Qualcosa di nuovo (2016) - full transcript

Lucia and Maria are two best friends, who have known each other from the beginning of their life, but have very different tastes and behaviors. Lucia is done with men, Maria, on the contrary, cannot be without one. One night, the perfect man shows up in Maria's bed: handsome, sensible, mature and passionate.The next morning brings up misunderstandings and lies which make the two friends split up and take a break for themselves. Maybe that young man met by chance is really the one every woman is looking for, because with his simple theories he manages to paint the perfect picture of the two women's lives.

Fred Buscaglione, 'Nobody's woman'.

Do you like it?


It's not too blonde?

♪ You've been all on your own
waiting for your great love ♪

♪ Nobody's woman ♪

♪ To want too much... ♪

- Hi, Francesco.
- Hi, Maria.

♪ You always said no to your heart ♪

♪ Nobody's woman ♪

♪ Alone with your dreams ♪

♪ You despise reality ♪

♪ But you seek sun in darkness ♪

♪ You denied yourself happiness
when you were young. ♪

- Mom!
- Here I am.


♪ You weep over your past
that will never return ♪

♪ You're nobody's woman ♪

Here I am.

♪ Alone with your dreams ♪

♪ You despise reality ♪

♪ But you seek the sun in darkness ♪

♪ You denied yourself happiness in youth ♪

♪ Nobody's woman ♪

♪ You weep over your past
that will never return ♪

♪ Nobody's woman ♪

♪ That's you... ♪

I know what you think of me,
but I'm not crazy, Lucia.

I work, I support my kids... hold on.

Be quiet, please, some peace and quiet.

Go to sleep!

I support my kids, because if it was up
to their father... you know him.

As for the rest, what do I do? I go out
on Saturday nights, what's the harm?

You always say the same thing,
then you do it again.

Let's hang up, we've been on the phone
for half an hour.

Don't hang up, I want you to tell me
what you think of me.

You're my best friend,
I want you to tell me the truth.

You want the truth?

But don't get offended as usual.

No, I won't. Tell me.

You hook up a bit too easily.

And what's wrong with that?
Good night, honey, sleep well.

We're not all the same, thank goodness.

What do you mean?

Nothing, come on.

Let's hang up, my ear's boiling.

No, explain it to me.

Well, you're just born that way,
some like doing it a lot, others less.

You're born blonde
or you're born brunette.

Gloomy, dark, uptight.

So, I'm uptight, the gloomy, dark one?

And the other one is born soft,
positive, chipper,


With the repressed family
you come from, it's only normal.

I like men a lot, Maria,
I'd like to have a partner too,

but I'm fussy, I'm not going to settle
for the first guy who comes along.

And you think I settle
for the first guy who comes along?

You want me to tell you the truth?
You are a bit of a sl...

Slave to love.

You were going to say slut, I heard you!

But I said slave to love.

What's wrong with that?

If I like a guy, I sleep with him,
I'm not looking for feelings.

You prefer body language.

Right, it's safer and clearer.

Hi, honey.

You're kidding me? Have you forgotten
all the times I've saved you?

Have you forgotten?

Hurry, Lucia, he's going to kill me!

He's going to kill me!
He's here!

Is he armed?
Has he got gun, a crowbar?

- Have you called the cops?
- I'm too embarrassed.

What if he tells them what we did?

What could you have possibly done?

It'd go in the statement...

How can I explain I let him in?

I didn't really get a good look at him.

He's huge, built like a tank
and covered in tattoos.

You sure know how to pick them.

You like playing hide-and-seek,
my little butterfly?

No, last night it was
really dark in the club.


What's going on?

Who's this?

- Who started it?
- He did.

- I'll count to three.
- It was her.

That's not true.

Last night, I was sitting at the bar
having a quiet beer

and she grabbed me by the crest
and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

That's not true.

- She didn't even introduce herself.
- She never introduces herself.

Her name's Maria and she's got two kids.

She didn't tell me that.

- What's your name?
- Gianni.

Gianni, Maria needs a guy who's stable.

Someone responsible,

but also fun, strong,
and also very sweet.

I'm a sweetie pie.

It shows.

- I can feel it...
- It shows...

Maria needs a partner
who's protective, but not suffocating,

who makes her look good
with her parents at Christmas,

who's there for her kids, but never
in conflict with their real dad,

who goes to dance recitals,
swimming lessons,

a regular guy.

How's the body language?

Safer? Clearer?

And then in the morning,
you meet and you have to talk

and it all gets more complicated,
I'd rather stay lying down.

We got ourselves up on our legs
millions of years ago.

I know, but body language is important,

it helps you understand heaps of stuff.

Do you know
why I decided to marry Sergio?

Because of the way he rubbed lotion
on my body, better than any beautician,

I could feel his vibrations.

And what did that tell you?

That he'd look after me.

- Are you joking?
- No.

In the beginning he did, he was sweet,
he took care of the kids.

But then he started
taking care of the babysitter,

didn't you notice
you were missing some body lotion?

Body language is full
of misunderstandings,

it doesn't work with humans.

With seals, yeah, right,

it works perfectly with seals.

When do you get back?
I miss you.

Saturday, but I've got a concert.

Shall we eat together first?

Of course, as usual.

