Qismat 2 (2021) - full transcript

Qismat 2 is a 2021 Indian Punjabi-language romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. The film produced by Ankit Vijan and Navdeep Narula has been bankrolled by Shri Narotam Ji Productions and Zee Studios. Starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, the film is a sequel of 2018 film Qismat.

Well done. A runner-up trophy.
Silver medal at state level.

Very good. Your hard work
is paying off, Mr. Shivjeet.

Order sweets.

We've brought sweets already, sir.

Organise a programme to
honour the team in the presence

of the whole college
in the auditorium, sir.

What was your game in final?
They were slowing down on purpose.

If you don't have the stamina,
then play fast?

I've told you several times
to build your stamina, but no.

You just go wild.
Don't you know about techniques?

Sir, we've only lost one match.

The trophy was meant to be ours.
We'd have gone on a national level

and you guys are just satisfied,
with the silver medal.

See me on the ground tomorrow.

If any of you touch the shuttle
or racquet, I'll thrash you guys.

No one's honouring you.

Let's have the celebration at least,
sir, in front of the college.

You must have lost too.

I never lost a game in life.

I lost only when there
was partiality.

You must have lost
sometime in life, sir.

I've never lost.

Come on, on the ground. Don't
stop until you've taken five rounds.

Come on!

Silence! Focus on your own paper!

Oh no!
- What is this?

Stupid! Who was that?
Who did that!

Sir, we didn't burst the crackers.

Go down.
- Sir, please.

Whoever did it, come out,
and the others can leave.

Sir, we really don't know.

I'll break your
unity in five minutes.

Your college hasn't
hired me to play games.

I've been hired to
bring students on track.

I'm still being polite.
Show yourself so the others can go.

I love you.

Whose girlfriend was that?
Call her here.

I love you, Shiv.

She's yours.

Stop laughing.
I'll break your teeth.

I'm sorry, sir, I won't do it again.

Put that chit on my table.

I'm talking to you, tomboy.

Take it out. I know you have it.

You didn't reply, sir?

What's this?

What's written is true.

I love you too, dear. Get going.

I'm not a child.
I love you and I mean it.

What's this misbehaviour?
I'm your teacher.

We don't live in the
ancient times anymore.

You must be around five
or seven years elder to me.

Should I call your family?

You don't have to, I'll call them.

I'll tear my clothes and
file a molestation case on you.

Should I make noise
and call for help?

You better not threaten me.

Think about it and answer me.

He's such a handsome hunk.

He's our teacher.

If you have bad intentions
towards him, you'll be sinned.

I'll be back.

Good morning, sir.

Congratulations, ma'am.
Your sister had a son.

- Oh, then it must be sir's sister.

One more thing. We need to focus on
the technique as well.

- Sir! I need to talk to you.

I'm busy coaching.

They can become Saina Nehwal later.

Come for a minute, or
I'll start talking in front of them.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. Don't do this again.

Should I send the
proposal to your house?

We don't go for love.
I thought a lot about it.

It doesn't look good.

People will say the teacher
trapped a young student, so...

When my family comes to see you,
dye your beard.

But not permanently.
I like them gray.

Do you have any sense?
There's going to be no marriage.

And it's enough now.

Sir, tell me if there's anyone
in your life. I won't waste time.

I swear on the ground,
there's no one.


Boys have been dropping me from
tuition since I was in eighth grade.

I'm not so stupid.

It's different if you
don't want to tell me.

But there is someone.

Hello, students.
- Hello, ma'am.

I'm Preet Devgun, your teacher.
I welcome you all.

Since this is your first day,
all of you introduce yourselves.

Yes, ma'am.
- Oh, so...

What happened!

What's this misbehaviour!
Insolent kids! Rascals!

I'm going to the principal.

Whoever did this will be
rusticated today itself! Nonsense!


What's the matter?
It was just a cracker, not a bomb.

We did it.
We should all stay united.

For what?

Only if we're all
united then we can survive.

But why should I
help everyone survive?

Who's talking to you?

My name is Ekta. Ekta Goyal.

We meant, being united. Sit down.

Listen to me,
no seniors will bully us.

We'll walk with our heads
held high in front of them. Okay?

And one more thing.

No girl from our batch
will get involved with seniors.

It's a little awkward,
but it's clear.

No one will talk to them.

I'm not interested in all of you.

Don't try to use your brains.

If you're looking for true love,
look inside the class.

We have handsome
boys in the class too.

They'll call us to the ground.
But we won't budge.

They'll think we're mischievous.
No one will mess with us.


Come on.

I'll break your unity in no time.

I know the sports
guys have done this.

Why, sir? What skill one need
to burnt crackers that only we know?

Someone else did it,
and we get blamed.

Anyway, why would we disrespect
the temple of knowledge?

Never, sir.

If anyone even thinks
about bullying us

they're going to fail.
I'm warning you.

Sir, these three
only burst the crackers.

Today onwards these three

are rusticated for 3 days.

If I hear a complain about you again
you'll be out of college.

PT sir, look at them.
- Yes.

Go run on the ground! Hurry up!

Hold your ears and
bend until I come.

Come on.

'Stare as much as you like.
I won't look.'

Students, why do we study History?
Has anyone thought about it?


What's happened!

Good morning, ma'am.

I was coming back from the court.
I thought I'd greet you.

Oh, no.

It happened again today?

'You didn't want to look.'

'You're mesmerised by me,
aren't you?'

'It's not good to be so angry.
You might tear a nerve.'

Who's he?
- He's a senior.

I watched on Discovery.

A woman is more attracted
to men that are elder to her.

Thank you.

- High five! See you!

- Thank you.

What was that?

Is there a problem? Any trouble?

Tell me if there is any.

Don't want to talk to us, it's okay.

You want to talk to anyone,
go ahead.

But don't interact with seniors?
It concerns your honour.

Am I your uncle's daughter?

I don't have the
time to argue with you.

And you shouldn't get
so angry over trivial things.

Don't rack your brain too much.

People like you get
an attack directly. Move.

What they show on Discovery is true.

Women torture men of their age.

And only elder men impress her.

I failed thrice.

I'm elder too.

Very old men are useless too.

His face was worth watching.

- Really, he was sulking.


Where's my scooter?

- Yes?

Look at that.

Who put it up there?

Dear Lord! Scooter is in the air.

Those whose hearts are flying,
their scooters fly too.

Keep it carefully.

You're not my uncle's daughter.

Call your uncle's son.

'Boss, please get it down.'

He's helpful by nature, isn't he?

