Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad (2022) - full transcript

Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad is a slogan near and dear to many Pakistanis. Nowadays, corruption sweeps across the nation that was once built upon on the basis of being pure and clean. Several institutions are infiltrated through bribery

This is a Police line.

An internal competition
is going on between each other

Who makes more bribe money
than the other

My father is also a police officer
but he is honest.

Well, son..


One's needs can be fulfilled
with honesty but not one's wants.

The rich have toys
to give to their children..

..while the poor only have stories.

And the story my father told me,

Give me money, father.

Was Unique.

- Only ten rupees?
- Oh!

First you tell me whose
picture is on this note.

Quaid-e- Azam The great leader.

Do you know why?

No, father.

Because he keeps an eye on us.

And when we misuse this money,
he gets upset with us.


Yes, father.

Remember that.
The great leader is watching us.

Come here, Gulab.
Let's play, carom.

'Remember that.
The great leader is watching us.'

No. You play.

What happened to him?

- No. You play.
- Get lost!

Give me a pack of biscuits, uncle.

'Remember that.
The great leader is watching us.'

He is so young and you
are already scaring him.

Good words don't have the
same impact on everyone, Sajida.

When it rains crops only grow
where the farmer has worked hard.

Only weeds grow in the other places.

- Come here. Come here.
- I'm coming.


"Ranjha. Ranjha."

"Ranjha. Ranjha."

"Ranjha. Ranjha."

"Ranjha. Ranjha."

"Ranjha. Ranjha."

They are bad people. The great
leader will get with them.


What are you saying?
Why will he be upset?

I am telling you the great
leader watches from the note.

He definitely gets upset with
people who misuses the notes.

My father told me.

- What are you saying?
- Your father is fooling you..

..so you don't ask him for money.

His father don't take bribe

Yes, that's why he is fooling him.

Look at him ... so naive

Come back, Gulab

I believed in the
story my father told me

..but stories are always
far from the truth..

..and the truth is close to facts.

The fact is that nobody
is watching anybody..

..and everyone takes
advantage of this.

Now it is up to us..

..whether we want
to give advantage..

..or take advantage.

Let me go, buddy.
Nobody is watching.

Fork out the money.


What will people say?

You are planning to sell liquor without
giving me my cut that too in my area.

Hurry. Hurry.
Seize all these bottles of honey.

Hurry up. Hurry.

That was fun, sir!

Hurry up!

- Sir.
- I told you not to touch Nawab's business!

These are the hands of the law.

If they remain free they
will surely GET ON something.

Else, what will people say?

Who does Gulab listen
to if not even you?

Only the great leader Quaid-e-Azam.


Welcome. Welcome.

- Sir.
- Hey, hey.

Why are you standing there?
Sit over here. Come.

Why are you embarrassing me, sir?
The matter is over.

The matter is far from over.
It has gotten out of hand.

In fact it has gone all the way up.

What is above you, sir? Handle it.

You can handle it yourself now.
You have been promoted.


No, sir.
You are kidding, aren't you?

Sir, this will be a big loss.

For you.

Never mind my loss.
Think about yourself.

Someone else will replace you.

Sure, somebody will replace me, sir,

but it won't be someone like me.


Then go. Do something.


I'll do something.

It smells of notes.

What are you doing?


Oh my god

Somebody save her.

What's the matter?

Sir, please save that girl on top.

She will commit suicide.

Sweety, don't jump!

- Her name is Sweety?
- Yes.



Sweety is adorable.

- She is Persian
- That is visible.

Does she understand Urdu?

Yes. I raised her.

Okay. Okay. Sweety.

Sweety. Don't jump, Sweety.

Don't jump, Sweety.

Sweety is afraid.

Don't be afraid, Sweety. Come back.

She is upset.
She can't simply come back.

Sweety. Sweety.

Be quiet! Else Sweety will jump.

- Be quiet. Sweety will jump.
- Okay. Okay.

Sweety. Come. Come on, Sweety.

Come. Come on, Sweety.


Oh! Sweety is safe.

- Sweety.
- Thank God.

Take her, aunty. Sweety.

Keep your balcony
door closed next time.

Thank you, my darling.

It's okay.

Sorry... come.

My name is not Sweety.

So, what is your name, Sweety?

- Greetings, father.
- Greetings.


I heard a board meeting had
taken place for the promotions.

How did it go?

Father, you know what happens
to honest Officers these days.

Even this time someone
got the promotion with a bribe.

Sometimes I get scared that I will also
be lost in this world of dishonety.

No, son. Don't be disheartened.

Remain the way you are

The path of honesty is difficult..

..but it is the only one
that reaches its destination.


Just wait and watch,
one day you will set an example..

..for the Police department.

Everyone will follow you.

Everyone will follow me and
I will follow the great leader.

Fun! Fun!

Shut up...

I am honored.

My house is blessed
since you rang the bell.

My bell will ring
if you don't help me.

The helper needs my help today.

What can I do?
There are many such things.

- Really?
- Seriously.

- Come.
- Come.

No more promotion,
now it will be a demotion.

Close your mouth!

- A fly will go in.
- Sorry. Sorry.

You did the right thing, my dear.

They are spoiled after
watching Indian films.

Forget it, aunty.
Tell me, is my parcel ready?

The parcel as well as this.

Oh, baby! O my God! Who are you?

Where did he come from?

I found him on the
road this morning.

I think someone lost it.

Put in on Facebook, my girl.

Don't worry, aunty.
I will find the owner.

Let's go.

- My parcel, aunty.
- Take this.

Thank you.

Stop.. stop.

Lets start !

What are you looking at?

I am looking at the
mobile you must have.

Out with it quickly. Out!

- Out! Hurry up!
- Okay. One moment.

- And look down.
- Okay, bro. Bro. Bro. Bro.

Look down. Out! Out with it!


Look at how she's dressed
and look at her phone.

You think we are stupid?

Sorry. Forget the phone. Take her dog.
The dog is very expensive.

- No. No. No. Don't touch the dog.
- Why? Why?

Please. Please.
One moment. One moment.

Look at this phone.

Brand new.

Hey. Take the phone.

A brand-new phone.

She gave the new phone
in place of the dog.

Such a burger girl

Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move! Thank you.

- Move! Move!
- What's going on here?

Move! Shut up.

What happened?
Was your phone snatched?

Shut up!

You okay?

Thank god

sir's promotion is cancelled.

just take it

Congratulations, sir!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Congratulations, man!

Eat it with this.



What's so good about it?

It is good news.

If sir remains here all
of us will get cream. Yeah.

I don't want it.

To hell with you!

- Welcome, sir.
- Wow! Wow!

It is a day of celebration.
Why have you kept these people here?

What will people say, Ronaq Ali?

Sir, he beat his wife and the wife
came herself to file the complaint.

Of course, sir. If the wife talks
back a man is bound to react, right?

And in any case,
there is no point in wasting time.

I know that you accept bribes.

I accept bribes,
my boy, but I also slap people.

- Put him in, Ronaq Ali!
- Yes, sir.

