Qu'est-ce qu'on va faire de Jacques? (2021) - full transcript

When their father dies, Louise, Fabien and Estelle feel helpless as they confront the task of taking care of their schizophrenic brother Jacques. For Louise, the experience will be life-changing.

I'm beat, I'm going to bed.

Good night, son.


Estelle, you have to come right now.


I think Dad's dead.

I don't know.

Right now.

Nothing, we were watching TV.


Yes, I said OK.



You're really bugging me.

Being late for Dad's funeral.
You're a pain in the ass!

I'm sorry.

Come on, don't get worked up!
It was a really nice ceremony.

I wouldn't have even said goodbye.

Where's Jacques?

-You were able to come then?
-That looks good.

Dad, Jacques is dead.


Maybe they'll keep him in.

It's all messed up.

You OK?

-Do you want to go and see him?

You're right.
No point if he's sleeping.

I hope they've all left the house.

We'll have to tidy up.
Fabien won't have done anything.

I'm beat.

The coffee here is always
so disgusting.

They could have changed the machine.

They're bound to keep him in
for a while.

I told you, it's not certain.

But, I mean,

he tried to kill himself.

The shrink will tell us tomorrow.

You know how it is,
if he doesn't want to.

He's ruined Dad's funeral reception.
It sucks.

We've got plenty to eat at least.

Do you want to take the pies?


I'm just telling you,
I want to be clear.

There's no way I can look after him.

I have enough to deal with.

I could arrange
to come round occasionally.

No one's going to arrange anything.

Jacques is a full-time job.

We have to find a solution.

We have to stop asking his opinion.

We'll find him a home,
an institution.

Everybody does it.
There's no choice.

-He won't go along with it.
-How do we know?

You've also got other things to do.

Tell her.

-Tell me what?
-It's nothing.

Dad should have cared more
about afterwards.

About us, I mean.
He just leaves him with us like this.

They've wrecked the house,
it's all ruined.

It's in a disgusting state.

I'm off.




Shall we go?

-Catherine's waiting at home.
-No, I'm going to sleep here.

-Really? On your own?
-Yes. Why not?

I couldn't.

It's just for the night.

I wanted to say just now
that I can't take care of everything.

I know.

You've always been there
for everyone, I know.

Catherine and I are having a baby.

That's great.

-Is it you who...

Our antenatal care is in Belgium.

We're exhausted.
Catherine mainly, but me too.

As you can imagine,
it's demanding.

It's wonderful news.

Fabien is the only one who knows.

It was crazy
not daring to tell people sooner,

but I didn't want Dad worrying
about who'd take care of Jacques.

I feel really guilty,
but I couldn't take care of him.

I already spent so much time
with Mom.

With them, it's too much.

No one's asking you to do that.

We'll talk it through together
and find a solution.

You're right.

Think of yourself, of both of you.

Dad asked me to do this.

Can you turn it off?

I didn't know you were here.

I didn't know you were here either.

You can't keep me in.
I know my rights.

You must have left really early.

-How did you get back?
-I know the way.

Don't you want any?

Why did you take all your pills?

I wanted to die.
I didn't want to go to the funeral.

So, how was it?

Did you cry?
Did everyone cry?

Eh? And Dad?

How was he?

-Did he look good?

Actually, I don't know.
I arrived later.

Yes, of course he looked good.

He showed me an article about you.

We saw your photo.
He said he was proud of you.

Sky and Space?

It wasn't really about me.
It was about the lab and the team.

We're working on a project
with the observatory in Chile.

I may have to live there,
just for a few months.

I'd like to.

Hi, Sophia.

-How are you today, Jacques?
-Good, thanks.

Dad died, you know?

I know, I'm sorry.

It's sad. Are you sad?

Yes, a lot.

This is my little sister.

She's paying,
she's got money.

If he says so.

Bye, Sophia. See you.

Bye, Jacques.

Thank you.



Super power.

Did you see?

-What do you think of her?

-She's nice.

I think she likes me.

She always speaks to me
and calls me Jacques.

I just heard from Estelle.

The hospital called her.
She was worried.

We can't carry on like this.

And I can't stay. Jacques!


Aren't you going to help me?

Jacques, are you OK?

-We're having dinner soon.
-I'm not hungry.

Can you leave me some cash?

Dad's account is blocked.
I don't have a cent.

