Qu'est-ce qu'elle a ma famille? (2022) - full transcript

It's been 5 years since they first applied to adopt, relentlessly fighting to have a child of their own. Céline who is approaching 40, knows the clock is ticking. But Mrs Rouart has only one possibility: a child with multiple disa...





It'll be fine, okay?

-She's late.

-What time is it?

Look at me. Breathe.

Breathe. Everything will be okay.

Okay, my love?

So... Let's see. Yes, right.

There's... a serious issue
with your file.

What do you mean,
"an issue"? I don't understand.

Six months ago, you said
we were at the top of the list.

Yes, that's right,

but the files
are regularly re-evaluated

and in your case...
the psychologist determined...

"Céline appears to be very fragile
throughout the interview.

-She seems--"
-No, sorry,

but I think she's quite strong.

After all these years.

I'd like to hear what your wife
has to say, okay?

Of course.

Madam, if you would.


during the last meeting,
we also touched upon your...

financial situation, which is worse
than two years ago.

Yes, well, we lost a lot
to the frost last winter

and we re-invested, became organic...

-Organic's good.
-We're bouncing back.

Ms. Rouart.

You've known us
for quite a while now,

and you know we'd do our best
to make a child happy here.

And maybe the reason for my stress
is being played with for five years.

Excuse me, but if I may,
a five-year wait for an adoption

is average.

But yes, I do understand
where you're coming from,

and I may have
one possibility for you.

Which file is it? This one?

Little Clément? Yes.

Here, I'll let you have a look.

That's him, with--

What is it?

I can speed things up in this case
and have him here in a few weeks.

I don't really understand.
Excuse me, but...

Yes, he can't leave his hospital bed,
but on the one hand...

So our financial situation
isn't a problem in this case?

Or my wife's fragility?

This child needs love!

-That's it.

Okay, then,

why don't you give this child
your love?

Why don't you adopt him?

-You adopt him!
-If you--

You've been pregnant three times
in five years! You do it.

You're always knocked up!

Babe, calm down.

-Excuse her.
-If that's the case...

-If that's the case...

-No, Ms. Rouart.
-That kind

-of behavior won't help.
-I apologize for her.

Éloïse, let's go.

-Just wait!
-We're going.

-Héloïse, coming?
-We're sorry.

Don't get discouraged.

By that bitch? Definitely not.

I can hear you! You'll see...

She didn't say anything.

I know a couple in Bordeaux
who could help.

Your chances for adoption
are getting smaller and smaller.

If you ever start to think
of another solution...

Darius is a friend.

They used a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy? No.

We're not interested, thank you.

Stop. It's too late!
We'll do it tomorrow morning.

We won't have time.

The market's tomorrow.

You're under too much pressure.
Have you seen yourself?

Fine. Go on!

Stubborn as a mule,
just like your mother.

What's the matter? Easy!

Come on. Help me!

That's a good girl. There.


It's going to be freezing tonight.
Just perfect.

Weren't you budgeting?

Look, surrogacy is also legal
in Canada,

just like in the U.S. It's the same.

"Altruistic reasons..."

"In Canada, surrogate mothers
must show altruistic reasons

"and are not permitted any offers
for financial compensation."

They do it because they want to!

This is really reassuring,
don't you think?

I don't know, Mathieu.
I'll be in the greenhouse.

Céline, they do it to help others
since they're already mothers.

To help? Honestly,
at least with the American system,

you pay them, it's clear.
You don't feel indebted to them.

But we can't afford to do it
in the U.S.

Plus, they speak French in Canada.

I don't know. You're moving too fast.

Look, babe,
why don't we just call Darius?

You're not signing up
for anything yet.

Okay. Go finish our accounting!

Hi, little lizard!

Wait. Hold on. Isn't that illegal?

In France but not abroad.

That makes it okay?

Come on.
You won't do it, Céline. Right?

Mom's right. If it's illegal here,
maybe there's a good reason.

They need help thinking.

They wouldn't be here if adoption
weren't such an obstacle course.

Surrogacy might be
the only option we have.

An option? Paying a woman
to have your baby?

It's not the same.

It's exactly the same!

No, come on, Céline.
You've still got time.

You're not 40 yet
and they haven't said "no", really.

-My first request was when I was 32.

They'll say I'm too old soon.

I know how difficult it is for you
not to have a child, yes,

but a surrogate mother? No!

I mean, it's so unnatural!

And being born
without a uterus isn't?

-No, Agnès. Don't--
-Shut up, Michel.

What do you mean by that?

Are you saying it's my fault?

-She didn't say that!

-go get the cake in the kitchen.
-Honey, I know

it's hard to wait. I get it.

I mean, after five years,

the only offer we get
is a seriously handicapped boy.

A child is a child.

Exactly, Agnès! A child is a child.

Whether it's adopted or born
through surrogacy, it's a child.

But it's more complicated.
They make embryos in test tubes.

Yes, but embryos in test tubes
are called in vitro fertilization.

It's legal in France.

For sterile couples, like us.

Except that someone
would lend us their belly.

But that's where everyone
can't understand.

-For good reason.

-Who's coming for the cake?
-Cut it out!

-I mean, there are so many orphans

who need a loving family!

You've got to fight these...
these social workers.

And what are we doing?

I know you are, but--

No, you don't!
Obviously, you have no idea!

You're going to be ordering a baby!

Céline, you can't tell me
it's the same thing!

You can buy a baby?

Mathieu, it's not the same, right?

In any case, with a surrogate,
after all is said and done,

we would have our child.
It would be ours.

Sorry, but isn't "our child"
kind of a selfish thing to say?

No more than having kids
and not taking care of them.

-Come on.

Target practice. Nice.