Listen to me, sir. What have I done?

Have you no shame beating your wife!

And then give so less bribe

I will fix you in jail


- Ronaq Ali!
- Coming, sir.

What is this?

It is loot, sir.

Sher Alam caught some robbers
at the corner early this morning.

Wow! Wonderful!
What will people say?

Everyone worked so hard on duty.
You all deserve it.

distribute this
amongst yourselves.

Hey, come quick. Come quick.

Send that lunatic too. Hurry. Hurry.

Come here. Come.

What happened?

Pick it up. Hurry. Hurry.

- Come on. Hurry up.
- Yes, sir.

One for wife and other is for life.

Take that. Mobile.

Sir. Give me my phone too. Sir.

I will be very grateful to you.

What will you do with the phone? There
is no mobile network in the jail, idiot.

But.. Brother.

Listen to me, brother.
Get my wife to bail me out.

Oh! Oh, Sweety.

Sweety is so sweet!

She loves all animals so much.

Imagine how much she
will love a human being.


"Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.
Chaos. Chaos. Create a chaos."

"Tantrum. Tantrum. Tantrum. Tantrum.
Tantrum. A tantrum took place."

"She broke the lock on my heart."

"She made me bankrupt."

"She came like a tsunami
and swept me away."

"She whirled me around
like a cyclone."

"She caused an earthquake."

The policeman got robbed."

"In the middle of the market."

After seeing your photo
for the first time."

The Policeman got robbed"

Listen policemen, its not required

"TO cast an evil
eye on my photo."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

In full swing

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

in full swing

"You are the first
episode of my love story."

"Wonderful! Fantastic!
You are overloaded with beauty."

"Get lost. I shall destroy
the end of your love story."

"I will dust you
away like dandruff."

Fully stared with anger

Left after publically embarassing me

"The policeman got robbed."

"In the middle of the market."

After seeing your photo
for the first time."

The policeman got robbed."

Listen policemen, its not required

To cast an evil
eye on my photo."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

" in full swing

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

In full swing

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

In full swing

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

"You showed me your
photo and robbed me."

"Robbed. Robbed.
Robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Robbed."

In full swing

I've been calling you since yesterday.
Where have you been, buddy?

What should I do?
My exams are going on.

Mama doesn't even let me play PUB-G
these days.

Okay, come here. Track my phone.

- It got lost?
- No, it was snatched.

Where was the small one?

Both of them were snatched.

You act so brave in front of us.

And handed both your phones
at the sight of the gun.

Shut up. Put this down.

Come. Track my phone and
you will see how I get it back.

Take my advice and send
the location to the Police.

Are you crazy?

Would my phone be snatched
if the Police could do something?

That is true.

The location it is showing is Hawk's bay
It is a very bad place.

Even gang wars take place there.

Thank you.
Send the location to this.

Are you insane? Where are you going?

What do you mean, 'where am I going?'
I'm going to bring back the phone.

I am going to tell aunty.

Don't you dare tell aunty!


She let her phone get snatched.

The lunatic will get
my phone snatched too.

Let me send the location.

You lost,

No no, you are cheating ...

C'mon you do that everytime you lose

Lets play it again, this time I will win

Catch her!


Are you okay?

Run... Run

Catch him

Catch him.
Catch him. Catch him. Catch him.

You? What are you doing over here?

I came to retrieve my phone.

You are a very brave girl.
You should have been a Policewoman.

Would my phone have been snatched
if the Police were of any use?

The public cannot see
the work that the Police do.

Thank you so much.
How did you get hold of this?

Oh, I.. I came here
to recover your phone.

I received news over the wireless,
that your phone is here.

Anyway, never mind that.
Let me drop you home safely.

No, thank you. I have my own bike.

Then you drop me.

Sher Alam,
is double seat permitted now?

- Long ago, sir.
- It is permitted.

Let's go.

Let's go.

I do not use any
official item past 5 PM.

Not even my uniform.
I change it the moment I reach home.

Where do you want to be dropped?

Where are you going?

I have no problem. Tell me where you
want to go and I will drop you off.

I don't have a problem either. I
will get off wherever you are going.

you ride the bike well.

He is such a clingy person.

- Did you say something?
- No.


Yes. Hello, Bilal.

No, how can you..

No. How can you go now?
I am coming home right away.

I miss you.
I have so much to discuss with you.

Look, you have tea prepared
by mom and I'll be there soon.



- Who is Bilal?
- My boyfriend.

Please ride fast.

What did you say over the phone?
You are so late.

My Mother will Scold
me because of you.



- Stupid idiot!
- Phone. Phone. Phone.

- Come in!
- Coming, mom.

Why don't you work at Jia's house.

Coming, mom. Count to ten.

- Will your father give the exam.
- Yes, coming, coming.

Your mother-in-law has
a very nasty temperament.

Will you manage?

None of your business.

I will put you in prison
under the child marriage act.


Take care.
She is your sister-in-law.

Hey! Come here.

I know that my poor brothers
don't have a roof over their heads.

People are starving to
death because of unemployment.

The coffers of the rulers who
are robbing the poor are filling up.

But I am one of you.

I am not working either
for America or for India.

I am only working for my public.

I am certain even this time you will
give me the chance to serve you..

..so I may serve my country
and my public even more.

Wow! That was enjoyable.

Thank you, sir.

You haven't written this.

But I found the man, sir.

Who is it?

Sir, you know that film,
'I won't go to Multan.'

I had it written by the
writer of that movie, sir.

I want you to do something.

Let this person write
for the whole campaign.

Okay, sir.

Also, sir, I got songs written
to entertain the public at the fest.

- Would you like me to sing for..
- Sing the songs to junior.

He understands it well.

- Okay, sir.
- Yes.

- Yes.
- Sir.

- Sit.
- You first, sir.

Grandpa. Grandpa. Look, father
got this for me. What do you think?

It is very good!
Come here, boy. Come here. Good boy!

This is Sajawal.

He will be the party's
Chairman after me.

In that case I should
become friends with him, sir.

Sir, you be friends with him.
I will be his friend.

In any case you will be retired by
the time Sajawal becomes Chairman.

Sorry, sir.

This time Sajawal will be
with me at the election campaign.


But, sir,
isn't Sajawal sir a bit too young?

DIG, a lion teaches its
cubs to hunt when they are young.

Wow! Wow!

Wow! Wonderful!
Wonderful, sir! Wonderful, Sajawal!

My preparations are complete.
Tell me about yours.

We are ready, sir.
Anytime you say the word.

I just want the place to be safe.

I hope you didn't leave any link?

Thieves leave links, sir.
The Police makes links.

Stay. Have tea before you leave.

I only eat on duty, sir.
I don't drink.

Else what will people say?

How can you stop me?
Even I was in the Police service.

- I have given 20 years to this department.
- Hey.

- It is every citizen's right.
- You..

What's the matter?

Sir, I-I.. bathroom.

It appears he is eating
a too much these days.

Why aren't you listening to me

- You.. Hey..
- I am going inside.

Sir, you can't go in
without an appointment.

