Quai des Orfèvres (1947) - full transcript

Jenny Lamour wants to succeed in music hall. Her husband and accompanist is Maurice Martineau, a nice but jealous man. When he knew Jenny is making eyes at Brignon, an old businessman, in order to get some engagements, he looses his temper and threatens Brignon with death. But Jenny went anyway to a rendez-vous at the old man's, who is murdered the same evening. The criminal investigations are lead by Inspector Antoine...


Are we there yet?

One more floor. Hear it?

It's about time.
I got a nail in my shoe.

What d'you want?

- Got anything for us?
- Something good.

- What's your specialty?
- Comedy songs.

We got that.

- And you?
- Realist.

We got that, too.
We got everything here.

Where d'you sing now?

At the Maisons- Alfort Casino.

Nice. Good crowd.
I worked there once.

In my day there was no casino.
I sang in the outdoor caf?.

Here's a ro... Here's a ro...
A rose bouquet

It'II take... It'II take...
Take your breath away

So let's go here and now

Let's say the marriage vow

I'm all a... I'm all a...
I'm all a-quake

So let's go... So let's go...

Let's go, for heaven's sake

We mustn't wait
UntiI it's too late

It's never too soon
Why, it's weII past noon

Jenny, behave yourself.

Leo was teaching me a great song.

- With his hands?
- What a mind!

You nitwit. In Marseilles,
don't we sing with our hands?

Not with my wife's thighs.

- He was beating time.
- Let him talk, my dear.

Imagine, a whippersnapper
Jealous of an old fogy like me.

It's flattering.

Amazingly stupid, but flattering.

- I'm not jealous.
- You're insulting me.

- What's that clown want?
- To rehearse.

What're you waiting for?
Leave us alone.

Hey, who's the boss around here?

Sit down, Maurice.
Let me croon it for you.

The clown can wait.

She lived down in Seville

And from square to villa

She had the greatest skiII

Of all the gypsy girIs there

Others had lovelier faces

But she put them in their places

Her gift wasn't commonplace

There was nothing to compare

She had her tra-la-la
Her petite tra-la-la

No man couId resist her charms

With one tra-la-la
They'd dream tra-la-la

Of spending the night in her arms

It didn'tjust get their hearts pounding

It drove them crazy with Iust

In itseIf it wasn't astounding

It was simpIy a question of thrust

With just her tra-la-la
Her petite tra-la-la

She couId throw away her castanets

'Cause her tra-la-la
Was so tra-la-la

That no one has beaten her yet

Hey, the clarinet!
C-sharp, man! C-sharp!

It's not in the music.

The music's wrong.

I'm not surprised.

Do we go on or not?

Hurry, the animal act's waiting.

One day beneath the arcade

She gave the eye unafraid

To Don Pedro, the aIcaide

Drawn to his muscle and brawn

But he wasn't one to give in

Hejust gave her a little grin

Which was his way of sayin'

I won't be your pawn

So with her tra-la-la
Her petite tra-la-la

She set out to capture her prey

With one quick tra-la-la

She went tra-la-la

And Pedro's defenses gave way

Forced to admit he was beaten

Pedro had to say she had pIuck

As weII as a secret weapon

By which he had been thunderstruck

With her tra-la-la
Her petite tra-la-la

Even mountains wouId surrender

'Cause her tra-la-la
Was so tra-la-la

That Pedro wed her in splendor

No need to be a beauty

When you have a petite tra-la-la

- Another bow?
- That's enough.

- I'll get her a grog.
- You do that.

Hear 'em shout?

The way she wiggles her behind,
she can't miss.

If it's so easy,
go out and wiggle your own ass.

Leave me alone!

And now, get ready
for some side-splitting fun.

Here comeJulot and Picrat,

the famous Wheeling Winos...

- How was I?
- Hear them?

And this is a Saturday crowd.
Wait till tomorrow's matinee.

Stage fright makes me sweat buckets.
My undies are soaked.

- Let's see.
- The shock would kill you.

Bravo, my pet. Nice work.

Except for the voice
and gestures, it was perfect.

I'll print you up a big poster.
In two colors!

""Her Tra-la-la!''

""Words and music by Leopardi.
Performed byJenny Lamour.''

Honestly? Oh, thank you, maestro.

Any room for me?

For the house manager, always.

How about us
tired, poor and huddled masses?

My dear old thing.
I almost forgot you.

Your pipe's in the way.

Hey, Othello, why the glum face?

- Give her this.
- C'mon, Maurice. You're nuts.

He'll never understand.

It's his bad upbringing.
His folks were bourgeois.

He sees vice everywhere.

- Look at the light.
- Like this?


Your arm a little higher.

No, honey, I think you need...

Just tell me what you want.
I hate being pawed.

Not very nice for Maurice!

With him, it's different.
I can't get enough.

You get along in that department?

Want the details?

Want to know
the ""on'' days and ""off' days?

- You're so aggressive.
- You're so nosy.

You've got a one-track mind.

It's odd seeing you two together.
You're so unalike.

Don't move.

Hold it...

- I don't feel like it.

I like you, but leave Maurice alone.

Don't be stupid.

We're friends.
We were raised together.

Childhood friends, right!

It starts with marbles
and ends in the sack.

Not us.

With you, it's worse.

When I'm alone with you, okay.
Alone with him, okay, too.

But when I find you two chatting,
you both shut up.

It's like you pull a curtain.
- It's you we talk about.

Okay, here goes.

You can get up.
We'll finish with a close-up.

The truth is,
he doesn't understand me.

He's a man.
Men can't really understand us.

It's not hard.

I want to make it big.

But it's him I love.
Other men bore me.

It's not just physical.
It's spiritual.

Without him, I'm lost.

It sounds nuts,
but Maurice is my flame.

He may not burn bright,
but he lights my way.

- You ready?
-Just a second.

Go on.

Terrific! That'll do it.

Swell! I was getting fed up.

Photographers can be such a bore.

It's a pleasure doing you a favor.

Silly! I only beef with people I love.


- Can you develop them right away?
- I doubt it.

- What is it?
- Wait here a second.

My dear, good day to you.

- I wasn't expecting you.
- I know. I came by on the off chance.

Can't you take me now?

Forgive me for insisting,

but at my age you have these whims.

When the urge hits you...

I'll see what I can do.
Have a seat.

You, too.

- Well?
- You have to go.

- A bore?
- A customer.

A dirty old man
who brings girls to photograph.

And what girls!