Sure, I didn't think.

Are you leaving?

Open the door.

I hate talking through the door.


Thank you.

I don't want to bug you,
but we have to talk.

I know what it's about.

You wanted me to stay in hospital.

Don't deny it. I know.

Fabien wants to lock me up
for the rest of my life.

Maybe Estelle too.
And you.

It doesn't matter.
I don't care.

I'm in my home.
I don't need you or anyone else.

I miss Dad.
You can't understand, you don't care.

Come back down.

No one wants to put you away
or make you stay in hospital.

We're all sad because of Dad.
You more than us, I get that.

We're just worried about you.
You shouldn't...

You don't have the right
to tell me I don't care.

So, if you think you can stay here
on your own, OK.

You can tell them that.

It's really great that we're talking.

Gonna leave me some money?

When I go, I'll leave some, sure.

OK, good.

Just don't blow it all
on beer and cigarettes.

They're really expensive now.

You don't need to worry about me.
I won't try it again.

Tell Fabien and Estelle.

You stink.

-It's horrible.

Hi! We're here.


I don't know.
He must be in his room.

-I haven't seen him today.
-Is it going OK?


Yes, really.

I'll go and see him.

Maybe we can sort everything out

We can take it all to the dump.

He's not answering.
Let's wait a while.

I don't think it'll be easy.

Silly me, it was open.

You weren't in your room.

I was taking a walk
Hey, everyone's here.

-So what?

-Been having a good chat?
-We were waiting for you.

I've been thinking about it.
A lot.

I'll tell you.
Have a seat.

Sit down, please.

As I said, I've thought about it.

You have to sell?

Probably, but it's best for you too.

Yes, I agree.
There's no problem.

Great, we weren't sure.
It's good we're discussing it.

Yes, it's good.

Sure, it's upsetting, but I thought
it would be good for me to leave.

It'll force me to move.

And so...

Maybe I can find a small house
or an apartment somewhere.

I could go anywhere.

I've seen that they make
small houses out of wood.

Tiny houses, they're called.

And they aren't expensive.

You don't need planning permission
or a plot of land.

It's just eight feet wide,
20 feet long and 13 feet high.

It's a wooden structure
with 4-inch glass wool insulation

and the trailer's frame is welded
in ultra-resistant galvanized steel.

It's a real house, with a bedroom,
bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen.

It's a good idea, no?
What do you think?

Yeah, maybe, I dunno.

We'd need to think about it.
Do you need planning permission?

No, you don't, I just said so.

In any case,
it's good we all agree about selling.

Eh, Fabien ?

Yes, very good.


I'm happy.

But I'm tired.
I'm going to my room

Is your son OK?

I love him, you know?

We have to put him under supervision.

When are you back?

In theory, tomorrow.

Look what I found.

-What is it?
-Apollo 11.

Think Nour may like it?


I'll bring it for her and we'll see.
Is Nour there?

No, she's with her mom.

Oh yeah, that's right.

Still, I feel bad
about not being there.

You couldn't make it, no problem.

I mean I didn't even know him, did I?

I'm really sorry.

I know.

Did you speak to him about me?

Of course I did.

There's a lot of work to do here.

It's crazy what they've hoarded.

Maybe I could give you a hand,
take a few days off.

Yeah, maybe.

Poor little teddy.

Don't be angry with yourself.

I'm not, I'm fine.

I'll let you go. Kiss you.
See you tomorrow?

Of course.
Kiss kiss, sleep well.


You call him Teddy?

-Yes, you do.

OK, sometimes, and so what?
It doesn't concern you.

You're always sticking your nose in.


Is his name Didier?



-Do you have a photo of him?

On my laptop yes,
but I don't want to open it.

Does he love you? Do you love him?

Is he fat?

What does he do?

How many beers have you drunk?

You don't wanna tell me?

It's not that,
it's the way you ask questions.

He runs a research company.

You OK?

No. I don't care.

Do you want a bite to eat?

What does he research?

Does he research you?

Stop talking nonsense!

You look like Mom
when you get angry.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Will you come back or not?

I have to work, you know.

But yeah, sure, I'll be back.



One, two, three, and...

-Yes. I gotta run.

-See you tonight.
-See you.


That's me.

-What is it?

I don't understand. Last night?

I told you I had two brothers
and a sister. I never hid that.

