Pocket Dial Murder (2023) - full transcript

Follows Stacey as she receives a pocket dial from her husband. She hears the death of a woman on the other end, and when her husband comes home, he says he has lost his phone.

Hey, love. Don't tell
me you're running late.

You can't do this.

I have enough dirt on you
that I can ruin your life.

You will never get
away with this.

I swear I will tell
her everything--



Hey. You've reached
Jeff Crawford.

Please leave a message and
I'll get back to you soon.

Jeff. What is going on? I
just got a call from you

and all I heard was
screaming and a gunshot.

Call me back, I'm
freaking out right now.

Just make sure when you get
home, get lots of rest.

Hey, sis. I just finished
with my last patient;

I was just about to call you.

Joelle, listen carefully,
I need to be quick.

Stacey, you're scaring
me, what's happening?

I just got a call from Jeff;

it sounded like a pocket dial.

I'm 99% sure I heard
a gun shot. I think...

I think a woman was killed.

Wait, what do you mean?

I don't know. I, I can't
think straight right now.

I haven't heard from
Jeff since lunch.

May...maybe he didn't
have his phone.

I just left him a voice mail.

If he didn't have his phone,
whoever did knows I heard

everything and
could come after me.

Stacey. Call 911 right now.

I can't.

I share my location with Jeff;

they could find me in a second.

Oh my god. OK,
I'm coming over;

I'm calling the
police on my way.

I, I need to turn my
phone off.

911. What's your emergency?

Yes, hi. My name
is Joelle Davrow.

I'm calling on behalf of my
sister, Stacey Crawford.

She thinks she heard a
murder over the phone.

I'm afraid she
could be in danger.


The cops are
on their way.

Have you tried
to reach Jeff?

Yes. I called the
office. No answer.

He should have
been home by now.

It can't be Jeff.

OK. So the last time you
spoke to your husband

was at noon today,
and no word since?

No. I worked all afternoon
and then I came home

to prepare dinner.

Then, you got a call
from your husband's phone

at 7:35 tonight.

And you're positive
you heard a gun shot.

And you heard no other voices?

Just the woman.

I have to ask. Why
do you seem so...

so sure that it wasn't your
husband holding the phone?

Stacey? Hey. What's
going on? Hey.

Mr. Crawford? Hi,
I'm Detective Munger.


Um, listen, before we get
into the events of tonight,

I'd like to ask you
a few questions.

You OK?

Mr. Crawford, can
I see your phone?

Um...I'm sorry, I actually
... I don't know where it is.

Hey. You've reached Joelle.
Sorry I missed your call.

Thanks for
everything, Joelle.

You can go. I'm OK now.

Are you sure?

I'll call you as
soon as we're done.

So Mr. Crawford, you said
you started your night

with a meeting with a
new client, Harry Kobelt

at StarzCup, and that's the
coffee shop by your office,

and that was from 5 to 6.


Then you went back to
the office for a meeting

with your manager,
Ellen Green.

You work on the weekends?

-Yeah. Ellen just got
promoted to Regional manager.

So we've been doing a
whole lot of reorganization

and overtime for the past
couple weeks, that's all.

I don't know that
I should've left her.

Jeff is with her now?

Joelle, you don't
think that Jeff--

I don't know

I'm just worried
about my sister.

After Ellen
left the meeting,

was there anyone at the
office who can confirm

how long you stayed?

Uh. no. I was the
only one left.

-At what point
did you realize

that you didn't have
your phone on you?

Maybe five, ten minutes
after Ellen left.

-It seems odd, doesn't it,
that it would take you

that long to realize
it was missing?

No. Um, Ellen was waiting
for me at the office

when I got there. I was late
so I uh, I just dropped all

my stuff with her assistant
and we ran to our meeting.

Now you arrived here at 8.

What were you doing
between 7 and 8?

Um. I was finishing
up some work

and that's when I realized
I didn't have my phone.

So I thought maybe I left
it at the coffee place.

So I went there,
and it was closed.

So I went back to the office
and I looked everywhere for it,

but obviously it was
nowhere to be found.

And uh, I packed up my
stuff and I drove home.

About how long
does it take to get

from the office to home?

Uh, like...20 minutes.

OK. Well, I think we're
done here for the night.

So, what are the
next steps here?

Well? We're gonna
track the call and see

if we can find the
area. And once we do,

we'll send a team
out to search.

There's not much
you can do but wait.

Oh, but um, If you
think of anything,

here's my card; you'll
give me a call.

And Mr. Crawford, I suggest
you don't go too far.

If we do find something,

we're gonna have some
questions for you.

And in the meantime, if your
phone should re-surface,

you'll let us know.

Yeah. Obviously, yeah.

All right.
Good night.

Stacey. What did
the police say?

-They're gonna track the call
to see what they can find.

There's nothing more
we can do for now.

OK. Well, I have the
morning off tomorrow.

Want to meet at our spot
in the park at 10:00 am?


I have a few house
showings but not

until the afternoon. So...

I'll see you there.

OK. Night, Sis. I love you.

I can't believe
this is happening.

When I answered the call,
my uh, first thought was

that it could've
been Ellen.

What made you think it
could have been Ellen?

I knew you were in
a meeting with her.

You two have been working
a lot of overtime together.

Stacey, come on.

I know where you're
going with this.

There is nothing
between Ellen and I.

The last time you were
working extra hours

and ignoring my phone calls,
you said it was nothing

and you were cheating
on me with Catherine.

This time is
different. I swear.

Yeah, this is different
than last time.

It goes way beyond
infidelity or anything

we've ever been through.

I heard a gun shot.

Someone could be dead.

I...I don't know what to
say. OK? This is crazy.

