Pyaar Karke Dekho (1987) - full transcript

Orphaned Ravi Kumar lives in Poona, India, with his maternal uncle. As he wants to pursue a career as a singer/dancer, he re-locates to Bombay, so that he could audition for the All India ...

Fall in love and see!

30 for 15, hurry up, bro!

30 for 15, hurry up!

30 for 15 is too high, it's double
the amount, reduce it a little.

Go to the backside and see, madam,
they're selling it at 3..

..times the price. I'm just
selling it at double the amount.

Moreover, it's the show of the
one and only Ravi Kumar.

O the delicate,
delicate flowers of love.?

O the new springs of beauty!

how is it possible that l
won't sing, if you call me??

You've loved me.
have loved you.?

new songs of love,
have gifted you!?

dance! Dance!?

sing! Dance!?

l look at you and sing,
you?re the queen of my songs.?

Your beauty is my melody.
You are the youth of music!?

have sung songs
and stolen your hearts.?

have been accused of theft.
Thank God that..?

..that l achieved
your love at least.?


You?re a magician Ravi!
Since the time your voice..

..has gone down in my heart,
through my ears..

..every heartbeat
takes your name! Ravi!

So go and consult
some heart specialist.

He?ll cure your heartbeats.

Ravi, l?m walking on fire.
Your sweet voice..

..your fast paced youth
is killing my every nerve.

Ravi, please accept me,
Make me a servant at your feet.

Otherwise l?ll take
poison and commit suicide.

Ravi, please
accept me, please Ravi.

No. This is not possible.
We cannot be united at all.

All the girls in this
India are crazy after me.

So, should l make all
of them my life companion?

Go, go and mind
your own business.

Come to your senses, open
your eyes, and take rest.

Go. ? First you open your
eyes and come to your senses.

This bus is to go
from here till there.

it's not for
someone to watch any dreams.

Hey, get up. Get up. ? Hey,
what is it, what is it?

it's day time,
and this is a bus.

That?s all right,
but where is the public?

They have got down
on the previous stop.

O not that public. That
which had come to see my show.

Which had come to see
my dance, to hear my songs?

Hey, are you drunk
in the early morning?

l was dreaming that my show
was going on, on the stage.

Hey, where is my darling?

Your darling has run away
with someone else to Darjeeling.

This. l?m saved.

Okay, let?s go.

Sampat Shrivastav.

Excuse me.

You?re excused.

Do you stay
around here somewhere?

No. l live on the
land of the Moon.

When Armstrong
had gone up there..

..on his return, he
had brought me with him.

Excuse me. l have
committed a mistake.

The poor man seems to be crazy.
- Hey, you. Come here.

Do you think that l?m crazy?

Oh, no sir. How can l
think that you?re crazy?

Can l be that daring?

Don?t lie. l read the
message of the heart..

..very clearing on the
letter of the face, son.

What you think about me,
you?re not explaining it.

What you understand,
you?re not explaining it.

l understand everything, yes.

Actually, actually, you
seem a strange type of person.

What do you mean
by a strange type?

ls my head down
and are my legs up?

Do l wear
spectacles on my lips..

..and read
newspapers with my ears?

Do l look like a leader
who has lost an election?

What?s the matter?
Give me an answer.

You don?t have an answer.
l?ll answer. Listen.

Have you ever seen a two
- in - one?

Which plays both the
radio as well as a cassette?

Japan?s factory has made a two
- in - one.

The Almighty?s
factory has made me..

..hundred - in - one
and sent me down here.

l can make
people dance, l can turn them..

..l can play them, l can
move them. l can throw them down.

That is, in all the work,
that ?can be done? is added..

..l can do all of them.
By the way, where can you do?

l mean, where do you stay?

l am not from the
land of the Moon.

l know. You're not
worth Jaslok Hospital..

..then how will you
reach the land of the Moon?

Where are you going?

Can you tell me
where this man resides?

How is this man related to you?

How are we related?
There?s no relation.

it's just that l
know him very well.

Since when do you know him?

What? Him? l
know him since ages.

Okay. l can take you to him.
But after going there..

shouldn't be that
he won't recognize you..

..and you?ll turn into
water even as you stand there.

l won't turn into
water or anything.

Please take me to him.
Please. It will be a good deed.

Okay. Come. Let?s see. Come.

What?s your work with him?

I've been called
by the All Indian ..

..Talent Association for
an interview. ? Oh, Okay.

I heard that
person has huge contacts.

That's why I have
come and ask for his help.

Then you have come to the right place.
He has really huge contacts. - OK.

From a minister to a sentry,
he knows everybody.

That means, the lock
that doesn't open by a key..

..this man opens
it with his finger.

See, this is house.
Go, go inside.

Just ? What is it now?
? Just a minute.

inside, Will be there?

See, my job was to
show you the house.

Now it?s your job to
see if he?s inside or not.

By the way, if the stars of
your luck are not in a crowd.

if your boat of luck
doesn't have a hole drilled in it.. the drill of bad luck, then
this man will definitely be inside.

You didn't understand? My
words are a little high level.

Let it go.

Mr. Sampat, Sampat Sir,
Brother Sampat.

What is it? What is it? Yes?

Does Mr. Sampat reside here?

Sampat Shrivastav. ? Yes. ?
You want to meet him? ? Yes.

The person who?s
sitting outside.. searching
for him in side the house?


There. That person
who?s sitting on the bench..

..and neighing like a horse,
he is the one.

- Yes. - Him?

Yes. He is the one.
Hearing your shouts of brother..

..Brother,? l came
out of the kitchen.

But he could not do so much as..

..moving his lips a little
bit and ask what the matter is.

Why? You won't mend your ways?

You won't do anything
correctly in the world, is it?

Did you feel ashamed to
tell him that you are the one?

You?re sitting here
uselessly and swatting mosquitoes..

..and l was
called from the kitchen.

Please forget it,
sister-in-law. ? Hey, you shut up!

Big people don?t meet directly.
Even if they?re sitting at home..

..and swatting mosquitoes,
whenever they have to meet..

..they meet
through the secretary.

What? Am l your secretary?

You are my wife isn't it?
The wife knows every..

..secret of her man,
therefore she?s his secretary.

This is a high level thing.
You won't understand. Go inside.

Okay, don't eat my brain now.
I put the food on the stove.

Don?t you dare
call me again now..

Unemployed and useless,
and the enemy of the grain.

The served public.

Should l tell you a secret?

Till date, who ever
has sat on this chair..

..all of them have
reached the heights of the sky.

Actually, Mr. Ravi.
For your job, there?s.. expense of thousand rupees.

Hey, where have you flown away?

Don?t you want to
reach the heights?

But, your friend had told that
this work will be done for free.

For free? For free, even
bugs don?t bite nowadays.

Who will arrange a job for you?

But your friend had told me..
? Hey don?t you want to sit

.. on that chair and reach
the heights of the sky? Sit there!

Actually, my friend
is a bit old fashioned.

He prepares his own meals.
He shaves with his own razor.

What does he know,
in the car of life..

.how important the
Tyre of money actually is.

In today's life, without money,
a woman won't allow her ...

..husband inside the house,
children don?t respect the father..

..and the public doesn't
give votes to the leader.

In today's world, one
man can remain without air ...

..but he can't
survive without money.

This job that you want,
where is its office?

in Delhi. ? Tell me now.
Bombay to Delhi ..

..Delhi to Bombay, Bombay
to Delhi, Delhi to Bombay.

l?ll have to make
so many calls, that..

..thousand rupees will only
bear the telephone expenses.

But, at this time, l
don?t have this much money.

Okay. it's a debt. When you
get a job, give it at that time

Move your hand. From there too.

You better give it, okay? ? Yes.

Because a man can't
die taking my money..

..then dying is
another matter altogether.

When is your interview?
? Tomorrow.

At what time? ? 10 O?clock.

Oh, I'll have to talk
on the hotline for this.

There will be
more expense for that.

Okay, l?ll call up the
office and do something.

The Talent Association?s
director is here. Drama start.

What are you looking
at sir? l?m a handicap.

That?s all right. l?m busy now.
You meet me at 3 O clock.

Please don?t do like this sir.
God has broken my limbs.

Please, you
don?t break my heart.

l?m the chairman of All
India Handicapped Association.

We?re holding a
program on the 16th.

if you help us in that,
then all the handicapped..

..people will be indebted
to you. l touch your feet.

Okay. l?ll do that.
We?ll surely help you.

Give us a written application.
We?ll do your work, okay.

Sir, sir, sir. My work
will be done, isn't it?

Didn't l tell you
that it?ll be done?

Hundred and one percent? ?
l?ll do your work first now.

Thank you very much.
May God bless you!

Did you listen? Our
work will be done first.

That's why last night
I had called the president in Delhi.

l told him, that sir, this
work should certainly be done

He said, Sampat, how
can your work not be done?

Okay, but, what
questions will they ask inside?

Hey, why do you
worry about questions?

Let them ask anything,
you just wink.

They?ll understand
that you are my man.

Okay, so you are Raghuveer?
? Yes. -will you dance?

Have you brought your
certificates with you?

- Okay, perform for us then.

Hey, sir has told you to
perform and you?re winking?

No, this is my habit.

