Qing gong qi shi lu (1983) - full transcript

With the impending death of the Emperor Ching one candidate for the throne hires the lady assassin to get rid of another strong contender.

Sir Loong arrives.

Your Majesty.


Thank you, Your Majesty.

Loong Foh Do.

Yes, Your Majesty.

What is the status
of the task I gave you?

Apart from the Fourth Prince
and the Fourteenth Prince,

all the other princes have

entrusted the 20 rats
Your Majesty bestowed to them

to their servants.

They didn't seem to care
for them too much.

What about the Fourth Prince?

He was nowhere to be found
in the palace.

I wasn't too sure.

What about the Fourteenth Prince?

He appreciated your great kindness

and raised the rats all by himself.

There are over 70 of them now.

He can be trusted even
with these small matters,

he will surely be diligent
and kind to his subjects.

Report to Fourteenth Prince.

Eunuch Wang wishes an audience.

Fourteenth Prince.


Eunuch Wang, any news from Royal Father?

Let's talk inside.

Eunuch Wang, what is it?

Don't worry, Fourteenth Prince,

you're highly praised
for being good to your subjects.

Has the imperial decree been
completed yet?

Not yet.

What did Royal Father say
about the other brothers?

He didn't say anything,

but I can see that the decision is made,

there's no need to worry
about the other princes.

The only thing to be afraid of...

Afraid of what?

I'm afraid that there...
may be unexpected turns.

You'd better watch out.

I'm going.

Eunuch Wang.

Come men.


Where's Tsang Jing?

It's late and he's not yet back.


Tsang Jing...

Tsang Jing, kill them.

Kill them.

Report to 4th prince
the failure of Evil Tinshan Twins

in mission
and were killed by Tsang Jing.

That's absurd,
they are all good-for-nothing.

I am guilty...

You can't even accomplish
a small mission.

Get out of my sight.


Don't be angry, Your Majesty.
My view is that

in order to get rid
of the Fourteenth Prince,

we have to first get rid of Tsang Jing.

How can this be done?

Tsang Jing is an expert
in kung fu and is clever.

If we can make him
leave the Fourteenth Prince,

then we will succeed.

Tell me what's in your mind.

Lure him by money and promotion.

Will this work?

Tsang Jing is just an ordinary man.

He works for the Fourteenth Prince,
for money and fame.

You can buy him.

Alright, go and find Tsang Jing.

Master Jing, if you're tired, you may
go back to the palace and have a rest.

I want to sleep here for a while.

It's so dirty, how can you sleep here?

It's better to be peaceful
and quiet here

than to be consumed by fear
in the palace.

There are wild dogs here.

They might bite you.

Wild dogs are not
as horrible as human beings.

Tsang Jing,
the Fourth Prince wants to see you.

Master Jing,
they're Fourth Prince's men.

If he has something for me,

ask him to come himself.

You worthless scum, attack...

I should feel proud of myself,

I can make the 4th Prince
assign the troops by himself.

Jade, Pearl.


They are so fierce. Should I go?


Tsang Jing, are you going or not?

Jade, Pearl.

Drive away these 2 fierce dogs.

Get lost.


Come back.

What is it?

Did the Fourth Prince ask you
to take me to him?

Without you leading the way,
how can I get into the Palace?

Hero Tsang, please.

Master Jing, you...

Don't worry. You go back first.

I'll be back soon.

Master, Tsang Jing is here.

Greetings to the Fourth Prince.

The man selected by
the 14th prince is really capable.

Mister Tsang, have a seat.

What can I do for you?

Mister Tsang, your fame precedes you.

I'd like to appoint you
to lead the troops in my place.

What do you think?

I cannot accept.

You look down on me?

I won't dare to.

What does that mean?

You have a galaxy of talent,

who have been with you for a long time.

If you hire me there'll be
resentment among the others.

And I won't accept if the post
has very little to do.

I beg you to take back your order.

You reject my offer.

Then it's my loss.

Go then.

Please excuse me.

Master, why do you let him go?

Let me tell you.

This man can think on his feet

and has integrity.

He is very valuable.

Master, it'd better
if we could get rid of him,

he is a protector
of the Fourteenth Prince,

otherwise he will be trouble in future.

Please reconsider it.

