Qingchun wu hui (1991) - full transcript

Zheng Jianong, a bulldozer driver, has been suffering from illness for years and his wife leaves him

Xian Film Studio


Actor Zhang Fengyi Shi Lan

Scrip writer Wang Shuo Wei Ren

Director Photographing Zhou Xiaowen

Better to divorce

Go to sleep
I have to work early tomorrow morning

It's today

Two years later summer

Are you alone

Of course

Please sit there
I have to sleep for three more minutes

You never get up whenever I come

Just 2 minutes

You can consult your watch

It's in a mass here

When will you learn to take care of yourself

Shut up! I'm bored already

Just 2 minutes

I will take care of you

And try to make you a Japanese woman

I am hungry

That's easy

I saw the bulldozer was
pushing down the front house when I came

Talk turns to you

What do you think of the house
we saw last time

It's said to be finished soon

Get tidy and go to live in my room

How longer could you stick to here?

I don't care

I will not move unless I'm not satisfied
with a big one with three rooms


It's going to be late

Don't look at me like that

Like a wolf

Like a wolf

All is love

See yours

What do you see

Your first lover

It's a pity that he had little idea of your love

Otherwise you are not here

Didn't you really show love to her

Do you know
that how many times you have asked

I will not tell you anything ever after

Don't blame me. I am a little anxious

So hurry up. It's late

Mai Qun you should think for me

I say all good words for you

Your matter has
also been discussed in manager's office

But your condition makes it difficult
for me to sympathize with you

Although the house is old

Counting this yard

It's much bigger
than a house with three rooms

What do you say

What's more
what you built are all high buildings

At least excluding 25 house
with three rooms

It's not right

You re young and single

If you re so demanding
what if others are as demanding as you re

Hurry up, really late

There is law about relocation


Ala, bag

You should have a check in the hospital



Is there anything in my head

Don't move

Doctor Wang, we radiation department
will make big money

Another batch of people
are coming to have their heads checked

Ok, stand up

What on earth happens
to people's heads nowadays

Are you Zhen Jianong

Are you Zhen Jianong


Is there anything in my head

Was your head hurt before

How did it get hurt

When can I know the result

Do you know
the situation when you were hurt

Doctor, how about tomorrow

Can I know the result tomorrow

Only one check up
for diagnosis is unreliable

I can't tell now

How long have you
been suffering from headache

How do you feel

I only ask you one word

Yes or No


Patient is not allowed to come in

You'd better come for check up on time

I will wait

Thank you

You come to have other checks on time


Mai Qun, guess what we shall eat at noon

I am not hungry

We have to eat. Let's go

Doctor Wang, do you join us

No, I still have one patient

Why are you unhappy


Good. There is a grudge between them

The international game
meeting tomorrow must be fun

Turn them into two

Are you still suffering
from headache recently

Sometimes, it's not so serious

Don't talk

I have been to the hospital today

Checking is so boring

Why don't you have a rest for sometime

the noise is loud and vibration is strong

Is there anything to do with your job

What does my work
have to do with my headache

Don't talk

What a child

I feel headache only
when I have no work to do

There is no sense in your saying so

I am also headache if I have nothing to do

I mean it

It's a good way
to treat headache by working hard

Hearing the bang of gun when fighting

I am fine


Why don't you beat him to death

It's not funny
to beat him dead until tomorrow

It ll be much funny to torture him

Torture him
Yes, Torture him

Open your mouth. Ok
I've said that you should be inspirited

You see the information of your project
has been put out again

3.5 billion

If in the old days

I even daren't think of that number

Yes, Investment is really not small

Is demolition going well


Only some stubborn
guys don't want to move


Isn't it good for them
to live in new building

Because the his condition is high

Nothing serious
we have means to manage them

Duoduo Duoduo

Do you see Duoduo

I don't know where he is

Go to see what she is doing

Maybe she is doing something bad


Do you know Liu Jie's information

I heard from her last month

She might come back recently

And want to see Duoduo

Why do you still
have connection with that woman

Don't return to her letter any more

We should not get in touch with her

So does Duoduo

Only bad effect to children

Did you see I was swimming just now. How

There is no competitor today

How can you get hydrophobia

Drink it

Too unlucky

You don't know

How comfortable
it is for swimming after exercising

What's more people
who swims usually has good bodybuilding

You can see
the Olympics games broadcasting

Among all the athletes

Those who have most
beautiful body are swimmers

Not like those
who are dealing with lead ball, discus

All hard lumps

It's too staff inside
I will wait for you outside

Wait, I don't swim either

I am worried too
Fire has be burning on my house

Let's make it clear

Now we have made contract. Who will take
the responsible is the project is delayed