Hey, you?re lost again?

Yes? No. l?m not lost. l
was remembering my teacher.

Why? To reduce your tension?

That fatso winked at you?

She?s a big wretch. She
chases around for me too.

l was the one who fixed up her
job in that office. ? ls it so?

Whoever works there, l
have fixed their jobs there.

That office
works on my strength.

Okay. Those people, how did
those people like your dance?

They liked it immensely.

How would they not like it?
You are such a good dancer.

Even if you
dance in a cemetery..

..the dead will come
out and start dancing.

Brother, l?m a Paras. if l
touch a stone, it will turn into gold.

if l touch a crow,
it becomes a cuckoo.

if l touch the Amavas,
it'll become a full moon.

See, there it?s become now.

What you are
saying is right, sir.

it is because of you,
that my work has been done.

Please, do one more mercy on me.

Yes, tell me. have a
printing press of mercies.

l print mercies and distribute
them among st the public.

Tell me, what is to be done?

Please arrange a
house for me, please.

An apartment? ? Yes? ?
And that too in Bombay?

Yes, why not? ? What
are you talking about?

You don?t get a
taxi on rent in Bombay..

..where will you
get a house from?

Here, many people take out
a railway pass and stay there.

The train move and they
sleep standing, do you know?

Yes,have an idea. Why
don't you stay in my house?

No. What are you saying,
sir? What you are and where l am?

That?s all right. But l have
a very big heart. Come with me.

No. First of all,
you have a family.

And then, you have a wife too.
That?s a big problem.

Am l telling you
to stay with my wife?

l mean to say, come with me,
stay in my house. have a wife!

it's not that. Actually,
l?m a celibate. l?m a bachelor.

Staying with a family..
? You don?t have a..

..single penny in your pockets,
but you act like a billionaire.

This is where India is
defeated. Come, let?s try.

Sir, your parcel. ? Yes. Give
it. You.. ? Here is your bill.

Want a house on rent, isn't it?

Then pay this bill, l
don?t have any money.

Oh, only that much, Mr. Sampat?

For you, not only the bill,
but even my heart is present!

Thank you. ? You stupid rogue!

Will this apartment do?

Why are you shaking your head?

The queen of
England had come here..

..with my recommendation,
do you know that? ? ls it so?

it is an excellent house,
even the people are excellent.

it is all the price of my
ideas. ? That?s excellent sir.

Have you brought that money?
- Yes.have brought it.

How much money have you brought?

it is near about
something 3000 rupees.

Three thousand? You came to
Bombay with three thousand?

You don't get three hizaars
in three thousand.

And you have come to
buy a house and settle down?

Okay, give it
to me. ? But that..

Yes, if you keep it
with me, it will be safe.

Come, follow me. ? This means..

See how l?m welcomed here.
? This means my work is done.

Yes, what is it?

Call your mother.

She?s not here.

That?s strange. ls
your father at home?

He?s not at home too.

He?s a strange donkey,
stupid, good for nothing man.

He gives a time and
does not stay at home.

Let him come home. l?ll
give him two tight slaps.

Don?t you feel ashamed?
What rubbish are you speaking?

it?s been three years
that my parents have expired.

Hey, Sampat!

Hey, Sampat? Till yesterday,
you called me, Sir, Mr., etc..

And today you
regard me as Hey Sampat?

Has the air of betrayal
of Bombay bitten you too?

have not been bitten by any
air; your air has been punctured.

You announced with
drum rolls that you would..

..arrange a house
for me in a snap.

You weren't even made
to wait at the door..

..and he says that the
household people know him.

l?ll show you just
now that they know me.

How will they not recognize me?

l?m the one who
arranged this house for them.

What can l do if
they have expired?

But how can they
expire just like that?

At least they should
have informed me and died.

l think that it must have slipped
out of their minds. ? What?

Come, let us see another flat.

Hey, Ravi, Ravi.

Mr. Sampat, did you get a house?

No, Actually, my
petrol pump has come.

The petrol of
ideas is exhausted in..

..the tank of my brains.
l?ll have a quarter and come.

Why don?t you say that the
den has come? Do you drink?

No. l just fill up,
to charge this up.

l?ll go and come quickly.

it's okay, come back soon. ?
l?ll be back. ? Don?t go, okay?

O God, with which
conman have you trapped me?

He lies, he drinks, he
brags and he makes me wait!

Please save me, please.
Hey. Where has he gone?

The flat is rather huge.
? it?s very good.

The construction as well as
the decoration is very good.

You've not let even a
single foot of space go waste.

Hey, what are you doing?

Have you seen the place?

Yes, We've seen the place,
it is rather good.

Madam, advance, advance,

What will be the advance
that will have to be given?

Something like, a month?s
advance will have to be given.

One month, one month.
And what will be the rent?

it?s just two hundred rupees.

Only two hundred rupees? it?s
such a lowly amount. Give it.

You have the money. ?
Do you remember that?

Give it to me.

Here is your advance.

Of the flat.
Don?t speak in between.

Will you two stay together?

Yes. No, no. No.
l?ll be staying alone.

And like the sun in the sky,
l?ll be coming during the day..

,,and going during the night.
isn't it? ? Yes.

Okay, one thing more.
Are you married?

Yes. l?m married.
l?m already married.

Right now, she is
at her mother?s house.

She?s in her mother?s house.

Take this money, and
please go away from here. - Yes?

l don?t keep married
people as a tenant. ? What?

Yes, l keep only
bachelors as tenants.

You can go. ? But that.. ? No,
you have misunderstood it.

He?s unmarried,
it?s me who?s married.

He?s not born properly as yet,
where will he be married?

OK. ? Actually, l
used the razor wrongly..

..and therefore
his beard is evident.

it?s not even time for his
mustaches to come out yet.

He?s a kid yet. ?
l?m a celibate as yet.

Then please give me the advance.

Then his work is done,
isn't it? ? Yes.

You won't remove
him now, will you?

Come now, l fixed you up here.

l want a quarter, The effect
of the alcohol is lessening.

Shut up. So, l?ll come in
the afternoon with the luggage.

Darling, you've got
the house, isn't it?

Eh What happened?

Sampat, where
have you trapped me?

She?s staring at me
with such bulging eyes!

Here, please drink it.

l don?t have the
habit of drinking milk.

You don?t have the habit?
l?ll put you in the habit.

How will you put
it just like that?

l won't let you put it
at all. l don?t like milk.

ls it so? So then,
do you like me?

See, please don?t
inflict this injustice on me.

l?m not inflicting
any injustice, my king!

Then, what are you doing?
? l?m making love!

See, l had told you even
before giving you the advance.

That l?m a celibate man.

I have become many
celibate men into family men.

At least try it once
and see. ? Hey, move it.

Hey, what are you doing?
Do you have any.. or father or not?
O Goddess, live come here.. become a singer, not
for unlocking my dignity.

Just unlock it once and
see. - O God.- You?ll not want.. attach any locks
throughout your whole life.

That?s bad. You
are talking nakedly.

if you can't clothe yourself,
at least clothe your words.

This is not the time
to wear clothes, Raja.

See, l?m a kid yet. Giving
bad toys in my childhood?s hands..

..please don?t
make my childhood bad.

A singer?s
throat should always..

.. be clean,
clear, pure and virgin.

immersing my throat
in the vat of sin..

..please, please don?t
ruin my throat.

Please, let me go.
Please let me go.

No, today, l?ll
break your celibacy vows.

No, please let me go. What you
are doing. Please let me go.

O Run Ravi!O hail Bajranga!
Why did l come here!

Where are you going? ? Run,
run. Leave the bag.

Leave the bag. ?
Hey you celibate!

Hey, you Sampat!

Oh! Who is it?

Hey, Ravi, what is
this state of yours?

Have you come after
performing cabaret?

if l had not run
away from the today..

..then my dignity would
have performed a cabaret.

And Sampat, what did you say?

That woman is not a woman.
She is a Goddess incarnate.

She is a form of
the Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Look at her face while
leaving the house in the morning..

..and all the work of
the day will be successful.

l had told you
everything correctly, friend!

What ashes had you said correct?

That woman is rouge.
She tried to rape me.

She tried to rape you? ? Yes.
Then you should have let her.

What? ? Yes. You should've
closed your eyes and lay.

You should have let her,
what would your father have lost?

Do you have any shame or not?

l?m a celibate, and you
want to ruin my bachelorhood?

Where your
bachelorhood would be ruined?

God knows from which
college you've got your degree.

if you put your hand
on someone?s dignity..

..then your
bachelorhood is ruined.

Because it was your mistake.
But if a person tries himself..

..then how does your
bachelorhood be ruined?

What kind of a person are you?

if l would be in your place,
l would have..

..closed my eyes and
folded my hands behind and lay.

And l would say, O God,
see how these people..

..of the world are looting
the dignity of a honest man.

The wretchedness
would be done and the..

.. honesty would have
been untouched too, you know.

Sister-in-law, yes hit him,
yes hit with this.

You keep quiet.
Why are you hitting me?

What were you saying, yes?

You teach an honest boy,
all these bad and vulgar things.

At least let someone
stay honest in this world.

At least throw away the broom.

You keep on
hitting me with the broom.