- Nice work you do.
- I don't do it for fun.

But the old man's Brignon.

You know... Colonlal Trading,
Southwest Electric, Omega Films...

Won't you be cold like that?
-Just to go upstairs?

If this isn't a surprise!
How are you, child?

Fine, thank you.

I must see you in my office tomorrow.

I have something for you.
Something first-rate.

I'm so glad.

Excuse me. It's late.

Right away, my dear. At once.

We'll just step into the next room.
I'll get her ready.

Say, you...

See you tomorrow, then?


- You never said you knew him.
- You never asked.

- Where'd you meet?
- Right outside.

He promised me a part in a picture.

You know who you're dealing with?

So? I wasn't born yesterday.

I'll take him for a ride.
And what a ride!


Is she ready?

Just a moment, please.
One moment.

Do I take everything off, sir?

No, my dear, not the shoes.
Never the shoes.

Was littleJenny posing
for you just now?

Could I have a proof?

It's for an American magazine.

What a pity. A terrible pity.

Sure is.

Is this all right?


Simply delicious.

And so chaste.

Say what you will,

I'd rather spend my money on this
than a Manet or a Picasso.

It's so much more interesting.

- Did Jenny come in?
- Five minutes ago.

Put Maxwell in her slot
and send her on after the cyclists.

- She'll grumble.
- Let it be a warning to her.

Two nights in a row is too much!

- Where were you?
- At the hairdresser's.

- Look at your hair.
- Exactly.


I had an appointment with Alfred.
He didn't show. I waited.

- Till 1 0:00 at night?
- You're so ridiculous.

Not enough to believe you.
Where were you?

- You should be a detective.
- Tell me where you've been.

I had a drink with a very important man.
So there!


Why do you say that name?

I get it.
Dora ratted on me, naturally.

Don't say that.

She just did her duty.

Brignon is dangerous scum.
- She ought to know.

If he were poor,
he'd have been in jail long ago.

There you go!

""The capitalists!''
""The big fortunes!''

She's coming.

You're jealous of the rich.

Well, I want my share of their dough.
I'm all for royalty.

Your dad was a laborer.

So what? Under Louis XV,
I'd have been Madame de Pompadour.

I'd have heated up their tights!

You're being despicable.

You're right, baby.
Why should we fight?

I won't see Brignon again.

- Promise?
- I swear.

Once his director signs me up
tomorrow... bye-bye, Brignon!

- You're seeing him tomorrow?
- For lunch with his director.

- What?
- I said no. I'd rather see you locked up.

You know how much movies pay?
Not to mention the publicity.

Why lose all that
because of a business lunch?

Then why didn't Brignon invite me?

He doesn't know you exist.

- You didn't tell him you're married?
- I'm not stupid.

We'd both look foolish.

Why? I drop my wife at the restaurant
and say hello to Brignon.

Is that shocking or impolite?

Okay, you asked for it.

- What?
- I'm canceling.

You win.
But you haven't heard the last of it.

Can't I drive you there?

No, it's all over.
It was fine till you butted in.

Lap?rouse Restaurant?

Mr. Brignon, please.

He reserved a table.

A private dining room for two!
Call that a business lunch?

- Where are you going?
- To settle your contract.

Mr. Brignon, please.

The lady sent me.
- This way, please.

What's the meaning of this?

I'm Jenny Lamour's husband.

Husbands usually show up the day after.

Don't get smart.!
Ever gone through a window?

A fight! There go the dishes!


You're lucky I don't slug you.

Go near my wife again
and I'll kill you!

So there you are!

It's all settled.

- What'd you do?
- Ask him. He's waiting with flowers.

I'll never forgive you.

Think you're clever?
I'll get him to forgive me.

- Yes, and I'll kill you both.
- Then kill me.

You'd be nabbed in no time.
- I'd have an alibi.

You're too clumsy.
You'd get the guillotine!

You'd just love that!

Lovers waIking arm in arm

Laugh and pass by in the night

But I go my weary way

Without Iove, without light

I've never had my turn

Other girIs get all the breaks

No arms to hoId me tight

No one with whom to awake

I dreamed of a man

Like something from a poem

Jenny just phoned.
Her poor grandmother's sick.

She's going to see her.
She may stay the night.

- I'll talk to her.
- She hung up.

She knows I'm here?

Yes, but the poor thing
was in a hurry.

- That's odd.
- It's not odd at all.

What'll you imagine this time?

I'd be ashamed to doubt
a nice girl likeJenny.

She adores you.
No one's as faithful as she is.

Men are such nincompoops!

Right, Ginette?

And a good thing, too.

Let's continue.

But through the streets
I waIk aIone

It's never my turn

I was waiting for you.
Your wife rushed out at 4:00...

I know, Mrs. Beauchamp.
She phoned me.

Okay. She was afraid I'd forget.

She mention dinner?
- No, but never mind.

Beans on the stove,
veal in the cupboard!

Skip it. He's just a poor slob.

It's a crying shame.

This is TUR 53 68.

I am speaking loudly!
TUR 53 68!

I want 203 in Enghien.

That's impossible.
Someone should answer.

I'll try again later.

You'd be nabbed in no time.

I'd have an allbi.!

You're too cIumsy.
You'd get the guiIIotine.!

One standing room, please.

Are you nuts?
You don't have to buy a ticket.

You're part of the profession.

- Where's Jenny?
- With her sick grandmother.

Nice of you to spend
your night off here.

Seat Mr. Martineau.

I'd rather stand.

There's a good seat in the 4th row.
Enjoy the show.

This way, Mr. Martineau.

No, listen, I'll stay here.

I hate disturbing people.

Aren't you the shy one!


- Everything going well?
-Just great.

And Miss Jenny?

Just great.

How are you, Maurice?
You were inside?

Looking for someone?

- Uh... Leon.
- I'll get him.

Looking for me?

Got any butter?

I didn't get my delivery tonight.

But I've got shoes. First-class!
- No, some other time.

I'm real sorry.

Is it that bad?

Had another fight with Maurice?

- I just killed Brignon.
- Are you crazy?

I didn't mean to.

- You went to his house?
- I didn't realize.

You knew! You were warned!

Don't torment me.

I thought everything would go fine.

I went there to sign my contract.


We had dinner and then...

I don't how to say it.

A man old enough to be my father!

I tried to leave.
He locked the door.

I picked up a champagne bottle
and hit him with all my might.

He fell backwards, mouth wide open,
his eyes fixed on me.

What a mess!

I'm scared, Dora! So scared!