Look. First thing
tomorrow morning,

I'll go back to
the coffee place

and I'll ask to watch
the security cam footage

to see if I can see
who took my phone. OK?


What are you doing?

I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to wake you.

I just need to borrow your
phone to call the office.

Oh. Yeah, OK.

Hey, I made a fresh pot
of coffee downstairs.

Oh, thanks.

Hey, Jeff!

Hey. Morning, Alek.

Joelle told me what
happened last night;

that's insane. I didn't
think you'd be here today.

Nah, I mean I don't exactly
have my mind set to work,

but I gotta figure
out who took my phone

and made that phone call.

Yeah. Where do you
think you lost it?

I don't know; it's
driving me crazy.

I came back here because
I had that meeting

with Harry Kobelt yesterday.
No one saw anything

and they don't have any
camera surveillance inside.

Let me guess, you hadn't set
up your find my phone app?

No, now the phone's
not turned on

so I can't track
it anyway.

Oh, I was supposed
to help Sean

run the new filing
system today.

You got enough on
your shoulders.

I'll take care of that.

Yeah? You just gotta
teach him how to--

Relax, buddy.
I'll handle it.


Stacey. I got you your
favorite, soy matcha latte.

What is it?

Someone's following me.

You see that girl? I noticed
her when I first got here

and she's been keeping
close ever since.

Let's go.

Did you call
Mom this morning?

She told me she's been
waiting to hear from you.

Not yet. I don't think I'm
ready to tell her about

what happened last night;
you know how she is.

Yeah, and she always
reads us so well.

We never know how
she's going to react.

Anyway, it's good not to
put more stress on her.

What did Jeff have to
say about everything?

He's on a mission to find out
who could have his phone.

I'm freaking out.

Whoever has his phone
knows I was on the line

and heard the gunshot.


I'm done entering these
files into the system.

You have some more?

I sure do.


There you go.

Good job.

Oh, thanks. I'm sorry.

Mm hm.

I'm not sure about him.

Ellen. Stop it.

Sean's a good kid.

He's just having a rough time
getting back on his feet

after his parents died.
Plus, he's Alek's nephew.

And he's great with technology,
which is exactly what we need.

Ah. All right.
Well, if you say he's good,

then I trust your judgement.

Hey, you know what?

I have no more meetings
scheduled today.

Why don't we skip out a few
hours early and grab a drink?

Oh, um.

I gotta, I gotta
take this.

Jeff Crawford speaking.

Yeah, Mr. Crawford.
Detective Munger.

Wanted to let you know we
were able to trace that call

to an area called Jenkintown.

Are you familiar with the place?

Or maybe you know
someone who lives there?

No. I mean, I know
where it is.

But I haven't been out
that way in a long time.

-Did you get a new cell phone?

No. I am, I am heading
out soon to do that.

Should be by the end of the
afternoon, same number.

Got it. Well...we'll
stay in touch.

OK. Bye.

What was that
all about?

Is there anything
you need to tell me?

We're just dealing with
something that happened

last night. I don't really
want to get into it.

Jeff, I know you were
expecting to be promoted

to Regional Manager. And the
last thing I want is for

things to be awkward between
us because I got the job.

But you can always come
to me about anything:

business or personal.

OK. Thanks. I
appreciate it.

Of course.


Oh, it's you. You
scared me for a second.

I'm sorry. I should
have called to let you know

I was coming home early.

I uh...

I got a new phone.


You OK? I uh, I've
been the same all day too.

I can't shake the feeling
that someone is watching me.

What? Why would you say that?

I think someone was following
me when I was at the park

with Joelle this morning.
I don't know for sure.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

No. No, no, no. Hey. You're
probably just tired.

I know I am.

Oh, I uh, I talked
to the detective.

They said they tracked the call.

OK, that's good news right?

Yeah. We'll know soon enough.


Parker, it's me.

Pull Crawford in for
questioning right away.

Looks like we've got
ourselves a homicide.

Man, they were tough
on you in there.

Hey. But you held
it together well.

Thanks for
everything, Mike.

What are friends for?


Hey, Stacey.

Thank you.

Stacey, they found a
body. You were right.

Somebody was murdered.

I know, Joelle just called
me. It's all over the news.

I can't believe
someone stole my phone.

I have no alibi, Stacey
and... a woman is dead!

I mean, they just
kept asking me

the same question
over and over again.

It's obvious they
think I did it.

We both know you
didn't do this.

Mike is a good lawyer. We're
gonna get through this.


Let's go.


I'm uh... I'm
heading out early.

I'm gonna go see Mike
before I go to the office.

How are you feeling?


I have a
few showings today

so I hope that'll get
my mind off of things.

Police are investigating
the death of 28-year-old

Juliette Lane. Ms. Lane's
body was found in a cottage

in Jenkintown by a
cleaning service employee.

The cause of death was a
gunshot wound to the chest.

I swear I will tell
her everything that you do-

Seeing her face
makes it all so real.

It's terrible.

Mom, I don't know
what to tell you.

You should just
wait to talk to her.

The last time your sister
stopped taking my calls

was when Jeff was
cheating on her.

Is he cheating again?

Please, Mom.

I knew it. I told her!

If a man cheats once,
he'll do it again.

She thinks her husband is
different from her dad.

Well, I have news
for her. He isn't!

Enough, Mom! Jeff
is nothing like Dad.

Not all men are liars--

Listen to yourself,
you're so naive.

It's a wonder how you
ever became a doctor.

OK, Mom. You've crossed
the line. Again.

I have to go; I'll
call you back later.

Jeff, do you mind?

No. No, come, sit down.