You had hit me with the
broom in the afternoon too.

A husband is God. ls
a God hit with a broom?

God? You are the devil himself.

Hey Ravi, l?ll tell you
one thing. This man, who..

..unfortunately is my husband,
isn't all that straight.

Collecting the
mud of 17,000 devils..

..God has made this statue. l
tell you, leave his friendship.

Otherwise, whatever
respect you have left..

..even that will be
auctioned in the market. Be ware.

Hey, Ravi, Here,
there?s a letter for you.

Hey, l got the job.

The All India Talent
Association has selected me.

See, did you hear that?
You say that l?m a rogue.

And on this
rogue?s recommendation..

..he has got this job.
There?s no worth for me at all.

No, Mr. Sampat, you
are a very big man.

l swear, you are
really a very great man.

l?m a big man.
But people say that..

..behind the
greatness of every man..

..there?s the
hand of some woman.

But the woman?s
hand that is behind me..

..that hand wields a broom.
Speak slowly, or else she?ll hit.

Ravi, you doused water on
my lifetime?s hard work..

..and were selected in the
All India Talent Association.

l?ll not spare you, too.
l?ll shatter all your hopes!

Hey, teacher, the money
I gave you, then delete them.

The money is exhausted.

Exhausted? But what about
the advance that l gave you?

Didn't l tell you,
that it's exhausted?

That?s all right,
but why are you crying?

Today, for the
first time in my life..

..l stole from my house,
do you know that?

Stealing, do you steal?
- l was helpless.

Yesterday, l bet on a
horse race with your money.

Race, you race too?

What can l do? l?m helpless.
l felt very bad.

l thought that my
friend?s money is being wasted.

l felt very bad. ? O, is it so?
My friend?s money is going waste.

You remembered this
on the ninth horse.

You didn't remember this on
any other horse before that?

l didn't remember it.
Otherwise l wouldn't have played.

He?s acting smart.

See, that's why I stole
this tape recorder from the house.

See, l hid this from my
wife?s eyes and brought it.

You?re a very big wretch.
You should have.. should have been born
in some other country, friend.

You shouldn't have taken
birth his country at all.

When l was being born, l
shouted and told my mother..

..from the womb, Mother,
don?t give birth to me in India.

l am a very high level thing.

if you need, give
birth to me in America.

Give birth to me in Germany,
give birth to me in France..

Or give birth to me in Europe.
She didn't listen at all.

She gave birth to me in
Bombay?s municipal hospital.

l even remember
that doctor?s face.

He was totally bald.
He was a baldy.

Sometimes you lick my
brains so much.. ? Hey, teacher..

What happened? ? He took
away the symbol of friendship!

Hey, Sampat, how
did you become so far?

Seeing you fight, my
chest puffed with happiness.

What?s the use of fighting?
The tape recorder is gone.

No. it?s not gone. it?s there.
? it?s there, where?

Bring your hand down.

Teacher, is this a
house or a woman?s committee?

You mind your own business,
let it go.

Greetings to all the ladies.
? Greetings, greetings.

Who is the
landlady out of all of you?

Can't you
recognize when you see?

ls it you?

Do l not seem the
mistress of this house?

What a dangerous
mood drips from you.

Therefore, double
greetings to you. ? Greetings.

Please sit. ? No, we
are all right like this.

l told you once to sit,
that means sit.

Sit down,
otherwise she will beat us.

Yes, we sat down.

Where do you stay?

We stay in Pune.
- Why have you come here?

To search for a house.

Didn't you find a house there?

That?s not the case.
live got a job here.

Okay, tell me, are you married?

Marriage? ? Marriage, marriage.

Yes. it?s done. it?s
done since a long time.

Who is he? ls he
your father ? in ? law?

Yes, l am his father-in-law.
l?m his uncle father-in-law.

He is the husband of
my brother?s daughter.

Yes. He is my son ? in ? law.
- That?s excellent.

l give my rooms
only to married people.

Go, and see the
room with your own eyes.

if you like it, then
please give the advance.

Look at this bed room.
it?s exactly like King Akbar?s.

Son, praise God. in Bombay,
where people..

..don?t get standing place to
sleep, you got such a big flat.

All this is my
influence do you know that?

l accept that teacher.
But saying that..

..I'm married, you've
trapped me again, isn't it?

Who says that live trapped,
haven't you?

There are so many
girls sitting outside.

Make anyone of them your
wife and make them show her.

What? ? No, you
don?t understand.

This life is like a five
year plan. One plan is finished..

..then put it?s on the other
plan. if the second is done put..'s burden on the third. Third
is done then put it on the fourth.

This is high level talk,
you won't understand it. Come.

Why are you
neighing like a horse?

Well, actually he has a
habit of neighing like a horse.

Okay, did you
like the apartment?

Yes, it is exactly like a
stable. No. it?s a very good room.

Okay, calculating Rs.1000
as the monthly rent..

..give me the
advance for three months.

Yes, l?m giving it.
l?m giving it.

This, is that, three..

You gave everything. ls
money left for my quarter?

Keep quiet, keep quiet.

l?ll ruin everything.
? it?s left, it?s left.

Oh, yes. When will
you bring your wife?

Actually, actually..
? Mourning, mourning.

it?s the month of mourning.
As soon as it?s over.

..he?ll bring his wife here.
it?s a normal thing. ? What?

Just say yes to whatever l say.

He looks so nice, doesn't he?

Okay, seeing
some auspicious day.. people bring
your luggage too, okay?

How is it prepared? Let
me see. O it?s hot! O my God!

Hey, what?s all
this going on here?

Yes? That vessel was hot.
So it slipped from the hands.

Shut down this
music first. ? Yes!

Food is not cooked
while dancing like this.

Cooking food is a
woman?s job. Not a man?s job.

Listen, till the time
your wife comes back..

..l?ll prepare
food for you. ? Okay.

Oh yes, when will the
month of mourning be over?

Just, Just. ? What?s this
just you?re talking about?

it will be over in
just a few days now.

Okay, call your
wife back quickly okay?

Yes but.. ? What
live said, so live said.

What is this? There?s
only your photo in this frame.

Why isn't there a
photo of your wife in this?

Actually, l had only
a single photo?s frame.

The day l buy a
double photo frame..

..l?ll put her
photo in that too then.

live a double
photo?s frame with me.

You bring your wife?s photo,
l?ll put it in it. - Okay.

Give me the photo.
? Actually, Actually..

l have given the photo
for enlargement yesterday.

Okay, bring it in the
afternoon okay? ? Yes, sure, sure.

Okay, when do
you go for your job?

10 o?clock. ? in the day,
or in the night?

in the day. ? So
what is the time now?

Now, it?s 10:30 now.
l?ll reach by 10:30..

it?s 10:30, you?ll
reach by 10:00? - l?m going!

Mother, today is the first
day of my job. Please bless me.

Be happy. Hey listen.
Don?t forget.. bring the photo in the
afternoon. ? Yes, sure, sure.

it?s very difficult to
go home, friend. ? Why?

My luck is very bad.
That landlady..

..has told me to
bring a photo of my wife.

When there?s no wife, where
will l bring her photo from?

So why are you
so scared in this?

l?ll give you my wife?s photo,
you take that and go.

What? ? No, she?s too
elder to you, isn't it?

Therefore l told you, don't
lie, You trapped me now, isn't it?

Hey, l didn't
trap you or anything.

Why do you worry so much? l?ll
generate a wife for you. - What.

See, son, don?t worry, till
the time Sampat is there, come.

Come, sir, please come,
what do you want?

A full or a half? ? No, l want
a quarter, with soda and ice.

Hey, this is a photographer?s
shop, not a wine shop.

Hey, it seems a wine
shop to me. ? Shut up!

A few days ago, l had
taken a photograph here.

if you have it?s negative,
then l want it enlarged.

Okay, was it your photo? ? No,
it was his wife?s photo.

Okay, had you
snapped it together?

No, She has snapped her alone.

Okay, can you
describe her face to me?

Look at his face. His
wife?s face is similar to him.

See, l can't
understand anything like this.

live an idea. Please
go through this album.

Take out whichever photo
it is. l will enlarge it.

Hey, it?s perfect.

Yes, brother, this is his wife?s
photo. ? Yes, this is the one.

What rubbish are
you speaking about?

This is my wife?s photo!

You misunderstood.
This is not the finger.

it?s this thumb,
- Okay, okay. Near this thumb.

Yes, this thumb is there. ?
it?ll be twenty five rupees.

How much?

Give it.

What a nice couple!

if God meets the couple,
then it's one out of thousands.

Hey my heart, come
lets go some where else.

Ravi, before she throws you
out of the house, fly away.

Ravi? ? Yes, yes, mother?

This is your wife, isn't it?

Yes, this is my wife.

You have an excellent choice,

When l was of her age,
l looked exactly like her.

She?s very beautiful.

That?s strange. l?m going
on complimenting your wife.

And you?re not
answering me at all.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.
When are you bringing her?

Mother, should l
tell you something?

Tell me, what is the matter?

This is not my wife.

What, this is not your wife?
That means you tricked me?

You lied and took
this room on rent?

l?ll call the police right now.

No, no. l didn't say like that.
l didn't mean that.

l said, that this is not
my wife, she is my enemy.

