Priceless (2006) - full transcript

In Biarritz with her elderly provider to celebrate her birthday, Irene slips down to the hotel bar when he falls asleep on her. She mistakes barman Jean for a well-healed guest and he encourages the deceit by taking her up to the Royal Suite for the night. A year later the same thing happens but this time her lover finds out and disowns her. Now knowing Jean is indeed a barman of little means doesn't stop her from continuing to live in style until his money is gone. He soon finds himself in Irene's business with older and worldly-wise Madeleine, and though Irene also takes up with a new paramour the two of them keep in increasingly close touch.

Excuse me...

Come here, darling.

So how did it go?

Very well. We went towards
the pier, and then...

- How did it go?
- Very well.

We went towards the pier,
and then to the old town.

You don't like the old town, do you?

So did you have fun
with your friends?

Did you have fun with your friends?

And were you a good boy?

You were a good boy.

You were Mommy's good boy.



how did it go?

Very well. It was perfect.

We went towards the pier...

But was he happy?

Excuse me?

Did he feel good? Fulfilled?

He's a loner. He's stressed.

He doesn't like the company
of other animals.

No... it went perfectly.

He was with other dogs.

They ran.


they communicated.

That's good. Very good.


Thank you.

Thank you, madam.





Jacques, I can't believe it.

Get up, come on.

Come on.

Come one, get on the bed.

Do you feel well?

Very well.

And you?

You're completely drunk.

It took you three hours to get ready.

Look how much you've drunk.

Don't worry.

These are teeny tiny bottles.

You could have made
an effort today.

Don't argue with me, honey.

I hate it when people tell me the truth.


Don't move.

I'll give you a second pillow.

Thank you.

In two minutes I'll be at your disposal.



I'm sorry.

You look awful.

Did you walk
the dogs again?

And this morning
I took care of deliveries.

Why do you accept this work?

They're so used to me saying yes

that I don't dare to refuse.

Besides, I have the time.

Do as you wish.
It's not my problem.

But don't fall asleep at the bar.

Sure. Of course.

I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.

I'm leaving now.

- Can you close up?
- Yes, of course.

He'll leave if you
turn down the lights.

Excuse me.

I'd like another one.

It's good you turned
down the lights.

It's nicer this way.

Thank you, sir.

Can you turn on the TV?

There's a live
broadcast on Eurosport.

Yes, sir.

Sit down.

I'm not allowed to leave the bar, sir.


Except to serve drinks and...

in case of a fire.

Yes, sir.

Sit down.

Have a cigar.

Have a cigar.

The leaves grow in
the middle of cocoa fields.

That's what gives them
their particular aroma.

Can you smell it?

Yes, sir.

Because of the
embargo against Cuba,

I fly them in by private jet.

One cigar costs about...

120 euros.

Good evening.

I'm sorry.

This is the first time
I've fallen asleep like this.

Considering the mood here,

I don't see anything better to do.

This place is dead.

No. It was brimming with life earlier.

But now it's a bit late.

It's not normal,
that there isn't anyone

at the bar at this hour.

Normally, they aren't
allowed to leave before 3 a.m.

It's forbidden.

Unless there's nobody here.

But you're here.


And I'm here, right?


Something like this wouldn't
happen at the Carlton.

You know the Carlton.

Do you think their service
has worsened as well?

Do you think he'll come back?


The barman.

I don't know.

Will you wait for him with me?

Yes. Of course, Miss.

That's nice of you.

Your cigar smells nice.

Normally I can't stand the smell,
but in this case...


it's because of the leaves.

They grow in the
middle of cocoa fields.


They're flown in from Cuba
by private jet because of the...

- Because of the embargo?
- That's it.

Are you all right?

It's my birthday.

Happy Birthday, Miss.

It's off to a bad start.

I wanted so much
to have fun tonight.

I'd give anything for
a cocktail and some music.

What are you doing?

Cocktails are my specialty.

Isn't this too risky?

In the worst case scenario,
I'll just say I work here.

So what would you like?

I don't know.

Something that makes you happy.

For your birthday, I suggest
something with champagne.

And that gets you drunk fast.

Gets you drunk fast.

a champagne cocktail.

Excellent. Wonderful.

