Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) - full transcript

Both Dhanraj Singh and Randhir Singh are two bitter and old time enemies. They faced a disastrous situation when there children, Raj and Rashmi falls deeply in love. They openly declares there hatred for one another and will do anything in there power even kill but they will not accept there children's choice. But Raj and Rashmi is dedicated to there love and is not willing to accept the fact that there dads are enemies.

Thakur Jaswant Singh Sir,

Greetings Mr,Totaram,
What's the news?

I have brought the marriage
invitation of Thakur Ratansingh,-

Son of Thakur Raghuvir Singh,
in the name of god

It's a matter of
great happiness

Greetings Junior Thakur

Greetings, Greetings

ShaII I say something
Senior Thakur

TeII me

You sent your younger brother
Mr.Dhanraj to town

You got him educated,
got him married -

He aIso got a chiId
in the name of god

You got your younger sister
parvati aIso married-

She aIso got a chiId in
the name of god

Now, You aIso get married
in the name of god

Mr.Totaram you aIready

I have got a younger
Sister Madhumathi

Let her aIso get
married -

Then, I wiII aIso get married
in the name of god

PIease take it


you aIso...

Oh god, TeII me how is
your DeIhi?

It's aIright brother

And how is your cIothes

It's doing very weII by
the grace of god

I suggest that you Ieave
this farming,-

And join me in the cIoth business
in DeIhi

There is pIenty of money

No, brother. We don't want to
go to DeIhi,

We Iike to Iive here

Don't worry Madhu, We are not
going anywhere

TeII me, When are you coming
for hunting?

ShaII we go tomorrow


Brother,Tomorrow we have to
go to the marriage

Tomorrow Raghubir Singh's
younger son -

Ratan Singh is getting

Just see what time are
we caIIed?

PIease give me this -

Mother, You onIy decide

Mr.Thakur now you

Yes, Saraswathi, you say

I Iike these two goId
ones and-

These, three studded

Randhir, My son,
Isn't it?

Yes, mother, they are fine
What do you say KamaIa?

I Iike them but, brother-in-Iaw
shouId aIso...

Sister-in-Iaw, I Iike
this onIy

Keep quiet, In our famiIy groom
and the bride -

Are not consuIted in
any matter

I see...

These peopIe got you married to me
without consuItation

Then what eIse?

Stop joking...

Once jeweIs are finaIized, We
have to decide about cIothes aIso

Son Ratan

Outside in the jeep bundIes
of cIoth are kept, go and get them

Take them


You...What are you
doing here?

I have come to congratuIate for
the marriage

But, Listen...

I am not going anywhere -

Ratan, I want your repIy

I wiII repIy to you,but you
come this side

Madhu, What is happening here
against my wishes?

Knowing fuIIy weII that
I Iove you

My peopIe fixed this marriage

But you wiII have to refuse
this marriage

But Madhu they are not going to
Iisten to me at aII

Even after knowing, that I am
carrying your baby

I agree that I have put you
in a great fix

But there was no other way
except this

There is onIy one way

I consume poison & die so that
you can get married peacefuIIy

No, madhu, no, I have thought
of a way out


I have heard that your sister
& uncIe have come from DeIhi

Yes -You to go DeIhi
with them

I have a good friend
there -

He wiII take you to
a good doctor

you don't have to
worry at aII

Go in the morning and return
in the evening

He wiII do the

And here is some money
for your expenses

I know you are a
coward -

But you are so mean, I have come
to know onIy today

Keep quiet, keep quiet,
Don't cry

Don't do anything

So that situation doesn't
worsen further

Brother,What's Ieft
there to worsen

After destroying the Iife of
our Madhu

That rascaI is going to
get married

I wiII stop this

Listen, I wiII go and meet
Ratan's father,Thakur Raghuvir Singh

I am very sure that when he comes
to know the facts-

He wiII force Ratan
to fuIfiI his promise

Answer Ratan

The accusation that Thakur
Jaswant Singh has put on you

Is it true? Or
is it a Iie?

Father, aII are Iies

Look, Ratan

I have come here neither to
quarreI nor to scoId you

Human beings make mistakes,
You have aIso committed etc

But now it is your duty that you
accept your mistake

And keep the promise you
made to Madhumathi...

What's the mistake &
What's the promise?

By concocting these stories
you want to defame me

Concocting stories!?

Then, is it not true that Madhumathi
is pregnant?

She might be

She might be but I am not
responsibIe for it

You are a Iiar, you are
a crook.

And you are mean & wretched
person of the highest order


Thakur Jaswant Singh

Ask Dhanraj to shut up otherwise
there wiII be bIoodshed here

There wiII be bIoodshed
Randhir Singh

My sister's honour is ruined
& I remain a siIent spectator -

I wiII exterminate whoIe
of your cIan

Dhanraj keep quiet
Let me taIk

Then you taIk

There is no use striking your
head against a stone

Mr.Randhir Singh

Knowing weII, its a question of the
prestige of our famiIy -

I Ieave the decision
to you

Thakur Jaswant Singh, I fuIIy
sympathise with you-

More than that I cannot
say anything

Remember Thakur

The end resuIt of this wiII
not be good

ShaII I say something?

Go ahead

Whatever Thakur Jaswant Singh
had said

It's aII true

What is true?

This evening Madhumathi had come to
meet Ratan here-

Hiding behind the window I
heard their entire conversation-

They used to meet steaIthy,
and she-

Is going to be the mother of
Ratan's chiId

PIease Iisten to me. For god's
sake stop this marriage

And make Ratan to agree to
marry Madhumathi

Keep quiet,absoIuteIy
keep quiet-

Before marriage the girI who has
Iost her honour

She is not worthy of becoming the
daughter-in-Iaw of this famiIy

And Iisten very

You have mentioned
this today-

But here after if anybody taIks
even a word about it-

I wiII be very harsh
on him

Randhir, Son you make your
father see to reason

Dhanraj, Nothing wiII go
out of confrontation

There wiII be a
big scandaI

We'II Ioose our prestige in the
entire viIIage-

Then by keeping quiet wiII this
thing Iie dormant-

From tomorrow itseIf this news
wiII spread Iike wiId fire

That we wiII be constrained even
to step out of this house

That's why I have decided to
Ieave this viIIage

We wiII seII our house, SeII
the entire property -

And go to DeIhi

And what shaII we
do there?

Whatever we do,
We may even starve

But we won't be ridicuIed
by peopIe

A respectabIe person can bear aII
the hardships of the worId-

But cannot Iive

Dhanraj whatever I am
going to do-

I am very sad about it

I am sure

That kishan wiII give us a good
price for our house & fieIds

Okay, I'II return
by the evening


Parvati, What happened?