I'm not, I'm not sure
exactly what's happening

uh, but a lotta people are
saying some crazy things.

I don't care about the gossip;

I just wanted to make
sure you were OK.

Oh, Sean. It's bad...

Sean. It is real... real bad.

OK, so I'll get
your paperwork in

and I'll be
in touch.

-Thank you.

Looks like I found
your new neighbors!

I saw them; they
look perfect!

Hey, I was gonna make my
famous spaghetti tonight

for Alek and Sean. Maybe
you and Jeff could join us?

I can come, but
I convinced Jeff

to go to his
racquetball game.

I figured it could help
get his mind off of things.

I get it. Well, hopefully,
being out of the house

will do you some good too.

Dinner was amazing.

Thanks, Joelle.

Yes. Thank you. it was
just what I needed.


So, how are you liking
working at ARXB Financial?

Oh, it's...it's awesome.
I like working with Jeff.

He helps a lot of people to
build their dream businesses.

It's a career I can see
myself in for sure, so...

Well, you know you can't
get a job like Jeff's

without going back
to school first.

Yeah, I get that. I'm
not a kid anymore,

so you can stop
treating me like one.

You'll always be a
kid to Alek. I mean,

he raised you most of your
life; it's only natural.

Joelle's right. It's tough,
but you're a man now.

I'll cut you some slack.

I uh, I should go.

Yeah, I have a lot of
work to do tomorrow.

Yeah, you've gotta
impress your boss.

Hey, it was uh, good
to see you, buddy.

Yeah, see ya soon.

So how are you
and Jeff holding up?

We're doing the
best we can.

It's such a nightmare; I
just want it to all be over.

Nightmare is an understatement.

You're smack in the
middle of a murder case.

Honey? Why don't
you grab your iPad

and we can show Stacey some
pictures from our trip?

Oh. Yeah.

I'm sorry. I should have
told him not to bother you

about the case tonight.

You would love Montreal.

It's almost like you
could be in Europe.

You guys look so good here.


We could all go
together sometime.



Oh my god! It's the
woman who was killed!

Why do you have a picture
of her? Did you know her?

I can't believe this.
I saw her on the news

and I couldn't place
where I'd seen her before.

Where was this photo taken?
How does Jeff know her?

Juliette was one
of Jeff's clients.

This was a photo
taken at a conference

last year in New York.

I need to talk to Jeff.

Wait, Stacey. Don't go.

Just take a minute. We
can talk about this.

Sorry, Joelle. I need
to discuss it with Jeff.


Hey, Honey.

Hey, thanks for pushing
me to go to racquetball.

I really think it was
just what I needed.

How was Joelle's dinner?

What's wrong?

You tell me.

I heard this girl get murdered.

You were right next
to me on the couch

when we saw her on the news
and you didn't say anything?

I froze.

I was in complete shock
when I saw her face on TV.

Believe me, I've been
stressing out all day about

how I was going to tell you.

How the police
are gonna react

when they found out
that I knew her.

You haven't told
the detectives yet?

You need to tell them

before they find out
on their own, Jeff.

They're gonna think you're
hiding something from them.

They want me to come down to
the station tomorrow.

I'll tell them then.

Were you sleeping with her?

What? No! Stacey!
Absolutely not!

OK? She was just an
old client of mine.

This photo is clearly showing

more than a professional

No. We were, we

I mean, she was just really
thankful that I helped

save her company.
I mentioned her before.

She's the one with the
spa chain, remember?

I haven't spoken a word to
her since we stopped working

together; that was
four months ago!

So why didn't you just say
that in the first place?

I was overwhelmed.

I mean, come on, my cell
phone's at a crime scene?

And now I knew
the victim too?

I was worried that you
might not believe me

if I told you that
I knew Juliette.

I mean, Stacey.
Come on. I need you.

I need my wife by
my side for this...

How do you think I felt
when I saw that photo?

I wasn't just thinking,

did my husband have
another affair?

I also thought,

could my husband have
killed this girl?

This is exactly why I
didn't say anything.

I mean, the police already
look at me like I'm guilty.

But now my wife too?

I can't handle that.

I swear to you,
Stacey. I didn't do it.

I never thought you could
cheat on me and you did.

That is not fair.

OK, we were young and
we were in a bad place.

You know me. I'm
not capable of this.

The idea that you could
have an affair is one thing.

But I know you could
never kill someone.

So you have to stop hiding
things from me. I need the

whole truth if we're gonna
get through this together.

I know. I know.
I'm sorry.

God, I love you so much.

I love you too.

Just a lot to process.

I need some time.




Where are you off
to in such a hurry?

Uh, the police called
me in for questioning

about Juliette's murder.

Ah. I was just with them for a
couple of hours. It was brutal.

What did you tell them?

What do you mean?

We were together the
night Juliette died.

What exactly did you say?

I just want my story
to line up with yours.

Uh. I just told them the truth.

Yes, but if we say
the meeting ran long

then we both
have an alibi.

You're kidding, right?

Yes. Oh, my gosh.

Yes. Of course. I'm
just nervous. Oh.

I already told them yesterday
that I left around 7 pm.


I should get going.


I just don't want to end
up in the same situation

that Mom was in.

She was devastated when
Dad cheated on her.

Do you think I'm crazy for
trusting Jeff right now?

What if he was
sleeping with Juliette?

You and Jeff are nothing
like our parents.

You have such a solid
relationship and...

Yeah, he messed up once.

You should answer that.


Hello, is this Stacey Crawford?

Yes. Who am I speaking to?

My name is Meredith Yell.

Juliette Lane was
my best friend.

Oh, I'm so sorry
for what happened.

Me too. There's something I'd
like to talk to you about.


