R-Point (2004) - full transcript

On 07 January 1972, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated Lieutenant Choi Tae-in to lead a squad with eight other soldiers and rescue the missing soldiers from the R-Point. When they arrive in the location, they have a shooting and defeat a Vietnamese woman with a machine gun in a trench. Later, they find a tombstone telling that one hundred years ago, Chinese killed Vietnamese, dropped them in a lake and built a temple over the place, being a sacred location to the Vietnamese. While chasing the missing soldiers, weird things happen with the rescue team.

Nah Trang, Vietnam, 1972-01-07, 1:30 AM

Come in, Butterfly.

Donkey three, come in, Butterfly.

Butterfly, come in, Donkey three.

Come in, Butterfly.

Go and report this, hurry!

We're dying like hell!

Butterfly, Butterfly.

Come in, Donkey three.
Come in, Donkey three. Over.

Who the fuck is this?

Donkey three was your unit, right?

No, it's not possible.

My men are all dead!

Then how is that they sent
a transmission 3 days ago!

And it's the 3rd time this month!

Who the fuck sent the transmissions then?

I swear, they're all dead!

I collected their tags myself.

With these hands!

Who did this to you? Viet Con?

There are no fucking Viet Con in R-Point!

I watched all of them fucking die!

I'm telling you, this is paradise!

What? I'm coming!

Lieutenant CHOI!

Hello, how are you?


Damn, she's hot!


Don't shoot.

Don't move!

Don't move!

Private KIM!

Fuck, I saw this coming!

I'll take it.

It came earlier than I expected.

Investigation Division, yes sir!

He's here, sir.

Two damn decorations!

You're an excellent soldier CHOI.

And the only survivor of
the battle at Honbawoo...

I heard you're ill.

I'm fine now. I'll be released in 2 days.

Have some tea.

It's Ho Chi Minh's favorite.

No, thank you, sir.

You never go to battle
without shedding some blood...

whether it's yours or the enemy's.

That's why no one likes
being in your platoon, right?


This is a list of the men who
went missing 6 months ago.

This case requires a
competent leader like you.

I'd like to have my old platoon back.

According to us,
yesterday's incident never happened.

Is this an order?

Congratulations on being back in the fight.

What the...? That's disgusting!

Move your hands!

He's clean.

What're you here for?

I traded my medical
certificate for 50 bucks.


50 bucks is enough to buy a cow.

And I want to buy my mom one.

A fucking cow.

Sergeant JANG, 18 years old?

That means you were recruited at 16?


Yes, sir.

The recruitment documents were
issued to my old brother...

And I used them to enlist,
without my family knowing.

He's a fucking kid?

He fooled us all?

You saying a fucking kid like that

is the same rank as me?

What's going on?

Can't go home until we get cleaned up.

What's the fucking big deal?
So we got syphilis.

My family's expecting
to see me at the port.

No need to give you a long speech.

Once again,

the region you're assigned
to is a non-combat zone.

A fucking 'non-combat' zone.

If you complete the mission,

you're going home on a fucking "plane".

Remember, it' a plane, not a ship.

You'll have hot stewardesses
serving you juice, get it?

Sergeant PARK, I'm in!

Corporal BYUN!

Sergeant OH!

Double check all your gear!


Salute, sir,

I'm Sergeant JIN!

CHOI Tae-in, First Lieutenant!

These are the men, sir.


That's alright. At ease.

At ease.

When are we going?

Just relax, man.

You know that bastard!

You mean Sergeant JIN?

He's a cold-blooded killer.
Been here for 3 years and...

I've seen a picture of him holding
a VC soldier's head cut off!

You dumb ass!
Everybody does that crap here!

Have you?

Damn right, was no big deal.
Nothing scares me!

Cut that fucking racket out!

Just a few days away from going home too.


Pisses me off.

It's not looking good.

We got a moron and a psychopath!

We're fucking doomed!

I'll be back in a week! Hear me?

You believe this fucking weather?