Ratan Singh

Ratan singh this is the corpse of my
sister Madhumathi

According to your promises -

She shouId have become your
bride today-

But today her dead body wiII
be carried-

Dead body wiII be carried
Ratan Singh,but not one

Stop -

But two

Wait Dhanraj

Court awarded Iife imprisonment
to Thakur Dhanraj Singh for murder

Surrounded by the high waIIs
of the jaiI

A narrow ceII became the abode
of Dhanraj Singh

Jaswant Singh soId his house &
the entire property-

Left the viIIage Dhanakpur for good
& went away to DeIhi

And in the house
of Bhagwandas-

He started a new Iife with
his entire famiIy-

In partnership with Bhagwandas
he started cIoth business-

And became a very successfuI trader
in no time

He had onIy one aim
in his Iife-

To give good education to
the son of Dhanraj

And Iike this the
time passed

Days became months & months
became years

And then that day came

For your good conducts, Govt. has
decided to reIease you 6 months earIy

My dear father, You wiII be
pIeased to know

That now our exams
are over

On 10th ApriI, in our coIIege
there is a fareweII party

In this party, aIong with my
friends I am -

Presenting a musicaI

UncIe amd others in the famiIy
are not interested in music

Had you been here

I wouId have definiteIy

But its my bad Iuck that you
are so far away

But that day is not far
when you'II be amongst us-

And I am impatientIy waiting
for that day

Your son, Raj

Friends, first I want to thank
the 2nd year students

Who, for the finaI
year students,

Have given this grand
party today

For us this is our Iast day
in the coIIege

And I know

That for the forthcoming Iife
everyone has thought of something

But I haven't thought of
anything for me

And today

Today I am thinking of onIy one
thing repeatedIy


Today the programme was
very enjoyabIe

What's the programme
in the hoIidays

We are stuck up badIy
- Why

UncIe has put us
in the office

Very unfortunate

Why don't you come for hunting
with us

What Shyam?
ShaII we go?



Programme was
very good

UncIe,Iook,who has come

Dhanraj brother

Dhanraj brother, Dhanraj brother
See Dhanraj brother

Daughter-in-Iaw, serve some rice
to Dhanraj

Thank you

But teII me -

How did you come to know that
their function is today

Brother as soon as I got
the Ietter from Raj...

Enough, Enough

You'II make me eat everything in
one day onIy

I have served you very IittIe
eat it


Brother Jaswant, eating is very
enjoyabIe today

Dhanraj brother
When you were in jaiI...-

I have a request-

JaiI and whatever this famiIy
has gone through-

ShouId never be mentioned
in this house-

Brother teII me

How is our business

By the grace of god,
its very good

Now you have come

Raj and Shyam
are with us

We wiII improve it
much more

It's definiteIy the mischief
of that rascaI Randhir Singh

I'II go to Dhanakpur
tomorrow itseIf

Brother, neither you nor brother
Jaswant need go to Dhanakpur

Raj & Shyam can go and
do this job

And aIso nobody recognizes
them there

Yes that shouId be aIright

Raj,Iisten son

Tomorrow morning
you and Shyam-

WiII have to go to
Dhanakpur ViIIage

Dhanakpur - yes

There meet Iawyer BihariIaI and
give an appIication in the court


And Iisten

As soon you finish your work
return immediateIy-

Don't roam there


Listen son - yes

I have fiIed your appIication in
the court immediateIy

But teII Thakur
Jaswant Singh-

That the case won't
be decided soon

Won't be decided soon?
- No

AppIication is against
Randhir Singh

He wiII aIso act soon

What wiII he do soon?

It's difficuIt to teII
you immediateIy

Listen. LegaI matters are not
resoIved immediateIy

As the proceeding proceeds,-

I wiII inform Mr.Jaswant Singh
immediateIy about them

ImmediateIy - definiteIy

Listen, Randhir Singh is a very
dangerous person

The news of your arrivaI can
reach him immediateIy - yes

That's why it
wiII be better-

That both of you go away

Okay, We'II go away

I want to go to a pIace...

What a strange man? Come Iet's
go from here

ShaII we go?

In my youth I was sitting
on a horse-

And the horse is running

Horse feII down. I am down and
the horse is above me

What happened? Why did you
stop the bike

This is probabIy the mansion of
Thakur Raghuvir Singh isn't it ?

May be

Come Iet's ask that person

And then...

UncIe greetings


Whose mansion is this?

This is Thakur Raghuvir Singh's
mansion in the name of god

But he is no more aIive

His son's are there.
Thakur Randhir Singh

Brother, the entire famiIy has
shifted to DeIhi

He comes once in a year to settIe
the accounts of farming-

In the name of god

She is Rashmi, daughter of
Thakur Randhir Singh

The great activity that you are
seeing in the mansion today-

Is because its her
birthday today

Come come

TeII me grandma.
This is the Iife Iine

One shouId not read the paIm
on the birthday

But one thing is

Very soon, someone is going
to enter your Iife

ProbabIy tonight

From Haripur, Ietter has come that
Kunwar Pratap Singh wiII not be coming -

But his son, Roop Singh
wiII be coming!

You have seem him
isn't it?

I had seen him, When he
was this much...

Even I had seen him
when he was this much

Now, he must be
a young man



We cannot have a better match
for Rashmi than this

It's true

As soon as Roop Singh comes
bring him to me

BaIwant, come


Let's go

We'II go inside and have
a Iook around

What? Have you gone mad?

If Randhir Singh comes to know
about it,He'II skin us

Come, Come, Hey! Mr.Gaurishankar

Greetings!.. Greetings!


Great, wonderfuI,

This year, did you have
a good harvest?

Hey! Mr.Randhir Singh,I greet
you on your daughter's birthday

Thank you!

Hey! Shyam Iook there! He is
Thakur Randhir Singh

May be, but friend, Iet's
get away from here

Stop, my friend!

Are you coming? Or shaII I
go aIone?

Let's go

Where are you sneaking
away, my son?


Where?... Where?

What did you think? Nobody
wiII recognize you?


We Thakurs, have a arrow
sharp vision-

That can recognize the friends
and aIso the foes

Isn't it? - What?

Confused isn't it?
- Yes

I had seen you when you
were this big

But, I recognized you
as soon as I saw you -

That you are definiteIy Roop Singh
son of Kunwar Pratap Singh



After seeing the 'R' symboI
on your coat

'R' means Roop Singh!

Come with me

No, you proceed...I...

Come with me...Come on...

Brother! Here is your
Roop Singh

He was standing in
that corner

Recognized me?

Yes, greetings!

OnIy greetings wiII not do
you have to hug me

Mr.Man Singh, Come here
meet him

He is Roop Singh, Son of
Kunwar Pratap Singh


Is he Roop Singh?!

Yes, he is Roop Singh

I don't know whether
to beIieve my eyes or not?

But I feeI something strange
about your appearance



Last year, When I met you in Haripur
You had a great moustache


Yes, Where has it gone?

That, I have shaved it


Just Iike that!

No, No,... Why?

Just Iike that ..



It's empty!

Your father couIdn't come
I regret very much


What happened to him?


Again the same Asthma attack?

Yes sir, Asthma!

Yes, my son, Asthma is a very
dangerous disease

Then, ShaII I Ieave?


How wiII I aIIow you to go
without attending the feast -

And today, its my
daughter's birthday

Don't you want to
meet her?

Don't you want to
greet her?

You wait here, I'II come with
her just now

WonderfuI...WonderfuI, How gracefuI
the butterfIy is?

Roop Singh! TeII me one thing
Why did you shave off your moustache?

Just Iike that?

Just Iike that!?!...Why?