I love to watch someone work.

I'm always impressed by
people who can do something.

I can't do anything.

Actually, I can.

I can make conversation.

And you?


I'll have another one.

Which floor are you staying on?


Yes, you.

The fifth...

The fifth floor.

The Imperial Suite.

We only have the Royal Suite.

- Will you give me a tour?
- Sure.

The dressing room.

Here we have the living...

The living room.

The bathroom.

Here we have the study,
with wireless internet connection.

And a fax.

The bedroom.

This way, please.

You must be very rich.

Why do you say that?

Must I do everything for you?


Happy birthday to you...

Martine! Martine!

Did they leave the Royal Suite?

They left this morning.

They stole a bathrobe.


Coffee, ladies and gentlemen.

Who's having the decaf?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Are you all right?

Jean, but...

what are you doing?

Jean, are you all right?

Thank you very much, sir.

I'm not hungry.

What will you have?

That's a very good idea.

With pleasure.

- Irene?
- Yes?

Happy Birthday.

Oh! Oh, Thank you, Jacques.

Are you alone?

For the moment.

And your...


You're talking about my great-uncle?

Sleeping it off.

Will you have a cocktail?

Just one?

What the...

Older people get up early.

You should know that by now.

I couldn't sleep at all.

I went to the beach
to get some fresh air.

I couldn't sleep, either.

And I saw you
at the bar with that guy.

You were tenderly getting
some fresh air on the sofa.

I'm sorry, Jacques.

I don't know what came over me.

That was the first time, I swear.

In a few months I'll see you
where I picked you up.

At the hotel bar,
wearing a mini-skirt,

with the same falsely
indifferent expression.

I'm not worried.

You'll be so drunk,
you'll ask what my name is.

You'll offer to get me a drink.

Oh, shit. I can't believe it.

What an idiot I am.

Damn it.

Damn it.

I left him. I left it all for you.

I left him. I left it all for you.

Did you forget something?

I forgot you.

Excuse me?

But weren't you
supposed to leave today?



I left him.

I left it all for you.



Tell me I did the right thing.

You did the right thing.

I want to spend
every hour with you.

Do you know what
would make me happy?

I don't.

A trip to the Maldives.

The Maldives islands.
You don't know them?

I do, but not all of them.

But first we'll order
a huge breakfast.

When I'm happy I get very hungry.

And this time we'll
spend the morning in bed.

You're not the type of person
who works all the time?

Well, it depends.

Do something, Jean.


Jean! What are you
doing here?

Everyone's looking for you!

Oh, shit. I can't believe it.

Get out of here.

In two minutes I'm sending
Martine to clean the room.

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it's you.


It's Irene.

Irene Mercier.

We met at that social gathering.

At the casino in Cannes.

Last year.

I'm sorry.

Yes, of course.

Maybe some other time?

My number is...




It's Irene.

We met at the VIP club last year.

You spilled your glass on my dress.

The Irene. That's right.

Very well.

For how long?

Too bad.


It's Irene.

Ivan? It's Irene.

Brunette, small
but well-proportioned.

Yes, Irene, that's right.



Philippe? It's Irene.

At the Taittinger gala
in Deauville last year?

I'm so sorry.

My condolences.

Are you his son?


So we must be the same age.

What are you doing here?

Reception told me you asked
for the schedule of trains to Nice.

I went from bar to bar.

I wanted to apologize.

Fine, all right.


I didn't get the chance
this morning.

So I took a train.

No kidding?
You didn't fly in by jet?

I really wanted to say I'm sorry.

I wanted to say it to you.

I'm sorry for what I did.

Fine. You've said it now.

So goodbye.

I thought we could go
have dinner together.

Are you nuts?
I won't have dinner with you.

I want you to go away.

I feel bad...

I don't care how you feel.

Do you understand?
I don't care. I have a date.

So goodbye.

How about tomorrow?

Do you know who that
was back at the hotel?

We were going to get
married in three months.

Three months!

He adored me.
I even had an engagement ring.

I'd be done with the bars,
the mini-skirts and the smiles.

Do you understand?

I'd be set
until the end of my life.

I'm sorry.

So am I.
You don't know how badly.

And now I have to start all over.

