Pál Adrienn (2010) - full transcript

A lonely obese nurse, working at a hospital terminal ward, is reminded of her childhood friend Adrienn Pal and wants to track her down.

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It's Piroska...


I'm on my way.

He can be taken downstairs.

And... please make the call.


Hi. What's up?

- Everything's fine.
- Did you do your ten?

Uh- huh... almost...

Just two kilometers left.

What did you eat today?

Only what we agreed on.

Two died today.

What a day!
We inseminated forty!

We were running around all day...

We got the results from last month.
Almost 70% success rate.

Excellent fertility! And the
Canadians are interested, too.

I'm heading home tomorrow.

I really miss you.

Bye, I have to go now. The others
are waiting for me at the restaurant.

Alright. Bye.

Excuse me, we are
looking for J?nos Kelemen.

He used to be
in the next room, in bed 4.

Has he been taken
somewhere else? We can't find him.

Yes, you know, at least you could
inform us when that happens.

He died the day before yesterday
and he was taken downstairs.

Someone should
have called you by now.


Be right there. Just
mounting this satellite dish.

I just don't understand
why you're acting like this.

Can't you see that
I just want to help?

That I'm just doing it
for your own good?

You must take me
for a complete idiot.

I don't even understand
what's going on in your mind.

I can see you're
not changing a bit.

I don't believe that you
can't stick to these things.

Are you sleeping?


Maybe your work
isn't good for you?

I'm used to it,

and they like me there.

I don't want to change anything.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.


I already said I don't want
to make these calls. It's not my job.

I've asked you nicely.

I don't want to
argue about it anymore.

Hello. I'm calling from the terminal
ward at Saint Andrew's Hospital.

I am informing you that Ferenc Vizy
passed away this morning at 8:12.

Please contact the autopsy room
to make further arrangements.


And he went under the bridge
by six feet - not over it.

Almost touched the pillar.

- What's the point of that?
- To show off his bravery.

I thought it was part of
some kind of operation.

Well what if, like,
the plane hits the bridge?

It's not just his
own life he's risking...

...not to mention the
cost of the bridge. Right?


I ran into M?rta...

...by chance at
the shopping center.

She was really angry
at your colleagues.

She told me what
they suspect you of.

Of course neither of us thinks for
a second you could do such a thing.

I can just imagine
how the patients suffer there.

It must be awful.

I don't know.

Sometimes you scare me too.

You can tell me
if you just want to help them.

After all, maybe they're
better off that way, right?


I just don't understand you...


It doesn't matter.

We don't have to talk
about it if you don't want to.

I'll call you at 8.

And really do your ten today.

You can do it.
I don't believe you can't.


And you could try out
that carrot week, too.

they've brought in a new patient.

- Register her and put her in 7/4.
- I'll do it right away...

You've still got half an hour.
Why so early?

I just got in quicker.
Did anything happen?

Nothing special.
5/7 died at dawn.

And the old woman? 7/4?
Adrienn P?l?

Did anyone come to see her?

Oh, I don't think she has anyone.

She is awful.

I changed her diapers three times
but I'm sure she never even noticed.

Maybe someone should
just disconnect her IV.

Why do you always
leave it in the lock?


So no one can open
it from the outside.

Well, they sure can't.


...there was a guy next to
me on the train that just stank,

but I couldn't move to
another seat because it was full.

I thought I'd never
get home.

What happened at home?

We're having pasta with potatoes.

Just imagine...

...now we've got that Canadian
cattle farm for sure.

Uh- huh.

That's really great.

Things have really taken off.

They'll be buying
sperm just from us.

Seregi promised a little...


What happened?


I was sure the guy
stole the documents.

No, that was out of the question.
He had nothing to gain from them.

Sure he did.
He could have blackmailed them.

Come on, he just wanted the woman.
That was obvious. He had enough money.

- Now I'm lost.
- Well, he could still need more.

It was misleading at first, but
then he was only after the woman.

I'm backing up.
Well... I don't know...

Did you know it wasn't him?

- Yes.
- How?

- He just wasn't that kind.
- What kind?

- The kind who would do such a thing.
- That's logical.

What's with you?
You really hated that movie so much?

Nothing, I was just thinking.

Yesterday they brought in
someone named Adrienn P?l.

What's with her?

