Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) - full transcript

Outspoken and overly critical Nishant Agarwal meets gorgeous new co-worker, Charu, offers his help, assists her financially, and they become close friends. His room-mates, Rajat and Vikrant, are pleased with this outcome as they already have girlfriends in Neha and Rhea respectively. But both the relationships are not as harmonious, as Rajat feels Neha is self-centered and demanding, while Rhea appears to be withdrawn and aloof. Missing their meetings and bar-hopping, the trio decide to take a time-out and be by themselves. All three women, however, find out and decide to accompany them to the beach where they eventually mingle. The trio do not know that soon misunderstandings will crop up - and it will take a lot of effort and understanding to resolve them.

Rajjo, are you pregnant?
Why are you not opening the door?

I’m barking since
half-an-hour standing outside.

I managed to control my pee
for the last one hour.

I’d a tough time controlling
the pee because of potholes.

You don't understand that.

Tell me something. When you stop
breathing, does the urine also stop?

Now stop it.

Three teas.


I’m sitting here.

We are sitting and
you are standing.

This is my place.

ls your father's name
written on it?


What's written here? iquid.

This is my name written in capital
letters and I’m not your father.

But my illegitimate child will
not be illegitimate like you.

Mind your language.
- You listen to me.

Calm down.

I will take your luggage there.

ls this the way you talk to someone?
- Get away from here.

Liquid, don't be so hot
else you'll evaporate one day.

Tell me one thing, Liquid. ls it
necessary for you to wear formals?

As it is, you look like an idiot.

Wearing formals you look a jerk.

I look like an idiot,
but you're an idiot.

The company you work
for has no standard.

Employees wear knickers to office.

Wonder what their intention is.

Our company is standard one..

..and we are not going
to dance on boss's tunes.

We get money for work and
not for saying 'yes sir.'

Why are you upset?

The manager. She's become
a manager just by decking herself.

Who does she think she is?

Wretched woman.

The tea tastes terrible.

Liquid, don't say anything
to my tea.

The food may be of substandard
quality but not the tea.

I make it myself.

The food is substandard and
the tea too is substandard.

You use sewage water
to prepare tea.

They urinate in it
and drink the same.

You prepare tea yourself.

I’m a dog. An American dog.

I bite and bark
whenever they ask me to.

I go behind wagging my
tail just for Rs. 34,000.

I’ve decided. I’ll quit my job.
I will not go from tomorrow.

They can do nothing.
The company won't be closed.

I will not go from tomorrow.

Liquid, you only say,
but don't do anything.

You are very bold.

You said you're going to
open a cafe shop. Did you?

Let me gather money.

I am waiting for that,
but who are you waiting for?

You don't know.

They ruined his happiness
when he joined the company.

He's waiting to regain it.

All right. Laugh. Look
what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

Just wait and watch.
I will not go on Monday too.

All right. Don't go. But why
you're spoiling the night?

Will you have liquor? - No.
I will have pee. Will you also have?

I will slap you.

I’ll cremate you in this gutter..

..and your corpse will
also not be recovered.

You have only one bone in your body.

You listen..
- No, you keep quiet.

Even you apologize.

Okay. I am sorry.

You better.

Mr. Choube, the tea is good.

The tiredness just disappears.

The smell of the gutter
and your tea.

Liquid, you are frustrated.
You need a girl friend.

You remember Ruchi Srivastava?
She looks beautiful these days.

She was very simple
and now you see her.

She has enticed a manager.


You must take a look someday.

"Life is great.
There's no tension."

"A cooker of friends and
the smile is the whistle."

"Whenever it whistled,
it was great."

"A cooker of friends and
the smile is the whistle."

"Whenever it whistled,
it was great."

"Life is great.
There's no tension."

"If you have a problem.
Then it is your issue."

"We don't have a
kerchief or a tissue."

"There's a fog of smoke
and booze overflowing."

"Life is great.
There's no tension."

"We earn through code..
we abuse the code."

"We even search for our
boxers in the Google."

"Our scriptures are told by Floyd."

"Life is great.
There's no tension."

"Why to think about anyone..

..or take tensions?"

"We saw everyone..

..and measured everyone."

"We are the leaders of vagabonds."

"Life is great.
There's no tension."


Pee at home.

Guys are brave.

Brave as Lion.

Do lions pee in the toilet?

- Lions pee.

Brave Lions.

The lions pee in the open air under
the blue sky.

Anywhere they want.
Stop it if you can.

Come on.

Why do you update each
and everything on Facebook?

ls it really necessary?

The picture quality is good.

Five mega pixel.

You take in your mouth and
put the photo on the Facebook.

Take it.

Rajjo, I must say.
You look gorgeous in this pose.

- "Take this girl."

You. Get away.

Rajjo, get him a girl.
Else I’m not going to stay with him.

What do you mean?
You think I have stock of girls?

- Choudhary, I wish we had.

Hey Rajjo!

"I got my first real six string."

"Bought it at the five and dime."

"Played it till my fingers bled."

"It was the summer of 69."

"Me and some guys from school..

..had a band and
we tried real hard."

"Jimmy quit and
Jody got married."

"I should've known
we never get far."

Come on, Choudhary.

"I waited till I saw the sun."

"I don't know why I didn't come."

"I left you by the house of fun."

"I don't know why I didn't come."

Why don't you too go and sing.

Go, Choudhary.

Let's do it.

"Pour some sugar on me
in the name of love."

"Pour some sugar on me,
come on, fire me up."

"Pour your sugar on me,
I can't get enough."

"He met Marmalade
down in Moulin Rouge."

"Strutting her stuff
on the street."

"She said 'hello, hey Joe."

"You want to give it a go?"

"Damn you's a sexy bitch,
you's a sexy bitch."

"Damn you's a sexy bitch,
damn, girl."

"Damn you's a sexy bitch,
you's a sexy bitch."

"Damn you's a sexy bitch.."

"I’m a get, get, get, get you drunk.
Get you love drunk off my hump."

"My hump, my hump, my hump,
my hump, my hump."

"My hump, my hump, my hump,
my lovely little lumps."

"Check it out."

"I’ll take you to the candy shop."

"I’ll let you lick the lollypop."

"Go ahead girl, don't you stop."

"Keep going till you hit the spot."

You go, I’ll join in sometime.

Hope you weren't offended.

My friend Liquid is a little insane.
- Liquid.

Nishant we call him
Liquid since he spreads a lot.

But you don't feel offended.

Not at all.

Great. Have fun.

Thought he will ask for number.
He turned out be naive.

I’ll be right back.

Excuse me.


I thought about it and I realized
that I felt a little offended.

And since I felt offended..

..don't you think you should
do something to please me?

As what?

Coffee tomorrow.
Just to apologise.

Liquid will not agree.
He doesn't apologise.

I’ll still try to send him.


CCD at 12.

For how long
will you watch yourself?

I got it. I will forward it. Sure.

Do one thing. Go nude.

Shut up, Liquid.
- Why are you getting so tensed?

Wear anything. You look
handsome in anything you wear.

You have soiled my shirt.
I suffered a loss of Rs. 14.

Where are you going? - Don't you see
the ID around my neck?

But today is Sunday.

There is no Sunday for the dogs.
Dogs are dogs for all seven days.

The Manager can ask
us to come any time.

- Hi.

I tried so much,
but Liquid didn't agree.

So thought
I’ll apologize on his behalf.

Had he come it would've been better.

But if Liquid would've come,
he wouldn't like waiting.

And you?

I’ve no problem. I wouldn't mind
if you're half-an-hour late.

In that case, it is good
that you came. I’m usually late.

I like to wait. In fact,
it is my favorite time.

Excuse me.
Actually I forgot my swipe card.

Are you new here?

I joined just yesterday.


You need my help.
My name is Nishant Agarwal.

Employee code No. 1578.
Dial 2 for my desk phone.

- Thanks.

Cheap guy.

What you said? You're wrong.

Thought you need my help and
that's why I told you my name.

I know that I'm cheap.

This is because I never had
any girlfriend in my life.

I never had friendship
with the girls.

I have less experience with them.

In fact, very less. I agree that
I wish to have a girlfriend.

But right now,
I was just trying to help you.

The truth is that.