It's my first time on a ship.

You were a pen pusher, right?
No, then what missions...

How about a souvenir photo?

Sounds good! Damn good idea!

You think you're here on
a picnic or something?

No, sir.

Why not? Let's do it.

Sure, it's damn good!

Just wait!

Here we go, one, two, three!

R-POINT: Day 1

These fucking mosquitoes!

Damn, I'm missing the
welcome home party at Pusan!

Cease fire!

Cease fire!

It's coming from 11:00.

Sergeant JANG, get the fuck out of there!

I can't.

Move, son of a bitch!

Run like hell, on my count!

1, 2...

Corporal JOH, give it to me!

Cover me!

These bastards have been dead for ages.

Search her.

What's this?

If you touch a dead person's
things, your fingers'll rot off.

I just had a look!

Take care of her.

You fucking baby! You can't do it, can you?

Corporal LEE, finish her.

You pussy. Don't have the balls, huh?

Let me do this.

Move out.

Sergeant JIN, take the lead.

This is where R-Point begins.

Let's take a break.

Break time.

We almost there?


Give me a smoke then.

What? A gravestone!

What does... it say?

Hey, read it out aloud.

How weird! I don't like this.

There used to be a lake here.

Cut the crap! There's nothing but trees.

"Hundreds of years ago,
the Chinese killed Vietnamese

and dumped them into the lake."

"After that they filled the
lake, and built a temple on it."

Bullshit! You lying son of a bitch!

That's why it's so foggy.

"Wherever you go, I'll be there."

"if you have blood on your hands..."

I can't read the rest.

You're a fucking story teller.

No, he's right.

Let's go.

Let's go.

This shit's creepy!

What the...? "bloody hand are"...what?

I've had blood on my hands, so what?

Hey, Corporal LEE!


Don't disrespect it.

Don't be a pussy.

I ain't afraid of shit.

Hey asshole, wait up!


"Can't go back"

Sergeant PARK.
You're in the military band, right?

Mr. Sex Machine PARK is
all dried up in Vietnam.

So you blow... the bugle or what?

You idiot! "The bugle"?

It's called a Saxophone!

If you play one of those,
you can't get it up, right?

What asshole said that?

My cock's got more power than any of yours!

That's why all the hot
bitches wanna fuck me.

There isn't a single vocalist
in Korea I haven't screwed.

I'm the god father of the bitches!

You wanna stand up and let
the fuckers know we're here?

No, sir.

One, two, one, two...

Butterfly, come in.
Mole three has met Romeo, over.


Hand it over when you get through.

Why are you cutting up your clothes?

You have no idea?
Never been on a mission, right?

We believe we can survive by doing this.

Sorry, sir.

What a nutcase.

What did you do before coming to Vietnam?

It might freak you out.

I washed corpses.


He means it.

Don't try to fuck with me!

His father's an undertaker.

You saw him reading
Chinese characters well.

'Cause they use Chinese
characters a lot in that line.

Is he serious?

Yes, sir.

I got a strange feeling.
Something's not right here.

What do you mean?

No sunshine, it's damp with
moisture, and foggy.

It's not a good place for graves.

It's not good for people,
living or dead, except maybe...

Except who?

Well, there must be some.

I'm asking you, "who"?


Cut the crap, you son of a bitch!

I'm out of here. How about you?

Hey, wait up!

Corporal JOH.

Wait up!



You scared the hell out of me, you idiot!


It's working now.

Mole three, come in, Butterfly.

Donkey Three has met Romeo.

We've reached the check point.

Our coordinates are D270W279

We are in section R5,

reporting at 06:30. And from 07:00...

Room one first floor, clear.

Basement, clear!

Fucking made in the USA.

It's a piece of shit, here.

What's this?

Come on!

Hey, wait up!

Our mission is to find

their whereabouts, dead or alive.

The surrounding area covering 3.5 km

from this spot is "R-Point".

This region is considered

to be "sacred" to the Vietnamese.

