Qu'est-ce qu'on va faire de toi? (2012) - full transcript

She's a 91-year-old woman,

she looks like
an old crumpled apple

and she milks cows.

She's tired, broken,
but she keeps doing it.

Give him to me.

You're annoying him
with your stories.

I'm not. Go see mum.

Hello, Jean!
Take his fruit purée.

You're even more beautiful
when you're pregnant.

- Do you hear me?
- I do!

Put it here.

When I asked her
if she had taken her temperature,

she told me: "|fl hadn't,
I wouldn't know I'm ill."

I'm going to answer the door.

What is dad saying?

He talks nonsense!

- What's happening? Abraham!
- Don't move.


Real French spoke.
We take you to the Compiégne camp.

MY papers are...

You're a Jew from Romania.
You're not allowed to work.

I'm a French doctor!
I have diplomas!

Jews aren't allowed to work.
On top of that you perform

- I don't!





- Name, first name, profession.
- Joseph Kalsman,


Abraham Drucker,
general practitioner.

Dear Doctor.
You're going to treat Jews here.

You're going to like
each other's company.


This is the equipment.

What can I do? There's nothing.

You're a doctor.

So figure it out.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Can you pick them up?

Well done!

Well done! Well done, darling!
Thank you. Go play with Michel.

Of course
he's going to play with you!

Lola. It's me.

You're back... I've missed you...

Come see dad!

Come into my arms.

Don't be scared.
Lift your little legs.

That's it!

Look, this is Michel!
Do you like this name?

Soon it will be you, Michel.

- Stop it! Give me my "E"!
- No!

Stop it!
It's not yours! This one is mine!

- Calm down!
- It was in my plate!

Why doesn't Jacques play with us?

- He doesn't like pasta in soup.
- No but I want to play.

Eat, you'll play later.

He's got all the "E"!

I don't have any "H"!

You don't write "tree" with an "H"!

This is rubbish.
Let's play something else.

Shh! Dad's home. Calm down now.

No can help me here.
You made another mistake.

- What did I do?
- It wasn't

the Bouviers‘ right address!

Oak Way?

Oak? Oat! Oat Way!
It's not complicated!

I've turned in circles
for one hour!

You know Mrs. Bouvier!

She doesn't know
how to use a phone! Sorry!

- Have her repeat!
- Don't show him

your exercise book.
- Answering the phone is easy!

- Did you do your homework?
- He did.

I'm going to start my round.
Come with me. Go get your book.

I'm going to visit Lucien's mum.
She has bedsores.

Abraham! Abraham!

Tell them I'd prefer
to be paid with a rabbit.

I already have three chickens...

See you, my Michel.

Hurry up! I'm waiting for you!

What mark in arithmetic?

- F...
- F.

I made mistakes with comas
and I forgot to carry over numbers.

I can't believe it!
And the history essay?

I don't know yet.

Assassination of Henri IV.

May... I don't know.

The month doesn't matter!
1610! Assassination of...

You'll write it out 50 times.
Assassination of Henri IV, 1610.

What will become of you?
Give me the bottle of water.

Hurry up, Michel!
Give me the rag. Thank you.

Whom does it come from?

No one in my family
or in your mother's...

You'll have
to hang on to it, Michel.

I don't want
to have a dunce in my family!

When I came back from Romania,
I took all my exams again.

I started all over again!

- Do you hear me?
- Yes, dad.

What do you want to be
when you grow old?

A doctor, like you said.

Of course.

If you wanted to be a mechanic,
I wouldn't be against it.

On one condition.
You have to be the best mechanic.

Same if you want to be a violinist.

Like Heifest. The greatest.

Whatever you choose,
you have to be the best.

Take your brother Jean as a model!
Get in the car.

In the Normandy Bocage,
people drink a lot of Calva.

- As a result?
- They have oesophagus problems.


Why do they have problems?

Because Calva irritates the throat.

Do you think it's funny?
See when you want?

How do you write "oesophagus"?

That's it.

Well, put your hand back in the bed
to keep it warm.

You'll be up in three days.

Have some sleep.

And don't let her chop wood.

Well! Let's drink some Calva.

It's a good one.
I take a glass for the kid.

- What do you say?
- It irritates the oesophagus.

You say "no thanks". Let's go.

Tell me, Lucien,
how is marriage with Lucette?

Well... I have a problem.

I can't honour her.

She wants to have a child but...
it's not easy.

You've been married two months.
You will make it.

I'd really like to.

I can't... I can't...

It doesn't go in. I try but...

You can't penetrate her.

It doesn't work...
Although I really try.

Tell her to come to my surgery.

I'll do something about it.

- Tell me, is it serious?
- Of course it's not.

It's a malformation.
It's going to get better.

- Lucien, she must come see me.
- I'll tell her.

Do you know what it means?

It's like plumbing.
It can be repaired.

It's cool to be a doctor!

Of course it is.
But you need good marks at school.

Even to become a plumber
you need to use your head!

I'm going to see a patient. Here.