- Good night.
- 'Night.

Nobody's woman.

That's you...

What are you wearing tomorrow?

- Is it dressy?
- It's a birthday party.

But you have to find the right thing,

as if you'd just thrown a dress on
at the last moment,

just random.

Something dark
that makes you look younger,

fitted, but not overtly sexy,

a loose sweater, to cover up,
but show something too,

used boots, dark stockings,
not much make-up, it ages you,

hair not freshly done,
don't mess it up with the hair.

Magdalena's coming straight
from the gym, she'll pick up Anna

and meet us there.

But we'll meet up outside,
I get embarrassed going in alone.

Where are you going?

A party at Cindy's house,
do you want to come?

It's usually fun.

Lucia's coming back tomorrow...
Who's coming?

Valentina and Silvia, maybe Francesca,
if the babysitter shows up.

- Teresa, do you want a ride?
- No.

I'm going out with Giuseppe tomorrow.

My cousin from Barletta.

- It is what it is.
- Have a good night.

Mommy's back tomorrow,
she'll sort you out.

- Flavia, why aren't you a man?
- That's all I need.

Lucia, today at rehearsal you were...
I've still got a chill.

- Are you sick or something?
- No.

We're all going to get something to eat,
do you want to come?

No, thanks, I'm tired.

Forget it.

Do you know who her ex-husband was?



He played sax like a god.

Every note groaned and roared,
it was magnetic.

Glints, sparks, flashes.

When he entered a room,
the mood changed,

the women went crazy.

He played, Lucia sang,
they were perfect,

then they broke up.

How long have we been single?

You talk big, but in the end
we're still in the same situation.

Not exactly.

But every so often, I wouldn't mind
a vacation from myself,

and to look at men from the neck down,
the way you do,

without asking for
their first and last names.

Do you ask men all that stuff
when you meet them?

The classic introduction, remember?

Hello, I'm Maria, hello, I'm Guy.

Hello, lovely ladies.

Hi, Carlo.

What can I get you?

I'll take the daily special.

What's really delicious?

We've got a pumpkin pie
that will drive you crazy.

So, drive me crazy.

What's wrong?

You did it again.

- You did it again.
- What?

- That I'm-yours-meow look.
- I was being polite.

Polite is "Thank you,
I'd like to try it",

not, "Drive me crazy".

I don't do that anymore, maybe I used to
but now I'm more careful.

I can last a whole week
without touching a man.

You make it sound like whisky.

What are you doing tonight?

- Nothing, the kids are at their dad's.
- Precisely.

The perfect night to do something dumb.

I'm going to stay home and watch TV,

a nice film, all comfy on the couch.

- Good.
- Comfy.

And tomorrow, as a prize,
a cappuccino together, okay?


- Where are you taking me?
- To bed.

Okay, I don't care, take me to bed.

- I don't care about anything anymore.
- I think it must be true.

- I was dead.
- Me too.


Wait, what about Johnny?

You're furious with him,
take it out on me,

get back at him by using me,
take my body

and leave him
just my skin and bones.

All right, there'll be nothing left
for him on your wedding day.

Who is it?

Where is he?
He's not here.

Who is it?

Shit, it's late!

Oh, God!

What a disaster.


Oh, God!

Where were you?


Hi! How are you?


What did you do last night?


Just look at this,
why don't you tidy up?

You're turning into a neat freak
like your mother,

when the kids aren't here
I don't do anything.

So I see, you don't do
anything at all.

Nothing at all.

They were about to catch fire.

He left without underpants.

- I swear, I was just going to tell you.
- What?

It's incredible, I think I've found him.

- Who?
- Mister Right.

- When did it happen?
- Last night.

You've known him for a while,
I'm reassured.

- He's a good-looking man.
- Good-looking, that's all right, then.

Go on, profession, personality,
married, separated?

- It was the first time I met him.
- There we go...

I met him at a club and I realized
he was a man of experience,

mature, but youthful. Witty, but kind,

nice hands, maybe a doctor.

A doctor?

I just figured, the way
he put his hands on my body.

- He put his hands everywhere.
- Too much information.

Are you going on another date?

No, when you buzzed
I realized he'd left.

Do we have a name at least?

Maria... a name.

I just can't ask all that stuff.

All that stuff?

All right, you have to put
a dampener on everything

and make me feel like shit.

What are you doing?
Where are you going?

- I'm going to get some pastries.
- We'll go together.

No, I need to not see you
for a few minutes.

I have to muster some self-respect,
it usually doesn't take long.

Just long enough for a coffee.


Don't mention it. Where were you?

I woke up surrounded by robots
and stuffed animals,

I went into the other room,
the bed was empty.

There they are, sorry.

Hi, good morning.



We didn't even introduce ourselves.

No, certainly not.

- What happened?
- What happened?

I had so much to drink.

Don't get the wrong idea,
I don't usually do this.

- Who knows what you must think.
- I'm seeing you for the first time.

You know what?
You're right.

It's as if I'm seeing you
for the first time too.

- You really got wasted too, right?
- Me?

- Can I be honest?
- Yes.

I don't remember anything, not a thing.

That is...

I was dancing...

We were dancing, I seem to remember.

You put your hands...

No, no, wait!

- There's a misunderstanding.
- You don't need to justify yourself.