Can you meet me tonight?
I'll text you my address.

Tonight? Sure. Yes, of course.


That was Meredith, one
of Juliette's friends.

She wants me to meet her
at her place tonight.

I'll go with you.

No. I think she'll open
up more if I go alone.



You're home early.


How did it go with
the detectives?

Yeah, well, I uh, I told them
about working with Juliette

and of course, they knew. Then.

Then again, they just kept
asking the same questions

over and over again,
like they expected me

to change my answer.

I'm glad Mike was with you.

I'm sure it helped
having a friend there.

Yeah. He invited me to
racquetball tonight

to get my mind off of it.


That could help.

Mm. I'm just gonna
go grab my, my bag.

That was Meredith,

one of Juliette's friends.



Are you OK?

Oh, my god!



Hey. You're all right. I'm
gonna get you some help, OK?

911, what's your emergency?

Yes, someone has been attacked.

Please send help to 23
Lakeside street. Hurry.

-Help's on the way.

You're OK.

You're OK.

Roberto. Romana.

Roberto Romana?
Who is that?


I called Alek and let
him know what happened.

He's with Sean and neither of
them have heard from Jeff.

I can't reach
him either.

But I just looked up
Roberto Romana online

and it's not a person.
It's a pizza place

in the same area
they found Juliette.

I wonder what Meredith
was trying to tell you.

I just wish I could
have got there earlier.

There was nothing I
could do to save her.

I'm so sorry. That's awful.

I should go.

Stacey. I'm so sorry.
I came as fast as I could.

Are you sure you don't want
to stay with us tonight?

I just want to be home.


Text me
when you get there.

I will. I love you.

I love you too.

How was your meeting
with Juliette's friend?

That's where you were, right?

How did you know
where I was going?

I saw the text that
Meredith sent earlier

when I was at home.

Why didn't
you just tell me?

Meredith's dead.

What did you just say?

I said she's dead.

Someone attacked her
before I got there;

she died in my arms.

That's terrible.

Where were you tonight?


You said you had a
racquetball game with Mike.

But since you've
been unreachable.

I called him. He
said you cancelled.

I uh... I decided
not to go. I just--

I wasn't in the
mood to see anyone.

So I just...I drove around.

And I debated following
you to Meredith's

or just coming home.

Meredith was supposed to
tell me something that I

needed to know
about the call,

about Juliette or
maybe about you.

And now she's dead.

And once again, you can't
prove where you were?

Are you seriously

that I had something
to do with it?

I don't know what
to think anymore.


Don't do it.

Stacey, come on.

Are you scared of me?

I can't trust anything right
now, including you, Jeff.

Stacey. Don't say that.

I'm gonna sleep in
the guest bedroom.

Here we go.


I was wondering
if I could ask you

a couple of

My name is
Stacey Crawford.

I'm Selena.

I think you may have
known Meredith Yell?

She told me to come here.
I'm trying to find out why.

I'm sorry I don't
know a Meredith Yell.

Can you please just
tell me if you recognize

anyone in
these photos?

Um...oh. I know this girl.

She was killed not
too long ago.

You knew her?

I mean, she was a customer
here. She would come

pretty often, usually alone,
sometimes with her boyfriend.

Although once she came
in with another woman

and they caused a scene
with a big argument.

You said she came in with a
boyfriend. It's not this man?

Um. It's hard to
tell. It could be.

I didn't really get
a good look at him.

He usually wore a hat so
it hid most of his face.

I'm sorry; I should
get back to work.

One last question:

do you know the woman
Juliette was arguing with?

No. I'm sorry I
couldn't help.

Darn it. I'm out
of storage.

I keep forgetting to
take that hard drive

Jeff offered me.

Have you heard from
Stacey this morning?

No. She
needs her rest,

so I'm gonna wait
a bit to call.

I'm seeing her later
with Mom anyways.

Yeah. She definitely
needs her rest.

This whole situation
with her and Jeff

is getting pretty crazy.
You should hear some of

the gossip going around
the office right now.

Do people actually believe
he killed Juliette?

Some of them are saying
that she might have been

his mistress and he
might have killed her

so Stacey wouldn't find out.

Why would people think
Jeff and Juliette

were having an affair?

It's an accumulation of things.

Juliette was bringing
him gifts, lunches,

following him to conferences.

The rumors probably wouldn't
be this bad if she hadn't

asked for her file to
be transferred to Jeff.

So she was working with
someone else before Jeff?




The gossip's only gonna get
worse once they find out

that Juliette's
friend was murdered

and that Jeff doesn't
have an alibi again.

Oh God. That's
brutal. Poor Jeff!

You seem very
preoccupied, honey.

Are you finally going to
tell me what's going on?

I know something is wrong.

You're right, we've been
keeping something from you.

I knew it. Why am I
always the last to know?

This is serious, Mom.

Before I tell you, I need to
be sure you're gonna listen

to me without
interrupting or judging.

On Sunday night, I
got a phone call.

Uh, I didn't expect
anybody to be in here.

What are you doing
in Alek's office?

Wh.. Alek's out for lunch,
and he uh, he told me

I could use his computer, so.

OK, well, I just
came to grab a file.

Mm hm. Yeah.

You're getting pretty
comfortable here.

Jeff says you've been doing
some really good work.

Uh, thanks. Thanks.

-You know, I mentioned to
Jeff it might be a good idea

to take some time off.

So you may work directly
under your uncle.

Uh. I'd rather
um, not.

Alek bosses me around
enough in my normal life;

I don't need it
at work too.

Yes, I can understand that.

I told you years ago you
should have left him.

He's just like
your father!

Nothing but a liar
and a cheater!

Mom, stop!