I have to go through it one by one

I don't have 3 heads and 6 arms

The one on the highest floor
is the most difficult to deal with

No one is good to deal with

You can have a rest

Have a rest

Is there a road

Give me the road if let us move

How can you do like this

Everyone should stand to difficulties


Want are you doing?
Jianong, are you good at bargaining

They are hard to tale with

Ok.I can't do it in the morning

Please clean here


I open it

You arrive at the right time. Help me

How can you come to my home


Do I surprise you

It's massy here

Too bad

Come and have a sit

I am sitting here

We are undertaking construction here

So you come to motivate me

Chat, just a chat

I want to whether you have difficulties

I will try to help you as I can

You live here alone


What about parents

One died one married
living at somewhere else

Are you working here


I must see you often

Don't know

Living alone is good, without disturbance

It's better if moving to new house earlier

But I hope it's more spacious

Although my house is old, it's big anyway

At least you should give me
a big house with three rooms

I have to get married
and give birth to children

Abig family suddenly

Although we have our own thoughts
we have to think for the country, right

This sub district
is built after a great decision

How uneasy it is

New buildings are better than old ones

Look at this area

It's comfortable to see

There will be a big store in the future

If you move out earlier

The new buildings can be set up earlier

It's convenient to do shopping, right

It's a good thing

It's improper if you are still unsatisfied

Of cause, people want to improve

Do you remember who I am

Are you hurt

I remember

You took care of me
the last time I was hurt

I haven't quick enough to say thank to you

You did well

Also dealing with me

Do you really remember

Tell me that situation

It always rained

It's all wet every where

Clothes were mould

It's also itching on body
No, it's always sunshine

The sunshine was very strong
and the temperature was high

Your fever always couldn't reduce

I am afraid that your wound would festered

So I help clean you with wine
everyday to keep you physically low

Right, I remember

It's very cool after that

Now I still feel cool when I see wine

You had two pigtails at that time

Yes, I remember all

You always laughed to me

I always want to laugh to you

But I can't with bandage

It's very ugly if I could laugh

I never have pigtail

You only remember the wound
was very painful right

Yes, it was

I've never felt as painful as that

I cried out like a pig

Yes, I do

I frightened you

But you were still with me

I was not good

Do you still remember how to get hurt

Of cause, how could I forget that

I ventured my life

Used all my power

I couldn't remember how I made him dead

Later, comrade in arms made us departed

My hand was still
pinching on the gangster's neck

And the hand was fractured

Do you still remember the cannon sound

Cannon was made

The two sounds were different

Our cannon made good sound

But not theirs

But the cannons were near

I could hear the cannon

Just like the plug pulled
from empty bottle

That cannon is flying toward us


Are not plug

But that sound

That one I can't tell

I am embrocating alcohol on your body

That sound appeared

You rushed at me and the house collapsed

The fire was burning around

I saw your head

Don't you still remember

That beam should have fell on my head

I heard that from somebody else

I heard it at last

I should have
the third rank success originally

But I got the second adding this

Maybe it's unconscientiously

I can't remember it clearly

Do you think one knock can be cancer

You can't remember anything