The weak should not
clash with the strong.

Let it be.

No one's doing
tomorrow's assignment.

Still asking for unity.

Bani, you take me.
I don't want to be with them.

You should eat almonds.

Did you hear what he said?

Good morning, teacher.
- Good morning.

We love you, teacher.

Those who didn't do
their assignments, stand up.

We lost. They didn't support us.

You three, out.

Warriors are killed by cheaters.

Never mind.
We'll be back.

Show me.
- Look.

We'll break her window with a stone,
then She'll learn her lesson.

Come on.

Give me two.
Take this.

Take this.

Listen, we shouldn't do this.
They are policemen.


Hey, you gave us the wrong address.

Don't joke with...
- This is it.

Her father in the police.

Her uncle is the SP.

It's quite late, let's go.

If he sees us, our photos
will be in the newspapers.

This racquet is perfect. Hold this.

- Hi.

Well, your dad's a police officer.
You could have complained about us.

I'm not a child,
to go and complain.

I never said anything to you.

You're always roaming
around with a rulebook,

with dos and don'ts.

What's your problem with my studies?

We never go on your
ground and create problems.

If you get admission in
the sports quota,

you'll run away and get
a job in the police department.

What about us? We have to study.

We won't bother you again.
I'm sorry.

You were right. I was wrong.

I didn't expect you to apologies.

Things have gone haywire.

I watched on Discovery.
Women are very cunning.

She manages to entice
the male enemy.

And our man is getting enticed.

Let's go to class.
- No, I have a match today.

Oh! Do win.

I may not be your uncle's daughter,
but don't let me down.

Best of luck.
- Thank you.

I'll meet the principal and be back.
Go ahead.

We'll come too.
- There's no need.

He'll honour us.

What do you think you've won anyway?

You won at the district level.
Give me the medals. Give me.

We'll hang it in the
principal's office. Give me.

Give it to me.

Pay him.

Greetings, Dad.

We won gold medal
at the district level.

We're headed to the state level.

'And we're headed to prison.'

'The bank officials came.
They are after us.'

'Study hard and take up a job.'

'Stop playing these stupid games.'

What happened?
Is dad happy?

Dad is never happy.

Same pinch dad.

Wasn't it nice?
- It was lovely. I loved the colour.

I'll go tell dad.

Right? Get me one too.

Tell me the colour.


I need to talk to you.
- Yes, tell me?

In private.

Okay. I'll be back.

Well... your father is the SP.

Can you ask him to
hire me as a constable?

You can get a higher post.
You play well. You even won.

I may be playing well,

but I'm not sure
about the National level.

It's difficult,
and we don't even have a coach.

The racquet is more expensive
than our entire kit.

You might think that
I was only pretending to be tough.

When I speak to
my family on the phone

I'm always scared that
dad might ask me about my grades.

And dad is afraid
I might ask for money.

We had to mortgage
our house to pay off loans.

I will clear physical.
And I can drive too.

Ask him to hire me as his driver.

Please tell him.

You can use me as your driver.
Take me to your in-laws' home.

Don't worry, I'll talk to him.

Will you accompany me everywhere.
Should I buy two tickets?

You don't look good
as a helpless guy.

Tell me confidently that
you want to be a constable.

Say it.

You better make me a constable.
- Yes.

Don't worry, I'll talk to him.

You're back.
What did he say?

Did you entice her?

What do you mean?

I spoke to her about getting
me hired as a policeman.

Speak about us too.

You're talking like
an illiterate again.

She can't do that.

Don't mess it up now.

See, as soon as he finds a woman,
the man starts ignoring other men.

I'm in a terrible
situation already here.

I don't have the time for this.

You ate it all?

Do you want?



Ekta, what does your dad do?

He owns a shop.

So, he's a businessman?
Why don't you hire me?

What do you mean?

Well, I can be of help.
I can serve anyone.

What does he mean?

That's how they make money.

Why don't you do it too?

We don't know how it's done.

We're illiterate.

'If you want to learn
the art of flirting'

'Learn it from Male panda'

'He intentionally attracts
female panda's attention'

'By climbing on tress
with his flat feets.'

Take this.

Will you play too?

No, it's for you.

What was the need for this?

Play with it.
It's not a diamond necklace.

Don't get too formal. I'll play too.

You won't be able to keep up.

We'll play slowly.

Come on.

Listen, she's trying to entice you.


She gave you two
boxes of shuttlecocks.

She's doing it only for you, not us.

What are you saying?
We're no match.

They always like poor people,
who are dumb and idiotic.

You think I'm an idiot?
- I can challenge you.

I watched it on Discovery.

When a woman likes a man,
she takes care of him.

Be careful.

Come on.

- Bring it on.

Like that. Is this how it's done?

Shiv, let's bunk tomorrow, please?

You never listen to me.

You order. I said 'please'.

I said, 'Shiv,
let's bunk tomorrow, please?'

There's a difference.

I don't care, we'll bunk tomorrow.

It's Pali's birthday.
We plan to go to the club.

Okay, let's do it.

Thank you.
- Done?

Come on, the class is about
to start. Shall we?

No one tells us to shut up,
and she said 'please' to you.

I think it's working.

What's the big deal?

This is what they show in Discovery.

When the women do things like that,
it means they're in love.

Her 'please' means she loves you.
- Really?

But even the guys at the
bank say 'please, take a loan'.

Then they torture you.

They never listen to our 'please'.
They just come home.

But what's going on
with you is different.

Love is in the air.

Well, she is frank with you too?

Well, we are your friends.
Of course, she will treat us well.

You got lucky

the SP might get you a
job in the police department.

They have links.

Think about us too.
- Yes.


'They noticed it.'

'I feel so too.'

Three people can't be wrong.'

'She looks for excuses
to come close.'

'If things work out'

'then the SP will get
his son-in-law a good post.'

'I must think about them too.
They are my brothers.'

'They look good in the uniform.
She's beautiful too.'

'But I'm always going
to be under her control.'

'It's better to be under
her control than the banks.'

'I'll endure it. Yes, it's fine.'

'But what if the SP refuses
to marry her to me, a poor man?'

'Love doesn't care
about rich or poor.'

'She will insist.'

'Dad, I'll consume poison.
I'll jump in the river.'

'I want to marry Shiv.'

'Will you take a stand for me?'

Did you say something?
- No.

- I didn't.

"The stars in your
eyes twinkle, girl."

"The stars in your
eyes twinkle, girl."

"I'm in your control.
You've driven me crazy."

"I'm in your control.
You've driven me crazy."