Send the order. Secure all gates.

Pass the order to secure all gates...

Kill on sight.

The Fourth Prince
has asked Tsang Jing to leave,

but these people attack me.

I urge the Fourth Prince to punish them.

Useless fool.

Get down on your knees.

The anxiety is killing.

Master Jing.

I've been so worried about you.

Did the Fourth Prince give you trouble?

Tsang, it's good that you are back.

What did Fourth Brother want with you?

He wants me to work for him.

To work for him?

That's right.

You won't leave me, right?

Don't worry, Fourteenth Prince.

I am not an ungrateful person.

Sooner or later,
I'll have to leave you,

but not right now.

I appreciate very much
your great kindness.

This watch was given to me
by Royal Father,

is the most valuable gift
I have among my possessions.

I'm giving it to you.

Take it.

People are trampled to death.

You three cold-blooded killers.

You have no regard for people's lives.

Follow me to the magistrate's office
to be charged.

You are reckless.

Do you know who my Master is?

How dare you be so rude?

I don't care who he is.

No one is above the law
not even the emperor.

That's right...

It's okay...

If you want to fight,
go somewhere else.


You look like an extraordinary man

but you too are afraid of constables.

Constable of the commander
in chief is extraordinary.

You are well informed.

Someone in your family
must be an official.

No, how about you?

My father is the military
governor of Wu Kwong.

A low-ranking official only.

You're modest,

that's no low ranking official.

A man's vision should reach further.

You are quite arrogant,

so why don't we fight again?

We did just now.

You are the first person in my life

that matches me in a fight.

You've lost.

I'll let you go, if you admit it.

You are reckless.

You want me to get down on my knees.
You know who I am?

I don't care who you are.

I only know, I am Nin Geng Yiu.

Get down on your knees.

As long as you don't ask me
to kneel down,

I'll give you whatever you want.

You are not the Emperor.

You won't be able to give me
what I want.

It's not that easy to become famous.

I don't know what others think.

For me it's just that simple.

What are you laughing at?

You'd better lie down.

For each time you stand up

there'll be one less stroke
in your name.


I admire people like you.

If you agree to follow me
and work with me,

I promise that you'll be rich
and famous.

What do you want me to do
for you? Say it.

Whatever makes you famous.

Do you dare?

If you do, I do so too.

You have guts. Follow me.

Behind the city gate is
the Prince's residence.

Why are you taking me here?

I thought you were fearless.

What is it?

Are you scared to go in the palace?


I've said that I dare
to do whatever you do.

Alright, let's go in.

Who are you?

How come they all kneel down before you?

You'll know when you get in.

Fourth Prince is back.

Nin Geng Yiu, do you admit your crime?

The ignorant is innocent.


You have guts.

But just now you're too wicked
to force me on my knees.

I'm willing to serve you
for the rest of my life.

I want you to remember
what you've just said.

Whatever I dare to do, so do you.

Yes. Apart from being the Emperor.


You shouldn't mention this.
Walls may have ears.


Who's Nin Geng Yiu?

I've checked it very clearly.

He's Nin Ha Ling's son,
military governor of Wu Kwong.

He's a scholar and a soldier,
reckless and boastful.

Fourth Prince is with him all the time.

Fourteenth Prince,
you'd better watch out.

Send someone to keep
a close watch on Nin Geng Yiu.

I've already sent Jade
and Pearl to do that.


The imperial decree arrives.

Fourteenth Prince,
please accept the decree.

By the order of His Majesty.

Fourteenth Prince

is appointed General, end of the decree.

Thanks to the His Majesty.
Long live the Emperor.

Congratulations, Fourteenth Prince.

Fourteenth Prince, take care.

I'm leaving.



What do you think about me
leading troops to Si Ning?

It's a good thing.

The control of military powers
is most important.

If you win this war you can

regain your prestige
and even aspire to the throne.

You're right.
You're absolutely right.

Send for Nin Geng Yiu.


Master is angry.

Greetings to the Fourth Prince.

No need to stand on ceremonies.

Why are you angry?

Although Fourteenth Prince
has been given

the title of General
and has become famous.

It'll be fatal for him

if he is far from the capital.

You should be happy instead.

You should know very well
why I am angry.

