Profound Desires of the Gods (1968) - full transcript

The Tokyo engineer Kariya arrives on a primitive tropical island to drill a well to provide water for the sugar mill. He is assisted on the island by Kametaro, from the inbred Futori family. Nekichi Futori is chained in a pit that he has to dig, in order to appease the gods for breaking island customs. Nekichi is in love with his sister Uma, who is a shaman priestess at the sacred shrine, that contains the only good water close to the mill. She is also the mistress of Ryu, the manager of the mill. The patriarch of the Futori family tries to get the engineer to marry his retarded daughter Toriko.

What man will come and catch me?

Tempt me with sweet words?

Weaving the traditional pattern

Once it is finished
dedicate it to the Gods

In a moonlit night I leave the house

Gods of the sea...
- Toriko

The engineer's sleeping out in the woods,
where the machine is, you know.

Take him this sake.

Here, and a pillow too.

- Toriko!
- Kame!

Don't stop her. She's getting
a husband. A husband.

But... is deprecated, please
implement REST API from

A lover coming in the night...




No, don't come in, Toriko!


Isn't it... hot?

Aren't you... hot?

Yes, it's hot.

Hot... hot.

Stop it! Toriko.

Someone's coming...


Stop it!

Someone's coming Toriko!

- Tomorrow
- Tomorrow?

Tomorrow. Honest.

Tomorrow at the West Beach

West Beach, okay.
Now hurry, hurry!

What are you doing?

You're the troublemaker!

Stop it!

What are you doing here?

Why chain me up?

Fool. Ask yourself.

I don't understand.

You grow older
but not wiser.

You'll be punished simply for
walking around.

And now you hurt the engineer!

- You've got Ryugen into trouble.
- No, Ryu himself told me to protect the sacred woods.

My duty is to disturb the engineer's work.

I know that!

But did Ryugen tell you
to do it quite so openly?

You even had your picture taken.

Stick your leg out, Nekichi.

The spanner please.

- Can you see after the baby?
- What's up?

My sister's in labor.

- He's wet himself.
- I see.

- I'll do it. Hurry, go.

Mr Kariya

It's you! What is it?

Now... it's the West Beach.

West Beach?

She's been waiting since yesterday,
saying you promised her.


My sister, Toriko.

She hasn't eaten for two days,
she won't listen to anyone.

Poor girl!



You've come.

You've been waiting since

You've been here all the time?

I'm sorry I broke my promise.

I waited for you, engineer.

Toriko's got a husband,
you can join the Dongama festival.

I was told to help put a new roof
on Tsuchimochi's.

- Tsuchimochi's?
- Yes.

Long ago, his Grandfather
helped us thatch our roof.

I couldn't die without
paying him back.

My first comunity work for
twenty years.

Once the rock falls we can
be with everyone again.

When did I come here?

On one hand it seems like yesterday.

On the other hand, it seems like
long ago.


The wind won't let up for a while.

Let's leave the roof for now.

Typhoon no. 12 originated over
the South Seas and is now... latitude 24 degrees North
and longitude 130 degrees East...

...moving to NNE at
10 km per hour.

Engineer. Latitude 24 North is
Kurage Island, isn't it?

This year's wind brings no rain.

- A dry wind.
- Laia.

The rock's falling!

Kame! Toriko!
The rock's falling!

Get out of here!

Come on, engineer!

The rock is falling!

- The rock is falling!
- Fall!

Come here, everyone!


Just a little more.

God of the Wind!
Please make the rock fall!

I beseech and pray to Thee!

God of the Wind!

Please blow harder!

It's no good.
You must stand still!

You're getting slack!
Try harder!

Are you hungry?

Eat a lot to get stronger,
to make a god son-in-law.

Okay, come up!

Do you have a cigarette?


Is it all right? I must take him
to Kuburabari.

He's my son-in-law.
He must do our work only.

Brother! Jaja... Jaja!

What happened?

Jaja fell from the roof.
He's dying!

Pray, Uma!

Why don't you pray?

Call him back! Call back Jaja's
soul with your powers.

Hold on.

He's returning to nature.

Why did I make you the
engineer's assistant?

To bring him closer to the islanders,
so he can do the work more easily.

Is he okay now?

No. Pipes are arriving from Tokyo.
He has work to do.


Entering. Entering.

The gods are entering.

Who are you?

I... can't breathe!

Hurry, tell us.
Who are you?