- Move!
- Oh! Oh, sir! Oh!

Sir. Sir, I've been stopping him
for so long but he isn't listening.

He forced his way in.

Oh, alright. Go.

Yes, tell me. What is your problem?

Retired Inspector Munir Mughal, sir.

- May I sit?
- Yes.

Tell me.

What is going on over here, sir?

Even a thief is afraid
to steal in broad daylight.

And look at this, sir.

Look at this.

What are your Policemen doing?

They are coercing innocent
people to pay bribes.

They are selling their
integrity for 100-150 rupees..

..and they take the
great leader's name.

When taking the bribe they say,
'Long live the great leader.'

They have changed the
meaning of the slogan.

Even my son is in
Police service, sir.

- He hasn't earned one rupee illegally.
- Hmm.

Our department is running
thanks to such honest officers.


..what is your son's name?

SHO Gulab Mughal

Gulab? He is a very..
Honest and competent officer.

Wow ! You have raised him very well.

If it were in my hands I.. I..

I would have honored him
with a medal of honesty, sir.

- You have made me proud, sir.
- Thank you.

- Sir, load this on your phone.
- No, no. Give it to Gulab.

He will send it to me.

Please don't stop.

Anywhere you see such activity,
make the video immediately.

Of course, sir. Of course.

Be careful of your father
lest he makes a video of you.

But he will send it to you, sir.
Just delete it.


Very sharp! He is very sharp!

- Greetings, aunty.
- Greetings.


I-I found him on the street, aunty.
I think his mother is lost.

I thought I'd bring him here

- Is your daughter here?
- Yes.

You did the right thing.

My Jia is the mother
of all orphaned animals.


Incidentally, aunty,
I did not know you do not like this.

My likes and dislikes do not matter.

Kids these days have
a mind of their own.

Yes. Yes.

I was so keen on
her becoming a Doctor.

Look, she became a vet. -

Yes, yes. Yes.

- By the way, what do you do?
- I?

I am in the Police service, aunty.

You are a COP?


Policemen don't care
about human beings.

How come you are so
concerned about animals?

Good and bad people
exist everywhere, aunty.

Yes, yes. That is true
but a Policeman is very rare.

- Please open the door, son.
- Yes.

You? What are you doing over here?

This poor pup, I witnessed
his mother come under a car and die.

He was lying on the road
so I thought I'd bring him to you.

Take good care of him.

He's so cute! Come to mummy.

- Hey.
- Sorry.


Thank you. What did you tell mom?

- your mom..
- Congratulations!

We have one more pup in the family.

Here's your yogurt, mummy.

Let's go.

my mummy doesn't like animals.

In fact, she dislikes dogs the most.

She says if they are in
the house angels won't come.


Listen. Next time please
call me before coming.

- Write my number.
- Yes.

- 0300.
- Yes.

- 823.
- Yes.

- 1500.
- Yes.

- By the way, what is your name?
- Gulab.

Gulab. (Rose)

Of course. Parents always think
of their children as flowers, right?

So they gave me that name.
Out of love.

How sweet! Do you know,
I have a cat called Chameli.

I gave her that name. Out of love.

It is time to give
drops to Choochoo.

Excuse me.

Hi, Choochoo.

Come. Come.


Oh! Her drops are left downstairs.

- I see.
- Yes.

- Can you hold it?
- No.

Please. It won't do anything.

- Careful.
- Yes.



Mummy, have you seen
Choochoo's dropper?

Look in the drawer.
It must be around there.



Damn, where did it go? Damn!

Sorry. Sorry.


Take it.

- Sorry.
- Stop!

Who will clean all this mess?

"My heart goes boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom."

"I tell my heart to stop
stop stop stop stop stop stop."

"My heart says hush hush
hush hush hush hush hush."

"I tell my heart, listen listen
listen listen listen listen listen."

"If I so much as
take a glance of her."

"The area of my heart
belonged to her."

"If I so much as
take a glance of her."

"The area of my heart
belonged to her."

"If I give a ticket to her heart."

"There will be a discussion on her."

"Now that love has happened
it will grow slowly, slowly."

"My heart goes boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom."

"I tell my heart to stop
stop stop stop stop stop stop."

"There's nothing left
for my heart to rob."

"My heart doesn't listen no
matter how many curbs I put on it."

"It simply does as it pleases."

I keep getting attracted
she made such a knot

"I pull the strings of the heart."

"The heart is brazen."

"Everything that happened
here was stealthily."

"My heart goes boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom."

"I tell my heart to stop stop stop."

"I can't handle it."

"My heart keeps throbbing."

"This is new joy."

"It keeps changing its color."

"So I sway, dance and sing."

"I hope the joy doesn't kill me."

"I will fall asleep at the
Police station thinking of you."

"I wandered so far and wide."

"I brought you that
which is dear to you."

"Everything that you like."

"I like it too."

"I wish to always make you laugh."

"My heart goes boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom."

"I tell my heart to stop
stop stop stop stop stop stop."

"That time was fascinating."

"The stars,
butterflies, fireflies and I."

"I was thinking of you."

"The fragrance of flowers and I."

"Your scent of you
made my breath fragrant."

"I too have started
living in your style."

"She is not around
and yet I see her."

"Sometimes she is in front
and sometimes she looks away."

"I don't understand."

"What she wants."

"Sometimes she acts familiar,
sometimes a stranger."

"My heart goes boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom."

"I tell my heart to stop
stop stop stop stop stop stop."

Make one burger for me, aunty.
Without onion.


How many burgers do you sell a day?

I thank God a million times, son.
I get by very well.

Great! Wonderful!

Wow! I must say you
make very good burgers.

But starting tomorrow you will not
make these burgers over here.


Such a nice restaurant
has opened up across the road.

Where will people park their
cars when come to the restaurant?

That's why take this
elsewhere hereafter. Okay?

But, my boy, I have permission
from the Municipality.

Look. I have the documents.

You did not seek permission from
the Police though, did you, aunty?

The Restaurateur is a big shot.
He knows people in high places.

I have come in plain clothes today.
That's why I am talking politely.

If I get pressure from above
I will have to come in my uniform.

Then the Police will
use batons and breakage.

You will suffer a big loss, aunty.

What will people say then?

The cart is intact now.
So park it elsewhere.

You don't need to panic, aunty.

Take this.

Tomorrow, okay. Yes.

What is this?

What is all this?

- Father, actually..
- Do not lie!

Tell me where this money came from.

Right from childhood I taught
you only one lesson. Honesty.

You failed in it.

The uniform that made me proud,
you wear the same uniform to steal.

You take advantage of innocent
people's vulnerabilities.

I saved up one penny
at a time to raise you..

..and you are accepting
that which is dishonest.

I spent every moment teaching
you about the honor and reverence..

..of the great leader.

How dare you hide your dirty money
behind that great leader's picture!

Tell me! How dare you!

- Tell me. Tell me. Why did you do it?
- What is the big deal?

What is the big deal
if I kept the notes..

..behind the great leader's picture?

Isn't the great leader's
picture on those notes?