I saw the military drill
at the Palace this morning.

I knew that Master would be very angry.

Have you considered,

he has control of the army
and he is famous?


Father knows
that I'm good at leading troops

but he appointed him
as the General instead.

I suppose Father must have
his eyes on him.

You mean the heir apparent plan
has been laid out?

That's the rumour.

According to the rules of the palace

the decree should be
kept in a treasure chest

which is be stored in
the "Just and Open" Palace.

Where about in the Palace?

I don't know.

Why do you ask?

Are you planning to change it?

Why not?

Even if I don't change it,

I still want to have a look at it

and make some preparations.

Don't worry, Master,

I will find someone to do it

even if he fails,

you won't get involved.

However you have to do something

regarding Loong Foh Do.

Things won't work well without him.


If you can accomplish this,

I'll give Fourteenth Brother's
title as General to you.

Thank you Master.

Did you say it's mine or yours?

If you like it, I'll let you have it.


It hurts.

Come out.

Who are you?

I'm a wood-cutter.

Why are you keeping a close watch on me?

Who sent you?

Fourth Prince.

None of your business.

Speak. What does he want from me?

I'm not following you,
I'm following her.

None of your business.

What do you know about me?

Nothing much. I saw you
at the Jin Shan Temple,

stay with Pak Tai Koon, Kam Fung Chi.

Master Jing, who's that girl?

Master Jing, who's that girl?

Who is she?


What's up with the Fourth Prince?

I want to tell you.
Disguised as commoners

4th Prince and Nin Geng Yiu
have gone to Lui's Residence.

Lui's Residence. Which one?

It's Lui Liu Liang
who wrote the banned book.

"Only the toughest grass can
stand strong wind"

Sir, someone by the name of Nin Geng Yiu

wants to see you.

Nin Geng Yiu.


Is he alone?

There is also someone with him
who looks rich

and has two followers.

Ask him to wait outside.

I'm coming.

Yes, Sir.


- What happened?
- Don't be alarmed.

Put the document in the secret chamber.

Master will be with you shortly.
Please wait.

Brother Liu Liang, nice meeting you.

Nin Geng Yiu...

I heard you are a government official.

What can I do for you?

I want to discuss
an important issue with you.

An important issue?

You are now rich and famous,

I am just an ordinary man.

What have we to talk about?
Please leave.

It's been rumoured that you
and the 8 Jian Nam heroes

are planning to revolt
against the Ching regime.

I believe your chances
of success are slim.

Brother Liu Liang, you meet often

believing that no one knows,

but I have known about it for some time.

The day before yesterday
your niece Si Niang.

Pak Tai Koon, Kam Fung Chi,

were burning incense
at the Jin Shan temple, right?

You bastard.

Beware of your writings inciting
the people to revolt

will cost the lives
of your whole family.

Who are you?

The Fourth Prince of Ching.

Fourth Prince.

Please stay, Brother Liu Liang.

She is Madam Lui Si Niang.

Si Niang, he's a traitor.

Kill him.

Nin Geng Yiu.

Don't misunderstand me.

We mean no harm.

Si Niang, he's the Fourth Prince.

Then what are you doing here?

Fourth Prince has studied
the writings of Master Lui

and believe they are great ways
to govern the country.

That's correct.

We are here

to seek help from Master Lui,

so he could fulfil his wish.

Uncle, don't be fooled by him.

I was followed by his man just now.

Don't misunderstand me.

This is a critical matter.

If I don't check it carefully,

how could we work together?

Brother Liu Liang,
no need to be suspicious.

If Fourth Prince is against you,

he would have sent troops
to wipe you out.

He didn't have to be here in person.

Anything unusual from outside?


Not a single soldier.

Let's hear what they are going to say.

Fourth Prince, let's talk inside.

There're many princes
are fighting against each other,

in order to be the Emperor.

No one knows

who is going to be the next Emperor.

What's the difference?

For us Hans it won't matter

who is going to be the next Emperor
we have to suffer.

When the Ching came South years ago,

numerous Hans were killed.

In order to subdue the Hans,

the Ching Emperor adopted
a policy of force.

Common people live
in an abyss of suffering.

It's better
to be dead than to stay alive.

There's the thought
of overturning the Ching regime.

