Pyro... The Thing Without a Face (1964) - full transcript

A married man has a brief affair, then goes back to his wife and children. His jilted mistress, believing that if he had no more family he'd come back to her, sets fire to his house, hoping to kill them. The man, unsuccessfully trying to rescue them, is horribly burned. After he undergoes an operation to reconstruct his face, he begins to plot his revenge against his former mistress.

[music playing]


I swore I'd never come back.

But there it is
again, the carnival.

The Ferris wheel that keeps
turning around and around,

like this crazy world, where
the difference between sanity

and madness is a
split second where

your life stops to meet new
travelers on the wheel of life.

I've learned how that
one second can turn

a normal life, a fine
life, a wonderful human,

to something monstrous.


Until it destroys itself.

I've tried to forget
it-- to forget the town.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

It's all right, OK?

Just let it go.

What are you looking
so serious about?

This is a carnival.

Relax and enjoy it.

Why don't you have some fun?

Ladies and gentlemen,
the giant Ferris wheel!

Everything looks
better from up high!

Everything looks
different from up there!

You must see it-- a
new point of view!

Come on, right this way!

The phantoms of
memory never really

disappear, but turn into smoke,
forms new visions for past.

How can I ever lose the thought
of that horrible moment?

That terrifying vision.


Right this way,
ladies and gentlemen!

The giant Ferris wheel!

Everything looks
better from up high!

Everything looks
different from up high.

Memory is a mirror of pain.

It brings back only
the things that hurt.

The view of the past is as
sharp and painful as a dagger

penetrating flesh.

But the present can be
quiet, even pleasant,

like the mornings that Michael
was saying the things Vance

Pierson and myself
had dreamed about,

but never really
expected to hear.

This is a great day.

I'm really pleased, bringing
two revolutionaries together.

What a moment for
a conservative, eh?

Miss Dixon, show
the photographer in.

Damn this publicity,
but we really need it.

Gentlemen, here are your brains.

Pierson, these are
your new bosses.

Mr. Andrade, Mr.
Debator, Mr. Bertholo,

Wibo Electrica, Spain.

How do you do, sir?

Now, let's look at your work.

This is the reservoir
of Barcelona,

where the work of Mr. Quintana
has been, well, surprising.

And this is the Pierson
Power Generator,

that will shortly
become incorporated

in this great Spanish company.

It's the work of a
very high intelligence.

Just a little logic, some
patience, and lots of luck.

Tripling kilowatt hour
output at the same cost.

It's a little bit
more than that.

How the hell did
it occur to you?

Well, it's rather
difficult to explain.

You see, when I
was a little boy,

my father used to take me to
the carnival at Kensington.

The one thing that impressed
me then and still does

was the giant Ferris wheel.

I think I became an engineer
to learn how the thing worked.

I don't see the connection.

There is.

A strong connection.

By strange coincidence,
the Ferris wheel has become

a decisive element in my life.

The idea occurred to me
while I was at the carnival.

This trip to Spain
sounds very exciting.

Are you sure you don't mind
working with a foreigner?

On the contrary, I
think I'll enjoy it.

Excuse me for asking
that kind of question.

I have been asked
worse things before.

When I return from Spain, I'll
live in one of those houses.

Strange that today's
engineer should

divorce modern architecture.

Grounds for divorce--
mental cruelty.


A hive.

Can you hear the buzz of bees?

It's absurd architecture.

10 years here.

10 years of slow suffocation.

Excuse me.

I don't know why I bore
you with all of this.

You must tell it to somebody.

I understand the language.

They build these hives
for people to live in,

but those who do
live here in the hope

that they'll get out as soon
as possible, in any direction.

Apparently 12B, an accountant.

Lawrence Finlay.

They like Beethoven.

Play it all the
time at full volume.

12B, just one couple.

They fight every
weekend at full volume.

-There, 12C.


He manufactures oboes at home.


He's had me on the verge
of suicide more than once.

12B, an engineer and
his wife and daughter.

12D for rent.


The professional success
of its previous tenant.

Hello, baby.


This is my daughter, Sally.