Let it be a lesson to you.
Poor Maurice is in for a shock.

Please don't tell him.
Please don't!

He'd never forgive me.

He'd be so hurt.

I don't want that.
I love him so much.

I never realized how much.
You promise?

All right. I promise.

Everyone thinks I'm in Enghien.

Oh, my God! My fox fur!

I left it there!

- You sure?
- I left it on the couch.

It can't stay there.

His eyes might still be open.
Don't make me go back.

I'm not asking you to. I'll go.

Don't worry. There's no risk.

You mustn't go to prison.

They cut off your hair. It's cold.
I won't let them.

Why are you doing this for me?
I've been so mean to you.

I'm doing it...

for Maurice, understand?

- You were here tonight?
- As you can see.

- Shall we go?
- I have to get my coat.

I'll go with you.

Christ, Christ...

What a night!
- Excuse me?

- You didn't notice?
- What?

You're kidding!

That's a relief.

When I opened the casket,
the mirror wouldn't work.

You didn't notice?

Mr. Martineau, so there you are!
I could've missed my train.

Here are your things.

Where were you at intermission?
Leon got his butter. We looked for you.

I was... in the balcony.

So that's why.

What's the matter?
You look sick.

It's nothing,just the heat.

What is it now?

Something awful.
I was at Brignon's.

I almost went to the police.
But they'd never believe me.

I didn't kill him.
I swear I didn't.

You believe me?

You don't look like a murderer,
that's for sure.

As long as it's notJenny.

Are you crazy? WhyJenny?

Jenny killing someone?
You know she's in Enghien.

- No one answered the phone there.
- Maybe she was out.

Her grandmother's ill.

- We'll settle this now.
- What're you doing?

203 in Enghien, please.

It's ringing.

Understand, Granny?
I came at 5:30 because you're sick.

- I'm fine. I'll bury you all.
- That's not what I mean.

What now?

Of course it's me!

What did you break?

What a time to call people.

You're nuts!

Nobody answered at 9:00.

Of course. The salesgirl left the line
connected to the shop.

We can't hear it ring from upstairs.

You might've thought first
before disturbing Granny so late.

Sure, see you tomorrow.

- What did I tell you?
- You're right. I'm an idiot.

I'm in a jam for nothing.

- Wait tillJenny finds out.
- She'd better not.

I'd never hear the end of it.

- Wouldn't it be better...
- No, I'm miserable enough as it is.

Whatever you say.

You promise?


You didn't promise anything.

Think so? What can I say?

Under these conditions, I promise.

I'm such a fool.

It's a girl like you
I really needed, Dora.

Don't feel so bad.

I'm a funny kind of girl.

Car's outside, boss.
A guy got bumped off.

His servants found him.

Some people have no sense of timing.

Couldn't he have waited till tomorrow?

I'm sure he'd have liked to.

And me?

Ballandieu's on night duty tomorrow.
He'd have been delighted.

He's itching to be called boss.

If you could step on it...
We gotta pick up the Chief.

- He's coming?
- In person.

Great! Not that he's such a hotshot.

But misery loves company.

Funny, you were aching for clients.

But not tonight.

- Got something on?
- Me? Not likely.

No woman ever sets foot in here.

I just hate leaving the kid alone.

The one night he's not at the dorm.

We were supposed to have a bite
before he went back to school.

He couldn't wait.

You're real fond of him.

He's all I brought back from the colonies.
Him and malaria. Fifteen years!

Damn it all!

Look how soundly he sleeps.
He's good in school.

Except in geometry. He's no wiz.

- What's he wanna be in life?
- A pilot.

I was like him.
Then I came down to earth.

In the Foreign Legion.
Staff sergeant.

Had you stayed, you'd be major by now.

Hardly. I shot off my mouth too much.

Give me a hand.

You were lucky.
If that bullet came any more left...

Still hurt?
- Sometimes.

But we're paid for that.
We should be, anyway.

Never took the captaincy exams?

Twice. I flunked
because of my appearance.

I didn't have the right kisser.

I told 'em to go to hell.

Who's this Brignon?

A rich ol' geezer with pull.
We gotta use kid gloves.

I can't afford them.

Don't forget your overcoat.

I won't.

Don't you worry, fella.

If I nail this guy,
he's going to pay for that bite.

A dame did it?

Looks like it. The cops found
a blonde hair on his jacket.

Say, Emile, Passy's your beat.

You didn't see that blonde?

I ain't trying to show off,

but one of my fares
that night was a blonde.

I picked her up near the villa.
I took her to Bourdonnais St.

Why didn't you tell the cops?

Do I look like a stoolie to you?

Let 'em move their asses.

It's their job.

If you were a good citizen...

I am one.

'Cause the less cops I see,
the better I feel.

Hey, PauIo.!

Seen today's paper?
- No. Why?

- You swipe that car at Villa St-Marceaux?
- Louder!

Some guy got rubbed out
there last night.

Name of Brignon.

- Who did it?
- Some chump. Nothing stolen!

Probably over a dame.

This smells bad.
You better ditch the heap.

If you're caught, you're cooked.
- I need it.

You so interested?

I want marabou trimmings
on my dressing gown.

Why the hell should I care?

What makes you so cheery these days?

You've changed lately.

Aren't you ashamed?
You haven't even shaved yet.

You could at least answer me.

-Jenny, come kiss me.
- You'll make me goof up.


Have you gone crazy?


Don't move. Stay put.

What is it?

He won't go away.
Go answer it.

I'm not here. I went out.

- Miss Dora Monnier, please.
- Ground floor.

She's not in.
The concierge said to try here.

Dora's out shopping.

I'll send her a summons.

Wait. You from the police?

Yes. It's been a pleasure.

Don't go.
Dora should be right back.

I thought you were peddling
vacuum cleaners.

Are you offended?
- Not at all. It's a fine profession.

But I'm in a hurry.
- She won't be long.

Use those slippers.
I'm waxing the floors.

You should come by my place.

Is Dora in trouble?

No,just a few questions.

- If it were serious, he wouldn't say.
- Probably not.

Especially if you're good friends
of Miss Dora's.

Good friends, yeah.

You don't look
anything like a policeman.

You don't even have a raincoat.
- It was stolen.

No kidding!

- At my office.

You catch the thief?

Not easy. Too much coming and going.
It's a madhouse.

But theft's not my beat.
I'm in Homicide.

It's another world.

The flying squad gets a tip
on a lamster or a sting -

I mean... on a fugitive or a burglary.