Awesome. I don't feel targeted
at all. Thanks for that.

I mean, wow!

Maybe you could ask some questions
instead of antagonizing us?

What questions? It's all about money.

No money is involved. Just a deal
between us and the mothers.

It'll be a different kind
of family, maybe, but...

When the baby arrives,
we're all going to spoil it anyway!

Coddling grandparents!

You, sure, since your son
will be the biological father,

but Céline will never be
the real mother.


Adoption would be the same!


-I don't get it, Agnès.
-Me neither!

-Not at all!

What's a real mother to you, Agnès?

What's a real mother?

I know Céline will be
the best mother ever.

She would be a fantastic mother.

Well, Happy Christmas.

He's opened a gift!

Stop with the gifts already.

Stop it!


In Canada, you would be recognized
as the child's biological father

since the fertilization
would be done with your sperm.

The surrogate mother will have to
give up all parental rights.

When you come back to France,
you'll have to

register the baby's
birth certificate.

But that seems to take
a very long time.

Then you'll have to put in
an adoption request.

Yeah, I... I've read
about that, thanks.

I'll have to adopt his child.

-It'll be our child.

Here's Julien,
just waking up. You okay?

The great thing about Canada

is that they've got
some really sexy hockey players.


It's not as hard
as he's making it seem.

-No, thanks.
-Sure, thanks.

We got back from Ottawa.
We're a bit tired.

We're not sleeping well at all.

They've just implanted
the embryo into Emma,

so we'll find out within two weeks.

Emma is... our surrogate mother.

Family Crea

is a small family agency.
They're great and handle everything.

The contracts, budgets.

They connect you
with fertility clinics

and with the women who'll help you
to have your child.

So we'll need one woman to give us
oocytes since Céline can't

and another to carry the baby.
Is that right?

Because I can't carry it.

The surrogate isn't giving her child

because the oocyte isn't hers.

It's an important nuance that helps
to avoid any misunderstandings.

You think so?

After the birth,
we come back to France

and I've got to wait for them
to grant me the status of mother?

Is that it?

And what if Mathieu has a problem?
What if he dies?

That's nice.

-I'm not--
-You can die, right?

-You too, but--
-So, they take it from me?


If he dies, they take away my child?

I don't know.

Yes, probably. I mean...

Thought so.

I'm telling you. I know it by heart.

That militant, straight look. I...

I've got a radar.

Yeah, but you see the bad
in everything.

And I mean, farmers?

You're terrible!
There are gay farmers too.

I know from experience.

It's helpful to talk to people
going through the same thing as us.

No, not the same thing.

"The great thing about Canada
are the really sexy hockey players."

It's not easy for them either.

Everything they said is discouraging.

Complicated, not discouraging, love.

It's just complicated.



No French? Family Crea, no French?
You don't speak French?

Okay, you want to talk
with a French-speaking coordinator?

I don't understand.

Don't understand. I can't not...


Shit, sorry.

Sorry. Let me...

Sir, Romain, our French-speaking
coordinator will call you back.

I don't understand.

-Romain, our--
-Don't understand.

Céline! Céline!

Why are you screaming like that?

-What's wrong?
-They don't speak French in Ottawa?


Sure? It's not Quebec?

-Yes, I'm sure.

-Excuse me.
-No problem.

It's... my... my wife.

Mathieu, you can donate your sperm
directly at the fertility center,

or you can do it in France

and we'll have it sent
to the fertility clinic

in a cryogenic container.


But that's very expensive,
so keep that in mind.

And the fertility center?

The fertility center is the clinic

that will implant the embryo.

Hold up. Why do I need to get
a spermogram done?

Well, a spermogram

is mandatory for determining
the quality of your sperm.

Okay, okay...

I see.

We've got to make sure
you can have little ones

because it won't work otherwise.


Okay, I understand. I'm taking notes,
sorry. Give me a second.

It's still 80,000 euros.

And that's just the bare minimum,

but between travel,
the medical bills we'll have to pay,

the compensation if ever
she can't work,

the lawyer fees, the IVF,
the oocyte donation.

Well, none of that can be used
to justify the loan anyway.

Not with the bank, but you...
Maybe with you, it would?

Look, I already had a hell of a time
getting you the loan for the farm.

I can't get you a second one.

Sorry, guys.
You've got to lower the number.

You don't meet the minimum income.

So you won't help?

I mean, I want to,
but I can't. There's a difference.

So, nothing we can do?

Yeah, you could rob a bank.

-Yes, have a drink.


There might be a solution.

You would use the loan for your farm
to finance your project.

Unofficially, obviously. I wouldn't
have any idea, understood?

But it should work out okay.

Lots of people speak French there.

It's next to Quebec.

You know, Céline,
in our opinion, it's quite clear.

You can't put your farm in danger.

You've got to use the loan for that.

Yeah, well, that's why...

Since you helped Benjamin
when he bought his house

and you said you'd do the same
for me when we adopted,

I thought maybe...

Yeah, but... this is different.

Because it's Benjamin?

No, my love. Listen.

We won't give you money
to buy a child.

We won't have our savings
used for that.

We're not buying a child, Mom.

I just explained that we're paying
a clinic for an IVF

and then we're paying an agency
to find us a surrogate mother.

You're buying a womb. That's worse.

I've read up about it.

What you're doing is a transaction.
I just don't get it.

We're doing it legally, Mom!

We're not going to India
or some place to do it.

We're not exploiting anyone!
These people know what they're doing.

We're doing it right!

Say something, Dad!

You're still paying middle men.
I mean, that's called business.

And they make a profit!

They make money off of life!
Off of nature!

I mean, all these clinics,
the lawyers.

Think a bit, would you? I...