"You're right, I'm done for.
The moon peeps at me."

"You're right, I'm done for.
The moon peeps at me."

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

"Thank me,
boy, my name's written on your car."

"You caused a traffic jam at
the Chandigarh junction yesterday."

"Your black clothes and
jewellery make you a magician."

"I'm in your control.
You've driven me crazy."

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

"My day begins by feeling you."

"You've broken many
hearts under your heels."

"Your day begins by feeling me."

"I've broken many
hearts under my heels."

"Beloved... Don't get rid of me."

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

"I'm in your control.
You've driven me crazy."

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

"Boys get drunk and try
to get inside your house."

"Don't open the window
of your room at night."

"I change my colours
every three days."

"70-year-olds look
at me and whistle."

"Where do you buy your
bangles and mascara from?"

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

"I'm in your control.
You've driven me crazy."

"You're in my control.
I've driven you crazy."

I don't know why they drink
when they can't handle it?

Men look good while drinking.

Your girl drinks too.

She was even mingling
with everybody.

She seems cunning.
She's not marriage material.

You'll be in trouble.

It was cold-drink. They call them
mocktails or cocktails...

It was alcohol. We're not idiots.

I've watched Discovery.

Men stop seeing the flaws in women.

Once the man is attracted.

You can't get attracted.

You won't be able to handle her.

She's not bad to while away time.

See what suits you.

And listen,
she sniffed something white.

It was in this hand.

There was lemon,
along with the drink.

She drank it.

She sucked the lemon.
She ate the white stuff.

She did it so swiftly,
like a magician.

I don't know what exactly it was,
but it wasn't good.

I'm sure the principal
knows we bunked.

But it's okay, it was fun.

Did you drink too?
- No, just two shots.

You sniffed the white stuff.
- Are you crazy?

You sniffed that white
stuff and sucked the lemon.

You think I don't understand?

It's not good.
You won't have children.

It was salt.
It's called tequila shot, you idiot.

Take the shot with salt and...
- What rubbish?

Don't try to teach me.
What's a shot?

It was alcohol.
- So what? You drank too.

And I won't drink every day.
- You can drink every day.

You're not my uncle's daughter.

Do you have the local one?
I've heard villagers have it.

Are you out of your mind?
You think I run an alcohol business?


'I don't want the policeman's job.
I'll get into trouble.'

Just get me hired as a policeman.

Why is he getting so emotional?

Understand? And listen,
tell her you have local alcohol.

She'll even come to the hostel.

No, I don't look her that way?

What love?
Have you built a Taj Mahal in love?

What are you going to do?

Her intentions are bad.
- Yes.

Why would she come?

She'll come.

Her behaviour is like
that of a female black spider.

I watch Discovery for a reason.
She'll come.

Suggest it at least.

Come on, just wait and watch.
- Come on.

Movie or coffee?
- You tell me.

- Movie sounds good.


Let's go watch a movie.
- We have an assignment.

Let's go for coffee.

Let's go for a movie.
- Bani.

I have local alcohol. You want it?

Yes, I want to try.
But don't lecture me.

Will you bring it?
- I can't bring it to class.

- We drink in the hostel.

Your hostel?

I'm so excited. Should we come?

Hey, let's go.
- I won't go to the boys' hostel.

You come.
- Dad doesn't allow it.

You're too much.
Shiv is there. Why are you scared?

No, I'm scared.

I'll come.

I'll get to see
the boys' hostel too.

Will you be able
to take me stealthily?

Don't get caught.

The man is waiting for the woman.

Stop talking rubbish.

Don't go overboard,
control yourself.

Her father is the SP,
don't do something stupid.

But don't get us into trouble.

Listen, you're just like a monkey.
I've watched on Discovery.

A monkey gets very jealous
when the other monkey is doing well.

He'll keep taunting him.

When the woman has made up her mind,
there's nothing to worry.

She's calling. Okay, goodbye.

Best of luck.

I'm downstairs, come quickly.
- Yes, Bani.


Come on.
- I'm coming.

Climb up. I'm holding it. Come on.

It's shaking.
- Come on, it's nothing.

Where are the others?

- Your friends. Won't we party?

They had work.

What? I won't drink alone.
Call them.

Give me their number.
I'll call them.

Give me.

To heck with you all.

Come on.
- Where?

I'm not like you,
to leave my friends for a girl.

I was just teasing you.

I told her we'll
drink with my friends.

She kept begging me and said
'please', but I said no.

We'll have a date some other day.

You're all my friends.
I can't leave you.

You've made your friends proud.
Come on.


I want to talk to you.


Set your dress.


It's fine.

No, I mean, pull it up.

This is how it's worn.
It's off-shoulder.

We villagers don't know that.
- What do you mean?

I mean...

It tempts us.

Hold on.

Aren't we friends?

It's not about the off-shoulder.

Even if I wear a full dress,
you'll think otherwise.

Does friendship not matter?

Fire and petrol can't be friends.

It's nature. The law of nature.

A boy and girl...

I see.

No, friendship does matter to me.

You got emotional and
told me about your dad.

Since that day, I respect you.

I trust you, that's why I came.

I trust you so much that

I know you'll take care of me
even if I got drunk.

Bani, I made a mistake.

No one ever explained
this relationship to us.

Please give me another chance.

Let me go.
- Please.

Listen, I came here as a friend.

If you have any filth in your mind,
tell me clearly right now.

Attraction between a
boy and girl is not wrong.

You like me?

Tell me. There's no problem.

But if you wish to take
advantage of me, I'll thrash you.

Don't call me your sister.

If you're brothers,
I'm part of you too.

If you understand this,
then open the bottle.

Or else I'll leave.

You gave the villagers
a bad name for no reason.

You guys couldn't even sleep inside.

What else is decency if not this?

Put me down.

When we are not a thief.
Then why we should leave like one?

Let's leave from the main gate.

Okay, bye.

Did you talk to
your dad about my job?

No, I'll talk to him today,
I promise.

Let it be.

Why? Don't you want
to accompany me everywhere?

Should I not buy two tickets?

I'm focusing on my game.

Wow, that's great.

'I will accompany
you everywhere now.'

'I have bought two tickets.'

'But gonna try as much as
possible to be worthy of you.'

Did a girl come to
your room last night?

Girl? No, sir.

I got a complaint.
- No, sir, we were preparing.

We're performing in the event.

She was wearing
an off-shoulder dress.

I know everything.

That was me, sir.

Mamta Kulkarni was with
Kajol in the movie 'Karan Arjun'.