I don't know how to entice a girl.
Nor have the courage to do it.

I’m not cheap but I look like one.

And generally,
I don't help anybody.

I helped you because
there are very less people.. the office since today's Sunday.
Otherwise, I’m not interested.

She calls me a cheap guy.

Chotu, one potato
stuffed rolled bread.

Give me two.


I am sorry. I'm new and
a little extra conscious.

I’m really sorry.

It is okay.

Shall we start once again?
Hi, I am Charu.


Don't you think the potato
stuffed rolled bread is uncooked?

He is an idiot.

Brother Chotu,
please give us another one.


"There's wild.."
- Sweet.

What is the matter?
My dear lion, you are here now.

What's going on? Sweet?

What happened?

What will happen?
The boy fell in love.

What is the matter,
Rajjo? His skin is glowing.

How was your Sunday?

Great. Today you cannot even imagine
what happen with your brother.

Did you get fired from your job?

What happened?

Today, a girl came and
spoke to your brother.

She even had potato
stuffed rolled bread with me.

Did you check? Was she a girl?

What you mean? She was girl.

But how did this miracle happen?

She is new in the office.

She mistook that I was trying to
entice her since I helped her.

I yelled at her.

I went out in the evening.
She met me there and apologized.

You know my nature. I forgave her.

Great, Liquid. You got it.

No. She's a decent girl.

One doesn't become friend by
having one square meal together.

What are you talking?

He made a family
planning on his very first date.

You're doing great.

You people.

Tell me quickly.

Choudhary, Neha hasn't called yet.

So, what can I do?

Shall I call her?

Go ahead. Don't ask. Call her.

Tell me.

Hello Choudhary, there is a new gym
in which boys and girls go together.

Liquid, I’m busy with some
urgent work. Call me later.

Now, disconnect the phone.
- Okay, I love you too. Bye.

If she calls then
I shall ask her for a date.

Will it sound too desperate?

You are desperate Rajjat.
And she knows it.

Do as you wish. It's not
going to make difference.

Choudhary, there is one
more idea. Let's learn Salsa.

Liquid, I am busy.

Come on.

What's the matter with you?

I’m asking you not to call.
Don't you understand?

I am very sorry. Actually,
thought it was someone else.

Great. What time?

Cool. I’ll be there for sure.

What is this?
What are you doing here?

Varun, please, don't start now.

Varun, please.

Hi, congratulations.

If I eat more,
then I will become fat.

What are you talking?
You look great.

Well, talk to Varun about it.

- Yeah.

Hi, Riya.
- Hi.

Thanks for recommending me.

Thanks for what?

Through a friend I recommended you,
so I'll get bonus from him.

I’ll get my new blackberry.

What will you have?

What do I say now?

Let's have the tried and tested
forced boring formal conversation.

So, Riya?
Which college are you from?

Delhi college of engineering.

One of my friend was also
in the same college. - Really?

Which batch?
- 2007.

Perhaps he was in 2006.
You know him.

Which branch?

You have not seen the CV?

If that is the logic,
then how can we talk?

- You are looking beautiful.

Especially with your sweet smile.

Eat less chocolates and
take don't put on weight.

Eat small meats at small duration.

Drink lots of water.
- Okay.

Your skin will improve.

Drink bottle gourd
juice early in the morning.

Oh no.. bottle gourd? Never.

You have to lose weight too.

It's not about eating.
It is about eating right.

The flat is so nice
and I really loved it.

Then finalize it.

The deposit is fifty
thousand above our budget.

I see.. Then you do one thing.

I have fifty. You take it
and you return it to me later.

No, Nishant. How can I?

What is the problem?
I got it now.

Nishant, I am exactly
troubling you a lot.

Yes, how it is?

It is good.

Okay then. Done?

I have one more client,
so you have to pay deposit early.

No, no. You will get the deposit
and brokerage by tomorrow.

Then, its okay. Yes, brother..

Will I get it by tomorrow?

Yes, no problem. You will get it.
- Sure? - Yes.

Shall we leave?
- Thanks.

How is it going on?

Not bad.

This is called officially
approved GA.


Groping allowance.

You men are very wicked.

Don't blame us.
Everyone knows how it is.

Blame the one who's responsible.


Are you done for the day
or anything remains?

The work is finished.
Heading home now.

Where do you stay?


How will you go?


Come I’ll drop you.

ls it on your way?

There is no much
difference from here too.

No, it is okay. I’ll manage.

What happened?

Why should I waste my petrol then?

Give me two Popsicle.

Not there, look there.

Your taste is not good.

My taste is very good.

"There's a strange thirst."

"This is a new feeling."

"Somebody is coming closer."

"There's a strange thirst."

"Every morning is velvety."

"Every night is exotic."

"Every morning is velvety."

"Every night is exotic."

"Every day is like a rose
and every night is in slumber."

"There's something special
about her."

"She is like a dream come true."

"Somebody is coming closer."

"There's a strange thirst."

"I smile when I am with her."

"I am happy when I am with her."

"I am lost in her colors."

"I smile when I am with her."

"I am happy when I am with her."

"I am lost in her colors."

"This is a beautiful ambiance."

"This is the house of happiness."

"She's my devotion.
She's my desire."

"Somebody is coming closer."

"There's a strange thirst."

"This is a new feeling."

- Hi.

Carry on.

If I didn't want to do your work..

..I wouldn't have stayed
back in the office till ten.

I did it.

I am not proving it to you..

..I am telling you that
I was very busy so, I came late.

Would I like if that idiotic
manager tells you anything?

Okay. I am sorry. I am sorry.

Sure. Okay, bye.

And, take care.

In which language are you talking?

I never heard this
from you earlier.

See, Charu had told me to do
some urgent work in the office.

I did a little late. So,
that poor girl..

You did her work and now
listen to her abuses too.

What's wrong with this house?

Did you talk to Rajat?

See, it is your idea and
you will talk to Rajjo..

..and I don't have
any such problems.

Yes, the bugs will bite
and she will clean the bed.

Even, I don't have any problem.

Being around make it difficult.

She's with us at home
and even when we go out.

She makes some plans
and we have to obey it.

This is not done.

I am sorry, Vikrant.
I am sorry, Nishant..

..because of me you
people are being troubled.

Neha this is not
what I meant to say.

I know that because of me,
you don't have enough of space.

You are uncomfortable
because of me.

I came here because you guys are
important part of my life now..

..and I don't want that you
become only Rajat's friend.

I am trying to make you guys a part
of my life.. and be a part of yours.

I thought, I am not only Rajat's
girlfriend, I am your friend too.

Neha, you are. What happened?

Daily he says, let's meet out
because you don't get space at home.

You sully girl!

You are so wicked!
I am talking to you.

Your wet underwear is lying in
the bathroom since three days.

You've made egg shells
as ashtray in the kitchen.

Choudhary has puked thrice
because of your smelling socks.

You tell Neha that
she's troubling us?

She's such a sweet kid.
You are the problem.

Neha, you don't listen to him.
Choudhary will teach him a lesson..

Choudhary, give him a tight slap.

Since Vikrant returned home,
he's told me five times..

..let's go out and
I’ll drop you home from there.

If you have so much problem because
of me, tell me. I’ll not come here.

He's mad?
Rajat, are you out of your mind?

Will you have ice-cream?

Will you have?

You go and bring the ice-cream.

Don't stand here. Go!
- Let's all go together.


Are they buying
ice-cream or freezing it?

What was the need to
tell all these things?

See, you people don't say anything,
but then there is problem.

I don't go to her place because..

..I don't want her roommates
to feel uncomfortable.

Look, ask Neha to take a small
apartment and shift somewhere near.

When they will stay together
then you will not have problem..

..and even you can
spend time together.

This is actually not a good idea.


You know what..

We need space for us too..
to spend some time together.

Actually yes.. let's take a house.

Nearby this complex.

This will be so exciting.

If you come in this area..

..then you wont miss
the fun which all four us have.

I won't miss you and
we'll always be together.

Then I will daily
drop you to the office.

But there's a problem.
If my mom and dad learns that..

..I am staying
in living relationship..

..then they will kill me.

What to do then? Do you
want to drop this plan?

No, I will handle it.

This is right.


Choudhary and I was discussing
about this yesterday..