What else can I say?

So why didn't you call them?

Why aren't they going?

Because he called me.

You think I can't understand?

There are problems in every family.
There's no shame.

I didn't say that.

-You don't talk about your family.
-I don't know them.

Is he getting treatment?

What's his problem exactly?


He was 19 years old.
It hit us hard because...

We didn't understand.
He took ages to get treated.

My parents refused to accept it.

They said he was weak
and too sensitive.

We wanted him
to go back to how he was.

What do you know about it, anyway?

About what?


Can't you stop for five minutes?

We've just picked you up
from the cops.

It wasn't serious.

They just didn't want me going home
alone at night.

They were nice.
I know them.

Why did they call me then?

Because they called me.

I told them to.

You weren't answering me.

You're such a pain.

I have a life.
You can't keep calling me.

All right.

-Do you hear what I'm saying?

He's OK. That's the main thing.

He should take a bath, though.

You think?

Tell him.

I'm going to buy a house by the sea.


Louise, what do you think?

I dunno.

It's better than a tiny house.

I always wanted to live by the sea.


Dunno, there's a choice.


-Maybe turn the TV off?
-There's no need.

Look, how many ads I've found... 967.

-It's a serious business.
-Yeah, sure is.

In Mesnil-Val,

a small village in Criel-sur-Mer,
an attractive seaside town.

Detached house with garden.

Large living room with fireplace
on the first floor.

A porch...

I have a house by the sea.

Well, not by the sea, but close.

I'm not done.

In very good state overall, new roof.
Some fittings included.

Look, that one's nice.

Or that one.
It's not expensive.

Watch out for any work.

It'll depend
on what we get for the house.

But it should be possible.
I don't need much space.

-Where's your house?
-La Rochelle.

I go there more since my divorce.

I often ask Louise, but she won't go.

Hang on, I saw one there.


Yes, I know it.

It's very nice.

It's very different from here, but...

We could go there.
Give you an idea.

No way! That'd be great.

-You can't just decide like that.
-It's less than two hours by car.

We can spend the weekend.

Yeah, let's spend the weekend there.

OK then.

-Yes, cool.

Why are you called Laurent?

You don't look like a Laurent.

And yet it's my name.



-Can you turn it up, please?
-All you have to do is ask.

No, Jacques,
you can't smoke in the car.

The car's almost brand new.
It'll make the leather stink.

What did I say?

If you want to smoke,
go farther away.

Jacques, open the doors, please.

-What's going on?

-He won't open.
-Why not?

Stop doing that!
Why's he doing that?

-Open up.

-Why's he locking himself in?
-I knew this would happen.

Jacques, open up.

Why won't he open the door?

What's he playing at?

He's going to break it.

That's enough. Stop!

That's not cool.

Let go of me.
I want to go home.

Calm down.

It's almost an hour away.
Stop making such a fuss.

I said I wanna go home.
You deaf or what?

We're going home.

-Wait, Jacques.
-Get the hell away, you dirty whore.

Jacques, that's enough.

If you set foot in my house
I'll kill you.


You're just a hypocrite and a whore.

You slept with all the guys
at school.

Even the girls.
She stole my girlfriend.

She's a whore. Be careful.

You're a real big whore, you know?

You've always been
nothing but a bitch.

It's true.

She slept with everyone at school.
She's a whore.

She stole my girlfriend.

-She wasn't your girlfriend.
-Yes, she was.

You're such an asshole.

It's true. You pissed her off.

You're surprised
she preferred being with me?

You pissed us all off.

Shut the fuck up!

Easy now, calm down.

-You dickhead!
-Fuck off, dirty whore!

You're both sick.

Your girlfriend's a real bitch.

You should dump her.

Otherwise, she'll dump you.

It's you I'm gonna dump.

You sick retard.


I didn't mean to wake you.

You've buttoned it up wrong.

Will you be OK?

I'll be fine. Don't worry.

Kiss Nour for me.

Call me if anything happens.


I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

"Christmas 1992.

"Fabien, electric guitar.

"140 francs.

"Bob Marley T-shirt.

"30 francs.

"Estelle, bicycle.

"Jacket. Makeup. 20 francs.

"Jacques, telescope, 50 francs.

"Slot car racing set, 60 francs.

"Louise, box of watercolors.

"20 francs.