- You're older than me...
- Thanks.

- You know how to do so many things.
- Hold it there!

You made coffee.

- How sweet.
- Yeah, coffee.

Wow, the stuff we did last night.

Lucky you don't remember any of it.

I don't remember your face,

but everything else...
where I ended you began.

Where I ended you began.

Oh, God, I drank too much
last night too!

I don't remember a thing,
will you tell me about it?

I want to know how far I went.

I think I fell asleep
in your car coming here,

I have no idea
how I made it up the stairs.

I know as much as you do.

How many times did we do it?

You were so hot for it,

you started singing
while you stroked my back.

Too much information.

- I was singing?
- Yes.

It was dark
and I could feel your hands on me,

your drunk little voice singing,

In the woods there's a mushroom


A little mushroom
but it's enough for three.

A deep and meaningful song.

You seem different.

- More serious, right?
- Yes.

- The contrast isn't bad.
- Hot at night and cold during the day.

But you'll have to excuse me now,
my kids are coming back.

You'd better go.


You didn't think I collected robots
and stuffed animals?

- But you did tell me one thing.
- Did I?

Better not remember it. Go.

"Make me forget who I am,
make me feel like another woman."

Luca, this is Maria, a friend of mine.

Maria, this is Luca,
the serious and reliable man

I met last night.

I thought he was older.

No, he's perfect to start a family with.

He doesn't remember
anything about last night either,

he didn't know where he began
and where I ended...

- You?
- Me, yes.

- Nice to meet you.
- You too, ma'am.

He can only remember
very detailed bodily particulars

and a little song
about a coffee-colored mushroom.

Oh, God, the one
my granny always sang.

Nice thing to do to granny's song.

Why are you in your nightgown?

No, it's not a nightgown,
it's a dress.

A dress.

You know, she's a...

A singer, an artist.

They're a bit eccentric.

Anyway, Luca was just leaving.

Cool, you're a singer.


- Jazz singer, don't you recognize her?
- I don't know much about jazz.

- Are you famous?
- No...


It's stuff for jazz buffs.

I told her that this morning
when I woke up and you weren't there,

I thought you'd gone,

but he went to sleep in the kids' room.

- Why did you sleep in there?
- Because it's where he belongs.

No, because your friend snores.

Not that I mind a woman who snores.

Of course not!

Actually, I'm sure the woman
you slept with snores like a wild boar.

Her friends have told her...
they've told me a thousand times,

but I didn't want to believe it, but...

Anyway, you'd better go now.

Would you like a pastry?

Yes, please, I'm starving.


- They're fresh.
- You're both so nice.

- Two beautiful, mature women.
- Enough with "mature" already...

Hold this.

Listen, you've really got to go now.

- Let me finish my pastry.
- No, the kids will be here soon.

Otherwise you'll have to play with them,
they adore older playmates.

- The kids are coming back tonight.
- Whose are they?

I know when my own kids
are coming home, right?


Heavens, last night I didn't
get a good look at you.

I don't know how I had the nerve
to bring you here.

- What shoe size do you wear?
- 47.5, Mom has them made especially.

- I see!
- His mom gets them made.

- Go, get your things.
- Are you kicking me out?

After everything that happened?

Sweetie believe me,
nothing happened between us.

- Will I see you again?
- No.


- Will I see you again?
- No, bye.

This time you've really done it.

Do you realize
he could almost be your son?


What did you put on that show for?

Because he thought I was you,
I helped you get rid of him.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you.


Mom, what do you want?
I'm studying.

Okay, then I won't bother you.

- How was your day?
- All good.

- You going out? Eating at home?
- I'm going out.

- With Matilde?
- No.

- Have you had a fight?
- No.

- So who are you going out with?
- By myself.

Is everything okay with Matilde?


Fair enough, it's none of my business.

When you come home,
lock the door and don't stay out late.

I'm worried about you graduating from
high school, do you need tutoring?




What are you doing here?

Nothing. I wanted to see Lucia.


No, Lucia, no, the kids
will be here any minute.

And what are you doing here?

- What am I doing? I was visiting her.
- I'll come too.

No, maybe you don't understand.

You've got to forget about her.

I can't forget what we did.

Thank you.

But sex isn't the most important thing,
there are lots of other things.




The most important thing
is that you leave.

No way, I've got to see her again.

After what we did,
the next morning she was so cold,

kind of bitchy.

- You won't tell her that?
- No, she can seem bitchy.

I just want to know more about her.

- About her?
- Yes.

- How long have you known her?
- Since high school.

We're like sisters.

What's she like?

She's a very different woman
from the one you met.

- Quite the opposite.
- That is?

She's emotionally crippled, uptight.

- Uptight?
- Yes, uptight.

She's not interested in sex at all.

That's incredible.

Just think how much
she must have drunk the other night,

she usually interrogates
the men she meets.


She asks their first and last names,
address, social security, the lot.

She sends them all running,

after her separation,
she gave up on men.

It's crazy if I think about
what she did to me.

She was suddenly, completely naked
in front of me,

touching me everywhere.

- Too much information.
- Sorry, I shouldn't tell you this.

No, you shouldn't.

That bitch of a girlfriend
of mine always said I'm sad,

but look at the effect I have on women.