"I'll leave.
- What's the hurry?"

You've been suspecting the
boys unnecessarily, I'm telling you.

Don't try to act too smart, sir.

If my father finds out,
he'll be furious.

Okay, then.


Sir, it's mine.
Where's the girl? I sleep here.

Give me the bottle.

There's a little left.
- Give it to me.

We'll drink it.

Get lost!

Hey, put it down.
I counted it, it's 22.

It's painting.

"I'm in love. True love."

"It's happened for the first time.
With you, beloved."

"It feels like an attack
straight on the heart."

"My heart fell prey to you,

"All I need is your love."

"There's nothing else I ask for."

"I have nothing to do in the world."

"I was born for you, beloved."

"I've lost to you.
It's beyond my thinking."

"Dear Lord,
I'm in love with you, beloved."

"I'm in love. True love."

"It's happened for the first time.
With you, beloved."

"It feels like an attack
straight on the heart."

"My heart fell prey to you,

"The neighbours have
been staring at me."

"I'm wearing the
scent of your love."

"The neighbours have
been staring at me."

"I'm wearing the
scent of your love."

"I want to be your beloved.
I want to be your world."

"Everything's for you, beloved."

"I'm in love. True love."

"It's happened for the first time.
With you, beloved."

"It feels like an attack
straight on the heart."

"My heart fell prey to you,

"I'm like a broken window."

"I make a lot of noise."

"When you talk to me, it feels like"

"a tigress roaring."

"If you weren't here, there
wouldn't have been air to breathe."

"Nothing feels good without you,

"I have a fever over 100 degrees."

"It's all because of you, beloved."

Thank you.

Shiv. Shiv.

Who's scoring more?
- He is.


Mend your ways.
Why are you messing with me?

What's this?

Read it.
- You tell me.

If I could say it,
I wouldn't have written it.

Just read it.

Have you proposed?

Have you really proposed?

Yes. What's your answer?

Don't want to do time pass.
I want to simply get married.

We're good friends.
Are you sure you want to do this?

Think again.

Don't be silly. Might be
it's not a marriage proposal.

Let's go, Pali.
The match isn't even interesting.

You have to make all arrangements.



How is Mr.
Sukhraj drinking tea today?

He's brought an
alliance of his nephew.

For whom?
- For me.

Are you crazy?

Proposals will come for you, not me.

Oh. - If you have a boy in mind,
tell me.

I'll talk to your dad.

How long has this been going on?

Well... There's nothing going on.
It's the first letter.

Whose son is he?
What do his parents do?

They have a farm.
They have a small land.

The boy isn't a
bright student either.

But he's good in sports.
And he's a nice person.

Is this really the first letter?
Do you have feelings for him?

I'm telling the truth,
it's the first one.

I haven't even opened it yet.

Then you better not open it, dear.

Tear it.

Forget about it.

You can't run a household alone,
with good nature.

The boy and his family are good.

And most importantly,
we know them well.

Think about it.

Are you all right, dear?

Yes, she's fine. I asked her.

Let this be, then. Cut some salad.

Where are the glasses?

They want the wedding
to happen soon.


Wow! You lectured me,
and you bunked for 10 days.

Why didn't you answer my calls?
Where were you?

Did you go somewhere?

There was a wedding.
You've brought sweets.

It was my engagement.
I'm getting married in a month.

Give it.

Nice try. You're trying to fool me.

'But gonna try as much as
possible to be worthy of you.'

Wow! Congratulations!

And these many cashews
are not enough for us.

Give us few more boxes.

Take this.

We'll come a week in advance.
Give us a room.

We'll drink expensive alcohol.
We'll have fun.

We'll have the night functions
at home. We'll handle it.

Musical ceremony, uncle?
Gurlez Akhtar would be the best.

No? Gurnam Bhullar?
He's good.



Is this good?

It's great.

Make sure the groom's
turban matches your dress.

No, you finalise yours.

He'll match the turban
with your dress.

And we will prepare all
sweets at home only.

It's always better like that.
- Do you drink?

No sir, we are not regulars.

But it's a family function
so let's have it...

Go ahead.
- Shall we?

'You want one?'


'Should I get some taquila?'


'Your dad won't find out.
I'll get it stealthily.'


'Why? Don't you feel
like celebrating?'

'I do.'

'I do too.'

I've chosen this for groom's sister.

Fix my alliance with her.
I'll go with you too.

Don't do it.
I'll woo her in your marriage.

Should we leave?
Let's take him along.

He might ruin everything.

When the girl is beautiful
and a little crazy too

you fall madly in love with her.

He won't back off now.

'It was very difficult
for me to say this.'

'So, I'm writing it.'

'Nirmal tried to scare me saying
she's a police officers daughter.'

'But I feel like
laughing at myself.'

'I never thought I'd
do something like this.'

'The thing is, Bani,
I don't have a mother or sister.'

'I don't have any memories
of my grandma either.'

'I found my mother,
sister and grandma in you.'

'A girl without whom
I can't even breathe now.'

'I was motivated to win a medal at
the National level because of you.'

'I'll take the job of a coach.
And you're smarter than me.'

'You'll earn more than me.
We'll have a good life.'

'The bottom-line is,
I'll accompany you everywhere.'

'Buy two tickets.'


Tell Bani I need to talk to her
on the terrace.

Are you crazy?
Is this the time to talk?

Tell her.

Forget it. You'll find many girls.
Come on, let's go.

Are you going or not?
Or should I pull her out?

Just because it's free doesn't
mean you can destroy your liver.

This is what I have now.

Bani, I know that you like me.

A lot, you're my friend.
- Stop this drama.


Swear on me and tell
me you didn't read my letter

and that you have
no feelings for me.

Let's elope, Bani.

Are you crazy, Shiv?
I'm getting married tomorrow.

All this is futile.

But you're not married yet.
What's the worst that could happen?

Your dad and the groom
will face humiliation.

They won't die.

But I might die.

Shiv... - Bani,
I did control so many days, right?

Now I can't.

I can't breathe.
Please, I beg of you.

Please... - I'll talk to your dad.
Just say yes.

Relax, nothing will happen to you.
You feel like that today.

But in the future,
you'll laugh over all this.

Make me your driver
and take me along, please.

You don't know anyone there.
What if you don't like it?

Bani, wherever you keep me,
I'll stay with you.

- Please take me along. Please.

I'll accompany you everywhere.
Buy two tickets.

What if the boy is not good enough?

It's not possible.

Why not?
You're not married yet, Bani.