Enemy? ? Yes, please come
here and sit. l?ll tell you.

There is too much
of a trouble here.

Yes. Sit here comfortably,
l?ll tell you.

As soon as you
gave me this room..

..l immediately
wrote a letter to my wife.

And l wrote to
her in that letter..

..that live got an excellent,
beautiful and good room.

And even better than the room.. got a landlady who's
like a mother, Goddess incarnate.

l feel like pressing
her legs. ? That?s enough.

Yes, really. l did
tell her. l told her.. treat my letter as
a telegram and rush here.

Do you know what she answered?

What did she say?

She told me to leave this
room as soon as possible.

She told me that she
has heard about you..

..this room?s landlady,
that she?s..

.. a fighter-cock,
and a meddlesome woman.

She meddles in
every one?s matter.

She said so many wrong
things about you, you know?

What? - Yes. ? Did she
say like this about me? ? Yes.

And l got angry, because
anger resides on my nose.

And in this anger, l
wrote another letter to her.

And in that l told her
very clearly, that if.. don?t like my
Goddess like and mother like..

..landlady, then even l
have no need of such a wife.

l?ll live my whole life,
alone in this room.

Didn't l say what
was right, mother?

No, please tell me. No, you
hit me with slippers, but tell me.

Yes, yes, you
said the right thing.

Very good. l?m saved. ? Listen,
give me her address.

l?ll bring here by the
ear and straighten her up.

How will she come
here just like that?

What live said, that l've said.

Hey, even though she
has insulted you so much..

l'll straighten her, isn't it?

l?m trapped, l thought that
the story would be done with.

And here, she?s thinking
of bringing here herself.

What did you say?

No, where did l say anything?
What l was saying was..

..that is this month
of mourning, isn't it?

So, as soon as
this month passes..

..l?ll bring her myself
and offer her at your feet.

l think this is all
the thing of the stars.

l've an idea. it's
grahan day after tomorrow. - Yes.

You beg alms from five houses.

Everything will be all right.

l?m dead. l?m dead.

Give me alms,
drive away the eclipse!

Where do these hermits
come in the early mornings?

Why doesn't the police
arrest them and take them away?

Here, go, and don't shout.
l've a head ache.

l haven?t had my hang over her.

Hey, give me alms and
drive away the eclipse!

Hey, go away, don?t
stick your eclipse to us, go!


Hey, how did these
hermits come to know of my name?

l?m very famous.
Everyone must be knowing my name.

Who is it brother?
- Hey, Sampu, Sampu?

He?s dropping the
level and speaking.

Who is it?


Have you started to
beg in the part time?

Sampat, everyone who
accepts you as his teacher..

..he will start
begging for alms!

What do you mean?

l mean that, you lied, and
l?m the one who?s reaping it.

You, Sampat thief! ?
Tell me what it is properly.

Why are you just
beating around the bush?

What should l tell you?

That day, while taking
the house from the land lady.. had lied to her, that my
wife is your brother?s daughter,

Now she goes to go
and bring the wife.

From where should l bring her?

l've an idea now.
Bring that girl from..

..any where and
present her as my wife to her.

l should bring a girl for you?

Do l look like a pimp to you?
? if you don?t act like..

..a pimp, then l?ll
be slaughtering you.

Give me some idea immediately!

Yes l?ll give you an idea. Let
me think about it a little bit.

Yes, l got it. ? Yes?
? it?s such an idea..

..l feel like kissing
my cheeks with my own lips.

That?s enough. Tell me further.

Yes, it?s an excellent idea.
You go and tell the Landlady..

..that Ć«Landlady,
my wife has expired.?

All these are old,
childhood ideas.

When l used to
bunk school, then l..

..would go the next
day and give these..

..ideas as
excuses to the teacher. -fine.

Before the death of my father,
l'd killed him twenty times.

Hearing about the
death of the wife..

..the landlady will be quiet,
and it will be this..

matter?s the end for ever!

Give me alms, let the
eclipse be driven away.

May you remain happy, forever!

You? Since when did
you start this business?

No. l gave this idea to someone.

And he gave me
this sack as fees..

if you continue giving
your rotten ideas to people..

..this will be
your state. One day.. be hanging
this sack by your neck..

..and begging for
alms at every road.

So what? That?s the
state of the whole country.

The whole country is
moving around with sack.

First they used to tell,
do something good..

..and drown it in the river,
now they tell.. give an idea and
take care of the bundle.

Who is it? l?ll be right back.

l?m very happy. What happened?

Don't know why!?
Why is my heart beating so?

Who has come, on
the roads of love?

Why is my heart
beating so, today?

Hey, hey!

This seems like a ghost.

What is this?
Does a husband bless..

..his wife with a single finger?

Hey, this ghost speaks too!

Who are you?

You stayed away from me for a..

.. few days and you
even forgot my face? ? Face?

Does a husband speak like
this to his wife? ? Husband, wife?

Just to listen to hear
two words love from you..

..l came here secretly,
without telling anyone anything.

Just like Rekha had
come to Amitabh for his love.

Amitabh, Rekha! ? Now,
l've come to you.

All the distances are covered.
Now it?s just you, and me.

Me, and you. There is
no third person between us.

Now, the both of us
will roam around together.

We?ll talk about love, it?ll be
great fun, and it?ll be great fun!

But first, let me
have a look at my house.

Wow, We've got such a huge
house. it's such a huge hall.

it?s so airy. There is
no need of any fan here.

You have made my
photo and kept too? -but madam..

From this, one comes to
know how much you love me.

if anyone
should have a husband..

..he should exactly be
like you. You look so sweet.

But, but please
listen to me, Miss.

Not a miss, but kiss.

The whole
program has been ruined.

Sampat, where have
you trapped me now?

l've come from so far,
and you haven't..

..even asked me whether
l?ll have tea or coffee.

You don?t even know how
to look after your wife.

it's doesn't matter.
l'll prepare it myself.

O, l had just
brought the girl?s photo.

O God! You sent me a
real and live girl.

O Ma?am, what are you
doing in the kitchen?

You have already
prepared all the food and kept.

How did you
know that l?m coming?

Oh yes, your heart must
have told you. isn't it?

Do you know whose house
this is? ? No, l don?t.

Then, are you swatting
flies here. Get lost from here.

Wow, what excellent
food has been cooked!

See, now l?m getting angry now.

l?m getting angry now.
You get lost from here..

..or else l will
throw you out from here.

Wow, l?m enjoying it so much.

in one film,
Kamal Hassan had held..

..Sridevi's hand
exactly like this.

See, see. l?m
telling you the last time.

You go away from here silently..

..or else, l?ll hold
your pig tail, and drag you..

..and throw you out on
the road in the dust bin, yes.

Hey, you?re
scolding me like a villain.

Why will l go out from here?
This is my house.

No, this is not your house.
it?s your father?s house. Get lost.

it?s my husband?s house. ?
Get lost from here. Get lost..

What has happened to your neck?

ls it a rash due to the heat?

Ravi? You were saying
that she won't be coming?

She has come. ? Yes,
she has come.

Hey, the land lady that you
had written about in the letter..

..she?s the one,
isn't it? ? Yes?

Yes, yes. l?m the one.

Mother! Please bless me.

May God bless your marriage!
May he fill your womb quickly!

See, mother, since l've
come here, he's scolding me.

Why, Ravi, why
are you scolding her?

l?ll tell you. Listen to me
first. She?s a very troublesome..

Mother, listen to me first.
The both of us had decided..

..that when we will
have our own house..

..then we?ll
celebrate our honeymoon there.

He went and told my
father that he can't keep.. with him for six months.
Because he doesn't have time.

When l couldn't
stand it any longer..

..l took the permission if
my father and came here myself.

Now, you tell me, What wrong
did l do? What is my fault?

Mother, she?s lying.
You don?t know who she is.

l?ll tell you.. ?
l know everything.

She?s your wife, what else?

And how can the car of
life work without a wife?

That?s perfectly right.
The husband and wife..

..are the two
wheels of the car of life.

if one wheel doesn't exist, then
the car of life can never work.

Anyway, l?ll explain all
these things to you later.

You've from a long journey.
You wash up and rest, okay?

l?ll meet you later again. See,
don?t trouble her again, okay?

You forgot the matter of the
letter. ? What l've said.

Oh God, where
have l been trapped!

Listen, where is the bath room?
- There.

Bathroom? You want a bathroom?

At the crossroads,
there is a barber?s shop.

Next to it is a public bath.
You get water in one rupee.

Go, and have a bath there.
Go, go there.

Why should l go there?
This house is mine.

The bathroom and water
of this house is mine too.

He?s come to send me there.

Hey, where are you going there,
get lost from here.

l?m going to the bathroom,
to have a bath.

And listen, by the time
l come back from my bath..

..put some more salt in
the food and keep it ready.

You have made it
completely plain.

You! You daughter of an owl!

O God! What is this problem?
Why did..

..such a Phoolan
Devi had come to my house?

Please take her
away from here, please.

Hey, what are you doing outside?

l?m crying over
my fate, come out.

Cry over your fate later,
first do one thing.

in my bag, there is
a red colored sari..

..and it?s matching blouse.
Please give it to me.

