Qi yue yu an sheng (2016) - full transcript

30 year-old working woman LI ANSHENG's life in Shanghai is suddenly disrupted by the publication of a novel, entitled "Qiyue and Ansheng", a chronicle of her friendship with QIYUE during her youth. Coupled with an accidental encounter with SU JIA-MING, her long repressed memories are unleashed with the force of a tsunami-The two girls seemed destined to become friends from the moment they entered high school.Though they were inseparable and believed that their bond would last for the rest of their lives, the cruelty of youth eventually led them to separate paths. Even more shocking is the discovery of a long buried secret shared by the women - a secret that serves as an emblem of their youth and the proof of their friendship.

Adapted from Qinshan's
"Qiyue and Ansheng"

July first met Ansen...

at the age of 13.

After years,
July had told Jia-Ming...

her friendship with Ansen

was a predestined one.


This is a web serial...

yet to conclude.

Our company wants to
purchase the film rights

but we can't contact the author.

Maybe you can help

I never read novels or web fiction.

It's written by your friend, July
It's the story of the two of you

from age 13 to 26.

You're Ansen right?

My name is Ansen
but not that Ansen.

I don't know July.

But you were born in Zhenjiang.

I even visited your hometown

I found the forest described in the book

and tracked down your old teacher.

She said July was a
good writer even then


it's an unusual name.


It's been so long.

Excuse me.

Please sit.
No need. My stop is next.

When did you move to Shanghai?
Where do you work?

I came a few years ago
I work in an e-commerce company now.

Didn't you marry and move overseas?

I broke up with him a long time ago.

How did you know about that?

July wrote a novel... a web serial.

It was mentioned in there.

I haven't read it yet

July... how is she?

I don't know
We lost contact long ago

I thought you two will
always be best friends.

Nothing lasts forever.

Out of the three of us.

Weren't you the first to run away?


"SoulMate" currently serialized online.


Chapter 1
Meeting Ansen.

When she was 13

July met Ansen for the first time.

Forward march!
Left, right, left.

Left, right!

About turn!

Mark time!

Left, right, left.

Li Ansen, what's your problem?

Don't you know the rules?

Tie your hair back!


What are you doing?

Lift up your left leg!

Keep it up.

Because of you two troublemakers
the whole class suffers.

Keep it up
I'm watching you!


Let's go!

Water's ready
Come bathe now.

Aren't you taking off your clothes?

Get out first.

Alright, hurry.

You wear one?
You've hit puberty.

You're as nasty as the boys.

Let me help you.

Your bra is so old-fashioned.

My mom bought it.

Is it uncomfortable?

A little.

Mom said, get used to it.

Girls need to get used to
many unpleasant things in the future


Let me see your breasts.


Show me your breasts.

Now show me yours.

You've hit puberty too.

But your mother didn't get you a bra?

She doesn't know.
Then tell her

I'll never tell her
I wish I'd never hit puberty.

Dinnertime, ladies!

Food is ready
This is yours.

Let's eat.

Take it easy.

Ansen, look
There she goes


Our July is so considerate.

She left us the meat juices
and the bun.

So that... we have more to eat.

I can't finish the whole bun myself.

We eat what we like, don't we?

Sure As long as you don't
mind being called selfish.

I don't like the filling
It's too oily.

Ansen, please come eat with us everyday.

Eat more.

Once your clothes have dried
Uncle will take you home

I told Ansen she could
stay over tonight.

Don't be silly
Her parents are waiting.


My father died long ago.

My mom is on business trip,
she's never home.

Here, have more vegetables.


Eat up.
Eat more.

Come play at my house?


I wonder what Dad
will be cooking today.


Where's the key?

I don't want you home.

I don't need you home!

Give me the bag

July and Ansen were inseparable

for three years from age 13 to 15.

At times, July was Ansen's shadow.

At other times, Ansen was July's shadow.

They read somewhere that...

if you step on someone's shadow

that person will stay with you for life.

But Ansen said, a lifetime is too long.

She only wanted to
live to the age of 27.

After junior high
July entered the best high school.

Ansen went to a vocational school.

In Ansen's words after a 9 year ordeal,
she's finally in a school where...

they didn't grade your conduct
or make you write essays.

Just perfect for her.

Looks okay?

Stop that. Is it okay?