I hope you've thought
about it clearly?

Isn't it a bit risky?

I also felt the same
whether this is right or wrong.

But don't know why,
I felt everything will be alright.

I think, it is a little early.

By the way, we are together
for more than six months now.

You know this is my
first relationship.

I feel, I should have
someone with me now.

When I am with her, I feel,
it is so easy to be happy.

After a tiring day in the office,
when she hugs me in the evening..

..I become very happy.

I used to pass days..

..but there was nothing to
look forward to apart from work.

Now, there's an excitement in life.

You know? She makes me feel alive.

Yes, now there is no
excitement in our love.

You wont feel alive with us?

What are you talking?

He is abusing you and telling
that you have snatched me from him.

Why didn't you slap him?

No, I was also doing the same.

What did you say?

I was saying, I've become
very careless because of you.

I’ll lose my job because of love.

Am I creating so much problem?

- Yes.

What are you thinking?

Charu, you know life
is very difficult.

You know, everyone fights
with their lives.

You have seen,
we had to fight to find a house.

I know. So, what now?

We have to stop fighting with
life now. We have to make life easy.

Do you get my point?

Did your PM tell you anything

How will she dare to
say anything to me?

You just concentrate on what I say.

Look, what I am saying is..
our office is like a hell..

..but we can make our life easier
outside this office, isn't it?

Okay, look..

I am telling you,
there should be somebody..

..when you return home tired
after a busy day at the office..

..someone who hugs you lovingly.

You will feel that
everything is beautiful.

No matter how bad your
day was and life is.. should feel as
though everything is alright.

It shouldn't be such that
you spend the whole day..

..and there's no fun in your life.

I mean, you know.. there should be
some excitement in life.

I mean, someone who
makes you feel alive.

I am so lively.

Charu, are you understanding
what I am trying to say?

Okay. Okay.

Charu, I love you.

Charu.. Charu, I am sorry.

You know Vicky, Varun does
not respect my freedom.

According to him,
I don't know how to talk to people.

He says I am over-friendly
with people.

Am I?

You tell me.
Am I over-friendly with you?

No. You are not.

Hi Nishant, I am sorry.
I couldn't respond back.

I am already in a relationship.
I respect your feelings.

But really can't do anything about
it. I am sure you'll understand.

I’m sorry I have to do this to you.

I just want to be myself.

I want to live and
laugh the way I like.

I can talk to anyone
as much as I want.

I just want my space.

I love him, Vikrant.

I am missing him very,
very badly. I know that.

But I know that if I live with him,
neither he'll be happy nor I.

So, I have to do this.

For his happiness and for mine.

I just want to be happy.

Am I wishing something wrong?

No, not at all.

Charu, what's wrong with you.

If you are not able to do it,
then just let me know.

I’ll give it to someone else.

Sir, I am trying. I'll do it ASAP.


I have done your work and have
mailed it to you. You check it.

Nishant, I don't want your sympathy.

It is not sympathy, Charu.

Have you come here to say
that you've done favor on me?

I won't talk to you,
but will do my work?

Nishant I took you as a friend
so I was reiying on you..

..but you don't want my friendship.

- Because I have a boyfriend.., you will not talk to me.

Charu, one second. Please.

See.. I am sorry. I am really sorry.

I did a mistake by proposing you.

I really didn't know how
to face you. I am sorry.

I am your friend.


How I should assure you, tell me?

You assure me later..

..I’ll first sent the
mail that you've sent me.


You know, Vicky.

You understand me.

Wow! Choudhary, today you
are playing very nicely.

What is the matter?

You may play with heart
or by finger.

What is important? Playing it.
- Wow! Rajjo!

Choudhary, are you blushing?

Thanks for bringing me here.

You know what?

I miss Abhi.

You've made this drink very strong.

Choudhary, play it.


Riya, move aside.
Move aside. Right away.


After long time,
this was so much fun..

Listen, tomorrow I am going to
Choudhary and Liquid's house.. see the match.

Tomorrow we were supposed to go
and purchase the household items.

We will go after the match.


I am sleepy.

Good morning.

Today you woke up so early.

I don't sleep more and I
like to stay in my senses.

Why do you drink so much?

How much? I would've
just had two pegs yesterday.

I am talking about yesterday..
I am talking about this.

ls this the way you drink?

Who is such an educated sensible
man who does not know his limit.

I am so disappointed.
Actually, I am disgusted, Rajat.

Neha, this is very old. It was
taken when we had not even met.

What difference does that make?
It is yours, isn't it?

That's not the point anyway, Rajat.

What is the point, Neha?

The point is you are like this.

Neha, how I am?

If you don't understand
your mistake..

..then I don't want to
make you understand.


What is this nonsense?

I’d told you that day itself.. click one more picture
and paste it.

What nonsense are you talking?

She is talking like a fool and
you are also telling the same thing.

But why discuss about
this all of a sudden?

I don't know.

Rajjo, you look gorgeous even today.

Whenever I see it,
I get ill-intentions.

Shut up, Liquid.
- You shut up.

What is this matter now?

Yesterday your madam suffered from
motions after eating in an inn..

..did we tell that she
doesn't know to eat?

She herself said the food was bad.

The food was bad,
can't the drink be bad?

Does she mean to say,
if anyone suffers from diarrhea..

..they shouldn't eat food at all.

And since when it is
making difference to you?

You've always puked in the inns.

This was placed here.. you were finding it
difficult on an Indian style.

See it is not bad to
vomit after drinking.

It is wrong to make an issue.
Right Liquid? - Right.

And your madam is already insane.

She makes issue of everything.

Issue? She's making me do thesis?

She lectured me so much and
spoil my mood early in the morning.

Yes, Rajjo.

Life become easy.
She makes you feel alive?

I am sorry. I think I rushed into
the decision of living together.

It is my fault.
I’ll sort it out myself.

India will lose today.

Babu is sweeping?

This is wrong.

This idiot commits a mistake
and makes his beloved sweep?

He'll be beaten today.

..that was beautiful
again Sachin Tendulkar..

Neha, what happened?

Neha, say something.

Sachin would've made
a century by now.

Babu, I love you.

I am sorry.

I love you.

Neha, what happened, tell me?

You know what, Rajat?
It is not going to work out.

I am sure, it is my mistake.

Taking me for granted
and I let you do it.

Your priorities, your hobbies,
your friends, your time.

You are important for yourself.
- No, Babu.

Rajat, relationship
doesn't work like this.

How can you be so selfish?

You think only about yourself.

Since last two weeks
I am telling you.. bring the curtains
for the house..

..crockery, and other items.

But you don't care.

You just want to have fun.

ls house hold work
only my responsibility?

We are not yet married and you do
like this. You don't care, Rajat.

Neha you are telling as
if I don't do anything.

I had come with you to
shop for household items.

Since last three weeks
every Saturday and Sunday..

..we are doing the same thing.

Curtains, cushions, cups, plates.

Now, you tell me.. what you told
me to do and what I have not done?

This is the point Rajat.
I always have to tell you to do it.

Why can't you do anything
by yourself?

I don't enjoy all this work, but
I still do it as it is important.

I also can go out with my friends.
We can arrange the house later.

Neha it is not like that.

When I do anything on my own you
tell why did you do like this?

I don't go out daily.
I went after many days today.

Okay Rajat, you cannot
understand your mistake.., I don't want to
argue with you.

You are correct and I am wrong.

I took such a big
step for your happiness.

I moved in.

I lied to my parents,
but who cares.

It is my fault.

No Babu, I care.

No Rajat, you don't.

You only want to be with
your friends and watch cricket.

Then why don't you live with Sachin?
I am nothing to you.

When everything is finished,
you remember me in the night.

ls this my importance for you?

Hi. How are you?

You remembered me
after a long time?

I was just sitting.

Yes. When do we go?
Sure. Let's go.

Forget Riya. She overacts.

You tell me, when do we go?

Seriously? Okay, done. See you.

Bye Charu. Bye.

What were we discussing?

Forget it, Babu. Leave it.
You know I love you.

No Rajat. I don't.

You know, this is your problem.

You don't want to
discuss the problems.

You want to run away
from the problem.

Do you even remember
when did you last speak to me?