Just Iike that

But, Why?...Why?

Oh! I have shaved my moustache
How does it concern you?

Leave my hand

Okay, granted it was your moustache
but why did you shave it off?

Hey, GentIeman, How many times
have I toId you-

That I am Roop Singh!

Are you reaIIy Roop Singh?

Yes sir

Son of Kunwar Pratap Singh?


Come I'II introduce you to
one more Roop Singh

ChiId, You wait here, I'II
come just now

DharampaI! What's
happening here?

He feII, I feII on him -

Then aII the Thakurs
feII on me

But, Who is he?

How many times, do I have
to teII you that I am Roop Singh

What are you bIabbering?

Catch them...Catch them..
atch them...

Rashmi, and then,
What happened

Then, everyone feII
caIIing each other

There was a great

And that boy, who came
impersonating Roop Singh

I never saw him

In the meIee, he
ran away

Randhir Singh, my son!

Yes mother!

Did you find out anything about
that imposter?

Now onIy Mr.CIerk, informed
me that -

To fiIe an appIication against
us in the court -

Dhanraj's son had come

And that too, on a red
motor cycIe

If onIy, I knew it before
he ran away

In front of aII my cIan I wouId
have Iashed him so much that -

OnIy his corpse wouId have
gone out from here


Come on, Iisten...

Received a Ietter from Pandit
Shivnarain of Mt.Abu-

He has invited aII of us to
his son's bethrothaI

I think, We didn't have a
hoIiday for quite a Iong time

So why not take advantage of this
and go to Mt.Abu

Brother, there is a Amba TempIe
near by -

I had taken a vow that if he comes back
I wiII offer fIowers

Yes, Yes definiteIy
go there

AIright, teII me this, Are you coming
to Sitanagar Camp?

It wiII be difficuIt for
me to come

Father is sending me to Mt.Abu
with mother and Aunty

Mt.Abu and Sitanagar
are very near

It's just 3 hours journey
by bus

You just teII your father that you want to
go to Sitanagar and not Mt.Abu

But, I can't open my mouth
infront of my father

Then, take me with you
to him

I wiII open my mouth weII
in front of him

UncIe! I was saying that

Mt.Abu is Mt.Abu and
Sitanagar is Sitanagar

Have you ever visited it?


UncIe, you shouId visit -

If Mt.Abu is earth, then
Sitanagar is the sky!

Kavitha, how coId the weather
wiII be?

There's so much coId that
You'II aIways be...

Oh god! Then, we wiII
stay in Mt.Abu onIy

Even then, I am very scared
of coId

Hey, are we going there
to enjoy or...

Come on Aunty! It is not
Iike that ...actuaIIy

One minute, One minute
I wiII decide now


Where do you want to go? Sitanagar? Or Mt.Abu?

Come on, say it?


It's decided

KamaIa, I am going to
the office

I had toId you, That I'II stagger
infront of my father

Don't worry, Come to Mt.Abu
Iet's see there

Just now, we have reached
aII of them have come


Then, What time has the priest
fixed for the engagement?

Evening 6'o cIock! Yes sir, wiII reach
there by that time

SmiIe pIease! StiII broader
StiII broader - yes

I want to take the photograph
the sun going down

You stay here, I'II come
just now

BadIy stuck!

Is it broke?


I have taken your photograph
aIong with sun

You are not offended,
are you?

No, if the photos wiII be good then,
I wiII not be offended at aII

I don't know much about

Just trying the Iuck


For every new thing, its absoIuteIy
necessary to try the Iuck


By the way, you have done
one thing right

What's that?

You are in the right pIace at
the right time


I mean that, you have
seIected a good pIace


But, In the fading sunIight beautifuI
things Iook more beautifuI


It seems, you know much
about photography

Do one thing, take my photograph
at this pIace

Let's see, how
wiII it be?

Yes definiteIy

Is someone
caIIing you?

No, not me, I don't know
who is that mad man?

The Iight has faded away today,
Iet's meet again tomorrow

Same time, Same pIace


UncIe, you are too much...


TeII the reception to send a
quiIt to the room

It's very coId here

Yes, okay

How beautifuI she is,
isn't she?


I want a bride for Raj,
just Iike her

Whom were you been

That,my cousin Shyam...


I think he has gone

It's very good that, you too
are staying in this hoteI


Your photograph which I took
I wiII present it to you tomorrow

I don't want those photos


There's an oId saying that photos taken
with the setting sun

When they are kept,
the person wiII die

Do you beIieve in
aII that?

I don't beIieve, but I aIso don't
wish to die young

Okay, show me your
right hand

What happened?

Your Iife Iine is just
Iike mine


What does it mean?

You have a very
Iong Iife


And in this Iong Iife,
What wiII I get?

Fame, Money, Honour and...


And whatever you wish
you'II get it

Okay, I wiII Ieave now

Tomorrow I'II take few more
of your photographs

What type of a room service
do you have?

Even if you ring the
beII 10 times no one comes

Look, its our friend,

Regarding her...

UncIe greetings

Greetings, Greetings,
Iive Iong!

They are Raj & Shyam's friend
they go on hunting reguIarIy

It seems you have come here
aIso for hunting

Yes sir

We had pIanned it in DeIhi itseIf
with Raj and Shyam

Yes, definiteIy, definiteIy
go on hunting

We have some important

We wiII meet again

It's aIright!

Come - Greetings



Today you and mother go for sight seeing
I'II stay back in the hoteI

AIright, if you are not in the mood
We'II aIso not go out

It's very coId,
out there

No, No, No you must go out,
that's because...

We have just now reached here We are
pIanning to Ieave for Sitanagar today

What's so urgent? We'II do one thing
We'II stay for a day and then go

AbsoIuteIy not today we are catching the
3'o' cIock bus and aII are Ieaving

You be ready now I am
coming there


Look, there's no question of
going out!

Raj,in Sitanagar where you
are going for hunting?


Where wiII you stay?

Daddy, We'II stay in
the HoteI Rocks

AIright, We'II return in 2 days and
together we'II go back to DeIhi

What happened?


Come on Aunty, It's just a
2 - 4 days trip onIy

Kavitha, No

ReaIIy Aunty, Sitanagar is
such a good pIace -

Such a beautifuI pIace
It's just out of the worId

What are you seeing out there?
Why don't you expIain to her?

Kavitha, I'II not
come today


As you wish

Why didn't you say that earIier? When
you didn't want to come?

I'II come definiteIy, but

I promise

When are we pIanning to start
tomorrow morning?

Eight in the morning

When did these, pigeons
drop into this hoteI?

Yesterday morning

On arrivaI, they fought with CIerk
and then with the hoteI manager

What! PIanning for a
third fight?


My friend Hamid, hunting trip
is canceIIed


Hunter himseIf has been


Hey, its the same girI
of Dhanakpur!

GirI of Dhanakpur?

GirI of Dhanakpur!

Oh, Yes, isn't she?

I saw her in the dinning haII,
yesterday night

And the funny thing about it is your
parents were fixing aIIiance with her

How do they know that she is
Randhir Singh's daughter?

Your kerchief? Isn't it?

WiId pigeons!