Adrienn P?l was my best friend.

- Is she very sick?
- It's not her.

Oh, good then.

Well that's lucky.

It would really be tough
to be in terminal that young.

Really though.

You never told
me anything about her.

Come, my dear. Let's go!

Can I help you, young lady?

No... actually...
I'm looking for Red Dawn Street.

- Do you happen to know it?
- Red Dawn? Are you joking?

It must be around here.

There's certainly no such street.

Everything was torn
down here, you see.

And Tulip Street?
That was the next one over.

That's where that big
building now stands, my dear.

Been here about ten years.

- Thank you very much.
- Not at all.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Come Bogi. Let's go!

Come my little dog.

- Who you looking for? Can I help you?
- Oh... no one. Hello.

- Then what are you doing here?
- I'm just walking around.

I was nearby and stopped in.
I went to school here too.

And when?

Well, pretty long ago and
I think I even remember you.


Well yes, I've been
working here since '75.

Your husband lived here too,
didn't he? In the souterrain flat.

Yes, but unfortunately he is no longer
alive. He passed away 3 years ago.

I see.

And do you remember
a little girl named Adrienn P?l?

We started school in'78...
...no, it was '79.

You know...
I can't possibly remember you.

I really just discipline the ones
that run wild through the halls.

Our homeroom teacher
was Marika Horv?th.

Marika Horv?th?

Come on! We really shouldn't
be in there, but I'll show you.

- We even have records and diplomas
from before the War. - Really?

- Maybe I'll come back another time.
- Come on... Quickly!

But just for a look.

Maybe it'll be over here somewhere.

Excuse me, I have to go.
The break starts soon.

I'll leave you here but don't make a
big mess. I'll come back after the break.

Sanyi, what's this doing open?
Is anyone down there?

I doubt it.
Unless it's Kati.

Is anyone there?

- Then I'll close it, alright?
- Go right ahead.

Excuse me!
Please don't close it.

Who are you?

- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry. I was just looking around.

- I'm sorry.
- But how did you get down here?

What's all this gigantic mess?

- I was just looking at my old things.
- Oh, I thought you had tidied up.

Is this your mother?

I have never seen these.

- That's her. Right next to me.
- Who?

Adrienn P?l.

That's you?


You weren't even chubby.

We were so close...

...we never had to explain anything.
She always knew my thoughts.

That homeroom teacher
must have been pretty tough!

We were so alike...

...like she was my twin...

What a crazy dress!

...or I don't know...
like she was my other half.

Well, these childhood
things pass pretty quickly.

And you're really
not at all that similar.

Inside, I mean.


When I saw her name...

I've never had
such a friend since.

What about M?rta?

It's different...

With her...

I just don't get how come

this is the first time in 9 years
I've heard of this Andrea P?l.

- Adrienn.
- OK, Adrienn, whatever.

If she was so important,

how is it that you
never talked about her?

Are there a lot of
other things I don't know about?

I don't know, somehow she
slipped my mind completely.

Well I hope the less important
things stick with you at least.

You stood at the school gate

and watched as the repair trucks
turned in one after another.

I don't remember that.

They had just
finished building the gym

and someone cut
through the main line.

Some people thought
the kids did it

but I think that was
just a mean assumption.

Did you do your
exercises in the new gym?

I think so.

But I'm not sure. No... at first
it was in one of the classrooms

that they cleared out
because there was no gym.

Yes of course.

In 1983...

January of '83...

The things you remember!
You're right.

And Adrienn was
still in our class then.

- Who?
- Adrienn.

She sat right next to me.

Don't you remember her?

- Adrienn...
- Adrienn P?l.

But no one sat next to you.

I'm sure you just don't recall because
they moved away after the fourth grade.

It's you.

And which one is her?

Is anything wrong?

- Are you feeling alright?
- I don't even dare tell you...

what kind of girl she was...
the things she did.

How do you mean?

She was a very bad girl.
Take it from me.

You loved her,

but Adrienn...

but Adrienn didn't like anybody.

But how?

- No... That's not how it was.
- Don't you tell me, I remember perfectly.

That was
a very mean little girl.

She did awful things.

Please calm down,
Marika. It's all right.

I will not calm down.
Look, here is this lovely girl,

and I don't understand...
why she wants to find that other one.