Tell us who you are!
Say it clearly, what's your name?

My feet slipped from the roof.


My head is cracked

Everyone in Kurage
is one family.

All the families should
help each other.

It hurts!

What's hurting you?
Tell us.

Nekichi, don't take off
your chain.

It hurts!

Engineer, don't desert Toriko.

Kame, fear the gods of Dongama.

Toriko is pregnant.

Engineer, please go back.

Pipes are arriving from Tokyo.
Don't stay here.

What are you saying?
He's your brother now!

Don't get in the way, Dad!
I promised Ryu.

Ryu! No matter what he says!
The engineer's Toriko's husband.

Come on! Engineer!

- Kametaro!
- What are you doing?

- Kame, I won't go.
- Why not?

- Because it's better here.
- But it's hard and dirty.

I'm happier here.

But the pipes...

Tell Ryu, when they arrive,
I'll commute from here.

I can't.

Can you bring my stuff
from his house?

It doesn't rain despite
all the prayers.

It's all superstition.
Who believes in Noros?

I envy Ryugen Ryu. He makes love
to Uma and prays for rain!

What's this whiskey?
Did you put sea water in it?

Don't ask too much.
Wait until it rains to drink fresh water.

What's up, Kame?

The pipes are coming from
Tokyo tomorrow.

The company's in a hurry, but...

So what?

I want you to take the engineer
back to Mr Ryu's...

to dig for water in Kukurabari.

What about Toriko?

What about her?

- She's a Futori.
- Breaking them up?


I know. You're jealous because
he took your wife away.

Stop it!

Yamashiro, you're her husband
too, aren't you?

Fool! A lot of you
went before me.

But the first one was Kametaro.

We never know.

Fish! Fish are coming!

Who said so?

A Noro. Uma said so.

There was lightning.
So a shoal of fish is coming.

Get the fishing nets!

Let's go. It'll never come.

Let's go!

No, you mustn't give up
being a Noro.

I am not one anymore.
The Gods have abandoned me.

There is no rain.
My prophecies never come true.

That's not the problem.

The drought, the sugar cane
suffers... and there's no fish.

The people are confused,
so they doubt everything.

We must show them the right path,
that's why Noros are needed now.

The Gods have just told me to
hand over my duties.

- To whom?
- Toriko.


Toriko's not fit to be a Noro.

But it's the oracle of the Gods.

- Your mind is clouded.
- Clouded?

Ask yourself, haven't you
broken the divine laws?

Please come with us.
Mr Ryu's waiting.

I don't want to!

Hey! Kametaro!

Don't be rough.

What's up?

They've taken the engineer.

There you are.

- Congratulations!
- What's this?

- I don't like violence.
- Fogive me.

It was unavoidable.
Over there, please.

You've been promoted,
Head of Department.

- Head of Department?
- Mr Higashi informed me last night.

He's set up a new company,
the Higashi Tourist Company.

You are head of sales.

Your task will be to develop
the tourism of Kurage.

Tourism? I've heard him talking about it.

A letter from your wife
was enclosed.

Tourism is your father-in-law's dream.

It's coming true. We've been given
permission for an airport.

An airport?

Unari, where's Uma?

She went to pray.

By the way, Mr Higashi's
coming here in a few days.

Is it true? The chairman himself?

Here's the rain we've been
waiting for. Congratulations!

I'm sorry to say this...

...on such a happy day.

But the payment of the balance of
the advance has been cancelled.

In the face of a worldwide drop
in sugar prices...

all my efforts were totally
in vain.

My deepest apologies to you all.

But I, Ryugen Ryu, am confident about
the talks concerning the land for the airport.

I am sure we can sell our land
at a higher price to compensate...

for the cancelled balance.

For those whose land is not in the
area of the airport...

well-paid jobs at the airport
will be secured.

I will do you good!



Why don't you come home?

My father-in-law is here.

Toriko's gone mad.

She won't eat nor drink.

- Come home
- Don't worry, I will.

- Don't make the baby a bastard.
- I know.

I promise to come back. Later.



Don't go!

Settle it with money.

It's not a question of money.
I'll tell my father-in-law.

Don't! You'd put me
in a very difficult position.



So Mr Ryu gave me some money...

To take Toriko to the mainland for an abortion.

Dad will be mad.
Tell me what to do!

The gods have abandoned me.

I don't know anything anymore.

Must she have the abortion
for the sake of the island?

Auntie, tell me!

It's terrible.