You don't get to tell me
when I can and can't talk.

I did my best to raise you
girls well, to protect you

so that you'd never
get hurt the way I did.

And look
what I get in return.

You always think you
know better, you...

you just see me as a,
a bitter old woman.

You never even bother
to consider my advice.

Look at you now. You're
still married to a man

who is about to destroy
your life with his lies.

That's enough, Mom!

This is exactly why I
didn't want to tell you.

I always expect you
to be supportive

and you disappoint
me every time.

You need to be smart, Stacey.
Instead of pining for a man

who is keeping another
woman's bed warm.

Stop it!

Jeff is nothing like Dad.

You need to swallow
your pride and realize

that my relationship is
different than yours was!

I think it would be best if
you left and we can continue

this conversation when you're
ready to be supportive.

Oh, God.

Oh, Mom.


I got you.

What's happened?

I got you. It's OK.

It's OK, just breathe.
It's OK. I got you.

Thank you for taking
such good care of her.

She's gonna be OK.
She just needs some rest.

-This is all
my fault.

I should've never
acted like that.

I just couldn't handle
hearing Mom talk about

how Jeff has lied
to me before and--

Stop blaming

She's OK.

I know.

I just feel so tired.

Deep down, I don't think
Jeff is capable of murder.

But with everything stacked
against him, I don't want

to be one of those stupid
girls blinded by love.

You are not stupid, and
you know your husband.

Just listen to your heart and
leave all of those details

to Mike and the police.

Thanks, Jo.
You're right.

I can't believe
Stacey didn't call

to tell me
about Madeline.

I told Joelle I
was with you so,

Stacey knew I'd
let you know.

Well. Still.

I know. This is
a lot for Stacey.

Adding to what happened last
night...she was a wreck.

This whole thing is a mess.
She's barely talking to me.

I don't know what to do anymore
to make her believe me.

Alek. I'm losing her.

Maybe...maybe being
home more will help.

Jeff. Can I see you
in my office, please?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.

So I hear you're finally
taking my advice?

Yeah. I'm gonna take the
afternoon and finalize

some paperwork and
then heading out.

Mm. It's gonna be weird
not having you around.

There's something I need to
tell you about Juliette and I.

When I was handling her
file, something went wrong.

What do you mean?

I made a
calculation mistake;

I was fixing it, but
when she found out,

she accused me of trying
to sabotage her company.

Were you? Trying
to sabotage her?

No. Of course not! But...

This happened just after they
announced the opening for

Regional Manager and I was
blinded by getting the title.

I didn't think twice. I
offered Juliette money

to buy her silence because I
didn't want the situation

to leave a black mark on my
career and spoil my chances

for the promotion.

Wow. So did she
take the money?

No. She just dropped
me and asked you

to handle her business plans.

Well, so why are you, why are
you telling me all of this?

The police have her cell
phone and her laptop.

I'm not sure if she still
has our email exchanges.

But if she does, I
could be in trouble.

Hold on. You haven't
told the police?

Ellen. Are you kidding me?

I'm being accused of murder
here, and you're sitting

on information
that could help me?

Jeff. It's not that simple.

Oh, no. But it is!

You lied to the police and
now you want me to help you.

I'm sorry, but uh, I'm
gonna tell them everything.

You'll regret not accepting
my offer for an alibi.

You can leave now.

Mom's not
that young anymore.

Seeing her so fragile
on her hospital bed

made me realize she won't
be with us forever.

But I want to finish
the conversation

we started with her.

We didn't even get to
tell her about the murder.

She deserves to know
that Jeff is a suspect.

Always tip toeing around
her because of her anxiety.

But you're right.

She needs to know what
you're going through.

I'm sure, once she understands

the whole situation,
she'll be supportive.

Mom is strong. She still has
many years ahead of her.

Yeah. She's
far too stubborn

to go before she's ready.

She was so worried about what
the police might find out.

I mean, she must be
hiding something.

Like what?

I'm not sure. But
I gotta find out.

This could be a way to get
the police off my back.


Hey, do you...do you
think maybe Sean would...

hack into Ellen's e-mails if I-

Absolutely not.

There's no way I'm gonna
let my nephew take the risk.

He could get sued
if he gets caught.

Could end up with
a criminal record.

No. Sorry. You're right.

That's all right.

There's gotta be another
way to find out without you

getting in more trouble, right?

You've got enough
of that as it is.

Yeah. Yeah.

We should be getting
back to the hospital.

Yeah. Oh, uh, before we go, can
I grab that extra hard drive?

Sure, you can check
Jeff's office.


Did you find it?

Oh, my God. No.

All right, ladies.

We've done a complete
search of the house

so that's gonna
be all for today.

Is Jeff going to be arrested?

Nothing's gonna happen
before we run some tests

on the bullet that
killed Juliette Lane.

To make sure it
came from that gun.

Is it safe for
Stacey to stay here?

I think Ms. Crawford
is the only one

that can make that decision.


I'm gonna stay here.

Go pick up Mom.
I'll call you later.

You should come and
stay at Mom's too.

I'm fine.

Hey. You wanted to see me?

Yeah, yeah. Come on in.

Grab a seat.

Oh, do you mind uh,
closing the door?

Yeah, yeah.

What's up?

Alek doesn't want me talking
to you about this, OK?

So can we keep it between us?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Um, I need your
help with something.

Well, I'm not great with
computers. And I know you are.

I need to talk to Mr.
Crawford... in private.


It's OK.


Thanks, Sean.

Yeah. Yeah.

Mr. Crawford,

Detective Munger.

We got a call this
afternoon from your wife.

She found your old cell
phone in your home office.

Next to a gun.

