Qiao tan nu jiao wa (1977) - full transcript

Three female detectives--from Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore--go undercover in a cabaret to expose a murderer.

This address

Sure, I know that

Get in

Who are you looking for?

This man

Oh yeah, hang on

Come in

Go straight on, turn left, the first door


Excuse me. Are you Mr. Su?

Uh huh. Did you bring
the stuff from Hong Kong?


Oh it's you. So you're here

How did you manage that?

I took an earlier flight

We booked you in the Tokyo Hilton

Off you go



Dump it

Sure I'll. Same old place? Tokyo Bay

Wait just a minute.
I got to search everyone

The case

Take this guy to see the boss

This way

Please wait

Boss, the man from Hong Kong is here


Come in

Call Chia in


Mr. Chi, the boss wants
you to check the diamonds


Well, they are very good

No flaws and a nice color


How's things?

Hi there, you're back

Boss in?


Well now, how did it go?

Hi boss

Here's the 2 million

Killed the girl,
dumped her in the usual place

That's why I like the Japs.
They always pay on the nail

Now then, I want you to handle a job

We're hitting the Prince Jewelry shop

Prince Jewelry

They got the best stock in Hong Kong

They only handle top quality

I mean, no cheap crap. We want the best

We gotta be choosier as from now on

We're on top. That's why

Some sort of trouble?

Oh no, just delivering stones

Excuse me

What is it?

We're security escorts

We got a shipment for you here


Just hang on,
I've to check with the manager first

Now you listen

Say Mrs. Chow wants to see her jewels

And careful

Oh boss, Mrs.
Chow is here, wants to see you

Send her in

Ah Cheng, open up

Okay sir

Lead the way. One word, and you're dead

Those were shots. You're not escorts

Shut up. Stay still

Hey you open that safe

If you don't, I'll kill you




Sit down. Sit down!

And you, and you. Sit down

Quick! Open it up!

Alright, move!

Get back

You move, she's dead

Master, your father has been hurt

Where's he?

Hung Chi Hospital

Right, I'm on my away

Where's casualty?

Over there


Your father...

Tell me what happened to him?

Shot by robbers...

HQ? Yang Chi here


I've to go. They"ve called me in

Listen, don't you worry. I promise

We'll get the man who did it

I'll be in touch with you


She is?

She's a police woman


I'd like you to meet a
colleague from Scotland Yard

Miss Eve

Please... sit

These last months, we've had a
lot of big jewelry robberies here

They've all been extremely
professional jobs

Which leads us to believe we're dealing
with a single well-organized outfit

And that's why we sent for Miss Eve

She's going to form a special action squad

To try to find out who's behind this

Now then, the obvious thing
we'd like to find out here

Is where the stuff's going to

And we're pretty sure it's
been shipped out of Hong Kong

One thing for sure, they can never
unload that much here in Hong Kong

We've been on to every dealer
here, and they know nothing

Inspector Lu, the Tokyo Police

Has brought us a ruby they picked up there

The stone's been identified as coming
from the second big robbery here

So we know where that lot went to

The shots are from Korea

And all the victims
were killed with a knife

All those girls were from Hong Kong

So our assumption is

Those young girls were used to
smuggle out the jewels from Hong Kong

Once the job was done, that was it

The gang killed them

The reason they're killed,
is to stop the leaks

But on the other hand, that means

The gang always have to keep
finding new girls, for each job

So we're going to form a squad
of girls and you'll be the girls

First, we'll try infiltrate this gang

And so you'll pose as show-girls,
that's what the dead girsl were

Right, let's introduce ourselves

I'm Ynag Che-sin

I'm Kao Chen-chen. I"m from Korea

And I'm from Japan. I'm Lu Ping

Now just bear in mind

This gang is quite
ruthless, and real vicious

So you're going to be risking your lives

One false step,
and you're going to wind up dead

And so at this point I want
to make it clear to you

None of you is being
forced to take on this job

It's quite voluntary

Oh we accept

You can only speak for yourself

What about the others?

You accept it, don't you?


You, Lu Ping, do you want out?

This will be a very difficult job

So make sure, we have no heroics

Don't try earning any medals

I hope that's clear to you all

Hey Yang Sin, it's just as well
we've bullet proof vests on

Or else we'd all be dead

Sorry sorry

But if we pull our punches,
you'd have beat us up

She's right.

It's true

Well the three of you put
up a very good show there

You're a tough trio

Now we'll discuss all our plans tomorrow

Rights, see you then

You really are good at Kung
Fu, a real expert

Not that good

Well I think we should celebrate.
What do you think?