Isn't the great leader's
picture on dishonest notes?

Are the dishonest and
honest notes different?

I love the great
leader more than you.

Look at this.

Look at this.
Look at this.

I have placed it with
care in so many places.

This. This. Over here too.

Look at this. Look at this.

You ran away from them
and I ran after them.

You were honest, weren't you?
You spent an honorable life, right?

What did you gain?

What you gain by putting
us and yourself through this test?

Don't you recall you did not
have money for mother's medication?

When you raised me on penny's
did you ever stop to think..

..that my small wishes were buried
under the mountain of your ego?

I said nothing.
I never complained once.

What do you want now? For
me to spend my life like you did.

You want me to believe
the story you told me even today?

I am not ten years old, father.

Today nobody knows the great leader
you love from that picture of him.

They only know him.
Him. This is the great leader.

Long live the great leader!

You are right.

You are right.

What did I gain from being honest?


...I thought you alone
were my wealth..

..and today you are the
one who made me bankrupt.

Remember my words.
This money will be of no use to you.

The story I told you when
you were young was not a lie.

Move away.

Move away.

You don't even deserve to have
the great leader's picture here.


..an unfortunate father and you,

the father of the
nation have failed.

The system that I
wanted to change...

...has changed my son.

People see your
picture on the notes..

...but they forget to read..

..'Seeking an honest livelihood
is an act of worship.'


God, please perform a miracle
that will show everybody..

..the difference between
honest and dishonest.

I'm sorry, father.

You couldn't sleep all night
and I couldn't fall asleep either.

I am very ashamed.

I should not have spoken
to you in that manner.

You are annoyed with me, aren't you?

I did not mean to break your heart.

That's why..

That's why I kept
it secret from you.

Please forgive me.



You cannot leave
in this manner, father.

Father, you can't..

You can't leave without
forgiving me, father.




"Held the hand of the worldliness

"left your hand behind."

"My shadow was fake.
Your shelter was real."

"I have invited disaster."

"I lost your company
because of the path I chose."

"How did I manage to
shun myself on the path?"

"What kind of an illusion is this?"

"I fulfilled my wishes
by destroying your dreams."

"But when I dusted my hands
ash was all that blew away."

"I fulfilled my wishes
by destroying your dreams."

"But when I dusted my hands
ash was all that blew away."


"What kind of an illusion is this?"



"What kind of an illusion is this?"

- Sir.
- Fill it up.

Okay, sir.

What is this, sir?
Don't pay me if you don't want to..

..but don't give me fake notes.

Are you out of your mind?

See for yourself, brother.

The great leader is not on it.

Sir, it appears someone
has cheated you.

My money, br! Money!

Sir! I will lose my job, sir!

Thief! Police! Police!

'The story I told you when
you were young was not a lie.'

'The great leader
keeps an eye on us, son.'

'And when we misuse this money,
he gets annoyed with us.'

'This money will
be of no use to you.'

'Do you know whose
picture is on the note?'

'It is a picture
of the great leader.'

'I thought you alone
were my wealth..

..and today you are the one who made me bankrupt.'
'Bear in mind, son.'

'The great leader
keeps an eye on us.'

'God, please perform a miracle.'

'Do you know why the great
leader's picture is on the note?'

- 'Because he keeps an eye on us.'
- 'So people understand the difference...

...between honest and dishonest.

'The great leader is
the father of the nation.'

'You don't even deserve to have
the great leader's picture here.'

'Mother, what happens
if one misuses money?'

'The great leader
gets annoyed with him.

'And what happens if the
great leader 'gets annoyed?'

'Tell me.'

'What if I get annoyed with you?'

'It will hurt me.'

'Because you are my father.'

'And the great leader
is the father of the nation.'

Sit there quietly.

You've kept me here
for the past two hours.

So what? You might have
to sit even for four hours.

- Are you going to kill the innocent chap?
- Your tea, sir.

- We know how innocent he is.
- I don't want it. - Biscuits too, sir.

I don't want it! Take it away!


You are in the Police station.

- He was coaching.
- All of us saw how he was coaching.

He won't do it again.
Please forgive him.

- It is not his fault.
- Hey!

Whom you are talking to?

Easy. Will you stop shouting
or shall I put you in as well?

Tell me clearly how much
you want to release him.

- I told you ...
- Whats going on Bhatti?

Sir, he is here
to get the bird out.

Come in.

Please let him go, sir.
He is a student.

How much? How much do you have?

I have money, sir. I have it.

I have ten.

It is clean, sir.

- Sir, please..
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, let's go. Let's go.
Yes, let's go.

Hey, open up.

- Come on. Open up.
- Yes.

Open up. Hurry.

Open up.

Go straight home.

- My te..
- Come out.

Come, darling. Come, let's go.

- Do you want a drink?
- No, buddy. Give me a puff first.

Hey, wait!

Take this.

Keep it.

- Keep it.
- No, sir.

Please don't take him away, sir.

I have more, sir.
I'll give it to you.

I don't want it.

Put it back.

Take it. Keep it.

Check it.

What are you saying, sir?
I wouldn't doubt you.

Check it.


It's all here.

Show me.


Go. Go.

- Good man.
- Yes, buddy. Very good.

Let's party. Hold this.


Sir, a tobacco vendor
has been caught.

The MPA is making calls for him.

- Ronaq Ali.
- Yes, sir.

Can someone be annoyed
with another even after dying?

One will only know after dying, sir.


Have you ever thought about why the
great leader's picture is on notes?

Sir.. It is a Pakistani note.

Obviously it will have
the great leader's picture.

No, not that.
Another. Another reason.

Another reason..

Another reason, sir.. Yes!

Yes, sir.
Money is everybody's father.

The great leader is
the father of the nation.

- Do you have money?
- Yes, sir.

As long as you are around
my pockets are never empty.

- Show.
- Here. No. Here.

- Sit down.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Look, the great leader's
picture is on the notes..

..so he may keep an eye on us.

When we misuse the money, say
for bribery or Commision under the table

..he is watching us.
And he gets annoyed because of it.

Sir, please don't scare me.

By the way, sir,
what does he do when he is annoyed?

He disappears from the notes.

Sir.. He disappears from the notes?

He gets annoyed and disappears?

Sir, today you appear to
be in a fun mood after a long time.

I too have a new
joke from Shikarpur.

- Let me tell you.
- I am not kidding, Ronaq Ali.

The great leader is annoyed with me.

No, sir. He is smiling at you.

That's right, sir. Take a look.


You.. You don't believe me, do you?

- Sir..?
- Please go.

- Sir, the MPA..
- Please go.

- Sir, the tobacco..
- Oh!


Okay, sir.

Bhatti, don't go in. Sir is having an
important meeting with the great leader.

Ronaq Ali! Hey, Ronaq Ali! Wake up.

Whose pocket did you pick?
All the notes are fake.

Guddu is waiting outside.
His fees have to be paid.

You sleep all day long.

Wake up, I say! Wake up!

Oh, no!

Open the door quickly, sir.

- What's the matter?
- Sir. Sir.