So if you want to do me a favor,

then just leave me alone.

We don't have time for a drink?

Damn it.

It's probably
the second to your left.

You go out and it's
the second to your left.

Going out, the second to your left.

Going out.



- Irene?
- Yes.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I love Italian food
because it's never pretentious.

And we never expect
anything out of the ordinary,

so we're never disappointed.



It depends.

But when in Italy, I don't like
to eat in the local restaurants.

It's not as much fun.

Maybe because they don't make
the effort to act like Italians.



That guy behind the cars
is watching us.

He really gives me the creeps.

But I don't know him.

He was with you at
the bar when I arrived.

And now he's here and
I think he's waiting for us,


it scares me.

I'm sorry.

This is ridiculous, François.

You seem to love pasta,
so you can eat mine.

Can I leave you my number?

Is your invitation
to dinner still open?

Yes, of course.

I found a really nice pizza
shop in the old town.

No. I don't eat
at nice pizza shops.

All right. As you wish.


I'd like some caviar.

The lobster.

And some champagne.

And you?

What will you have?

I don't know.
I need to think it over.

- Available at next delivery.
- What?

The lobster. It will be
available at next delivery.

The delivery has just arrived.

I'm relieved.


If you'll excuse me for a moment.

Good evening, Mr. Molluquet.

This is a message
from Mr. Simon.

Can you wire part of my savings
to my current account?

All my savings actually.

Tomorrow morning.
I'd appreciate it.

I'll confirm it later in writing.

Thank you.

Goodbye, Mr. Molluquet.

We'll order a second one.

It's sad with just one bottle.

It's boring.

I didn't want to lie
to you at the Biarritz.

I just didn't want to upset you.

You seemed so happy.

And I was in heaven.

I don't really like caviar.

I force myself to eat it.

And with time I'll start to like it.

I'm sure that when you like it,

it tastes great.

It's nice here, isn't it?

I like this place a lot
because it's not pretentious.

It's calm and grand
at the same time.

We have the impression
that we're unique.

The handle is made from shark bone.

Amazing, isn't it?

The bones are dried for two years.

It takes a whole shark
to make one set of cutlery.

Here you go.

I'm bushed.

I want to go to bed.

At which hotel are you staying?

I found a small, very nice
hotel in the countryside.

Very good.

So go get your stuff
and I'll book a suite here.


It's simpler that way, no?


- Is there a problem?
- No.

No. Not at all.

See you later.

Mr. Simon?

Yes, that's right.

Ms. Mercier is waiting
for you in room 304.

Thank you.

Did you enjoy your dinner?

Yes, very much.

May I ask for your credit card?

Excuse me?

Your credit card.
To cover the bill.

Right. Of course.

Thank you.

Please take Mrs. Pontini's
baggage to her room.

We're sorry.
It's all right.

I have exactly the same.

The same color?

That's right.




Mr. Molluquet.

How are you?

Excuse me?


No one stole my card.

That much?

Please wire the money from my PEL
account to my current account.

And my PEP account?

And my PEA account?

Go ahead. No problem.

Please do tell me.

Do I have access to the CEL?

Well that, too, then.

How much money is in it?

I assumed there was more.


Do you really want to go to town?


Are you sure?

Yes, why do you ask?

Why do you ask?

What do you think?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Jean.
- Can we go?

You can't continue doing this.

It's my business.

I'm paying, right?


And that's what counts, right?


- So what's wrong?
- Nothing.

So let's go for a walk.

I don't want to go for a walk.

What do you want?

I want a handbag.

What is it?

I feel good, because I'm
not working this afternoon.

I fell like I'm skipping class.

Me, too.

On top of that I'm drunk.

It's better to be drunk in the
afternoon than in the evening.

It's intoxicating.

It feels like having a secret.

Would you like anything else?
Maybe some ice cream?

I want a dress.

Have mercy.


This one is gorgeous.

Praline cookies! I love them!

Here you go.

I got you a first class ticket.

Thank you.

So goodbye.



Ten more seconds.

Ten seconds are up.



Fine, thank you.

Ask Jeff to come here.

You're not looking for a barman?

I have very good credentials.

No, sir.

I'm sorry, sir, but I'll
have to call the police.