Stay here.

Wait for me.

Revise your history,
I'll ask you to recite.

ls the woman still ill?
You can't treat her?

What if I ask you the name
of the murderer of Henri IV?

Well... Rastignac.

I knew you'd be here.
Can give me some?

They're for my brother.
Today is his birthday.

They're nice, aren't they?

Oh yeah!
These are big American marbles.

I bought them with my savings.


One day I'll also
get on a compartment and...

Don't you feel good here?

I have to go.

Did you really have
to run like a lunatic?

Well done. Dad is furious now!

Happy birthday.


Big American marbles!

You didn't make fun of me!

Wow. At least
you won't go to school tomorrow.

There should be ten of them.
Check if they're all there.

Marbles! Can I see?

Are you OK?

Dad will be back late tonight.

We'll celebrate
your birthday on Sunday.

Let me show you the difference

between marbles
and big American marbles.


- We'll eat the cake tonight.
- OK.

This is a big American marble.
This is the rarest of all.

- It really rare.
- It doesn't taste good?

Drink it or no cake.

And there's tuberculosis.
It goes with poverty.

They hold hands.

One day... Are you listening to me?

One day.

we'll defeat these two scourges.

Tomorrow's scientists

like your brother

will find a solution.

Or politicians.
I'm sure Jean can serve the state.

Dad, I feel sick...

Hold it back, we're almost there.

Give me your hands.

Rinse your mouth.

Well, well...

Mendes France is a great man,
believe me.

Deputy at 25, minister at 31.
And he's Jewish.

I'm sure some people
will put a spoke in his wheel.

He defends ordinary people

not like the ones
who fill their pockets.

He's an honest man.

Now there's a minimum wage,
remember that, "minimum wage",

workers won't be paid less
than this wage.

It's a good idea, isn't it?
Are you listening?

Do you understand?

he has a beautiful wife.

She's called Lily.

Stop it! When will you
stop biting your nails?

Stop that, Michel.

Did mum put mustard
on your fingers this morning?

So what?

- Can I ask you something?
- Go on.

Why do you keep fishing
when you never catch anything?

Because it calms me down.
Look at this beautiful place.

The reflection on water,
the colours, the sky...

I fish with my eyes.


Let's go buy two carps
from the poacher.

We'll give them to mum.

It will be our secret.

Out of the question.

You're Abraham Drucker
and I'm Lola Schafler!

And you want your sons
to take communion?

- We are French!
- I know we're French!

We're integrated,
we're whatever you want!

I just want to remove
this damned yellow star!

You think holy water will help?

We have to honour
the memory of those who died!

Jean and Michel are Jewish!

I don't want them
to take communion!

- It's not just that.
- What else? What?

Lola, listen.
I just have four hours to sleep.

So if you have something
to tell me, go on!

You who want everyone to be
perfect, to be beyond reproach,

you're in no position
to say what's right.

People talk behind your back.

- What do they say?
- That you're a funny husband.

It's a good thing to be funny.

No. You're said to be unworthy.

Making his sons
taking communion isn't enough.

There are gossips in town.

You're not just the wonderful
doctor everyone loves!

Can I sleep now? Are you done?

Yes, I'm done.

Hello! Give me your shopping list.

One green cabbage,
5 kilos of potatoes,

one bunch of leeks.
Soup is in the air! Here.


Hello, Doctor. Can I help you?

You gave me up.
ls it one of your habits?

Do I call the police

because your pears
and tomatoes are bruised? No!

Give me that.
It's the last time you come here!

Excuse me.

And you don't even vote socialist!

Come here.



"and eat,

"this is my body.

"this is my blood",

said Jesus Christ.

I put the host on your tongue
and you meditate.

Close your eyes to meditate.

I only have one.

If you chew,
you bite the Body of Christ!

This is
the miracle of the Eucharist.

Today there is no danger,
they aren't consecrated.

But on the day
of your first Communion,

it will be different.

It's stuck on my tooth,
what do I do?


- Stop that, I can't...
- Sorry.

I can't work with that noise!

And put my marbles
back into their bag, please.

Do you believe in God?

Are you crazy?

Now let me go on with my work.

Stop it!

ls it true dad is a great

- Seducer.

- Where do you get that from?
- Bébert.

Her mum said so.

Listen to me, Michel.
Don't tell mum, OK?

Of course I won't.
Did you know about it?

It's none of our business anyway.

Leave me.

I know one of them.

- One what?
- One of the women.

Dad told me she's very ill.

Then she's going to die
so he won't see her anymore.

The Doctor is going to see you.

Come with me.

Come in, the waiting room is empty.

Good bye, Madam.


Be quiet!

I told you to be quiet!

Come on.

When did I last see you?

It's the mailwoman.

- She looks better with no uniform.
- Oh yeah!

Your dad does alright for himself!

It's nice to be a doctor.

Be careful!


You're going
to recite your lessons to me!

I want you to know them by heart!
And you go home!