I think everyone makes money
off of life with that logic, Mom.

We pay for food, we pay for funerals.
Isn't that making

-money off of life?

And how am I to know you won't
go choosing its gender and color?

You can't keep me from thinking
it's not some deviation!

I guess you mean "deviance"?

Whatever. In any case,
you don't want our opinion,

so don't ask us for help.

Michel, Mrs. Beaumont's
coming in later.

-Check, please?
-Mrs. Beaumont.

-She's got an appointment at two.

Yeah, look! Put on your glasses.

-I don't see it.
-Two p.m.

There, 2 p.m., in black and white.

What's she coming in for?

Fine. Never mind. I'm leaving.

Cut your customer's hair in peace.

We don't need your help. Thank you.

-Hello, Mrs. Beaumont!

It's chilly today, no?

-Yes, it's cold out there!

Hand me the other spanner.

The tractor will be fine.
The farm, too.

What matters is getting you a baby
and a happy life for you three.

Okay. Start it up.

I'm sorry.

-I'm so sorry!
-Stop, Emma. It's not your fault.


The doctor will email you
his projections.

He's offering three to six months

of hormone treatment
before re-doing the IVF.

Okay, we'll talk with the clinic.
You just get some rest.

Okay, Emma?

Hi, boys!

-We'll talk to you soon.
-Hey, Emma!

-Beautiful Emma.
-Hi, Aline.

I'm sorry. It's going to mean
more money for you both.

Yes, well, we planned for this,
so don't you worry.

You need money?
I've still got my savings.

-Hey, guys!

-How goes?
-Good luck.

The IVF didn't take.
She's not pregnant.

Jimmy's waiting for you to eat.


Go take care of Jimmy.

No worries. I'm sure it'll work out
the next time.

-Okay, bye, then.


You can keep going, Théo.


I've got an exam tonight

and I didn't really know
how to practice.

Are you in the conservatory?

That's fantastic.

Are you okay, Théo?

What's the matter? Tell me.

Well, I'm...

I'm a bit stressed.

I can see that.


Because of the exam.

-On the violin?

I don't practice enough.

I play really well by ear, but...

that means I don't make
more of an effort.

That's what my dad says anyway.

Yeah, but...

listen to your violin teacher,
not your father.

He's my dad.

My violin teacher is my dad.

Do you play for yourself
or to please your father?


Let me help you.

No, let go. I've got it.

You can't do it on your own!

Go relax. It's fine.
You've done enough.

Go on. Your crutch!

Yes, my crutch.

Careful! Shit.

-Goodnight, Mom. Love you!


She exhausts me.

She gets so overexcited.
She's going to have another stroke.

Just what we need.

Your mom's annoying,
but at least she's present.

We don't pay rent, she supports us.

Plus, she'll be a great grandmother.
A bit overbearing, but...

we'd be a family.

Will you love our child less
because it's not yours biologically?


Why are you asking me that?

I don't know. Emma, the failed IVF.

You don't seem to mind.
Just correcting exams.

What are you talking about?

I don't know, sorry.
I'm at my wit's end.

The orientation meeting
starts at 5 p.m. sharp.

Thank you.

-I won't repeat it any more.

Well, you've got embryos too,
don't you?

Yes, but we're using his first.

I'll be the second kid's dad.

You'll be the first one's too.

Yeah. I meant biological father.

Seriously, Julien?
You see a difference?

You've got to decide
who will be the birth father.

Darius has always wanted kids.
It was his project when we met.

So, we're using his embryos first.

Yes, fine, but you just said
you would be

the second kid's dad,
as if you wouldn't be for the first.

You really want to annoy me, huh?



Babe? Have you thought about
the six donors from the agency?

No? I've got to send an email
to Romain soon.

Romain, your new best friend.

He's my French coordinator, yeah.

If you followed along...

Come on.

Let's pick one. How about it?

Choosing the woman
who will give us her oocytes

based on family histories
and a CV is really strange.

Just think of it like a dating site.

I'm not sure I'd have chosen you
from a site.

You'd have fallen madly in love.

Who do you want?

You decide.

It's like a catalog.



-Cécilia, Céline.

-And she's got brown hair, like me.
-Perfect, my love!

No, wait! Where are you going?
We're not finished yet.

I've got three hours
of mulching to do.

You avoid doing this every time.
Every single time!

Do you regret it?

No, but having to choose a mother
to carry my baby, too...

It's hard.

She'll be carrying our baby.

And you'll be its mother.

After the donor and the surrogate.

Third-class mother.

Mathieu, you'll be
the baby's biological father.

What'll I be? Nothing.

I want to feel like a normal mother

and not have to fill out
questionnaires and sign contracts.

Not be jealous of you.

Don't stress.

You've already chosen?

Don't look.

Now, we just need to convince her.

Or maybe put your foot on the...

on the side.

Yeah, that looks good.

Yeah, not bad.

You've still got to smile!

One, two, three.


Help. Let's put this between you.

Yeah, good idea.





Come on, Gaby.

Come on, stand up.


Come on. Yes!

Yeah, go on, Gaby.




-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!

-I blew out your candles!
-Thank you!

I made a wish for you.
Here, a do-over.

-I made a wish too.
-Let me blow them out.

Hold on.

Make a wish! You make a wish?

-Me too!

No, it's my wish, Aline!
It's my birthday.


I think we made the same wish.



Nice to meet you.

Céline, Mathieu.

I'm really happy to meet both of you.

Us too!

I loved your profile!

Thanks a lot because...

we saw there were lots
of other couples in line.

-Yes, but--
-Thanks for choosing us.

It's really mutual.


So, I...

You... Maybe you have
some questions for me? I'm ready.


Maybe Céline?