Now it is different.

If the Fourth Prince
becomes the Emperor,

it will be a great benefit to us.

Aren't they still Ching dogs?

Step down.

If Master Lui and Miss Lui

agree to help me become Emperor,

I'll abolish the harsh rules
and treat my subjects well.

You have my word.

You hope for an equal treatment
of Manchus and Hans.

I can fulfil your wish.

That's right.
The Fourth Prince is sincere.

We should work closely together

if you wish
for the well-being of the Hans.

Why should I trust you?

Fourth Prince.

Friends should treat each other
with sincerity, you...

I can swear to God.

If I eat my words,

I'll die a cruel death.

I am embarrassed by your words.

As long as we can
accomplish the mission,

I don't care even
if I have to give up my own life.

Thank you Master Lui.

How do you want us to help?

Miss Lui.

Get in touch with Pak Tai Koon
and Kam Fung Chi,

I'll ask you to come

when the time is ripe.


In recent years

my health has somewhat degenerated.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Yeh He
for the summer.

Don't try to start a revolution.

One can never stay alive.

I have already set out a plan
for the future.

I hear you've been fighting
more and more fiercely.

There's no need to fight.

- Loong Foh Do.
- Yes.

When I leave the palace

take good care of the affairs here.

Kill anyone who wants to cause trouble.

Yes, Your Majesty.



Over here please.

Greetings to the Fourth Prince.

No need to stand on ceremonies.
Please have a seat.


What's the purpose of
summoning us at this late hour?

Master Lui.

His Majesty left the capital
for Yeh He early today

I'd like to take this opportunity

to seek help from Miss Lui,
Hero Kam, Hero Bai

to look for the Decree in the palace.

The Decree?
What do you want it for?

Hero Kam, this is a serious matter.

The next Emperor's name is
mentioned in this Decree.

The palace has thousands of houses,
where am I supposed to find it?

Hero Bai.

The Decree is placed
in the "Just and Open" Palace.

But whereabouts in the palace?

If it's not on the beam

it will be at the back of a plaque

placed inside a treasure box.

Miss Lui, this is our future

I'll leave this matter in your hands.

Alright, I'll go right away.

Si Niang, be careful.

Let's go.

Miss Lui.

Miss Lui,
this is a pair of Duen Yuk Swords,

short one the phoenix sword,
long one the dragon sword.

Father gave them to me,

they are my guardian angels too.

What do you mean?

I'm giving them to you
to boost your confidence.

Thank you.

If you don't return by midnight.

I'll be like this pagoda

to repay you for your great kindness.

Don't worry.

I won't let you down.

"Just and Open"

It's eleven o'clock now.

Time is running out,
hurry and look for it.

Fourth Prince,
I've been waiting for 2 hours.

You said you have something to show me.

Soon enough.

Be patient.

What is it?

Be patient, you'll find out.

Hope nothing has gone wrong.

We've searched everywhere,

where can the Decree be placed?

It must be up there.

There's light inside, let's get in.


Follow me.


Weird. There was light.

You must be seeing things.

Nobody's here.

Let's go and look over there.

The Decree is really up there.
Get up on the lamp.

Fourth Prince, it's midnight.

I have no more time for you.

What are you doing?

I've promised Si Niang

that if she doesn't return by midnight,

I'll kill myself to repay her
for her great kindness.

Fourth Prince, don't do that.

Si Niang will come back.

Please wait.

Where did you find it?

In a hidden place
in the "Just and Open" Palace.

Oh, it's the Decree.

- Where are they?
- They have left.

Uncle, what I want to show you

is right inside this box.

You, you are ruthless.

Don't get me involved in this.

Don't go.

How dare you? Go away.

Lord Loong.

The King asked you to keep
a close watch on the Palace.

The treasure box is now gone.
You're fully responsible.

It's really him.

Uncle, what should we do?

It's been decided.

It's fate.

Congratulations, Fourth Prince.

What do you mean?

This Decree can be doctored.



Uncle, how?


Prepare the stationery.

Fourth Prince.

When I'm gone,

the throne shall be passed on
to the Fourth Prince.

The throne shall be passed on
to the Fourth Prince.

The throne shall be passed on
to the Fourth Prince.


Miss Lui.
Sorry for troubling you.