Remember, we only have 7 days to
complete our mission, and cleanly.

We'll move in 2 units.

What battalion did the
missing men belong to?

It's fucking irrelevant to you!

Battalion 53!

Battalion 5... 3?

You're from the 53rd, right?
You know them then?


I don't know shit about them.

Today, Sergeant JIN's unit is scouting R-5,

the rest of you search this area.


The sooner you find them,
the sooner you go home.

It's been long enough for them to
turn into ghosts or something by now.


We're basically a bunch of
chumps, right, Sergeant OH?

Sergeant OH?

Sergeant OH!

Sergeant OH.

Where are you?

Sergeant OH!

This isn't funny, quit it!

Sergeant OH!
How many times do I have to call...

You freaked me out!
Why didn't you answer me?

Jung-Suk, wait for me

Are you listening to me?

Quit messing with me!

I don't like this shit, sir!

Corporal LEE!

Let's take a break.

What are you eating?

What're you grubbing on?

You fucking brat!

Here, have all you want.

It's antibiotics, you asshole.

Fuck you!

For your information, it doesn't help.

What? Missing?

Give me the map.

What's your location?

Got it.

We're heading for R-6, we'll meet up there!

Corporal JOH!

Corporal JOH!

Corporal JOH!

We're here to find the missing men
and one of us is missing? Shit!

It's so creepy!

What's this smell?

I almost shot you!

You came out of nowhere!

Have you found him?

Not yet, sir.


I'm telling the truth!

You asshole!

Sergeant JIN!

The Lieutenant saved your
ass, you're lucky.

Alright, we've got lights!


"Jung-sook, wait for me" is
written on your helmet, right?

What'd you say?

Have you fucking lost it?

What's your problem?

What're you doing?

Cut the "Jung-sook" shit out!

I'm right, ain't I?

You son of a bitch!

What's going on?

Who are those bastards?

What? Yankees?

How come they're here this late?

Stay calm.

I'm Sergeant First Class Beck from C&E.

I'm Lieutenant CHOI.

Anyway, what made you
come up here at night?

We can only come up here at
night, Lieutenant.

We can't operate the chopper
in the day because of fog.

We usually come up here every
four days to check the batteries.

Is that your camp, Lieutenant?


Is this building your
governmental property?

I ain't got nothing to do with
the mother fucking U.S government

Let me tell you guys something.

Keep your rusty dick beaters
off my shit in this room.

Don't worry.

What made you come up here?

We came up to look for my soldiers.

You got to be shitting me... right?

We came to find our soldiers who've
been missing for the last six months.

You know it was a retreat
for French soldiers?

Yeah, a retreat for French soldiers.

Fuck, a lot of French soldiers
were exterminated here.

It all happened so fast.

But I can sure as hell tell you one
thing, it wasn't the VC that did it.

Hell during that time the VCs didn't exist.

There's nothing alive here in R-point.

Neither ROK soldiers nor
VCs can survive here.

What do you mean by that?

You haven't heard the
rumors about this place?

What rumors?

Don't worry about it.

Hey, good bye guys!

Hey Sergeant,
don't waste your time on these fools.

Goodbye, come again!

Let's go.

Thanks for the beer.

Hey come on Sergeant, let's go.

You know why my soldiers are urging me?

They wanna make a bet as soon as possible.


That in four days when we come
back, you won't still be alive.

What do you mean?

I already told you. This is R-point.

No one can survive.

Let me make myself clear.

Don't touch my shit on the 2nd floor.

By the way, good luck.

You're gonna need it, Lieutenant.


Have a drink. No, thank you, sir.

Sit down and drink.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, I found this. Try and fix it.

You think you can?

Sure, sir.

You can?


Is it working?

Local transmissions are fine,

but not with headquarters.

Is the transmitter fine?


By the way,
is a French unit stationed nearby?

French army?

I got a transmission from Jacques...
a French army corporal.

He said that he's in the army
with his twin brother Paul.