You know what you said
about the great leader yesterday?

- Yes.
- It has happened.

- What happened?
- The great leader got annoyed.

- Come in.
- Yes.

Look at this too.

Oh my god

What is this?

- I've been calling for so long.
- Huh?

- Where have you been?
- I-I.. Nothing.

I know how you feel.

When a loved one is gone..

..one feels very sad.

If only the person could return.

If only.

But, Gulab, the fact is
that the person will not return.

Don't say that, madam.

Want to go out?

- Let's go watch a movie.
- No. No.

- I don't wish to go out.
- Okay. Then let's stay at home.

Huh? What will we do at home?

What will we do at home? We
will chat. We could watch a movie.

We shall cook food.

Alright, then let's sit here.
Here. Let's chat over here.

Sit. Sit.

Just a moment.

- Will we chat here all day long?
- Yes. Yes.

Any problem with that?
We shall chat over here.

- Is anyone inside?
- Where?

- In the room.
- No. No. No. Not at all.

- Then what was that sound?
- I didn't hear it.

I didn't even hear it now.

I did.

From where?

Jia. Jia. Look..

Why is the door locked?

Look, I can explain, Jia.

What can you explain? Who is inside?

Nobody is inside.

Open the door.

- Nobody is inside, Jia.
- Hello!

- Who is inside?
- Nobody is inside, Jia.

- Open the door.
- Jia. Nobody is inside.

Get the door open. Get it open.


- Seriously?
- No..

No. No. No. No. No. No.

We aren't like that, madam.
It's just that..

- What is this?
- Yes..

- So much money?
- The.. the..

- We raided a fake note factory.
- Yes.

- That's what it is.
- That's it.

But these don't even have
the great leader's picture.

- Exactly what they were printing.
- They were printing.

- We got there on time. - Yes.
- Really?

We are chasing bigwigs.

They are very dangerous.

- That is why we are hiding here.
- Yes.

- It is not safe for you to be here, Jia.
- Yes.

- Please go home.
- That's right.

And what about you, Gulab?

This is my job, Jia..

..and would go to
any lengths for my duty.

Me too.

Go to any lengths.

Sir, you have fooled madam.

At least tell me the truth.

- How did this happen?
- I told you, Ronaq Ali.

The great leader is annoyed with me.

Then He should have been annoyed with
you. Why did he get annoyed with me?

Because you did not believe me.

You mean to say
the notes of anyone..

..who doesn't believe
will become useless?

It's possible.

If he has corruption money.

How is this possible, sir?
I don't understand it.

And if it is true then
let's test it on someone.

On whom?

Listen. Stop demanding bribes.
The great leader will get annoyed.

If he gets annoyed he will
disappear from the notes. Yes.

And if I get annoyed
then you will disappear.

Understand? Now get out of here!

Hey! What are you doing?
I would have fallen.

How much further will you fall?

Aren't you ashamed of
yourself for stealing power?

One gets power when one
hooks the wire, not shame.

All the money you are saving
by stealing power will disappear..

..when the great leader
gets annoyed with you.


Mind your own business.
Where do these people come from?

Why are you adding dishonest
money to your honest money?

- You silly! Water is pure.

But the great leader
will get annoyed with you.



You're back? What is your problem?

You don't understand. The
great leader is annoyed with you.

I am going to beat you.

- Check your notes before you beat us.
- Yes. Check them.

Do it.



Where have they gone? Hey!

Oh Fish...

We made a mistake. We should
have demanded the bribe in dollars.

We would not have had this problem.

All our earnings are wasted.

What will we do, Ronaq Ali?
How will we survive?

Sir, we are daily wage earners.
We earn daily to eat daily.


Sir. Idea!

Hereafter we shall demand
things from people instead of money.

- What?
- Ration, yogurt, milk and fruits.

We rob people of food in any case.

Else there are so many banquet halls

Long live Sindhi biryani!

You are speaking nonsense,
Ronaq Ali.

We demanded bribes so honorably.

You want us to become beggars now?

Sir, don't you feel
we have become beggars?

You are single but
I have big expenses.

My son wants a car
and my wife wants gold.

How will I fulfill their demands?
I am too old.


Ronaq Ali.

- Ronaq Ali.
- Yes.


Yes, sir.

Ronak Ali.


Hereafter we will only
Use cards, no cash.

Fill it up.

I bet you aren't accepting the
card because you cheat on taxes.

We are getting late, sir.
We are going to the airport.

My cousin has to catch
the flight to America.

Then I'm sure you have dollars.

How much can I cheat
on taxes for 50 rupees?

12 dozen eggs,
40 big packers of milk,

- 35 kilos sugar.
- You dare to argue with a Policeman?

I will put you in prison
under penal code 803.

65 kilos of basmati rice.

Never mind the money, sir.
I don't want money from you.

Okay, give me five canisters.
Give me olive oil.

Give me a face massage.

I pray that God
blesses you both.

Give me.

I-I-I-I.. I-I-I-I am giving him.
I am giving him.

- I am giving him.
- Hurry up, sir.

- Hurry up.
- Take this.


I hope you GET destroyed!

You accept cards, don't you?

Cards are unacceptable.
I don't have the machine.

So, keep a machine.

You have done a very
big job for me, sir.

You deserve this, sir.

I don't want it.

- Sir, you have done a big job for me.
- I don't want it.

- I am happy to give it to you.
- I don't want it. - "Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

Hello, aunty. I haven't seen
your cart for the past 15 days.

Is everything okay?

It has been 15 days since the Police
forced me to move my cart, my dear.

They stopped my work.

Don't worry, aunty. I know a
Policeman. He will surely help us.

Just come to Victoria
Police station.

I tried reasoning with him but..

Who is this? She rode a motorcycle
to the Police station. By herself.

She is the.. um, what do you
call them? From the women's march.


They aren't called communists.

They are called womanists.

Brother, is Gulab here?

Yes, it is.

Inspector Gulab.

- Who are you?
- I am his friend.

- Friend?
- Yes, friend.

- Excuse me a moment, please.
- Okay.


- What?
- A girl is here.

She claims to be your friend.

What's the matter?
Is everything okay?

I have very important business
with you. There's a problem.

There's a lady in Main market.
She has a doner kebab cart.

She makes the most
wonderful doner kebabs.

Some dimwit forced her
to move her cart from there.

- And think about it. She had a permit.
- I'll be back in a minute.

Listen to me, Gulab.
This is the lady.

Aunty. Gulab. He will help us.

How will he help, my dear? He is the
one who forced me to move my cart.

He even threatened
to shatter my cart.


It's like this..
it's just that.. actually..

Actually what?

You are a liar.

You are cheating.

You are making a fool of me.

- Listen to me, Jia.
- Jia what?

Don't bother acting anymore.

I'm so stupid.

- Let's go, aunty.
- Listen to me, Jia.

I will correct everything.

Correct yourself first.

Ronaq Ali, you are older than me.

Even you didn't try to stop me.

May I say something, sir?
I hope you won't feel offended.

Why would you listen to me when you
did not listen to your own father?