Hurry up, Michel!
We're going to be late for school!

ls it the first time you see that?
Love is beautiful.

Off you go! Go do your homework!

Off you go!

Hurry up, Michel!

The bathtub
contains 173 litres of water.

The flow of water
is 1 litre per 32 seconds.

How long will it take

to fill the bathtub?


I'm waiting.

- I don't know.
- We did it yesterday!

Listen to what I say.

- What do we do with this bathtub?
- Sir!

- We rinse it to have a shower.
- Robert.

I give you one hour of detention.
Your dad is a doctor, right?

Go back to your seat.
Maybe he'll pull strings

to get you to empty
chamber pots at the hospital.

I don't like school.

I don't like school...

One day, I'll go away.

I will.

I will...

One, two... and three!

Why are we the first in Vire
to have a washing machine?

Because your dad works a lot.
It's thanks to him we have it.

Here he comes. Hurry up!
Show him the lines you were given.

- Good luck! Hi dad!
- Hi my boy. So? ls it working?

The machine? It is.

You need to sign the lines he made.

Michel forgot to write his essay.
He had to revise geography.

He forgot? That's OK.

He should however have learned
by heart to be able to revise.

But you forgot, that's OK.

I see you understand.
He's going to make efforts.

I have three sons

and I want three yellow jerseys!
Not like in the Tour de France!

I want a lawyer,
a doctor and a senior official!

But you won't even
be a sub-sub-sub prefect!

Don't be upset! You won't help him

saying that!

What am I going to do with you?

Leave him alone.


Keep hatching him like an egg.

Do you really not understand

or is it to make them angry?
- I don't do it on purpose...


They're talking about you.

Thank you, I know.

We can't talk to you!

I don't understand anymore.
Get out of the way.

You always stand by his side!

I just protect him!

What are you doing here?

Dad and mum woke me up.
And they're talking about you.

I know. Go back to bed.

And don't tell dad and mum
we're eavesdropping on them.


We can't talk to you.

What are you listening to that?
Just try and get good marks

or you'll end up as a road sweeper
like dad says.

How could I avoid
writing my geography essay?

What if I said
our grandmother died?

You're crazy...

We don't even
know our grandmothers.

It would be easier if you revised.
And it would be good for us all!

I don't understand.
What are they saying?

What's that language?

They don't want us to know.
It's Yiddish.

A language from there.

- "Uddish"? "Uddish"...

I managed to stop the machine.

Michel won't come to school today.
The washing machine has overflowed.

It will take several days
to clean it all up.

He won't write his...

..geography essay.

Good bye, Madam.

Yes, I see.

On the secondary road,

I turn left
at the Croix de Beaulieu junction.

He was sick.
He's drunk again, isn't he?

I'm coming.

Lola, listen to me.

If Mrs. Bijofs husband calls,
it means her water broke

and that he has to take her
to the hospital. OK?

I can't be everywhere.

- Sleep. I promised I would go.
- Go.

My car has been stolen,
I can't believe it!

Jeanne! Jeanne!
The van has been stolen!

It's here!

Your van is here!

Hey! Kids! You're going
to end up at the police station!

Let's see who's the smartest!

Let's see!

- Guttersnipes!
- To the police station!


Of course, Doctor, I understand.

Your dad will come get you.

He wants you to stay here tonight.

You're going
to spend a night in prison.

You start early.
And your mother's coming.

Come on.

Stand up.

This way.

Come in, Madam. He's here.

I'll come back after my visits.

Tell Michel to come to my office.
I got his school report.

- So?
- Wonderful.

I'm so happy!

I'm glad.

- What do we eat?
- A leg of lamb.

- And as a starter?
- Tomatoes!


- Whose turn is it?
- Mine.

Let's go, Marcel.

Your ankle again?

Sit down.

It hurts a lot more.

It's widely known now.
Take off your sock.


Take off

the other one.
The haematoma is still here.

Marcel, wash your feet
next time you come. Come in!

I'm going to prescribe you
a painkiller.

Your turn.

Unruly, talkative.
That's good. Perfect.

Get dressed, Marcel.

Tell me,
I don't hear you much at home.

And what do I read?

You got 12 in calculation?

Did you?

Good. It's great,
wonderful, magnificent. But...


Tell me Marcel,
what do think of 12 in calculation?

It's good. Quite good.
It didn't happen to me a lot.

The problem is that it's 12...

..out of 10.
- It's strange,


Or it means
that it's better than good.

Well done, kid.
We can tell your dad is a doctor.

- Like father, like son.
- Yes.

But not only is my son a dunce
but he's also a cheater!

And he can't even cheat properly!

12110? Do you know
what's a coefficient?

Get out!

Take your dirty cloth!

And close the door behind you!

My son is a failure!

- He'll do better next time.
- Yeah, right.

He'll rob a bank.

- Here. This is your prescription.
- Thank you.

You'll pay me next time.

- Do you still vote socialist?
- Yes.

- Good bye, Marcel.
- Thanks a lot, Doctor.