Where are we going?

A nice place. To the mainland.

To have fun.

There will be cars, electricity
and pachinko machines.

Where are we going brother?

Don't worry. Relax.

Excuse me.


Let's go and play pinball!
Stay still Toriko!


The Futoris are beasts after all.

It runs in the family.

How awful. Wonder what
horrible things will happen.

Kurage is cursed because
of the Futoris.

It rained, but the wells are still dry.

It's because of Nekichi's pit.

The shrine well is almost dry too.

Without water, our land won't
fetch a good price.

It's all due to those beasts
the Futoris.

Everyone says it's because
of Nekichi's pit.

Jump! Jump!


I'm scared!

Jump! Jump!

I'm scared!

Jump, I said jump!

Jump! Godamn, jump!


The brother god, and the
sister god...

...were laughing and smiling

They were happy... together

But a violent god...

...came to them

Forced them to part

Forced them to part

The brother's tears...

...became clouds

The sister's blood...

...became the earth

The clouds and the earth...

...were in harmony

Leave? You're telling me to
leave this pit?

Yes, Nekichi.

You've worked long and hard

Your work is over, leave this place

This is public property, so normally
you wouldn't get anything

But after all your hard work,
I'm ready to pay you

The rock will fall in less
than ten days

Good work, you must be tired

It's time to have money
and take it easy

And Uma?
Will you give her back to me?

Not right away

She has her duty as a Noro

I've been digging for 20 years

I kept digging for 20 years
to get Uma back

- Only because we were comrades
- I didn't order it!

The gods did!
I just followed their orders.

When did they change their minds?

They told me to stay here!

- Now to leave!
- Fool!

Aren't you afraid of the gods?

It doesn't make sense

I won't leave!

Until the rock falls and I get
Uma back, I won't move.

And I must protect the shrine as well.

No, we are moving it to the South Woods.

We need this place for the airport.

- Moving the shrine?
- Yes.

Right after the Dongama Festival.

The Noros agreed.

- Even Uma?
- She agreed too.

She wouldn't.

She wants to stop being a
Noro and come back.

Nekichi, Uma's over thirty years old.

She's not a little girl anymore.

She hasn't changed,
she's still the same.

The island's changed, so has she.
She's not yours anymore.

She's the same!

She wouldn't change for you!
Uma belongs to me.

The gods know of your sins.

It's not the gods, it's you!

You accused Uma and me,
but we were innocent!

But I gave in because we
were comrades in arms.

That's why I don't want to
force you to leave.

See, everyone is happy
to sell their land.

They'll get an unbelievable
amount of money.

Your stubbornness will spoil it all.

Think of the island
and of the others.

No! I refuse!

- Even with compensation?
- Of course.

Go home, comrade.

- And send the engineer back!
- I refuse!

Toriko doesn't talk anymore.
The engineer must be sad.

Things change.
Everything must change.

Ryugen! You're the heretic!

It's you who should fear the gods!

We were falsely accused
twenty years ago.

Only Ryugen and Unari
were kind to us then.

But he's changed.

Uma. Have you changed too?

No. I haven't changed!

But you're Ryugen's...


I was only fifteen then.
I couldn't do anything about it!

Ryugen must have realised
you were a virgin.

We're man and wife
in our hearts.

Can't we even be it now?

The gods know everything.

No, brother. We mustn't!




It won't be long now.

What's that?


What are you doing? Madmen!

I said stop it!

Damn it!

You're filling up the hole!

Run, Uma!

I'm digging for the gods'
paddy field!

I'm doing this...
for everybody's sake!

Wait... wait a minute!

Spare me! Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Spare me and I won't see
Uma anymore!

I won't take off my chains
and I'll pray to the gods!

I won't go to the sea!

I won't poach with gunpowder!

I won't do anything!

I'll do anything you say!


Please! I beg you!

Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Thank you.

I understand you now.

I won't do anything bad no more.
I apologize!

I beg you, please help him.

Uma, give me a match.


The rock's falling!
Uma run quick!



- Brother!
- Dad!


Brother, where are you?



Brother! Are you okay?

Are you hurt?


It fell, Uma, it fell.

The rock fell.

Brother, the rock fell!
I'm so glad!

I'm so happy!

It fell down...

Hurry, get on

Dad, all the islanders are in trouble
because you won't sell this place.

Sell it for everybody's sake.

You'd get 250,000 yen for the field.

And land and a house on the mainland.