Sally, this is Mr. Quintana,
my Spanish associate.

How are you, Sally?


Why the hammer, honey?

To keep us out?


Excuse me.

Is that you, Rob?

It's dad, with
another gentleman!

Sally, just don't stand there!

Let them in!

Hello, darling!

This is my wife, Verna.

Mr. Quintana.

I told you about him.

Pleased to meet you.

How are you, Mrs. Pierson?

-Won't you sit down?

On the rocks.

We have so many
things to ask you.

Are there many British
families at the reservoir?

How are the Spanish schools?

Is there a beach?

Just a minute.

Let's get this organized.
-All right.

Let's give them
the third degree.

I swear I'm innocent.

Where do you think
would be best for us to--


I only want his opinion.

Well, there's a village
close to the reservoir,

with quarters for the
technicians, a supermarket.


Did you hear that, Vance?

Yes, I heard, but I'm
not interested in quarters

for the technicians.

No more functional
architecture, thank you.

That is finished.

The Pierson Standard
Type is finished.

Oh, come on.

You haven't even seen them.

I don't have to.

The house is my business.

I know what I want,
and I'll find it.

In the meantime, you two
can stay at a nice hotel,

far away from my desk.

To Spain.

[music playing]


Still looking for the
mansion of your dreams?


When are you going to
convince yourself that there

is no such thing in this area?

This afternoon.

I have only one place
left to check-- the road

to the flooded village.

Are you out of your mind?

Just a little,
like everybody else.

What shall I tell Verna?

Tell her-- tell
her I'll be late.

I know what I want.

[speaking spanish]

No habla Espanol.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?


Answer me.

Are you the owner
of this house?


And, uh, why are you
trying to set it on fire?

Get out of here.

Shall I send for the firemen?

For what?

Where is the fire?

They might enjoy seeing an
aquarium full of gasoline.

Gasoline evaporates.

Very quickly,
especially if it's

under a lamp and a short
circuit is provided.

Could be an accident.

Of course. an accident.

This house has no electricity.

Doesn't it?

The fuse must be out.

What do you want of me?

Many things occur to me.

Nothing original, I'm sure.

You suspect I like originality?

And imagination.

Well, imagine
anything you wish.

Let's play a game.

Come on, it's your turn.

Imagine something.

You first.

Suppose the house did burn.

I can see it now.

A terrible fire.

Oh, a terrible fire.

Did you call the fireman?


Why didn't you?

I don't want the
firemen playing our game.

I don't want them
imagining things.

What do you want?

Well, what I want is I
want to see the whole house.

Oh, I see.

And you want to start
with the bedroom.

It doesn't make any
difference, really.

We can start in the
kitchen, if you prefer.

I'd like to take a last
look at something that's

going to turn into ashes.

How do I know I can trust you?

That's easy.

I'll be your accomplice.

That doesn't sound bad.

Help me change the fuses.

First of all--

But it's evaporating.

And so are my intentions
of keeping quiet.

I still wonder, who are you?

I too wonder many things.

What, for example?

How much money will you get
from the insurance company?

Very little.

I won.

Then why don't you sell?

It's safer, fairer.

What fool would buy it?

It's worthless, since
they flooded the town.

All right, let's talk business.

How much money will you get
from the insurance company

if the house burns?

Tell me the exact amount.

How much?

How much?

1 million pesetas.

That would be
about 6,000 pounds.

Take your hands off me.

Not yet.

How much do you want?

6,000 pounds.

Don't be stupid.

Maybe a little less.

Do you think I'm crazy?

I'm not going to burn the
house to get the money for you.

All right.

Let's stop this.

I'll buy the house.

And what'll it cost me?

You really want
to buy this house?

I think so.

The house, the
furniture, everything.



Except you.

I'm not for sale.

You're not?

I could be an
unexpected person.

Now will you show me the house?

Of course.

Where would you like to start?


At the end?

Are you married?

Yes, one daughter.

I have one too.



You don't look like a mother.


What do I look like?

I don't know.

Like a widow?

Are you a widow?

I am.

Is she beautiful?