Can't we work something out?

Pool man, room service,
porter, driver?

No, sir.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Can someone give me
a hand with my bag?

I'll send Benoît over.

Don't trouble yourself.

My friend will be delighted
to give me a hand.

He seemed so eager
to help me last time.

Add the bill of room 304
to the account of room 429.

Shall we get out?

Yes, of course.


You're not closing the door?


Good evening.

Which floor?

Third floor.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Are you all right?

You'll never go away.

This isn't about you.

Yesterday I had a problem paying...

You have to leave me alone,
do you understand?

I have to work, Jean.
Calm down.

Do you think you can go around
being in love like that?

It's not about that.

I met this woman, and
she made me an offer.

Stop it.

I know why you're here.

I'm telling the truth.

You think I don't know
what's going on?

That I don't know that look?

I've seen that look
since I was 12 years old.

Good morning, Madeleine.

Did you sleep well?

Very well, thank you.

Have you chosen something?

Excuse me?

Have you been served?

No, but everything is fine.

Won't you sit down?


Excuse me.

Shall I bring you something?

Not now, that's
nice of you, thank you.

What's going on?

You had a bad dream.

But that's good because
now you're awake.

I know what your color is.

You need something blue.

We'll keep the indigo shirt
and the lavender one,

the powder blue
and the blue-green.

But certainly not the teal.
It's vulgar.


Can you bring me that pink dress?


And this one, Jean?

- Jean!
- Yes.

It's gorgeous, isn't it?

Yes, I'm trying it on.

- So, doing a little shopping?
- A little.


It's very nice.

She's the friend I told you about.

She's accepted to help
me for a while.

You don't call me "Miss" anymore?

We have to pick something.

We can't buy shirts.

And I've had enough.

I have to go.

My friend is in a hurry.

Can you spare me ten seconds?

You look very nice in that shirt.

Thank you.

I'm coming.

I took two. I didn't know
which one you wanted.


Of course.

Finally you're smiling.

It's nice to Be
well-dressed, isn't it?


We're leaving.

Come in, the door is open.

Four days.

What did you get?


Those four shirts?

And a pair of jeans.

That's it?

This morning I had
a wonderful breakfast.

I took the Continental.

And an extra serving of pancakes.

Jean, I can't believe it.

We haven't gone out much.

She's shafting you.

I'll wait a bit.

Wait for what?
That she marries you?

Take, take as much as you can.

A new suit, glasses,
shoes, take, Jean.

Otherwise what's it for?

Do you have five minutes?
I'm free until noon.

No, in half an hour I'm
going to a garden party.

I love those parties.

I'll look around
and maybe pick someone up.

The guy you're with now is no good?

I'm with him for the time being.

Why is that?

He's been divorced four times
and pays four ex-wives' alimony.

He doesn't have much left.

Believe me, I can do better.

Yours is married?
She's a widow.

Beginner's luck.

When will you be back?

I don't know.

We'll see each other later?

Of course.

- We're neighbors, aren't we?
- Yes.

Wombats and other koala bears,

who don't know what fear is,

always find out too late...

...that they can't defend themselves.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

How was it?

Very good.

I have a gift for you.

What is it?


Excellent, thank you.

I don't know...

A suit?

Glasses? Shoes?

A bar of gold?

They're beautiful, aren't they?

Yes, very beautiful.

She can't treat you like that.

This can't go on.

- She has the money.
- So what?

You have the lethal weapon.



Make use of it.

Do you think I have charm?

You say that to someone
you don't find attractive.

But charm is more
valuable than beauty.

You can resist beauty,
but you can't resist charm.

Show me how you...

seduce someone.

How I seduce someone?

You must have a trick you practiced

in front the mirror
when you were 15.

No, I don't.

Improvise, then.

- Come on, start seducing me.
- No, no.

Come on, give me the killer look.

I can't do it just like that.

Go ahead.

Come on.

I just started.

I'm sorry.

Show me how you do it.

- Show me.
- All right.

What's wrong Irene?

Nothing, I...

I had...

I want to...

I'd like to...

What do you want?
What would you like?

This is what makes
the other person go crazy.

Not finishing your sentences.

As if the rest
is too painful to say.