Fourth Prince, please excuse my leaving.

The throne shall be passed on
to the Fourth Prince.

Mr. Lui, you are amazing.

You will share my riches
and glory in future.

I don't seek wealth and glory.

As long as you keep your words

I'll be most satisfied.

Please excuse my leaving.


Enroute to conquer the west,
the Fourteenth Prince

heard that the Emperor
was seriously ill.

So he rushed back immediately
to the capital.



Your Majesty, the decree is here.

Loong Foh Do, you...
Announce my decree.

Yes, Your Majesty.

When I'm gone,

the Fourth Prince will be my successor.

Oh... this is...

Be quiet.

Could this decree be a fake one?

Long live Your Majesty.

Your Majesty,
what would you like to say?

Allow me.

His Majesty said that
4th Prince is a good character.

He is filial and loyal and
should be a good ruler.

He should be crowned as Emperor.

Thank you Royal Father.

Your Majesty...

His Majesty has passed away.

Your Majesty.

The Fourth Prince,
Yin Jen has got what he wanted

with the help of Loong Foh Do,
Nin Geng Yiu.

He used Liu Liang, Si Niang,

to successfully help him get the throne.

Titled himself Yong Zheng.

Now both the Manchus and
the Hans have been assimilated

I would like to see our
ancestors' oppressive rules

against the Hans be abolished.

Your Majesty.

The ancient kings knew
that Hans were hard to subdue

that's why there were such rules
to subdue them.

The nation will be at risk
if the rules are abolished.

What we enjoy today are
the fruits of our ancestors.


Are you trying to go against me?

I wouldn't dare to

I'm just being loyal to Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, a kind Emperor
will be taken advantage of.

Without rules the Hans will
rise against Manchu rule.

Nonsense. You two get out.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty just thinks
of his promise to Liu Liang.

Now everything is determined

there's no need to care
about these commoners.

We have to deal instead
with the other princes

who cast covetous eyes on the throne.

For the throne's sake,
Your Majesty should reconsider.

Especially this Fourteenth Prince

he will instigate the officials
to revolt

I'm not afraid of him but Tsang Jing.

Master Jing,
you are in deep thoughts today

please speak up

so we could share your worries.

If I die

what are you going to do?

No, you won't.

You won't die.

Master Jing, you won't die.

Master Jing, why do you say such things?

You haven't answered my question.

If this really happens

I'd stay unmarried and be

forever at the side
of your grave offering incense.

I'd play the stringed instrument
you like most

at your grave all day and night.

Good friends like you are hard to find,

I have no more regrets in this life.

If this is so,

you shouldn't hide any secrets

from us.

Master Jing, where are you going?

I am going to assassinate
Emperor Yong Zheng.

Master Jing, you can't go...

It's very dangerous...

Master Jing...

Please don't go.

The palace is heavily guarded.
It's too risky.

Let go of me.

Master Jing.
For us, it doesn't matter who

is to be the Emperor.

Although Yong Zheng is not a good person

neither is the Fourteenth Prince.

You don't have to work and die for him.

Although Fourteenth Prince
is weak and common

he appreciates my ability

and is willing
to lower himself to befriend me.

How could I not work for him?

At this stage

I need to face everything with courage.

Your sadness

has put me in a very difficult position.

Master Jing.

You would surely lose your life.

In my whole life

I owe a lot of people favours

but I've got only one life

and I can't repay all of them.

Master Jing, don't go.

Master Jing.

Brother Tsang, what is it?

What happened?

What happened to Jade?

Both master and servant are weird.

Fourteenth Prince,
Master Jing has been loyal to you

you shouldn't blame him.

What do you mean?

Fourteenth Prince.

In order to repay you
for your favours, Master Jing

has already gone
to assassinate Yong Zheng.

Oh, kill Fourth Brother.

Tsang Jing you must succeed.

Your Majesty.

Lui Liu Liang has been
kneeling outside for many hours.

It won't be wise not to see him.

This old fool is unworthy

let him kneel for another hour
before summoning him in.

If he mentions the promise

what should I do?

To deal with these common people

you should find an easy way out.

Find a reason to delay the issue.

Summon him to come in.

Summon Lui Liu Liang.