What the hell are you talking about?

We're the only ones in this area.

No, he said his unit is
stationed nearby and...

that he's dropping by sometime soon.

You speak French?

No, sir. Are you trying
to mess with Lieutenant?

Get some more sleep.

Watch it, kid.

Come here, you son of a bitch!

What's with you? You asshole!

You were fucking lying, right?

About what?

About the helmet shit!

"Jung-sook, wait for me"?

Yeah, it was yours, right?

Who the fuck told you about that?

About that? About what?

How did you know that
bastard came to Vietnam?

Got no idea what you're talking about!

You sneaky shit.

How come you knew the helmet story?

What's with you?

I saw it myself!

Not more bullshit, you bitch!

No way, it's not possible.

Don't even think about messing with me!
Spit it out!

Are you fucking drunk?

I've had enough of this shit already!

Tell me the damn truth, come on!

That helmet belongs to...

one of missing bastards.

The ones we're here for.

How many more nights do we got to
get through, if we survive tonight?

Five nights, sir.

No sweat! We got shit to worry about!

Just 5 fucking nights?
I'm gonna make it for sure!

What's that?

Oh, the Ventures!

You fixed it?

Oh, baby, the Ventures! Come on!

We're fucking dying!


Don't come any closer!

Don't come any closer! I don't...

No, No!

Damn! I still got the goose bumps.

What the fuck was that anyway?

You think I got a clue?


What're you doing?

I got a question.

What's that stench you always got?

What the fuck are you talking about?

If I stink, you smell like shit!


something's going on!


You're posted in the kitchen!

You've crossed the fucking line, jerk.

You realize you're insulting he king
of dangerous missions in Vietnam?

What a joke! Sergeant Cook?


This is some news!

Everybody's got to know.

If you do, I'll kill you, asshole.

Oh, you will? Alright, go ahead.

What? You scared?


Just do me a favor.


I'm begging you.

Don't come any closer!

I don't. No, No!

What is it you got there?

Damn, what's the problem?

I'm asking you!
My daughter's photo, so what?

Let me see.

You're such an asshole.

She's the most beautiful
thing in the world!

How is it that you have syphilis
with such a cute kid back home?

You fucking loser!

Watch your mouth, kid!

You'd have to have joined up
earlier if you wanna talk shit.

If you say one word, you're dead!

I'm not fucking joking, got it?

What's that?

Hey, Private JUNG!

Private JUNG!

That jerk doesn't show any respect!

R-POINT: Day 2

Kitchen duty, huh?

How come you know that shit?

We're sure lucky to have you around!

Yes, sir.

Once a cook, forever a cook.

Don't move, I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Breakfast, please. I'm hungry.

Sir, Private JUNG's missing!

He was supposed to be on
duty from 6:00, but...

You should've reported it earlier.

I'm doing now, sir!

Son of a bitch!

Fuck Sergeant JIN! To hell with him!


Just 2 weeks away from being discharged.
I'm screwed!

Does it hurt?


Go and take one more look around.

You mean alone?

I'm not in the mood right now.

I promise to hook you up with
a hot chick back in Seoul.

You're not lying, right?

You got my fucking word.

What's this?

I can trust you, right?

Don't worry about it, just do your job.

When I'm back in Seoul...

Leave it to the sex machine PARK.

You're gonna hook me up with a hot chick?

What the fuck?

Viet cons are around.

We getting through to headquarters yet?

Sorry, sir, not yet.


Our mission is to find the missing men.

Keep that in mind.

Sergeant OH.

Yes, sir!

You're curious, aren't you?

Yes, sir?

I want to have a look at his face.

What, sir?

Set up a booby trap, kid.

Yes, sir.

Everything's fucked up around here.

What is?

Just do your job, corpse cleaner.

Where was he from?

You mean... Private JUNG?

When you were out scouting with him...

Did he say anything?

Was he in our unit? I don't remember.

Which battalion did he belong to?

Hey, kid! Give this to the Lieutenant.