And wash your feet.


How are you? Mr. Robert.


What did dad say?

Why are you crying mum?

It's nothing, boys.

Your dad is tired,
he has too much work.

Go back to bed.

Michel, listening to the radio
and making collages

won't help you progress.
What's this?

Take your brother Jean as a model!

Come make him recite! Jean!

Jean, come help your brother!

- Jean!
- Yes, dad!

ls he deaf? Jean, answer to me!


Yes, dad!

Learn your lesson, please.
Stop causing me trouble!

Do your homework
so you'll be rid of them.

It's not that difficult, is it?

Do it for mum.
It's a drama at each meal.

Aren't you sick
of being shouted at?

Did dad shouted at you again?

I don't like school, that's all.
Keep drawing.

What do you want to be
when you get old?

A champion. A great champion.

But this is not a job! Champion?

What year was

the Paris-Roubaix race created?
- In 1896 by Theodore Vienne.

It's one
of the oldest cycling race.

- Who created the Tour de France?
- Henri Desgrange.

- When?
- 1903.

What's the point

of knowing all this?
- The height

of the lséran Col?
- 2764 metres.

And you don't know the date

of the assassination of Henri IV?
- 14 May 1610!

He's good, isn't he?

You have to learn the rest.
Do you know what "learn" means?

Learn. By heart.

Hello, Mr. Barois. Come in.

The Doctor is going to see you.

- You know the house.
- Yes.

Learn by heart!


Don't you have anything to say?

Abraham, please,
keep your voice down. It's useless!

He's scared
and gives wrong answers!

Let me make the exercise with him.
Lucien's waiting for you.

I've started, I'll finish.

Fine. As you wish.

- Lucien! You're here.
- Hello, Doctor.

- Still in love with Lucette?
- We couldn't love each other more!

Every day.
Sometimes several times a day.

Like it's said in books...
I can honour my Lucette!

- Doesn't it make happy?
- It's wonderful now.

It goes in easily.
Well, it works easily.

Thanks to you.
I'll never thank you enough.

- You saved our marriage.
- That's great.

I'd like to ask you something.

Lucette and I don't like it but...

We don't want
to conceive each time.

We heard
there was something to...


You know what I mean,
not each time.

My brother Emile
told me you knew about that.

It's called contraception.
I'm going to explain to you.

Listen carefully.

I'm sure
it's more interesting than algebra.

- Sorry, Doctor, I hadn't seen him.
- Don't worry.

It will make a man out of him.

Michel! Go get your father,
we're running late.

- You're good-looking!
- When will I have an armband?

Hands off!
When you'll take communion.

You'll have one too.

- Do you have your missal?
- Yes.

What's wrong?

- Do something. It's been 11 days.
- And the treatment I gave you?

- It wasn't good. I couldn't.
- What do you mean?

- It has a bad taste.
- It's not for drinking!

It's to clean the wound.
Come. I'll be right back.

What do you want? I'm busy.

We're going to the church.
Mum sent me to tell you.

We're waiting for you.

I have no part to play

in this farce.

You wanted it!
I was against communion!

It's a misunderstanding.

I want the people from here to know
that my family wants to become

integrated! That my sons
are the same as theirs!

But I will on no account go
in a church or even in a synagogue!

Why are you here, Marcel?
Go get dressed!

What do you want?

I want to be
left alone when I go home.

I work like a dog
and I never have peace!

I never have peace either!

Whether you shout
or you're never here!

- You suffer from jealousy!
- Where were you last night?

Tell me!

Where I had to be!

I'm going to leave.
We have to break up.

- Where are you going to go?
- I can work!

You have no qualifications.

I can clean houses.
What do you think?

- I bought you a washing machine.
- I used to cope without it!

I don't want my wife to work!

You're going over the top.

That's nonsense!

What does mum do when
she arranges his appointments?

Isn't it a job?

It's called secretary!

I don't want to hear them anymore!

I'll never get married!
I don't like it at all!

I'll take mum with me
as soon as I can.

What are you doing here?

You dad needs to rest.

He doesn't sleep much.

And I... I...
I move in my sleep at night.

It's for the best.
Come on, go to you room.

ls it my fault?

What are you talking about?

- If you're going to leave?
- Michel...

What are you saying?

You fight because of me.
I swear, I'm going to make efforts!

I would be good for you.

Above all.

take this to the other bedroom.

Tell me, mum,

do you promise you won't leave?

When I'm back from soccer,
you'll still be here.

You're not going to leave.

If I fall, I'll repeat the year.

Michel! What are you doing


I'm going to repeat the year...

I'm going to get it at home...

- Here.
- Thanks.

This is a postcard
from my children.

- They're in Granville.
- I'll be there next week.

Oh? Do you come tomorrow?

Yes. But then
someone will stand in for me.

It's a shame. How is your back?

It's fine.

Enjoy your holiday.

we have a postcard from Jean.

He didn't make
any spelling mistakes!

Concentrate, Michel.

It's plural.
We studied this rule yesterday.