Supermodels overseas...

don't wear bras, just like me.

I don't dare.

Just ditch the bra.

Experience what they call freedom.

It's closed
All your fault.

Don't start blaming me, young lady!
Who was dawdling at the bra shop?

When did I dawdle?

I don't care!
Just find me a gas cartridge!

Slow down!

I'm not a magician!


Stop messing!
I was scared as hell!

They look terrible.

Over there?

I found it.

Let's go.

Put these back
We have just enough money.

Put them back.

The pot is ready!
Grab your chopsticks!


Cook it longer.

Cook the meat longer.

Cook it longer.


You've gotten skinnier.

She's made of steel
One job isn't enough so she has two.

Skinny genes run in my family,
unlike someone we know.

What do you mean?

Mom, she always bullies me.


Have more.

Ansen, here.

Snow pear soup.

Girls should take care of their health.

Come eat here more often It's not
healthy to dine out all the time.

Where's my soup?

Get it yourself in the kitchen.

Oh, we have potato cake
Ansen's favorite. I'll get it.


Here, have more.


If you need to talk,
you can always come to me.

You know, you're more talented
than July and lovable.

You just have tough luck.

These are for you.

I haven't worn earrings
since July was born Thank you

I'll go try them on

Ansen gave me these.

She's more thoughtful than you.

Stop pretending
That's stealing.

It's stealing only if I don't pay
Who said I wasn't paying?

I'll pay in a few days, okay?

It's liking putting
drinks on a tab at bars.

The earrings are lovely.

Have more food.


We're going out.

This late? Where to?

Where is it?
It's ten minute away.

Anything you don't want
your mom to see... can go to my place.

Celebrity male nudes...
love letters, whatever.

I don't have any
I'm not like you.


Where are we?
Hurry... Faster...


Watch your step.

I just changed this light bulb.

What do you think?

Not bad, eh?

Let me help.

This is awesome!

Haven't you always hated your chest?
I'll get you a big wardrobe there.

You always liked...
those wardrobes seen in foreign films.

Too expensive. Just put some nails
on the wall and hang them there

I'll be rich in the future!

I'll get you a big bookcase...

for every book imaginable
You love to read.

Your salary...

just covers food and rent
It'll take you forever to save money

I'll make it someday!
Okay, okay!

Where's the toilet? I need to pee!

There, see the word "happy"?

So ghetto.

How can I pee?

July, I finally...
have a place to entertain you.

I won't stay here for life.

Where will you go?

If you strike it rich where will you go?

What about you?

My mom said...
girls don't have many places to go.

They just go from one home to another.

You believe that?

I've made up my mind.

I won't settle down anywhere.

my home will always be your home.


Rest your head on my arm.

You're not a man
Why bother?

As if you have a man.

You do?


I think he likes me.

extremely handsome...

loves music... captain of the
cross country running team.

Most importantly
he placed just ahead of me...

in the last three exams.

Don't you think it's fate?

You really want to fall in love?

You told me, all books say that...

men are annoying

unless you're deeply in love.


You don't have to be...
deeply in love.

Just love yourself.

Who is he? What's his name?

Su Jia-Ming.

Sounds okay?
Not bad.

Su Jia-Ming.

Chapter 2
She, Her and Him.

Chapter 2 She, Her and Him That was the
first time Ansen heard Jia-Ming's name.

Chapter 2
She, Her and Him.

Ansen never told July that...

when July introduced Jia-Ming to her

it wasn't the first time they met.

Hey, do you know Su Jia-Ming?

Do you know Su Jia-Ming?

Do you know Su Jia-Ming?

She's looking for Jia-Ming.

Laugh again? I dare you!

He's there
That one.

That one.

Are you Su Jia-Ming?

Dated before?


Who usually gets dumped, you or them?

I never.
Who pursues usually, you or them?

I've never dated.

With your looks you must be popular.

Don't you have a mirror?

A girl likes you.

You'd better behave.

I told you to behave
Why are you following me?

Who are you?

Don't ask me
such existential questions.

The next time we meet
don't say we've met.

Thanks for getting me the mock exam.

Don't mention it
I bought one as well.

Right. Did you find the reference book
the teacher asked for?

Not yet.

There are no copies left
They all grab things so quickly.

I just returned one
I'll get it

I'll find it
Just return your books.


My friend said...