It's not possible, Shiv. You'll
lose my friendship too. Leave me.

Leave me!

I don't want your friendship.

Us boys call those people Friends
with whom we want to stay forever.

You girls call those people friends
whom you guys want to leave behind.

Go away.

- Bani, back off.

I'll throw you down
and end everything.

Do it.

Just go away.

And also, we don't get along
with the girls who drink.

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"When it rains"

"the peacock is just lucky."

"When it rains"

"the peacock is just lucky."

"I was lucky before"

"but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"Destiny... Destiny...

"When two rivers united,
I only watched."

"When two rivers united,
I only watched."

"When the moon shines,
the partridge is just lucky."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"But today, someone else is."

"Dear Lord,
what's happened with me!"

"The one I love,
loves someone else."

"Dear Lord,
what's happened with me!"

"The one I love,
loves someone else."

"My heart cries, my soul cries."

"The one I love,
loves someone else."

"When the world is kind,
the weak are just lucky."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"But today, someone else is."

Hire me as your driver.

Just say it.
At least hire me as your driver.

If he keeps you happy,
I'll be very happy.

But if he makes you sad,
I'll be even happier.

"I'll love you until
my last breath."

"I'll wait for you
until my last breath."

"I'll love you until
my last breath."

"I'll wait for you
until my last breath."

"You didn't let me live,
nor did you kill me."

"What's this? How will I live?"

"The bond might get broken,
but the bond is just lucky."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"I was lucky before
but today, someone else is."

"But today, someone else is."

- Yes khosa.

Yes, Shiv...

Nirmal, the idiot...

he's petting pigeons and birds.

They are flying around everywhere.

The whole family is after them,
offering them food.

Someone better tell them that they
should let the parrot remain a bird.

It's not their son-in-law.

Does he sell them?

No way.

The cat eats their eggs.
What do they get?

Ekta called me the day before.

Are you still in touch with her?

Yes, I couldn't get Ekta.

But her father trapped me.

I borrowed 21 lakhs from him.
Now Ekta has to bear the brunt.

Listen, ask Ekta about her.


Just ask her.

Forget it.
Don't be crazy. Pass me the snack.

I'm not going after her.
Just call her and ask.

Hello. I wanted to ask you,
did you talk to Bani?


The poor girl's husband
passed away last month.

What's her name? Let me meet her,
I'll stop chasing you.

I want to see her.

Okay, show me her picture.
I won't cast an evil eye.

What's the matter?
Did you have a fight?

I'm going to the principal's office.

Why? Sir!


Did you complain?

If you had told me lovingly,
I'd have understood.

Why did you have to complain?

Will you do something for me?
- What?

Give me a pen.


Give the principal my resignation.

Sir... Don't quit your job.

I won't trouble you again,
I promise. Okay, bye.

I'm not resigning because of you.


You asked me if there
is anyone in my life.

Who is it, sir?

Tell me, sir. Please. Sir!

"Where are you?"

"I can find you with your scent."

"Even while walking in my sleep"

"I can reach you."

"I won't say a word."

"Yet I can make you hear my voice."

"Even while walking in my sleep"

"I can reach you."

"You came for my sake,
crossing the seven seas."

"You'll only take my hatred.
You won't get my love."

"You came for my sake,
crossing the seven seas."

"You'll only take my hatred.
You won't get my love."

"Go back.
Go back. Go back, my beloved."

- Okay, get down.


To heck with your greetings.
Have you seen the time?

We have a new guy here.

See if you can give him some work.
Come, brother. Come.

Please, sir. He needs shelter too.
- Greetings.

Are you new here?
- Yes sir.

What's your name?
- Shivjeet.

Come on.

So, was your journey all right?
- Yes.

Which place are you from?

My family lives
in the village near Nabha.

I see.

You can stay here.

I could have given you
a decent room but then,

you wouldn't have valued it.

If you start from scratch,
you'll go way ahead.

You are right. Thank you, sir.

Any hesitations towards work?
- No, sir.


Okay, then start working
at sheep's barn.

Okay, sir.


Well, I heard you're
no longer interested in this.

I loved my land.
I left my farms and came.

I gave some to my younger brother.

I bought many more over here.

Actually, my son loved farms.

He's no more.

What else should I do now?

Sir, when you came alone
to this world,

you're going leave alone as well.

And when you gave it to your brother

and rebuilt it,
did you have a son then?

What if god has written
100 years of life for you.

You're not even halfway there.

But you can't stop living.

Do your work and have fun.

Do your work,
I'll give you a pay cut.

Why do I care?
I was just suggesting.

I'll mind my own business.

Let people do what they want.

I'll mind my own business.

Why Pradhan I give you...


How are you?

Where have you brought them?

They are my friends.


Take this jacket.

The sweater won't keep you warm.

Take care of it.
It belonged to my son.

Do you want a
smell peg or a large one?


I didn't ask if you want it.

I asked if you want small or large.

Excuse me.
How do you have this jacket?

What are you doing here?

You work here too?

I'm friends with the boss.
Tell me if you need any help.

Oh, you're a driver?

Look at you. I told you to hire
me as a driver, but you're one now?

"Flowers don't bloom on stones."

"Flowers don't bloom on stones."

"When we've met after so long
we deserve a hug."

"I am no longer part of your life."

"I may not be yours,
but I'm still yours."

"I'm still yours."

"I'm still yours."

"Go back, silly. Go back."

"I'm no longer worthy of you."

"Go back, silly. Go back."

"I'm no longer worthy of you."

"Why do you want to have me?"

"Why do you speak of love?"

"What kind of person are you?"

"You should have come
into my life much earlier."

"Or you shouldn't
have come at all."

"What's this juncture in life?
You have come to me."

"When I belong to someone else."

"When I have
lost everything in life."

"What have you
brought into my life?"

Don't tell outside
that I was weeping like you guys.

You're Nirmal, and you're Khosa.

What do they show on Discovery?

Tell me.

I wonder what she's going through.

If I trouble her more,
she'll be done for.

I hope everything gets fine soon.

She was at this level.

She used to be so happy.

There's a new guy
come from the village.

Who is he?

He was looking for work.
We just hired him.

Give me the key. I need some things.


"My love, a garden, has withered..."

"Where are you,
spreading your fragrance?"

"You are still missed
by this unfortunate lover."

Why have you come here?

I didn't know you were here.
I was looking for work.

Don't pretend.

Swear on me and
tell me you didn't know.

Who told you?


What did you think?

That I'm alone and you can have me?

You want to take advantage of me?
Go ahead.