Hello, Elodie.
So? How is it going today?

But he struggles to concentrate.

He has to pass his exam.

I don't want him to repeat a year.
Sit properly, Michel!

His brother got
the award of excellence

Things must change.
I'm counting on you, Elodie.

You could have been there.

What am I going to do with you?

Michel! Michel!

Let him go.

He needs some air.

I was right then.

I made a mistake! I'm so stupid!


Michel! So?

- I passed maths!
- Your dad is going to be happy.

- Are you happy?
- It's not the same with me.

Now you have
to pass French this afternoon.

I will. I promise.

Here, dad.
You're going to be proud of me.

It's my essay draft.

I see. Good.

- It's perfect.
- And he passed maths!

Good. But your son
doesn't know how to read.

He was asked to describe
an urban landscape

and he writes about fields,
trees, little birds.

- But that's fine.
- Michel, how is it possible?

ls a car park with cars
the same as a field with cows?

Answer! ls it the same?

- What are we going to do?
- I don't know...

- It's only because it's you.
- Let's not exaggerate.

His brother is among
your most brilliant students.

It's an honour
to have Jean in your school.

He applied to... Excuse me.

..the general examination.

And Jacques, our last one,
is an exemplary pupil, isn't he?

He is. I agree.

But you must acknowledge

that it's not contagious
concerning your second son.

He's waiting for you.

- Good bye.
- Good bye.

So? What did she say?

What did she say?

I managed
to make you pass this school year.

I wasn't easy!

you have to succeed this time.

- I promised, do you understand?
- Yes, dad.

"Yes, dad." Good.

Merry Christmas.

I love you.

This is for Mr. Jacques.

- Thank you, dad.
- Merry Christmas.

- Jean.
- Wow!

See that? Merry Christmas.

Thank you, dad.

And this is for Michel

who one day I hope
will bring back good marks.

Merry Christmas. This is for you.

Thank you.

This is for...
Let's see what's written on it.

- Jacques. This is for you.
- Thank you dad.

You're welcome.

- This is for Jean.
- Thank you dad.

You're welcome. Merry Christmas.

And this is for Michel.

Michel... Be nice.
Work well in the second quarter.

I will, dad.

Merry Christmas. Let's drink!

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas.

It brings good luck.

Did you ask for one
for Christmas?

I wish I did.
But I didn't deserve it.

- What did you get?
- Butcher knives.

I start my apprenticeship
in September in Caen.

You're leaving Vire?

It wouldn't happen to me.
You're lucky.

- You'll never be a butcher.
- Why do you say that?

Because doctors' sons
don't do that.

Come on, let's go.

How are you private lessons going?

Do you feel
the pharmacist's daughter up?

You idiot!

- Tell me if you do!
- Shut up!

What are you doing?

- You've been here a while.
- I'll never be like you.

You're the most good-looking,
the smartest.

You're a better
soccer player than me.

- You're always more elegant.
- ls that all?

It's like we're not
from the same family.

- I just have your old clothes.
- What are you saying?

Mum and dad got you a duffle coat
which I will inherit.

I also wear your pants.

Then it'll be for Jacques.
You can't wear

everything out.

What time does
the pharmacist's daughter arrive?

She's kind of a sweetie.

You're smart.

After-school lessons
with this kind of bird,

I want some too.

Hello! Here is the bird.

Let's go back to work.

we studied personal pronouns.

Do you remember?

Let's take an example.

This girl that I used to love

or this girl who I used to love?

I used to love

this girl.

I used to love this girl...

I used to love this girl...

This girl who I used to love...
I used to love this girl...

Find another example.

- I can't with the girl.
- It doesn't work with a boy!

Cuba... Stop it with Cuba.

Castro is a true revolutionary.
He's not like French politicians!

Go make your revolution in Cuba!
Castro is going to set up

an authoritarian
and inhuman regime!

Be it rightist or leftist!

This man and his followers
are dangerous!

Michel, get the fruits
to calm them down.

I am calm.

You only talk about Mendés France!
He was the one

who wanted to send
more riot squads to Algeria!

Please, Jean,
don't discuss politics!

And don't mention Mendés France!

He's 17 and he thinks
he's understood everything!

You're naive!
You don't understand politics!

Do you think he can get me
with his interminable speeches?

His revolution?

We'll talk about it in 50 years.

Meanwhile, I hope you'll never
go through a revolution.

Michel, let's go
to the Bourgoins‘ farm.

His son is ill.
Mister revolutionary,

I leave you at home
all nice and warm. Come.

I love to discuss
with your brother.

To exchange ideas.

You don't let him speak.
You always shout.

I don't shout!
Why do you say that?

I don't shout!
I'm passionate, it's different!

This is for the pharmacy.

For the syrup
and the suppositories,

come to my office.

Michel, you'll tell your mum
to remind me of that.


That's fine.

- Still top of the class?
- Last year

he passed his exam with honours.
We can say we're proud of him!

He won't rot
on the farm like the others.