I only remember alcohol

You are a doctor you know it

Ok, time to go

I've forgotten everything

Do you know what I said

You should move out earlier

You have been in the army
Set an good example

Is it so important for you

Just like fighting

I've seen him

Just that one I saw in the checking room

He is Zhen Jianong


He saved me

Yes, he said nothing to me

Let's help him together

How do you think of this sofa

So so

At that time he was
sent to the back area by helicopter

I thought he wouldn't wake up again

I don't think it's good

This color is too outdated

What's more, not real leather

My mother said we should buy
the one made of Thailand water buffalo fur

Although expensive but firm

Come, pull it

At least for 20 years

Hold it

It's worthy if counted like this

What about you

Yes, worthy

I don't know he is still alive

Do you think it's a cancer

Wait for all the results

And it also has a final check

No one can help if it's a cancer

The surface of the furniture is good

Smooth and easy to clean

Only the age is too outdated

Does serious hurt on head can cause cancer

Of cause

Maybe not

This is matter of we two

After spending much money

Don't dislike it

It's unnecessary to choose furniture

Just buy it

They are the same

Do you understand? Buy it if you like it

Shopping is like this

What you don't want is everywhere

That you want can't be found anywhere

You can go I am home now

Look at you, why are you angry again

Who is angry, I am not


Really, you can go

If you are not angry

Give me a gentle sign

Not warm enough

I am tired, you can go now

I have to work tomorrow

Go back to have a rest

I will come to ask you earlier


Have a good dream

Have a good dream

Maiqun, is it the back of head

Yes, Is the head in coma

The brain is lacking in oxygen
not a big problem

I can't move either. Enjoy yourself

There might be drink in the fridge

The room is clean

Men's house is not that clean normally

Haven't you married

Have one

Who departed the other

I can tell that he doesn't want me

So I depart him by myself


Are you sad

Just now the brain was lacking in oxygen

Wait for a while ok

Have a cup of tea ok

There is water in the kitchen

Isn't my little room

So near

See, I can see it right from here

Do you know? You must know

Why don't you tell me earlier

That you are living in the front

I don't know even it's a long time

That's too strange

Yes, I also think that it's strange

Can this be pulled off


Take something else

My daughter is like this too

I know who you are


The one that is afraid of water most

We all went to swim in the river

Those injured went to see

Of cause I am also one of them

But I never saw you


I was nearly drawn the first time
that I swam in my childhood

Later I could never swim

Even having bath
I have to use shower in stead of basin

Somebody said that there
was the shadow of you in my eyes

Isn't it


I don't find it

Somebody said that

There are not many girls
who have such eyes

Everyone is frowning

The mind is full of law suit

Not like that when I was in the hospital

Almost like you

Really Yes

You can think of me now

Sorry, I knocked on the door
do you hear that

This time I came back
is to handle something in Shanghai
and it's done smoothly

Only 2 days left

So I specially come to see
my daughter in Beijing

I want to have a discussion with you

Thank you

Can I smoke

How are you recently?
Is your head still painful

Can he have good taste


Is your headache more serious

Did you have a thorough check

It's on check..
I cam know the result in a few more days

Does he still often wake up at night


You might not know

It doesn't matter

Liu Jie, Mrs Liu


Have you already been a Bolivian?