By the order of His Majesty,
no one is allowed in.


Greetings to Your Majesty.

What is it that you want
to see me at this late hour?

Since your coronation,
you haven't fulfil your promises.

For this, I have taken the
liberty to request.

Your Majesty to abolish
all the highhanded policies

and better treat the Hans.

To abolish the rules

laid down by the ancestors takes time.

All officials must agree
before their implementation.

If they object

your Majesty would be
eating your own words.

Be polite. Do you know
who you are talking to?

Of course I do.

Your Majesty is the head of the country

if you cannot decide, what's the use?

How dare you!
Insubordination deserves death.

As long as Your Majesty keeps your word

I will not regret even if I die.

Lui Liu Liang, you are out of line

I value your past service but

if you don't stop talking nonsense

I will kill you.

I have trusted the wrong person.

Kill me if you want to.

You want to die but
I won't let you die so easily.

Nin Geng Yiu.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Slap this old fool

for being so unruly.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Throw him out and never let him
enter the palace again.

Yes, Your Majesty.

You ungrateful bastard

you'll have your day.

Tsang Jing

did 14th Prince ask you
to assassinate his Majesty?

Stop talking nonsense.
Kill this traitor.

Master Jing...

What happened to you?

You are covered with blood.

Don't be frightened.
I won't die.

Tsang, did you kill Fourth Brother?

I'm useless, not able
to repay your great favours.

So I won't be Emperor.

Tsang, did you know that

you will get me
into trouble in doing this?

Fourteenth Prince.

Master Jing has sacrificed himself.

He is half dead now.

Aren't you moved by his action?

You only think
of yourself becoming Emperor.

Are you a human being?


Fourteenth Prince.

Since you knelt
before the Emperor Yong Zheng

everything is decided.

Stop dreaming.

You are leaving

at the time when I need you most.

Fate is sealed.

There's no point of my staying behind.

What am I supposed to do now?

If you don't accept fate

you might as well retire
and lead an easy life.

Take care.

Brother Tsang.

Report to Fourteenth Prince.

Nin Geng Yiu, Loong Foh Do

have rushed in with troops.

Oh, what is it?

Fourteenth Prince, you are bold.

Arrest him.


What are you doing?

You've instructed Tsang Jing
to assassinate his Majesty

with the intention
of usurping the throne.

By the order of His Majesty

your title of General is now taken away.


From now onwards.

Nin Geng Yiu will be leading
the military troops

to conquer the west.

You're guilty of conspiracy
and deserve punishment.

However, out of brotherly love,
His Majesty

instead demotes you and
you'll be exiled to the Pai Chun.


Rise and speak.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Nin Geng Yiu will lead
the troops to the west.

Loong Foh Do's health isn't good.

You will be responsible

for arresting Tsang Jing, dead or alive.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, Lui Si Niang
would like to see you.

Lui Si Niang.

Tell her that I am busy

and have no time for her.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Although Lui Si Niang has past
achievements, she is after all a Han.

She shouldn't be freely
allowed in and out of the palace.

If she is malicious,
the consequences could be fatal.

I know that.

Lui Si Niang.

His Majesty is heartless
and refuses to see me

therefore I can only break in.

How dare you break into the palace.

This will deserve death, you know?

I am courageous and determined

I'm not afraid of death.

You can't scare me.

I want justice from Your Majesty.

How dare you

be so insolent before His Majesty.

Arrest her.


For the sake of her past favours

I'll let bygones be bygones.


Yes, Your Majesty.

Miss Lui, speak please

I'm here to return you the sword.

May I ask why Your Majesty
returns favours with hatred

and blames my uncle.

Mr. Lui was too rash at that time

I had no alternative

but to do this to him.

Please forgive me.

Then when will you fulfil
your promise to implement

equal treatment of Manchus and Hans?

The government officials
might not be able to accept

such hasty changes.

Please go back and I'll make
the necessary arrangements

I will not fail you.

What if you break your promise?

You can deal with me as you please.

Alright, an emperor's words are
to be taken seriously

I am leaving.

Your Majesty, this...

I have plans.

Oh, isn't this your bracelet?

Who is it?

Tsang Jing.

See where you can run to?

Shoot him.

Master Jing...

How do you feel?

Master Jing.