I understood. I'm an artist.

They just nab their man.

But a corpse is just where we start.
May I?

We really go to town.

- And the results?
- This year our average's up to 48%.

Giving a killer a 50-50 chance.

More or less.
Depends on the case.

I'm on the Brignon case.
We're pulling out all the stops.

Tough luck for the fool who did it.

Society has to protect itself.
Cost's no object here.

But no one looks at the tab,
and this one will cost.

Nowadays, it's sheer madness.

- Really?
- You bet.

I'll do some arithmetic
to give you an idea.

Fifteen detectives at 9,000...

- 9,000 each?
- We can't let 'em starve to death.

- Three DL's.
- DL's?

Deputy lieutenants.
Three at 1 1 ,000 each.

My salary.

The detective captain at 1 3,000,

the second whip,
the deputy chief,

criminal records office,
emergency services,

public prosecutor's office.

600,000 a month.

Not counting the trial,
if we get that far.

That's a high price
for an old bastard like him.

So if you don't find the killer,
you won't cry over it?

On the contrary.

That's the crazy part:
Our job has a sporting side.

Old fart or not,
we respect the client.

Wait. That's her now.

See? I was right.

I'll be right down.

- He's coming.
- Who is it?

A man. You'll see.

Thanks, honey.

My apologies.

It's nothing.

- It's been a pleasure.
- Sure.

Why'd you keep him here?

He was interesting.

He lit his pipe with Brignon's address,
in your handwriting.

And guess where I found it?
In the kitchen, hidden behind a pan.

How about that?
- You knew I was meeting Brignon.

He gave you his home address?

Sure. I was supposed
to pick him up there.

But I changed my mind.
It wasn't proper.

Jenny, you're too much!


You admit having taken these photos?

Why not?
Aren't nude photos still legal?

It depends which ones.

But that's Vice Squad business.
I'm only interested in the models.

I don't know them.
He picked them up everywhere.

They came in all shades and sizes.

This one was a movie extra.

The Barricourt Agency handles her.

This one, too.
- Let me jot this down.

Don't you only want blondes?

Because of the hair?
Never jump to conclusions.

The hair could've been there for days.

Weren't you pretty close to Brignon?
- Me?

For this sort of work.

I met him at a movie studio.
I was doing stills.

He knew I might need him.
He used that.

He never used it
to invite you to his home?

I wasn't his type.

Brignon was a bourgeois, very shy.

I'm too off-putting.

He needed these young girls
he could dominate.

A dirty old man.

How'd you know I took these?

We gave your proofs to the Vice Squad.

One girl was a registered hooker.
She put us on to you.

A projector like this must cost.

Quite a bit.

Say! A 2.8.

- You a connoisseur?
- I do some Sunday photography.

Nothing exciting.

I shoot houses, old shops,
small streets.

Barnivel got me hooked.

Don't remember him?
A terrific old guy.

But he had a thing about poison.

He wiped out his whole family.
Wife, two daughters, brother-in-law.

He photographed them
on their deathbed. A real artist.

I missed him after he was booked.
We'd become friends.

- That happen often?
- Befriending the clientele?

Sure. We keep company.

It's good for our education.
We don't have much schooling.

We move in all kinds of circles,
meet all sorts of people.

I learned engraving from a counterfeiter,
accounting from a swindler.

A taxi dancer tried
to teach me the tango,

but nothing doing.
It wasn't up my alley.

Shake my left, it's nearer the heart.
A pleasure.

I need a break. Do you mind?

Don't stop for me. I can wait.

Let's rehearse Do?na.

You wanted to see us?

- A minute.
- This is hardly the place.

True. I could've summoned you
down to the station,

but I'm in a hurry, so I came by.

If this is gonna be long,
I'm sitting down.

- It's that urgent?
- Well, you know,

the sooner, the better.
For all concerned.

- Waiter.
- What would you like?

A little space.

Breathing room. Understand?
Make yourself scarce.

Let's sit down.

They remind me of my Negroes
in the Legion. The tom-toms...

Say, you two really took me for a ride.

You knew Brignon well.

Not well!

Your relations with the victim
were even pretty tense.

I chewed him out one time.

A little chewing-out.

Let me read a deposition
by Mr. Prosper Michaux,

""Apprentice waiter at Lap?rouse.
Born on...'' etc., etc...

""The door was closed but we could

""hear him insulting Mr. Brignon.
He called him a bastard.

""He said:
"If you go near my wife again,

"" "I'll kill you!' ''

Call that chewing someone out?

When you're mad, you say anything.

You're telling me.
The problem is,

words like that are called
a ""death threat'' in court.

In court?

Sure, you're not the only one
to quarrel with Brignon,

but you're sort of
at the top of the list.

Are you saying Maurice killed Brignon?

I knew you were a funny cop.

Jenny, shut up.

It'd be less funny
if you didn't have an alibi.

Relax. I spent the night at the Eden,

a music hall in M?nilmontant.

Do you mind?
I have a memory like a sieve.

Eden, M?nilmontant...T-A-N-T.

I'll leave you alone.

Of course, your wife was with you?

I was at Grandma's.
Get your pencil back out.

Madam Beudin.
Drycleaner in Enghien...H-I-E-N.

In case I ever head your list.


Don't go pestering Grandma too much.

Think we enjoy it?

Come down to HQ tomorrow.

- You want me for...
- A simple deposition.

So long. It's been a pleasure.

Some pleasure!

Were you really at the Eden?
- Sure. Is that so strange?

I'm surprised.

Last week you hated the bill.

If you doubt me, call him back.

Please, not so loud!

If only you hadn't insulted Brignon.

You compromised yourself.

I know, I was wrong.
And it's costing me plenty.

But believe me, this is no time
to tell me off, baby.

The cops won't let up
till they find out...

Find out what?

Who did it. Who the killer is.

Why should you care?
You were in Enghien.

Weren't you?
- Sure I was.

No, you weren't.

Oh, baby, you're not well.

I went to see your grandmother.

She's like you, a liar.

Grandma a liar?

You weren't there when I phoned.
Where were you?

In Enghien.

- You swear to that?
- Yes.

- By your grandma?
- I never swear by Grandma.

Why not, if it's true?

If I swear by Grandma,
you'll never mention this again?

I promise.

- Ready,Jenny?
- Coming.

- We're rehearsing my waltz.
- You didn't swear.

Say it. ""By my Grandmother...''

I swear I was in Enghien Monday night.