Luca, can I give you some advice?

Lucia isn't the woman
you met the other night,

forget about her,
you'll only be disappointed,

big time.

Why did your girlfriend leave you?

- She knows what she wants, I don't.
- That is?

I have a theory about women.

So young?

Women know what they want
from when they're little.

For example, since kindergarten, Matilde
has always seen herself as a doctor,

on the ward with a stethoscope
around her neck.

Then in 20 years she'll end up
like my mother,

who kicked my father out because
he didn't live up to her expectations.

So, I think women spend the first
part of their lives making plans

and the second part undoing them.

Oh, God, the story of my life.

- How old are you?
- 19.

Only 19?
Holy Mother, jailbait.

Nearly 20.

Did what happened the other night
traumatize you?

- No!
- It's all you talk about.

Maybe you need help,
talk to a shrink, some pills?

You're not going to tell your mother?

As if!

Please, don't tell anyone.

Your girlfriend dumped you, that's why
you went for an old woman like Lucia,

but forget about her
and make up with your girlfriend.

- She's with someone else now.
- Someone else?

She's with someone else,

but you've had an important experience
with an extraordinary, sensual woman,

that should give you confidence
with your girlfriend.

- She's with someone else.
- I heard you.

But you can get her back, and anyway
you've got to forget about Lucia.


She lost her head for a night
but do you know what she needs?


I'll tell you what she needs.

I checked,

he's of age.

- Who?
- Luca, that boy.

Have you seen him again?

I found him outside my house,
looking for you.

I bet, after what you did to him...

So what did you do to him?

Like I can remember...
I must have done something to him.

You know, we spend
the first part of our lives making plans

and the second part undoing them.


Luca said it, the kid.

I told you he seemed older.

Anyway, there was a doctor.

A doctor?

The girl who dumped him goes around
with a stethoscope on her neck.


Don't worry, he won't be back.

Why not?

I did what you do to me,

I told him that you dream
of finding The One,

a kind, gentle, strong man
whom you can take home for Christmas.

When I got to the school recital,
he jumped on his bike...

and fled.

19 years old, can you believe it?

- You nearly went to jail!
- No, you would have gone to jail.

- Me?
- Yes.

Every night I close my eyes
and see you naked.

Again? Listen, you're crazy,
there's been a mistake.

I know what you're hiding
behind this uptight manner.

- Uptight?
- Maria told me, let me come up.

- Will you get your hands off me?
- You liked them the other night.

No, believe me, I didn't.

You need to forget about
the other night, it never happened.

We're in public,
you're a teenager, go away!

You're not like this,
you seem sure of yourself,

but it's not true, I know.

Shut up!

I can't study, I can't sleep.

I can't get what we did out of my mind.

Will you stop shouting?

We did it four times
in less than two hours.

How many?


Let's start over:
first name, last name, profession.

What's so funny?

You're asking me all that
after what we did.

We didn't do anything.
First and last names.

Luca Morini, last year of high school.

- Family?
- Only child, my mother's separated.

- Your father?
- He left when I was little.

He's a doctor, but I never see him.

- A doctor?
- Yeah, why?

No, nothing, how old is he?


Why don't normal things happen

What am I doing with a kid when
I could have met a man in a white coat.

My father's depressed,
I'm much better than him.

He'd never have come home with you
after what you did to me in the club.

Will you stop it?

Luca Morini,
I've got to tell you the truth.

- What's so funny?
- Luca Morini?

You sound like my teacher.

I'm crazy about you.
Maria told me.


That you interrogate men.

- Is that what she said?
- We were sitting there.

What else did she say?

That night you must have had a lot
to drink, you're usually a block of ice.

Oh, really?

- But you melted with me.
- Stop it.

- Go away, everyone knows me here.
- Let's go to my place.

- My mother's never home.
- Please!

So Maria told you
lots of other stuff about me?

Yeah, she absolutely
didn't want me to see you again.

Oh, really?

But I did anyway.

What did she say exactly?

That you've given up on men,

that you're not interested in sex

and that I would have been heading
for a big disappointment

if I saw you again.

She said that?

But I didn't believe her.

Come on, let's go to my place.

- This is a mistake, I'm going.
- Come on.

You're sure she's at work?


No, I'm outta here.

You're staying.


She's very neat, your mother.

A maniac.

She organizes everything, controls
everything, knows everything.

I've got a theory about people
who are always tidying up.

What is it?

In the first part of their life,
they were messy.

Then they got hold of the vacuum
cleaner and cleared everything out.

They tidy up so you can't see
the mess they've got on the inside.

You coming?

I slept in her bed until I was 12.

That's why you like older women.

"I never see you,
let's spend some time together..."

Once, the plumber was at the door,
"Where's the man of the house?"

She appears and says, "There's only one
man in this house and that's me."

Get the picture?

Congratulations on how you turned out,
no heels and lipstick!

You're amazing, let's go.

My mother doesn't come in here, the last
time she tried I kicked the door in.

- Really?
- She never did it again.

Looks like a bomb's gone off in here.

- Who's that, your father?
- Yes.

- Handsome guy, the doctor.
- I'm better.

- You do Japanese wrestling?
- Korean, taekwondo.

I'm a red belt, I know all the moves,

but I still have to learn
a little self-control.