You wretch, am l your servant?

Am l your slave? Come out,
or else l?ll drink your blood.

Yes. it?s a blood
red colored sari.

When you had come to
see me for the first time..

..l'd worn that sari.
Please give it to me.

Are you coming
your silently or not?

My blood is boiling
because of my anger.

You come out, or else l?ll throw
you naked out in the streets.

What did you say? You?ll
throw me naked in the streets?

Don?t you feel ashamed
speaking to your wife.. such a way. Come, throw
me out, l?ll see. Throw me out.

Where did l say
that you are naked?

Where did l say that?
But l?ll throw you out.

Will you go or not? You
won't accept it like this.

l?ll show you, l?ll
show you right now.

l?ll take your
luggage and throw it away.

What do you think you are?
? Hey, what are you doing?

l?ll throw out your luggage..

What is the matter?
Where are going with this bag?

Going, who?s going? l was
weight lifting, exercising.

Yes. The husband
who lives away from..

..his wife for a month
goes through this same state.

ls it so? - Now, a small
toy should come in this house.

it's been quite a
while that we've heard..

..the voices of lullabies
in this house. - Correct.

Please do one thing.
That old antique manger..

..bring one and
keep it in our house.

All of us will
sing lullabies then.

Ravi, on Monday, it?s
our marriage anniversary.

The both of you
should surely come.

Why not, why not? if some
trouble doesn't rear it?'s head..

..and if l?m alive
till then l?ll surely come.

May God not send
any problems to us!

We?ll live together
and we?ll die together.

Wow. You both are an
example for this world.

We are not an example,
we are incomparable.

Please forget this example; l'll
go to the office. l've to work.

it?s ten O?clock.
l?ll leave now.

He?s very mischievous, isn't he?

Come, sisters. Both
of them are the same.

They keep on
fighting all the time.


Listen, my friends like
your color, hairstyle..

..and your personality too much.

ls it so? Now with you,
even your friends have seen me?

Ask them that all
they like is my color.. hairstyle and my
personality, isn't it?

They don?t like
anything else, do they?

Yes, and they say that
your husband is pure gold.

Yes, why not? Go and
mortgage me with them.

You?ll get some
money or something.

O Go away! Will l mortgage you?

You are the valuable of my
life. You?re the pride of my eyes.

You?re the peace of my heart.
You?re a pure diamond.

Okay! Now l understand
why you are chasing me.

You think, that l'm some
billionaire?s son, isn't it?

What do you think that
you?ll loot money from me?

But listen, l?m not a
billionaire?s son. l?m a pauper.

And also, also, l don?t
even have a place to stay.

l, myself am
staying in a rented house.

See, l?m just a
common singer and dancer.

For, God?s sake,
quit chasing me around.

Whatever you are, what
is my business with that?

l just know that you?re my
husband, and me, your wife.

See, listen to me, or
else you?ll repent later.

Why should l repent?
What is my fault?

Since the time l've come
here you've been threatening me.

As if l?m not your wife,
but someone else.

if l?m not your wife,
then why have.. attached my
photo with yours?

Oh, so if l attach our photos,
you become my wife?

in this house, l've put
the photos of fifty heroines.

Fifty heroines. That doesn't
mean that they are my wives.

They can never be your wife.
Till the time l?m alive.. can someone
else be your wife?

See, keep quiet, or
else l?ll break your face!

You?ll break my face? Break it.
l?ll see how you break my face.

Hey, do you go or not? ? Ravi!

What is all this happening?
l had told you, didn't l?

That there shouldn't be any
kind of fights or noise here?

Are you remember? - l remember.
Please forgive me.

Okay. if any fight or
noise occurs the next time..

..l?ll remove you
from this house right away.

Yes, yes, yes. l understand.

l understood. Today l
kept silent because of her.

But l?m warning
you for the last time.

if you don?t go away from here,
till evening, till the time..

..l return from the office,
then today..

..will be last day
of your whole life.

Never. Till the time
the guardian of my life.. with me, you
can't harm me in any way.

Okay, so you've prepared a
fake symbol of marriage too?

Who has tied it
for you, tell me?

O God, you?re the
one who tied it..

..and now, you?re
asking me who tied it?

l feel that my brains will
blast with a huge explosion.

Should l massage your head?

Good for nothing! Let me
come back in the evening.

Then l?ll show you.

Listen, what?ll you show me?

Good for nothing! You?ll know
in the evening what l?ll show.

Take your food Tiffin at least.

Good for nothing!
Sticker! l should your!

l should!

You've not
understood me at all, as yet.

Ravi, there?s a
very good chance for you.

The singers and dancers
of all over the country..

..will be
competing in a competition.

And we wish that you should
represent our association in it.

Can l be in the All India
Dance and Singing Competition?

Of course.

You don?t get such
chances again, Ravi.

Try your level best.

congratulations. The dignity..

..of our association
is in your hands now.

Surely, you must win and come.
- l?ll try.

Sir, your family has come.

Sir, your family
has come. ? Mine?

Your wife has come.

Your wife has come in
the office, be ashamed.

Not his, but yours.
- Mine? - Wife?

Why have you come here?
Why have you come here?

Just like that.

Just like that? Do you want
to make my life hell here too?

You?re a strange man.
She has prepared..

.. food for you and
you?re scolding her?

Yes, l've made your
favorite bitter gourd for you.

Bitter gourd? ? Yes.- Who
told you to make Bitter gourd?

Throw it away! ? Ravi,
have you gone crazy?

This poor girl has
prepared bitter gourd for you.. lovingly, and you
are making her throw it out?

Sit there quietly and eat.

l said so, didn't l?
- Okay, I'll eat it.

Wow, there should be
such a wife for everybody.

You never told us
that you?re married.

That's excellent. ?
it's excellent isn't it?

Listen, please listen.
- What is it?

l want to see it from inside.
Please show it.

From inside? ? Yes.

Not in front of everybody. l
want to see your association.

You?re fighting with her again.

Come. - Who are these people?

Yes, she is
my one and only wife. ? Wife?

No, no. l?m his wife.

Listen, all of you will have
to come to our house tomorrow.

Why, is there a
function in your house, tomorrow?

Yes. ? Yes. - These two
have been newly married.

But they haven?t
consummated their marriage as yet.


Why won't we come?
All of us will come.

Okay, Ravi, l?ll leave now.
Okay, child, Okay greetings.

Excellent. We
enjoyed it immensely.

l congratulate you on everyone's
behalf, on this happy occasion.

This is a small present
on behalf of all of us.

What was the need of all this?


When are you inviting us again?
- On the birthday of our child.

She jokes like this. She?s
habituated to it. She?s crazy.

Ravi. ? Here, on my behalf.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.
Come, the bed is ready.

So soon?

Soon? You were dying in wait for
this moment since morning. come on.

l know everything. What
is going on in your heart!

Okay, so you know about the
matters of my heart too, now?

What is going on in my heart?
What?s going on?

You have in your heart,
that we should..

..not give birth to a
child so soon. isn't it?

How do you? How do you know it?

Look in your pocket.

What?s there in my pocket,
what is there?

ls she a woman or a X
- Ray machine?

She can clearly
see what?s inside!

Here, please have
this milk. Take it.

Only milk, l had asked
for something else, didn't l?

Why didn't you bring
that too? ? What was that?

A little bit of poison.
l?ll drink that too.

Oh no. it?s such
a great night today.

Why are you talking
such inauspicious things?

Don?t touch me, don?t touch me.

Because the matter
always starts from the hand..

..and God knows till
where it reaches then.

hey, where are
you running off too??

come here!?

l?m incomplete without you,
you?re incomplete without me.?

O beloved, meet me,
so that l become yours.

Let us hug each other tightly,
come let us play like this.

Let us be lost in
the dreams of love.

The first night,
of love for sleeping..

..don?t waste them
in just words.

Hey, keep quiet.

my wishes have
been unfulfilled.?

even though l?m a bride,
l?m yet a spinster.?

nor did my earrings fall,
nor did my bangles smile.?

even the kohl of my eyes
has not been cleared yet.?

Please go!

O beloved, please
don?t run away from me.?

please keep asleep
and awake with me.?

what?s to be ashamed in this??

it's the duty of a husband.
Tie me in your embrace.?

Oh, shameless!

There is surely
some secret in this.

Secret? What kind of secret?

She knows your weakness,
and therefore she?s..

..playing you
like a toy with a key.

Should l give you an idea?
? What? What? What?

if she?s a she devil,
then you become a devil.

if she?s a she ghost,
then you become a ghost.

With a bottle of
liquor in your hand..

..acting like a drunkard,
and laughing..

..reach there,
and then she?ll run..

..just like the thief
runs when he sees the police.

l?ll show you, right now!

Hey, girl, tell me,
tell me who you are! Tell me!

l, l am your wife.
- Again wife!

Tell me the truth, who
are you? Will you tell or not?

Have you drunk and come?

Yes, l've drunk
too much and come.

l've drunk pot-fulls and come.
Just because of you.

With all the
money of my salary..

..l've drunk so much, in
which people could have bathed!

You blew away your salary? ?
Yes, now l?ll blow you off too.

Tell me, tell the truth! Who
are you? Otherwise l?ll ruin you!