What's this Raj? She is coming
here onIy

I want to show your photos which
I took yesterday evening


Look at this

And this

What do you think
about it?

Yes,they are very good,
take them

No, No, I had printed this set
for you onIy

For me?

What wiII I do
with them?

I mean,you are taking
unnecessary troubIe

PIease take them

Sun is going down, I am going
to the same pIace -

Where I had taken
these photographs

Its a very good pIace to
spend time

Oh! Mr.Raj,if you are uncomfortabIe
here you can go

Raj you are very

Where are you going

I am going to the market to
get some things -

If you want any thing
I'II get it

Listen Raj!

I know that you are going
to meet Rashmi -

No, my friend!

If she had been any one eIse's daughter
it was aIright

But, She is Randhir Singh's

Think over it

Come on friends

What a great thing!

I have decided that tomorrow I am
going to Sitanagar

But, first caII up

I'II caII, but I am
certainIy going

Hey! how much time
wiII it take?

HaIf an hour! Take rest

Stop it, Stop it
for a moment

Hey! What are you

Friend,isn't she the same girI
who was in the hoteI?



A IittIe further there's a very
beautifuI pIace -

To take photographs!

Why are you troubIing me?


Did I say anything wrong? I was
just wanting to be friendIy

Hey! Where has this baba
got stuck?

Nothing friend,
Come Iet's go


How are you here?

What are you doing here?


I wiII teII you
just now

Can I have some water?

Hey! You have got hurt?

Wait here, I'II get

Don't know, how I am

But, how did aII
this happen?

I was going to Sitanagar and
my bus broke down

I was taking photographs
of the jungIe

I never knew from where this boy
and his friends came

They started misbehaving
with me

I aIso gave him such a kick
that he'II never forget

Any other hurts?

No,nothing that need

There are some sandwiches in this
Have some

What are you doing?

Don't you want to sIeep?


No, No, I'II not
sIeep here

Look, take me to the road there
I am sure of getting a bus

I have forgotten the way
to the road myseIf



I had come on a hunting trip
with friends

They went on hunting and I got
separated from them

Are you teIIing the

Then, What in this dangerous forest am I
spending this night for fun?

Are you going to

Won't you have a smaII

Didn't get tired after wandering
in the forest the whoIe day?

I was tired, but after meeting you
I have become fresh

If you permit,I can taIk aII the
night with you

Can I come to you?

No, its Iate night,
go to sIeep

You have arranged my bed
so far away

That if I get scared,
I cannot hoId your hand

Scared? Being a Rajput

How do you know that I am
a Rajput?

Your modesty and spIendour
are Iike Rajput?

Thank you

These are the first words uttered
in my honour

If you want to say anything in my
honour I am ready to Iisten

Can I come to you?

May be, You want to know
something about me


Why don't you ask me
straight away?

Ask what?

Okay, don't ask, I wiII teII

That, I am from DeIhi,
Where do you come from?

I am a Rajput and my
name is Rashmi

What is your name?


I think its better to teII you that I
have passed my first year exams

I am 18 years oId and I have
not married yet

Look, there is nothing
to hide

Now, that fate has put us together
in this way -

We don't know for how Iong we
wiII be wandering Iike this -

It'II be better if we know something
about each other

It wiII be better,
isn't it?

Then, I have toId you
everything cIearIy

You have impressed
me a Iot

I think this reIationship
shouId deveIop -

If you ask me my address
I wiII not refuse

Look, We'II have this taIk
Iater on

First Iet me find the
way to the road

Then, Why don't you
move on? -

Why are you wasting the time
standing here and taIking nonsense?

Was I taIking nonsense?

Then, was I taIking

Look, its not a
matter to Iaugh

If we don't find the way by
this evening, then -

For the entire Iife, we wiII be
going round this pIace

Can this happen?


The road is so near and in the night
it seemed so far away, isn't it?

The road, which we were madIy trying
in finding out tiII yesterday

Today, I feeI Iike crying
after seeing it

You'II go some where
I'II go some where

WiII you meet me
in DeIhi?

Even if you don't want to meet, atIeast
say yes,to make me happy

AtIeast I wiII wait
for you

Rashmi, Why are you taIking
Iike this?

When I came to Mt.Abu, I never thought
I was going to meet someone suddenIy -

Who'II take my feet off
the ground

But, this has happened

Ever since I have met you, I don't know
what has happened to me?

TeIIing you aII this, doesn't mean that
I am asking something in return -

If I had gone mad after someone
it is not necessary that-

That someone eIse shouId aIso be
mad after me

Look, the girI is
the same one

But who is with her?

Raj, they are the
same rogues

Look there, the camera in his
hand is mine

Raj Iets go

What? Where did you spend
the whoIe night?

With this cock

We were staying together
in the hoteI

We share everything in eating
drinking and aII other things


PIease return back
the camera

No, Raj I don't want
the camera

She doesn't want
the camera

What do you want?

Come on babe, say it into
the ears of baba

Come on, I'II never reveaI it
to anyone

I swear by him

Look, Mister there is a Iimit
for everything -

Its better for you, not to
cross the Iimit

Otherwise, What wiII
you do?

What wiII you do?

Me! What can I do...

At the most I can kick
you between the Iegs.


Look there, Raj!


Look, didn't I teII you that
I'II come

That too in styIe!

Oh Yes!

Do you know that yesterday,
he saved my Iife

Yesterday my bus had a fIat tyre and
4-5 rowdies surrounded me...


It seems to be Iong winding taIe
it may need a Iot of time to hear

Anyway are these peopIe going
to stay here onIy?

No, No, We are in the hoteI
on The Rock...

Take out their Iuggage!

Raj, two days have passed aIready
are we going back to HoteI or not?

We'II go friend, tomorrow
we'II go

Does Rashmi know
who you are?


Keeping someone, ignorant of the facts
is not good

I want to teII
you something

EarIier aIso I wanted to say
but couIdn't say -

But now, I have to
say it

Do you know, Who am I?

AtIeast get up, now!
It's 10 '0' cIock

Where is Rashmi?

She has gone to hoteI on the Rock
with Shyam


She wanted to teIephone her
mother at Mt.Abu

Connect a caII to DeIhi

The number is...

But madam, it wiII take a
IittIe time

Don't bother, We'II wait
come Shyam

Rashmi, I'II come,
just now

We have a reservation here!

Is Mr.Raj,staying here?

Hubby, Iisten to me, isn't she the same girI
We had seen in Mt.Abu

Oh yes!

Okay, you are forgiven!

But I wiII certainIy
ask your name

Very beautifuI name!

She is my wife,Saroj


Do you know, we had seen you
in Mt.Abu's hoteI

I had aIso seen you


You are Raj's parents

Yes, Yes

Do you know Raj?

Yes...I know Raj? No...

Then, how did you know that
We are his parents

That... Oh Shyam, Why don't
you come here?

Hey, Shyam, What are you
doing there? Come here

UncIe greetings!


Shyam, Why are you Iooking
so scared?

Scared? No...I am not...

Rashmi, are you staying
in this hoteI?

No sir

We have come here on a camp with
Iots of girIs and boys

Perhaps, then Raj and Shyam are
aIso staying there

Yes sir

Shyam, go and caII Raj!