Your wife.

I think so.

She must look like a wife.

Sweet, self-assured, but--

Don't describe her to me.

Are you faithful to her?


What about her?

You crazy?

You can't even think
about it, can you?

Why don't we
change the subject?

And the room?

Do you really mean that?



What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at?

You look so funny when
you fight temptation.

Good morning.

You sleep very well.

Could hardly reach you.

What time is it?


That late?


Is it really necessary for
you to work at the reservoir

every night?

Yes, of course.

It's the only time I
have to do my research.

Can't you do it at home?

In the pantry, like before?

You have a wonderful
office here.

I have everything there.

Well, you know best.

Yes I do.

You're very nervous.

And you are imagining things.

You know very well I'm not.

You're working too hard.

All right, all
right, I'm nervous.

I'm tired.

Anything you say.

Now you have money.

You're a successful engineer,
you have the house you like,

but now our problems
aren't over.

We have new ones.

Yes, it seems necessary, even
if you have to create them.

Good morning, Miss Pierson.

Good morning.

Do you know of a good
engineer who could help me?

Am I good enough?

I don't know what
to do about this.

This is very, very
difficult to fix.

There must be another
way of getting our water.

Sure, an aqueduct.

But I'm afraid that might
be a little expensive.



I'll be back late.

Haven't you've
forgotten something?

What did he forget?

Nothing important.

Your coat please, Mr. Pierson.

Silk tie.

All dressed up.

What are your intentions, sir?

Just as I thought.

Evil intentions.

I don't like that
glint in your eyes.

What do you see in my eyes?

I see-- exactly.

That's right.

What you see in them now?

That you're afraid of makeup.


I don't wear much.

Talking about makeup, you
got lipstick on my collar.

You know I never wear
lipstick when I'm with you.

I know.

You did it deliberately.

Why should I?

To worry my wife, for instance.

That's a big reason, isn't it?

Laura, don't spoil everything.

My home has always
been too peaceful.

Home sweet home.

You are war.

As long as we keep peace at
home, I'll be needing violence.

You know something?

If I could ever love
anyone, it would be you.

Have you ever tried?

If that did happen,
you'd belong only to me.

Nobody else.

That's the way it is now.




Are you all right?

[speaking spanish]

[speaking spanish]

Come on.

I've got a bottle at home.

I don't understand how
it could have happened.

I do.

Lack of sleep.

You're right.

I won't be working tonight.

Who do you think
you're fooling?

What are you talking about?

Laura Blanco is dangerous.

Have you been following me?

Don't talk nonsense.

Who do you think I am?

The thing is, I know Laura well.

I know she's no good.

She is a dangerous plaything.

I know, I know.

When I get home at
dawn, I feel completely

disgusted with myself.

The whole thing.

I swear, I'll never
see her again.

I say, Verna doesn't deserve.

Neither does Sally.

I know that feeling.

I swear never again,
then the hours pass,

and I feel like a drug addict.

I don't understand it.


Laura's an animal,
and you've been

locked up in your
apartment for 10 years,

working on your inventions.

Did you know her very well?

Just a little.

How did you get out?

I didn't.

I was lucky enough to just
have been a temporary caprice.

Then, her husband was alive.

I won't see her again.

She's a doll, isn't she/

She looks like you.

Everybody says so.

You love her very much?

In my own way.

There's only one
way to love a child.

No, Vance.

There are many.

Too many.

Don't be absurd.

Did you take a good look?


Her father-- was my father.

[whistle blowing]

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

Are you going to
the company party?


You aren't considering
spending New Year's Eve here?

That is my business.

All right.

Happy new year.

I presume talking to
you will be useless.

Go ahead and destroy yourself.






How did you get in?



Loneliness is bad,
especially on New Year's Eve.

I'm sorry, Julio.

I'm waiting for someone.

Ah, he might not come.

He will, and he won't
like seeing you here.

What are you doing?

Let's get Vance
Pierson really mad.

Please don't misunderstand.

He won't.

Vance, I--

You should keep out of other
people's business, Julio.

You'll be ruining your New
Year's Eve because of me.