How many times
should l tell you?

l?m your wife, l?m your wife!

No. l've told
you so many times..

..that you aren't my wife,
you aren't my wife.

Tell me, you wretch,
will you tell me or not?

Hey, what are you doing?

That what, l should
l have done earlier.

Wait, l?ll show you.
Just a minute.

To kill you, l bought a
Rampuri knife from the flea market.

But before that, before that,
l?ll rape you. l?ll rape you.

After that, l'll kill you.
You've troubled me a lot.

Please don?t like this.
Please don?t.

Which one should l not do?
The first or the second?

Kill me if you wish, but
please don?t do the first one.

Set up. l?ll do that too,
and l?ll do this too.

l?ll present every
item after an item!

The sparrow is
writhing in the cage!

Hey, okay, so
this is your tailor.

Pankaj Lal Chabbria, Panku!

With the blouse made
with such a rotten cloth.. you think that he can
save your dignity? it?s gone!

Please don?t do
like this. This is sin.

There is no sin or anything.
This will make Pappu.

You want Pappu,
don?t you, yes, yes?

And after the birth of Pappu,
l?ll be called Pappu?s papa..

..and you'll be
called Pappu;s papi.

Give me a kiss, hey
what are you doing?

Why do you push me, you wretch?

What is she doing?

Sampat, l'd come to rape her,
but l think she?ll kill me.

She?ll murder me! Sampat!

Why are you
acting like a wild beast?

Yesterday, when l cam
close to you myself.. ran away from me,
and today under..

..the influence of alcohol,
you?re trying to rape me?

What will you rape anybody?
One needs to be..

.. stone heated for this.
Guts are needed. Do you dare?

I'll surrender myself.
You'd come to loot your treasure.

isn't it? Take this,
and loot it.

Hey, Sampat get up! ?
Who is it? ? Your father!

My father? l've killed
my father twenty times.

How has he been born again?

Open your eyes and see.
it?s me, Ravi.

Why are you
sleeping outside here?

Has the wife kicked you out?

No. She has been habituated
to the smell of alcohol.

l didn't get to drink today,
so she kicked me out here.

But what are you doing here?

What a rotten idea you
gave me! What a rotten idea!

Drink alcohol, become a devil,
go rape her, she?ll run away!

Yes, l'd said that.
Did she not run away?

Where did she run away?
She made me run away.

She stripped
herself and stood in front.

And she said, take it,
loot the treasure.

O my God! l think she
is a very shrewd woman.

Whether she?s
shrewd or not, but.. l?ll surely
reach you to the cemetery.

What are you doing up there?
Get down here!

Have l gone crazy to come down?

if l come down, you?ll
remove my knickers beating me and..

.. send me to the cemetery.
l've not drunk as it is.

Hey, please give me some money.
l?ll go and drink some alcohol

..l feel faint.
Please give me.

Where did he go? ? l don?t know.

He must have gone to an
alcohol shop ? Drunken wretch!

Uru. ? Who is it?

You've come with a
guitar to sing? ? Me?

Urvashi.. ? What is it?

Hey, please change your
facial expression a bit.

ls that enough?

l've come ask for
forgiveness from you.

For the
undisciplined behavior yesterday.

if you don?t feel bad, can l
tell you something? ? Tell me.

Do you think that l'd
drunk and come? ? Yes.

No. l'd sprinkled alcohol on
my clothes, and acted as a drunk.

l swear upon you, even a single
drop hadn't gone down my gullet.


l swear upon you.
- Hey, don?t cry.

You love me too much, don?t you?

You tell me first. ? l
love you more than my life.

ls it so? Yes? ls it so?

Okay tell me, if a girl,
if a girl, loves me..

..with all her life and soul,
then what?ll you do?

l?ll give up my own life.

Wow. l got the idea of
releasing my life from her.

Urvashi, We've
fought too much till today.

From today,
we?ll make love okay?

First we?ll go to
a picnic. -Okay.

Then we?ll go to swimming,
okay? ? Okay.

Then we?ll go for dinner
in some nice hotel ? Okay.

And then, at night,
at night, at night, that.

That? What?

Oh that same thing, not
the first kid right now..

..and after the
second kid, never again.

There, did you feel shy?

Okay. l've an idea.
That swimming pool..

..opposite the Association,
meet me there in the evening.

l?ll fit the whole
matter there, okay.

Oh! l?m dead!

. . . . . . . .

l am fortunate,
you became my beloved.?

O beloved, O chinamma.
O chinamma!?

O Lakshmaya, O Lakshmaya.?

You're very spicy, My
heart dances a flutter.?

You?re beautiful
from head to toe.?

You're an ocean of beauty.?

what?s so special about you??

my heart just..

..waits for you! O mother!?

when you laugh, when
you settle in my embrace.?

all my nerves smile, l
don?t have peace without you.?

You are so supple,
you are my queen.?

water doesn't
settle on your body..?

looking at the body,
even fires burn! O mother!?

now that you and
l have fixed up.?

the whole world
has lost it?s likes.?

the world has
moved away from the road.?

we dance and
make others dance..

..?till they tire! O mother!?

Hey, hey , hey! What is it?
Let me go! Let me go!

What are you doing? Honest
people don?t act like this.

l know very well what l?m doing.

l love this girl, and very
soon, l?ll be marrying her.


Yes marriage. What is
so shocking about it?

No, you can't marry her.

Why, why can l marry her?
Who are you to stop me?

l am your wife. You can't
do such an injustice to me.

if you can't tolerate injustice,
then go and commit suicide.

But, you better don?t
meddle in my matters, understood?

it's okay then. Tell me truly,
do you really want to marry her?

Yes, surely.

it has been the
tradition of our country..

..that the husband and
wife are bound to each other..

..with the strings of love.
But since the time witches like..'ve come like scissors,
the strings have been cut.

Hey listen. l didn't go
and call him my darling.

He himself called me
darling and fell in my lap.

isn't it darling?
isn't it correct?

Anyway, if your
happiness lies in this..

..then what problems can l have?

it?s the duty of every wife
to bow to her husband?s wishes.

Sister, if you can
give him the happiness..

..that l can't give, then
undoubtedly, you marry him.


This plan has failed too!

Let us go home and make
preparations for the marriage.

Yes, honey, let's go home.
if not honey? -go from here.

Wasn't you the malaria enough..

..that you?re talking
about taking this cancer home?

Yes, and you. ihad
given you 500 Rs to act.

And you started sticking to me?

Hey, please give me a chance
of becoming the wife and see.

ls it so? Go,
get lost from here.

Hey,darling's kid, what are you
calling me as darling?

l?ll give you such a kick that
you?ll face Darjeeling, get lost!

Okay. Bye, sister! Ta-ta!

Ta-ta, I'll give her one kick
with Bata, I'll smash her face.

Come, let us go home.

Which house, whose house?
What house? l've no house.

l?ll stay here, l?ll
sleep here and eat here too.

And l?ll go to
my duty from here..

..and return here
directly from duty. That?s it.

ls it so, what will
you do for your meals?

For my meals? l?ll
eat fodder and grass.

Oh no! l?ll bring
food everyday for you here.

That means, that means
you won't leave me here too?

No. ? O God! What sins had l
committed in my previous life?

Why have you stuck this
forcible tail behind me?

See, my mother, my father,
my whole family!

You won, and l lost. Please
go away, please go away. - No

You won't go? You won't go?
l?ll strangle you! l?ll be back.

Go, run away. ?
Listen to me please.

l told you not to follow me.
? Listen to me for a minute.

She?s still
following me, go run away.

Please wait, where
are you going? ? Leave me!

Please listen to me.
Listen, please listen to me.

Wait. Leave me! Ravi, help!

What kind of husband are you?

l?m being raped here and
you?re just staring! Help!

Oh, husband? Who husband?
Which husband? What?

Where did this
husband come from?

Wretched trouble! Yes,
take her, take her away.

Ravi, so what if
she?s not your wife?

She?s a woman, and it?s
the duty of every man.. save the dignity of
a woman, Go, save her, Ravi!

Ravi, Ravi, Ravi.

Ravi?s leg has
been taken care of.

There?s none who can
defeat me in the competition now.

Sir, how is he now?

Firstly, his leg
has been fractured.

Secondly, due to a
serious wound in the head..

..too much of
blood has been shed.

He needs blood.
Because the hospital..

..doesn't have O negative blood.

Please arrange
for it immediately.

Sir, my blood comes
in the O negative group.

Please take my blood quickly.

Please come with me.

How is Ravi now? ? He?s
all right now. ? ls it?

You are very brave.
You?ll be all right soon.

Be brave, and listen,
l?ll leave now, okay?

Everything will be
all right. l?ll leave now.

Ravi has had a serious accident.

Looking at the
state that he?s in..

..l don?t think that he can
take part in this competition.

Yes. This is a
national level competition.

And then, it?s the question
of our Association?s honor.

Yes. Therefore, l
think that someone else..

..should be chosen
for this competition.

But yes, remember, that
Ravi shouldn't know about it.

He?ll be very
sad if he knows it.

Sir, l wish to speak
to you about something.

Please come with me. ? Mrs.
Kapoor, just a minute.

Sir, l pray to you.
You've given such..