Selling flowers

Of cause
she is not selling water on the street

A really company

For both whole sale and retail

Have you been the wife of the manager

It's the same whether I am

Let me introduce to you

This miss is called Maiqun

She said that I saved her
and she came specially to reciprocate me

Chinese is really good. Good to good

Otherwise it's too hard

Does it like the angle

Move me really

I am lucky

You care much for each other

Moved me a lot

I go first. Good bye

Bye, nice to meet you

Come back. I don't ask you to go

Zhen Jianong. You will have bone check
tomorrow morning. Don't eat breakfast

No matter you go or not

You are still

Not afraid even
the Tai mountain is collapse

Are you Tai mountain

Don't be so hard

My plane is tomorrow noon

Please help me

Maybe I can't help you

Do I take her to paly by myself

My father is afraid that
she would learn to be bad with me

Normally we adopt puncture

First the skin should be punctured

Than is the organ under the skin, ligament

When to the spinal dura mater
the strength should be paid attention

Other wise is very dangerous

The needle can be too seep

All by the sense of hand

If a little wrong
the legs will be paralyzed

Doctor, can you be quicker

Don't worry, I will do it right now

Have a try

No, this is not funny

It quite relates to death

Really not go? I am not familiar with them

I am too tiring of marriage feast

No one know the other but all seem happy

At least you should show up

They specially invite us

It we don't go

They may think that
we are afraid of giving gifts

Can you go alone

I don't care how they think

How can you so stubborn

Don't know how to socialize at all

Wore than you

The last chek is also ok

The result should come out

I have to wait for more days

Wait for the doctor

Does the result come out

No idea, it doesn't work even too hurried

Nonsense, you surely not worry

You have no thing in your brain

What shit check, taking us as experiments

I just ask for a help from you

Is this little thing so hard

I don't make you save my life

It's ok that you think it's long
Don't ask me

You just finish checking marrow
you can't walk but lie

Come back

Don't move. Don't cry and don't be afraid

After it you can have a good play

Does father go to the zoo

Take Duoduo out

Her mother wants to see her

How can you so weak

One that deserts her husband and country

Has no right to see her child

Is her child

Let me tell you
she came here this morning

Why don't you tell me earlier

I didn't let him in

The airport Ok

Go through this way
other wise it will be late

This is disobey the regulation

I have urgent thing, please

It's not that I don't want to help you

Don't you know that it was very strict

I was punished this month

Ok, once again

Your ticket

Sorry, you of passport

You can't come in


Duoduo, Call aunt


Come down to walk

Little sister, come on

Fine, I am unlucky
charge you to cents less, that's 1.9 yuan

Two more Ok

Who are you

Who are you

Duoduo, Where is she?

It's you, come in and have a sit

Duoduo, say hello to aunt

A aunt again

Please come in

I have no time to say
that you have already gone

Sorry, I couldn't catch up

It doesn't matter. Have a sit

Are you waiting for a long time

Did you have dinner

Your words are too wrong

What do you say

I cannot hear at all

I only remember that I call loudly to you

I think you temperature is good

If somebody else, I will not do earlier

Don't mention it


Sit down

Father, why do my delicious food gone


You daughter is Duoduo, right


Duoduo, how can you do
that I eat all your food

One, two, three, come

One, two, three

Beat you death, Beat you death

Alive again

Aunt, why don't you cry

Because you like laughing right?

I saw a aunt crying in the airport

Do Adults still cry

At least I remember you

But you only remember me afraid of water

I only have that weakness

Unlucky, I have to be a coward forever

Are you afraid of water

Did I say that you are afraid of water

What's wrong with you

I have to go, it's too late

Come to play if you are free

Of cause


Let me go

I don't mean it

I daughter is here

It doesn't matter if only I am here


I am afraid that I will wake up in the night

What's wrong, what's wrong, be quiet

Be quiet

Ok, nothing serious, Ok, nothing serious

Anything has passed

Over, over, I know I am over

I don't need to wait for the result

No, you are fine, really
I deceive myself

Anything has passed

You are really good, really


No, I have to die later

At lest several months

Other wise, it's not worthy
for just doing a half

Is the medical improved

Do you have means in your hospital

If you don't have

Which hospital is the best in Beijing

Nothing, don't think silly

You will be fine

I still have one thing

You shouldn't come later

Really, don't come

This cloth is good

It can be made to a cheongsam

Take it as full dress

Chinese people think Chinese things good

This quiet is
paint dragon and phoenix, outdated


No one can discuss in the bedroom

This cloth

Do you like the painting

I think it's good

Fine, I like it

Don't say you like it
in front of me but say. I don't know how
to buy the good at my back


Not to criticize me
or say I can't buy the good

Mon, don't be like that

I will not criticize you

Let me have a look

See the color

I think it's too colourful

I like light color

What about you

Good, don't need to have a try

Yes, Maiqun's skin suit the color

Even the brighter color is ok

Have a try

Find a best one

Used for marriage

I think you should
wear red when getting married

Have you try the ring

This is red diamond

Don't need to try, it's good

What about that pair of ear ring, have a try

This princess formed

I help you wear it

Yo, you don't have lughole

Maiqun, I heard that you have a good sound
but I never heard you sing

Come, have a song

Not only a song


Come, let me enjoy one

No longer to hear your bad sound

Yes, have a song

No, I can't sing

Come on. Give them a shock

Come on
Let me take it for you. Go to sing

I can't

I can't...

Are you satisfied

I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you, stop

Stop, I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you, stop



I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you

I am coming

Yo, you are coming, please come in

Don't here their talking bosh

How to be rich
Our company is collective

How to make extra money

Do you see it? the country buy it

Is it

That maybe not

There are many factors to promote a cadre

I don not want to improve a lot

Drink beer, come

Come, drink beer...

I will drink it after finishing it

See how genuine his thing is

It hasn't been ruined a little after
I rode for four years

Somebody else

These are all I can contact

Zhou Dawei is in Xinjiang

Donglin was killed
in work the year before last year

Still Li Sande was in Qinghai

I rest him the three year ago

Do you want it

Jianog, the TV is good

Is it the Danqiang sansu

Yes, like it?