It has already been ruined.

There's nothing I
can do about it.

Good bye, Julio.

And thank you anyhow.

I think I'm going to take
your wife to the party.

She won't go.

I know she won't.

And your Laura will do
the same, if she would

have to stay home and wait
for the unfaithful husband

to come back.

Wouldn't you, dear?

Stop it, Julio.

Happy new year, darling.

First, let's go somewhere.


Happy new year.

To the perfect wife,
who suffers in silence.

My only weapon is silence.

Be careful.

It could be a dangerous weapon.

Darling, please
don't go so fast.

You've had too much to drink.

I'm dying to be alone with you.

What's the matter?



The Ferris wheel.

The man who invented the
wheel invented the world.

That doesn't make
any sense, does it?

Nothing you've been
saying makes much sense.

No, the man who invented
the wheel copied the world.

But when the
wheel was invented,

the world was
thought to be flat.

Yes, of course.

But that's what made him so
extraordinary, don't you see?

He copied a flat world,
and it came out round.

That's what I like so
much about Ferris wheels.

I don't know why you
find them exciting.

You know something, Laura?

Whenever I'm near a Ferris
wheel, I can see everything.

Everything, very clearly.

This is the end of us.

They're all
different worlds, all

traveling in the same orbit.

But the people in the different
gondolas can never really meet.

[noise maker blowing]

Happy new year.

Did Julio give you that idea?

My ideas are my own, Laura.

I knew it had to come someday.

I'll try not to
make it difficult.

Thank you, Laura.

At least we can have
some pleasant memories

of the good moments.

I'll never live
with the memory.

A woman like me falls
in love only once.

this was the first and the last.

Are you listening to me?

Sure I am.

They send in your
way, don't they?

Your wife and your daughter.

Laura, you're
very understanding.

You said you wouldn't
make it difficult.

Tell me one thing.

If it weren't for your
wife and your daughter,

then would you marry me?

Yes, I think so.

Thank you.

Your daughter.

My daughter.

That's one way we
can say goodbye.

At least we'll be making
two children happy.


Care to stay and explain the
reason for your happiness?

I, uh, can't tonight, Verna.

Julio will be picking
me up any minute.

I know you won't
believe this, but we're

having a meeting tonight
with the British engineers.

Tomorrow the new generator
goes into operation.

Always something.

Verna, Verna, I know you have
a right to treat me like this.

But tomorrow, tomorrow we're
taking Sally into town.

You and I, we're going
down to the coast.

You pick a restaurant
any restaurant you like,

and we'll sit down and have
a talk about a few things

you should know.


You work at night,
don't you remember?

I intend to end
that completely.

Oh, no, darling.

Don't worry about me.

We wives are very understanding.

Yes, you are.

Sometimes too much.

But when it's really important,
then you're not at all.

Then you become women again.

Verna, kiss me, please.

Five months, Vance.

Five months without even
noticing my presence.

Without even noticing
how I was suffering.




I can't.

All right.

All right, I won't make a scene.

But please, a little
more understanding.

Just a little.

But more.



Dad, mother's calling you!

I haven't got time now, angel.

I'll see you in the morning.

Good night.



You're in a bad
mood, aren't you?

The one time I tell her the
truth, she won't believe me.

Should she?


I know why she
didn't believe you.

You do?

She was at the reservoir
the other night.

When I cried, you loved me.

You taught me to stop crying.

Let me stay with you.

Everything will be
all right again soon.

Finally I saw it all very
clearly, like it was many years

ago, when we were happy.

Poor, but happy.

Then I realized that
what Laura brought

was just a poor substitute.

Moments of happiness
for a lifetime of pain.


What are you laughing at?

All of it.

I would have loved
to have seen the face

of our dear friend Laura
when you broke up with her.

Don't be so confident, Vance.

Laura doesn't lose gracefully.

Damn this meeting.

I hate the way I said
goodbye to my wife tonight.

What are you doing?

Take you home.

What about the meeting?

We Spaniards do
everything tomorrow.

There are certain things
that should be done today.


Oh my God!