I just came to
make sure you were okay.

Why? Am I your aunt's daughter?

Go back. You know I'm okay.

If you care about me at all,
just leave.

Become like you used to be.
Get out. Be happy.

I'll leave.

Is it so easy?

I've lost someone in life.

Okay, take your time.

Cry as much as you want.
There's no hurry.

Just be normal. I'll go back.

You're great.

Really, hats off to you.
You're truly great.

It's done. Now leave.


It's fine if you didn't
understand my love.

I'm not dead.
I'm standing in front of you.

I have five girlfriends.

You want to see pictures?
They are hugging me.

I'm a playboy.

I told you, I'd accompany
you everywhere.

Buy two tickets.

Whether you talk to me or not,
just smile in front of me.

I want to see you smile.

Once you're set,

I'll vanish.

Where will you go with me?



Are you God?

I'm God.

I'll tell father-in-law.

What will you tell him?

I'll tell mother-in-law
that you're an alcoholic.

You didn't complain? Come on.

She's angry.

Come on.

Come on.

She's angry...

Hey, hello!

Come on. Let me show your
mother-in-law your true colours.

I'm sure you still drink
stealthily will salt.

Come on. Ma'am.


Yes, my boy?

Another one.

Where were you, dear?

I wonder which one this is.

Should I add an orange
slice or juice to this?

What do you drink this with?

It's tequila, Mother-in-law.
These are shots.

Then give me small glasses.

Just pour some.

That's enough.

Would you like some?

Can I drink it?

Should I?

Hey, give me another one.
One isn't enough for me.

Give me or I'll scold
you as a mother-in-law.

Should I make one?

I know how to do it, dear.

I have to stay
strong in front of her.

If we're all right.

Then only she'll have
the courage to deal with it.

Take it...

I'll feed khosa.

Take it.

Tell me something. When you got
married you said the boy was rich

but they have been
running after sheep here.

They have 15,000 sheep.
- But they are sheep after all.

You're talking as
if there are 15,000 horses.

We're very poor.

When it's about the heart,
money doesn't matter.

And I'm not rich either.

Thank you so much.

I could never imagine
what you told me yesterday.

You're alone now.

That's why I didn't
marry all these years.

I was meant for you.
You liked me too.

We can be together now.

Don't do it.

Please don't do it.

I have a family.

Kabil's family is now mine.
They live with me.

You won't understand
what it means to lose someone.

Okay, forget it.

I can't forget Kabil,
and I won't forget him.

He lives in here,
and he'll stay here until I'm alive.

Stop being a hero and leave.

Go away, I was just joking.

You can't keep
insulting me every time.

I told you I'd entice
your sister-in-law at your wedding.

You know why I couldn't do it?

I found your husband really sexy.

I fell for him.

If you can live without him,
I'll live too.

You got married,
but he was my love.

We will never forget him.

Your husband is like my husband.

Please, let me marry him.

Gay marriages are legal here.

I'm okay with that.

Don't mock a dead person.

Don't say anything to my in-laws.
It was Kabil's birthday this week.

You can discuss
this nonsense with me.

Are you crazy?
Look at the make-up on your face.

If you're so saddened,
why don't you wear white clothes?

You boys want us to die,
don't you?

Should I bring some booze?
You need one.

I want you to live...

I have a surprise for you too.
Kabil's diary.

You know what he wrote?

Not like that. If you want to cry,
go to your room and cry.

You became a mother on this day.
You must celebrate.

You know what he wrote?

He said, 'God is the greatest.'

'We came alone,
we'll leave alone.'

You have to separate from
this world to know what lies ahead.'

'I fear God the most.'

'The day my mother goes away
from me, I won't be able to live.'

'I'm very weak.'

'If God has to take one of us,
I'll go first.'

'My parents are very strong.'

'They are very brave.
They know how to live.'

'But I'm stubborn.'

'Where will I go anyway?'

'I have to stay close to them.'

Don't cry, ma'am.
He's right here, with us.

Come on,
let's cut the cake. Come.

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday, Kabil."

"Happy birthday, dear Kabil."

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."

Many congratulations!

Take it!

Here, eat it. It's tasty.

Cut my cake.

'Happy birthday to my husband'.

Did you see how I matched it?
It looks lovely.

"The turban with your t-shirt..."

"I match it on purpose."

You really are crazy.

Yes, in his love.

What kind of love
doesn't make a person go crazy?

You can insult me how much you want

but you cannot separate me
from my love.

Since it's my husband's birthday,
I won't lie to you.

You left me, didn't you?
I've come to get my revenge.

I'll entice your husband.

You can do what you want.

I'm going to usurp the farmhouse.
The sheep are mine.

Come on, cut it.

The cake is for my love
and your destruction. Come on.

Don't cut it if you don't want to.
We'll eat it together.

Don't do it.

Come on, dear sheep.
All of you come.

We have a lot of cake. Come on.

Come on! Come on!

Hey, lady! Aunt!

Come on! It's for you!

Clean it from below.

Are you going somewhere, dear?
- Yes.

Oh, dear, I'm cleaning
this one. Take her car. - Yes.


-The key is inside the car, dear.

Do you have any other work?
I should just post it? - No.

Dear, why don't you go with her?

He'll drop you
and pick you up too.

It's okay, there's nothing to worry.
He's a trustworthy guy.

Never mind, go ahead.


Someone wrote my beloved's
name on my back today.

You should have made an arrow too.
You have a large heart.

It's not easy to share your man.

This is Peace Park. The foreigner
will kick you out of here.

I don't care.

lovers are always humiliated.

Stop it, Shiv.

It's not funny.
I'm not laughing. Are you crazy?

You're crazy.
Your father's crazy.

Not your father,
he gave me alcohol.

Your mother and friends are crazy.

Your friends Ekta
and Pali are crazy.

How much more hatred
do you have in your heart?

You think my love is crazy?
Yes, I'm crazy.

Lovers are called
crazy by the world.


Sorry, I won't annoy you anymore.

It's okay, you're all right.

Are you serious?

You really didn't know that you've
been pregnant the last three months?


Be careful,
and congratulations, Mr. Singh.

There are some basic tests
we need to go through, however.

And Dr. Sarah will help you out.

I can't take you home on the bike.


For the baby. Congratulations.

And Kabil?

He is left behind, isn't he ?

I won't leave him behind.

I can see everything.

I understand what
you're trying to do.

Thank you for doing so much for me.

I can't love you.

It's okay.

Don't love me.

Just let me be with you.

Shiv, you can be my everything

but not the child's father.