Yes, Martineau was here a week ago.

He even wanted to buy a ticket.

Why? Something wrong?

Otherwise, I'd be home in bed.

Where was he sitting?
- In the fourth row.

Wait a sec...

Didn't you seat Mr. Martineau last week?

He stood, so as not to disturb anyone.

He's such a nice man.
Not like Fernand.

My boyfriend. He can be so rude.

Who gives a damn!

Martineau spent the whole evening
in standing room?

Well, he never left.
I was in the lobby.

My ticket taker had a wedding.

And intermission?

I handed out the passes.
We're one big family here.

- You're Mister...?
- Mareuil.

- R-E-U-I-L?
- Right.

Here's your invitation.

Tomorrow morning at 1 1 :00,
at 36, Quai des Orf?vres.

You'll put this in writing.

Care to see the end of the show?
One invite deserves another.

Thanks, but I don't have to accept.
I'm going home to bed.

If you want to take notes with me,

I saw Mr. Martineau, too.
- Lucky you.

I could have testified.
I know a few facts.

Mr. Martineau checked
his coat and hat with me.

He only picked them up at 1 1 :45.

I'II be damned.! WeII, weII...

Do people in standing room
usually check their coats?

No, of course not.

Tell me...

is it normal for a professional
to spend intermission in the house?

Dunno. Usually he'd go
backstage to see his buddies.

I think I'll have a look around.


The iron door
at the end of the gallery.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
since you've been so good,

the management is glad to present
a 1 0-minute intermission!

You saw Martineau at intermission?

No. At the beginning
and end of the show.

- It was on Monday night?
- Maybe.

Hold on.

It was the night
Nitram was sick and didn't go on.

Yeah, it was Monday.

I hesitated to say so.
Gotta be careful with the police, right?

And how!

So careful you don't forget:
5:00 at Homicide.

Tuesday afternoons are sacred.
I'm with my girlfriend.

She'll have a vacation from you.

Going back in?

Nothing doing. I'm turning in.

Use the alley if you're in a hurry.

- There's an exit here?
- The stage door.

- Is there a concierge?
- What for? We're one big family.

I'm beginning to believe it.

Oops! Excuse me.

- Will that be all?
- Not quite.

Two hours of answering dumb questions!

And for me, 1 0 years of asking them!
Do I get upset?

A light? No extra cost.

Wait, I'll get one.

- How goes it?
- Not great.

Eugene's spooked,
even though I'm being nice.

C'mon, Eugene, spill the beans.

- I ain't hungry.
- I can wait.

Your call come through?
- Not yet. I'm worried.

With this, you can land
a six-pound pike.

So you left the Eden at 1 1 :45 p.m.

and got home at...?

1 2:30... 1 2:40.

It took 1 5 minutes to get there
and 45 to get home.

I stopped by a caf? for a drink.

Which caf??

A bistro across from the stage door.

Yes, Your Honor.
Good day to you, Your Honor.

Fayard? I'm bringing Martineau up
to see you in five minutes.

Switchboard? Antoine speaking.

If I get a call, I'm in Fayard's office.
It's urgent.

This way out.

Where are you taking me?

To get a deposition.
We do things by the book, see?

- Albert! You got nailed?
- Like a dope. In a raid.

I warned you about Pigalle.

I ain't in the stir yet.
So don't cry.

He's gonna ante up this time.

When you get tired of scrapping,
you'll see I was right.

The colonies are much, much roomier.

You'd make a killing there.

Or end up a bull in a crummy jacket
and wrinkled pants.

Thanks for the advice.

As you like, old man.

See ya next time.

Move it!

- A real hard-liner.
- What did he do?

Don't ask.
He belongs to another world.

Sit down.

- Is the Chief here?
- In his office.

In here you make
your deposition under oath.

- Before whom?
- The captain is a magistrate.

- He's not here.
- He will be. Don't get fussy!

Are you gonna hand us a pack of lies?

No, I swear.

- Let's hear your deposition.
- I have it all down.

""Having been duly sworn,
Mr. Martineau, Maurice,

""born in Avranches...

""June 1 5, 1 91 6.


""for Leopardi Music Publishing...''

Boss, I've found seven bank accounts
in Brignon's name.

I'm seeing his stockbroker.

One second.

""...residing at 22, Bourdonnais St,

""does hereby declare...''

Get to it.
Ask Bachelet for the financial report.

""...does hereby declare:
After classical music studies

""at the Paris Conservatory,

""where I won First Prize in Harmony,

""I continued my career as a composer,

""at which time I met

""Marguerite Chauffournier...''
Two F's.

""a.k.a.Jenny Lamour.''

What is it?

Mr. Lamorici?re,
director of Brignon Wireworks.

An unsolicited testimony.

""...Jenny Lamour, whom I wed...

""in spite of opposition
from my parents,

""disgusted by her shocking past.''

- That's not true.
- That's what you said.

Dad's a professor...

And your wife had premarital affairs.
I'm summarizing.

""I was disturbed by the attentions

""being paid to her by a certain Brignon,

""but I refuse to say
if my jealousy was justified

""or not.''
- I said that?

You said: ""None of your business.
It's personal.''

""So on Wednesday,
December 2, 1 946,

""I went to criticize his behavior
at the Lap?rouse restaurant.

""I admit that on this occasion
I attacked him

""with blatant death threats.''

That's not true!

Not again!
You admit to the words you used.

They're death threats.
I can't help it.

New paragraph.

""The night of the crime

""I went to the Eden,
where I spent the evening.

""Question: You were seen
at the beginning and the end of the show.

""Where were you in between?


No answer.
We changed the subject.

So what do we put?

Hello, Chief.

You heard the lieutenant.
Answer him.

Where were you during intermission?

- Up in the balcony.
- What for?

What for?

- To check the acoustics.
- At intermission? Funny idea.

I went up for the end
of the first half.

For the vocal quartet.

- What do you think of Nitram's songs?
- Pretty feeble.

He was ill that night.

He was on the radio.

During the second half of the show,

did you notice anything unusual?

Sure! The magician had
a problem with his casket.

The audience didn't notice, but I did.

- This happened when?
- About 30 minutes in.

- Well?
- Too early to tell.

I think you're handling it wrong.

Let me. If it's him, I'll get him.

Then forget I said anything.

Say, Antoine...

that call was for you.

Your boy's entrance exams?

He flunked?

In geometry.

The dope!
And I already bought his Erector set.

I'll give it to him anyway.
For Christmas.