They're up there!





No, don't go up there!

They're probably dead by now!






[heavy breathing]


It doesn't surprise me.

This is unbearable
for all of us.

More morphine?

It won't help.

The only thing that will
ease his pain is death.

It's in God's hands.

Have you heard the report
from the fire department yet?

It was apparently
caused by an explosion

of a bottle of butane gas.

That's impossible.

I don't see why.

Accidents like that
happen very often.

An explosion would
have awakened them,

and they would have been
able to save themselves.

Can you think of
another version?

This fire was intentional.


Laura Blanco did all this.

Do you have proof?

Haven't you ever had
the absolute certainty

about something without proof?

Moral certainty is not
enough to accuse a person.

No proof, no murder.

Logic and reason seem
to refuse to justify

this absolute murder.

No solid, real proof we
can sink our teeth into.

All right, we'll look into it.

If he should survive, I
don't know whether or not he

will ever completely recover.

Our big problem is
that he's still alive.

But a miracle could happen.

He will survive, but I
don't know whether it'll

be a miracle or a damnation.

Will he--

Look like a human being again?


Physically, he
will be a monster.

His soul--


A brain burns, too.

Becomes carbonized very easily.

I don't know, but
I think we should

have a psychiatrist check him.

Do you know what a
fourth degree burn is?

It means total
carbonization of the limb.

You hit it, and it
sounds like this.

Part of your friend's
face and also his hands

are fourth degree.

The rest of the body is second.

If he doesn't die, not
even an army of surgeons

would be able to make
him look human again.

What can I say?

Can you speak?

I'll survive to be your death.

Vance, I swear--

No, Laura.

I know it was you.

The only reason I stay
alive is to pay you back.


Do you hear me?




Don't make it easy
for me to find you.

But I will find you.

An eye for an eye.

A fire for a fire.

I won't rest until you and
all of your family are dead.

Run, Laura, run.

My breaths on your back will
be like a cold wind from hell.



I will find you.

I swear.

Doctor, doctor!

Notify the police immediately.

Vance Pierson has disappeared.

It isn't him.

That's all.

Three weeks.

You said he'd be
so easy to find,

and we've been looking
for him for three weeks.

We've done everything we can.

We've searched everywhere.

[music playing]

I finally caught
up with you, Laura.

And even if you don't deserve
it, I want to warn you.

Vance has escaped
from the hospital.

He is mentally sick.

I don't want him to do
anything he can't undo.

Find a safe place for
yourself and your family.



My child is in there!

She's safe in the ambulance.

They're not here.

Laura and her daughter
have disappeared.

So Vance Pierson and
Laura Blanco disappeared.

The police continued to search
for them, but to no avail.

15 months passed
without a trace, until--


What do you think?

Not something I think.

I know the fact's that two
people died in this fire.

Laura's mother and her maid.

And now he's back.

And he won't rest
until he kills again.

Did you find anything?

Nothing at all.

Absolutely nothing.

He must have had gloves on.

TV has taught
everybody that trick.

Not even the glove prints show.

Then it is him.

Or his ghost.

I don't know.

I need to think.

Very easy.

Just find a man who
has no fingerprints,

face unknown, very dangerous.

Yes, it's easy.

What I can't understand
is how he's managed it.

Are you certain plastic
surgery couldn't work on him?

Even if he would have
an operation every six

months for 20 years,
he would never

recover a human appearance.

20 years on the police force.

Every kind of crime.

And now I have to
chase a phantom.

He's looking for Laura.

So are we.

Hell must have swallowed her up.

We must find her.

Make sure everyone knows it.

Then Vance will come.

Maybe we can still cure him.

The important thing to do is
to deprive him of his lighter.

He's dangerous.

Everything was
perfectly planned.

The exact moment, and everyone
was in the main square.

Carnival, the fireworks,
even the firemen were busy.

Unfortunately, most maniacs
are clever in their madness.

A carnival?


Quite a nice one.

Is there a Ferris wheel, too?

Oh, sure.


What's the matter?

They'll tell us in a minute.

Strange, isn't it?