You have no interest
in talking to me.

You have time
for Nishant and Vicky.

For me?

I ask you daily about
how was your day, don't I?

Have you ever asked me?

You never talk, Rajat.

I am sorry, Babu.

We'll surely take time out
for each other and talk.

See, this is the difference.

You'll have to take time out for me.

I think about taking
time out for other things..

..because I give
all my time to you.

Sorry. This will not happen again.

I hope you are not telling this
just for the sake of telling.

Rajat, if this happens again..

No, it will not happen.

I am very serious, Rajat.
If this happen again, you know..

I know, Babu. I love you.

Catch it!

Didn't I tell you, I hate it?
Don't wear this.

No Babu, you said.
You don't like it too much.

You, Babu..

You know, Rajat. You have this habit
of putting words in my mouth.

Then you try to manipulate me.

Neha, what are you telling?

You know I hate this shirt, Rajat.

When I said I don't like it.
I very clearly meant that I hate it.

Still you want to wear it.

Okay. Wear it.

What difference will my choice
make to you? Right?

Now that I am living with you
don't have to entice me anymore.

Do what you like.

ls this okay, Babu?

"I am in love."

"I am in pain
after falling in love."

How it is?

Salt is less, isn't it?


Babu, where did you learn
to make such good coffee?

I mean, you should go and tell
these stupid coffee chains..

..that this how a coffee is made.

Sonam looks gorgeous, isn't it?

Babu? Babu, listen.

Babu I was not looking at her.
I didn't see that girl.

Sister Shuba.. Aarti's cousin,
who stays in Southex..

..her neighbor's sister-in-law..
- Who?

Sister Shubha, Aarti's cousin.. having the affair till
today with her college boyfriend.

Do you believe it?
- ls he a gay?

God, not him.. I swear..

Her blouse has
cleave all till her waist.

ls she nice?

Her husband doesn't
even look at her.

"I am in love."

"I am in pain
after falling in love."


Rajat, this is not the way to talk.
Go and die somewhere.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, Dear Riya.

Happy birthday to you.

Thank you, Vikrant.

You are thanking me in such a way,
as though you have grown old.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You don't have to work
hard today. Happy birthday.

Actually, since last five years
only Varun used to call me first.

You know, my first
birthday after we started dating.

He came to my office at midnight.

With some 20 balloons.

Then it started to rain.

When we reached home,
we were completely drenched.

And then we kissed.

I am sorry. I don't know why
am I telling you all this?

I can understand.

Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Bye. Good night.

I am troubling you, isn't it?
- No way.

Not at all.
- Hi.

Hi, how is it and where is it?
- Hi Nishant.

What happened to you?

First you offer me a coffee
then I’ll tell you.

Get it for me, please.

See this. It is done.
- Nice.



Charu, this attitude
doesn't suit you.

Do you have any idea how to
talk and how much to talk?


People try to take advantage of
you as you are alone.

You don't understand this.

Why do you allow anyone to
keep their hand on your shoulder?

Even you place your hand on
my shoulder sometimes, isn't it?

So, you are
comparing me to those people?

Yes, what's the difference
between you and them?

The difference is that I..
- What?

I am just telling you..

..maintain distance from people
like this in future.

Nishant, I need not learn from
you how to behave with anyone.

Yes, I saw that.

Even Abhi doesn't
talk to me like this.

Charu, I am not Abhi.

Who are you?

What's this?

Riya, forget it.

If he's acting immature,
why are you doing the same thing?

No Vikrant, I have to do this.

I don't understand what
difference will it make?

You are coming with me
or shall I go alone?

You stay here.
I want to do this alone.

Greetings, madam.

Where do you want to go?
- Nowhere.

Then why are you sitting here?

I am waiting for someone.

The madam who just went,
is she your girlfriend?


Madam comes here very often..

..but I am seeing you
here for the first time.

Today she came after long time to
meet him who lives in room no. 712.

It will take some time.
You may go now.

Goodnight ma'am.

What happened?
- Nothing.

Yes Choudhary, tell me.

Any idea, where Liquid is?

No. Did you try calling him?

Yes, his phone is switched off.

Okay, I’ll try.

Where had you been?


At this time, in the office?
What you were doing?

Nothing.. but Charu
was late in the office.

Then, were you busy with Charu?

A lonely girl..
2 o'clock in the night.

Why are you ruining your life?

Forget it..
at least he dropped her.

Beautiful night
and romantic drive?

Go to sector 50.

What did he say?

Abhi is going to come now.
Please, keep quiet.

If he knows that I am with you
at 2 o'clock in the night.

He'll feel odd.

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."
- Hello, hi.

Seriously. "The boy agreed.
He became a dog." Very.

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

"The eyes became small and the tail
was decorated with golden paper."

"The eyes became small."

"What situation I’ve fallen into?"

"I became old in youthful days."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

What are you thinking?

Romantic drive.

Rajjo is becoming fat.
Neha is feeding you good food.

Liquid has become thin.
Charu is making him dance.


Choudhary, today was
Riya's birthday, isn't it?


You are here?

You want tea.

Idiot, since last three years.. have not offered
even a glass of water..

..and today when the girl
has kicked, you remember tea?

Make it.

Rajat, you are here at this hour?

Why? ls it only your
right to get kicked by girls?

This time will be hard for you.

It is such late and
you haven't returned yet.

It is good.
Boy is becoming a man.

You don't curse
my Rajjo to become man.

He has become so weak these days.

- Yes.

You know during the olden time when
the kings were going for hunting..

..they used to leave some
people to guard their wives.

They used to entertain the queen
as well as guard them from danger.

Move your hand.

Why do girls treat sex as a favor?


What are you saying?

No seriously. They do as
if they are doing a favor on you.

If they are in mood.
Then it is okay. It is right.

Think, what if you are not in mood?

What do you mean by that?
What are you talking about?

Does it happen?

Seriously, one day if the guy says,
I don't feel like..

You don't meet her for weeks and..

..then who'll bear her
emotional nature?

You don't find me attractive anymore.
Just because it is small.

We don't say anything.
They say it when not in mood.

You don't find me attractive anymore.
Because I don't have six packs.

Yes, because we know it is true.

Actually, the thing is..

..if treated like this..
they can get it whenever they want.

If a girl has to do
something like this..

..she can get a guy in a jiffy.

The only thing is
she should be in mood.

We don't have this luxury.
We have to work hard for it.

Actually, there is
no unity in the boys.

It never happened that
if you dump any girl..

..and other one is
standing in the queue..

..and she will ask you to
take her to your bedroom.

If any girl dumps a boy,

10 guys will be standing in the
queue wagging their tails like dog.

We guys are such. There's no unity.

We should make a union of guys.

In that if any girl dumps
a boy then for the next two years.. guy should even talk
to that girl. Then see..


We'll make you the president of
the union.

By the way,
you are more experienced.. not touching anyone till now.

Let's go out somewhere.


Goa or Shimla.
What difference will it make?

Only we three. No one else.

Okay, let's go.

You should've waited
for some time more.


This is too much.

It is 9..

If Rahul knows that I am still out,
he will be angry.

For God sake. ls she his
girlfriend or maidservant?

What is the use of such relationship
in which there is no personal space?

I know.. you know, this is
a good thing about our relationship.. because of you only.

You know, I love you,
Babu. Because you let me be.

Of course, personal
spaces is very important.


You are lucky to have me.

Neha I am going for
a vacation on this weekend.

I, Liquid, and Choudhary.

Actually, we don't get time. So,
we thought of going out on a trip.

Shall I go?


Will you stay alone for three days?

Of course.

- What?

Baby, even I want to join you.

I’ll not disturb you
at all. I promise.

You stay separately.
I’ll live separately.

Tell me.

Okay. Let's go.

Yes, Choudhary.

We three are on conference.
- Okay.

Have you decided the place?

Yes, Goa.

Good choice. In fact,
this is great choice.

It is said that whenever you go
to Goa. Go there like bachelors.

We'll celebrate a bachelors party.

Has Rajjo got the
application signed from his madam?

Did he?
- Yes, everything is done.

You tell me, are you happy?
- Very much.

There will be great fun.
Only you, me, and Rajjo.

Yes, absolutely.