A paltry sum.
I can't sell the gods field.

- But Dad, everyone is...
- Bring it here.

The field is back...

the Futoris are back like before...

I wish Jaja could see it.

Auntie, Mr Ryu wants you
back right away.


For the Dongama Festival.
You're a Noro!

I was abandoned by the gods.

I can't take part.


You have to take my place
as a Noro.


The gods want you to.


Toriko, do you understand?


The boss of the company
wants me to go back.

I must go back to Tokyo
on the next ship.


I'll be back no matter what.
That's the truth!

Don't go!

Believe me!

I don't like Tokyo, I don't like
my wife and her parents.

I like you more than anything!

So listen to what I'm going to say.

Darling... what is it?

Watch out! It's still alive!

Wait Toriko!

- Let's go to West Beach
- All right, let's go

Tomorrow! Let's go then!

- Tomorrow?
- Yes, before the ship leaves!

What? Futori got 250,000 yen?

Yes. I only got 150,000 for
the same amount of land.

Of course, Futori's special.

It's the Gods'paddy field.

Fool! Uma is Ryugen's mistress.

But Nekichi hasn't sold it yet.

The rock fell but he won't.

Wants to raise the price.

At night Uma works on Ryugen.


The rest of us work so hard.

We didn't even get the rest
of the advance.

Nekichi is the smart one.

We're all fools.

Shit! We should have
buried him in that pit.

Kill that beast!

Kame, from now on
you treat us all.


How much were you paid
for being Ryu's dog?

Father and son, both beasts!

- I'm not!
- You are!

- I'm in the festival!
- It won't make you a human being.

Only a superstitious
natives' festival!

But you'll all attend, won't you?


We don't help Ryugen anymore.

None of our family would
become his mistress!

If you don't, Mr Fumoto will
give you a hard time.

- Who's Fumoto?
- He's Ryugen's shadow.

Who's Ryugen, anyway?

Who cares!

The Dongama's a fake!

- We won't go!
- Never!

Smash Dongama!

Master, please don't do this
to me any more. Spare me!

Only you know my true feelings.
No one else does.

I can't take part in
the Dongama Festival.

I hear the drums.

Make up your mind.

It's our most important festival.

A Noro must attend.

What will we do without you?

Save our island from evil, will you?

My prophecies don't come true
anymore. The rain...

How many times do I have to tell you?

Obey the gods and your power
will return.

Let Toriko... become the Noro!


This tourist business is a bit of
unexpected luck for this island.

So the people become greedy
and doubts arise.

I know peasants love their land.

But we must introduce a new system.

We have no choice but to get rid
of people who oppose it.

You know I only care about the
happiness of the island and the people.

Uma, attend the festival and
receive the divine message.

Then, tell everybody
Nekichi opposes it.

How he is against tourism
and Mr Higashi, Uma!

No, I can't do that!

Spare me this!



Are you disobeying me?

Forgive me master!

What did you do with Nekichi?

Tell me, or I'll hit you like this!

Forgive me!


I won't give you to the
likes of Nekichi!

Not to the likes of him!

No matter what happens to
the rock or the pit...

You're mine!


Master! Master!


You're here! You said
you wouldn't come.

You're here, too.

Father cried when I said
I wouldn't attend.

Mine, too.

It's hard when old people cry.

It's our most important festival.

We will never be able to reform
this place like this.

But if we don't get along with people,
we can't live on Kurage.

It hurts being clubbed
at Dongama.

Do you or do you not believe
in Dongama?

I do!

Is it true?

- It's true.
- Arms up!

All right!
Bring the sak?!

Don't choke!
Drink it all!

Arms up!

Mr Ryu it's time for the oracle.

Mr Ryu?

Mr Ryu!

- Mr Ryu...
- Not here? Since when?

All the time, it seems.

All the time? Why?

I don't know.

Where's Mr Ryu?

- Mr Ryu?
- I don't know.


Do you know where Uma's gone?

Ryu's dead! He's been killed!

Who killed him?

He's chained... with fetters...

- Nekichi!
- It's Nekichi!

The oil store!

- Who set fire to it?
- Who?

- It's Nekichi! The beast!
- Find him!


Nekichi, come out!

He's run away.


Uma, do you think
Toriko's all right?

Yes, she will.

Once I have built a paddy field and a house
on God's island, I'll go fetch her.

But it will take at least three months.

Don't worry. Kametaro's there.

We can't count on him!