They must be
looking for somebody.



For asking too many questions.

It's the Ferris wheel
they're interested in.

They're looking for
a crazy pyromaniac.

What does it have to do
with the Ferris wheel?

Just crazy ideas.

They're interested
in a foreigner.

Peter's the greatest
guy in the world.

Your passport, please.

And you, Peter, have
always worked as a Ferris

wheel repairman, right?


How can you prove it?

I worked at all the
famous amusement parks.

Tivoli in Copenhagen,
Prater in Vienna.

Then why would you work
for this little nothing

of a carnival in Spain?

They certainly can't
pay you anything

comparable to those places.

I don't pay any salary!

Peter and I are partners, 50-50!

We all make a good living.

Spain is a good
country for carnivals.

Is there something
wrong with my face?

There is nothing wrong.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And from here you go to, uh--

To Paris.

We'll stop at a few
villages first, then arrive

at Santiago about the 25th.

Thank you.



Laura's our only hope.

At least we know
what she looks like.


Where can she be hiding?


Hi, Gaspard!


What are you doing?

Just playing.

Do you have a match?

What do you want a match for?

Just to do something.


Take two.

Just in case.

Thanks a lot.


There's nothing
the matter with me.

Look, the poor
thing is freezing.

You manage to find an
orphaned dog in each town.

There are too many of them.

She did not keep orphan
dogs, she'd keep birds.

What about cats?

Forget about cats.

I'll take care of you.

She's the sentimental
lamb of the family.

She's wonderful.

It's going to rain again.

Each year is the same.

I swear, I'll never
return to Galicia again.

It's always raining, raining.

He says the same
thing every year.

Still, I was born
here, in this village.

What can I do?


Each year, I must bring a
little part of my carnival

here for the children.

You know, only for the children.

That's what I told you.

She spent all day in
her room with the girl!

Every time there was a knock at
the door or the telephone ring,

she got pale and frightened.

Oh, I was glad when she left.

That woman had something
evil about her, and I could--

She didn't say
where she was going?

Not a word.

I already told that to
the other policeman--

the one who came first.

Another policeman?

What did he look like?

He had no manners.

He never took off his hat
or his big sunglasses.

Don't ask me.


One, one, two.


One, two, three, four, testing.

Here it is, ladies and
gentlemen, the greatest

Ferris wheel in the world!

The wonder of the carnival!

Don't exaggerate, Friday.

You're a damn liar.


Here it is, ladies
and gentlemen.

The greatest Ferris
wheel in the world!

Testing, one, two, three, four.


What a wonderful dinner.

I recommend the Tosca
de Ramora to you.

Wonderful food.

I'll try the place.

I was just beginning
to get hungry.

Better adjust the brakes.

They're getting slippery.


Hey, Peter, got a
little word for you.



Can you fix it tonight?

No dragon tonight.

I'll come back later, see
what I can do about it.

Thank you.

Peter would be rich if he
charged for all these repairs.

What the devil would
I do with the money?

Buy things.

I'm not interested in the
things that money can buy.

With the exception
of a good meal.

How old are you?

Very old.

Please tell me.

Old enough to be your father.


So is Cary Grant, but I wouldn't
mind being his girlfriend.

He might mind.

Would you mind?

If you were Cary
Grant's girlfriend?


If I were your girlfriend.

Don't you think that's
rather an odd question?

When you're 19, you
can ask lots of things.

When you're my age, you
can't answer lots of things.

Why not?

Let's drop the
subject, nosy one.

I'll just remember
that you are 19.

Now, eat and be quiet.

Where are you?




I told you many times,
nobody comes into my trailer.

The horrible thing I saw.

What is it?

Open that drawer.

Open it.

Perfect, isn't it?

It looks almost real.

Each thread acts as
a muscle or a nerve.

Each gear, each axis,
each piece of metal acts

as the small bones
of a normal hand.


The ugly thing you
saw was my hand.

Many disagreeable things
happened to men during the war.

You see?

There was nothing
to be frightened of.

Pardon me, Peter.

It's not important
if you forget it.