I should make a move if I like someone.

Su Jia-Ming
I like you.

Let's have two of you to read the text.

Su Jia-Ming.

Lin July.

You guys done?

You go first.


Why should I walk ahead?

I was told...

if I step on someone's shadow

that person will never leave me.

You see,
I delivered myself to you again.

My baby!

This is...

Have we met?
Why are you staring at me?

I'm staring because...

you're July's best friend

July never comes here
Thanks to you, she's here

I'm here alright.

This is Jia-Ming
This is Ansen.

Vodka redbull.

I'm going to the washroom,
wait for me at the bar.

Sit over there

I'd like some water.

A glass please.

Some ice.

And a beer.

Thanks... exactly what I wanted.

I never thought...
July's friend would be so weird

I never thought July's boyfriend
would be so boring.

What does she see in you?

What do you like about her?
What do you like about her?

I like everything about her.

That means...
we do have something in common.

I'm not that horrible after all.

Which hand do you use to hold hers?
Stick it out.

I suppose...
you aren't that horrible.

Stop staring
Sit over there.

The next song will be our last tonight.

It's for you, Ansen.

The guy on stage was talking to you.

What's happening?

He dedicated a song every night
for the last five nights.

Said he'll keep doing it
until I leave town with him.

He said he's only going to live to 27.


His idol died at 27, I think.

Do you think my friend is interesting?

I was afraid you wouldn't like her.

Why wouldn't I?

I wish I could be more like her.

You're perfect.

Go, go, go!

Here I come!

You stole my July
If I win, return July to me!

Keep it up!

Chasing me.

Be careful!
You're going to lose!

I'll wait for you up there

I can't go any further.

How much farther?

Not even halfway.

My favorite people are here with me.

Why do I even need to be there
to make a wish?

We'll go our separate ways

I'll go find the path first.

Don't go!

It's haunted up there!

I can't walk anymore.

Let's go, I'll help you.

You go with Ansen
I'll stay here and rest.

Then I'll stay.

You have to watch after her
She likes to get into trouble.

Go with her.

Who goes there?

Stop playing and come out!

Your devotion is worth emulating.

I'm not really a believer
But we must show respect.

You're full of contradictions.

You said you're not a believer

but you wear a Buddha around your neck.

How did you know?

Whatever July knows, I know.

I was very sick when I was little.

My mom got this from a temple...

to ward off evil spirits.

The hospital got me well.

But I grew used to this jade pendant.

Let me... have a look?

Thanks to your mom, you got this.

If not, July might not have met you.


Do you have to act so surprised
that I've finally made it?

Let's go.

You girls take the bus
I'll cycle back.

No need
It's my bike, I'll ride it.

Are you really meeting up
with the guitarist?


This town is so small
I'm sick of it.

Besides... he's the only one who
genuinely loves me... apart from you.

Are you sure?

He sang for me... ate with me

and slept with me.

The only thing he didn't do
was to bathe with me.

Do you love him?
He suits me.

Get on people, trains is leaving.

What if he stops loving you one day?

I've still got you. Look
We bought this jacket together.

It was too small so you gave it to me And
we won this in a supermarket lucky draw.

Don't worry
I won't forget you.

Don't cry
It's ugly.

Now smile for me.

When are you coming back?

Don't make our parting so sad.

You aren't going to run
after the train, are you?

You're such an ass!


If you want me to stay, I will!

Let's go.

That day
July cried for a long time.

She didn't tell Jia-Ming...

what hurted most wasn't Ansen's departure
but her disappointment in herself.

Because she couldn't love Ansen...
as much as Ansen loved herself.

Because not everything in life...
can be shared.

She never imagined...

this was what being
a "grown-up" was all about.

Chapter 3
Regards to Jia-Ming

I've settled down in Beijing.

It's arid here
I get nose bleeds almost every night.

But I'm quickly adapting.

At night, he performs, I work in bars

I've made many new friends.

The outside world is so big
Wish I could experience it with you.

Will you write back?
Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

Ansen, I was waiting to hear from you.

College Entrance Exams are coming up Jia-Ming
and I plan to enter the same school.

He's in Communications,
I'm in Chinese Literature.

But Mom and Dad
want me to study Economics

so that I can find a stable job.

The future suddenly seems so distant.

The future that I dreamt about
always included you.