Poor kid! Whatever happens,

we're gonna get back alive!

What the fuck?

Hey, you son of a bitch...

get me Captain PARK!

Make it quick, asshole!

Captain PARK here. Lieutenant CHOI, sir!

Are you fucking with me?

What do you mean, sir?

Are you screwing this mission up?

Private JUNG's one of the missing men!


Lieutenant, have you fucking lost it?

Listen to me!

JUNG is one of the men
you're there to look for!

I don't understand, sir.

You a fucking idiot?

How many are in your unit now?

We got one down, and 9 left, sir.

You're fucking out of your mind for sure.

You started the mission with 9, got it?

I have the mission file
in front of me right now.

You were 9 to begin with!

You mean you picked up a ghost?

You're joking, right?

Do I sound like I'm fucking joking?

Give me Sergeant JIN!

Are you listening to me, Lieutenant CHOI?

It's bizarre, but...

I don't remember his face.

I mean Private JUNG.

He was with us at the dock, right?


He wasn't with us from the start...

but I remember he was there at the beach.

You dumb-ass, what're you talking about?

He was with us when we
were taking the picture.

I don't remember seeing him at the dock.

Good, I wanna be in it too.

Okay, one more time!

You take the it.

You know how to use the camera?

Wind it.

Enough already,
I don't wanna hear any more!

Sergeant OH!

Did you get it yet?

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Be patient,
I'll get it in a couple of days.

You take care of this.

Make sure you get it.

You know it's for my girl, Jung-sook.

I'm sick of your Jung-sook stories.

Aren't you going on a mission?

Hey, hurry up!

Take care.

See you soon!

Jung-sook, wait for me.

You think those assholes can
handle it on their own, sir?

That's why I put you on the mission.

Do whatever it takes to close the case.

R-POINT: Day 3

You knew the whole time, didn't you!

Cut it out!

Where're you going?

Going to shit, goddammit!

A lot of French soldiers
were exterminated here

It all happened so fast.

I got a transmission from Jacques and...

Paul and Jacques rest in peace here.

He said his twin brother
Paul is in the same army.

Don't touch it!

You like this camera, don't you?

You got any idea how much I paid for it?

It cost me 4 months salary.

But I know it's not yours.

You got it without getting one
drop of blood on your hands?

You motherfucker!

Who are you?

He's on the edge.

Oh, no! You're dead, it can't be you!

I saw the photo.

Why didn't you tell them he
was one of the missing...

I don't care whether he's
fucking missing or not.

Don't tell the men about it.


We need to bring them back alive.

It's the booby trap!

No... Sergeant OH!

Believe me, I didn't do it on purpose.

He must have triggered the trap.

Hang on, Sergeant OH!

What happened? Snap out of it!

Sergeant OH!

Come on!

Oh, please, don't kill me, I'm begging you.

I didn't mean to lie... Forgive me!

What're you doing?

Save me!

I'm sorry!

Something's going on.

There's got to be something
they're not telling us.


R-Point's fucking haunted!

You fucking idiot!

Fucking 'Ghosts'?

Look around! Open your eyes.

You see any fucking ghosts?

You son of a bitch.

All you got to do is...

find the missing radio
operator's tags, got it?

Any of you say a word
about this ghost shit,

and you'll be thrown in jail.

What're you gonna do, sir?

Why don't we abort this mission?

You think they'll believe
this fucking story?

But we can't lie to our men forever.

All we need is to find any
clue about the radio operator?

Sorry, but it doesn't
look like it's possible.

We'll scout this region
from the spot we arrived.

Alright, then.

We should split into two
groups instead of one.

Looks like we're all on different pages,

some like playing ball and some don't.

R-POINT: Day 4

Fall in.

Give a status report every 30 minutes.

Once again,
today we're covering R-5 and R-2.

Under no circumstances

will you stray from your
designated zones, got it?

Yes, sir.

Break into 2 teams.

Yes, sir!