""Auguste,'' he says, ""I'll give you
1 5,000, plus guest star billing,

""but you'll also play during cocktails.''

I said, ""Sir, I've never had the honor
of singing in your establishment.

""But I would rather give up
that chance right now!''

I let him have it, right in the kisser!

Do you have Valton's address?

You, too? A cop just asked for it.


22, Biot St.

Wait! He's not there.
He won't be home for dinner.

He's at the Medrano circus.

- He's on at 1 0:30.
-Just when we go on at the Hermitage.

Come dance with me

Let's feeI tipsy inside

FeeI the magic moment guide

And grow misty-eyed

Come dance with me

We'II let our bodies agree

To the chord and the key

Let's dance endlessly

May destiny

Plant in our hearts

What we may seek

In vain apart

Come dance with me

Let the dark go its way

all that matters today

Is just you and me

Come dance with me

- What is it?
- Emergency errand!

Are you glad? Hear that?

- Not a thing.
- You again.

- Is that a reproach?
- Why are you here?

To see you.

This isn't a barn.

I wasn't sleepy, so I came to chat.
Mr. Martineau's here?

He's out. Like you.
Mind if I change?

- Not at my age.
- Well, I mind.

So turn around.

In your line, it doesn't matter.

WeII, we have our ways.

Such as:A man doesn't taIk
to a lady with his hat on.

You're mad
and you think I'm mad at you.

I want nothing to do with you.

I'm interested in Brignon.
He was interested in you. It's all one.

WeII,you're wasting your time.

I don't agree.
I'm sure you could help me, and how!

Sure. I could sign
a notarized confession.

""I killed Brignon.'' Is that it?

It wasn't in your interest.
But you know who killed him.

Admitting it would mean
you were there that night.

- I wasn't.
- Brignon wasn't your lover?

- How dare you say that!
- Oh, no?

He wouldn't have been the first.

Don't play the saint.
I know your kind. You're a go-getter.

What's that supposed to mean?

You poor man.

I was born in the dead of winter

in a two-room flat.

Six of us lived there 1 2 years.

Twelve years of the landlord
yelling for the rent.

The lousy pork meat.
Washing ourselves in the sink.

It took my dad six years
to die in the back room.

Is wanting to leave that ""go-getting''?

Of course.

My father lived in a chateau
on a huge estate.

He was a flunky. He was paid
to clean up other people's filth.

I took over from him.

C'mon, I promise
your Maurice won't hear of this.

What'd you see at Brignon's?

Consider me a friend.
We were made to get along.

I doubt it. My dad was a laborer.

He didn't like cops either.

What did cops ever do to you?

And you, what about
the folks you hound?

The ones you hand over
for the judges to kill?


The gentleman wants to protect society.

Brignon was a dirty old pig.

And you stalk the poor jerk
who was right to bump him off!.

A fine profession!

Sure, it's a dirty job.

Look at this...

""Detective F?vrier, Victim of Duty''

Nice, isn't it? It sounds good.

We called him Baby Beard.

He was a kid
who always needed a shave.

He's dead. The cashier is dead.

But Paulo is in the pink.

Go on, knock the cops.
It's best not to associate with them.

They're not respectable.

But if you get murdered,
you'll be glad to call on us.

You sure nobody came to see Valton?

I already told you, no.

He's coming off now.

A cop in the street
asked me about you.

- What'd he ask?
- Nothing much.

If you were at the Eden the 8th.
I said, yes.

Even that I told you about the casket.

I mentioned it to you first.

- You did?
- Of course!

I could have sworn! Is it serious?

- You bet!
- I can explain...

No thanks, you've done enough.

So you're sure?

You haven't seen him all evening?


Where can he be?

I think we've tried everywhere.

What time is it?

Almost 3:00.

Where could he be?
What are you two hiding?

Nothing. If I were you,
I'd get off his back.

He's not himself.

You're soaked.
You'll catch your death of cold.

That's the best thing
that could happen to me now.

A good cold. No more Maurice.
That would teach those bastards.

- He's been drinking.
- So?

I drank, but I'm not drunk.
I can't even get drunk.

It's all over.

What was I looking for? My passport.
Somebody stole my passport.

I'm done for. Done for.

Maurice, calm down. Take it easy.

Jenny will find your passport.
Come lie down.

Help me.

That Valton is such a dope!

- Sure.
- You say sure!

She doesn't know a thing.

You can explain tomorrow.

It's nice here. It's dark.

Get a hot water bottle.
His feet are frozen.

- Will you pack my bag?
- What for?

I won't wait to be picked up.
I'm not that drunk.

I'll get the 5:00 a.m. train
to Marseilles.

Yes, darling.

You'll join me there.
Don't tell anyone.

I'm so sick.

Listen, Dora, enough is enough.
I want to know the truth.

What's he afraid of?

All right... He went to Brignon's
the night of the crime.

He wanted to kill him or you both,
I don't know.

But someone beat him to it.

Couldn't you have told me earlier?

I promised him I wouldn't.

Thanks for the trust.

- What are you doing?
- Getting ready to turn myself in.

- You're crazy.
- They can't arrest Maurice.

It's not that bad.

No use fighting it.
Look what state he's in.

-Jenny, what is it?
- Nothing, darling.

Calm down.

Don't forget my bag.

See, baby?
It's all ready for you. Look.

You're sweet. I can count on you.

Sure, baby, you can count on me.

You'll tell him?
Try to ease his pain.

- You can't go.
- Move!

Let me go.

There'll still be time
if things get worse.

If you go, they'll tell him everything.

Give it time.
They may get thrown off the scent.

I'm sure they've lost the trail.

Where's your friend?

He'll get here.
I'll point him out to you.

Why'd he wait so long?

He's a troublemaker.
Always involved in strikes and stuff.

Why'd you come?

I'm not afraid.
I respect the police.

We need more of your kind.

- How about the reward?
- Hold your horses.

- It'll depend on results.
- But I'm telling you...

Here he comes.

- You Lefort?
- Yeah. What if I am?

Antoine, I'm off.

Not staying, Chief?

I have to get seats
for midnight mass at Notre Dame.

Fat chance.
Nights like this are sold out.

I'll get standing room.

Behind a column.

Thought it over? It's now or never.

What do you want me to say?
I was home all night developing.

Developing, developing...

A taxi picked up
a blonde at 1 1 :00 p.m.

and took her to Bourdonnais St.

There are other blondes.

But the others didn't know Brignon

or were friends of the Martineaus.