- She doesn't anymore. I'm sure.
- But she does! Just look at her!

You can see that she does!

You do want to, don't you?
I can see it on your face.

It'd better go now. There're
moments like this. You understand.

Stop looking for her!

She was a very bad little girl!

Let's go in here!

- You're not wearing any panties?
- Why would I?


Sunny happiness.


Well, we really need something
more imaginative than that.


- Ummm... - You have to say
something right away. Quickly.



- Tears.
- Excuse me?


But actually I didn't come here.

- How do you mean?
- I'm here for something else.

I see. Well then - let's go on.

- Here's another product.
- I haven't gone yet!


Fine. So, look at this.


- Island.
- Children.

Or grandchild, I meant.



- Sea.
- Family.


- You said that last time too.
- Oh, right.

Well then...

- Life.
- Very good.

- Health.
- Yes!

Excuse me.

You will get the gift at the end.
It's lunch break now.

Oh, no. I'm here
because of a friend of mine.

The gift can only
be picked up in person.

I see this is your first time.

You seemed so nice to me, and we have
an agreement with the distributor that

if I like someone a lot,
I can give them a special gift.

No, no - I'm looking for a friend.

It's usually the same faces here.

Come next time,
you'll surely run into her.

I don't know her from here.
Adrienn P?l. Perhaps you remember her?


Adrienn's brother and you
were friends when we were children.

Zoli P?l! My God!
He was a good buddy of mine.

- We lived in the same building.
- And I lived in the next one.


- And what's up with Zoli?
- Don't you know?

- I don't think we need formalities...
- Me? No, unfortunately I...

They moved away
after junior high.

Yes I know. His younger sister
Adrienn was my best friend.


- Kriszta?
- Kriszta.

I'm Piroska.

Well yes, Kriszta was blonde.

Adrienn never had a friend
named Kriszta.

- You are confusing her with someone.
- No, I'm completely sure of it.

She could have had
another friend, couldn't she?

I don't think so.

Do you remember me? My pigtail
was tied up with a purple band

just like Adrienn's. That was
the token of our friendship.

Gee, no. Sorry.

And do you know
where they moved to?

No, it happened so fast,
probably because little Adri was sick.

- What do you mean, sick?
- I don't remember clearly.

It was pretty serious and I think
she needed a special treatment.

No. No... That can't be.

Yes, yes.
I remember it for sure.

That's impossible.
I would have known about it.

Grownups don't tell
their children everything.

Excuse me, I have to start now.

You must join us. A lot of fantastic
gifts are waiting for you at the end.

It's worth it!

Oh, no, thanks. Umm...
I have to go, too.

Think it over.

Hi. Sorry, I know I'm an hour early...

I'm Piroska.

My God!
You haven't changed a bit.

- I' m sorry, I could only come now.
- I see.

- But I won't bother you for long.
- Sure, sure. That's not a problem.

- Tell me what's going on with you.
- Come on in!

You can put your coat there.

And what do you do?
What are you up to?

I'm a nurse.

Uh- huh.

- And you? - I'm at home these days.
My husband makes a pretty good living.

We have a few businesses.
I look after one or two.

I'll soon be opening a boutique.
This will be the sixth one.

Come stop by!

- Alright. - Though it's a kind of an
elegant style, a bit different clientele.

And where have
you been all this time?

Were you abroad?
Take a seat.

No, not at all.

I was here.

But... Me too...
I've lost touch with everyone.

What a nice pattern!

Like Adrienn.
You remember her, right?

Of course, but she left
in elementary school.

After fourth grade...

- Yes. And I haven't seen her since.
- How can that be?

The two of you were inseparable...

Gyula just brought that.

- Yes.
- It was interesting

how different you were,
and could still be so close.

I never had a friend like that...

I must say I was a little
jealous of the friendship you two had.

Do you remember that anonymous
letter that Adrienn got when...

her bubble- sticker
collection disappeared? It said...

that you stole it, and that...

you told Emma Kincses that
she was envious. Things like that.

How do you know
about that letter?

I wrote it.

I didn't talk to Emma Kincses for
3 years. I thought it was her.

But we were little children
It's forgivable, isn't it?

But how is it you
didn't stay in touch?

Her family moved away
suddenly for some reason.

I found out later that she wouldn't
be in school with us anymore.