You bugle player!


Yes, sir!

And you!

Yes, sir.

Get in this line.

I want to be in your unit, sir!

I do, too, sir!

You fucking pussies.
You think this is a game?

I want one more asshole!

I'm ordering you, one more!


Move out.

Isn't this the way we took before?

Let's go to bamboo woods.

Why, sir?

I need to check something out.

Sergeant JIN!

This is R-7, sir.

I know.

But Lieutenant told us not to stray from...

Shut up and come with me.

Sergeant JIN!

This must be the Lieutenant's.

Search this area, now!

What the hell are you doing?

You screwed us up, Lieutenant!

Corporal BYUN, look around over here.

We don't have time, move!

What we need are tags from
one of the missing men.


Why isn't the woods coming up?

We should've reached it by now.

What the hell's going on?

What does it say?

Hey Cook, you can read it, right?

You know?

"...can't go back"

Who can't go back?

Lieutenant, is it true?

Does that thing really
say "...can't go back"?

Mole three, come in. Mole one, do you copy?

Mole one, do you copy?

Mole three, come in. Mole one, come in.

Mole three, come in. Mole one.

Mole three, Mole one, do you copy?

Sergeant JIN, where're you going?

I'll be right back. Keep trying
to get the reach the Lieutenant.


Aren't these... the Yankees we met?

What the hell's going on?

Then we met their fucking corpses?

Hey, Cook, tell me the truth.

Are these the fuckers we met?

Lieutenant, does that mean
we're fighting against ghosts?

Get me Sergeant JIN on the line!

What're we gonna...?

Send the transmission!

Mole one, come in, Mole three.

Mole three, do you copy?

It's dead.

Head back to base, on the double!

Sergeant JIN! Sergeant!

Sergeant JIN!

Where're you?

What the hell is this here for?

Which means...

He fell off here, damn!

Private JUNG gets his head chopped
off and now Sergeant OH's dead.

I'm sick of weird shit going on.
I'm not sticking around anymore.

Does all this mean that we
can't get out of here, sir?

Tell me something.

What's the first thing you
wanna do when you get home?

I wanna...

Go on a picnic to the Royal
Palace with my wife and daughter.

I'm telling you, it's going to happen.

Corporal JOH!

It's the missing men!

Corporal JOH...

Who's there?

Sergeant OH?

Sergeant PARK?

Sergeant PARK?

Donkey three, Butterfly, come in.

Come in, Butterfly.

We're dying, do you copy?

Butterfly, do you copy?

This is Donkey three.

Come in, Butterfly.

We're getting massacred.

Butterfly, do you copy?

This is Donkey three!

Sergeant PARK?


Something's chasing us.


I told you to cut the bullshit
out, asshole!

Corporal LEE!

I'm scared...

that OH is gonna kill me.

He blames me, I know it!

Cut the crap, you son of a bitch!

If you see something, just shoot.

Cease fire!

You son of a bitch, it's us!

Lieutenant, are you all right?

What the hell are you doing?

Hey Cook, are you all right?

Hang on!

Do something, son of a bitch!

You think I can make it?

Yeah, don't worry.

Don't lie to my face, bitch!

No, you can't die.

Calm down.

I'm not going to die.

I won't die before I go on a
picnic with my wife and daughter...

Get through this and I'll treat
you as my own older brother.

Please don't die,
I'll do whatever you tell me to.

You've finally grown up, kid.

Whatever happens...

make it back home.

Sergeant MAH.

Hey, Cook, get up!

Don't die on me!

I saw this coming.

You fucking nut!

Sergeant JANG!

Get off!

Look, I was right!

The ghost was coming after me.

What else was I supposed to do?

You killed him,
and you're trying to say it was a ghost?

Let me go!

I'm possessed by an evil spirit now!

Move out.

Mole three, come in, Butterfly.


Give it up.

Tomorrow the Americans will be
here, so we can ask for help.

Come with me.


It's a waste of time.

What's this?

What's this?