Take it if you like

Not kidding

You whoever see
my thing in the house is good

You can take them as memorial

We have good relations

ventured life together

Each one has a life in another

But one condition

If my daughter go to your house

you should treat her well


Jianong, is the whole head painful

or just a part

Or migraine

Don't be so secret
I know something medical

You say

It's good if just a part

At least the other half isn't painful


You don't know

If just a part

Maybe there is something in your head

If the whole

This is called algopsychalia nothing serious





I don't need to say any more

Mai Qun, don't go. Have a play

No, I have thing to do

I am too happy to think of it
it's my fault

I really have something to do

Really angry

I need you

I want you to cook for me. I will not

Ok, go with me

You leave those guests alone

Let themselves be happy

You are really practical

Don't take care of them

You don't know us?

Do you think how to cure headache

Acupuncture, Have medicine
is it radiation treatment

I heard that
radiation treatment can make baldicoot

Or maybe it can become better by itself

still crying

No, the wind is too strong

Shedding tears with the wind

You are the one

Don't you feel headache

strange, no painful at all

Did you pretend before

No, really painful

Not painful is also real

No pretending at all

I think you are


Admit it, please

I have nothing that I felt ashamed

Absolutely not, how can it be

I said you pretend to do it
just one sentence ok

I was pretending

You see, all you friends are gone

They want to burn me

Forgetting pain when wound has
not recover is the punishment to you

Open the door

Let me make something eat for you

It seems that you are hard working

I thought you are not good at anything

But depend on doing for who, right

I will cook for you later everyday

Do you know what's your family name

What, do you working people can't do that

It's not the time for crying

I am over, over,

Who, who is crying, don't make it

Do I need to take out the evidence

There was still
nasal mucus of you on that clothes

Everyone was weak sometimes

Don't mention it

You are the one who understand me most

You know everything

Why do you regret

No.You know it if you know it

I am just like this

I think you are a little rascal

Let me be open

Do whatever I can

Ok, get tidy of the house

For us, drink

I eat first

You should learn more

Learn a foreign language
that may be helpful for you

There is training course

I wanted to go
and I have already submitted the tuition fee

It's over

I think you can go

You are so clever

For me

After I recover

I will still do what I am doing now

Toll down all my houses in Beijing

Otherwise boring

Build all new ones


I should retire

More than ten square meters is not small

I think there need more days to finish it

Song Li, don't do it

Let Mai Qun move to our house first

I don't know what's wrong with her recently

She is not feel like
talking no matter what I say to her

You, inherited your father's coward

It can't be up to her

You a man should be your own master

The porch is not small you can raise flowers

Talk about me

Who talk about you

Move here first, just say I promise you

My son is already 30

You can wait but we can't

You have get
married before mid autumn day

Women are too difficult to understand

Nonsense, your mother
is also difficult to understand

She was young then

She can't understand it's
better to have a child earlier

Elevator and so on

Tell her to get prepared

Later I will let you father find a car

Do you here that


What's wrong with you, come
let me have a look

Hurry up, it has come

Carry this with me

What's this? Like a treasure

Ala, what's wrong with you

How can you blame me?
I have told you not to hold it like this

Just him, good thing


Look at this, hold this

Duoduo, do you like father


Who do you like most

Grandfather, next is grandmother

Third is sister Xiuxiu

Forth is aunt and fifth is uncle

Six is father

Seventh is... hold it, don't move

Do you like aunt

Which aunt

The one you saw that day

The smiling or crying

What do you think

I like the smiling not the crying

Give money

What kind of person he is

You won't be angry
if you are as young as us

We are

It's no use to worry

Don't worry
maybe he went to fond her mother

Yes, I go there

when do you find him at deep night

Who else we can ask for help

Frighten me

Good morning, doctor Wang

Maiqun, you slept here at night

I don't have a place to live

Where is your house

Toll down

Why don't you live in doctor Hu's house

Ok.Doctor Wang

Don't tell director that I am here

Other wise I will be reduced bonus

Do you think that I am that kind of person

But I really want to say something to you

The earlier the
better for women to get married

Who knows whether there is a change

Other wise it even