I heard they left because Adrienn
was sick and needed special treatment.

Sick? No, I'm sure she wasn't.
That would have been obvious.

Supposedly Adrienn's father
had a few skeletons in the closet.

You think so?

Maybe that's why our parents didn't
like each other? I just don't know...

I recall that you were
pretty upset about this thing.

In the fifth grade you were always
riding on the merry- go- round.

You thought you
could ride it to the Moon.

- You had some strange ideas.
- Really? That's interesting.

I remember that
merry- go- round, but the Moon...

Yes, and can I help
with anything else?

You think anyone
might know about Adrienn?

I'm not really in
touch with the others.

- I see Andris sometimes.
He works in a bar. - Really?

He had a complete crush
on Adrienn. He might know something.

I don't know...

My husband works at the
Interior Ministry. He can look into it.

All they need is a name,
and they have everything.

Oh yes?

She'll turn up for sure.
I've just started looking for her.

Thanks, but for
now I don't think so.

I've got time.
At least I'll get out a little.

You know where to find me.

I have to go. I need
to sleep a little before work.

Goodness! I didn't offer
you anything! I'm so sorry...

- Would you like something?
- No, no... next time.

- Yes, come over more often.
- Thanks for everything.

I'll send you
Andris' number.

This will be the fifth one.

Let's try it again.
Stand clear of the patient.


Clear! Now.

Stand clear of the patient.

Good day, Miss.

Are you waiting for me?

- Did you bring someone?
- Yes, over there.

Why all of a sudden?

- Have you taken an interest in my job?
- I was just looking around.

I'm leaving now.

Well, come again.

I'll show you an
autopsy if you want.

Hello. I'd like
to know if someone...

by the name of Adrienn P?l is
buried in your cemetery.

Yes, I'll wait.

Are you sure?
And when did she die?

How is it that you don't know?

Alright, I'll come personally.
Thank you. Goodbye.

Just a moment...

St. Andrew 's Hospital, terminal 'ward.

Yes, I'll call her. Just a moment.

Oh, I don't know sweetheart.

I used to climb the tree
outside Aunt Gizi's balcony!

We were always eating
the cherries off the tree.

- But you lived in our building,
didn't you? - No, that was Adrienn.

She was a cute little girl,
with long, light- brown hair.

Mine was a little darker.

We tied our pigtails up the
very same way with a violet band.

I remember the P?ls.
They lived right below us.

And I recall... there was a
little girl who was very bright.

She knew the birthdays
of her parents, grandparents

and all her relatives
- the exact year and day.

That was me.



Olga, come here.

You didn't tell me
we had a guest.

- Olga Moln?r.
- Hi, I'm Piroska Fodor.

I used to live next door, long
ago. I mean on Red Dawn Street.

We moved too,
before they tore it down.

We got back this old flat, you know.

She's the one who as a small child knew
exactly when everybody's birthday was.

Do you remember?

Was that you?



- And what do you do now?
- I'm a nurse.

- That's nice.
- That's nice.

And that little girl that always
won those games of Concentration?

She used to play
at my daughter Olgi's parties.

We would invite all
the kids in the building,

even the little ones.

But she had light hair.

That was me too,
but Adrienn was also there.

We would play together.
Don't you remember her?

Here, in this picture...

that's me in the middle,
and next to me that 's her.

Don't you recognize her?

Yes of course.

But that fair- haired girl next
to you - her name wasn't Adrienn.

I remember she came
to my birthday party.

She gave me a cat as a present.

- So... You said the cherry tree...
- These cookies are too dry, Mom.

...but then it was you two
who were always fighting.

I remember two girls who were
constantly yelling in the garden.

Might that have
been the little P?l girl?

No... you must be
mistaking her for someone else.

Adrienn and I were very close.

I don't remember
ever fighting with her.

See? This is it.

Her name was Linda, or
Melinda, or something like that.

- She knitted this.
- Oh my God, we still have it?

Because I hid it.

Yes. I remember
that once Mrs. P?l came over

and explained she
was very worried that

this friendship wasn't doing
her little girl any good.

- Maybe that's because Adrienn was
sick. - No, that girl wasn't sick.

- Was she supposed to be sick?
- What was her name...

- That's what they say.
...for sure it was Linda... or Melinda?

Maybe Adrienn's not even alive, and
that's why I'm not finding her anywhere.