Listen, Riya and Neha
are also coming. - What?

Yes, Rajat turned this
bachelor's party into honeymoon.


He said to Neha then
she was also interested to come..

..and Rajjo couldn't refuse her.


Listen, then Neha told
Riya and asked her to join.

They will make their
vacation and we will make our own.

Then I have booked
for the five tickets.

This is not done.

It is good that
I don't have any girlfriend.

- Hi.

Choudhary. Hold on for a second.

Riya had called and you
didn't tell me about it the trip?

Don't you want to go?

It is not like that.

I am joking. I am in.

Just tell me who do
I give the ticket money to.

- Bye.

- I’ll book six.

Rajjo, may you get ruined.

Trust me. These girls are
not going to disturb us.

Babu, will we stay here?

Idiot, Rajjo, enjoy. With this money
we could've visited Phuket.

Massage included.

Pal, there is no tension here..

..and you can do anything
whatever you want.

There's no disturbance.

Yes, Babu..

No, we are drinking beer.

No Babu, I will not drink more.
I know. I will not drink.


- Hi.

Nice hat.
- Thanks.

So, what are you doing?

Hi, boys.

What's up?

This is good place and
there is no tension at all.

Look there.
- I know.

See Choudhary, I love Goa.

You know there must be some
rules in our country and..

..that is..
anyone wearing small clothes..

..he should be punished for
one or two years. What say?

Oh God.

This is a good place.
There's no tension here.


Oh God, they are here.

This is also good place.
There's no tension..

Shut up! Don't say anything now.

Oh God..

They are our girls, isn't it?

"Oh handsome boy."

"Come closer to me."

"Oh handsome boy."

"Come closer to me."

"Have a drink with me
and let's do party."

"Come closer to me.
Embrace me and kiss me."

"Feel my breaths.
Deal with this heart."

"Do it."

"Come closer to me.
Embrace me and kiss me."

"Feel my breaths.
Deal with this heart."

"Enjoy life.
You'll love this deal."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Fall in love with me."

"I am a beautiful girl. Embrace me."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Fall in love with me."

"I am a beautiful girl. Embrace me."

"Give me your heart and
make me your life partner."

"Write a lovely chit.
Everything else is futile."

"Give me your heart and
make me your life partner."

"Write a lovely chit.
Everything else is futile."

"Forget all your
worries and let's dance."

"I am your sweetheart.
Come and dance with me."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy. Let's do party."

"Come on, feel the beat and move
your feet. Can you feel the heat?"

"When you are dancing next to me.."

"..I want to feel
you are moving with me."

"Come on, feel the beat and move
your feet. Can you feel the heat?"

"Give, give me more and
love the way we do it."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Fall in love with me."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Embrace me."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Fall in love with me."

"I am a beautiful girl.
Embrace me."

"It is a starry night.
The luck is bright."

"Kiss me, why are you delaying?"

"It is a starry night.
The luck is bright."

"Kiss me, why are you delaying?"

"Do something and have fun in life.
Catch this opportunity."

"Come close with an overdose.
Come and dance with girls."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy.
Come closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy. Come
closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

"Oh handsome boy. Come
closer to me. Agree to it."

"Let's do party."

How many dresses you
are changing in a day?

Why? You don't like what you see?

Whatever I see, looks lovely.

So, you want to see more?

I don't want to get
beaten by Choudhary.

I will convince Vicky,
but you think about Neha.

He is all yours, really.

Shall we go for a walk after dinner?
- Yes.

No, I am not in mood to walk.

What happened?

Headache.. that's all.


No, you go ahead.

So, looks like I am going to have
all three boys to myself tonight.

Nice. - Are you sure,
you don't want to come?

- Let's go.

"Come, Oh beloved."

"Come, I am very youthful."

Neha, you're mistaken.
Our relationship is very pious.

Can I have a word with Rajat,

Yes, sure.

You are okay?

No I am not.

What happened?

Why are you pretending as
though nothing happened?

I mean, I had headache and it was
necessary for you to go on walk?

Neha I thought that
you are giving excuse.

Suppose I have made excuse, but you
don't bother even to know about it.

Babu, I didn't know that
you'll be so angry with me.

This place is good.
There's no tension here.

Stop it, Rajat. Can't I see?
I know you're loving all this.

Flirting with Riya. I know that's
the reason you went for a walk.

And you are okay
with me not coming.

What is going on, lovebirds?

Neha what are you talking?
- Am I mad to come here with you?

Babu, there's nothing like that.

Now that your quality time is crude,
wanna go for a walk, darling?

No, I will not go
anywhere leaving Liquid alone.

I was talking about
Liquid and not about you.

Let her go. You go and
continue with your romance.

By the way, Charu is also alone.
She's suffering from cold.

I think she needs you.

- So?

Shall we?
- Let's go.

Charu, what is the matter?

Abhi had called.
He didn't like mine coming to Goa.

Did he say something?
- The same, usual.

He said, you didn't
ask me before leaving.

You don't bother
about me and all that.

Okay, listen. Shift a bit.

Listen to me. Why are you wasting
your holiday thinking about him?

I am sure, you'll sort it out.
Everything will be fine.

Okay, smile now. Smile. Smile.

Please. Stop now.


Yes Varun, tell me.

Why should I inform you, Varun?

Why are you bothered who I am with?

I’ve come here alone. Okay?

You don't have to. Varun,
why don't you understand?


"Please stop running,
from this commotion."

"I don't know what you mean to me."

"Things you do to me.
I don't understand."

"Just let me be me."

"Please stop running,
from this commotion."

"I don't know what you mean to me."

Take the sweater as the
cold increases in the evening.


I don't understand
what Rajat wants from me.

What happened, Neha?

I don't know. You ask him.

Since we've come back from the
resort, he hasn't spoken to me.

I hope you are not getting late
for the office? - No, its alright.

Fine. I fought with him..

..but should I hold his
leg and apologize to him?

What's the problem?

Am I demanding? Whatever he wants,
I am doing the same.

If he does not like me,
then let him tell me.

God, I left my house and
without telling anything to mom..

..and dad I am staying
with him. Does he even care?

You don't worry I will talk to him.

What is going on with Neha?
- Why? What happened?

She had come in the morning.

What did she say?

That you are not talking to her.
What is your problem?

Problem? Problem is that
she is a girl and nothing else.

Problem is, I wish there shouldn't
be any problem in my life.

But if there's no problem
in my life..

..this becomes
a biggest problem to her.

Why she is worried?
She has to celebrate.

Because, this is exactly
what she wants.

Seriously, these days,
when she opens her mouth to talk..

..feel like stuffing
something into her mouth.

Trust me, I had it all in
six months. I've seen everything.

What love? What relationship?
And what happiness?

Relationship means, enter
into it with your own happiness.

After that.. all you have to
worry about is.. her happiness..

..her birthday, her dog's birthday.

Her New Year..
even you have a New Year.

No one can make these girls happy.

A happy woman is a myth.

For instance, Batman's girlfriend.

Until he didn't become Batman..

..she kept saying:
You don't do anything.

You are useless. You are impotent.
How can I stay with a man like you?

Poor guy became Batman..
that day she said.. became batman?
I wanted to be with a normal man.

How can I stay with you?

The entire fault is of stories.

Bloody Bollywood romantic spices.

A girl and a guy falls in love.
They both stay together.

The movie ends.
No one tells the story after this.

I’ll tell you the story after that.

If the guy doesn't hug the girl
two days there's a problem.

If he hugs her.. she says,
you are cheap. This is too much.

They don't get tired from shopping.

First cushions and now curtains.

Cushions didn't match the curtains,
so she bought more cushions.

I have so many mugs that
if I sell them..

..I can bear my life for a month.

She goes to buy something
and buys something else.

She will irritate me for two weeks
saying she wants to buy a table..

..she spent 5 hours in the
mall and bought dirty slippers.

Again start irritating
that she needs to buy a table.

I am working in the
office and she calls..

As soon as I answer the phone,
I tell her I cannot talk to her.

ls it so difficult to understand?

What will happen
if you talk to me for two minutes?

If I talk to you for two minutes,
what will you gain?

I won't be able to
talk to you properly.

Then if I disconnect the phone
without saying 'I love you'..