If he carries on with it
and if we can afford it.

- Put this in his moneybox.
- You don't have to do that.

We'll find a scholarship.
Stay here, we know the way.

- Come, Michel.
- Thank you!

Bye, Doctor!

She's lucky to have a son like him.

- You have two.
- I'd like to have three!

Your mother goes on holiday
with your brothers.

And as usual, you stay with me.

This time this is me
who will make you work!

And don't sigh.

You're lucky to study.

You're privileged.

Next time you'll come with us.

Your dad is going
to help you catch up.

- Isn't it too heavy?
- No.

Everything's going to be fine.
You're not stupid!

I don't like studies.
And I don't even know why!

The more time goes by,
the more I have

the feeling I can't do it.
- It's not a punishment.

Your dad just wants
you and your brothers

to succeed in life.

Isn't it enough
with Jean and Jacques?


No, it's me.

No, he was called for an emergency.

I don't know, mum.

I'll tell him to call you back.

ls the bed undone?

Yes, of course as he slept here.

Yes, everything's fine, mum.

I'm going back to bed.

Love you.

Time to wake up, son!


I hope you've learnt everything
by heart like I...

Come on, son, get up.
I'll wait for you in my office.

Mum called.

- And?
- I told her

you had an emergency.

And that
I heard you leave last night.

Good. What else did you say?


What if she calls again
when you're not here?

What do I tell mum?

She'll be back on Sunday.
You'd better study.

When do we eat? I'm hungry.
I haven't had anything to eat yet.

The table isn't laid yet.

Michel, your nails.

What's wrong?

Has someone died?

We have bad news.

What is it? What now?

Mrs. Coutard called.

Michel has to repeat
the fifth form.

She doesn't want him anymore.

That's... that's the last straw.

On the black list. Banned.

Why? Tell me why.
Why do you do that to me?

- This kid must have a problem!
- Calm down.

No. Wait.

Why don't you want to learn?
Learn! It's not complicated, is it?

That's all I have wanted to do
my whole life! Learn!

- Learn, Michel!
- Michel, now you... Michel!

Michel! Come back!

Michel, wait!

We're going to talk about it.

- Let him go.
- Michel!

Close the door and come back in!
Lola, come back in.

Some air will do him good. Come.

Let's eat, I'm hungry.

Did it go wrong?

Are you crying?

Let's shout as long as possible
when the train comes.

Are you ready?

It feels good, don't you think?

I'm fed up.

I'm fed up with school.

Fed up with my dad. I'm fed up.

Go away! Go away if you have balls!

Come to Caen with me.

Stop everything.
Leave your parents.

We'll sort it out.
I'll find you a job.

Stop dreaming.

I'm taking you to a psychologist
because of your problem.

I don't know what your problem is!

Somethings not right with you!

A cold can be treated.
Something can be done for a dunce.


You don't wonder why.
You don't care.

Even a moron who keeps coughing
wants to know

if he has tuberculosis or not!
But you, nothing.


Close the door.
Wait for me next door.

- Thursday the 14th.
- Thank you. Bye.

Mrs. Barnabé.


What about us?
What did you decide?

- We should wait.
- We can't go on like this.

What do you mean?

You're selfish, Abraham Drucker.

On the contrary
I think I'm altruistic.

Michel, come. Come!

I leave him to you.

So, Michel. We know each other.

Well we already met.


"I've heard about you.

But you need to talk to me.

Come sit down.

How are things at home?

It's OK.

I'm getting along well
with my brothers.

And my dad...

- My dad loves my mum very much.
- Really? What makes you say that?

He often kisses her.

He takes her into his arms.
Like lovers in a movie.

But they often disagree,
don't they?

On your education for instance.

I never heard my parents fight.

It's going to be OK, don't worry.

- If you have any problem, call me.
- Thank you.

Say hello to your daughters.

- Bye Abraham.
- Bye.

Don't drink too much!

- Abraham!
- Yes?

They're leaving for the party.

You said yes.

- At the Pouillafs!
- The Pouillats?

- The notary's children!
- Of course!

- It's their daughter's birthday.
- You're going thanks to Jean.

- I'd like to go with them.
- You'll go next year!

You're only 12.
Even if you deserve it.

- Off you go.
- Go.

Come here.

You told the shrink

I kept touching your mum's bottom
and that I kept kissing her?

She kept asking me funny questions.

It had nothing to do with school.

Michel, come!

Jean, you're the oldest.

Keep an eye
on your brother with girls.

Michel, girls get pregnant.
It's not due to the Holy Spirit.

You can laugh.

Have fun.

Undo your last button. You too.
And no cigarettes, Jean.

- What are you telling them?
- I was talking about girls.

- How clever...
- I didn't say anything wrong.

That's life.
Look how handsome they are.

Let's go back in.

Do you think it'll be better?

I'm dressed up
like I come from a good family.

My friends
are different from yours!

- Here.
- Give it.

Be careful,
a girl can get pregnant!