It gives your house a bad name.

- It's a coincidence.
- Don't bet on it.

What were you doing there?

Were you Brignon's mistress
or merry Maurice's?

Why not both at once?

- That would explain a few things.
- Think so?

No, you're a no-nonsense lady.
Not the kind for a fling.

But you were there.

So be it.

Come with me.

They're waiting for you.

Sit down there.

Okay, Picard.

Come in.

Your I D.

None of your wise-guy stuff.

This is serious.

The blonde you picked up
on Dec. 8 at 1 1 :45 p.m. is here.

Do you recognize her?

Step up. They won't bite.
You afraid of women?

Got any others?

She's not in this batch.

No kidding?

Can I go now?

But tell me...

your license dates from 1 91 0.

You've been a cabbie for 40 years now.
What with your bad eyes...

I still got eagle eyes!

But if you can't recognize your fares,

then, one rainy night,
you may end up running one over.

If anything was to happen,

I'd feel responsible.

I can't inform on someone
Just like that.

You can tell that to your wife
and three kids.

My apologies, ma'am,

but we can't beat 'em.

It was her?

I think we can get a deposition now.

Picard, clear the room!

C'mon, ladies.

Say, Antoine, you working
on a guy named Martineau?

Yeah, why?

- He in cahoots with Paulo?
- No, not his style.

It seems Paulo used
Martineau's car for his holdup.


And how!

Where's Paulo?
- In the squad room.

- What about my I D?
- Ask Antoine.


You won't answer?
I'll teach you manners.

I told you, I got nothing to say.

Can I talk to your client?

If you can, you're a champ.

You never know.

Where'd you pinch the car?

Who d'ya take me for?
Somebody lent it to me.

- Who?
- Some guy.

- What guy?
- A pal. A good pal.

- What pal?

Jules who?

Big Jules. They call him Julot.

Watch it.
I don't have his patience.

You might have an accident.
- I'm answering.

Where does he live,
this good pal of yours?

- I met him in a bar.
- Which bar?

A dive. Near R?publique.

Which street?

Damn! It's on the tip of my tongue.

It's got a bend in it.

I forget. You guys put me
through the wringer.

Am I interrupting?

It's for the wreath for Baby Beard.

Well, boys...

He's all yours.

Going out?

I'm taking Grandma
her Christmas present.

- It may snow.
- I'll take a cab.

Please don't leave me alone.

Come with me.

I can't. Everyone stares at me.

Poor Maurice.
Get a grip on yourself.

You didn't do anything.
They can't hurt you.

You're not in my shoes.

Maurice, listen to me.

You have no reason to worry.
Whatever happens, you'll be fine.

I promise you that.

The only thing that can save me
is if they find who did it.

Don't you think so?

- Maybe.
- You won't be long?

I'll be back by 8:00.
With lots of surprises.

We'll still celebrate Christmas Eve.

We gonna wait much longer?

When I covered the Le Mans affair,
I once waited 1 2 hours.

- They've grilled him three hours.
- Here he is!

Anything new?

How long's this gonna last?

Be a sport.

See Antoine for the Brignon case.

- He kicked me out.
- Good!

We've known each other 20 years.
Say something.

- Here's another one.
- Make way.

This is too much. Bastards!

Yes, Your Honor.

Sure it's snowing.

Luckily you have your cousin's car.

Same to you. Merry Christmas.

But we're making headway, Your Honor!

That's for sure.

You maintain your deposition?
- I wasn't there.

But I wasn't there.

I wasn't there.
He couldn't have picked me up.

- You were seen at the bank.
- He wasn't there.

- I'm leaving.

- Have a snack sent up.
- Okay.

Some Christmas Eve!

I'd stay with you, but I got the turkey.

- Merry Christmas, sir.
- Same to you, fella.

Readers could care less
who killed Brignon.

Especially on Christmas Day.

I wrote for one of Brignon's papers.
Cheap bastard.

Hey, it's Buffet!

It's Santa Claus.

What happened to you?

My cycle hit a snowdrift.

You don't say!

What's up? Did I miss anything?

Young man,
when I covered the Landru case...

Dietrich, tell 'em to pipe down.

Shut the heII up out there.!

So we agree.
That night, you left home at 9:00.

You got to the Eden at 9:1 5.

You stayed till 1 1 :30

and you came home at 1 2:1 5.

- That's right.
- Fifteen minutes one way, 45 back.

I told you, I dropped by a bar.

- The owner doesn't remember you.
- He sees so many faces.

At 1 2:1 5 you put your car
in the garage?

- Naturally.
- It hadn't been stolen yet?

- Stolen?
- Was it stolen or not?

Yes, it was.

Why didn't you report the theft?

For a good reason...

It's no use.
You never find them again.

Don't say that, Mr. Martineau.

That's not nice.

Look outside. There are
two dozen cars waiting for their owners.

And what's more, we found yours.

- Aren't you grateful?
- Sure, I'm real glad.

You don't seem very pleased.

Come in.

You here, Papa?

- What are you doing here?
- I came for you. I'm hungry.

It's snowing. We built a snowman.

Sit there and keep quiet.

Where was your car stolen?

I don't remember.
My head's spinning.

It must be the cold.

Put some coal in the stove.
It's freezing in here.

We're out of coal.

You remember
your license plate number?

437 RJ 2.


You remember
the plate number of your car

but not where it was stolen.

Wait... I think it was parked
outside the Eden.

You see? I knew you could do it.

On the 8th?

The night of the murder.
- Maybe.

That explains everything.

That's why it took 45 minutes
to get home.

You didn't have your car.
- Of course.

But there's one thing
that doesn't make sense.

Why did you have to go to your garage?

You take us for a bunch of morons?

You'll change your tune.
Someone's waiting for me, too.

On your feet.
- What?

Take off your tie.

What for?

We ask the questions here,
we don't answer them.

Remove your shoe laces.

- Empty your pockets.
- Good work, boys.

I see things are moving.

Say what you will,
but compared to the Bonnot gang,

this is teeny, teeny, teeny...


You left the Eden
and went to the Villa St-Marceaux.

Don't be thick.
You know we'll get you.

Say yes and we'll call it a night.

I'm cold.

You'll get this
when you tell us you were there.

But I wasn't there!

Get off my back! I've had enough!

If I don't go, the kids'll be mad.
Shall I take your boy?

- Do you mind?
- Not at all. Poor little fella.

Get up, son.
You're going to see the Manger.

- With you?
- No, with the Chief.