You should do what you love

I almost died from carbon monoxide
poisoning Thank God, I survived.

There are still 8 years
left before I hit 27.

If I died now, it'd be so unfair
Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

I started university.

The classes are boring
I'm afraid I won't do well.

We have more free time after school now.

Jia-Ming joined the athletic club.

I still don't know what I like.

I discovered that I'm a boring person...

It's a little depressing.

Many people seem interesting at first

but they're just posers...
who fool even themselves.

That guitarist for example...
is too scared to end his life at 27.

I have a new boyfriend...
a freelance photographer.

He's curious about everything
I'm traveling the world with him

I don't have a mailing address.

But I'll keep writing to you
Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

I bought a cell phone
I really want to talk to you

but can't even send you my number.

I'm in a bad place.

I wonder if I should study overseas

but also worry that...
I'll lose what I have.


My desire to explore the world
seems to have disappeared with you.

The further you drift away...
the more I want to stay.

I often imagine...
how you look on the road.

How to live differently?

I don't have answers. It's frustrating
The novels were right...

Give me a hand!

Most men are annoying

I'm done with men.

Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

Where are you now?

There's nothing new here.

Our parents want us
to plan for the future.

Jia-Ming and I plan to marry at 26.

Have a baby at 27
and buy a house at 30.

Guess where I am?

A luxury cruise ship!

I'm seeing the ocean you love for you
Bars and ships are alike.

Everyone here is passing through.

When I woke up today

I realized Zhenjiang was 720km away

I felt sad suddenly.

You must take care
Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

Maybe because you left
my life has become mundane...

it can be read in a glance.

I had an interview with a local bank
Thankfully, they liked me.


I got the job.

I came ashore
I may love the ocean

but can't stay there forever

I've had a few jobs
but none lasted long.

The tips I earned
from cruises were gone.

I'm broke these days.

Would I ever find something
that I wouldn't grow tired off.

Seems like 27 is getting closer and
closer Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

It's been 4 years

Have you thought of your future?

You can't drift your whole life

Maybe I'm getting old

I don't like meeting strangers anymore.

But I've still got you...
a place where I write letters to.

Give my regards to Jia-Ming.

Didn't we agree...
to get married and have children...

two years after we graduated?

We're still young
Don't you want to see the world?

Jia-Ming is going to Beijing
after he graduates

I had a big fight with him.

I didn't make you stay back then.

I failed to make him stay


Remember the book
they read on the radio:

"Travel Wide and Far"?

I feel like I've reached
the end of the road.

I'm exhausted.

Can I come home now?

Please let me come home.

How can goodbyes not be miserable?

You just get used to goodbyes...

when you grow up


Go on, board the train.

Take care of yourself.

Jia-Ming left in the end.

He promised July...

he would return and marry her
in the spring two years later.

Ansen taught July
the meaning of separation...

as well as longing and loss.

But she wished
she skipped all those lessons.

Aunt, it tastes exactly the same

No wonder July was
never able to lose weight.

Eat slowly, no hurry, Ansen.

Come in.

Soap's over there
Your robe is here.

Come here.


Let's bathe together.

We did it when we were 13,
we're 23 now.


Take your clothes off...
Let me see your cleverage.

Look at you, as mousy as ever.

You're the mousy one!

How nice!

Honestly, how nice!

We're together again.

Please give us a room.

Fill in the registration
How long is your stay?

What is it?

Why are we staying here?
It's all I can afford.

I have money.

I have to use the bathroom.

Apart from your bed...
this bed is the best I've ever slept in!

As long as you like it
my hard-earned money isn't wasted.

You sleepy?

Don't wipe your mouth with this.

They use these towels to wipe toilets.

You think everything is clean in hotels?

No way...

Then use it.

Stop it, my phone's ringing.


I have to pee
I held it all day.


I'm in Shanghai.

A company outing.

For two.
This way, please.

Please call me
when you're ready to order.

Thank you.

What is it?

Just watch.

Good evening, Miss.

Want to make a bet?

We like new friends.


Keep it up!

Go, go, go!

5 seconds to go!

Go buy the wine!

It's free.

My treat.

What did you do?

I made a deal with the owner...

to help him sell 10 bottles of wine...
in exchange for a free bottle.

Then I made a bet with those idiots.

If I drank a bottle of wine...

in 20 seconds
they had to buy ten.