You-you're serious.
That's impossible.

Detective, I don't even own
a gun. Stacey knows that.

I'm sure she told you!

We'll let the experts
determine that.

You know, they're gonna
need a little time to see

if the gun they found
matches the bullet

that killed Juliette Lane.

But if it does, you'll
hear from us soon enough.

What does that mean?

It just means uh, stick
around. Don't leave town.

So, are you gonna join
us for a sleepover?

I don't think so. I
need to face Jeff.

Stacey. You cannot
stay there alone.

He just got home.
I'll call you back.

I'm calling Alek right now
so he can be there with you.

Hey, listen you've gotta
believe me when I tell you--

I trusted you! I defended you!

Don't touch me! Since when do
you keep a gun in our house?

That wasn't my gun!

Stacey, I don't even own
a gun! You know that!

Come on, I swear, I'm
getting framed here!

Do you know how
insane that sounds?

I'm telling the truth, OK?

Somebody must have
planted that gun

and my cell phone in my office.

The same way someone brought
your phone to a crime scene?

Or how you were unreachable
the night that Meredith died?

Stacey, please. Just listen.

Today I decided to fight for
you. Like an idiot, I decided

to ignore everything pointed
against you. I told myself

over and over again that
you couldn't have possibly

done this. And now...

I can't live under
the same roof as you.

I think you should leave.

You can pack a suitcase and

come get the rest of
your stuff another day.

And just so you know,

I called Joelle and
Alek is on the way.

Stacey, you know
I would never hurt you.

You already have.

Hey. I just got a
call from Joelle.

I know why you're here.

Just um, take good care
of Stacey for me. Please.

And listen, I'm gonna
make sure she knows

she was right to trust me.

Stacey. It's Alek.

Hey, I'm so sorry
about everything.

Joelle just called
for me to check on you

I know, she told me.


I was just about to
call you.

OK, good. Are you OK?

Jeff just left and Alek is here.

I think we should
wait to tell Mom

until I can be there.
I want to do it myself.

I'm just gonna relax for a bit,

and I'll come over later.

Call if you need
anything. Love you.

OK. Bye.

Thanks for coming over.

Yeah, of course. Do you
want me to stay or...?

No. Thanks, I'll...I'll be OK.

All right, if you're sure.

You know I'm just
a phone call away

if you need anything, right?

All right.

I have no alibi.
Stacey, a woman is dead.

I was worried that
you might not believe me

if I told you that
I knew Juliette.

I decided not to go. So
I just...I drove around.

Jeff! Jeff! What
are you doing?

I know you found
out my secret.

You killed Juliette?

I had to. She was gonna tell
everyone about our affair.

I couldn't let
her do that.

And Meredith?

She knew about Juliette and I
and she was going to tell you.

I did what I had to do.

I love you so
much, Stacey.

I wish there was
another way.

Jeff, I'll...I'll
keep your secret.

I won't tell
anyone. I won't.

You would do that?

I would do
anything for us.

How could you change
your mind so fast?

I just needed
time to think.

I love you.

I love you, too.

We can be together.



Why are you making this
harder than it has to be?


I love you, Stacey. but
it's time to say goodbye.

Jeff! What are you doing?

You were having a nightmare.
I was trying to wake you up.

Hey, Stacey. Hey. Hey.

I'm sorry I scared you. I
just came back to get my

briefcase; I texted
you before coming.

Would you just slow down so
we can talk for a minute?

Police. Open up!

Stacey, I swear I'm
innocent. OK, just...

Can you call Mike please and
tell him what's happening?

I love you.


-What's happening?

They arrested Jeff.

They arrested him for
Juliette's murder.


Thanks, Mom.

I never thought
it would have been so easy

to tell you all of this.

Am I allowed to
talk now?

Of course I want to hear
what you have to say.

I appreciate you
telling me all of this.

As your mother, I should be
protecting you from harm,

not adding to it. I am so sorry

for how I handled our
conversation last time.

Thank you.

OK. Now we need to
take care of you.

I know I haven't been
Jeff's biggest cheerleader

in the past but, Stacey,
there is a big difference

between being a liar or a
cheater and being a murder--

Do you really believe
Jeff killed that girl?

The murder weapon
was at our house.

Jeff has no alibi; his cell
phone was at a crime scene--

You're not answering
my question.

Can you tell me out loud that
your husband is a killer?

That's what I thought.


Hey, Stacey. Jeff's already
had his arraignment.

As I thought, there's
no possibility of bail

without a bond hearing which
is set for later today.


I also got disclosure
of evidence,

which I'll take a look at
and then we should meet.

Are you available later today?

I don't know. Is it
gonna make a difference?

Stacey, you're
still his wife.

Nobody knows him
like you do.

Having you testify
in his favor

at the bond hearing
also couldn't hurt.

I'll see you later and uh,

I'll let you know
about the hearing.

This file contains everything
they have on Jeff so far.

Why a glove?

-It was found on the
lawn of the cottage

where Juliette
was killed.

It's covered in
gun residue.

The police think the
killer dropped it

when they were
fleeing the scene.

Gun residue. That means the
killer was wearing this

when he shot Juliette?

Can we find out what fabric
this glove is made of?

Yeah, no problem. I can
call the detective. But why?

Jeff has severe allergies.

Right. To what materials again?

Polyester and latex
are the worst ones.

He breaks out
in a bad rash.

It usually lasts a
week or so.

He could have never
hid this from me.

Hey, how
did it go?

Fine. A little

looking at all
the evidence.

Where's Mom?

She's upstairs. Probably
still picking out an outfit.

Mike told me that Jeff
thinks Ellen could have

something to do with
Juliette's murder.