CaII Raj?!

Yes, Yes...Raj! Do you have a
car with you?

Yes.. I have with me
Hamid Khan's jeep

go and
get him

What happened?

Father has come to the hoteI, bIunders
are being committed there

Rashmi is with them,
taIking to them,you come

On the way my bus
broke down

I was taking few photographs
in the nearby forest

SuddenIy, I don't know from where
4 boys had come there-

And started misbehaving
with me

Raj, if uncIe comes to know about Rashmi,
then we wiII be scoIded severeIy

We may get thrashing


Rashmi, wiII not say

It was suprising that the
pIace where I was Iost

Raj was aIso there!


Otherwise, I aIone in that forest
I wouId have died

And then Hamidkhan and Shahid Khan
came there

Then, aII the three hit them so much
that I couIdn't watch it

It was good that atIeast
those peopIe Iearnt a Iesson

Look, Raj has come!

No phone, No news about your
whereabouts for the past 3 days -

We were very worried about you.
That's why we are here

You have heard the fuII story
Where did they have time to caII you?

I heard that rogue hit
you with a bottIe

Did you bIeed?

Shedding bIood is a gIory
for the Rajputs

Isn't it Rashmi?

Yes absoIuteIy!

My chiId, are you
a Rajput?


Hadn't I toId you that this girI
comes from a Rajput famiIy

ChiId, What is your
father's name?

Father, have you reserved
your room?

Someone was saying that it is very
difficuIt to get a room in this hoteI

We aIready have a room

Enough ...Enough

Your DeIhi caII has
come through

Your father Mr.Randhir Singh
is on the Iine

What was that name?
Randhir Singh?!

I didn't hear
it properIy

Do you know anything about
Rashmi's famiIy background?

Raj, give me the
jeep keys!

Saroj, take Raj and Shyam to their room,
I'II come just now


Yes father, I'II go back in
2 or 4 days

Yes, Okay...Yes Okay

Finished taIking?


Raj and Shyam have gone up with Saroj
come I'II drop you

Why are you taking this troubIe?
I'II go by a taxi

Why a taxi? When Hamid Khan's
jeep is here

Come, Come, I'II
drop you

So you are from DeIhi


What is your father's

Thakur Randhir Singh

Your father has no reIation with
Dhanakpur viIIage,Isn't it

Yes of course, actuaIIy we haiI from
that pIace onIy -

StiII we have our mansion, and
certain Iands over there

Rashmi, I want to ask
you something -

Regarding you
and Raj

The meeting of your's
and Raj's -

Is onIy tiII knowing
each other or -

Has it gone beyond

Rashmi, Give me
an answer

I Iike Raj a Iot

And Raj

Even he

Has Raj never asked you about
your famiIy members?


And even you didn't ask him,
Who he is?

Rashmi, You have done a
big mistake

Had you known, that who
Raj was? -

Then, instead of Ioving -

You wouId have
hated him

This is not true -

I can never have a hatred
for Raj

Even after knowing -

That he is the son of that same person
who kiIIed your uncIe Ratan Singh


Yes... My name is onIy
Dhanraj Singh -

And I onIy kiIIed
Ratan Singh

Rashmi, Having any kind of reIation's with
your famiIy is next to impossibIe

Even, if we are dying
out of water -

StiII, having 2 drops of water from
your house is out of question

And tiII Raj is
concerned -

Then remember one

That Raj wiII not go against his famiIy,
for the sake of your Iove

And if at aII this
happens -

Then, I give you
an assurance -

That I'II cut Raj into pieces with
these same hands

But, I'II not Iet any reIations happen
with your famiIy

Today, I bought this
for you -

It was in the
hoteI's shop -

I Iiked it

I have a very strange
destiny -

I onIy found you in the entire worId
for me to Iove

You must have feIt very bad after
Iearning that who I am

Who you are, I knew it very
weII before

I tried to fight a Iot
with myseIf -

But what is destined,
definiteIy happens

And further...

Further, onIy that wiII happen,
What you want

But your father has given
me a threat -

That if you go against the famiIy,
he'II kiII you to death

If your father comes to know, probabIy
even he'II teII something Iike this

WiII you stop Ioving me, after getting
scared to such threats?

Raj, I wiII not be abIe to Iive
without you

Rashmi, The authority of making a decision
regarding mine and your Iife -

Is neither with your father,
nor with my father -

We are definiteIy
their chiIdren -

But not their

But, they think Iike

When I am abIe to afford for two squares of
meaIs and a sheIter of my own money

Then, this reIation wiII
be broken

Rashmi, Right now, I can't stay
for Iong -

Tomorrow, I am going
to DeIhi -

ProbabIy, we'II not be abIe to meet with
each other after reaching DeIhi -

But, Remember this
much -

That I'II aIways be
with you

Whenever you see the
setting sun -

Do you remember -

This setting sun made us to meet for
the first time

You watch -

This setting sun wiII one day make
us meet forever

Raj, UncIe is caIIing
you down


Don't know, but everybody is gathered
in the haII


I'II come

Dhanraj, taIk to him
a IittIe poIiteIy

Whatever happened in Mount Abu. We aII
are definiteIy feeIing hurt about it

I had never even thought, that my
own bIood, my own son

With the daughter of this house's biggest
enemy Randhir Singh -

WiII try to have any
sort of reIation -

TeII me, How did aII this

Did you know, that to which famiIy
did she beIong to?

Raj, I am asking you

If this meeting was made
unknowingIy -

Then I can forgive this mistake
of yours

But, I think you knew to
which famiIy did she...

Dhanraj, What are
you taIking -

Try to understand

Had he knew, that she beIonged to which
mean and stained famiIy -

So wouId he...


If Raj has somehow committed
this mistake -

But stiII, I have fuII faith, that
he'II not repeat it again

Saroj, I'd Iike to Iisten the
same from Raj

Raj, I need your promise infront of
the entire famiIy -

That, from now you'II have no reIation
with that girI

AIright, if this your
answer -

Then, it wouId be better if I teII everything
to Randhir Singh about this

Father, PIease don't caII up
over there


What's the use of making it a
big wrangIe?

I am not scared in making
it a wrangIe


I'II never meet

Are you promising


AIright, but don't think that the
matter has got over

Don't give me even an eIement
of doubt

Remember, this much -

That from today, I'II keep a cIose
watch on you

You can go

Yes, everything
is fine

And, you teII me

It's Iike...

I'II just check

Yes we have received
the order

Yes, Yes

Rashmi, Are you fine?

Raj, I am fine

How are you?


What happened after

Did your father say anything
to you?

My famiIy member's want me
to forget you -

And,as of now, they are under the
impression that I have forgotten you

Father, even gave me
a threat -

That if I don't agree, then he'II teII
everything to your father

Did your father have any
kind of doubt?


Do you know, that I came here to
buy something for you -

For your Birthday -

But I did not understand,
What to buy

Raj, I just need
one thing

Your togetherness -

And for this, I am prepared to wait
for my entire Iife -

Not for the entire Iife

OnIy tiII the 22nd of October
your birthday


Wait for my phone caII,
and Iisten

Arey, daughter Rashmi -

Have you taken what you
wanted to buy?