-Anything you want.

Well, I'd like to know

why you're accepting to carry
a baby you'll never see again?

I'm smiling because that's always
the first question.

Oh, okay.

Of course, it's only natural.
Well, I happen to believe in God.

So, for me, carrying a child

for people who can't do it themselves

is... an honor.

That's it, really.

It mustn't be easy
for your husband and kids.

Well, I've actually already done it.
I've been a surrogate,

which is what we call it over here.

It went really well.

And, of course, I never
would've started something like this

without my family's support.

They're actually here.
Want to meet them?


-Hey, France!


My husband Gavin.

-Nice to meet you!
-Same here.

And here's my little boy Firmin.
Come here!

-Her kids.
-This is our little one.

-This is our boy Firmin.


Céline and Mathieu.
We told you about them.

He's very handsome!

They say you're handsome.
Say thanks!

Thank you.

And June, our oldest.

Come here.

-Say hi.

-Fine. Hello.
-What's her name?

-She's asking you your name.

-Hi, June.

-Is she okay?

Thirteen is the grumpy age, always.

-You'll see!


I just wanted to...
I just wanted to say, to tell you...


We do this your way.
You decide on our relationship.

If you want to see us
after the birth or not.

That's your business, your choice,

and I'll respect it. I'm...

I'm here to...

give life to this child of yours,
and after that, well...

you take over.


-You okay?

What are you doing?

She's great, Kelly.

Of course, when our kid sees us...

he's going to say,

"Jesus fucking Christ,

"who are these parents?"

We'll get used to the accent.




Tabarnak! Fucking hell.

No! My love?

What if we stayed in bed, just once?

Just once! You can enjoy
my athletic body.

Stop it!

You should've chosen another job
to sleep in.

Yeah, well...

Too bad for you, then!
You'll regret it.

I have tests to do,

so you're not getting into my pants
for at least a few weeks.

At least a week!

Spermogram. No. Spermogram!

-Yes, better.

you're really going through with it?

Could you not say "it"?
It's not a bad word.

-Want radishes?
-Yes, please.

Okay, 6 p.m. Great.

It's still haggling
over a human being.

There are young girls in India
who rent out their--

-No, I've still got some.

Young Indian girls who rent
their wombs to Westerners--

Stop blindly repeating
whatever Mom says, please.

Are you her emissary? You want this?

Yes, please.

Actually, Mom's not doing so well.

They should just divorce
and get it over with.

-Yes, please.

Come look at this.

This is Kelly. Look.

That's her, her carpenter husband,

that's their house.
They don't need anything.

Even if she has
the best intentions in the world,

it's still exploiting a woman's body.

Are you kidding? And your ex-wife?

Pregnant with your third kid,
working two jobs, so you could start

your company! That's not exploitation
though. Why don't you fuck off?

Oh! Fuck!

I'm fine.

Be nice, Benji. For real.

We bought tickets.

We're going to Ottawa
in mid-August. Okay?

Here, your gift.

-No, you--
-Yes, just take it.


It's a piece of luggage...

Yes, one was like...

-It was a long flight.

I'm just tired. Sorry.

Hey, look who's here.

-Come on, man!


Oh my God.

Got it! All good.

-Okay, all over.


-Thank you!
-There was mine as well.

Look. There they are.

-Hi, Céline!

-Hi, Mathieu. Romain.

From the Family Crea agency.

French coordinator, as you know.

Of course, French coordinator.

Welcome to Ottawa too!


And we just need to wait
a few minutes.

Another couple's coming.

-Darius, it's...
-They took a different airline.

There they are! Hey, hi!


-How goes?
-Nice trip?

-Yes, thanks.

Good. You?

So... Wow!
So you went with Family Crea!


Okay, friends. First,
we'll drop Darius and Julien off

at Emma's house

and then we'll swing by the office

to grab a few papers before we head
to Kelly's in Hawkesbury.

-You'll see,

it's about an hour and 15 minutes
from here

and it's a very nice drive,
all along the Ottawa River,

with Quebec across the way.

-Really beautiful.

Are you staying on a bit?
Maybe do some sightseeing?

It's a bit tough with the farm.

My dad's not so young anymore, so...


Is the birth coming up soon?


The IVF didn't work, so...
we're doing it over.

I see.

-This is your home. Here are towels.

-Show them the bathroom?
-Yes, it's on the landing there.

And that's the kids' room at the end.

-Did you build the staircase?

It was the first one I made

when I started working.

It took three weeks.

-Three weeks?

He's faster now,
which is good because...

But it's fine.
It was your first time, after all.

-Not bad for my first time.

-He's great working with his hands.
-I see that.

I'm getting better.

-And this is the garden.

Your house is very pretty.

Gavin did the...

-She's got the green thumb, then?

Nothing grows when I plant it.

Are there any animals? Grizzly bears?

Yes, there's a big family over there.

No, cut it out! That's not true.

-It's not true. Don't worry.
-Okay, then.

-There are deer, though.
-I like deer.

-Shall we continue with the tour?

This is my workshop, where I spend
all of my time making furniture.

Come with me.

You want to come with me?
I've got a delivery to make.

Yes, of course! Go ahead.

-See you later.
-Sure, yeah?

Is it true you can't have a baby?

Yes, it's true.

Of course, it's true, June!

We've talked about it.

-Leave Céline alone.
-No, it's fine.

Oh my God.

We're going to pick up Firmin
at the pool,

so make yourself at home.
We're back in 30.

Come on, Miss Curious.

June, let's go!

Mommy's turn!

Jimmy, would you please
leave Mommy alone?

No, it's fine! I'm not that fragile.

-Mommy's feeling great!
-Thank you.