Not finishing your sentences
is very effective.

That and looking ahead and afar.

That'll get her.


I'm here...

and I'm gone.

And you have nice arms.

You should show them.

And you have nice hands.

What's that?

Shit, my watch's alarm.
She's done at the spa.

You set the alarm?

I have to go.

I can't believe it!
You're not listening to me!

- I am.
- And?

I can't change
everything right away.

I have to do it slowly.

Damn it...

Give me that.
I know what to do.

You have to press this...

There you go.

Why did you do that?


That was the end of our lesson
about the mysteries of womanhood.

Go, go or you'll be late.


This is ridiculous.

You don't need this.

You look very good.
You have no business being here.

Thank you, Jean.
That's nice of you.

I have no business being here,
because I come here regularly.


Is everything all right
since your last visit?

Better and better.


Thank you.

I'm really happy with the result.

Me, too.


So what's the matter with that ear?

That guy is the best.

Do you know what I had to do
to set up this appointment?

Do you know how long you have to
wait sometimes for breast surgery?

No. Is that the next procedure
you're planning for me?

Oh, come on.

That was nothing.
A single stitch and 20 minutes.

If you knew what I have to
go through sometimes.

I can imagine.

Jean? Jean?

Jean, stop it.

Say something. This
silence makes me nervous.

I want to...

I'd like to...

What? What do you want? What?

What would you like?

What do you want?

It's... it's just...

Jean, look at your watch.

It's broken.

Driver, take us to Jaeger's.

The handle is made from shark bone.

Amazing, isn't it?

The bones are dried for to years.

It takes a whole shark to
make one set of cutlery.

When I'm dead I'll
donate my body to them.

Excuse me.

Do you have a light?

Thank you.

Do you think they sell them
at the hotel's boutique?

The watch?

No, the cutlery.

Oh. Yes. Of course.

I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.

Show me.

Oh, my goodness!
A Jaeger-LeCoultre watch.

Do know how much it's worth?

Yes. I can't even
pronounce such an amount.

You had a slow start,
but now you're rolling.

All this is white gold.

With diamonds all around.

And there's a diamond
on each number.

And inside there are
rubies and other stuff.

This isn't a watch.
It's a treasure chest.

What did you do to the old bag?

I moped.

You look nice tonight.

Every rich guy looks nice to you.

You're not rich,
you just have a few reserves.

I've never even had that.

Go first. I'll follow you.



What time is it?

A quarter to 9.

It's nice here, isn't it?

I like this place because
it's not pretentious.

It's calm and grand
at the same time.

We have the impression
we're unique, don't we?


The handle is made from shark bone.

Amazing, isn't it?

The bones are dried for two years.

It takes one whole shark
to make one set of cutlery.

Good evening, sir.

This is François from room service.

I'm sorry to disturb you.

We wanted to confirm...

I need to clarify something
concerning your breakfast.

The juice you ordered.

Was it orange or grapefruit?


- Orange?
- Yes.

Maltaise, Navelle, or Sanguine?

Do you prefer a certain kind?


What kind of orange?


Excellent choice, sir.
We also have apple juice.

Very popular, the apple juice.
Very much in demand.

A delicate flavor,
but it has character.

Thank you very much.

Very well.

Very well.


Sir, this is François again
from room service.

I'm sorry to be
bothering you again.

Regarding the eggs,

should they be soft-boiled, fried,
sunny-side up or scrambled?


Very well.

A very good choice.

Anything else?

- No.
- Are you sure, sir?


When you start aging,
a little ginseng added to your tea

improves blood circulation.

And I've also heard of
spectacular erections.

Is this room service?

Yes, this is room service.

Is this a joke?

Yes... I mean no.

No, this isn't a joke, sir.

This is room service.


Have you been told about
the seniors' discount?


The seniors' discount
is spec¡ally prepared

for our older clients.

There's nothing to chew.

The food is mechanically
chewed prior to serving,

so that you may enjoy
every kind of food,

in spite of any
disability of the jaw.

I would suggest soup,
mashed potatoes and yogurt.

And for dessert, stewed fruit.

Where were you?

I went to the bathroom.

Two visits to the bathroom
during a meal at your age?