You know
how simple-minded men are.

They have such fragile egos.

How can you drink so fast?

Daily practice.

Once... I was starving

but I had no money.

So I thought... if I borrowed 50 cents
from each person until I hit 5 dollars

I could buy a bowl of noodles.

I never imagined I could collect...
$80 by the end!

Cut that out.
Am I amazing?

Hello, Beautiful.

We bought the wine
Want some?

Drink up.

Hey girl, how much can you drink?

I have a boyfriend.

We have girlfriends too.
Leave her be.

My friend doesn't party very often.

Let me drink with you
My friend's a good girl.

You said she doesn't party?

She can hold her liquor.

I didn't know you could drink so much.

If I knew, I wouldn't bother
drinking with them.

You go first
I'll catch up later.

We'll be waiting.
I'll be there, I promise.

Let's order some food
What would you like?

I want lobster.

I just want a salad.

Why eat here if you just want salad?

Have lobster
My treat.

Don't eat lobster here
It's too expensive.


Two grilled lobsters, please.

Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.


Now I have to pull another scam

July, you have no idea.

If it wasn't for my freeloading skills

I'd be long dead.

Look, I live well.

Is this how...
you survived all these years?

By freeloading off men?
I'm just making friends.

Don't you think that's cheap?

I accept the good and the bad...

that life has to offer.

You live in an ivory tower
You wouldn't understand.

You think I've had it easy?

No one has it easy.

That's why I say...
you pay for the expensive hotel room

I pay for the food

I have money, I'll pay No need
to divide things up so precisely.

Oh you don't?

What's yours and what's mine...

you draw a clear line...
all these years.


If I drew such a clear line

why did every postcard you sent over the last 5
years say... give your regards to my boyfriend?

If I drew such a clear line

why are you still wearing this?

See... you do draw a line.

Look at you.

Admit it, you were happy I
left with that guy, right?


Jia-Ming may not know...
what kind of person you are.

But I do.

Don't cry
What for?

Ansen and July... lost contact
after their trip to Shanghai.

Ansen never sent
another postcard to July.

Chapter 5
Nowhere to Run.

Two years later the one who
saw Ansen again was Jia-Ming.

It was seven years since they parted...

at the age of 18.

What business are you in, Mr. Huang?

There's big money in beauty.
But not as big as real estate.

We can't compare.

Your industry has great prospects Your
company has even expanded to Beijing.

A Feng Shui master from Hong Kong did a
reading of this condominium and deemed it...

extremely auspicious
for businessmen like you.

That's about as far as I traveled Before
you hit 25, you call that "experience".

After 25, you call that "drifting".

It's time to settle down
I should make money too.


Another please.

You're still such a gentleman.

So how have you been all these years?

Are you asking about me or July?

Does it matter?

July's fine.

She was promoted to
the Commercial Lending Dept.

I just went back last weekend.

Does she visit you in Beijing?

She doesn't like to travel
I'm the one who travels back.

She doesn't mind traveling
She just wants you to return to her.

What do you mean?

I should go
My boyfriend is picking me up.

His car should be here by now.

I was going to save up
and travel the world.

But I got lucky
I met this guy.

I sold my first home to him
He's getting a divorce now.

He's taking me to Canada.

Are you really doing well?

Don't ask me
such existential questions

I guess you two
will be marrying soon?

Next spring.

I can't be there
I'll be in Canada.

So, congratulations.

Thanks for the tea.

Let go of me!

Let go!
Excuse me.

Let go of me!

Jia-Ming, my phone's broken
Let's video chat?

I'm still at work.

I'll just watch you work.
Go rest.

I left my phone at the office yesterday
I just saw the message about your phone.

Did you get it fixed?

I just did.

I want to tell you something.

I dreamt about you last night.

In the dream, you said...

now that we're about to get married
you felt cheated

I'm the only woman
you've ever slept with.

It's unfair.

What nonsense is this?
Don't over think.

I was just kidding
Look at you.

I know...

you adore me
I trust you the most.

We need to talk...
My client is here, I have to go. Bye.


I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

Open the door.

Why did I fight with you?

I didn't do it on purpose

I thought you didn't
care about me anymore.

You stay here.

A month ago, my boyfriend...

suddenly died.

His wife...
just kicked me out without notice.

She didn't even let me pack.