"Books, 20 francs."





You just see, I'll catch you up.

It's crazy
your teacher asked that of you.

Why? What did she want?

I told you yesterday.
Are you deaf?

How you speak to your father!

Master butcher.

Stop it.

You're not gonna sort the crockery
piece by piece?

Only Mom and Dad's.

Tell us what you want to keep.

The racing set shouldn't go.

-Hugo, do you want the racing set?
-Yeah, I'd love it.

One racing set.

Good, Hugo.

-Always this racing set.
-I've made a note of it.

That's at least two round trips.

-But it won't all fit in at yours.
-Sure it will.

-The big table?
-Not at ours.

I don't agree any more.

Excuse me?

I don't agree any more.

-Agree with what?
-I don't want to sell the house.

Don't start talking nonsense!
Not now, please.

I want to stay here.

-This is my home. It's my right.
-No, it's ours.

It's mine.

-It's mine.

It's decided, OK.

-God damn it!

We're working our asses off.

He just sits there lazing
on the couch, drinking and smoking.

He's breathing smoke over Hugo.

He's jerking us all around.

-It's my home.
-No, it isn't.

You're bugging me. Get the hell out!

You can shout as much as you want
and insult me.

I can also shout.
This is not your home.

It's my home.

No, it's not.
You're messed up in the head.

We're selling the house,
like it or not.

-Get that into your thick skull.

He has to understand for once.
I've had enough of all the bullshit.

Go on, get out.
All of you, get out.

-All of you out!
-We're not leaving.

This is my home.

Get out, all of you!

-Get the hell out!
-Jacques, please.

Fuck off! You too!

Fuck off!

Go on, get out.


Go on, go crazy!

I can go crazy, too.

Fabien, stop!

He's can't fucking deal with reality.

It's my home.

What are you doing?

-Get out of my home
-No, I won't.

-Get out!
-No, you get out.

-It's my home.
-I'm staying.

No, it's my home.

-You gonna hit me?

-It's my home.
-Go on, swing.

-It's my home.

It's my home.

-Dad, stop.
-Is he gonna kill me?

-You've made life miserable.
-Stop! You're scaring us.

Stop it!
You're gonna hurt yourselves.

Stop it!

-Stop it, Jacques.

Jacques, stop, damn it!

Calm down.

Come on.

I called the doctor.

I'm going back to hospital.

I'm going to admit myself.

It's better for me.

It's for the best.

I was so frightened.

It's too difficult.

I can't go on.

I want to go back to hospital.


OK, yes.


By the window
if you want to smoke, Jacques.

Don't you want to see the room?



I put your suitcase on the bed.

Where do you sleep?

At home, at Laurent's.


You want me to stay here tonight?

If you want.

So, that means I'm staying?

Got any good films?

Yeah, I have some good films.

This is amazing.

Bringing Up Baby.

-It's in black and white?
-Yes, and it's excellent.


Leave me your hospital prescription.
I'll go get your meds tomorrow.

I'm gonna take a shower.

Don't touch my suitcase.

So, you cleared it all out?


What about my things?

At Estelle's.


We'll find you a place of your own.

I'm going to bed.

You're sure you're OK?

Yes, don't worry.

I made a selection

of nice areas to stay in Santiago,
since you'll be there several days.

Then, you'll all go to ALMA.


I envy you.
I hear it's literally breath-taking.

16,500 feet.

-I can't even imagine it.
-Apparently you get used to it.



I'm working, what do you think?

And you?


Are you joking?

Yes, I'll bring you some.

One pack? Two packs? OK.


My brother's a pain in the ass.

Antoine will go over the finances.
We don't have all the info now.

Don't worry.

Yes, you can.

You don't even need to ask me that.

It's a good idea.
A walk will do you good.

But lock up when you leave.
We're not in the country here.


Maybe next week we can see
the play I was telling you about.



You're not really here.

Yes, I am.

-Is it good?
-Sorry, I'm eating too much.

No, that's not what I meant.

Go ahead, eat.

It makes me happy.

How do I think I am with Nour?

What do you mean?

I dunno. How am I?


Why? Is there a problem with Nour?

No, not at all.

I don't understand.

For example, do you see me
with my own child?


I'll be right back.

-What are you doing?
-I have to go. It's Jacques.

He's having a panic attack.
It's not good.