Rights, let's meet
tonight, and throw a party

Oh yes


If these reports are
true, Li Han-min's alive

You were careless

Alright, I'll finish him

You can't. I'm sending you to Seoul

Who'll fix Li?

I'll do that. Just leave it all 10 me

Hi nurse, how's it going?

Not so bad

How is he?

Oh not so good.

It's his breathing got problems

Hey, hold it. Who're you?

I"m his son

Your 1.D.

Oh, my driving license


Thank you

Doctor, doctor, where's doctor

The owner of the Princes
Jewelry Company died yesterday

And he was killed in the hospital

And it's quite obvious why

He was the only one who could
have identified the killer

Well now let's go over just what we've got

It isn't much, and we've no proof

But at least it's a start

The enquiries that we've made so far

All seem to point at the
following group of people

He's Sha Fu-tin, a merchant

And he's also the owner
of a well-known night club

He's obviously a very rich
man, and he's got no record

He's started out as a bodyguard

Then he suddenly came into a
great deal of money in some way

That's suspicious

Now this is Sha's mistress Yu
Chi, ex-ballroom dancer

But still, she has absolutely
no police record at all so far

This is Fang Feng

He's working at Sha's
nightclub as a performer

Seems to travel a lot

He's been in Korea and Japan

Every time that he makes a
trip, some girls get killed

So then, he's worth checking out

This man, is Su Tse, Sha's right-hand man

Thees are his assistants

This is Chen Lai, and Ta Heh

So then, you three girls
start trying to make contact

Work out your own approach

Now you'll be all on your
own, so be careful

But if you do need help, we'll be there

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Where's it?

You want it, right now?

Right now

You'll be paid

So don't worry

Tomorrow, it'll all be in your bank account

Oh what do you want

Please don't

I only came in to clean up her
room and I found her just like this

Well now, this is the second Hong
Kong girl tourist murdered in 6 weeks

Have you checked through her stuff yet?

Oh sure, nothing at all

Mm, Kao Chen-cha is in Hong Kong

Maybe we check with her

Alright, I'll do that

Hi there

Hi stranger

I"m sorry, I've been busy

My dead dies, then you disappeared

That's not fair

Even cops, occasionally get some time off

I"m sorry, as from now, I'll be worse

I'll be even busier

You know my job is like that

Right, that's how it is

I must go. I'll call you soon


You're alone?

What's your name?


Got a job?

Just lost one

I could get you one?

What sort?



Come in


Miss Yu, this is the girl

Looking for a job?

Been in show-biz before?


Strip off

What? I'm not a stripper though

I thought you needed a
partner of the knife thrower

Even so, you must have a good figure

You haven't seen the costume?

Give her the costume to try on


What is this?

Your costume, try it

Good figure

Right, two hundred bucks for every show

And that's two shows a night

And all you have to do is stand still

That ok?

Sure, but still, isn't it dangerous though?

I"ve not missed yet

You're the one then?


She's here

You new here?

Been at it long?

Not long

Hey, down here

Get someone else

Hey, what is it? What's wrong?


Shhh... you must offend Mr. Sha now. You go


Mr. Sha, I"m sorry.
She's new here, doesn't know

I'll send another one in

You mean she hasn't put out yet, right?

Well I don't mind

I mean, in that case, I'll be the first

Try a thousand bucks

Sure, sure

Go on, go on

Mr. Sha's really too generous

Thank you, Mr. Sha

Hold it

Damn it, what is all this?


That girl's got style

Where's the money?

I'll have it all in 2 days

Then I can pay you

Hey, come on

Don't give us that

You pay us, or you put out, alright?

Hey hey hey, she's not that sort of girl

You shut up

Remember you guaranteed her loan

She reneges, you pay

Hey hey hey

No don't

Miss Kao, what do we do?

Hey, a client fancies you

I won't, rather die

You ain't got no other choice

Now come on

What'd you say?

No, I won't

Anything else, but not that


That girl, just now, know her?

No, I don't

You do know her, don't you?

I don't, I really don't

You're lying to me

I don't, I don't

Now come on

Let's have the truth

Who is she?

I don't know, I"ve no idea

I'll ask once more. Do you know her?

Talk, talk

Alright, alright

I know her. She's a singer

I once heard her sing.
I didn't know she worked here

You shouldn't tell lies to me, not to me

I checked her out

She's from Korea. She needs
money to pay off some loan sharks

She's just what we want

She's ideal, tailor made

Hey, listen. The new singer, what do |I do?

Take her to the boss tonight


Oh wrap it up

Get her

Stop her

Get in, get in

I met Sha Fu-tian

He likes me, already made a pass

I should think he'll try again

That's great

How the other two girls doing?