You're right, Ronaq Ali.

I annoyed everyone.

The great leader. Father.

So much so, even Jia.

I don't know what to do.

Sir, there is only one solution.
We must placate everyone.





Why have you come here?

Please forgive me, Jia.

I forgive you. Go.

No, I won't go this way.

Just listen to me once.
Then I shall leave if you wish.

I am not interested
in listening to lies.

Would you like to
listen to the truth?

'Tell me why you did it?'

'What is the big deal
if I kept the notes..

..behind the great
leader's picture?'

'Right from childhood I taught
you only one lesson. Honesty.'

'You failed in it.'

Everything is finished, Jia.

I could never be the way..

The way father wanted me to be.

I told myself so many lies.
I deceived myself.

Perhaps that's why

Perhaps that's why I did
not get the chance to placate him.

No matter what I do now, Jia,

nothing will be right.

You have to make things right.

Even if I do, so what?

Father won't be able to see.

Gulab, we feel that the
people in the graves our asleep.

We are the ones who are asleep.
They are watching everything.

Do you know how many people we must
have accepted bribes from till date?

Why, sir? What's the matter?

We must return it to everyone.


"Mend your ways now, God's child."

- Shall I tell you?
- "What's gone is the past."

You took bribes from
all the cases...

- ...that are written in red ink.
"Mend your ways now, God's child."

"What's gone is the past."

- Look at the section and make the calculation.
- "Your land is no longer unhappy, it is happy."

"Your land is no longer unhappy,
it is happy."

Section 144.

- I must have taken at least 50000 rupees.
- "Take care of this nation"

"What are you preoccupied with?"

"How long will you remain astray?"

"Go ahead and get
on the straight path."

"From bribery."

"From stealing a few coins."

"Free yourself."

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

- The great leader has come.
- "Long live the great leader!"

One would think the great
leader has come on our notes.

He will.
He just needs to be placated.

"Your dreams will change."

- "Your aftermath will change."
- Section 307.

It was a case of
misappropriation, sir."

- "If your work is honest."
- 500,000

"Your aftermath will change."

"You must keep your heart happy."

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

This is the balance
sheet of your deeds?

It looks like the Panama Papers to me.

Did you feel ashamed
to demand a bribe?

Didn't you feel ashamed
to give a bribe, sufi?

- You recognize me?
- I can never forget you.

I could not celebrated my
wedding night because of you two.

Father. Mama is calling you.

I'm coming, son.

You did not celebrate
your wedding night?

Was she born on the night
of fortune and forgiveness?

- Oh..
- Go on a honeymoon.



"How long can you survive..

..on these pieces of paper?"

Sir, you worked so
hard to earn this money.

- "You can touch any destination."
- They were not our hard earned money.

- It was their hard earned money.

What about our hard earned money?

"Loved ones are remembered."

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

- Salary, Ronaq Ali.
- "Long live the great leader!

- Our salary.
- "Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

- Long live the great leader!
- "Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

- "Long live the great leader!"
- Sir, why are you so happy?

We received our salary.

Did you receive
it for the first time?

- No. I am withdrawing it for the first time.
- "Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

"Long live the great leader!"

Out with it.

Hey Oldman

Hey! Fork out the money.

Sir. I just got here, sir.

- Your daily drama never ends, bro.
- No, no, sir.

Please have a little mercy.
I haven't done any business as yet.

Your drama never ends.

- Shall I get it out of the till myself?
- No, brother. No!

Get away!


You better give me money now
else your business will be stopped!

- M I right sir.
- Take off your uniform.

Excuse me, sir?

Take off your uniform.

I didn't get it


It is very easy to flaunt
your position on Constables like me.

Go and beat up your seniors
if you have the guts!

Those who have ruined the system.

I only demand 100-200 rupees. Catch
those who demand millions of rupees.

Go and beat them
if you have the guts.

Strip them in front of everyone.

You are stripping me.

Are you out of your mind?
Have you gone mad?

What is going on?

The public is bound to bully us if
a Policeman beats another Policeman.

Why did you beat him?

Sir, he..

He was demanding bribes, sir.


Did he demand less?

Does one have to
demand a bribe, sir?

Huh? Is a camera running?

I hope you aren't recording this.

I have made up my mind, sir.
I will not accept bribes.

And you won't either.

You are going to dictate
what I will or won't do?

Yes, sir.

And if you don't listen
then I shall tell everyone.

What-What.. What will you tell?

That you wear the Official uniform..

..but you work for
robbers like Rana Sikandar.

You make money for him. You
change it from black to white.

You hide their dark deeds.

The poison coursing
down your veins..

..has spread through
the department, sir.

From top to down every
part has become useless.

And you? What are you doing?

You are an Inspector but you have
made as much money as a Minister..

..and now you possessed
by the spirit of honesty!

You are my dog. Every
time I ate I threw you a bone..

..and today you dare to bark at me!

Bear in mind when a dog goes
rabid and barks at his master,

it is shot!

And what if the same
dog bites his master?

Are you feeling very angry?

Every time I feel angry,
I come here and vent all my anger.



That is insanity.

- Try it.
- No.

What do you mean? Try it.

You will see it makes a difference.

Sorry. Let it come from the heart.

It's true.

It really made a difference.

See? Sometimes there
is logic in insanity.

In any case,
the mind doesn't work in anger.

You're right.

I should not have lost
my temper this morning.

The mind doesn't work in anger.

Now my mind is working.

Look at the things
one has to do to get votes.

If we get votes this time..

..then we will keep getting
notes for the next 5 years.

- But, Mr. Rana, in new Pakistan..
- Sir, Gulab is here.

Hey! Let him stay there.

Sir, I've kept him there
for the past four hours.

Send him in.

Yes, sir.

- But, Mr. Rana..
- It is election time.

A small spark can
kindle into a big flame.

We shall deal with him later.

So, doggy,
you sniffed your way here? Huh?

You were right, sir.

I am a dog, sir.
I am a scoundrel, sir.

I am a very cheap person, sir.
I am savage!

But, sir, please forgive me. Sir.

Please make a recommendation for me,
sir. Please, sir.

I made a huge mistake, sir.

I misbehaved with
a person like you, sir.

Everything I am today,
sir, and the position that I am in..

..is only because of you, sir.

I can't leave you in the lurch, sir.
I cannot leave you.

Get back!


So your balloon is burst? Huh?

You were leaping
very high this morning.

Has the spirit of honesty left you?

What honesty, sir?
My business is shut, sir.

- Oh!
- Sir.

I cannot express to you
what's going on with me, sir.

Sir, I haven't slept
for the past two nights.

- Oh!
- I take ten pills, sir,

and yet I cannot fall asleep.

I have become insomniac, sir.

Sir. But if I tell you even
you will lose your sleep, sir.

What has happened?

No, sir. No, sir. I don't want
to trouble you by telling you, sir.

Why are you creating suspense?

Just tell us simply.

You will suffer a big
loss if I tell you, sir.

You won't be able to take it, sir.

Hey, you want to be forgiven,
don't you?

Tell the truth. It's an order.