Thank God, Jia-Ming took me in

July, you were right.

You and your mom were both right.

I just have tough luck

Come help me, I'm in pain.

Hurry, help me.

You're in pain?
I'm in more pain.

Who's there to help me?

You wanted to do this
the moment you saw me!

Why not strip me off my clothes?
Let go!

What do you mean?
What do I mean?

You wanted this all along.

Why bother pretending?
Because of Jia-Ming?

The door is locked
Jia-Ming can't come in.

Aren't you tired?

You think I'm tired?
Then you stop pretending too.

What's this?

Who said ditch the bra...
experience freedom?

Why change your style?

Because Jia-Ming is here?

You're wrong.

Jia-Ming doesn't like this.

You want to know what he likes?

This is what he likes.

This is what he likes!

He likes the old-fashioned type!

You think you understand Jia-Ming?
You think he loves you?

I got drunk for nothing today.

Stop pretending!

You think...
any of those men ever really loved you?

In this world, apart from me...
no one loves you...

No one loves you!

Take Jia-Ming away.

If I must choose...
between you and him

I'll always choose you.

Stop kidding yourself.

I always let you have your way.

You think?

Who do you think you are?

Apart from me...

who would want you as a friend?

If I didn't take you home...
who else would take you in?

I gave you everything you have.

Take what's mine?

You don't dare.

How did we end up like this?

You forced my hand.

Carry her to the bed
I can't.

There's so much to do
before the wedding.

I have to go.

Don't go
We need to talk.

I never visited you here in Beijing

not because I didn't want to leave home.

I just wanted you to go back.

When you went home
it was proof that you loved me...

that you chose me

I'll wait for you for a month
If you come back, we'll get married.

What do you think about
when you run?

When I run, I'm calm
I don't need to think.

How long... before it starts to work?

I've been running for years.

I started when I met you at 18.

You can't run all your life.

You have to stop when you're tired.

We should have stopped
a long time ago.


I don't think
we'll see each other again.


It's for you.

See you, Ansen.

Don't say that

or we'll see each other again.

See you, Su Jia-Ming!

Chapter 7
Spring Wedding.

I rented a place.

Not big... enough for two people.

In case I lose my keys
please keep the spare set?

My handling fee is expensive.

How long should I keep them?

All my savings are here.

I want you to keep it for life
just afraid you don't think I'm sincere

I'll keep them for now.

I can always ask for more proof.


Come eat some fruit.

Thanks, Uncle.


Thank you.

Are you ready?

Does it work?

They're here!
Where are the shoes?

All hidden!

What's the hurry?
Give us the red envelope first.

What red envelope? Open up now!
Jia-Ming, sing a song first. Open up!

Something's wrong!
Let them in first.

Open it.

Something's wrong!

Jia-Ming's gone missing.

Jia-Ming's really gone missing!

We looked for him all day
We couldn't find him.

A runaway groom created...

a scandal in the small town

July quit her job at the bank
and finally left her hometown.

The caged bird was suddenly free...

but didn't know where to go.

The life you wanted for me...

is all gone now.

I'm sorry.

This doesn't mean your life is ruined.

It's just a setback.

The truth is...

no matter what path a girl chooses
she will suffer.

I know.

Let's hope my girl is the exception.

July's first stop was a motel...
where Ansen had once stayed.

She laid on the tiny bed

and imagined the life
Ansen had led after turning 18.

Ansen left because of her.

But the life that Ansen had given her...

was all gone now.

The normal life July once clung to...

grew further and further away
like her hometown.

She discovered
that she was made for drifting.

Sometimes she couldn't help wondering...

if Jia-Ming had already gone to Ansen.

Ansen always wanted a home.

They'd be happy together

July began missing her parents
She missed Jia-Ming.

But she missed Ansen...

most of all.

You're home.

Hey, shrimp!
It's for you.



Go wait outside
Dinner is almost ready.

So tell me.

We're... getting married.

Here comes the soup!

July, I heard you were coming
so I've made extra dishes.

But they're all Ansen's favorites.

See if you like them.

Give me your bowl
Have some soup.

Try it.

Without it...

do you feel empty?

I thought you two got married

I thought he joined you in Beijing.

I think...

Zhao's not bad.

Now that you're a good girl
I don't like you as much

Please stay.


Leave with me.