I think, I'll go to the club tonight

Well now folks,
we come to tonight's main attraction

Knife expert Fang







Stay here


What do you want?

I tell you, Mr. Fang wants a few answers

So there's no problem

Tell the truth, and we'll go

But if you don't, then you'll be sorry

I don't know what you mean. Get out

Hey, that young guy, tell us who he is

I mean, you do know him

What brings you here? What are you after?

Money, what do you think?

Well I don't believe you though

Alright, I'll tell you then

Well, I'm listening

Let me go, then I'll talk

Let's go

Come on

Alright, hold it

Alright, against the wall

Listen, I'll meet you tomorrow

Come on

And what now?

Seems to me, you've been a bit careless

You're really lucky that
we came here tonight

Or you'd have been finished

Let's see. We'll keep these men.
Stop them talking

You get out of here

Right, take them


Well now, did they explain everything?

Yes they did

Good gir. You'll go to Seoul for us

And in return, we pay your debts

And then, if you'd like to carry on with us

We'll work out some deals

Just the once

Right. That's fine

But still, until you
leave, you'll stay here

Oh, but, but I can't

You will, you have to



Yu Chi, you take her to her room

What, you sure? Right

Hey boss, our men of the
club, they're all missing

So as the girl, the new one

Well, they're your men. What's wrong?

Where the hell are they?

It's got to be that new girl

I knew there was something wrong

Hey boss, I better not go to
Seoul, cancel it

We can't. it's too late now

I mean, it's nothing that
you can't sort out later

Just a girl

Su Che, you better go to Seoul


Won't the poison kill it?

No way. It really thrives on the stuff

In fact, it would probably die without it

Keep its figure too

Hey talking of figures,
we better measure you

Well now, tomorrow you're
going to have a few more curves

Hi there

Oh captain, how's things?

Oh I've got the stuff here

Mm... we'll follow you


We don't meet here. It's not the plan

Get in

They're here

Get the stuff out

Right here?

All these men

Come on. Stop stalling

What is this?

Let me go

Take your hands off me. Stop it

Well now, whoever you may be

I think, you've done your last job

It's the end of the line

Well Su, it's not the
right place for a killing

Must be careful

The cops are watching me

You're dead right, she's a cop

Get her

Hold it, hold it

Well done

Thanks to you,
we've rounded up the whole damn gang

Get the whole syndicate

But still, we didn't get that knife killer

Well just let me go back to Hong Kong

And I promise you that I'll get him

Yes sir, this way

Hi there

You're very late

Hey, why were you in that club?

And who were those guys?

I'm working on a case

Is it connected with my father?

Haven't I told you,
don't ask questions about my work?


But the police,
they don't have my father's killer yet

What's happening?
Have they given up on the case?

Come on, it takes time

Cop are not miracles

I know how you feel

But still, we are getting somewhere

You'll have to be patient.
I'll take a while yet

We'll get him

We'll get his killer. I promise you



Go on

Go, and he dies

Bring them up

Move, come on. Let's go

Come on

Now tell us, who are you?

Who sent you?

God damn it. You bitch

You better tell the truth,
or I'll turn the boys loose on you


Hey? There's no reply? Keep trying

Hey boss, no reply


There's got to be someone there in Seoul

A lot of men there, at least ten

And one of them,
must be looking after the house there

Listen, I know what's wrong

That girl, I think she was a plant agent

What about those two?

Chen's questioning them

The boss wants you


Won't say a thing

Boss, I think we can write off Korea

I think you're right

That damn girl, was a plant


Your man was arrested in Seoul

I got away. I managed to hide

I was scared.
And so I thought I'd come back here

You're lying bitch

You'd have never got away

You're tired in with it somehow.
You're a cop

Where's the stuff?

I brought it back with me

Thank god

I must go to sauna to find Lu Ping


Where're you going?

Excuse me

Captian, it's Kao Chen-chen

They just took Lu Ping

And I guess, to Sha's place. I'm going

She's here

No, don't

Hey boss

And what the hell do you want?

Listen, that girl Kao was a cop

They've raided the night club.
They'll be here soon

Let's go

What happened?

Let's go

The car?



Sha Fu-tin, you're finished

I"m with the police as well

Let's go. Move it, move it


Alright, you owe me a life

Who're you?

I'm Li Han-min's son

Sha Fu-tin, you're all through

May as well give up

Oh you think so?

I don't give up, buddies

Where now?



Let's go, Come on

Come on

Come on, let's go

Hurry, come on

Quick, come on

Let me

Sha Fu-tin, you can't get away

Give up. You've got no chance

Don't bother, We've got them