Mommy's going to tickle you!

Thank you.

It's going to work this time.
I can feel it.

No, thank you.

I've got to run.

Come sit with us, Peter!


Are you worried?


It's really important to her.

Especially to do it for a gay couple.

Her brother's gay. Did you know?

-Yeah, she told us.


I'm not sure she completely realizes
everything it entails.

Out of all four of us, I think
she knows best what she's doing.


In about 10% of all cases,
the embryos do not survive

the thawing process.
I'm really sorry.

So that means...

They're no longer viable.
Yours are all gone.

But we could use Julien's.
I'd just need your permission.


Yeah, of course. Obviously.

We knew this could happen.
We knew it. That's it.

It's your turn earlier.

I'll do the whole process over
for the second one.

That's how it has to be.

Good thing you're here!

In any case, Emma's ready.

She's nice and relaxed.
She really wants to do this,

and her endometrium's perfect.

So, we can start, if you'd like.

-Let's go.
-This way.

Julien Touzel's embryo.

Now, it's time
for the small mosquito bite.

And... we're done!

-It's okay.
-Okay, thanks.

So, what do we say?


Mom, I've left you
three messages already.

Can you call me back?
It's nothing like you're imagining.

Got one for me?

Thank you.

Excuse me. You cannot smoke here.

Oh, okay.

-You're French?

If you want to smoke, you have
to stand 100 meters from the clinic.

Thank you.


What stage are you at?

Sperm donation.

We just found out
Darius' embryos are gone.

He's been waiting months for this
and now they're using my embryos.

He's acting like he's fine.

He paid for this.

His mother helped out
after ending her life insurance.

If he wants to be a dad one day,
a biological one, I mean...

he'll have to do it all over.

Oocyte donation, embryos.
You know the story.

Waiting months.

But how do you feel about it?

I'm not ready.

It's my turn and I'm not ready.


You don't give a toss,
but it feels good to say it.

All I ask
is that you don't tell anyone.

Of course.

Well, I mean,
who are you going to tell?

No reason for us
to see each other again.

Right. Even less
for us to become friends.

Good luck!

-Have a nice trip back.

You too.

Okay, that's it. All done.
They had some great magazines.

-Yeah, okay.
-Really. Some stuff...

Hey, there's ice cream, guys.

-These women, all--
-Drop it!

-This should calm you down.

-Who wants what?



I'll have that one too.

-What do you guys say?
-Thank you.

You're welcome.

I spoke with the doctor
and he said the procedure

will happen in three days.

Everything depends on the quality
of the embryos, of course.

Okay. Well, then.

-Good news, right?

Did you smoke?

No, there were people
smoking outside.

Just to let you know, you're not
supposed to smoke when expecting.

-Just saying.

that's exactly right.

Céline knows that, June.

She's well aware, and I don't smoke,
so there's no problem at all.

And I won't smoke
when the baby is here.


You'll be a great mother.

-I'm certain of it.

Céline, is something wrong?

I mean, you're being more distant.

I heard you and your husband.

How embarrassing.


I was positive the room
was more soundproof than that!

How can you risk getting pregnant

trying to have our baby?

I didn't take any risks, Céline.

-Yes, you did.


I mean... there are other ways
of having fun. You know?

No, I mean... I couldn't fall asleep

because I really want this to work.

So Gavin offered to help me relax
and well...

He's talented.

Céline, look at me.

You and Mathieu will have
a beautiful baby.

I am truly honored
that you chose me to carry it.

If I weren't 100% ready
for this adventure...

I wouldn't devote nine months to it.

You're going to have to trust me.

Look at me. Look at me.

Because, if you don't trust me...
it just won't work.

Come here. Come.

You know what you should do?

Go put on a dress.

-I don't have one.
-That's fine.

Just get dressed however you want,

go out with your husband,
and have some fun.

Just let yourself go. Okay?

What can I get you? Do you want...

two draught refills
or something like that?

-Two beers.
-Two beers, okay.

She wants two beers, please.

-Two beers!


Excuse me!

Excuse me.

You're so stupid. Here.


Cheers, my love.
And cheers to you, too!



-I could definitely live in a city.

Far from the farm,

far from waking up
at 4:00 in the morning.

So, you hate our life?

No, but I love you, my love.

I love you.

This beer is good.

I want to relax too.

What's that?

I don't understand.

Okay, I got it.


Hold on.


-Sorry. It's a joke.

It's not me.


French attitude.

-I'll be fine. It's--

I'm just feeling sick.

Yeah, I...

It's fine.

Are you sure it's OK?


You can go back to sleep. Thanks.

No, it's fine. I'll stay with you.

I felt nauseous
after the first procedure too.

But it'll pass.
It's completely normal.

Yeah, "normal".

Not normal at all if you ask me.

Peter, where's this coming from?
What do you mean?

You were okay with it!

What was I supposed to say?

I never said I was okay with it.

I accept you as a whole package...

because I love you.

I can't forbid you.

Are you serious, Peter?

You were never okay with this?

Look, let's just go back to bed,
okay? Please.

You're acting like this
changes nothing.

As if it didn't have an effect
on our life, on me, on Jimmy.

It's our whole focus!

-Are you okay?

Are you... The bowl!

-Where's that little bowl we had?
-I don't know.

I don't know.


You're okay.

-It's so disgusting.


Carrying this child
for other people...

is the most generous thing
I've ever done, okay?


And it makes me happy.

Yeah. Well, I see that.

But I need you.

To bring you a bowl? Is that why?



Because I love you.

My life is you and Jimmy.

It's very clear in my mind.

If it doesn't work again,
you'll be all upset again.

It's... It's an adventure
for all of us, you know.

Yes, I know.

You stink a little bit.