Good evening.
I almost missed you!

Good evening. No problem.
I've already wrapped them up.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.



I didn't mean to wake you up.
I just came for my medications.

- Didn't you take them?
- I didn't even get them.

- Come with me.
- Thank you.

We'll go back to your room.

You should be asleep by now.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. What can I do for you?

- Here you are. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- I am sorry.
- Sorry for what?

Do you understand that
I have to take responsibility for you?

People are whispering
behind your back.

I don't understand what could've happened.
Are you having some family problems?

No. Everything is fine thanks.

There's never been any problem with
your work, just maybe your attitude.

- My attitude?
- Yes - but that doesn't matter now.

I don't know what you mean.

Look, many patients' relatives
have made complaints about you...

- and there was also that
ugly rumor... - I know...

The doctors stood up for you...
But that's not why I called you in here.

Your unexcused absences
cannot be tolerated.

If that happens again, there
will be a disciplinary procedure.

Lately I've had to
change some of my shifts, but...

Changing them is one thing...
but you slept right through them...

That's what your
colleagues say.

I need the real Piroska back,
the one I first met.

This girl, Zizi will learn
the profession from you.

- What Zizi?
- Zizi. We've just hired her.

She had excellent results.

- And you want me to train her?
- Who else?

- I learned everything on my own
- y es, but she will need help.

I told her to wait outside.

Come in.

This is Piroska, your colleague.
8he'll show you how things go.

- Hi.
- Hello. I'm Izabella.

Usually people call me Zizi.

Did you bring your insurance
papers? You can start then.

Patient 3 needs a diaper change.

- Now?
- Yes.

But I've never done this.

You have to start sometime.

Here you are. I'll be right back.

Now, where were we...
Oh yes, of course... I remember her,

but I only joined the class in third
grade, and she left soon after that.

In fourth grade.
I knew you'd remember her.

You were always running after her.
You really liked her, didn't you?

Here you are.

- So you don't remember?
- Remember what?

The class bell had rung, but we were
still outside in the courtyard...

Hm? It was 3 days
before the summer vacation.

When I kissed you
by the merry- go- round.

Well, I don't know...
I recall something... but...

it's like I was only told about it,

as if it didn't happen to me...
but... maybe... to Adrienn.

But it did happen to you.
I didn't like Adrienn at all.

I liked you.

You're just making this up.

You can't remember so perfectly...
three days before the...

But that's really how it was.

And I was really sorry you
never came to the class reunions.

Just a second.

Just keep working.
I must be disturbing you.

Well, the place isn't exactly
empty, but it doesn't matter...

You seem so sad.

Well... I'm just tired.

So you don't even know
what happened to Adrienn?

No idea. Gergo never
found her, that's for sure.

He wanted to invite all who'd ever been
in the class to the 10- year reunion.

I wonder how hard he looked.


Here's Gergo's number.

I'll write it down for you.

He might be able to help.

Coming! I'm sorry, but
it's a madhouse at this hour.

- I'm on my way anyhow'. - I' d love
it if you dropped in again sometime.

Maybe at noon when there's
barely anyone around.

- Then I even have time to dance.
- OK.

- It's on me.
- Thanks.


I have a question.

I'd like to do the night
shift starting next week.

Every day, I mean.
Is that possible?

Did you take
a liking to one of the docs?

That's fine by me.
I hate working nights.

I'll keep an eye on Ziziif she's
not on the night shift with you.


Just as the world's harmony
can be upset, so can an individual's.

I see. Tomorrow, alright?

If I could restore my inner
order, maybe I can be cured.

It radiates out to everyone,
even out into the world.

- Isn't that right?
- Yes. Let me help.


- Leaving already?
- Uh- huh.

Need to get there
a little earlier today.

- You're not seeing me off?
- Do you mind?

I'm dead tired...


Oh sure...


Sure, no.

Alright. I'll call you at 8.

I'm not sure I'll be home.
Call me on my mobile.

If you've found someone else,
you can tell me.

I'd feel better about it.

- Hello.
- Good day.

- I'm here to see Tam?s Halmay.
- What would you like to see him about?

He's an old acquaintance of
mine from school. It's private.

- I have an appointment at 3:30.
I think I spoke to you about it. - Yes.

- Can I help?
- Thanks.