Please leave.

"You can't run with
shackles on your legs."

"Broken pieces of glass
can never be joined."

"You can't run with
shackles on your legs."

"Broken pieces of glass
can never be joined."

"I want to ask God why
He made me cry so much."

"When you were in my destiny,
why did I meet someone else?"

"Don't do this to me now."

"You should have come
into my life earlier"

"or shouldn't have come at all."

"What's this juncture when
you have come into my life?"

"When I'm already someone else's."

"When I've already lost everything."

"What have you
brought into my life?"

I've known Shiv from before,

We studied in the same college.

He used to like me,
but there is nothing between us.

He came here for me, not to work.

I'm sorry, I hid this from you.

I'm sorry.

I know, dear.

Shiv even told me
that when he learnt

of Kabil's death, he was very happy.

I didn't ask if you want it.
I asked, small or large?

I can't wear this jacket.
- Why?

I'm not a nice guy.

When I learnt of your son's death,
I laughed at his death.

I couldn't resist.

I liked her since
we were in college.

I came here after her.

But I don't have
the wrong intentions.

I just wanted to see if she's okay.

He's a truthful boy, dear.

He left everything and came here
only to make sure you were happy.

I don't know how you feel

but I can send you away
with him as my daughter.

I'm alive in front of you.

I belong to Kabil only,

But I don't know what
part of me he took away.

I couldn't even control it.

I'm sorry.

"The world is unaware."

"God doesn't have a face."

"The one who gets a
lover like you, beloved"

"does not have to worship an idol."

"When you look at me..."

"When you look at me..."

"You spot me from
amongst the crowd."

"Just tell me this, beloved."

"Just tell me this, beloved."

"Why do you love me so much?"

"You won't let me cry."

"You won't let me go away."

"You won't let anything harm me."

"You'll burn for me."

I'm so sorry to inform you that
your foetus is not growing properly.

You have a very rare condition.

Perhaps, one to five in a million.

Unfortunately, you are one of those.

Condition for both
the mother and the baby...

It could be either, neither survive.

It could be either, we may
have to choose which one survives.

'It's a very high-risk pregnancy.'

'Because of these reasons,
I'd suggest'

'at this early stage we're at,
we abort the pregnancy.'

'If you did choose
to go down this route'

'we need to sign some documents.'

Sign it.

Shiv, I want to have the baby.

The doctor said there are
chances that we both won't survive.

Or one of us might survive.

Or maybe nothing will go wrong.

We'll both be fine.

Nothing is clear.

But there is hope.

But I'm clear about today.

If we abort it, this baby will die.

I'm willing to take the risk.

But I can't get rid of his
last memento by signing this paper.

Everything will be fine,
wait and watch.

Yes, Tuesday.

Brilliant. Does a.m. do?
Okay, fab.

See you later. Thank you. Bye.

Doctor, we want to keep the baby.

We're willing to take the risk.

Are you serious?

Why do you want to do this?

I know it's very
emotional for the mother.

But please talk to her.

This is a very serious condition.
She could die.

It's okay, Doctor.

My love may die.

But her love shouldn't die.

Bani, I can't be a father.
But I can be a mother.

Let me marry Kabil.

You will make sure
you get his property.

I don't want his property, silly.
I want to be yours.

If not your husband then
let me be his second wife.

'So, will you accompany
me everywhere?'

'Should I buy two tickets?'

'Yes, please.'

"My beloved, just tell me"

"why you love me so much."

"Why you love me so much."

"You look even more
beautiful to me every day."

"The air that you breathe
in is heaven for me."

"You look even more
beautiful to me every day."

"The air that you breathe
in is heaven for me."

"Your favours are killing me."

"Now I feel like
I won't live long."

"You'll fight the world for me."

"My beloved, just tell me"

"why you love me so much."

"The pain is such
that it'll kill me."

"It feels like I was born for you."

"My life was hell"

"but your love has opened
the doors to heaven."

"The separation is intolerable."

"The pain of being
away is intolerable."

"Since I meet you,
I'm dying of sorrow."

"I can't live without you now."

"My beloved, just tell me"

"why you love me so much."

"Why you love me so much."

What kind of name is that?
- Be quiet, we won't listen to you.

Bani, I've thought
of a name for my grandson.

His name is going
to be Dilsher Singh.

It sounds good,
and is impactful too. - No way.

The baby's name sounds
like that of a dacoit.

We won't name him that.
We'll name him Nirvair Singh.

Isn't it nice, dear?
- Yes, it's nice.

How about Sehraj?

It's fine, Let's keep 'Dil'
Like Dilsher.

Oh, let's ask Shiv. Whichever
he selects out of the three

will be finalised.
Don't refuse then. - Okay.

Shiv, you tell us.
Which of the three names is better?

- Dilsher Singh.

Nirvair Singh.


May I say something?

It'll hurt you, but it's true.

Your lives were dull.

I brought happiness into your lives.

Don't I have the right to name him?

Tell me if it's a lie.

I've done so much for you.
You didn't think about me at all?

No matter what, I'll name the baby.

I will name my son, Kabil Singh.

It's a nice picture.
Where was this?

From where?


Greetings, ma'am.
- Greetings.

Isn't Dr. Richard
handling your case? - Yes.

Single occupancy room
or double, sir?


Your name?
- Bani Kaur.

Baby's father's name?
- Kabil Singh.

Baby's father's name is Kabil Singh?


Your husband has a nice name.

Shivjeet sir is a sports
teacher in our college.

Are you his sister-in-law?

Sister? Is he your brother?

Are you his real sister or cousin?

You know, he came here after a girl.

And I came after him,
looking for him.

I really like him.

And look at my luck!
He came to my hospital on his own.

Positive vibes.

You might know who the girl is.



He doesn't tell anyone.
I asked him many times.

He came without telling anyone.

He's always trying to act too smart.

But I still like him.

Anger suits him, doesn't it?

But you must have never
seen him from that point of view.

You might not know.

But you should talk to him.

Why is he wasting his
time over a girl that left him?

Get rid of her. Right?

Move on. Am I not good enough?

I wonder what's special about her.

I'm sure he must
have gotten insulted.

That's why he's helping
people deliver babies.

Just do me a favour.
Just help us unite.

I'll take good care of you.

I've given you the
best room in the hospital.

Do you need more pillows?

Nurse, give her an extra pillow.

Our deal is done.

You'll help me unite with him. Okay?

I'll just go inform
the doctor about you. Okay?

The room is nice, isn't it?

Can't you see?
It's the best room.