No way.

-No, no.

-Come on.
-Hold on.

No, I'm fine. I'm good.


Thanks for coming.

-Hi, Mathieu.
-It's important to Céline.


-How are you?

-Let me--
-No, it's fine. Thanks.

This is a surprise.

Hi, Dad.

Happy Birthday!

You're our daughter after all.

Hi, Mom.

Mind the cake! Sorry.

I made tarte Tatin, like you like.

Thanks, Mom.

Heat it up at 80 degrees C. Here.


What's your problem?

Want trouble, Tic and Tac?

Here's the cake!

Look, the cake!


-Wow, it's beautiful.


-Listen up!
-Here we go. One,

two, three!

-Yeah! Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday, my love.

-Thank you.
-Happy birthday!


Thanks, Dad.

Thirty-eight years old,
I can't believe it.

-For you.
-It's for Auntie. It looks good!

-The gifts.
-Gift time.

Gifts! Gifts!


-Oh yeah.

What's this, my love?

Is it for me?

Did you draw this for me?
Thank you, sweetheart!

Thank you!

I just want to bite you,
you're so cute!

Thanks. It's so nice!
Thank you, my love.

Come help me open my gifts? Come on.

-Hand her this.
-How nice!

-What is it?
-So, what do we have here?


It's for your table on the patio.

-I thought it was... You like it?

It's pretty. I like the color.

-Very pretty.
-Watch out!

-I hit a bird!
-This is from your uncle.

Shall we look?

-Who wants some?
-Yeah, I do.

You like it?

No, hold on.

It's incredible! Are you mad?

Trying to get some, huh?

-A really big gift here.

What's that?

What the hell?

You're mad, Éric! What is that?

-You think it's a car?

-It's not a car?

Go tell me what it is then!

Here we go. One, two...

It was Mathieu's. I fixed it up.

Nice, isn't it?

Éric, I mean, it's a bit early.
We don't know if she's pregnant...

Thanks, Dad! Huge blunder,
but it's... it's fantastic.

-Really nice work.

Just like me, getting over-excited.

At least no one will send him
to the couch.

-I've got a gift for you too.
-You, too?

-What's your gift?
-I am her brother after all.

This is for a massage.

Wow! Thanks, little brother!

You know just what I like. Brilliant!

Really well-done, Agnès!
The cake's delicious.

I don't know. It's not as good
as usual. I...

-I know what I'm talking about.

No, not always.

I think it's good.

Chill, Mom!

No, "cheers", I meant to say.

No, stop. No, I meant, "Cheers, Mom."

Okay, Agnès. Let's toast!

To my dear daughter-in-law!

Thank you, Éric!

-Happy birthday!
-Thank you!

-To Céline!

-To older sister.
-Thank you, my love.

-To turning 38!
-Thank you, Frérot.

You all think I'm inflexible, right?

-Of course not.

No one said that. No.

Benji, why don't you offer
your mom a massage?

Dad, stop!

Stop messing around.

No, but Mom, I mean,
I could offer you a massage.

Plus, it's great.
They use five different oils.

-No, come on, Mom!
-Really? Stop it.

-Mom, stay!
-Michel, I'm leaving.

-Give me the keys.

In the car.


Don't think about it, honey.

You shouldn't have invited them.

And your dad giving me a crib!

-I'm done talking about it.

No, look.


Any news?

Not yet.

Please, I really don't want Jérémy
in my class this year.

It was way too hard last year.

He's a disturbed boy,
really disturbed.

He threw all his stuff at me.

It's never come up again, but I asked

a psychiatrist.

What hasn't come up?

I don't know, but... having two moms

must not be very easy to deal with
when you're 13 with your mates...

You have to admit that's true.

So that's Jérémy's
real problem, right?

Some people need to think
before having kids

who will have to put up with it.

"Some people"? Wow,

so worked up after holiday?

Jérémy's super smart.
He's bored to death!

If you'd let him pass,

-we wouldn't--

-We wouldn't be dis--

Julien, it's not worth it.

We're still missing people.

I'd really like to start.

-My little Théo,

not doing so well, rigid father.
Are his parents poofs?

Alix? Anorexic,

-single mom, teacher!
-Okay, Julien.

We know, you don't
need to justify yourself.

I'm not justifying myself.

I'm not, but I just don't get it,
actually. Do you ever think?

Do you ask yourself things?

Do you ask yourself stuff?

What stuff? What do you mean?

No, I mean...

It's me. I don't know
if I'll be a good father, really.

Do you guys know? Do you?

Hi to you too!

-"How are you?"
-"Yeah, great!

"350 meatballs to make
and still in a good mood."


-Hi, boys!
-Hey, Emma.

I hope you guys have thought
of some names

because this time... it's for sure!

Thank you! Thank you.

Don't cry!

No, he's not... It's fantastic!
Thank you so much!



Hello, ladies!

Hi, Édouard.

Blocked? How so?

Why's the transfer blocked?

So what do we do?

You talk to Édouard?

Yeah, it's taken care of.

Julien and Darius told me,
"Forget about banks.

"Use a broker who doesn't mind
the amounts."

And their IVF worked.

-Seems like the market was good?

It was.

And then, we also received
a big order for tomorrow.

The chef from that restaurant.

-Les Trois Moulins?

I invited Darius and Julien
this weekend.

You invited the sexy hockey players?

You? Is that true?

That's great!

At least we can talk about our baby
with them without strange looks.

Plus, it's been more
than three months.

-We should celebrate.



Might be good for you both
to talk to some other people.

-Not wrong!
-Look at that dummy.

-Look, I'm just as good.
-No, you're not.

-Yes, I saw you.

Your mom always said
I was the best in the canton.