What? Ellen?

Apparently, she
did something wrong

when she was managing
Juliette's business plan

and then offered her
a big amount of cash

not to talk about it.

Is there any proof?

Ellen told Jeff
there were emails

between her
and Juliette.

Mike's on it.

Hey, Mike?

The detective on the
case was very quick

getting back to me.

Your hunch was right: the
glove is 100% polyester.

This could be
great for us.

But I suggest we wait
before telling the police.

At least until we get the
results of the DNA analysis.

Jeff can't wear those
gloves. It's impossible.

-I hear you, but they're
gonna do everything they can

to find a loophole...

like saying Jeff could
have worn glove liners.

I'll get you the
number for his doctor,

but it's a very
severe allergy.

I had to buy a new couch
and change half my wardrobe

when I met him.

-Oh, I know.

Send me the number
of his dermatologist

and if we need to,

I'll have him in court
as an expert witness.

I'm confident, Mike.

This is good news, honey!

You're allowed to
have hope for Jeff.

Just the same way
you were allowed

to lose your
trust in him.

Those feelings are
natural and real.

You can't fight them.

Thanks, Mom.

But if Jeff isn't guilty,
then someone is framing him.

I wanna know more
about Ellen.

Maybe Jeff is right and she
had something to do with it.


Oh, I'll explain later.

I may not understand
everything that's going on,

but it's clear you have
more urgent things to do

than to go to Jeff's hearing.

If you're OK with
it, I can go.

I've known Jeff long
enough to testify for him.

You would do that?

-Of course I would.

And just so things
are clear between us,

I'll never believe Jeff
could kill someone.

Well, where are
you gonna start?

I'll go back to
Roberto's Pizza Place.

And then maybe I'll
stop at Jeff's office.

I'll keep you updated
as I go. And thank you.

Let me know how it
goes at the hearing.


Hey, I just got home.
Jeff has been bailed out.

Mom paid the bail, but he has
a long list of restrictions.

Mom paid? What kind of
restrictions does he have?

-Well, he's not allowed
to be around you

or have any
interaction with you.

He can't go to
work either.

He has to report to a
corrections officer

every day, morning
and night.

He has to wear an ankle monitor.

And... he's gonna stay at Mom's.

Is Mom OK with that?

-She's happy to help.

She'll never stop
surprising me.

I'm just waiting for Selena
at Roberto's Pizza Place.

If she confirms that Ellen
is the woman Juliette

was arguing with, I'll try
to pay her a visit after.

OK. Let me know
how it goes please.

-I'll call you later.

Sounds like Stacey's on a
mission to clear Jeff's name.

And what happened since
yesterday to change her mind?

She found out
Juliette's killer

was wearing
polyester gloves.

We all know Jeff could
never wear those.

Wow. That's amazing!


Stacey is so strong.

I know she's gonna find
out the truth about

what happened. Like you
said, she's on a mission.

Hi, what can I
do for you?

Hi. I came in not
too long ago

to ask you some

Do you remember me?

Of course I do.

You mentioned that
Juliette Lane,

the girl who
was murdered,

came in one day with a
woman and they argued.

Mm hm.

Is this her?

Yes, that looks
like her.

Thank you.


She confirmed Ellen is
the woman she saw fighting

with Juliette. We're
definitely on to something.

Wow. she really could
be framing Jeff.

-Yes. I'm gonna go
to the office to see

what I can find.

-It's not safe. Let me
at least go with you.

-I'm not sure I
can go tonight.

If I can't reach Peter,

I have to go check on
the Marshall house.

It hits the market tomorrow.

OK. Well, call me
on your way back.

I'll be waiting
at your place.


Poor Stacey.

I know.

So, you're gonna stay with
her for a while, then?


I don't want to leave her alone.

What are you gonna
do without me?

I'll probably check
in on Sean.

He's having a bit of
a tough time lately.

Oh, well. He's lucky to
have such a great uncle.

I guess.

I'll see you tomorrow?




Peter? I'm in here.

Oh, my god, Stacey!

Someone was in the house. We
need to call the police.

It's too bad you
didn't see anyone.

I'm sorry. Are you gonna
be all right to drive?

Yes. Thank you, Peter.

OK. Come on.

They were
right there.

We could've had them.

I'm just so happy
you're all right.

Thanks for coming.

Of course.

It's so scary.

I'm staying over
tonight, OK?

Why don't I make
us some tea?

Thanks, Jo.

I didn't hear
you get in.

How did it go at
the police station?

They're not sure the incident
from last night is related

to Juliette or
Meredith's murder.

Come on. Really?

Detective Munger told
said it could just be

a home invasion
gone wrong.

If only I could have given
them a good description.

I still want to go to the
office and look into Ellen,

regarding her
confession to Jeff

about her background
with Juliette.

Then the argument
at the pizza place,

but first I need
to talk to Jeff.

Hey, sweetie.

Hey, Mom. Is ...is Jeff
close to you right now?

Yes, why?

-Can you put your phone
on speaker, please?

Jeff, I know you're not
supposed to call or talk

to Stacey right now, but...

this is just me
calling my mom...

and Stacey is
sitting next to me.

Uh... hey. Um, I hope you
and Stacey are doing OK.

Uh, Madeline told me what
happened at the Marshall house.

I uh, wish I could have
been there for Stacey.

-Don't worry I'm taking
good care of her.

I'm sure Mike told
you about the gloves.

Yeah, he did. My wife's
a friggin' genius.

-Well, she wanted me to
tell you that she knows you

didn't do anything, and she's
sorry for how she acted.

It um,
It means the world

to know that she's
behind me. Thank you.

It's...it's so hard
to be away from her

with all of this
going on. I...