..she starts her melodrama.

This mobile phone
has irritated me a lot.

It has made my life miserable.

It is like a noose to me.

Did you see their ads?

1 paisa per second.
So, keep calling.

If the price is less,
how much can a person talk?

Answer them for this..

You can't talk to me.
You've lost interest in me.

If you didn't want to talk,
why did I call you?

Oh mother, how would
I know why you called me?

Go and question Bharti Mittal.

I am telling you, it is not a dog,
but a bitch in the ad..

Seriously, I can bet on it.

Wherever you go, we follow.

What do you think?

Columbus didn't know
he was coming to India..

..and he came here accidentally?

No.. he knew about it.

That poor man wanted
to go somewhere far.

He had to tell his wife
that he's going to India.

Or she would've questioned him.

Where are you going?
Why are you going?

Really? Don't you know
where you are going?

Why don't you tell me clearly,
you are going away from me?

Till today the people of the
world make fun of that poor guy.

I am working in the office, I get
a SMS which says 'I love you.'

So, I reply to her
'I love you too.'

Then I keep getting
SMS one after other.

What work does
she do in the office?

If I don't reply for two SMS.
I get a call immediately.

If you don't answer the phone,
you get a message in 10 minutes..

..I don't think it
is working anymore.

In 10 minutes it goes
from 'Babu, l love you'.. 'it's not working anymore.'

This is when
they are not even down.

Now I know why men
die of heart attack..

..and why are gay so successful.

Because they don't have
woman to ruin their happiness.

People say: Behind every
successful man there's a woman..

True.. but no one says that:
behind every unsuccessful man..

..there is also a woman.

Anybody can say that
unsuccessful people..

..are more in quantity than
successful people in this world.

I am working in the office.

I tell her, I'll be late.

She won't have her food.
She'll go to sleep hungry.

If I tell her to eat, it is
a problem. Shall I quit my job?

Go home. Appease them.
Make them have their food.

Doing all this, one
doesn't feel hungry.

Even after doing all this,
if the person is sitting.. a corner peacefully..

..then she comes asking:
what are you thinking?

What are you thinking?
What are you thinking?

Oh God, I am not thinking anything.

I am thinking how do
I shut your mouth?

What are you thinking? Tell her
to place a camera in my head.

After all this: we never talk.
We need to talk.

I don't think it's working anymore.

I am telling you. You cannot
discuss anything with a woman.

Because, they call it a discussion..

..but any discussion
with a woman is an argument.

Boss, you can't win
them in an argument.

Because, we men have a basic need.

To make sense in an argument.

It make no difference to the girls.

Why should she lose
the argument for useless things?

They won't argue
for today's matter..

They'll fight about this
matter after two months.

One doesn't even remember what
had happened two months back.

Girls remember it. This is not
a small weapon, but a big one.

We'll use this point
in a bigger argument.

Try to prove that you are right.. would feel that you
would surely prove with this point.

Then you'll hear her say..
don't point your finger at me..

You wouldn't have noticed..

..that your innocent
finger is pointing towards them.

Suddenly the whole argument
will flush down the gutter..

..and the topic will be
'how dare you point a finger at me?'

Who made this rule? Who made it?

If they throw a shoe at you in
that argument, that's nothing.

But if you just point your
finger at them, the matter ends.

She's right and you are wrong.

Why do they play serpent
beats before the wedding?

Because even the drummer is
giving you an indication.. who's coming into your life.

This their signature tune.

You tell me, why did she come here?

If I do the same?

If I call her friend and
share my problems with her?

She would say:
you called my friend?

You want to gain their sympathy?

Why don't you go
and sleep with her?

It is ridiculous, pal.

The finger thing..
it had happened with me too.

What was the need to go
to Choudhary?

Tell me.

Neha, why are you weeping?
What is the problem?


Then why are you weeping?

Why are you behaving
like this with me?

I am sorry,
I told something to you.

But why are you behaving like this?

Babu, I was fighting.

ls this a fight?

Whatever you want to say,
you tell me. What is this method?

Babu, forget it.. - You know
this is one thing I can't take.

But I am talking with you.
Stop crying, please.

I hadn't told you..
I got down after reaching there.

In such feeling,
I just wanted to be with you.

Babu, you should've told to me.

When could I tell you?

Everyone were sitting there.

You didn't have two
minutes to spend with me.

Sorry, Babu. I am so sorry.
Now it will never happen.

Rajat, I know your friends
are very important for you.

But am l nothing to you?

Babu, there is nothing like this.

I’m sorry. Even I didn't know.
Now it will never happen. I promise.

You'll make me cry again?

No, Babu. Never



You didn't go for lunch.

What is this, Nishant?

Charu, Choudhary..

Abhi was angry with me
before me going to Goa..

..and now Vikrant has
organized this exhibition.

Do you realize,
if anyone saw this picture..

..I will become the gossip topic
in the office?

No, don't worry.
I will talk to Choudhary.

Whom all did you tell about this?

About what?

About whom? About the kiss.

No one, Charu.
Why will I tell anyone?

It is like an achievement to you,
right? - Achievement?

Yes, your promise to take
me to Goa is now fulfilled.

When did I tell you?

Listen Nishan..

..don't think there's something
between us because of the kiss.

I’m shocked about it
as much as you're.

It wasn't a plan..
- Give me Vikrant's number.

I’ll call Choudhary myself.
- Call him right away.

I made a mistake coming with you.

Dear, Charu,
all I want to say is that..

..the kiss of anything like
that was not at all intentional.

It was shocking for me as well.

I’m really sorry that it happened.


- Hi.

Charu, I..

Relax, everything is fine.

I was a little angry yesterday.


Guess what is in this?

What is in that?

Flight tickets.
I am going to Hyderabad.

To Abhijeet.
- Yes.

Thought I will meet him
and make him understand.

Everything will be fine.

You're right. Excited?

What excitement? I need to go
to the parlour. And work..

Why parlor?
- I want to look beautiful for him.

He will not get convinced easily.

That flight is at 7.
Please come with me.

No, Charu.
I actually have some work.

Work at home.

Hurry up. I’ll bring the bag.

"Boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"Boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

- Yes?

It will take time.
Can you get these things for me?

- Thanks. Okay.

And please, hurry up.
- Okay.

"The eyes became small and the tail
was decorated with golden paper."

"What situation I’ve fallen into?"

"I became old in youthful days."

- Yes.

Rs. 2500.

"Boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

Darn. You have cash?


"Boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"Boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

Whose laptop is this?


Hello, Nishant.

- I reached Hyderabad.


- What happened?

Listen. I will talk you later.

What happened?

What are you doing?

I’m cleaning Charu's dirt.

But why?
- Because I’m a jerk.

All of us are jerks.

You don't talk about everyone.
There is no competition with me.

I take her to the parlor
leaving my office work behind.

I go to shop taking her shopping
list while she's getting waxing done.

From there I drop her to the airport
straight and then come back home.

I finished her work.. that she can spend
leisure time with her boyfriend.

I agreed you're the biggest jerk.

Look, you also know
that it is your fault.

What about your plan of changing job?
You've been telling since long..

..that there's no hike
in the salary. No growth.

Got to change the job. You forgot
about your plans falling for Charu.

You'd feel bad.
You're not her friend..

..but you've become
her personal valet

Prepare a list of companies. Go for
interviews. Come out of this mess.

You're right.

I again became a dog.

Enough is enough.

Now, I will think
only about myself.

Hello. What happened?


Thought everything will be
fine spending time together.

But he'd a problem
since beginning..

..that we hang out together.

To convince him that
there's nothing between us..

..I said him that you proposed me..

..and I refused to you.

But he got more upset..
saying I didn't tell him..

..and still hang out with you.

Yes, but it is..
- Everything was going so nicely.

We even slept together.

I’m mad. I shouldn't
have told him anything.

It is so stupid. I mean..
you mean nothing to me.

Why is this?

Anyway, what did you
do during the weekend?

Nothing special.

Was working..
and studying as well.

- Yes, I’ve interview. I’m shifting.

I was planning since long. I don't
see any growth there anymore.

Moreover, I’m tired of this place.

You didn't tell me?

What happened?

Nishant, after you,
there is no one for me here.