I'm sorry... I...

What were you doing?

Were you talking to someone?


You can tell me.


You weren't talking to anyone
or you don't want to tell me?

I'm not jealous, just curious.


What's wrong, Jean?

Nothing. I...

I want to...

I'd like to...

Enough of this.

What do you think you're doing?

That you can play games with me

and mince like with a young virgin?

Listen to me carefully, my boy.

If I want to, I can
throw you out of here

with one snap of my fingers.

So if you want to continue

to enjoy the pool
and the boutiques,

then you'd better
focus a little more.

Do you understand?

I'm sorry I'm late.

We visited the boutiques.

- She bought you a scooter?
- Yes.

It has a luggage box.

And a full tank.

We can go for a swim.

I know this little cove.

I've been wanting to go
there since I arrived.

We'll go there now.

Get me a drink,
and I'll be right back.

We made a good choice
when we picked this suit.

It's very nice.

Good night.
Good night.

You were right.

It's good to go
to bed early for once.

It was nice of you to cancel
our dinner at the restaurant.


Yes. It's like a gift to me.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

You're really not
hungry this evening?

No I'm not.

That's rare, isn't it?

That's true.

Do you want some Ribod candy?

No, thank you.

I own some stocks with them.
It makes me good money.

Where are you from.

Excuse me?

Where are you from?

I'm from Saint-Brieuc.


Is it nice there?

It rains all the time.

Do you know that I haven't
seen the rain in four years?

It's always summer here.

I miss the smell of rain.

Do you have any siblings?


I have two brothers
and three sisters.

And my oldest sister
would always tease me.

I mean that...

You haven't said anything.

It's very nice here.

I lack the words to describe it.

Behind us is an abandoned vineyard.

I find grapes there in September.

And up there, to your left.

There's an old sheepfold.

Do you see it?

I can barely see my sandwich.

Damn. Unbelievable.

Jean, excuse me.

It would be lovely if you could
bring me my book from our room.


Are you all right?

I wanted to tell you that
I spent a wonderful night.

Me, too.

When are we doing it again?

I didn't want to
fall asleep, you know.

So that I could savor each minute.

What's wrong?

I'm leaving.

I came to say goodbye.

Where to?

I'm going to Venice.

With Gilles.

And then to the Maldives.


This evening.

When are you coming back?

I'm not coming back.

When I was a kid I went to
Venice once with my parents.

I remember the bread rolls
they had there, I loved them.

I don't remember their name.

Do you know which ones?


I don't remember their name, either.

I loved them too.

So goodbye.





Jean, are you here?




Here you are.

Is everything all right?


The book was here.

Thank you.

Madeleine, what's the name
of those Italian bread rolls?

Oh no...

Oh no, this can't be true...

That bastard, not again.


The bread rolls
are called panettones.

That idiot dumped me.

He dumped you?

He left me here.

And took everything.

But why?

What do you think?

Do you think he saw us?

Of course he saw us.

I can't believe it.
I'm so stupid.

You have to go to the train station.

Get my things
in the luggage locker.

Damn, I have nothing left.

I only have this sarong
and the swim suit.


This is for you.

The room has been paid
for the whole week.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

You look a little nervous.

No, I'm not nervous.

What will you have?

I'll have a vodka.

We'll have a scotch
whisky and a vodka.

Where's your watch?

I sold it.

That's not true. It's in our room.

No, I sold it at the same boutique.


it was mine, wasn't it?


I wanted to believe
you're a little different.

Not like the others.

But you're only more
clever than they are.

I don't know what came over me.

I wanted to buy you a gift,
but I had no money.

So, here you go.

They're gorgeous.

This is so sweet, Jean.

That watch was
the only thing you had.

I'm sure I gave you the invitation.

No, no, no.

The invitation was
on your nightstand.

Most likely the
cleaning lady took it.

It doesn't matter.

Excuse me.

Do you have a light?

Can I bring you some champagne?

That would be lovely.

Five glasses, please.

Thank you.

You're a prince.

I will be needing your help, Jean.

Of course, how can I help?

I saw Jacques.

You need to help me.

Do what?

I want you to help me...

seduce him.

Things can't go on like this, Jean.

That situation at the
pool was just too hard.