Behave yourself.
- See you later.

Who said you could sit?
On your feet.

Answer: Were you there or not?


Move over.

Let's take it from the top.

You left home when?

You can kill me.
I won't say another word.

Yes, I was there to kill him
but he was already dead. Get it?

Dead? Sure, we get it.
He was dead.

Let's get all this down in writing.

You'll feel better.

Let's go.

Quiet, for chrissake!

Leave the man alone.
We'll tell you when something breaks.

You a witness, too, lady?

It won't be long now.

You'll make it in time for the oysters.

I wasn't supposed to be celebrating.
Some luck.

The look on my boss's face!

""Damn your Christmas!'' he said.

""You're the youngest.
You're on duty till 2:00 a.m.''

You shoulda seen his face
when they came for me.

""I hereby swear
the foregoing to be true...''

I'm amazed someone
of your intelligence

could take us for such idiots.

- But he was already dead.
- Don't repeat yourself.

Sign here.

You knew your wife
was meeting Brignon.

You surprised them and shot him.
It's that simple.

Jenny was in Enghien.

Says she!

- So was Santa Claus.
- Bastard!

Poitevin, do you know Jenny Lamour?

I told you I did.

And how do you know her?

I take tickets at the Enghien station.

When did you see her last?

December 8. There was just her
and a soldier on the 1 1 :07.

- You see now?
- It can't be.

I didn't make it up.

She's always lied to me.

You surprised her there
and you avenged your honor.

You're on the right track.

It was a crime of passion!

Half the jury is like you.

But they don't dare do it.

You had a gun?

- Where is it?
- At home.

- Not in the river?
- No, why?

Let's go.

It's illegal.
If the Chief hears...

We'll be back before him.

Note my disapproval.

Lock him up!

This way.

Wait here. On your feet.

I don't want to see anyone.



- Where are you going?
- To pick berries!

You won't be here long.

You'll have a bigger cell
at the jailhouse.

Hey, new boy, whatcha in for?

Be polite. Answer me.

He popped his wife's lover. Okay?

Merry Christmas!

What do you want?

What is this? You've no right.
Where's Maurice?

Relax. He's fine where he is.

We'd be better-off home in bed.

Not talkative, are you?

You must be down in the dumps.

I know your kind...

You're a real softie.
The sentimental type.

You shouldn't get so attached.

Your wife pretty, at least?

You won't be seein' her for a while.


maybe she won't wanna see you.

Life's no fun, that's for sure.

You'll pay for this.

Calm down. None of that now!

My undies interest you?

- Where's the gun?
- What gun?

Hey, you hear the bells?

Wanna forgive your wife,
now's the time.

""Hark, the herald angels sing!''

This reminds me of my first communion.

I think I'll have me a cig.

- Got it!
- Let's see.

It's for you.

It's me... What?

I'm on my way.

- What is it?
- Martineau. A suicide.

- Dead?
- Not yet.

I have to see him! Take me with you!
It's all my fault!

It certainly is.
We're taking you, all right.

It wasn't him.
It was me, me alone.

I hit him with the bottle and he fell.

And then?

I ran out.

Couldn't say so sooner?

Dear God, let me see him once more!

You should've thought
of Maurice sooner, you fool.

Not too dizzy?

- I won't die?
- Out of the question.

But I felt so good, so far away.
Why did you stop me?

My baby. My poor little baby!

Say you forgive me
before they take me away.

Don't think badly of me
when I'm gone.

Answer me.
You see? I didn't cheat on you.

No one else has the right
to hold me tight.

Hold me tight, baby.

The game's up, girl.

Your whole street is in the can.

- You arrested Jenny?
- She confessed.

She's lying. I killed Brignon.

I hit him with a bottle...

And he died
of a bullet in the heart.

Isn't that odd?
- What did you say?

I'm fed up with your games.

Neither of them killed Brignon.

But they were both there.
And so were you.

Quite a surprise party.


Jenny had forgotten her fox fur.

I thought she'd left other clues.

So you erased the fingerprints?

Nice work.

You threw us off the track
and Jenny may pay for it.

Don't say that, sir. Save her.

You care for your friend well enough.

Well or badly, I love her.

I know.
I'll try to bail her out of this.

I think I know the real culprit.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.
I'm just doing my job.

Besides, I have to admit,
I've taken a liking to you,

Miss Dora Monnier.


Because you and I are two of a kind.

When it comes to women,
we'll never have a chance.

If that guy kicks the bucket,
Antoine's in for it.

He's used to it.

So, you hit a snag?

We'll see.

Say, you stubborn ox,
you're hiding things.

You stole that car
at Villa St-Marceaux.

Not on your life. Villa St-Marceaux!
That's a good one.

Why so defensive, then?

Here or there,
what's the difference?

I was tipped off. So talk!

Cat got your tongue?

Lacoste, go and talk to Quellec.

He's having a family booze-up.

See if the cashier and Brignon
weren't killed with the same gun.

On the double. And call me.

You're not laying that one on me!
It's not true!

Relax, Paulo.
We'll know everything in 1 0 minutes.

Unless you want to spill it now.
You're already in pretty deep.

Goddamn rotten luck.
If I'd only known!

Very nice, Antoine. Really!

Some deputy.
I turn my back and the bullshit begins.

Be with you in a minute, Chief.

After one more word
with this gentleman.

So, Paulo?

Whaddya expect?

The door was open. I went in.
You never know.

It coulda been my lucky day.

Then I saw Brignon, all bloodied up.
He started screamin' for help.

I got scared. I pulled the trigger.

Sure, it was a sloppy job,
but I was scared, I tell ya!

Poor fool.

I spoke too soon.

Anyone can make a mistake.

I had it wrong all month.
A sordid business.

- It usually is.
- You get excited, all geared up...

You expect a good case...

And it boils down to the usual...


- You've been living it up.
- In a funny way, yes.

- Hurt yourself?
-Just some broken glass.

- That's good luck.
- So they say.

We don't want to be disturbed.

I understand. We'll let you sleep.

See the Christmas
I had ready for you.

I'll take care of you.
You'll forget what happened.

I'll try to.

Damn concierge!

You again!

I don't know what this is worth,
but quit leaving it lying around.

Thanks, anyway.

- Won't you come in?
- No, someone's waiting.

It's been a pleasure.

Good riddance.

Knowing I won't see him again,
I feel better already.



Come by tomorrow.

What, again?

It's just for a statement.

C'mon. We'll have ourselves
that bite after all.