If you remember-- then you
will not love me so much.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?


I love you much more now.

I understand.

Like-- like one of
your orphan dogs.

No, in a different way.

I don't need your sympathy.

Now get out of here.

Who's Laura?

What did you say?

Who's Laura?

My, um, my sister.

I haven't heard
from her in years.

I thought she might be in Spain.

Now, you leave immediately,
or you'll be the first to be

spanked by an artificial hand.


Have you ever been in love?

That's none of your
business, young lady.

Well, it certainly is.

It certainly isn't.

What's that?


Oh, that's the house
of the witches.

There were more than 15.

All of them were
burned right there.


Haven't you ever heard of
the revenge of the Indiano?

He's a Spaniard who has
lived in South America.

It happened about 100 years ago.

A fisherman named Adriano
lived in this town.

He married young, for love.

At that time, everyone
here married for something.

A cow, a boat.

But for him, it was only love.

They had a daughter.

They loved one another,
but they were starving,

so he went to America
to seek his fortune.

After seven years,
he returned rich.

He learned that his wife and
daughter had been burned alive.

Someone had accused
them of witchery.

No one realized that the
rich Indiano was Adriano.

He bought this house,
invited everyone,

all the people who had
accused his wife and daughter.

They all came to
his party one night.

He bolted all the
windows and doors, then,

with himself inside, he
set fire to the house.

The peasants swear
that the screams

are heard on November
nights, and nobody

comes near this place.

Did you like my story?


I think it's horrible.

The limits of horror
are much wider.

So you approve of
Adriano's vengeance.


And I thought you were good.

Then Adriano, the fisherman,
was bad, by your definition.

No, he was good, too.

But revenge is a horrible thing.

Not horrible.

Sometimes it can be the only
reason for a man to stay alive.

But I'm cold.

Let's go back.

I brought you
double of everything.

Tomorrow is a big
holiday, so I won't come.

Did you forget the butter?

No, ma'am.

Here it is.

Why don't you come to town?

You think there finally
would be a parade, sack

races, carnival, fireworks?

You know we never go out.

That's why I'm telling you.

Such a fine lady shouldn't stay
here like this all the time.

Don't mix in.

I don't wish to.

I'll come back the
day after tomorrow.




Isabelle, where are you?

Good morning, little one.


You like it?


Ask your mother
to buy you a ride.

Oh, no.

I came alone.

From very far away?



But I haven't any money.

This ride is a gift from me.


Start it up.


What is it?

My house is on that island.

The girl was fond at the
carnival happy and safe,

but Laura seemed to think
she'd been kidnapped.

Well, now we know where she is.

I've alerted the
police in Viveiro.

That's only about 15
miles from the Port

of Bares, where we found Laura.

We'll be there in a few minutes.

Tell me what
you're trying to do.

Don't be angry.

Please, I--

Why did you follow me?

I'm afraid.

The woman on the island-- I
heard them call her Laura.

And the little girl
is her daughter.

I'm afraid for you.

I love you, Peter.



Please, let me go with you.

I'll do anything for you.

For you--

Sorry, Liz.

Mama, I want to
leave this place.

I don't want to stay
here any longer.

Nor do I, darling.

How would you like to go to--


It's a secret.

But don't you worry.

We'll leave.

Now go to sleep.

All right.

I'm going to try to
guess where we're going.

Nobody can guess
where we're going.

There's a girl on the
phone calling from Bares.

She says someone called Peter
is going to kill someone.


Tell her we're on our way.

Wait for us.

Let's go.


Who is it?

Who's there?

There's no use screaming.

No one is here.

I have nothing to steal.

No money, no jewelry, nothing.


What do you want of me?

Would you love me like this?


Not the child!

An eye for an eye,
a fire for a fire.



He's got the girl with him.

Don't go close.

The girl!


Vance, do you hear me?

We want to help you.

Please, don't hurt the child.

Peter, please.


If you have any love in you at
all, you won't hurt the child.

You're a good man, Peter.

Or I couldn't have loved you.

Don't hurt her.

She's done nothing to you.

Please, Peter.


[music playing]