Since when you know Riya?

Let's go out.
- Why?

We will talk here.

Let them also know
how wicked you're.

Varun, this is office.
- I don't care.

Riya was my life.
Why didn't you realize then?

Our relationship is five years old..

..and there was
breakup for fifteen times.

But we always came back together.

Why you are telling
all these to me?

I’m telling you all these because..

Varun, I’m sure things were good
between you and Riya in the past.

How did you decide it was past?

Now, you will tell me that
my relationship is over.

Look, I’m telling you.

Just stay away. Our relationship
is going through a bad phase.

It happens in everyone's life.

If you think you can snatch
Riya from me taking advantage of..

Varun, Riya isn't a commodity
to snatch away from you.

Have you guys slept?

Varun, what kind of
question is this?

Just tell me. Have you?

This is the good question.

A girl who was in relation
with someone for five years..

..and if happened to share the same
bed with you in just five months..

..for how long
she will stay with you?

The day when she'll get bored
of you.. we will talk that day.

That day I will come
to see your face.

I think there's some
wounds only time can heel.

Riya, stop calling him.
Don't keep in touch with him.

You are talking like Varun.

Listen. Don't care if I’m
behaving like Varun or not.

He thinks things can still workout
between you guys if you talk to him.

And.. what's the need?

He will realize himself
if you stop talking to him.

Vikrant, it is my personal problem.
And I know how to handle it.

Riya, as we're together
your problem is mine too.

Vikrant, we being
together doesn't mean..

..we should interfere
in each other's problems.

I have my own life.
There are things which are personal.

It is my space and I don't want
anyone interfering in those matters..

..even though it's you.

Don't lecture me about space.

I’m just asking you to
put an end to all this.

And I am telling you that I will
do it. But I will do it my way.

I know how to handle it.

If you knew he wouldn't have come
to my office and created scene.

Had he created the same scene
outside I would've hit him.

So, don't tell it is
only your problem.

Don't worry. I will handle this.

This wouldn't have happened
if you knew how to handle it.


You better put and end to it
soon else I will handle it my way.

Just finish it.

It is easy to end five
years relation over a night.

It takes time.

You've never even been in
a relationship. What do you know?

I was in my boss's cabin with him.

So you couldn't talk with
me even for two minutes?

I’m a working girl too,
Rajat. Even I have a boss.

It is like as though
you're running the company.

I was in an important meeting.

I’ve chances of going to U.K.

If there are chances to go to UK..

..then you cannot talk
to me over the phone.

And if you go to UK then you will
even stop answering my calls. Right?

Neha, there are many tension and.. by telling all these
things don't increase the tension.

My one call leaves you restless.

It is not about your call.

It's about many other things.

Work, family issues..
- What family issues?

I have a cousin brother..
who got married two years ago.

He started living with
another woman dumping his wife.

And after the woman
dumped him he came back.

And sister-in-law is
not accepting him.

So it is my duty to convince
sister-in-law. - Why only you?

It is because only
I can talk to her.

You're quarrelling with me
because of other's tensions?

I’m not quarreling and
this is not only issue.

Six months ago, I’d given
One million to papa for investment..

- And?

All the money has gone?

No. He went through loss.
Something like that.

You are telling about it now?

Tell you and do what?

Then why I am here?

Too cook for you?
To sleep with you?

You gave your father 1 million..

..and you never felt
the need to inform me?

Neha, it is he who's been investing
my money right from the beginning.

Things change, Rajat.

We've not been living
together right from the beginning.

Neha, he money has gone.
What's the point doing all this?

Nothing will happen.
There's no need to do anything.

Do one thing. Give him more
money and don't tell me about it.

Just go to hell.

Yes, Vanita, I’m currently
working on Soft Solutions. Right.

Yes. Reason I seek a
place in E.C.S is..

Yes. The reason is.. E.C.S is..

Vanita, I’m sorry. Can I call you
back in five minutes?

I’m getting this
really important phone call.

Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Hello. - Nishant, you think one will
die drinking one glass pesticide?

What? What happened,
Charu? What are you saying?

Nothing. You must be busy in the
office, isn't it? Let's talk later.

No, I’m not busy.
Just listen.. Charu?

Sector, 50. Hurry up.

Are you okay?

Of course. I am fine. You think
I'll commit suicide for some idiot?

Did you again fight with Abhijeet?

Nishant, there is no need
for you to care about me.

You have interviews coming up,
isn't it? Go and prepare yourself.

I can stay alone.

Hello, Riya.
- Yes, I’ll call you back.

It's him, right?
- Where are you?

I will call you back. Okay?

You.. When did you come?

A while ago.

Neha's parents were sitting and..

How was your interview?

Couldn't complete it.


Charu called.

ls everything all right?

She was talking about consuming
pesticide over the phone.

- She would've fought with Abhijeet.

So you gave up the interview?
- My interview was on..

..but she keep calling constantly.

And after she talked about
consuming pesticide, I..

ls everything all right now?
- Yes. She didn't consume.

You left the interview
because of her?

What else could I do?
What if she really consumed it?

She wouldn't have called you
if she really wanted to consume.

And you wouldn't have even
known that she's consumed it.

It is not Abhijeet, but you're mad.

Choudhary, what are you doing?

Ask him what is he doing?

What am I doing?
- You're getting fooled by her.

Then what are you doing? Answer me.

Charu doesn't love me.. that she has to
be committed to me.

But your girl is in
touch with her ex-boyfriend.. spite of committing to you.

Isn't your fault visible to you?

What's going on? Choudhary..

What have you decided?

- About Varun.

Vicky, please don't ruin the evening.
Let's not talk about it.

Not talking about it
doesn't resolve issue.

Yesterday, you were with Varun.



You tell me why. Because
I needed someone to sleep with.

Vicky.. because I want
to solve the problem..

..and I went there for the same.


Well, there's my friend's
birthday party tomorrow night.

Will you come along with me?

No. - Vicky, it's been days
since we spent good time together.

Come on. I promise
I'll put an end to this.

I myself wish the same thing.



It's you?

It's Nishant. So, shall I leave?

Did I ask you to leave?

Hi. You must be Abhijeet.

How often does he come here?

He's never come here.

He only drops me at
the gate sometimes.

Then he must also be coming
inside the house sometimes.

Why are you talking like this?

Listen, you. Stay out of it.

I’m talking to my girlfriend,
not you.

Still, how can?
- Nishant, quiet.

Charu, there's a way to talk..
- Nishant, shut up.

Who asked you to come here?

Just stay out of it and leave.

Go from here.
Don't create more problems.

Leave. Come on.

Uncle Mehta's son Chirag,
he's talking about him.

Well, he's handsome.

But what do I do?

Now that I’m
committed to you I told him.

Listen, father is calling me.

And tomorrow get ready
well and behave nicely. Bye.

Chirag is waiting for me.

Bye. Love you.

I love you, too.

Let's meet your parents.

Now that you've decided,
let's talk to them.

We believe in things which
make our children happy.

We told Neha several
times to go to Bangalore..

..but she was interested to be
away from us and we said okay.

But now, we feel that
children should stay with us..

..but she doesn't listen.

Uncle, Neha is very
intelligent girl.

Definitely, but a little guidance,
there's no harm.

She was telling yesterday
you got some investment done..

..and your father
who's a naive man suffered loss.

Yes uncle, my father is very naive.

And he has become lonely as well.

As I am his only son
I've decided to call him here.

Even he tells the same thing,
children should stay with parents.

Did you ask for the bill?

Oh, really?


Everyone, that's Vicky.

Vicky, everyone.
- Hi, Vicky.

- By the way, guys.

Today, I did something
to improve my waistline.

- Nice. V for Varun?

V for Vikrant.

Okay. You know Riya is
looking very beautiful.

But you are wearing the wrong top.

What's the need to
hide the waistline?

That's right. Let people
know about Vikrant's hard work.

If I show Vikrant's hard
work you would feel shy.

By the way, even I’ve worked
hard on that waistline. - What?

Did you forget how many times
I’ve taken you out for lunch?

You're such a darling.

This is for your hard work.

Anyone else left?

You never gave
a chance to work hard.

If I sit to
calculate such a hard work..

..I’ll have many payments pending.

I wish you continue.