What are you doing?

- Are you scared of me?
- No.

But I'd better explain it to you.

- I'm not who you think I am.
- I know.

You're looking for The One.

But the other night,
when you picked me up...

Let's do it again!

Why don't we just sit
and have a nice chat?

You're embarrassed
because you're older.

What's 20 years' difference?

Touch me like you did the other night.

Touch my nipples.

Wouldn't you rather I cleaned
up your room? I'm good at that.


Don't be embarrassed.

We've already done it.

Yes, four times.

I don't know if I can repeat that.

How the fuck do you undo it?

The second hook.

- You saw him again?
- He was waiting for me downstairs.

He started yelling in the street,
what could I do?

- He's very passionate.
- Passionate? What did you do?


I asked him about his family.

So, how did you leave things?

Nothing, we said goodbye.

What do you expect to happen between
two people with a 20-year age difference

who slept together once by mistake?

Excuse me a moment,

I'd like to remind you
he did it with me.

Of course, with you, sorry.

I must say he's cute.
Anyway, it's all under control.

I told him I was going away for work,

not a tour, because you're the singer.

Are you laughing?

You can't carry
a tune to save yourself.

Know what he said to me?

If I'd been as enterprising
during the day as I was that night,

he would've been scared
and run away.

Is that what he said?

Yes, that's exactly what he said.

- There's no service, I can't hear you.
- I can hear you.

I can't hear you,
there's no service, bye.



Your strict mommy?

She thinks that all I can do with men
is have sex.

Why, you find men to have sex with?


Fantastic, good for you.

But I can also see a man
and not even touch him.

What's so hard about that?

What's so hard about that?

I thought about your theory on plans.

You're the first person I've met

who can do an X-ray
of all my fuck-ups in three words.

What fuck-ups?


What do you say?

Want to leave?

I was going to suggest it,
but I didn't want to offend you.

For me, this music's a little...

Of course, I sing it,

but I understand
that to the untrained ear,

it's not the best of entertainment.

Kids, a little silence, please.

I'm sorry.


You know what?
Let's get outta here.

What do you say? Shall we go?

Easy does it, goodbye,
sorry to disturb you.

Lovely music, goodbye.



There's the asshole.

- Who is he?
- Her ex...

- My ex-husband.
- Him?

Yep, him.

He's such a dickhead.

And you married him?

Yes, you know,
one of those plans we make?

He played awesome sax,
he had a way with women

and I fell for him, as they say.

At your age I was boy crazy.

Quite right.

But they thought I was too easy.

Do you think men
are scared of someone like me?


maybe they're scared.

Actually, I did overdo it sometimes,
I'd be with two or three at once.

You didn't know which one to choose.

Actually, I had a bad reputation

and so I became a good girl,

I got married to settle down,
but to someone who wasn't suitable.

The saxophonist.

Yes, him.

And then we had two kids.

You have two kids like Lucia?

Everyone has two kids,
simply everyone does.

Then, as you say, I started to undo
my whole life, piece by piece

and as I was undoing it
some pieces got broken.

I should have met you
before you started planning.

But you hadn't even been planned yet.

- I really like talking to you.
- Talking's very important.

With you I understand lots of things.

Me too.

Be nice, take your hand away.

Thank you.

- Sorry.
- Don't worry.

Shall we go?

- Will we see each other again?
- Better not.

- To talk, just to talk.
- Just to talk.

You like that, huh?

My neck!

Listen, we can't.

Sorry, but the handbrake's
sticking in my back.

I can't do this.

We can't, come on.

This isn't me.

- Let's go up to my loft.
- Your loft? Come on...

I'm sorry, no, it's late.

What time is it?

Shit, it's midnight!
I've got to go.

- You want me to escort you?
- On your bike?

I have a test in Latin tomorrow.

Don't say that again.


So, your dad's single and a doctor?

You want to know what I think of him?

Yes, but there are so few of them
left... don't talk him down too much.

As a kid I remember him like this:

he'd come home late, after we'd eaten,

my mother would be sitting
in front of the TV

and she'd tell him
there was food in the kitchen.

He'd come into my room
just to say hello

and from the other room
you'd always hear her call out,

"Let him sleep,
he's got school tomorrow."

I'm doing the same thing
with my kids.

Why do we all
turn into such pains-in-the-ass?

He never had the nerve to say anything
to her and do you know why?

Because she already knew
how to do everything.

She earned more than him,
was smarter,

what did she need a husband for?

But I needed a father.

And now she complains
because she's on her own.

Maybe he always left her on her own,
he was never there,

he worked a lot, maybe he cheated
on her with the babysitter.

What babysitter?

Who's that?

Who are they?

- He must be a friend of her son's.
- Her oldest is eight.

I don't know, probably fans of mine,

admirers, you know, with the concerts...

- A nephew?
- Of course, it's obvious.

Some nephew!

- Maybe they've seen you sing.
- Maybe.

Say hi, you hurt their feelings.

Yes, I've hurt their feelings.

Don't look at her.


She's sending kisses,
she's lost the plot.

Coffee... thank you.

I really want to hear you sing.

- Me?
- Haven't you made a CD?

You know, with jazz we improvise.

I'll be in the front row
at your next concert.