This way.

Just a second and he will
come. Please wait here.

Of course, of course...

Yes, don't worry.

Yes, yes, it will be done.

Don't worry about
the January installments. Bye.

We'll talk later.

Excuse me.

- Can I help you?
- Hello. I'm here to see Tam?s Halmay.

That's me.
Tam?s Halmay.

- Tam?s Halmay?
- Yes, I wasn't joking.

Excuse me... I think there
must be a mistake. Sorry.

- Are you here for the 3:30?
- Yes, I'm Piroska Fodor.

That's right. Have you changed
your mind about the order?

We can do any kind
of interior design,

depending on your needs...
Take a seat.

No, thanks, I'm looking
for an old acquaintance of mine.

Your secretary wouldn't
connect me, so I came in personally.

And what did
this old acquaintance do?

Doesn't matter. I just didn't find any
other Tam?s Halmay in the phonebook.

Well, that I don't know. It's been a
long time since I looked at a phonebook.

The fact is, I can't find
my best friend anywhere.

- So where do I come into this?
- I thought he'd know where she is...

- Who?
- Tam?s.

We met at camp, in Szigetv?r,
right after fourth grade... around '83.

In the summer.
I mean the other Tamas Halmay...

Hi! So what's the news?

What about horsepower?

Man! Wow! That will be great.
Yes, with those wheels.

OK, well spin by here and
we'll take it for a ride. Ciao.

- Well it was a long time ago, I know.
- What was?

Summer camp, in Szigetv?r.

Summer camp, in Szigetv?r...

But I don't mean to... bother you.
I should be off now.

Just a moment.

Let me just ask you...

why do you think I'm not him.

Well, he was
a totally different boy...

I'm sorry to have disturbed you.

A totally different boy?


What kind of boy?

Well I don't know. Different.
He was a strange boy, kind of a loner.

He collected insects
but didn't want to mount them on pins

because he pitied them...

And I don't look like the
sort that might take pity on bugs?

Excuse me... but no.

Uh huh.


But I still don't
understand the connection.

My girlfriend and I, well...
we were in love with that boy.

He promised to write her because
she was going to move away that summer.

Adrienn P?l.

- Would you like something?
- No thanks.


- And I really don't want to
bother you anymore. - I see.

- So now you're looking for this
woman named P?lma. - Adrienn P?l.

Uh huh.


I don't remember
anyone named Adrienn.

that's impossible.

Well it's true.
I really don't remember.

Yes, hello.
Hello, I'm delighted you called.

Yes, yes. Tomorrow afternoon at 3.
Fine. Goodbye.

And I don't remember you either.

I didn't mean it's impossible
that you don't remember, but...

...it doesn't really matter.
- Nothing is impossible.

Particularly nowadays.

I see.

She was a pretty girl,
light brown hair.

I do remember a girl, but
I don't think her name was Adrienn.

She was sweet but she picked on
everyone and once she popped our ball

with a scissors. I don't
think I wanted to correspond with her.

I seem to recall
that she always played alone.

Her ponytail was always kind of

oddly tied up with a... purple band.

Hi sweetheart.

I'm coming,
just that I have people here.

No, not a client.
An old acquaintance...

But it doesn't matter. Yes.
OK, I'll be home soon. Bye.

- Sorry, I have to go.
- Yes... me too.

Well sorry, I can't help you.

Have some.

Thank you. It's delicious.

You have reached 383- 3516. Leave
a message for K?lm?n and Piroska.

Hi. It's M?rta! Don't know where
you are. I can't reach your mobile.

L! Li's having a birthday party two
weeks from Saturday. Keep that open.

She'd love you to come.
Call you later. Bye.

Hi, it's me.

I guess you noticed
I took my stuff. And the diorama.

I just wanted to say that...

I just wanted to say that
I don't love you anymore.

Not for five years.

More or less.

And I can't stand how you act. I don't
even know how I stood it this long.

I felt so sorry for you.
That's why I didn't leave sooner...

... but I should have. You weren't
interested in me or my work.

And you haven't even helped me
with the diorama for a while now.

I constantly tried to help
you, but you never noticed.

If you'd loved me only a little,
you'd have pulled yourself together.

You never had any willp...

You never had willpower.
And it's awful when I see you are

thinking something and sitting
there quietly, saying nothing.