..a huge opportunity to Ravi,
don?t snatch it away from him.

l?m helpless,
child. There are only..

..ten days left for the program.
Ravi?ll be unable to perform..

..a program on the
stage after ten days.

it?s very difficult for
him to be cured in ten days.

Then dancing is a
very far off thing.

Ten days is too much
of a time if God wishes..

..he can change a
man?s luck within a day.

My heart says that
Ravi?ll surely be cured.

He has thought
that this program.. a dream of his lifetime.
Please don?t break this dream.

Otherwise, he
will be heart broken.

We, even we want
that Ravi should..

..participate in this
competition. But what can we do?

Do whatever you want.
l fall at your feet.

Get up, child.

Sir, please let Ravi
lose this opportunity.

Please don?t let
him lose this chance.

l take the
responsibility to cure him.

it?s good then, dear.
if you take the responsibility..

..if you have
so much belief in your prayers.

if you believe in
your God so much..

..then Ravi will surely
take part in this competition.

Okay, are you happy now?
Can l leave now?

Thank you very much.
? God bless you.

Teacher! Hey Teacher!
What is all this?

This is strange! l was in Delhi.
l was in the Budget Session.

l can to know about this there.
l took off from Delhi..

..and landed here in Mumbai. You
had such a huge accident..

..and you didn't even
inform me? l won't spare you.

l?ll send all the
ruffians on a vacation.

l?ll make the
police beat half of them..

..and l myself will
beat the other half.

Like that, everything
is all right, isn't it?

There is no danger, isn't it?

What kind of a
donkey am l? The person..

..who was in the hospital,
if he?s come home.. means that his
danger has passed over.

When a person drinks less,
this is what happens with him.

All kind of wrong things
are uttered from his mouth.

l drank three quarters,
how many, three.

But l got the
intoxication of only one quarter.

Nowadays they mix
too much of water.

l was in Delhi. l
shouted in the Parliament.

When will the
ruffians of this country stop?

Mothers are being raped,
sisters are being widowed.

Orphans are shedding
their blood like water.

And my friend is
writhing with wounds.

When will those wounds be cured?

l shook the whole of
Delhi and kept it in my pocket.

And now, hey you
didn't eat the fruit?

Please have it,
it is very sweet.

- Yes? ? Please take this tea.

Daughter, please don?t call
me uncle, he gets angry on me.

Daughter, it?s not
time for me to have tea.

My time for
drinking tea is different.

in the morning, from getting
up from the sleep till sleeping..

..again in the night, l don?t
drink tea. l drink tea after that.

Now, it?s time
for me to drink this.

Ravi, Seeing your state,
I'm very sad, friend.

if you permit, can
l have some of this?

Let it be, l?ll not drink.
Daughter, don?t worry.

if you've any problem, call
me in the middle of the night.

l?ll come on my head.
l?ll come walking on my head.

You don't worry. And Ravi, you get
well soon. l?ll just..

..drown his quarter in
the drain of my gullet.

Just l go and return.

Don?t worry, as soon as l go,
l?ll come back.

Where is he going?

What place is this? it?s
stinking here. Where is the door?

it?s there. ? it?s there?
While coming it was here.

How did it go there?
Okay, I'm going.

Urvashi! You have fever.

Did you eat anything or not? -
l had eaten the God?s offering.

God?s offering? You have only
God's offering from next tomorrow!.

Have you decided to die?

See, daughter, life and
death is in the hands of God.

What?s the use in
getting so worried about it?

l just pray to God,
that he gets well soon.

So that he?s able to
compete in the competition.

So that he goes there, he
sings, wins and gets an award.

He becomes famous. His
life?s ambition is fulfilled.

For that. God make me
ill forever for that.

Yes, Mother, this is what
l want. This is what l want.

My name has been
printed in the invitation card.

l can participate
in the competition.

l will dance, l
will sing. l will..

..but my leg's fracture band
hasn't been opened yet.

My leg has been broken.
And with my leg breaking..

..all the ambitions of my
life have been broken too.

l won't take any steps hastily
and make him a cripple for life.

Have patience, everything
will be all right. Go, go home.

Till the time you don?t open
his plaster, l won't go home.

impossible. Till today,
this hasn't happened in medical..

..history. Try to understand me.

l don?t know anything
about your medical history.

l have full faith in my God.
He will never disappoint me.

impossible. This can't be done.

if you don?t open his plaster,
then l?ll do it myself.

l can't do
anything in this matter.

At least try for me.
l beg of you.

But remember, if
anything happens to him.. be responsible
for that, okay? ? Yes. ? Come.

Daughter, your God
has listened to you.

Daughter, l've lost and you
have won. ? What?

The bone has connected!

l?ll break dance!?

l?ll leave only after
making everybody dance!?

l?ll break all the records!?

come let us dance,
come let us love.?

there are so many
beautiful and lovely faces here.?

our life is here,
dancing, singing and being happy.?

'Dance! Sing! ? Dance! Sing!'

'Dance, Sing! Wow! Wow!'

even the heart
works with rhythm.?

heart beat is
the name of rhythm.?

the world works on rhythm,
The name of rhythm is life.?

even the stars as
well as the light dances.?

the earth as well
as the sky dances.?

the flowers as
well as Babban dances!?

Ravi, Ravi!



Ravi, winning this award,
you've kept our name high.

All this is your mercy,
sir. if you hadn't given me a..

..chance, then forget about
this award, even that a singer..

..named Ravi existed in
this city wouldn't be known

But the truth is that,
We've not given you this chance.

it was your wife who forced
us to give you this chance.

What? ? Yes, when you
were in the hospital..

..we had decided that you
would not be taking part in the.

..competition, because
you weren't able to dance

But your wife, cried,
requested, and even fell.. our feet, requested us,
that we shouldn't snatch..

..this golden
opportunity of your life.

She took the full responsibility
of curing you and bringing.. on stage. We were
forced to give you this chance.

Therefore the real heir of these
thanks is not us, but your wife.

Yes, Ravi!


Where has she gone? Urvashi?

When did you come back?
? Greetings mother.

Bless you. ? Mother, l won this
competition by your blessings.

l got this gold medal.
? Congratulations son.

May God give you more success!

l would have come myself,
but l was ill.

l saw your
program on the television.

The country?s such a
great artist lives in my house..

..knowing this, my
head was high with pride.

Mother, where
is my wife? ? Wife?

Say it again. ?
Where is my wife?

Today, for the first time,
listening the word ?wife?..

..for Urvashi,
l feel very happy.

Son, very lucky
people get such a wife.

Everybody makes
a show of serving.

But the real service is
which the husband won't realize.

Since the time you had
gone to the hospital.. a crazy girl,
that girl has been..

..going to temples,
mosques, and churches.

She kept praying and fasting
for your health and success.

Otherwise, dancing and
singing is another matter.. wouldn't
even be cured by now.

Even the doctors
themselves are surprised.

Mother, where is Urvashi?

To pray for your health, she
has gone to Bholenath temple.

Urvashi. That?s enough.
Please stop this difficult vow.

God has
listened to your request.

Only l got the first prize
in such a huge competition.

l got this prize,
this medal and this shawl.

But, but whatever Ravi got,
he got it only because of you.

See, Urvashi, see,
open your eyes. Please.

Take this. All this yours, yes.

l sung on the stage. But
every word of my son was..

..indebted to you. The
hall was echoing with applause.

But from every applause,
bless Urvashi?..

..?May Urvashi live
long!? That was what being heard.

l don?t even know you.
for an stranger.. served me so, you
served me so, that rarely..

.. must a wife would
have served her husband such.

You worshipped this God
from morning till evening.

But l, l should
pray to this Goddess.

Urvashi, you've given me a
new life, you are my Goddess.

God, you've
succeeded my penance.

You've fulfilled my ambitions,
you've heard my prayers.

You've proved today,
that you keep the respect..

..of real love and real penance.

You've kept a
woman?s dignity today.

You saved my love
from being ruined.

Ravi, you, do you?

Yes, Urvashi, to which
God you have been praying..

..l keep him as my witness
and tell you that l love you.

l have faith in your words.
l don?t need any vow.

l've faith in my love.
Today, you've confessed your love.

l shall tell you, in my mind,
the truth of your love.

it was a Diwali Night. l
had seen you singing alone.

since the time l've seen you,
l've asked you from God.?

'You're the reason to live.'

You?re so beautiful, l
could see you all my life.?

'That closeness,
you gave it to me.?

'You won my heart.?

Your eyes shied away,
my heartbeats stopped.?

"My love was awakened."

let the story start at least,
let the lips touch the flower.?

the silky hair moved there,
the light shone somewhere.?

my house was brightened.?

Your song has become
the support of my life.

l've begun to
fall in love with you.

l feel, that l
should run towards you.

l should cut my chest up,
and place my heart at your feet.

When l couldn't tolerate
my love for you any longer..

..then, one day, l came to
your house to confess my love.

Okay, father. ? Ravi,
l've become old now.

l want that you should
marry and settle your house now.

No, Daddy. l don?t
want to be trapped.. the trap of
house and household now.

First, let me fulfill
the ambition of my life.

l want to become a
famous singer and dancer.

l don?t want to bury my
voice beneath stoves and vessels.