I sing out of town a lot.

- Come on, there are kids here.
- What do you care?

The ball!


Here it is!

What's he doing, playing soccer?

With kids?


Sorry I'm late.

- How did it go?
- What?

- The tour.
- Yeah, good.

- What are you reading?
- A friend gave it to me.

- And who's this friend?
- A guy I like to talk to.


But I shouldn't see him anymore, maybe.

At last someone you can talk to...

- But what if I sleep with him?
- If you do, you do...

- Do I know him?
- No, he's a guy from the office.

A co-worker.

Good morning.

What's good today?

I'll get you some menus.

Thank you.

Anyway, you were right,

I've been with quite a few men,

but who I am, what I want,
that I don't know.

Sex doesn't help you
understand anything.


It can give you some clues.

What's with you?

I'm seeing someone.


I slept with him
the first time we saw each other.

- You?
- It's all we do.

Good, actually, I kind of figured...

- But I have to break it off.
- Why?

Because it's not right.

- But it's very right.
- It's not right, he's too...


Listen, you're beautiful,
you're relaxed, you're smiling...

I don't know who he is, but don't let
him get away, he's doing you good.


You think so?

I'm so into you, Lucia.

You know you're a bit of a slut?

Don't you dare, or I'll leave.

Come on.

You told me sparks flew
with your ex-husband,

that he was a stud.

- Why did you break up?
- I don't want to talk about it.

Luca? You home?

At this hour? What the fuck's
she doing home at this hour?

What the fuck am I doing here?

Are you there?

They're yours.

Yes, can you knock?

Sorry, I always forget.

How are you? Still got that cold?
Get any studying done?

I am studying.

Sorry, I won't disturb you.

Tania told me
they advised her daughter

to focus on the essays,
that's what impresses the teachers.

How are you with the essays?

What a nag!

- Are you home for dinner?
- No.

- Are you going out with Matilde?
- No.

Aren't you seeing her anymore?

She's such a nice girl, she was good
for you, she calmed you down.

I'm going to get dinner ready.

See? She was good for you,
she said she calmed you down.

We have to stop seeing each other.

Sometimes I want to kill her.

Don't exaggerate.

Hi, Mom.

- How are things?
- Good.

- Work?
- Why do ask?

- Why are you being so nice?
- No reason.

Same old same old.

I'm going through
a new phase in my life.

I'm singing.

- What, you sing?
- I sing.

- It's not that hard.
- At your age? I mean, our age?

You can't start earlier, the vocal cords
need to shed their coat.

Like dogs?

Right, they're not ready and it takes
time to find your own voice.

- And that boy?
- He discovered my talent.

At an amateur night,
he's my vocal coach.

- So young?
- No, he's already quite old.

Coaches are usually much younger.

But have you...?


No, he gets me to do exercises,
vocal exercises,

arpeggios, trills,
he gets me to open up my diaphragm,

my ribcage...

breathe in, breathe out,
breathe in, breathe out,

breathe in, breathe out.

I want to try it too.

To sing.

Then try.

See? Where do I throw it, sorry?

- You just put it there?
- Of course.

Of course?


Just as well, you were a block of ice.

Are you asleep?

Two bodies are attracted to each other
with force and intensity

directly proportional
to the product of their masses

and inversely proportionate...

What are you doing here?

Resume your distance, thank you.

The distance, thank you.

The universal law of gravity...


No, stop, I just got dressed again.

God, if my mother saw me!

- Your mother?
- Everyone's got one.

- Do you know why Matilde left you?
- She likes someone else.

No, because you didn't know
how to handle her.


You needed to let her talk,
but also to tell her to be quiet,

understand her, explore her feelings,

but also take her and make love
to her in a primitive way.

You pound your chest and shout,
"Me Tarzan, you Jane!"

Me Tarzan, you Jane!

With her, not with me, and then do stuff
that you know how to do.

Do you think you can manage
this trip to the Stone Age every night?

Take her stethoscope off
when you make love

and let her talk, talk.

Let's talk a bit.
What were you like as a kid?

I don't know, what was I like?

I was insecure,

I thought I was ugly.

When I was a teenager, my mother
always kept a stern eye on me.

I'd be looking at myself in the mirror,
hair down? No, beware,

because it would attract boys.

My breasts were growing,
chest in, because it was provocative.

Once, when she was changing
the sheets on their bed,

my mother actually said,

"Your father stinks, the smell of men,
steer clear of it."

Do you believe it?

What did you do?


I stink!

Mom was right!

You found your husband
in bed with the babysitter?

Yes, and she wasn't even that pretty.

And you didn't cheat on him?

You said you liked fooling around
when you were young.

When I was single, not when
I was married, I made a vow.

I became serious, I worked hard,

I stayed late.

I'd say to him, "Get the babysitter
to stay and give you a hand."

- Sure enough.
- She gave him a hand all right.

When I caught them in bed
I thought it was my fault.

Your fault?

My fault.

I always think there's
something wrong with me.

When did you break up
with your first husband?

He was an asshole.

Tell me about him.

- No, I don't want to.
- Why not?

When I lost the baby.

What happened?

I don't like thinking about it.

I want to know.

I was always traveling for work,
changing cities, hotels,

we'd be together for a night, then he'd
leave, we were free, we were happy.