Sir, if I tell you..

..you will no longer be
in a position to forgive anyone.

- Will you tell me or not?
- Sir.

I'll tell you, sir.

- Tell me.
- Okay, sir.

But you have to make
me a promise first, sir.

Look, sir. You must believe me, sir.

You won't make fun of me.

Okay. Okay, alright. Alright.

Then tell us the correctly
and tell us the truth.

I promise you I will
not make fun of you.

- Sure, sir?
- Yes, yes, sure.

You know, sir, that my
father was an honest Officer.

During my childhood
he told me a story, sir.

He used to say..

And one day the great leader
disappeared from my notes.

Sir. You promised me, sir.

Sir. Sir. This is cheating.

Don't make fun of me, sir.


Sir. Please stop, sir.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

You dimwit!

Go to the Doctor.
I will pay the fees.

Because your notes are useless

Its ok if You don't believe me

Even I didn't believe it.


Oh. Thank you.

Big people, big heart.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, I gave you a massage
and you are duping me?




Hey, listen.
What are these preparations for?

For Mr. Rana's election procession.

This time we will take Mr.
Rana's procession.

Dance. Dance.

Tell me the truth. What is the game?
Whose hand is behind this?

Withdraw your hand first.

This is a uniform.

Look, Gulab, tell me nicely.
How will the notes get corrected?

Look, I have handled it so far.

If the great leader on
these notes doesn't return..

..then this will make you disappear.

- There is one solution.
- What?

You will have to apologize.

From whom?

Come on. Begin.

Come on!

Please forgive me, sir.
I made a mistake.

I am feeling ashamed.
I won't do it again.

If you ask in this manner
you won't even get alms.

How can you get forgiveness?

Put your heart into it.
Nicely. Plead.

Remember all the corruption
you have indulged in.

Come on!

Great leader, please forgive me.
I am very dishonest & Corrupt.

I have robbed this country.

I am telling the truth.

I did not spare anyone.

Neither children's schools,
nor the poor.

Neither the hospitals,
nor the parks.

I bled everyone.

He's Right

Please come back once.
Everything will be okay.

I will not make this mistake gain.

Babaji. You are aware, Babaji,
how helpless the Policemen are.

We have to do what their orders.

Please forgive me this time.

I promise you, Babaji, I shall offer
two sheets of flowers for your grave.


I will make a gold chandlier made.

Get up. Let's go.

These notes will get back to normal,
won't they?

You have to do one last thing.

What else do I have to do?

Return the money to the
people who it belongs to.

Sir, the money
belongs to the public.

It is public money,
return it to the public.

The great leader will return.


Long live Rana Sikandar!

Long live Rana Sikandar!

- Long live Rana Sikandar!
- Silence please.

Long live Rana Sikandar!

Respected Speaker, the subject
that I am about to discuss..

..might be offensive to some
of our friends sitting over here.

Quite possible they
will make fun of me.

Sir, have we thought about
the fact that this money..

..for which we work so hard, it has
the great leader's picture on it..

..and this is how we are
showing our respect for it?

Think about what
he must be feeling..

..when he sees his picture
squandering in prostitute houses..

..or being used for drugs..

..or seeing it distributed in
the name of bribery and commissions.

But now it is time think of proposing
the removal of his picture..

..from the notes to
maintain his lofty position.

Lest he gets annoyed with us
permanently and leaves these notes.

Order in the house, please.

Yes, yes.
Okay, okay. Cancel the celebration.

I don't understand
what has happened.

Come to Rana Sikandar's
house immediately.

- Why didn't you convert it into dollars?
- I'm sorry.

Will you father make
compensate for this loss?

Excuse me. You too.

What is this, Rana?

What kind of a ploy have you made?

The other day in the Assembly..

..you said that the picture
will disappear from the notes.

The picture disappeared.

Which magic wand do you have?

If I had a magic wand I wouldn't
simply make the picture disappear..

..I would make the
entire note disappear.

What do you mean?

I mean that all of us
are nude in this bathroom.

What happened with you
has happened to me as well.

But it's good. As always
we shall unite to resolve this.

How will we resolve it?
Will we print the picture on it?

No. We shall unite to
get the picture taken off.

Get the great leader's picture taken
off the notes. How is it possible?

This won't be so easy, Rana.
People will come out on the streets.

People will surely
come out on the streets.

Not against us,
rather in favor of us.

How's that?

This time we will protest
against corruption.

If we want to catch
people with black money..

..we must bring in new notes.

On hearing this people
will go crazy advocating for us.

In any case the public hates our
wealth more than their own poverty.

And what if they find out?

The public..

..only realizes..

..the difference between cheating
and heating once it has happened.

Let us inform you that deliberations
are being made for removal..

..of the great leader's picture
from notes in the near future.

The reason for this
change is the crushing..

..of the great leader's honor and
sanctity due to misuse of the notes.

It is found that all the parties are
of the same opinion on this issue.

Jinnah is our leader.

Who will uphold his honor if not us?

We get sentimental about everything.

Changing the notes
is a practical solution.

Have you seen how people
throw notes around at weddings?

And when the same money is trampled
by people you cannot bear it.

Look, there is one more
advantage of changing the notes.

And all the black
money will go to waste.

The Country's economy
will become better.

I don't want to talk to you.
I don't want to stay in your show.

I don't want to stay.


The surprising thing is that this
suggestion was made by a Politician.

What are you saying?

It is found that the public
is angry. They claim that..

Tell me something.

You have the great leader's
photo in your house.

One in my house too.

It is found in every Government
institutes and office.

If the public wishes to express
its love to the great leader..

..they should remove
his picture from notes..

..and put it up in their homes,
offices and schools.

They should love the great leader,
not the notes.

Look, a good idea should be appreciated
no matter who it comes from.

Corruption is the greatest
tragedy in our country.

One thing is certain economic reform
will come after this decision.

- Hello. What is the problem?
- There is no problem.

- Protocol has been imposed.
- Can't you see there's an ambulance at the back?

Once Minister Cars passes by we
will let the ambulance go.

It will take a little time.
Be patient.

- What is this?
- All clear.

Let them come.

Hey, madam. Madam.



Who do you think you are?
Are we your servants?

Your life is precious
but we are here for free?

You don't know the
meaning of basic rights.

You have no shame.

You are troubling human
beings as well as animals.

It's like this. Be it the city or
the jungle, I am in the Government.

Neither will your life be
spared by me nor will the animals.

What the hell

Don't come in front of me again.

they will shoot you.

Sir, I think we need to
increase security in the red zone.

Elections are nearing
and I think it's necessary..

Oh! Sir. Sir, I told him
a meeting was going in inside..

..but he isn't listening to me.

- Hmm.
- Sir.

I'm sorry, sir.

I need five minutes from you.
It's very important, sir.

Wait outside.
We will talk after the meeting.

It will be too late by then, sir.

I want a search warrant
for Rana Sikandar's house, sir.


I need a warrant to
search his house, sir.

But for what?

Sir, I have information that he has
concealed millions of illegal rupees.