I was calling you.


Because I was
worried and wanted to talk.

Nishant, Abhijeet is
there to care for me.

I saw how much he cares for you.

Can't you tell him for once
on phone that you're fine?

The way he was talking
to you I felt like..

Why don't you understand?

I didn't answer your call as
I didn't want to talk to you.

Shall we go to the cafe and talk?

I don't want to go anywhere and
I don't want to talk with you.

Who are you to interfere
between Abhijeet and me?

I made you my friend
in-spite of you proposing me.

Because I befriended you.. thought you can create
difference between me and Abhijeet?

But Charu, I didn't
have such intentions.

I just didn't like the way he was..

Who are you to like it or not
like it? Actually, it is my fault.

You're not worth of befriending.

A girl befriends you, talks to you
and you try to take advantage of it.

Don't you have
your own life to live?

Listen. I know you're
venting Abhijeet's anger on me.

I don't believe it.
After listening to all this..

You're such a loser.

Listen. I’m telling you
what I feel about you.

If you think you will
create differences between me..

..and Abhi just to
get me then forget it.

Even if Abhi and I breakup, I will
never hookup with a guy like you.

You think you're worth it?

I mean, look at yourself.

You follow me like
a dog the entire day.

You want to be a dog?
Go lick someone else.

Now, go away from here.

You've created a scene.

As it is, no one here respects you,
I don't want to lose mine.

So leave me alone.

Why didn't you tell me
you're bringing your parents here?

Don't I have the right to
know about your future plans?

You have the right only when
you don't disclose about it.

Rajat, if you tell me
you will not be in loss..

..and you gave 1 million rupees
to your father without asking me.

He had no sense and
all the money has gone.

Stop the taxi.


What the.. Rajat. Rajat.


Yes, tell me.

Hello. Rajat.

Liquid? Where are you?

I am coming.

I haven't seen you for so long.
I was.. - Riya, I need to go.

What happened?
- It's about Liquid.

Shall we go?
- You go. I’ll manage.

Riya, see that. It is so nice.
- I’ll manage.

Oh wow. That exactly looks fine.

I don't even
understand how these people..

Did he sleep?
- Yes.

I feel like going to
Charu's house and slapping her.

What difference will it make?

This is what happens with girls
in long distance relationships.

They have boyfriend
who live far away.

They always need someone's support.

They don't disclose
anything to their boyfriend.. the same time they also
give importance to friends..

..and create scenes.

They will breakup
with their boyfriend

..and then friends
become their boyfriend..

..and friends will be in trouble.

It doesn't make
any difference to them.

They always have an option.

Liquid is a fool.

Wonder what was on his mind.

It is so strange, isn't it?

Did you ever think Liquid
would fall in serious love..

..and come to this state?

There are many things
which I never thought about.

I don't think it can work anymore.

I guess my parents were right.

It was my fault.

I just called father and
told I'm ready to meet Chirag.

I’m meeting him tomorrow.


With Chirag. Loving it.
Don't disturb.

Just reached home.
It was amazing.

You? What are you doing here?

Chirag appreciated your choice..

You remember this dress?
You presented this to me.

He loved it.

I want to change.

You know, after a long
time I had a good time.

I feel so alive.

I think whatever happened
was good.

I think this was bound to happen.

- He picked me from my house.

The way he put his arm
around me when we entered.

He even pulled the chair for me.

I mean.. I don't even remember
when you had treated me so nicely.

But you know.. today the
way he behaved with me..

..I felt good about myself.

The way he kissed me
while dropping me.

I had never thought
such thing would happen.

He just leaned in and..

I felt so good.

I don't remember when was the last
time I felt like that with you.

Why are you doing this?

I know you are telling
this to make me feel jealous.

What's the need to say all this?

No Rajat, to tell you the truth.
I was angry with you.

But now I don't have
anything against you.

I was just telling
you what all happened.

I know all this is lie. Please.

Please, tell me it is a lie.

Rajat, stop behaving like children.

Rajat, what are you doing?

It makes no difference, Rajat.

Rajat, when there is nothing between
us, then this was bound to happen.

I’ll move on. You'll move on.

Assume, even if something happens
between us..

..then one date and one kiss
is not a big deal for you.

You had explained this to
your sister-in-law, isn't it?

To go back to your brother.

Whereas he had a relationship with
another woman for almost a year.

Then why are you?

Why do you do like this?

Why do you trouble me?

I don't have fun
doing all this with you.

Rajat, even you have to realize..

..what can be the consequences of
what you are doing.

Stop crying.

I didn't go anywhere.

I was with Aarti.
I was messaging you from there.

Did you realize now?

I had to do it.

You made me do it.

You know how much I love you,
but still?

Stop crying. Calm down.

Calm down.

Stop crying, dear.

Stop crying.

ls there anything you want
to tell me about last night?

Why are you asking?
- Just like that.

I don't know how to say this, but..

Last night after you left
Varun came to the party.

And then.. he dropped me home.

And then..

Riya, we both were
happy together, aren't we?

How do I tell you?
I don't love you anymore.

I love Vikrant.

He was crying like children.

I just wanted to tell him
that I care for him.

Vikrant, it meant nothing to me.

In fact, I was not sure about you.
About us.. that I love you.

Vick.. oh don't be
such a brute, Vikrant!

We were together for five years.
As if we never slept together.

What difference does
one night make?

"Life is..

..saying something."

"Life is..

..saying something."

"Life is..

..flowing silently."

"Oh! fool, listen to me."

"Oh! fool, listen to me at least."

"This is a strange
cobweb of dreams."

"Oh! fool, stitch it."

"Oh! fool, listen to me at least."

"Whatever I had,
I gave it to you."

"Every way and every path..

..of mine comes to you."

"Whatever I had,
I gave it to you."

"Every way and every path..

..of mine comes to you."

"Stop for two minutes."

"Cry out."

"You've waited a long.."

"You've endured a lot."

"Pick the flowers from..

..the ashes of the memories."

"Oh! fool!"

"Oh! fool, listen to me at least."

"Listen to me at least."

"Oh! fool!"

"Listen to me at least."

Bye, Neha

Where are you going?

- What?

You know, Rajat.
- I know.

I don't want it to work anymore.

You've gone mad.

You go,
but don't come weeping later.

Let's talk about it.
Let's sit. We'll talk.

Let's talk about it, Rajat!
What happened?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Stop, Rajat! Stop Rajat!

Rajat! You sit here.

Rajat, wait. Rajat!

Rajat! Rajat!


Rajat! Why?


Because you are not right.


To hell with this.

The thing is..

..when a girl makes you her best
friend and weeps on your shoulder..

..then one gets confused
what to do.

Her space, freedom, and individuality
everything support it.

Only the guy becomes a fool
and doesn't understand.

You understand it only when
she shifts from his lap to yours.

Then you understand that guy
was right and we were fools.

But I didn't understand one thing.

Why did you hit him?

I had to hit him.
- But why?

I had to hit him.

You hit him, isn't it? Now drink.


- Cheers! - Cheers!

I slapped him correctly, didn't I?

He would remember it all his life.

"And I say."


What is it? Go back to sleep.

Hey, Choudhary.

"The boy agreed.
He's become a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"The boy agreed.
He's become a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"The eyes became small and the tail
was decorated with golden paper."

"What situation I’ve fallen into?"

"I became old in youthful days."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"You fool, listen to me."

"You'll ruin yourself.
Listen to me."

"You are a donkey."

"Listen to me or go to hell."

"They threw a bone.."

"They soaked the
rolled bread in the milk."

"She loved me and
called me lovingly."

"You thought.. is love and you are her God."

"When the doorbell rang.
Her boyfriend Bunty entered inside."

"You tried to run, but she
said you are best friend."

"She gestured me with her eyes
and brought a collar immediately."

"She kissed me on my
forehead and embraced me."

"You became happy and
started wagging your tail."

"She tied you in the
corner and slept with Bunty."

"You were sitting there and watching.
He was unveiling her."

"He was having a good time."

"He was having a good time.
She was darn sweet."

"He was having a good time.
- Wow."

"He took the note from you..

..and gave you change."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."

"I’ve put collar on my neck
and have become a dog."

"The boy agreed. He became a dog."