Get this shit downstairs.

Then who were... those Americans?

They're not coming.

What do you mean?

You knew it and didn't
tell us the fucking truth.

Put your weapons down.

You were in on it, weren't you?
Kissing his ass!

Hurry up and arrest these sons of bitches.

Get this equipment downstairs.

Don't try to fuck with us!

What good is this junk?

Put your weapon down.

If you come any closer, I'll fire.

If you wanna live, follow my orders.


R-POINT: Day 5

Butterfly, come in, Mole three.

Do you copy? Come in, Mole three.

Lieutenant, it's working.

Mole three, come in, Butterfly.

Urgent. Send backup right away.

What situation?

We need backup!

Send a chopper to R-Point right now!

It's too dark.

05:50 am is the earliest we can get to you.

Cut the shit and send
a fucking chopper now!

We're losing time.

Confirm, a chopper will
be there by 05:50...


Do you copy? You son of a bitch!

You don't know what the
hell is going on here!

Listen carefully.

We'll make it out of here alive.

To your stations!

Open the goddamn door!

It's Sergeant JIN, we should let him in!

No, don't open it!


Sergeant, you're alive, sir!

We shouldn't have come here.

Your name and official rank.

What're you doing, sir?

You wanna play boss until the end, huh!

Your last chance, name and rank!

Sergeant 1st Class JIN Chang-rok, 8335107.

Are you fucking happy now, bastard?


Please help me... get back home alive.

I was the one that found the tags...

You promised to get me on
the airplane home, so...

You wanna live, huh?

I don't wanna die,

I wanna live.

I wanna live.

I'm too fucking young to die!

What did I do to deserve this shit?

Step away from him!

Put your weapons down.

Corporal BYUN!

Lower your weapon.

Mole three, come in, Butterfly.

Butterfly, do you copy?

Give it up! The fucking thing's gone!

The chopper's on its way.

It's coming for sure.

Corporal LEE, your name and rank!

I'm ordering you!

Corporal LEE Jae-pil, 8327602.

And you!

Corporal JOH Byung-hoon, 8327603.

Sergeant JANG!

Wake up, come on!

Sergeant JANG Young-soo, 8123018.

They're coming.

They're coming, I told you!

Corporal BUYN, snap out of it!

Name and rank.

Lieutenant, they're coming.

I'm asking you for the last time.

Get down!

Sergeant JANG, hang on!

My eyes...

I can't see.

Just hang on.

Corporal LEE!

Pull yourself together!

Why are they doing this to us?

What did we do wrong?

We don't fucking deserve this!

We haven't done anything

to deserve this shit!

Do you really...

mean it?

Oh, no!


Where are you, sir?


I lost my tags.

Without it,
my dead body can't be sent home.

Even my ashes won't make it home.

Just get a hold of yourself!

Just stay calm!

I lost my tags.

You're gonna make it.

Listen to me,

we're going to make it back alive.

You're just injured. You'll be fine.

Why aren't you afraid?

Just believe me.

We'll get back alive, understand?


Where are you?

Sergeant JANG, take your rifle.

Take your weapon!

Aim it to the left.

More to the left.




What's going on?

You're there, right?


Answer me, are you there?

Lieutenant, you're still there, right?

Oh, say something, please.

Lieutenant, answer me.

You're there, aren't you?

You're fooling around, right, sir?

I need to go back home
with the money I earned.

My mom's dying to see me!

But I'm a little scared.

I'm afraid my mom won't recognize me


I've changed so much.

Because I can't... see anything now.

My home's too far away.

Hey, Cook,

take your angels to the Royal Palace!


You bastards, stop playing tricks on me!


it's time to go home, right?

We haven't spotted anyone,
except an injured soldier,

but he's completely lost it.

We've searched R-Point,

but the other 8 haven't been found.

We're heading back,
with the only survivor. Over!

Mole three, come in, Butterfly.

Come in, Butterfly, do you copy?

Butterfly, please, come in.