-In the canton?
-Yup, exactly.

-I seduced your mom by dancing.
-Give me that.

Yeah... So...

there it is.


It's nice! Just a bit
of work to do, really.

It's fine. We've got time.

My dad threw me out
when I came out.

I was 16. I was sent
right to a foster home...

and I never saw him again.

How about you?
How is it with your parents?

Bad. They're not coming
for Christmas.

Mathieu thinks it will get better
after the baby is born, but...

Darius believes in fairy tales too.


It sounds a lot worse than it is,
but everything is fine.

Kelly fell in her garden.


The baby's fine, promise.

She's dislocated her shoulder.

They're monitoring her.

They're just monitoring her,
that's all.

She could've paid attention
and watched her step.

Okay. Kelly's not the problem.

It's me.

We wouldn't be doing this
if I weren't abnormal.

I don't want Kelly to hold the baby
after it's born. Is that normal?

Why do they seem so stable?

They had lots of love.

It's normal to be scared.

With all you have to do,
how you have to fight.

Know what?

We should weave you a crown.


It was great!
Come back whenever you want.



I've got exams to correct.

Are you being serious?

Yes, I've got exams--

To correct, yes, and I have an order
that takes two hours to make.

So, here, you finish
our kid's room, please.

Wake up. You're going to be a father.

-I didn't want this.
-Yeah, I'm seeing that.

No, I mean, it was you first.
Your embryos were first.

I don't give a toss about being
the biological father, okay?

We're going to be parents!

All I've ever wanted
is to be a father.

Having a kid, raising it, loving it.

That's what being a father
is to me. And with you!

But you're not here.

What have you contributed
besides your sperm?

Maybe that's all I have.

I'm not a spoiled child.
I don't come from money--

Who's talking about money?

Us, now.

No one's behind me.

My mom has no savings--

Yes, someone is behind you.

I can even see him,
and he's keeping you from living.

He's here with us,
overshadowing our unborn child.

It's true! He's right here!




Look, two tickets are missed.

-It's two hours when they left!
-No way.

It's two hours you were here.

-I was th--
-You went to buy flowers.

I was the one who checked before!

-I can't stand this! Every time...
-Yeah? Who--


Okay, girl. That's good.

Good. That's a good girl.

The only possibility is not buying
the tractor part.

And lose the whole crop?

We don't have a choice.

We spent everything
on Kelly's healthcare, see?

That comes first.

And you think endangering the farm
will help when the baby's here?

If it ever gets here.

"If it ever gets here"? Seriously?

How can you talk like that?

It's nothing but problems!

What problems?

All this just because Kelly tripped?

What problems?
We can't put her in a cage.

You really can't see it?

You can't see that everything
is working against us to show us

we can't have this kid?
We're not allowed.

I think your mom's gotten to you.
She's an unhappy woman

who wants to make everyone
as miserable as her.

But this is our story. Okay?

-No one else matters!
-I don't want it!

-I don't want it!

I'll never be able to love it!

I'll never be able to love
this bloody kid!

Well, then I'll love it
for the both of us.

Just like I've always done.

Our couple, your depression,
the farm.

Your family! I'm the one
keeping everything going.

You've always relied on me.

Then I'll take care of the baby
on my own! I'll love it on my own!


No, don't play with that.


Sorry, I'm watching the kids.
It's... What's up?

Yeah. Can I stay with you?

Why? What's wrong?

Mathieu and I had a fight.

No, you'll be fine. Could you imagine
if I left home every time

I used to fight with Émilie?

You're divorced. That doesn't count.

Yeah, I agree, but just stay calm.

Mathieu adores you, you adore him.

You know? Plus,
the baby will be here soon.

I don't know.
I don't know how I feel.

No, you can't go back now!
You can't up and say,

"I've thought about it. I don't
want it. Take it back". No way.

It's impossible!

Céline! Something incredible
is about to happen.

Plus, honestly,
I just can't right now.

I'd like to, but I can't.

I don't know where else
to go, Benji! Please?

No, no. I can't.

I've got the kids, our parents,
my ex on my case.

I swear, I wish you could,
but you can't stay here.

And, anyway, it's...

Go out! See some friends.
Enjoy a little.

Go dance, blow off some steam,
then you go home

and everything will be better.

Ow! Sorry.
It'll get better. I promise.

Okay? Lots of kisses.
Let's talk later.

See what you're in for?

Get in your car and take off!
Get far away!

Leave France!




It's a girl!

It's a girl!

Are you okay?

You okay? Better?

So, let's see. We've got caviar,

aubergines, tarama,

-and... I don't know what.
-Hey, Julien!


Céline, come! Come look.

Look, I've got the ultrasound
as my background photo.

-Pretty, isn't it?

So tiny!

Yes, and this is Emma
with her big belly.

That's right.

Between us, is Charlie
any name for a girl?

-Yeah, it's fine.
-Stop bothering them.

Come on, Mom. Boy, girl, who cares?

No, we do care. I can't guarantee
we know how to raise a girl.

Come on. She'll meet
lots of great women!

Like me, her teachers at school,
her grandmother.

No, no way. Not my mom.

IVF does have one benefit, no?
The expecting mother can drink!

To you!

I drank! When I was pregnant,
I drank.

I'm so happy to be the godmother!

He wouldn't tell me anything!
He took his sweet time.

A woman who won't have
or can't have any children.

We can now! We can do everything now!

No one dares talk to her
about her future babies, right?

Admit it! No one dares.

I admit it.

This lady has none. And why is that?

Well, because she didn't want any,
ladies! Cheers to you!

Chug, chug.

The tango makes me


The tango makes me...

What's it make me do?


The tango makes me...

Okay, we're coming, Peter.