Thanks for coming to my rescue.

We just fight for justice.

No need to stand on ceremonies.

You are seriously wounded.

What are we going to do.

Don't worry.

Let's go to my place first.


It's her.

If it were not for Lui Si Niang.

Tsang Jing would

already be beheaded.

Lui Si Niang, Kam Fung Chi, Pak Tai Koon

they are all Hans.

There'll be endless trouble
if we don't get rid of them.

You're saying that Lui Si Niang
and her group will revolt

especially Lui Liu Liang

who will gang up and grow in power.

This will endanger the regime
of the Ching.

Your Majesty,
you'd better get rid of him soon.


Find a reason to summon
his family to the palace

and wait for an opportunity
to arrest them all

I'll be fine in a day or two.

Thank you Mr. Lui.

No need to stand on ceremonies.

Si Niang.


Go and get some herbs
from the mountain tomorrow.

Dad... the imperial decree arrives.

Imperial decree.

By the order of His Majesty,
the Lui Family deserves

recognition for services
rendered to His Majesty.

You will be conferred with honours

and be awarded residence
at the Tsing Hwa Yuan.

End of the decree,
thanks to His Majesty.

Thanks to His Majesty.

Congratulations Mr. Lui.

Please convey to His Majesty
that I being from,

a lowly class know nothing
of palace etiquette.

We don't deserve to live
at the Tsing Hwa Yuan.

It's the good will of His Majesty,

please don't decline.

Dad, I'm afraid that we won't be
able to come out alive.

He doesn't mean what he says.

If he accuses us of an unfounded crime

we will surely die.

Lui Si Niang, you've gone too far.

You've assisted the traitor
Tsang Jing to escape

for this, you are guilty of death.

His Majesty is kind enough
to let bygones be bygones.

Watch your mouth
or you dig your own grave.

Lord Chang, my mind is fixed.

Please convey to His Majesty

if he plans to harm our family, I will

risk my life to expose the truth
in the secret decree

to the whole world.



- Si Niang.
- Uncle.

Find a safer place for Tsang Jing.

It's not safe here.

I know.

Chang Tieh Yue's greetings
to Your Majesty.

How's it going?

Your Majesty.

Lui Liu Liang has refused
to move into Tsing Hwa Yuan.

Damn it.

Lui Liu Liang said that

if Your Majesty does not
fulfil your promise

- he will...
- Go on.

He will...

Say it.

He will expose
the truth of the secret decree


Shut up.

Send someone
to keep a close watch over them

I have to arrest them all.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Eunuch Wang arrives.

Your Majesty.

General Nin is back
from the west in victory

and is waiting at the training ground

for Your Majesty.

His Majesty arrives.

Long live Your Majesty.


Thank you, Your Majesty.

Sire, General Nin is back
from the west in victory.

He is the most glorious person
in the capital.

Nin Geng Yiu.

Yes, Your Majesty.

You've done well

and the troops you led are
impressive too.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

What's happening?

Your Majesty.

The troops are exhausted
after a long journey

in addition to that,
the heat of the sun is scorching.

Send my orders,

ask them to take off
their armour for relief.

Yes, Your Majesty.

By His Majesty order,
all soldiers remove their armour.

Nin Geng Yiu.

Yes, Your Majesty

I asked them
to remove their armour and rest.

How come no one is obeying the order?

Among the soldiers only
military orders prevail

they wouldn't understand
imperial decree.

Your Majesty,
I'll give the military order.

Listen up, you all.
Remove armour and rest.

Thank you General.

Your Majesty, only my military
order here is effective

your imperial decree only
works in court.

Damn it. Damn Nin Geng Yiu.

Considering his achievements
please don't get angry.

Nin is arrogant and is disrespectful.

He deserves death.

Take away his title as General

his imperial robe in court

and all his awards.

Send someone
to keep a close watch over him

and see if he has any more complaints.

Yes, Your Majesty.

By the order of His Majesty.

Nin Geng Yiu is guilty
of insubordination

embezzling tributary goods to the court.

Lord Loong, what does that mean?


For your past govt.
services you're pardoned.

However your title as General

and all previous awards will be seized.

End of the decree.

Thanks to His Majesty.

Thanks to His Majesty
for not killing me.