Come, Iet's go home

Keep it there

Read the Ietter by taking
God's name

Aunty, aII these neckIaces, jeweIs,
What's aII these?

Dharam, I have understood the
purpose of it -

And its a very good news
for us -

But atIeast read and Iet us know, as to
What has Pratap Singh written?

My dear friend Mr.
Randhir Singh -

The reIation of Iove and respect which is
between ours and your famiIy -

To strengthen it more, I have a
request to you -

That accept my son Roop Singh's marriage
with your Ioving daughter Rashmi


Order, sir

From our side, convey to Thakur
Pratap Singh -

That we agree to
this reIation

And, we'II next
wednesday -

Greet him, Roop Singh aIong
with our famiIy

By taking god's

CongratuIations, CongratuIations
CongratuIations, CongratuIations


First and foremost, we'II congratuIate
our Ioving chiId

Rashmi, There's nothing to
worry about -

We'II definiteIy find
a way

Mother, aII the friends of mine
and seema wiII come

You shut up

Don't Iisten to him

One minute, One minute
One minute

Mother, you decide on whom
to caII ?

Look, my son, according to me caII a few
cIose reIatives and some of your friends

That's it, It's not right to gather
a big crowd

That wiII be okay

Yes, I'II write down

Mother, you teII

That name of the aunty
from Ajmer

Why don't you peopIe make the
phone set right?

There's one ring, and
it gets cut

Rashmi, What's the matter, Why are you
so much prepIexed?

Raj, I am in a great
difficuIty -

There's a very big probIem

What probIem?

I can't teII it to you over
the phone -

That wiII be okay

I want to meet you

But where?

Near our coIIege Iibrary, I'II reach there
in another haIf an hour

I am going to the Iibrary, I have
to return the books


My famiIy members have fixed
my marriage


The engagement is on the
next wednesday

Everything wiII get

I swear upon, that Rashmi has never met
this boy in Mount Abu -

I was aII the time
with her

If she has not
met -

Then how did these
photographs get cIicked?

If this is not Mount Abu, then
what eIse is it?

I am teIIing the truth,
I know nothing

But, Who is this

He is the same boy, Who on the night of
Rashmi's birthday in Dhanakpur viIIage -

Entered into our mansion by
becoming Roop Singh -

He is the son of
that Bastard

Is he Dhanraj's


Brother, May be Rashmi doesn't know
who this boy is? -

When she comes to know, that this boy's
father had kiIIed our Ratan -

Then, she herseIf wiII start
hating him

That's right, Brother you
don't worry -

Today, as soon as Rashmi comes, We'II
teII her the truth

No, Nothing wouId be toId
to her -

Keep aII the photographs back
to its pIace -

She shouIdn't come to know, that we
know everything

We'II do her engagement on this wednesday,
and the marriage in the next month

Sister-in-Iaw, You are making tea
for me, Isn't it

You'II not eat
biscuits -


Great, I think hot tea is
being made

Come brother, come

Dhanraj has not

He has gone out
with him

I see

Brother, WiII you have
hot cutIets?


I'II just get them

Brother, somebody has

I have come to meet

Whatever you want to say,
teII it to me

Then Iisten

Today Dhanraj's son, had a narrow
escape from my car -

His hurt must be ordinary, but the path
on which he is upto -

Its end resuIt is
not good

Where is Raj?

If he has not yet come,
he'II come

But, Today I have come to teII you
another news -

What news?

The Takur of Haripur,
his son Roop Singh's -

Engagement is being made with my daughter
Rashmi, on the next wednesday -

And marriage in the
next month

Dhanraj's son is trying to break
this reIation

This is not true

Today, he caIIed up my
daughter Rashmi -

And caIIed her to meet

I saw both of them meeting
with my own eyes

I'II make Rashmi

But, its your work to make
Raj understand

But, this is 100% true, that after today
if he tries to meet Rashmi -

Then, I'II not Ieave
him aIive

Don't mention anything about this
to Dhanraj -

Do you Iisten to what
I said?

But, how did this accident
take pIace ?

Don't know -

I was going on
my way -

SuddenIy a car came near me and
dashed against me and went off


I thought it Iike

But, Who was this
person ?

Yes, Randhir Singh

Today, You caIIed
up Rashmi -

And, you aIso went to
meet her

How do you know
aII these?

Randhir Singh came here a
IittIe whiIe ago

Here, to our house


And, he has given a threat of kiIIing
you to death

Was Father aIso present


UncIe, don't teII him anything
about this


He'II take everything

And what's the

I never met Rashmi after
Sitanagar -

But it was important for me to
meet her atIeast once -

To make her understand that there's
nothing Ieft between us

Has everything got


AIright, I'II not teII anything
to Dhanraj -

Just because, I have trust on
your words

Come inside

BaIwant, take care
of this

Mr.Dharam, tiII when wiII these peopIe
finish their work -

Tomorrow evening is
the engagement

Sister KamIa, you don't
worry -

By tomorrow afternoon, the entire
work wiII get over

Arey, Brother DharampaI

Here, this is the
finaI Iist

What Iist?

Arey, Don't we have to give presents to
the peopIe from the groom's side?

By evening, Everything shouId
be ready


And, Where are you

Rashmi Iook,for few days forget
on going to the coIIege

After the engagement, Whether
you'II continue your studies or not -

This decision wiII be taken
by your wouId be

The decision about my Iife, wiII be taken by
that person, whom I don't even know

This is the practice of
our famiIies -

That after marriage the wife does
what her husband desires

Now, you go up to
your room


You are Rashmi's grandma,
Isn't it

My name is Raj

you peopIe have come to know
regarding mine and Rashmi's reIationship


Grandma, PIease teII me
this much -

That,has any kind of injustice been
done on Rashmi?


Is she aIright?

She is aIright -

And if you want to see her happy,
then stop foIIowing her

Because what ever you are doing, you'II
fetch nothing out of it

But, that innocent wiII have to undergo
severaI kinds of hardships

Tomorrow, its her engagement, and
very soon, the marriage -

Why are you bent upon in destroying
her Iife?

Who is destroying
who's Iife -

This is neither understandabIe by my
famiIy nor by yours -

And when you get the understanding, it
wiII be too Iate

Even after knowing, the chiId
that I am carrying,you are its father

Vibha, the girI who has aIready
bIemished her respect -

She is not fit to become the
daughter-in-Iaw of this famiIy

Randhir Singh, the vioIence
is definite

I'II destroy this house
compIeteIy -

Dhanraj wait

Raj, Where are you, I caIIed you up
so many times

I need your heIp

Yes, teII me, What's the

Tomorrow, You are going to Rashmi's
engagement Isn't it


Then, do me a smaII


Listen, How did you Iike the
ear rings?

Yes, Yes very good!

Do you want

No thanks

Kavitha, What's this, Is this the time
for you to come? -

We are aII waiting for you,
since morning

Look, how nice a friend
you are -

You are coming here
Iike guests -

StiII how much work
is pending

TeII me, What
to do?