has not time for you to cry

Good morning, doctor Wang

Morning, you can chat

Where did you go

I am here

Where is your house

Where are your things

Yesterday my father
did a lot to find a car

For you to move house

But you even give us a massage

I ask you

You can't go if you don't tell me clearly

What do you want me to say

Where are you going yesterday

Who do you sleep with, who

You think I will not know unless you tell me

That dying worker

It's better that you die

You bad man

You can't come in
if you are not to see the doctor

There are all expensive equipment inside

Let's go

I've told you
I came here to look for Mai Qun

Mai Qun, don't lie

She is not on duty today

Can you have a look at the master

Mai Qun, do you know him

Of cause

Not only know him

I don't ask you

Do you know him Yes

I tell you, don't be so rude next time
do you know, come in

Thank you, uncle

Hurry up

Xiao Hu, look at this

Come, get on

This is Wu Jiang, this is Zhang Haiming
they are all good friends of me

Nice to meet you Nice to meet you

This is Mai Qun
Have seen her

Old battle companion

Ok, it's fine

Ok, it's fine

Jianong, good luck

My girl cried
I prepared him a feet wash basin

Next day I can use that water

Where are going

I remember

You are the girl
who is afraid of water?

Miss, time to get off

Be quiet, fall asleep

Don't stop engine keep the air conditioner

Do you see that

Don't be too cool

Just at the beginning you are spoiling her

You go first. I wait for her for a while

Ok, let's go

Do you think all man are like this

I think you are the kind


How about them

Come down

Do we come to have picnic

Swim first

Come out

I don't I am afraid

I've never swam what if I am drawn

You compensate for me

Don't worry
The drowned are those who can swim

My two friends are skilled

Especially come to teach you

Please let me see you swim

No, you must come down

You won't be afraid after the first time

Aren't you a coward, right

I don't have swimming clothes

I buy for you

Not one force me to do something that
I am not willing to do since childhood

No one

No, but today you do it

Come, I don't like you to be hesitated

Come I go first

I am too old to swim

Not use

Keep some energy. You haven't done
what I am asking you to do

What are you doing

What are you doing


Nothing serious, like this

Come down

See they two

You should take care of them

It doesn't matter
No, I quit

Come down

It's easy

Nothing serious, come

Good, swim Is that ok

Get choke

Doesn't matter

Can I wash tomorrow
I have to work early in the morning

Please, go on

Drink some beer
No, I will want to sleep more

Drink that, get clean, come

How, please live here

If you don't like these furniture

Sell them or throw them

You can live in that hall

If you are unhappy

I can come to my father's house

In a word, this belongs to you

No happy

No, I am happy, very happy

I might be thirsty

That's easy


Drinks I bought on that day

Can serve you for three months

As long as you are happy I will be happy

Or only you are happy, I am happy

There is also one more thing

I should see your mother

It's not improper
for not seeing for a long time

It's informal

Find a day this week

How is she? Serious

You must hide from me something


I am a person that has strong personality

Nothing really

Is there someone pursuing you? Must have

What's wrong

No matter who you were going on with

And have connection now

Nut it all. Let them play

There are many good girls

Why do they find you

Do you mind that I have a child

I don't know how to say clearly

Can't find a exact word

You may know

I don't mean that

I know

It that because I once saved you

That's misunderstanding

I hope I never saved you

Not because you saved me

Why do you treat me like that

I don't know

Why do you think I am good

Can't tell clearly

I am lucky


I think we have karma

Luckily that I am ill

In fact I thought before

There is a little

In fact, I wanted it long ago

Just I am afraid of somnambulate

Frighten you

One year later Summer again

Duoduo, let me buy you a doll that can speak

Mom, I don't want

I buy you a doll that can laugh

Mother, I don't

A doll can cry


It's you. How are you

How are you

This is my husband

How do you do

Nice to meet you

You go on talk I will walk there

Go head

I come back this time
is to pick Duoduo to school

After Jinong died, his father died too

Thank you very much

In the last days of Jianong

You made him very happy

Did I? me too

See what I am now

Do you still have time before going

If you have time
take Duoduo to my house to have a play

Not far from here

Ok, thank you

Really, come, come to have dinner

My husband is good at cooking

Maiqun, imported milk bottle
could be bought there

Break proof

Where is you name card

There is my address on it

Duoduo, say goodbye

Goodbye, Uncle, Aunt

Duoduo, goodbye