Jeff, I miss you so much.

I promise I'm gonna find a
way to get you out of this.

But please, just
... just be careful.


What are you
doing here?

I know you're
hiding something

about your history
with Juliette.

I suppose we should get
this over with then.

Excuse me?

I knew somebody would
find out eventually.

I'm happy you agreed
to go out tonight.

We haven't had much
time together lately.

-I'm sorry. I've
just been so worried

about Stacey
and my mom.

But... I'm glad we're finally
getting some time together.

You're not gonna
take that?

No, it's just Sean.

I just need a break;

I don't know what
to tell him anymore.

Mm. I'll wait for
you downstairs?


Jeff told me
about the money.

I know there's
something else.

You wouldn't be this scared
if it was only a bribe

to cover a small mistake.

Are you really gonna let
Jeff go to jail for something

you know he didn't do?

You're right, Stacey.
There is something more

Recently, Juliette
sent me an email

saying that she now wanted money

I offered her months ago.

I talked to her over the
phone and I convinced her

to meet me in person.

We...we were supposed
to meet last Monday.

But as you can imagine,
it never happened

because she was killed
the night before.

I was scared that the police
would find out about it

and mark me as a suspect.

I even offered Jeff a fake alibi
that would help the both of us.

But Jeff didn't
take you up on it.

No. No he didn't.

Alek. Hurry up, please.

-Give me five minutes.

OK. I'm gonna go
warm up the car.

Hey, how did it go?

Hey, I just got a
weird text from Sean

and now he won't
answer his phone.

Has he tried to get in
touch with you guys?

-Uh, yeah. Actually, he

tried calling Alek
maybe ten minutes ago.

-I've got a bad
feeling about this.

Stay put; I'm on my way over.

Sean, I'm serious.

You need to stop calling
me when I'm with Joelle.

Keep it together.

-Alek, listen, I've been
doing a lot of thinking--


I'm gonna try
calling Sean again.

-Yeah, let me
know what he says.

Switching to Bluetooth.

I agreed to hide the gun
and cell at Jeff's house

cause you said it
was your only option.

I had no idea it
was Jeff's phone

or that you shot
your mistress!

Sean? Sean are you there?

Joelle? You need to go now.

Alek? Are you there? I'm
gonna be there in a minute.

I don't know what
you heard exactly

but Sean is losing it.

He's done a lot
of terrible things

and he's trying to
pin it all on me.

Yeah. He did seem
really upset.

But why didn't you
tell me earlier?

Just stay calm;
walk to the house.

I can explain everything.

I said get in the house now.

Alek. Let's talk--

-Shut up. I'm tryin' to think.

Alek, let go of me.


Sean. Sean. Sean. Sean!

What are you doing here?

No. What are you doing, Alek?

Stay outta this,
Sean. I'm warning you.

you're hurting me.

You are forcing me,
Joelle. Just get inside!

Alek! Stop. Stop it!

Hey, whoa whoa whoa!

I called the police.
They know everything.

We know you killed Juliette
and Meredith. It's over.

Shut up, Stacey!

You don't know what
you're talking about.

She's so damn right.

And you played me
right from the start.

I need you to hide this
in Jeff's home office.

All right? I'm gonna be
in a meeting with him;

Stacey's gonna be with
Joelle at the park.

There's nobody home.

Now is the perfect
time for you to go.

-Alek. What happened?

-You don't get to know.

Remember when I
saved your ass

on that drunk
driving charge?

And you hit

Well, now you get to return
the favor and help me.

I mean, nobody's
gonna think to look

in Jeff's
house, right?

Hey, Sean. You owe me this.

And I'm done keeping
my mouth shut.

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

I know you killed Juliette
and you told Joelle

you were with me the
night Meredith died.

He wasn't!

-Keep your voice down.

-I won't!

You even planned to kill
Stacey in the house for sale.

You're a monster.

-You're the one who
planted the gun

and the cell at
Jeff's. All right?

It's your word
against mine.

Let him go.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Alek. Stop it!

whole stupid thing.

Nothing would've happened

if Juliette hadn't
threatened me.

She said she was gonna tell
everybody about our affair.

Joelle, I love you so
much. You gotta believe me.

I never loved Juliette.

I hacked into
your email, Alek.

I have proof of your affair
with Juliette. You're done.

But why did
you frame Jeff?

Alek was unhappy
with his demotion

when he got
transferred at ARXB.

He wanted Jeff's

Please, Joelle.
Don't listen to him.

It was never supposed
to happen this way.

I never wanted you
or your sister,

or Jeff to be involved.

It was a mistake, I swear.

I grabbed Jeff's phone
by accident and then--

And then, you pocket-dialed
me with my husband's phone

while you killed your mistress.

Framing Jeff for Juliette's
murder was the perfect plan

to get him out of the way
so you could take his job.

I can't even look at you.

-Stay away from my sister!

Alek, you're not going anywhere.

I don't want to shoot you.

But I will if you make me.

OK. Here we go.

What's this?

Oh, it's another
letter from Alek.

You should read it when
you get the chance.

I still can't believe
how delusional he is

thinking I'll go
visit him in jail.

Ah. Here you are.

Sorry we're late.
Your mother couldn't decide

what outfit to
wear, as per usual.

You look great.

Thanks, honey.

And um, the other letter?
Is a confirmation that

I've been accepted to
Doctors without Borders.

I leave next week.

I'm beyond happy for you, Sis.

Thank you.

I am so proud of my girls.

To Joelle. my brilliant
little sister.



To you. Who knows
where I'd be without you?

Happy Anniversary, Jeff.

Happy Anniversary.

Let's celebrate!

Come here!