Gulab, you are being overambitious.
This is not your job.

The Government has made departments
such as anti-corruption..

..and for this purpose.
This is not the job of the Police.

Then what is the
job of the Police, sir?

What is our job, sir?
Saluting to the Minister.

Escorting their vehicles
or providing security to them?

Slaving for their wives,
children and relatives?

Or restrain the public
on the streets for hours..

..to save five
minutes of their time?

Sir, for long the Police have been
doing the job that's not theirs.

And if we wish to do something
we are prohibited, sir.

Sometimes under pressure
of a phone call from someone..

..and other times
under political pressure.

Sir, they always have
their way with the Police.

A five year old Minister wields more
power than a cop of 25 years, sir..

..because Officers
like you restrain us.

Oh no, sir.
I will not be stopped today, sir.

I will not be stopped today.

Mr. Rana,
move the money to a safe place.

Gulab is gone crazy.
If he gets hold of even one note..

..your whole conspiracy
will backfire.

If you are fond of
lions get a stuffed toy.

Spare the animals in the jungles.

If you are fond of
lions get a stuffed toy.

Spare the animals in the jungles.

Animals have as much right
to freedom as all of us do.

We must ourselves build the
kind of world we want to live in.

The lives of animals are important
just as our lives are important.

Do you think that the animal
he has brought from jungle..

- ..is happy in this grand mansion?
- No!

- Is it happy in this grand mansion?
- No!

- Is it happy in this grand mansion?
- No!

This is how children turn out
if they study in English Medium schools.

Social media has turned everyone
into an activist these days.

Someone should explain to her
it must be enjoying himself inside.

A lion is not a decoration piece to
be kept at home for personal pride.

It get meat to eat
without having to hunt.

It must be sleeping in an AC room.

Feel how hot it is here.

- Go to the jungle.
- Release the lion!

Gulab, I want to make
a report against Rana Sikandar.

He has a lion in his
house and that is illegal.

I will go and release it in
the jungle. That's where he belongs.

Will you go to his house?

File madam's report, Salim!

It is time to barge
into Rana Sikandar's house.

Mr. Rana, the Police
have barged into the house..

..and Gulab is with them.

Stop him.
He must not get into the basement.

Yes, sir. Yes.

Hey! Nobody can enter this
house without Mr. Rana's permission.

Whose permission will you seek
when your Mr. Rana goes to prison?

Make way! We are here to raid
the place, not to ask for charity.

He is right.

He does not ask for charity.
He does business.

Grease his palms. He will cool down.

Although he isn't worth
more than 100-200 rupees.

Even you weren't worth
more than a meter reader, Rana.

Everyone knows how you went from
100-200 rupees billions of rupees.

Gulab! How dare you!

You are crossing your limits!

How dare you enter this
house without an order!

Go. Go. Good boy! Go.

Else I shall suspend you right now.



Didn't you hear the order?

I heard it but I guess
you didn't see this.

You should have read it, Rana.

Search warrant?


You have come to take the lion.

You think you can
barge into the house..

..just because you
brought a search warrant?

You have come to take the lion.

Take it.


It does not state alive
or dead on the warrant.

If you shoot it is an attack..

..and if I shoot
it is a competition.

Think about it, Rana.

You may rest easy, sir.
I won't tell anyone.

After all the Police's
honor is at stake.

Long live Sindh Police!

Long live Sindh Police!

Long live Sindh Police!

Long live Sindh Police!

That's right, friends.
This is the power of social media.

It helped free a lion
from the Minister's home.

Now we have to see if how the lion will
be freed in the jungle, friends.

We brought this but what about him?

We had to free this
and imprison him.

A strong cage needs to be made
else the cage will be broken.

Sir! Breaking news
is being aired on TV.

According to fresh reports
the fire at Rana Sikandar's house..

..has been controlled.

The Fire Brigade's timely action..

..has saved Rana Sikandar's
house from grave damage.

- The reason for the fire is..
- Could he have burned the money?


He burned his house
to protect his money.

Let's find out from Habib,
our representative.

Habib is present on the scene.

Yes, Habib.
Tell us about the scene over there.

Habib, can you hear me?

It appears as though we have lost
connection with our representative..

..but stay with us.

- Ronaq Ali.
- Yes, sir.

- Bring out the vehicle.
- Okay.

Else, what will people say?

What's the matter?
Where are you going?

You go and release
the lion in the jungle..

..and I shall escort Rana to jail.

Hey! Why haven't
you worn your helmet?

- Sir, I forgot.
- The helmet.

- Come on. Get off. Get off.
- Sir.

Come on. Get off. Come on.

My bike, sir?

Move. Move.

Move. Move. Get back.
Get back.

Make arrangements for
my immediate departure.

I want a safe exit.

Yes, sir.
I'll make the arrangements.

Sir. We have arrived at the airport.


Where did you bring me?

Where I should have
brought you long ago.

Everything gets into
place in due time, Rana..

..and your time has come.

Scoundrel! Who do you think you are?

I'll call your father right now.

You will personally escort me!

Rana. Phones don't work in jail.

The fire was only a front.

All the money has been transferred
into a plane via the Fire Brigades.

Rana doesn't want someone
else to get hold of this money..

..before the notes are changed.

But now the Police's
honor is at stake.

You must stop this airplane, Gulab.

Else what will people say?

What do you think of that?

Scoundrel! Snake in the grass!

Are you in the position?

You can put me in jail?

You won't be able to keep
me in for more than two minutes.

Don't forget, you two..

..you have been
living off my scraps.

You are being clever with me?


I am far cleverer than you.

I shall have you stripped
of your uniforms..

..and make you my guards
or my name isn't Rana Sikandar.

Wow, sir. That was fun!

My flight is ready.
I want to go to the airport.

Why are you crying, Rana?
We are sending you.

Look. I'll show you right away.

Here's your passport.

Look at it.

It has exit stamped on it.

And here's your boarding pass.

According to this you
have boarded the airplane.

The flight will take
off in 15 minutes.

After that you won't
be able to leave the country..

..nor return to the country.

You will regret this, scoundrel!

This will cost you dearly

My workers will
rally in the streets.

They will set fire
to the entire city.

People love me very much.

- They won't forget me so easily.
- Who will remember a leader like you?

You have only drained the country.

They will only remember
the person who formed the country.

The great leader.

Long live the great leader!



You got a promotion and
your salary has increased too.

Who will I spend on all by myself?

I have nobody at home either.

Let's get married then.

What will people say?
The girl proposed.

Will you marry.. Gulab.

Yes. Cutie!

"Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.
Chaos. Chaos. Create a chaos."

"Tantrum. Tantrum. Tantrum. Tantrum.
Tantrum. A tantrum took place."

"She broke the lock on my heart."

"She made me bankrupt."

"She came like a tsunami
and swept me away."

"She whirled me around
like a cyclone."

"She caused an earthquake."

"The Policeman got robbed."

"In the middle of the market."

"I saw your photo
for the first time."

"The Policeman got robbed."

"Listen policemen, its not required"

"To cast an evil
eye on my photo."