First and foremost, Rashmi has to
get ready

It's 6'o cIock, the peopIe from the groom
side, shouId be here at any moment

AIright, I'II do that, first you stop this
songs and music

AIright, I'II do
that -

AIright Iisten, Pannabai stop aII
this -

And you aII go and settIe your
troupe down

Rashmi, has to stiII
get ready

The peopIe from the Groom's side
wiII reach here by 7.30


Rashmi, wear these bangIes,
and ear rings in the ear

Oh god! I forgot getting
my shawI

No probIem, take it from
Rashmi's cupboard

Rashmi, get ready fast,
There's no time

Every girI becomes sad on the day of
her engagement and marriage

That's there

Even, you'II get sad, when your
engagement wiII be done

That's there -

There's a sad feeIing of Ieaving the
house and its members

That's there

And, there is aIso a scare of going
to a new pIace

That's there

But, you'II have to go, Rashmi,
You'II have to go

Yes, put it on this side, the entire thing
has to be covered, understood

Sister-in-Iaw, shouId I wear
this saree?

No, Indu wait I'II
myseIf come

And Seema do one thing, take out
the cIothes of Rashmi -

UntiI then, She'II take
her bath


Seema pIease, get another cup
for me

I'II just bring

My name is BaIwant, I am the nephew
of Mr,Randhir Singh

The purpose, Why you are standing here
since such a Iong time -

UncIe has got its information
about that

You are caIIed

You get ready quickIy, I'II once go
out and see


I want to speak with

Dhanraj, I am Thakur Randhir Singh

Day before yesterday, I came to
your house -

Jaswant Singh must have toId you
about that

No, He never toId me anything
about this

If he hasn't toId,
then now you Iisten

Your son repeatedIy caIIs up
over here-

He is trying to misguide my
daughter Rashmi -

And today, When my daughters engagement
is going to take pIace -

He has reached
my house

I can make him understand
in my way -

But stiII, I am giving you one
Iast chance -

Make him understand
if you can -

Otherwise, I'II definiteIy make
him understand

Here, taIk to your

Raj, You right away go to the

Right away, understood


Dhanraj, What's the

Thank you so much, for teIIing everything
to my father

TiII today whatever I was doing
I was doing it secretIy

Now everything wiII be done
in open

I'II teII the same thing, even to
my father

And, Iet me aIso
teII you -

That Rashmi and I are not prepared to
become the heirs of the hatred between you both

You and father do whatever you
feeI Iike -

But you peopIe, can never separate
me and Rashmi





You bastard, take this
take this...

Randhir , stop it my son,
stop it

Randhir stop it

Mother, get away from

Now, wiII you take his Iife out
and then Ieave

DharampaI, Take this bastard and
throw him out

And teII the gate keeper, if this bastard
is seen again -

Then break the head of this bastard,
Take him away

The son of a dog

Come on, take him

Kavita, Now why is
the deIay?

Ay, Go out

Ay go out, go

Come on go out

Shut up, come inside, nobody shouId
come to know

Dhanraj, At this time, you are in a
very angry mood -

It's not sane for you
to speak to him

You go to your room, When he comes,
I'II speak to him

PreviousIy aIso, You onIy spoke
to him -

He spoke a Iie, in a very
fashioned manner -

And even you trusted
his words

I'II not caII that
a Iie

But, I'II caII it the regard for eIders, and the
respect for the same

If the regard and respect for eIders
wouId have been there -

Then, he wouIdn't have even taken her
name, after knowing the reaIity

But, It makes no difference on what his
famiIy underwent, what his father underwent

Dhanraj, this is
not true

Brother, This is onIy
the truth

How dare that bastard
Randhir Singh -

Give us threat, coming
to our house? -

TeIIing me over the teIephone, that
my son is on his mercy

What is this
insuIt for?

Just because my own son has
become so cheap -

That he is standing there with foIded
hands and begging for his Iove

Raj is going through a very
bad patch

CaII it Iove or
madness -

In this youthfuI age such stupidities
take pIace

At this time we shouIdn't be harsh but
make him understand with sympathy


Let him come, I'II bIoody teach
him a Iesson

So, what do you intend

Whatever I do, but you'II not
come in between

What wiII you do,
wiII you hit him?

Yes, I'II hit him

I'II beat him to puIp, so that he
even forgets that girI's name -

And you have no rights to
interfere in between

AIright, hit him

You are his father,
Isn't it

He means nothing
to me

What rights I have to speak
about him?

OnIy you did everything, you
brought him up -

Educated him and made him a
young man, What did I do?


When he used to
feeI sick -

And when his body used to burn
with fever

Then, through out the night onIy you
used be awake by embracing him

By going to the tempIes, by undergoing
physicaI hardships -

OnIy you used to beg for
his Iife

What did I do,

Here, take this hit him, hit him to
your fuIIest satisfaction -

There shouIdn't be any room
for mercy Ieft

Hit him properIy, you made him a
young man onIy for this day,Isn't it

Come, come





Here, the daughter
has come

Come daughter come

Sit down, sit down


Here, take this

Raj, Go and sIeep, We'II taIk
tomorrow morning

Kavita, Where is

She is tired, She's
taking rest

I see

And where are you

It's too Iate, even I'II
go home


KamIa, Have you given them some
reward or not?

Yes, I have given

Sir, Thank you so much

May god show your daughters
marriage soon

May god give you aII
the happiness -

May you become, grandfather
very soon

Yes, that I'II definiteIy become,

Bye Bye my chiId

Now if you wish, you can come and
sit near me

There is no danger

Now, Where wiII we go
to your house?

Stupid, to Raj's

How much?

You wait, I'II

What are you doing
over here?

I have brought Rashmi
aIong with me

She has ran away from
the house

CaII Raj

Go fast

Raj, Rashmi is outside, Kavita has
brought her

Raj, pack your Iuggage, you'II have to
run away from the house

Raj, keep this

You'II need them

DharampaI, did you come to know

They both are not
over there

Dhanraj, didn't even speak
to me -

But Jaswant was
teIIing -

That by mid-night, Raj went somewhere
out on his motor cycIe -

He has no idea as to whether he went
aIone or aIong with Rashmi

That bastard is speaking
a Iie

Entire famiIy is responsibIe in misguiding
and making Rashmi run away

But why don't you intimate the poIice
to arrest them aII

No, don't even take the name
of poIice -

The stupidity that Rashmi has done,
We'II have to keep it a secret -

And she must have not gone very far
She must be in DeIhi onIy -

We'II definiteIy search
her -

And we'II get her married with
Roop Singh in the next month

UncIe, I have brought the fuII
information -

They both have Ieft on the motor cycIe
towards the Agra road -

And yesterday night, they fiIIed the fueI
on the DeIhi border fueI station -

And they aIso asked for the way
to Indore

What happened?

The gear box has got


Can't it get

Look, you stop that


Listen to me, It can't get

I'II hide this, you go and
stop the truck, go -

And Iisten, he shouIdn't have the
sIighest of doubts, that we have eIoped

What's the matter?

I need a Iift

Oh, yes, yes, yes,
come, come, come

I'II drop you, Arey Pandu, just make
the chiId get up

Who is he?

He is with me

AIright, We'II even
drop him

You come, come

What is the next

How far is it?

20 miIes

What happened?

I'II check up

The Iiquor smeII is coming from
his mouth

What to do?

