time!

We have to get out of here!



Beth, grab my hand!


Help me save my friends.

Almost there!

Come on!


Okay. Is everyone okay?

The next time you try
to convince me that someone's evil,

I'm just gonna take your word for it.

You'll never get away with this.

You're mine!

You're all mine!

You can't just... Ah!

What is that?

This is some holy water,
some sage, some vinegar

and a couple of other things.

And how'd you know how to do that?

I just googled how to stop a demon.


It's all gone.

Um, who's she?

This is Andrea Payton.

I'm free!


Why don't you give your parents a call?

I think they're probably
looking for you.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.

You know, I never would've thought
that my love of churros

would've led me this close
to the gates of hell.

- You laughed.
- Okay, yeah, I laughed.

The posse is back.

It's all because of you, Beth.

It was because of our friendship.

I mean, it was stronger than evil.

As corny as that sounds, it's true.

I know.

Let's go back to my house.

Let's find my little brother's Halloween
candy and eat all of it, right?

Okay, that's what I'm talking about.

All right, okay, let's go.
I'm starving. I'm starving.

You can't take all my brother's candy.



I forgot one thing.

What's that?

Well, it's about time.