Long live Your Majesty.

Embezzling tributary goods.

He's laughing.

Alright, I'll let him laugh
to his heart's content.

Chang Tieh Yue.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Help me draft 18 decrees.

Give him a demotion in each decree.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Lord Loong, he's been demoted 17 ranks.

What's the next grade?

Custodian of the city gate.

Custodian of the city gate?

Report duty to the Wing Kam Gate
at Hangchow today. End of the decree.

Lord Loong...

If you see the Fourteenth Prince,

tell him

that I have asked for his pardon

for causing him
to fail to become the Emperor.


Lord Loong, if we report what.

Nin Geng Yiu has said just now,

the whole family will be executed.

That's right.

If it's not reported you
and I will be in great trouble.

Arrest him.


Your Majesty, how is the kung fu of this

martial artist compared
with Nin Geng Yiu's?

More than enough to meet the needs.

But he might be hard to subdue.

Don't worry, Your Majesty.

These Japanese martial artists
are cold-blooded,

whoever pays them
they'll be as loyal as a dog.

Good. Tell him that,

if he is loyal to me

he'll be greatly rewarded.

hurry and thank His Majesty.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

I can be in peace

now that I've got such a kung fu expert.

"Compete for hegemony, by Lui Liu Liang"

The book my uncle recently wrote

is about that bastard Emperor Yong Zheng

who killed his own brother,
usurped the throne.

They are all recorded
in there in details.

This will be passed
on generation after generation.

I'll entrust this in your hands.

Don't worry, Miss Lui.

I am willing to take all risks.

- Who is it?
- Kam Fung Chi.

Pak Tai Koon.

Mr. Lui, it's all set.

Everyone, please get ready.

Your Majesty.

Traitors Pak Tai Koon and
Kam Fung Chi sneaked into.

Lui's place. It must be
a conspiracy for an uprising.

Please decide, Your Majesty.

How dare they do this?

Chang Tieh Yue.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Dispatch one of the troops
to Lui's residence

and arrest the traitors.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Follow the original plan, sneak into

the palace at midnight
and kill the bastard Emperor.


It's bad... Outside...

What is it?

Surround them.

Don't let anyone go.


We are surrounded.


Hurry and leave.

Hurry and leave.

Go and find Si Niang at Jiangmen.

Maintain our strength
to avoid unnecessary killings.

- We can't leave you behind.
- Hurry and leave.

Hurry and leave.

Go and find Si Niang.



Master Lui...

Uncle... Sister...

Master Lui...

Sister... Uncle.

Miss Lui, come over quickly.

Miss Lui.


They've arrested Dad.



Miss Lui...

Where are you going?

To kill that bastard Emperor.

Stay calm.

First find out where
they've kept Master Lui

and rescue him.

Give way...

What happened?

Let's go and see.

Lui Liu Liang.

He will be executed today.

"Lui Liu Liang will be executed at noon"

It's noon.

Traitor Lui Liu Liang will be
executed on the spot.

Master Lui.

Traitor, you were
lucky last time to get away,

but won't be so this time.

His Majesty knew your plan
to storm the execution site.

You are trapped.

Dead or alive, kill.

Don't cry.


Master Jing told us not to tell you.

Where's Tsang Jing?



Master Jing wanted to repay you
for saving his life.

He went alone to the execution
to rescue your uncle.


Brother Tsang, are you alright?

Brother Tsang.

Hurry and leave.

Brother Tsang.

In my whole life,
I've owed too many favours.

Master Lui...

No need to say it.

I appreciate you risking
your life to save my uncle

Jade, Pearl, they...

They will come back.

I haven't had a chance
to return this bracelet to you.

Brother Tsang.

Master Jing...

Master Lui was killed.

Where's my uncle's dead body?

His head is hung on the city wall.

Who are you?

Lui Si Niang.

The convict Lui Si Niang is down stairs.

Uncle, I will avenge you.


Come, pour the wine.

Wine and music, this is the life.

A folk song about Lui Si Niang
avenging her uncle

is recently quite popular
among the common people.

Has Your Majesty heard about it?

How I wish that Lui Si Niang would come.

Good, go on.


Come, come, men.

They are all dead.

The magic of disappearance.

Japanese martial artists.