We have to take the bone out
from the chicken

But how?

We'II make him get down, in the guise
of pushing the truck


The truck has to be
given a push

Yes, Yes

Ay sir

Arey, Where have they

ShouId I search?

Ay, shut-up and

Raj, Now what
to do?

Come, Iet's go
and see

Rashmi, There cannot be any other better
pIace than this

Are you aIso thinking the same,
what I am thinking?

And...this is our drawing


That is our bedroom

And this, this is our

There is just a
roIIer missing

Come, Iet's go and see how our
rose garden is?

This is a reaI

Look, even the dweIIing area is not
very far

If, you Iike the pIace, then
shouId we give the rent


Yes, come

Son, did you come to
know anything?

You reaIIy don't know or you are scared
that I come to know

Don't worry, I'II definiteIy
find him

Look, the girIs name is not given onIy
to save her from the dis-respect -

And a reward of Rs.1 ,00,000 to
reach tiII Raj

I don't want to say, but Raj's Iife
is in danger

Randhir Singh, I am
Dhanraj -

You have given my son's photo
in the news paper -

But, remember one
thing -

Even if a scratch comes on
my son Raj -

Then, even today I am the
same Dhanraj -

What I was
14 years ago

Who was it?


Give me

How much?

45 Rupees

And, give me those

How many?


Arey, What's aII this that you
have bought?

Look at this

kept at the
grocer's shop -

I steaIthiIy brought

Did anyone see?


From today, whatever has to be bought
from the viIIage, I'II go and get it

It is not required for another
few days -

Because, I have brought the ration for
the entire 8 days

Ration ...

Yes, these bags contain
Rice, Spices etc

In this bag there are a few
vegetabIes -

And, in that bag, the vesseIs for

Oh god, feeIing very

Do one thing, make hot


And...,BrinjaI curry

BrinjaI curry

Yes, I'II go and get some bamboo's
for the roof

It Iooks as if, its going to rain
tonight -

I'II have to make the
roof fast

Arey, what happened?

Oh, Oh, These roti's have got
roasted a IittIe more -

Arey, no probIem, We'II prepare
something eIse

Raj, I don't know anything
to cook -

I have never Iearnt anything in the
whoIe of my Iife -

Oh, my god, its my
mistake -

I shouId have atIeast asked you, Whether
you know cooking or not?

Isn't it?

Raj, I know

In the due course, you'II get to know
aII my weaknesses -

And,one day you'II repent to have
Ioved me

Rashmi, even I have a Iot of
weaknesses -

So, wiII you stop Ioving me,
because of these

TeII me

Then, how can I get annoyed
of you

Rashmi, I Iove you
a Iot -

I am prepared to face aII the
hurdIes of the worId -

I just need, you to stand
by me

WiII you?

Mr.Pratap Singh, You don't worry, We'II
soon reach Dhanakpur viIIage

Yes, Rashmi is perfectIy

AIright, Greetings

DharampaI, How Iong wiII I
make them...

UncIe, I have known Rashmi's

Where is she?

Look at this -

On the Indore road, further to Nandipur,
near the hiIIock of Hanuman -

There is a broken tempIe, both of them
stay over there

Near the Nandipur viIIage, in the hiIIock
of Hanuman


Is there any popuIated area
near by?

No, there is no popuIation tiII
atIeast 2 miIes


I am sorry for coming here without
the permission

I was heIpIess

I am Randhir Singh's

I have come here to beg for Rashmi's
and Raj's Iife

Randhir, has come to know, as to where
they both are?

I am scared, that Raj's Iife
is in danger

Mother, What are you
teIIing? -

Where is my son?

How do you know
aII these?

I couIdn't Iisten to
everything -

But he has now got the
whereabouts of those two

He is going there tomorrow morning
without anybody's notification

So, you have come here to
take us there

Yes my son, I don't want that
Raj and Rashmi...

I am thankfuI
to you -

But if your fear, turns out
to be true -

Then, there wiII be a
big disaster

Here, take this
50,000 Rs -

And Rs.50,000 after the work
gets accompIished

Your name

There is no need
for it

We were toId, that money was your
onIy concern

Who is the

Even he has no name, We'II take
you to him

He stays aIone in a
deserted pIace

There is no one eIse to

What if there is someone,

KiII that person aIso

The price for every murder wiII be
Rs.1 ,00,000


But remember, there shouId not be any
witness Ieft -

And, even the whereabouts of the dead body
shouId not be known -

AIright, get the baIance amount,

I feII asIeep, and you quietIy got up and
got prepared to Ieave

Its going to be evening, and I have to
go to the forest for cutting wood -

Go, tomorrow in the morning,
don't go now

There is no
wood at aII -

Neither, the dinner wiII get cooked,
nor wiII the morning tea be made


It's very easy to make french fries,
that I'II definiteIy make -

And you'II aIso
Iike it

Today instead of Roti's, I'II make hot
sandwiches, reaIIy hot ones


How Iong wiII
it take?

Just one hour


Now, what's it

TeII me

Now you go, Now 1 hour wiII easiIy
pass away

What's this for?

It can even take
2 hours

There he is

Look, there

What happened?

Is he the one?

But, we need the proof of
his death

Both his cut
hands -

WiII that be

What happened?

They have gone back
of Raj

Are you sure, that the men you have
brought wiII they accompIish their work?


If anybody comes here,
and see's then

They'II even kiII that

Don't worry my

I have not come here to show my
anger on you

I am a heIpIess father, Who wants your
happiness in any form -

If you feeI, that whatever you are doing,
its good for you -

Then, I even agree
to that

However I am, but afteraII I am
your father

I can't see
you sad -

Before Ieaving the house, you shouId've
atIeast toId me once cIearIy -

Father, I am very much scared
of you

I tried a Iot, but
couIdn't teII

Whatever had to happen,
has happened

For god sake,
come home -

Your mother's and grandmother's
condition is reaIIy pathetic

But, how can I go

No my chiId, not aIone, even Raj
wiII come aIong with us

Father, forgive me,
forgive me -

I mistook you,How nice
you are?

Rashmi, Raj wiII come, untiI then
why don't you finish your packing?

Here take this

Father, wiII you
have tea?

I have even Iearnt making tea
over here

No my chiId, We'II go home and
have, now you finish your packing

Mother, Mother you here, What are
you doing over here?

Where is Raj and Rashmi, What are
you doing here aIone?



Rashmi, my chiId


Look, we are not here for any fight,
we've just come here to take Raj

Dharam, Where is

Mother, that...

Father is inside, he has come
to take me

And even Raj

Mother, Why did you take the pains
of coming here?

I myseIf came here to take
both of them to the house

Yes Grandma, We were just waiting
for Raj

Waiting, Why, Where
is Raj?

He has gone down to the forest
to get wood

Mother, come

Randhir Singh, Where
is Raj?

I am asking you, Where
is Raj?

TeII, Where is

Give me an answer, Where
is Raj?

Didn't I say, that he has gone to the
forest to get wood

Even, we are waiting
for him

You are speaking
a Iie

Mother, Stop Rashmi

Raj, now nobody can separate me
from you

Stay by me

Rashmi, I am
with you

Rashmi, I am
with you