You brought me to this
hospital on purpose, didn't you?

You knew she was here.

- Who?

No... I really didn't know.

Which one is she?

What do you mean?
- Weren't you a playboy?

Which one is she?
- I was joking.

Extra pillow?


No, Bani...
Bani, the nurse is watching.

The nurse is watching.
- Done? Very good.

Don't disturb her too much.
Our staff is here to look after her.

Dispose it off.

You should go out. You need rest.

Let's go out. Shall we?

Come on.

Do you want to go washroom?

Take this.
- I don't want to eat it.

I don't trust her. She might
give me poison and clear her path.

Why would the poor girl
give you poison? - Poor girl?

You're being very sympathetic.

You think it's poison? I'll take it.

Here you are. I took poison. Okay?

You're bound to trust her.

Hello, guys.

You have to take just
one more dose for the night.

Give her the medicine.
- I just gave her.

I took it by mistake.
- Really?

It was for mother's milk

so that she has enough
milk to feed her baby.

Good. Now get him boxes.
He'll take the medicine.

I'll give birth and
he can feed the baby.

No, I'm serious.

Take it.

Stop it, and take it.

Don't do this, take it.
- No.

Please take it.

Take it.
- I don't want it.

Please. I've taken the
medicine once. You take it.

Come on.

Your bond with your
sister-in-law is great.

Hold it. Take it.

Oh no!

She's sitting alone.
Her husband must have passed away.


He must be elder to her.
That's why he left.

Like Shiv is elder to you.

If she had found someone of her age,
she would be happy today.

Well, what's there
to like about him?

Look, you gave me the best room.

You gave me an extra pillow.

I'll give you the right advice.

That boy is perfect for you.

Just say yes.

He'll come after you.

You deserve someone
much better than him.

No. My heart should like him too.

Your sir isn't Gary Sandhu.
Why do you like him so much?

You don't know it.
You've always seen him as a friend.

Ask me.

I've seen him from
every point of view.

He's my husband.

He came here for me.

Don't fool me.
Go to your room and take rest.

Nurse, please take her to her room.
- Wait I'll come back.

Hold on. Why would I lie?

You think I'm naive, right?

Either get me out of here,
or get your student out of here.

I***ll kill her.

I thought I should
put his picture here.

Who are you going to kill ?

What happened?


You have to keep it straight

and try doing your foot
exercise as much as you can.

And rotate it properly. Okay?

You guys may go.

Hello, sir. How's Bani?

Look, please try and understand.

Maybe you don't know...
She's already disturbed.

This is a severe case.

I'm her husband. This is our child.

I respect you.

But what you've been
doing is really hurting her.

I chose my internship in this city

because I knew you were here.

It's true, sir.
I came here after you.

But I didn't think
we'd meet like that.

I'm a medical student.

Moreover, do you really think
I don't know about this case?

I know about this case

and I also know you're her husband.

As her time nears,
her fears about it will increase.

So it's very important not
to let the patient think about that

and remain distracted.

I'm just doing my duty.

Let things be as they are.

I'm sorry.


Give me hug.

Bani is watching.

Thank you.

Relax. Breathe. Breathe.
- Take deep breaths, Bani.

Breathe in. Breathe.
- Why do you care?

You were busy hugging her.

Deep breath...

Tell her I'm your wife. Tell her!

Take he in.
- You come.

[Religious chants]

[Religious chants]

[Religious chants]

[Religious chants]

[Religious chants]


Your Kabil is back.

Bless you, dear.

You brought our happiness back.

May God give you a long life.

[Religious chants]

Come on!


The infection is out of control.

We're shifting her to the ICU.

Nurse, please call the doctor.


They gave me an injection.

They might shift me.

It's nothing, you'll be okay.
Don't do this, please.

Take God's name, please.
- It hurts a lot!

I can't take it!

I can't endure it.

Just try, everything will be fine.
Don't cry. Don't do this.

- It's so painful, I can't help it.

Bani, I can't see all this.

I'm outside.

'Shiv, You said you'd
accompany me everywhere.'

'Buy two tickets.'

'Where are your tickets now?'

'I'm in a little
pain and you left me?'


You remember how
you'd call me smilingly?

Nirmal said that these traits
of women show they are in love.

Khosa said you were
the SP's daughter

so you'd get me a policeman's job.

My life would be set.

I'd lead my life as a policeman.

I didn't even know about tequila.

I thought the salt was a drug.

Then everyone scared me

that since you take drugs,
you'll never have children.

I forgot about the policeman's job.

But you did it. You make me proud.

I'll upload Kabil's photo.

'I told you, Shiv, you're not God.'

'You can't be at
every place in my life.'

'I'm going alone from here.'

'No, you're not going anywhere.'

'You must be very happy today.'

'The property is yours.
You got Kabil too.'

'You are going to
take care of everything.'

'Take care of Kabil.'

'And marry that girl.
She came all the way for you.'

'She'll keep you happy.'

'Will you shut up
or should I punch you?'

'Nothing will happen to you.

Nothing will happen.'

'Hear me out.
We'll go home together.'


No. I won't hear anything.


Please sit outside.
I'm here with her.

Don't worry.
I'll be inside with her.

Please sit outside.

"You wanted to leave me alone."

"You're silly."

"You wanted to leave me alone."

"You're silly."

"Wherever you go,
I'll go with you, silly."

"Wherever you go,
I'll go with you, silly."

"I have no one but you."

"If you don't survive,
I won't either."

"I have no one but you."

"If you don't survive,
I won't either."

"I'll burn with you, silly."

"Wherever you go, I'll go with you."

"Wherever you go, I'll go with you."

"I'll go with you."

"I'll go with you."

"It's God's nature
to separate two lovers."

"I got you after I died.
This is my luck."

"I got you after I died.
This is my luck."

"Why is the world
crying over lovers?"

"Your hand is going to be in mine."

"I'm so close to you now,
I'll never be away from you."

"Beloved, we're both going
to lie on the same pyre."

"God has made His move, silly."

"Wherever you go, I'll go with you."

"Wherever you go, I'll go with you."

"I'll go with you."

"I'll go with you."

"Everyone has one birth."

"Everyone gets one life."

"When they say they'll meet
in the next life, it's a lie."

"Lovers are miserable here."

"They have to consume
poison until they die."

"This is what has been happening."

"This will always happen."

"When the stars get too
close to the moon, they burst."

"They burst."

"Smile and celebrate."

"We won't be sad."

"Smile and celebrate."

"We won't be sad."

"God has called us.
We must be special to Him."