I know he'll go to Tokyo.

Mrs Ryu will look after her.

But Toriko's half-witted.

Toriko's a Noro. A true Noro.

The Gods will protect her.

What is it, Uma?

Nothing, only...

Are you thinking about Ryugen?

What will people say of us
not attending his funeral...

That's why we asked Mrs Ryu
to take care of things.


It's already autumn.
We must hurry.

I told Mrs Ryu that I'd visit
Ryugen's grave later.

Until the Dongama and funeral
are over, it will be storm season.

That's why Mrs Ryu told us to
leave the island immediately.

Uma, feed the chickens.

The engine's overheated.

I need to turn it off.


You'll lose energy if you don't.


I love you!

We're alone. There's no one but us.
We're all alone!

We'll be very busy Uma.

No one's on the god's island.
We'll work, just we two.

We'll farm, catch fish and
build up our farm stock.


Aren't we like the Gods?

We'll found the God's island.

Won't we, Uma?

We'll found a new island.

Brother! I love you more
than anybody else.

More than anyone else.

To the West. They must be headed
for the God's island.

Kame, how long will his motor last?

Not very long.

- How long?
- Five or six hours.

All right. Pretty soon, then.

Uma, drink this.

Why not?
Do you feel bad?

Seasick? Cheer up!

We still have a long way to go.
You need to drink.

Kame. Water.


I've found it!
I see a red sail!


Hey, who are you?

Is it Fumoto?

Kametaro, brother!

Uma! What's it all about?

Did they bring Toriko?

Sacred wine. Drink it!

Kame, I know it's hard for you,
but we must obey the rule!

Put on your masks!

Hey, who are you?

Uma is sick!

Take off your masks!

I know anyway who you are!

Stop joking!

I know the steersman is Fumoto.
Take off your mask!

Is Toriko there?


Uma! What's goin' on Uma?

You tell them! Don't they know
what happened?

Uma! Tell them!

We didn't do anything!

Ryugen died of natural causes!

We are innocent!

Ask Mrs Ryu, if you think I'm lying!

Mrs Ryu knows everything!

Kame! Tell them, if you're there!


Kame, aren't you there?


Paddles up!


- Punish him!
- Brother!


Why do they...
Uma, come here.

- It's my father!
- Kame!



Brother, I loved you!

Let's go back now.

Put on your masks!

Take your paddles!



- Hello, it's been a long time!
- Yes, a long time.

Hope you are well?

Mrs Higashi, and this is my wife.

- Mr Fumoto, the factory manager.
- Thank you!


Once upon a time,

a long long time ago

A brother and a sister,

a god and a goddess

founded an island together.

This is the story,

how the island began.

This is their story.

A red sail on a cabani...

Cold Coca-Cola!
Icecold Coca-Cola!

Should we give him money?

- How much is appropriate?
- Ten yen is enough.

What's the song about?
It's hard to understand.

An old song about
our island.

This way, please.

One day, the cabani,
all on its own...

What's a cabani?

A canoe. They have motors now.

Even now, on evenings
with a west wind...

you can see the red sail
of the cabani of the Gods.

- Really?
- No, no, it's an old story

Not in our modern times.

But I saw it. So did the
other islanders.

Tales, nothing but tales.

Why did you come back?

You disappeared.
I was worried.

I'm sorry that I've left the position
you'd recommended me for.

Why? Didn't you like Tokyo?

No, it wasn't that...

You had a reputation at the factory
as a hard worker, for years.

I'm sorry.

I heard there was work here...

on the anniversary of my
father's and Toriko's death.

It's best to work the land at home.

No, it's not.

It hurts my heart more to be here.


in Tokyo I didn't feel like myself.

All in pieces.

It troubled me.

I wanted to reflect on what Dad did,

what I've done...

and what you did.

I was in a difficult position.

No, I'm not trying to blame
you, engineer.

Why did you leave Toriko to her fate?

Why did I kill my own father?

Was it really for the sake of the island?

I want to think it over,
here on the island.

Mother, look at that unusual rock!

They say it's a girl who turned to rock
while waiting for her lover.

What a romantic story!

It's called "Toriko Rock". It really
happened not so long ago.

- Really?
- Sure!

Mr Kariya knows all about her.

Do you, darling?

The islanders aren't very clever.

They get stories and reality
all mixed up.

It shows how simple
and pure they are.

Kurage's Island soaked in sentiment.




I'm sorry.

The End