I was always the one
who had to do the talking.

I always felt like you
thought I had a thing for M?rta.

I never cheated on you...

... even if now I think I should
have done it a long time ago.

And don't come looking for me.

I won't even tell you where to
reach me. That'll make it easier for you.

And by the way,
I changed my phone number.

Hi, It's Piroska.

I'm here, well, actually under
this crane or whatever it is.

OK, I won't move.

Oh I'm so happy to see you!


I don't think I've seen
you in twenty years!

- I think I walked in the wrong gate.
- No problem, most people do that.

Come on, I'll show you my empire.

So what's up with you?
What're you doing lately?

Well I'm OK.

I even organized two class
reunions recently, but you never came.

We missed your sense of
humor and your cheerfulness.

I don't know... it seems like I
lost touch with everyone somehow.

- And my work, too...
- Well, at least now here you are!

- And what do you do?
- I'm a nurse in a hospital.

That's fantastic!

Well, yes...

I really like it a lot.
Lots of responsibility.

- I think so.
- Almost twenty years now.

Here is my office.

Come in.

I'll make you a coffee.

Have a seat.


These are mine.


...you can see them here, too.

Have some.
My wife made them.

Really cute.

That must have been about
7 years ago... in the summer.

No, wait a minute.

8 years ago. Yes, because the little
one was just one year old then.

I carry this one around too.

What about you?
Do you have a family? Kids?

Well I don't have any kids yet,
but we're planning to.

You know, I have a fianc?,
and we get along fine,

but... my work...
with the patients, often at night,

and the circumstances
aren't the best, either...

The coffee's ready.

I understand.


No thanks, it's fine like this.
Or... a little sugar, maybe.

- Condensed sweet milk?
- That will be fine, thanks.

Do you remember Adrienn P?l,
who left after fourth grade?

He's still learning.

Of course! I looked all over for her
for the reunion but never found her.

- Even GabiG?l didn't know
anything about her. - GabiG?l?

You know
- they were so inseparable.

Real close friends.
Their parents socialized too.

Adrienn was never
friends with GabiG?l.


But that was my impression.

Anyone here? Hello!

I had a hard time finding out that
Adrienn moved to the provinces

to some village called
Feketek?t in the middle of nowhere...

- Hello!
.... But I couldn't find her there either.

Wait just a second.

He can't hear a thing.

This way, Ma'am, come on in.

Actually, I just looked in the village
phonebook. Didn't have time to go.

My car's right here.
I guess you should have a look at it.

Coming! Sorry, I have to go.
Will you wait for me here?

- No, no. I have to get going.
- If anything turns up, let's be in touch.

The next class reunion's
coming soon, isn't it?

I got a flat hitting a curb.

Go on. I'll find my way out.
Be in touch.

Next time I hope we can talk
a little more. Goodbye.


Much better this way.

At least you've still
got the apartment...

Well... so suddenly...

It's true I haven't been
home too much lately.

Maybe he was jealous of Adrienn.

All men are like that.

As soon as we find something to
keep us busy, they immediately

feel like they're not the center
of attention and they run away.

Somehow I've gotten really tired.

I could sleep for a month.

Did you like K?lm?n by the way?

How do you mean?

I don't know, he was sometimes
a little tiresome, I have to say.

But he was good to you
till now, wasn't he?

What an asshole...

You know what I say?
I think it's better like this.

He wasn't such a great catch.

And excuse me but
he wasn't exactly balding gracefully.

- What's that?
- Nothing. It's 8 o'clock.

Eight already?
Dammit, I have to go.

I left Lili at my mother's.

So you'll be on vacation
for two weeks now?

- Wouldn't it be better to work?
- No, I'm taking a little trip.

But don't forget Lili's birthday.
Bye. I must get going.

Alright, tell her I'll be there.




Good morning!

Is there anyone here?


I'm going in here. You just
keep going straight, sweetheart,

cut through the woods and then
on the other side of the creek

you'll see Aunt Ilonka's house
on your left. So goodbye.

Thank you, goodbye.


Anyone here?


- Good morning.
- Hello.

Excuse me,

I see no one's home next door.
Do you know anything about the teacher?

- When is she coming home?
- She won't be home soon.

- She's in the hospital.
- Somewhere near here?