I don't want to find myself
without anything again.

I prefer to...

What do you want me to do?

Tell me.

Excuse me.

A glass of champagne, please.

One for you?


One more glass, please.

Thank you.

Getting some champagne
is total madness.

When did you arrive?

About ten minutes ago.

Are you alone?

Yes, for now.

And you?

Here's to our health.

- Irene.
- Agnes.



This is my lucky day.

What is it?

- The Prince von Hoffenberg.
- Who?

The Prince von Hoffenberg.
There, near the roses.

Who is he?

One of the richest
men in the world.

Dutch nobility.

And he's an industrial tycoon.
Moulinex, Nescafe, that's him.

He must have just arrived.

He's very rich,

and very lonely.

He lost his wife in a car
accident two years ago.

Since then he's been drifting
from party to party.

I'll go to him and take my chances.

Excuse me.

Is it her you're looking at?


Is she looking at you?

Yes. She's taking shy
glances at me.

She wants to get married.

Here you go.

I noticed you hadn't any left.

Thank you.

Good evening.

This is Agnes, my friend.

Prince Michel...

Von Hoffenberg, of course.

Good evening.
Good evening.

I'm rarely recognized.

But you have a face
that's impossible to forget.

Have you just arrived?

No. I don't intend
to stay here too long.

I think this is a little...

Yes, that's true.

You think the same?

I couldn't help looking
at you all evening.

I'm sorry.

No need to be sorry.

You look strangely
like my ancestor.

The Archduchess of Edinburgh.

Excuse me, Ines.

I'm sorry.

Don't mention it.

Maybe we can see each other later?

I have her portrait, painted
by Rembrandt, at my country house.

I hung it in the guest room.

I'd like to show
it to you some day.

The resemblance is striking.

She was executed
during the Revolution.

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

The pain has passed.

Excuse me for a moment.

You're behaving
like a rude bastard.

For the past hour you've been
going from one woman to the next.

What are you doing?
Who do you think you are?

Do you think a little
jewelry is enough?

I'm sorry, Madeleine.

I don't give a damn that you're sorry.

You told my friends you'd bring
us some champagne, so do it.

You have two minutes.

I'd be happy to help, but I can't.

What do you mean you can't?

I need to go to the hotel
and spend a few hours with this girl.

What are you talking about?

I need to do a favor.
I can't do otherwise.

Are you kidding me?

I'm warning you.

If you leave with that girl,
don't count on me, understand?

I'll leave the scooter in the lot
and the keys at reception.

There's nothing
I can do to stop you?


I'm sorry.

Stop being so nice,
it's unbearable.

It seems that a man
like you can't be bought.

Even by me.

I'll be fine, don't worry.
You're not the first.

Thank you for taking
things this way.

Do I have a choice?

You can keep the scooter.

You deserve it.

I'm sorry.

That was my ex-mother-in-law.

The Baroness von Bosten.

She can't stand to see me
talk to other women since...

Yes, I know.

Don't hold it against her.

She must be devastated.

But I have to live on, right?

Yes, of course, one must live on.

Life goes on.

Are you all right?

Yes. no.

I want to...

I'd like to...

Well, well.

Good evening, Jacques.

Good evening, Irene.

You see, I still
remember your name.

Are you alone?

As you can see.

What have you been doing?

I've been signing checks.

When did you arrive?

I arrived this morning,
I was dumped this evening.

Not all is lost.

It seems so.

I think I've already
forgotten her name.

Excuse me. What did you say?

That I've already
forgotten her name.


You know her?

It's a small world.

Are you all right?

Yes. I'm fine.

Do you have any plans
for the coming days?

Do you have any plans?

Excuse me?

I have the feeling
your thoughts are elsewhere.

And it's very annoying.

Excuse me.

Pardon me.

It's the alcohol and the fatigue.

I'm falling asleep.

What were you saying?

I asked if you had any plans.

What are you plans
for the coming days?


I plan to make love.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Jacques.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

I'm really sorry.



Prince? What's going on?

What are you doing here?

I'm doing you a favor.

He's totally broke.

I can't believe it.

Excuse me.


it took you a while.

I did what I could.

I want to...

I'd like to...

kiss you.