Qu'un sang impur... (2019) - full transcript



I'm not afraid of dying!


Please ! Have mercy!
I am going to speak !

Shut your mouth, Walid!

Die like a man!

Die like a man!

Do you talk or do you die?

I am going to speak !

Are you going to say it all?

All ?


Dirty traitor !

Go to bed !

Mourad ?

Walid ?

It's okay ?

Stay outside!

We are saved, my brother.

Mourad !

We are saved.


We are saved.

You begged the French?

No way.

I told them anything.


You die but you don't speak.

You hear me ?

You hear me ?

You die but you don't speak.

It goes without saying, Mourad.

It goes without saying.

It goes without saying?

It goes without saying.

Where's Walid?

- There's no more Walid.
- What do you mean ?

That's enough.

And the French, are they all dead?

I left you one.

Here it is.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid.


Calm down.

We don't believe you.

We do not care !

No one is innocent.

Not even your children.

Not even your children.

Do you wanna play dumb with us?

This is what you want ?

Open the door.

Do what I tell you.

Open that door.

Open that door!

Why don't you open it yourself?

You go-y.

Colonel Breitner.

Go get your keys.

Give me the correct key.

Come on, sing!

Shut up and hang your head!

A whore
in the service of the French?


Of them.





Non !

Stay away from the 6, my daughter.

Walk on 7. It brings good luck.

God protect you, my beloved daughter.

Thank you dad.

May God protect you.

Soldiers! Soldiers!

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid.

Have no fear, children.

He's a French soldier.

No reason to be afraid.

Come with me.

Come on.

Come on, go ahead.

I am not dead.

Not yet...

How can you kill children?

It's easy, nigga.

It's not mine.

Got it, nigga?

They are not mine!

Aren't they yours?

Aren't they yours?

Do you plan
to walk the rest of the way?

We have no choice.

The fells have their camp in a gorge.

With the echo,
the jeeps would get along too much.

You promised him.

You promised him!

What's your name ?


What happened here?

Tell me.

What's wrong, Mourad?

I need to talk to you.

Sit down and talk.

What are you doing ?

I need to go in the water
for my feet.

They hurt me.

You will rest when we arrive.

Stay there, if you want.

But you can only
count on God

to bring you back to camp.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid.

You recognize me ?

No one is going to hurt you.


you must not shout.

No noise.

You understand ?

You understand ?

Did you stop
at the river?

You can thank God
for showing you the way.

You, I did not see you in my village.

Mourad !

It's you ?

Who is the dirty whore
calling me by my first name?

So what, the bitch?
Have you lost your tongue?

If my father, Mohand Aouda,
God forbid , was there,

he would cut your tongue
for talking to me like that.

Assia !

My niece !

What are you doing
with the French?

I am not with them.
I am a prisoner.

It's your lucky day,

Tell them they surrender
and we won't kill them.

My uncle !

They will only surrender

if you give your Algerian word.

Tell them they are not afraid.

They have the word of a true Algerian.

You can repeat it to them.


How are you ?

Did they get you, son of a bitch?

The farm !

That's enough !

Why did you hit the nigger?

Move out of the way.


That son of a bitch, he killed my sister,

my nieces, the village girls.

Children, women, the old!

- I'm going to kill him.
- Stopped.

Today I am going to die his race.

- Stop it, Youcef.
- I won't stop!

Today I kill him!

I'm going to kill him.

Including ?

I'm going to cut her throat!

Stop it, my brother.

I understood you.

I'm going to cut your throat today.

That's enough !

He lies.

Kill him.

Now you bury it.

Why would I bury him?

You understood ?

Leave it.

Mother, don't cry

Your children are lions

They watch over you

Oh mother

We will only die from kneeling

Faced with the enemy who colonizes us

For Algeria, we will be martyrs

He was nice.

He saved my life.

He was nice ?

For how many bad?

He saved you

but how many of our brothers he killed?

Have you thought about it?


If you gotta cry

weep at the graves
of your father and your mother.

And Algerians killed by the French.

You understood well ?

Him, he saved me.

It was not the French
who killed my parents,

they are Arabs.

It is true.

It is not the French.

And they are not Arabs either.

In fact,

they are dogs.

Tell the colonel who you are.

Tell him.

My brother, what are you doing here?

What is it, uncle?

Why did you bring the French back here?

I didn't bring them back,

they knew where to find you.

And you let them catch you?

You did nothing ?

Why ?

Why, my niece?

Look at you.

Look at you !

You are beautiful, but very frail.

You couldn't do anything.

Come into my arms.

Come on, come on.

This Frenchman, Breitner,

he didn't leave
soldiers as reinforcements?

Dirty fucking!

We questioned the kids.

They said there were five of you.

Five, dirty bitch!

And the fifth,

he has a tattoo on his face.

Did you forget it?

Traitor ...



I'm not done with you

not yet.

Come on, my brothers. Come.

Gather your things.

We have to leave before dawn.

Come on.

Hurry up!

Cut off her ears and slaughter her.

Release her.
Go get their things.

Bring the weapon.

Look at the Frenchman you helped.

He leaves and he leaves you.

To him,
you're no more than a whore.


I'm going to die in Algerian.

But you...

you will live like a dog

to serve the Frenchman who holds you.

I am the French
as long as it serves my war.

Sale race.

She helped us. We owe him that.

Mohamed! Go get the colonel!


Nobody moves !

Whoever shoots, I kill him!

Everything is fine.

My brothers, we're leaving!

You come with me.