Yes, we're coming.

Julien, tell my mom, please.

I'll call you back.

Call you back.

That was Peter.

It's really bad.

What is it?

They're inducing an emergency birth.

-Emma's tension skyrocketed.
-Buying tickets.

It's dangerous for baby.


Fuck, you're the best.

Thank you, little brother.
You saved us.

No worries.

Even huge jerks like me can stop
being huge jerks for a few minutes.

It's true.

-I'm going to be an uncle!
-You are!

I'm going to be an uncle.

I'm going to be an uncle!

You're going to be an uncle.


It looks nice in here.

I like it.

You sure?

I'm sure.

For the broken-down tractor

How much again? 4,500?

Yeah. Yup.

Thanks to Benji.

He told our parents
he owed his ex-wife money,

and since they can never refuse
their little boy...

This is your room.

Welcome! Go on in.

This is where you'll be able
to get some rest.

You can see the baby day and night.

Really, it's your little cocoon,
so take advantage of it.

Come with me.

They're doing okay. Charlie is okay.

I give you this.
You can go ahead and put these on.

She's going to remain in an incubator

and under neurological assessment

just for a while, to make sure
there are no after-effects.

-How is she?
-Emma's fine.

She's tired, but she's fine.

You can go see her
but only one at a time.

Go see Charlie, I'll stay with Emma.


She's going to be happy to see you.


Look at this beauty!

Impressive, isn't it?

Do you know the sex?

Yes, since the beginning.

You didn't want to know.

I've changed my mind.

Is that okay with you?

You guys are going to have a girl.

-Benji, it's me.
-How are you?


-She's moving!
-Of course!

-She is?

Like a little boxer!

She's in a rush to meet her parents.

Come touch her, Céline,
so she can feel your presence.

It's not her baby.

-It's not your baby!

-Yeah, June.

Hey, you know this.

Mom's helping Mathieu and Céline
to have a baby girl.

But she's still my sister.

Come here, June.

June, I said come here.

-June, now. Listen to me!

Technically, she is not your sister.

You know this.
We told you and Firmin too.

-I wasn't there.
-Yes, you were, my love.

We explained it
to you, June. Remember?

It's not Mommy's oocyte
and... Daddy...

-Had nothing to do with this.
-Exactly, yes.

Stop, I said!

She's my sister. It's your belly.

Yes, it is my belly.

So she has no right to her.

Yes, she does. It's her baby.

We've explained it.

Come feel, Céline.


This is nice,
but there's a baby on the way.

Maybe we should clear some room?

What do you think?

I just want to see
the parental team in here.

Let's let Mommy relax.
Come on, Firmin.

-June, go with your father.

-Let's go, sweetie.
-June, please.

Please come with Daddy.

June, listen! Stop it!
Come with Daddy, okay?

June, please! Stop it.

I'm sorry.

June, come here!

-Sorry, she's...

She was really excited
about the first IVF. I don't get it.

It's okay. There's no...


-Come here!

It'll be the same as with Juliette!

Juliette? That was
her parents' choice!

What about your choice? And mine?

-Come here.
-Let go of me.

She's never talked about her before.

Go see Kelly. She needs you.

Yeah, thanks. Come on, Firmin.

Get away!

Why are you still here?
Are you the mother or not?

Come on. Push, push!
Keep going. Harder!

Push, push.

Almost there! Give us a big push.


Good. Bravo!

-I love you.
-Me too.

You okay?

-You okay, Mathieu?
-Come, Céline.

I'll let you be.

-I'm going.
-How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

-Do you feel ready to push?

-Okay, one more time.

Let's go. Start over.

Go on.

Push, push. Hard!

Take her.

Take your daughter.

Isn't she lovely?


She's okay. She's okay.

We did some great work.

Daddy's coming home!

Let's surprise Daddy!

He has no idea!


-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, Daddy!

It's Daddy's birthday!

Blow them out. Hold on.
Make a wish this time.


-Bravo! Happy birthday, Daddy!
-Give me my daughter.

-You want Daddy.
-Go on, my darling.

I can't open that right now.

-May I?


I'm Darius. I'm with Julien.

What is all this?

He's waiting in the car
on the corner.

He's scared
you'll reject him again...

so I told him, "Let me go, Julien.

"That way, if your father refuses
to hold his granddaughter...

"it'll hurt me less than you."

This is our daughter.

Your granddaughter.

This is Charlie.

Do you want to hold her?

Where's my son?

He's coming to join us.

Yes, my love.

Mommy's coming. Look!

See Mommy?

Yes, thank you, Isabelle!
So nice of you. Happy Christmas!

Yes, I'm closing up.
Thanks. Bye! See you Monday.


Hi, Mom.


That can wait a few minutes.

It's the money Benji borrowed.
I wanted to pay you back.

Benjamin told me
about your baby girl.

I can't remember.

I don't know.

Happy Christmas, Mom.

Happy Christmas.


-Let me see?

-Six years for a family book!

Officially a family.


My mom would've loved to see this.

We could've served something...

-Let's hear it.
-To Aline!

To Aline!


Yes, sweetheart?

-...that he's in love with her.
-Is that true?

What do you think, love?

I'm not in love with him.
Plus, he's too little.


For now!


You're already a big, handsome boy.

Yes. Just like his dad.

I want a kiss too.

-Go on!

-Daddy's jealous. A little one.
-For me?

Okay, then.

Then Mommy will kiss me.

Yeah, give each other a kiss!

-That comes later.
-We're eating!

My my!

Touch your noses!

You took both, too.

June! Christ, so this
is when you finally get up?


Get the frog!


It's the frog's birthday!

It's raining, he's soaking wet

It's the frog's birthday!