Be careful.
Your friends are crazier than mine.

You may be the best in school
but I'm better than you with sex.

- How do you know all this?
- I've gone

to enough farms to learn.
I've seen a lot of deliveries!

And women don't keep
their pants on to give birth!


Do you go to the party?

Because boys were asked
to wear a tie and a blazer.

Well, have fun!

What are you doing here Michel?
Are you going to the dance?


- Let's go!
- Yes!

- What do you want?
- It was on dad's desk.

It's my test results.

"Can't make
any intellectual efforts."

"Should choose
a blue collar profession."

We're not out of the woods yet.

Troubles are coming.
Why are you laughing?

What you say is great! It's great!

I'm going to be able
to do something else!

I'm done with studies!
No more marks!

I'm going to do what I want!

No more bad marks! No more shrink!

It's over!

I'm going to earn a living!
I'm going to be free, you hear me?

You're dreaming.

He'll never let you go.

Put the letter back
where you found it.


Honfleur. Your last chance.
You're now a boarder.

Locked up.

You'll have to study every night.

We'll manage
to make you learn something

so you complete your A-levels.

Look at all these daddy's boys.
Their parents do like me.

They pay
for their geese to be stuffed.

But I couldn't pay for you.

I'm lucky you're the only one
who doesn't do well at school.

- Do you know how much it costs?
- I do.

That's all you have to say?

- I haven't asked for anything.
- What?


When you don't pursue an education,
you become a loser. Remember that.

You're a victim.

How are you going to earn a living?

Because I don't know.

Bye, dad. Thanks.


Give a kiss to your dad.

- Are you new here?
- Yes.

See the cars
with all the daddy's sons?

Who do you think this man is?

He's a teacher.

It proves there's no need
to tire yourself out studying.

Doesn't it?

- Do you have everything?
- Yes.

We count on you. Come.

- ls it true we're going to eat?
- And good stuff!

Anita comes from the inn
right next to the school.

- Is she his girlfriend?
- ls she?

Yes. But behave!
Don't scare her with your bullshit.

If she gets caught with us,
she and her parents

will face problems.
- Fine.

Do you like it?

It's the best chicken

I've ever had!
- What about you?

I don't know. I say thank you.

Next time we'll have roast beefl

You could at least kiss me.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Come on, Michel! Kiss her!

On the mouth!
On the mouth! On the mouth!

Before World War l,

France was beset
by serious internal crises.

Such as?

I'm all ears.

The Dreyfus case.

Does it ring a bell?

The separation of church and state.

"Dear Anita."

"Dear Anita.

"Thank you for the chicken
and the goat cheese."

This is so romantic.

Let's read the whole letter

that has nothing
to envy Mrs. de Sévigné‘s one.

"Next time if you could,
without you parents noticing,

"bring sausage too,
it would be really nice.

"We could eat it as an appetizer."

Good job, Mr. Drucker.

You'll be a good host.

And now the choice cut: mad love.

"You didn't want to do it last time
but I swear nothing can happen.

"My dad is a doctor
and I of all people know

"what are the chances
to get pregnant."

with an "e" instead of an "a".

Sunday vol-au-vents.
I know you all like it.

Make some room.

It's better
than at the boarding school.

Where's your dad?

But not as good as chicken
under the stars!

I won't tell you anything anymore!

I understand, sir.
With all my respects.

- Good bye.
- What's wrong?

What's wrong?
You son Michou slept with Anita,

the inn-keeper's daughter,
who tried to kill herself!

And he was expelled from school!

That's impossible.
Michel, tell me it's not true.

You shouldn't have
protected him that much!

- I can't believe it.
- Come.


what do we do with you?

You don't have any idea!
I have the solution!

You're going to marry your Anita!

- Are you kidding?
- ls she pregnant?

- She didn't tell me anything.
- Did you sleep with her?

A little bit.

Did you hear that?
Not only do I have a stupid son

but he makes girls
"a little bit" pregnant.

You're going to marry your Anita.
It's the only solution!

Michel Drucker,
Doctor Abraham Drucker‘s son

is going to be an inn-keeper.
"The happy dunce"!

You'll have a lot of clients
in your inn.

You won't have to worry
and neither will your mum and me.

Speak! Say something!
Speak up for yourself!

Come on, Michel!

She can't be pregnant.

I didn't really sleep

with her.
- It doesn't mean anything!

Why is he doing this?
Why does he chase girls?

Who does he take this after?

I wonder.

We didn't have the choice.

It's the only school
who agreed to take you.

I should be the one to be sad.

Jean is in Paris,
you'll be in Caen.

I'm going to feel lonely.

Jacques is still here.
And he does very well in school.

I can't talk to him
like I talk to you.

You know, when I can afford it
you'll come live with me.

Right. What about your dad?


Promise me you will study.

"We, the undersigned,
hereby confirm

"that the building
mentioned in reference

at 24 A Théophile Gautier Street

"in Caen was finished
more than two years ago

"and that half of it
will be used

"for residential use.