No, she was transported
to the capital two weeks ago.

- She's not conscious.
- I see.

That's my mother.

Excuse me,
I didn't know. I'm sorry.

- Brain hemorrhage?
- Yes.

Were you a student of hers?

No I wasn't, but
my best friend might have been.

Her name is Adrienn P?l.

They moved here when she was ten
Do you happen to know her?

No, I'm afraid not.

I thought your mother might recall.
They say she was the teacher here.

Yes, but I can't help you.

What hospital is
she in, if I may ask?

In Saint Andrew's.

Yes... I see. Thank you.


You don't know me...

My name is Piroska, and your son
told me you were in the hospital here.

As a matter of fact, I work here
myself... just not now...

I mean I'm not working
at the moment. I'm here to see you.

That's Adrienn.

She attended school in
Aunt Ilonka's class... I think...

...since everyone went there.

I don't know whether
you remember her.

And this is me.

I'm sitting next to Adrienn.

This is another school

we went to together before that.

I don't know where she could be.

It would be good to find her.

Now you're going to eat this lunch.

You'll get strong.

You'll see,
everything will be fine,

we'll be talking soon.

It's a little hard now
but it won't take long.

It's just a question of willpower.

Everything depends
on how much you want it.

If you let yourself go,
it will be hard to get better...

What are you doing here?

I just came in to
visit your mother...

- I work here, you see.
- You work here? Since when?

Well, for eighteen years now.
But in another ward.

- And there's no work over there?
- I'm on vacation.

I've just fed her.

I see that.


Were you here before?

Yes, once or twice.

I was hoping to be able
to speak with her a little.

And I cleaned her up a bit.

Last time she squeezed my hand.

Now I'll leave you alone.

Just stay here,
you aren't disturbing us. Sit down.

No, no, I'm leaving.

Excuse me.

- Please, accept...
- There's no need for that.

- I don't want to offend you.
- It's out of the question.

Than let me invite you to lunch.

I eat here at the hospital,
in the cafeteria, if that suits you.


I read my articles to her.

It's very important to talk to her.

My work keeps me from
coming to town more often,

but I'm glad that
someone is with her.

It's definitely better for her
if she feels she's not alone.

But you still shouldn't
take it too far.

It's nothing. I'm used to it.

That's it. You do the same thing
in your free time as at work.

Not exactly.
We deal with hopeless cases.

But here at least there's still hope.

I didn't introduce myself.
Sorry for that.

- Endre T?th.
- Piroska Fodor.

- Do you mind if I call you Piroska?
- That's fine.

Today your mother seemed
to feel a bit better.

Ive long known she was going to die
but I can't get used to the thought.

How can you bear this?


All of this.

You have to get used to it.

But not just at any price.

I'll take that in.

Or... do you want
to have a look at her?

I never even asked her what
kind of funeral she wanted.

I had just fallen asleep
when it happened.

The important thing was to
have someone there with her.

I don't even
remember her face.

It's as if she's
been dead for years.

I understand.

This is her Australian number.

Adrienn and I went out
for three and a half years.

One day they just disappeared.
I didn't know where they ended up.

I even called the police,

but my mother scolded me
for making a stir out of it.

She defected with her parents.

And why didn't you
tell me about it before?

I didn't want to talk about it.

And now?

I don't know.

I saw how important it was to you.

Actually, even I don't understand
anymore why it's so important to me.

And how did you get this?

They came back
once in '97 in July.

I was playing ninepins by the pub,
and Adrienn went in for a coke.

But we didn't talk much. She just
wrote down her number on this paper.

I don't know whether
it's still good.

Just keep it.

- Did she ever talk to you about me?
- No.

I'm sure she never did.

She never spoke about her childhood.
She was very closed.

- It's time for your train...
- Yes.

- Happy birthday, Lili!
- Thanks.

- Hi, happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!

You didn't bring
any pastries today?

Resuscitation in 2.
Call the doctor on duty, then come.


Charge to 200.
Step back!

- Move away from the bed!
- Step back!


Give me a vial of adrenalin.

Stand clear of the patient.

You are doing well.
Don't be afraid.

Charge to 360.

Step back.


One more vial!


Stand clear of the patient.

Charge to 360.

Step back.


Wait... wait, wait, wait!

Sinus rhythm.

She's got a pulse.