Then I got pregnant.

I was so happy, I'd never felt happiness
like that before.

My belly was growing,

the baby was moving.

He was born...

beautiful, healthy.

He showed up the day after the birth
with a bunch of flowers,

but he didn't even look in the cradle.

A week later he went away for a gig.

I can't forget the feeling of my baby's
lips while I was feeding him

and my husband looking at us without...

without desire, without friendship.

One morning I went to get him
from his cradle,

he was good, he never cried.

He was asleep,

but he was all cold.

He died just like that?


it happens sometimes,
the doctors don't know why.

What was his name?

What a beast your husband was,
I'd never have left you alone.

Because you're just a kid.

Are you saying all men are the same?
I'm not.

Because you're still young.

Anyway, he was a great musician
but an asshole, a little man.

- A musician?
- Yeah.

He played the sax.
Bye, big man.

- The sax player was your husband?
- Yes, I told you.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?


So do you think all men
are assholes like him?

No, they're all like that.

Where's the other kind?

Where are they hiding?

Come out!

Are you crazy?

Right, there's you.

Sing something for me.

I'm embarrassed.

You're embarrassed?
Are you a singer or not?

Yeah, but I have to warm up,
I have to trill.

Don't trill, sing!

- But not lying down.
- Sing!

Don't strangle me, I'll sing.

The chorus, though.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?
No, not lying down...

- Maybe...
- You want to do it standing up?

No, not standing up.

Not standing up.

Get this shirt off.

Come on, oh my God...


We're in training,
you have to take it easy.

If you can't control yourself,
change sports.

Do it again and you're out
of the competition.

- Are you following me?
- I want to tell you something.


You never made up your mind
about anything, it got on my nerves,

but I don't know
if I want all that stuff anymore.

Save it for the accountant.

I don't even know why I'm seeing him,

or why we broke up.

I'll tell you why, Matilde.

Because you know what you want to do,
but you want a man who's safe,


I know where to take you on vacation,
where to go tomorrow, what job I'll do.

Are you scared?
You can lean on me.

Your fucking idea of security.

All it does is put me down,
make me scared.

That's why you left me.

Are you seeing another woman?


Two of them.

I've got to go.

The kids?

That's right.

- Oh, God, I have to run.
- To rehearsals?

We get on so well,
why don't we move in together?

Are you nuts?

- We have to stop seeing each other.
- You say it...

No, this time I'm doing it,
or else I'll end up in jail.

You should be with girls your own age.

Girls don't know so much stuff.

Oh, God, if I think you're
only ten years older than her kids...

than my kids...

And what will I tell my kids,
can you tell me that?

The truth is, given the lack of real
men, you go for young guys.


I cut myself before...


- Gosh, did you call in the cleaners?
- No, I cleaned up.


- How are you?
- Good.


- Did you cook?
- Yes, baked pasta.

So we can hang out and talk.

You look good dressed like that.

- The tour?
- Good.

- The kids?
- They're fine.

They're fine.

Listen, Maria...

I've got to tell you something.


You know that boy, that guy...

that individual with whom...

Are you still together?

Yes, actually.

I knew it was serious!
Is that why I haven't heard from you?

Well, because you were so...

with the new sweater, pussycat!

Great, I'm glad, I haven't seen you
like this for ages.

You look good, all relaxed,

kind of breezy.

But as usual I've screwed everything up.


Remember that b...

that person?

I tried to make it all about relating,
about dialogue,

but then in the end...

You slept with him?

In the end...

It's only normal, at a certain point.

No, it's not normal.

- Is he married?
- Worse.

Worse, I don't want to think about it.

What's he like?

The problem's not what he's like.

Who's that?


- Oh, God!
- Good evening.

Where are you going?
I told you not to come here.

Because of the kids, I know.

A nice dinner between friends.


Whose is this?

You sneaky bitch!
When were you going to tell me?

- What about you?
- Me what?

I was going to tell you,
I was trying to.

You're always preaching to me,
making me feel like shit,

for once I listened to you
and you do it with a kid?

My kid!

Who decided to bring this kid home?

The truth is there wasn't anyone left,
you'd done them all.

You always know how to behave,
you're always ready to judge.

I might be a bit of a slut
but at least I'm alive!

You're nothing because you feel nothing,
never a mistake.

Well, I finally messed up.

You said I was cold, uptight,
well, I warmed up.

You preach to me
and then you go and steal my man.

- When?
- When you came to live with me.

- You're not well.
- You were making eyes at Sergio.

You didn't notice, but he told me.

Are you out of your mind?

I wouldn't do it with your poor idiot
husband even if I were dead,

a guy who runs off with the babysitter,
a complete asshole.

Do you remember that pig you chose?

"He's a genius, he plays awesome sax,
I love him, he loves me."

All bullshit, you never knew
who you were dealing with.

And you've always known
who you were dealing with?

A doctor with a certain experience,

a man of a certain age.

A kid!

It could have been anyone else,

you would have made up
everything anyway,

because for you every man is the right one,
and then you get in trouble

and you call me in tears,
and then you do it again.

It's so fucking boring, Maria!

Calm down.

At least I got you to say things
you've never said to each other.

Keep out of this.

You're just a kid
who got caught up between us

at a very difficult time in our lives.