-Oh, shit.
-He just called me.

I didn't like the sound of his voice.

-Do you want me to come with you?
-No, it's better if it's just me.

I understand.

You're not sleeping here, then?

No, I'll sleep there.

Right, OK.

I'll call you.

What are you doing here?

-Am I disturbing you?

What is it?


I slept well.

You need a shower.


Can I tell you something?


It's embarrassing.

I can't take a shower.

I can't, I don't like it.

I feel like...

I feel like I'm going to dissolve.

The water falling on me...
I dunno, I look down at the hole

and I feel like I'll melt away
and flow down the hole.

I know, it's stupid.

OK, come on.


It's OK.

You can do your whole body
in the tub like this.

Use a little soap, wash it off,
then do another part of your body.

-Shall we try your hair?


-Smells good?

It doesn't sting your eyes.

Kneel down.

Like that.

See, it 'll just take five minutes.

I'm a bit afraid.

Yes, I'm so frightening.

Tell me if the temperature is OK.
I'll go slowly.


You smell nice.

Let's rinse.



You're really small.

Idiot! Watch where you're going!

For Christ's sake!

You OK?

What are you making?

A pastry.

I saw how to do it on the TV.

Cooking's relaxing.

It's not cooking, it's baking.

Estelle called me.

She said she'd found somebody
for the house.

I know. I needed to talk to you.

It's cool.

I can start looking
for my own place.

It's not really urgent.

I want my own house.

Or even a small apartment.

An apartment would be more sensible.


Going to put me under supervision?

No one wants to put you
under supervision.

Maybe you do a bit.

The question has been raised,
I'll be honest.

We're not going to do that.

I need to tell you something.

I can't stand being fat.

And I hate the hospital and doctors.

I hate freaking out.

And the panic attacks...
You have no idea.

I hate the panic attacks.

And the voices.

I hate my voices.

They're really evil.

I hate them.

When I don't take my medicine

or when it doesn't work properly,

the voices pounce on me.

"Shut your mouth.

"Go on, shut your mouth,
you're useless.

"Tell fatty he stinks."

I can't get them to be quiet.

I have to control them,
I have to fight.

And at times like that

I feel like a kind of Don Quixote.

Because in my world

I have to fight all day long.

But I never manage to do anything.

I'm beat, you know?

Totally beat.

The keys.

I have them.

-All the sets?


Don't stress.

So, we're all here.


We were waiting. Let's go!

Hold on, give me a drag, please.

No, just a drag.

I'll buy you some cigarettes.

Do you think you can sign for me?

I don't think so.

Sorry, buddy, you need to sign
as a responsible adult, like us.

Let's go?

-Thank you, sir.


Shit, Jacques.

It doesn't look like
it will work out.

Where will I live now?

We'll find somewhere.

Are you sure I can't go home,
to Mom and Dad's?

Yes, I'm sure.

I'll never have enough money
for a decent place.

What about in the country?
You wanted a house before.

But it's far from you.

I have to tell you something.

I'm leaving soon.

Laurent wants to move?

No, it's not Laurent, it's me.

I'm going to Chile.

I told you it was possible
I might go for a while.

For a year.

A year?

It'll go quickly.

You can't smoke in here.

Look, I could put the TV here.
All the sockets I need are there.

The balcony is nice as well.

I'm pleased you like it.

The shops are five minutes away,
transport too.

It's great.

OK, this is good for me.
I'll take it.

-Don't you want to think it over?
-No point.

When can I sign?

She's right,
you have time to think it over.

No, it's what I want.

I'll come by for my things.
Tell me when it suits you.

It doesn't suit me,
but come by whenever.

Or you could come with me to Chile.

We could all go, with Nour.

Try something different.

-You're kidding?

Why are you crying?


Why are you crying?

I'll give her to you for a bit.

Come to Mommy.

-I have to go and talk to my parents.

She's really small.

We were all like that.

You want to hold her?

Just for a bit?

I don't know.

Go with Auntie.

Anyone want some coffee?



Rinsing liquid is pointless.

Apparently, it's very bad.

Has anyone seen Jacques?

I dunno.
He was outside just now.



-Chicken oysters.

Try that.

Thanks, Jacques. Have a nice day!

Thanks, you too.


You're very pretty.

Thank you, that's very kind.

You're welcome.

It's true.

Dad thought so too.

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