Please stay.

That day...
July didn't turn to look at Ansen.

She was afraid that she might stay...

or Ansen might leave with her.

She knew very well...

from that moment on

she and Ansen were meant
to lead separate lives.

As if Ansen had become
the Homebound July...

and July had become the drifting Ansen.

To be continued...


Are you Su Jia-Ming?

Who are you?

I'm Li Ansen's daughter.

Meet me at the entrance of
Tianshan Primary School tomorrow

I have something
important to ask you

1, 2, 3, 4...

I'll treat you.

Don't treat me like a child

I asked you out,
of course I'm paying.

Waitress, I'd like a strawberry mousse
He'd like a coffee.

Okay, thank you.


Are you my father?

Why do you ask?

Look. Each postcard ends with
"Give my regards to Jia-Ming".

That means my mom loved you.

Didn't she tell you about your father?

Since you knew
my mom for a long time

take a look and see if it mentions
anything about my father

I'm in grade one
I can't read many of the words.

You're reading this too?

My mom wrote this
I sneaked it out.

But it's written by July.

My mom's penname is July
I saw her write it.

Li Tong-tong!

Go upstairs with Ms. Yu first, okay?

Tong-tong said
that you wrote the novel...

I'm her father right?

She's your child with July.

The novel is fiction
Where's July?

Didn't you get married?

Where is he?

He ran away on the wedding day

I'll find him for you.

I told him to leave.

Don't show up...
for the wedding tomorrow.

I don't want to be with a man
who doesn't love me completely.

If you run away
I'll have a good excuse to leave.

Without that...
do you feel empty inside?

One get used to it.

This temple... must be really old.

Look at the architecture.

I already knew then...

that you would let me have Jia-Ming.

But I still let you go.

I wanted to go.

Both of us... were pretending.

But you weren't convincing.

Smart people...

never let others know
that they're smart.

You were stupid.

Your act was so transparent
You couldn't hide your true feelings.

Do you hate me?

I did.

Me too.


since the day at the temple?

I'm not sure anymore.

Why are you here now?

When I found out I was pregnant

you were the first person
I wanted to tell.

As days went by
I felt the child inside...

growing bigger and bigger.

It became clear to me...
what mattered...

and what didn't.


You're my best friend.

I hated you

but you're all I have.

Why didn't you come earlier?

rest your head on my arm


Are you afraid?

A little.

Under Operation.

How is Lin July?

Both mother and daughter are fine.

Big eyes big nose

big mouth and big chest!

I won't get married
Let's raise the child together.

You'll be the good mom,
I'll be the bad mom

I'll teach her how to put on makeup...
and flirt with boys!

As for you...
teach her how to study well

and be a top student.

In that case
I'll be the bad mom.

How to gain affection...
and approval from adults...

those are my talents.

Excuse me
Have you seen Lin July from Bed 517?

No, I haven't.

Her baby is alone in the room,
please look after her.



Remember your promise.

Stop it and come back now.

Didn't we agree... to switch lives?

You're lying.

Why didn't you say goodbye in person?

I was afraid...

you would make our parting sad.

Don't worry.

Once your child is born

you can go anywhere you want...
for as long as you want.

I want to live free...

like you.

She left just like that?

You never heard from her again?

Can I still visit the child?

What happened to Lin July?

Patient was hemorrhaging,
now she's in emergency.

I'm very sorry
The patient lost too much blood...

no pulse, respiration,
or any other vital signs.

We did all we could Her family
should make funeral arrangements.

This is Lin July's death certificate If there
are no further questions, please sign it.

Accept our condolences?

Condolences my ass!

Lin July.

Death Certificate.

Lin July, 27.

Why did you die at 27 too?

I'm not signing it
Go to hell.

Who's your family?

Li Ansen.

Final Chapter
On the Road at Age 27


Please stay

July knew...

from that moment on

she and Ansen were
meant to lead separate lives.

She didn't think about...
where she was going or for how long.

She just wanted to embrace her freedom.

In every place that she visited

she wrote down
what she wanted to share with Ansen.

This time

it was her turn to make
her life into novel.

She too write down everything that
happened after she met Ansen...

at the age of 13.

The story begins like this:

The drifting July knew...

when she looked back one day

the person stepping on her shadow...

would be an Ansen living a happy life.

The End.

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