Now I get it...


Little son-of-a-bitch knew everything.

I did. Are you both married
to the sax player?

You've never told each other anything.
Fine friends...

You should be grateful to me,

before me you didn't
have a man between you.

It's gone to his head.

You act tough, Lucia,
you're as lonely as she is.

Listen, Luca.

What am I discussing this
with a kid for?

Stop calling me a kid!

Take it easy, step back.

Stay in your place.

I understand you might have taken us
for a couple of crazy women.

And he'd be right.

But you caught us in a very delicate

moment in our lives, otherwise
we'd never have slept with a kid.

Shut up, both of you.

Lost your voices,
not calling me a kid anymore?

I could hurt you!

At 14, I could split boards,
one blow and you'd both shut up!

Will you stop talking?
This is what you want.

I tried, I tried to tell you
I was different from my father,

from your men,

but all you do is talk.

You talk, you judge,
but you don't know anything.

Why do you bust our balls
with all your fucking plans?

We need to use our muscles on you,

or else we end up on the mat,
like my father.

"You're just a kid,
you don't know anything..."

And what the fuck
do you know about me?

I always knew that sooner or later
I'd come to a bad end because of you.

You slept with him too.

- When are the kids back?
- Tomorrow.

He was such a sweet and lovely boy.

I read about a sweet and lovely boy

who got an axe
and exterminated his whole family.

What are you saying?
No whispering.


I promise, nothing.

And then you start crying.

I'm scared.

"Poor me, without a man,

what have I done to deserve this?"

What you've done wrong is to not
understand anything about me.

You want to control me
as if I were a kid,

then you want me to be strong.

Then you want me to fuck, no don't,

you want me to talk, be quiet.

You want to work all day

and know what's going on at home!

Oh, God!

- He hurt himself.
- Wait.

Maybe it's a taekwondo cry, it gives him
energy and brings him back up.

My foot! Do something!

He's hurt.

Where does it hurt?


Wait, go.

Put up with it.

Sorry. Poor little thing.

Should I hold it like this?
Am I doing it right?

It's swelling up, get some ice.

Get some ice.

Come here.

You need to keep your leg up.

- It hurts.
- Of course it hurts.

You really need to learn
some self-control.


Do you really think this is strength?

Breaking boards
and yelling in Japanese?

- Korean.
- Whatever.


- You're putting peas on him?
- I didn't have any ice.

- Haven't you ever got anything?
- Can I help that?

Here, be good, drink this.

And anyway, you've got a plan too,
my dear Luca.

Poor thing, leave him alone,
can't you see he's in pain?

What do you mean?

You want to kick all the girls with
stethoscopes around their necks,

who are capable, ambitious
and know what they want.

And another kick for all those mature
women who are lonely and full of regrets,

and who've done away with men
like your father.

You need to grow up, Luca.

But he's only 19.

They grow up more slowly these days,
they're ten years behind.

Don't say that,
that's 30 years younger than us.

Stop it!

- What did you give him?
- Painkillers, in drops.

I give it to the kids too.

How many did you give him?

The whole bottle.

He's a man, right?

Or else he wouldn't have calmed down.

Did you drug me?

She did.

Today's my birthday.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday,
we should celebrate.


Twenty is already a good age.

I feel much older.

You are much older,
you're more mature and intelligent

than a lot of men I've met.

I remember the night we hooked up.

You're also on your own
and you need love just like us.

Oh, God, Maria!

Shut up, Lucia, let me communicate.


No way, that's too much.

It could be an idea.


Come on, Luca, it's time for school.

- But it's Sunday.
- You need to study to graduate.

You're already quite far ahead
as it is, though.

Now we'll go get a cappuccino,
like we've been doing for 20...

since before you were born.

To talk about what could happen
to us but never does.

- Can I come with you?
- No!

So, tell me, whose kids are they?

Ours, like the house.

You'll never know and that's something
else you need to understand,

you always get two for one.

Oh, God!



Can I talk to you for a moment?

Yeah, sure.

What are you doing here?

The girl.

Are they the two...?

No, they're...


His aunts.

Nice to meet you, I'm Aunty Lucia

and she's Aunty Maria.

Nice to meet you.

You must be...

The one with the stethoscope
around her neck.


Our nephew has told us
so much about you.


I'm sorry, ladies, I thought...

I thought...

I thought...

I thought something really ridiculous.

All right.

What's she doing, laughing in our faces?
How dare she?

"I thought something
really ridiculous."

Why, what would you call it?

Wait for me.

He's letting her talk.

A lot.

I taught him that.

I taught him that.

You? I laid the way for you.

All right, whatever, better this way.

What will we get?

"Creamy mozzarella from Andria."

You know what really bugs me?

All that work ends up in the hands
of a 20-year-old girl.

It's only normal.

- Tits here.
- Shut up.

"Shrimp salad."

Just think what he'll be like
in 20 years.

- Don't think about it.
- You're right.


No meat, it's too rich.


Where's your girlfriend?

I prefer my aunts.

It's not good for you
to hang out with girls our age.

Oh, yes it is.

It's good for you two.

- Are you singing?
- Leave me alone, I love it.

- No, you're tone-deaf.
- It makes my heart beat.

We got it all wrong.