"In accordance with the provisions
of the second paragraph

"of article 22
of the act of 10 July 1935,

"the 696 votes of the company are
reduced to the sum of the votes

"of the other present
and represented co-owners

"namely 219 votes in total.

"The general assembly will vote
for approval of the accounts

"at 31 December 1959."

Are you typewriting

or looking under skirts?

To your first diploma.

Don't you drink?

Why wouldn't you work at the post?
It's a secure job.

Maybe over the years
you could rise in the hierarchy.

Stop it. Give him a break. Stop it.

It doesn't suit you.
Michel, you have to face reality.

Your resume comes down
to a typewriting certificate.

You won't be
an industrial designer

you don't like

studies, what can I do about it?

The only patient
I wasn't able to treat is you.

Electroencephalogram: flat.

You can't say that!

It's horrible.

Michel is resourceful.
People like him.

His heart is good.

He's passionate about sports.
There must be a job that suits him.

Resourceful, kind, nice.

I didn't know
this could be used on a resume.

That's good,
modern, even revolutionary.

- It can be useful.
- Stop it, Lola!

Jacques gives me full satisfaction.
Jean is a genius.

Two sons out of three who succeed,
maybe I should be happy with it.

Don't you think, Michel?

You don't want to study? Fine.

Find a job.

Thanks to you, I will pay
for your brothers' studies.

You're right, dad.

- Are you finished?
- We are. Thanks.

- Can I take this?
- Please.

Excuse me!

- Can we order?
- I'll be right back.

- I'm sorry.
- You're fired, you idiot!

Look for the chewing-gums
under the seats.

It's the first time you do that,
isn't it?

What did you do before?

I failed to become an air stewards.

It's not the same.
Some jerk forgot his scarf.

You must start somewhere
in civil aviation.

Do you think
you'll become a pilot at 50?

- Look what I found.
- Smoked salmon!

- It seems good.
- It's for rich people.

No! The credit is the new one's.

Take off your jacket and lift up
your sleeve for the vaccine.

Give me your notification.

Sit down.

Drucker Michel.

Drucker... Drucker...


ls your dad a doctor?

Yes, in Vire in Normandy. Why?

I've heard about him.

He was a doctor here
in the Compiegne camp.

My parents have been there.

In the infirmary?

Yes, in the infirmary.

He treated them.

Give me your arm.

So you work in television.
Incredible. How did you do it?

I had the nerve.

On Cognacq-Jay street,

I accosted Catherine Langeais,
the announcer.

I asked her to meet her husband,
Pierre Sabbagh,

who offered me to work for TV.

So when people say
"back to Cognacq-Jay", it's here?

- Yes.
- Geez...

It was useful
to know Jacques Anqueti|‘s records.

Let's have coffee at the cafeteria.

I'm holding out, I stay overnight,
I have Léon Zitrone's chauffeur.

He advised me to always wear
a white shirt, a tie and a blazer

in case I went on air.

Léon Zitrone. Incredible.

I think mum is going to be happy.

She will finally
be proud of her three sons.

That's for sure.

But when dad will see you,
he may fall down from his chair.

Anne, how much do I owe you?

- One franc, Mr. Michel.
- I'm going to show you around.

Drucker! Couderc is coming
with the sport results.

You go on air in 10 minutes.

Don't forget your tie.

Do you know the new one?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Student Michel Drucker,
you passed your exam.

So tell me everything you know
about athletics without shaking.

Yes, sir. Let's start
with the overseas results.

In Cassel, West Germany,
the feminine version of the first

European Athletics Championships
took place.

Four nations already represented
in Stuttgart in the male version

were here again.

The two Germanies,
Poland and the Soviet Union.

Hungary and Holland
have also qualified.

As expected, the Soviet Union
prevailed with 56 points

ahead of East Germany, Poland,
West Germany, Hungary and Holland.

He doesn't know
what he's talking about.

..marked themselves out again.
Irina Press...

Listen to him.
He doesn't know how to speak.

- She equaled the world record...
- That's too much.

I can't take it anymore.

He's going to bring us shame
throughout the whole of Normandy.

The old one was of 18,55 meters
and was hers.

In France,

the French Relay Championships
received great attention today.

- Hello?
- Can I speak to Mr. Marcillac?

Let me see what I can do.
Hold the line.

Mr. Marcillac,
It's Michel Drucker‘s father.

Do I put him through?
I'm putting you through to him!

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, Mr. Marcillac.

I'm listening.

I'm the father of the young Drucker
who was on air yesterday.

Protect him! Don't throw him
in the arena like this!

He's not ready!
He's much too young!

He bites his fingernails,

he's a born worrier,
he lacks self-confidence.

He only has a typewriting diploma.

I know him well.
Apart from his gymnastics degree,

I don't see what can be
on his resume concerning sports.

I have two other sons.

One is going to enter
the school for civil servants

and the other one may become
a great doctor or researcher.

Hello? Mr. Marcillac? Hello?

That beats everything. Hello?