Okay, as you wish. Ravi, when
my old eyes close themselves..

..who will take care of
you and look after you?

No, daddy. Don?t say such
inauspicious things. ? Why?

in this city of Bombay,
thousand and millions of people..

..stay unprotected and orphans.
l?ll stay just as one of them.

ls this your final decision?
? Yes father.

The All India Talent Association
has called me for an interview.

l?m going to Bombay today.
Yes, if you know anyone in Bombay..

..then please give me
his name and address.

l?ll take his help. One
needs support in an unknown city.

Here, this is my friend.
He is quite a working wheel.

He?ll be of some help to you.

Okay, l?ll go now.
Greetings. ? Bless you.

Write a letter, surely okay.

You went to Bombay from there.
When l returned..

..sad to my place,
what did l see there?

That my father was
confirming my marriage proposal.. a Thakur's son,
without even asking me.

The one to whom l
had given my heart..

..leaving him, how
could l leave him and..

..tie the nuptials
with someone else..

..and take the sacred
rounds around the sacred pyre?

The funeral pyre
would be better than that.

Then l decided to
leave the house..

..and decided to come
here to you in Bombay.

My aunt Y was surprised on
seeing me there all of a sudden.

But she supported
me like her daughter.

Actually, Sampat
Shrivastav is my real uncle.

And just like a crazy girl,
without thinking anything..

..leaving my parents,
l came to you.

And l started living with you,
forcibly acting as your wife.

But today l?m
very happy, on seeing..

..that you've succeeded
in your ambition in life.

Your ambition has been
fulfilled. But due to me..

,,you had to face
too many problems.

For that, l beg
your forgiveness.

No, Urvashi. You've
given me any trouble.

You've given good sense
to a stupid person like me,

You?re not my fan from today,
you?re my wife. You?re my life.

in front of this God,
accept you. -

Daddy! - Silent! Shameless!
Loose girl! Before..

..crossing the limits of
the house, why didn't you die?

Daddy, l.. ? Silent!
Speak in a low voice, or

l?ll snatch your tongue.

Firstly, without
any marriage, you..

..stayed as the
fake wife of a rogue.

Also wore a fake
symbol of the marriage too?

You have turned the
father?s dignity into mud..

..and on top of that,
you?re showing me your eyes?

l?ll shatter your eyes and
make you blind, understand that.

The people who would
shatter the eyes are dead.

This is my
brother?s daughter understood?

Sampat is alive as yet.
Let anyone just..

?touch my child and see. l?ll
uproot the hands like dry grass.

Sampat! ? Lower your
eyes and speak in a low tone.

if l start shouting, then
how the glass cylinder bursts..

..just like that the cylinder
of your fake dignity will be burst.

Uncle! ? hey,
why are you crying.

Your father is a very
cheap man. Why are you wasting..

..your precious
tears for that cheap man?

And your uncle is
alive yet. He has uprooted..

..the pillars of so
many people. What is this ..

..without wall poster
do to us, don?t cry. Come.

Yes, so what were you
saying to my brothers? daughter?

That you?re her father?
With what right.. you say that
she is your daughter?

What have you
given her till today?

Love, respect, did
you give her anything?

Just like a cow's kid,
you've given her to servants..

..and you yourself have
been accumulating notes.

You've been a leader to
fool the innocent people.

And have played the
political strategies.

Did you sit with her
for even a day and ask..

..Daughter, what is your
problem, why are you sad?

What problem? l never gave
her a chance to ask anything.

Even before she asked,
l fulfilled all her needs.

Food, drinks, money,
valuables, what didn't l give her?

See, in the
orphanages of America..

..the children
there get more than this.

So the trustees don?t
become their parents.

Just as this woman
can't become his wife.. wearing his
symbol of marriage..

..just like that, you can't
become her father by feeding her.

A father is that person who gives
his kids the morsel of advice.

A father is one
who gives his kids..

..the treasure of love
from his mind? safe of honesty.

What have you given her?

Sampat, l haven?t come
here to take your advice.

Even l don?t want to ruin
my advice by giving it to you.

l ask you just one thing.

When this girl loves him,
why have you come.. to meddle your scary leg?

Mr. Sampat. Please let me
speak. l?ll tell father in law.

Don?t you dare call
me your father in law!

Yes, call me smaller
father in law and answer him.

There, not me.

l love your girl. l really
love her, and she loves me too.

l?m poor. l can't
give you big promises..

..but l can promise you that
l will keep your daughter happy.

All we need is your permission.
Because it is..

..our duty to marry
according to your permission.

l request you, and beg
you for your permission.

See, this is
honesty , true lovers.

You?re not worth to
be asked permission..

..but even then, he is
asking for your permission.

Otherwise, as it is
they are half tied in the..

..bonds of marriage in
the eyes of the world..

..the other half will
be tied by me. After that.. will be the grandfather
of the child that is born..

..but l will be
called as his grandfather.

Don?t talk rubbish,
Sampat. How do l permit?

How do l knowingly push my
daughter in the fire of hunger?

What is his worth? ls
he worth my daughter?

Why is he worth your daughter?
ls he blind, lame or a beggar?

He is a very strong and
healthy man. He is famous singer.

He is the star who will
shine in art?s sky tomorrow.

l?m not talking about tomorrow.
l?m talking about today.

What does he have?
First of all he is orphan.

He has a common
government job, with a salary.

He doesn't even
have a house to stay.

Where will he keep my daughter?
- On the foot path? ? No.

Mother? - When this
mother?s huge house is present..

..why will he
stay on the foot path?

Mother? - Yes. Mother

l am alone in
this world. l've none else left.

accepting Ravi as my son..

..l?m naming my house,
wealth and bank balance to Ravi.

Therefore, he
isn't a beggar any more.

He is rich, and he is
dignified, did you understand?

Did you understand or not, or
should l make you understand?

Whether he agrees or not,
they will be married.

They are mature adults, Nobody
can stop them from marrying.

Okay, it will happen as you wish.
l am agreeable to this marriage.

Are you telling the truth,
or are you looking.. the chance and
chancing your party?

No, l?m telling the truth,
Where the daughter agrees..

..there the father agrees too.

And as Lilavati
has said correctly.

Where do you get such
a boy in today?s world.

See, l have a sincere request.
The marriage..

..should take place at my place.

if this marriage
takes place at my place..

..then my dignity will
be restored. Otherwise..

..the world will say
that the daughter married..

..against her father?s wishes.

l agree, what do
you say Sampat? - Okay.

Okay. l?ll find an auspicious
occasion and inform you.

Come them daughter,
let us go home..

..and make
preparations for the marriage.

Brother Sampat, for
the first time in life.. did a good
thing by opening my eyes.

l've always done good things,
what can l do if you understood.. for the first time?
l?ll leave you till the car

Okay, mother, l?ll leave now.

Okay. ? Okay. ? Come now!

Urvashi! ? Let me go!
-What is this dad?

Silence! l acted sincerely
there and brought you here.

Otherwise, how can l
accept defeat so easily?

l?ll allow your marriage to
that two bit worth boy? Never!

Listen to this. if you marry,
you will marry only this boy.

Otherwise, you?ll not
marry anyone. Understood?

Never daddy. l have
accepted Ravi as my husband..

..through my heart. if l marry,
l?ll marry Ravi, or nobody else!

No, Urvashi, please
don?t say like this.

Today is our marriage; the
invitation cards've been distributed.

Shut up. l?ll die but
l will not marry you.

l just have to marry you off.
Do whatever you want after that.

Please, let our
families be united.

Shameless, how dare
you raise your hand..

..on your would be husband?

Come! Come with me!
- Father!

Come, dare you move from here!


Ravi. Urvashi here. - Urvashi!

He has brought me here forcibly.
That was his entire trick.

He is marrying me off
to another boy today.

You come..


Listen, Ravi has come
to know about the wedding.

He will try to reach
here under any circumstances.

But you don?t
let him reach here.

Send your boys on all the sides.
if he tries to come even then..

..then kill him.

Priest, do it fast.
Please hurry.

Now, stand up for the rounds.

Chandu, finish off this rogue!

if any one moves, l?ll kill him!


Priest, read the hymns.

Wait, or else l?ll kill you.

Kill him, what else can you do?

After the election,
you kill promises made..

..and the rights
of the poor people..

..and after marriage,
kill your son in law.

Son in law! What
nonsense are you talking?

l?m not talking nonsense, but
announcing it for your benefit.

See there. He has
just made your daughter..

..his wife, and you
want to shoot him..

..and make your
daughter a widow?

l..l don?t believe
in such a marriage.

What will your belief
or non belief harm now?

But, in my eyes, he
is not her husband.

But in the eyes of the religion,
he is, in the eyes of society..

..he is, he is in
the eyes of the law.

This is not a political post,
that you sit on it..

..whenever you want, and
get up whenever you want.

This is the seat of
an Indian girl?s fate.

Whoever she allows
to sit there once..

..he becomes her God. And you
have no right to shoot her God.

Go, my blessings are with you,
Gods blessings are with you.

What will this person
stop you? Go, l?ll see.

Shoot! Why don?t you shoot?

Till when will you see
the world the eyes of money?

if you have the eyes of
your heart, then see there.

Love and see!