Pixar Short Films Collection 2 (2012) - full transcript

Disney and Pixar present an incredible new collection of 12 short films, featuring multiple Academy Award® nominees (Best Short Film, Animated: "Presto," 2008; "Day & Night," 2010; "La Luna," 2011) and a host of family favorites. Join the celebration of imagination with this collection, packed with unforgettable animation, fantastic stories and captivating characters. Plus, enjoy all-new extras that share how Pixar's storied talent got their start - including student films from acclaimed directors John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter!

Small fry, and here's your toy.

A Zurg belt buckle?
Can I get a Buzz Lightyear instead?

We're all out of Buzzes.

Well, can she have that one?

I'm sorry, those are for display only.

Thanks anyways. Come on, Bonnie.

See? I told you we're never gonna get
played with.

But we're just here to sell chicken.

- All right! Ball pit!
- Hey, hey, wait a minute.


I think I just found our ticket
to playtime. Come on, let's go!

I better not. I don't wanna get in
trouble with the chicken people.

Fine. You stay here
with the belt buckle.

Me, I'm gonna get played with!
See ya, Zurgy!

Oh, boy.

Oh, no! Hot lava!

- Splash!
- Come on, Bonnie!


I love playtime!

It's a little unsanitary, but...

Playtime's the best!

Bonnie, don't forget your toys.

Hi, toys. Bye, toys.

Hi, everybody! We're home!

Hey, welcome back!
How was Poultry...

What smells like chicken fingers?

I'm Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.

What happened to Buzz?

He says the plastic in the ball pit
made him shrink!

Yeah, yeah, that's right, Tex.

Say, when's the playtime start
around here?

All right, where's the real Buzz?


Well, hello!

Welcome to the support group for
discarded Fun Meal toys.

We're just about to begin. T-Bone?
Would you find him a seat?

Right this way, sir.

I think there's been a mistake.

You see, I was just left in the ball pit,
and I...

Oh, we've all been left in the ball pit
of life, haven't we?

Yes, Tae-Kwon Doe?
You have a question?

What? Oh, I'm sorry, this is just
my play feature. Hi-yah!

That's super. Now, why don't we just
go around the room

and introduce ourselves?
My name is Neptuna.

Hi, Neptuna.

I was from the Mermaid
Battle Squadron tie-in. Summer '98.

I was thrown away, and that's okay.

I'm T-Bone, leader of the Steak Force.

We battled the Vegi-Tanarians
for dinner table dominance.

Well, I never got played with.

G'day. The name's Koala Kopter from
the Down-Underables.

I got swapped for a Kangaroo Kanoe!

My name is Recycle Ben
and I got recycled!

I don't get it.
Why don't the kids like me?

I'm like history, but on wheels!

Nobody wanted to board
the Vampire Express.

My name is Roxy Boxy.
I was recalled because...


I mean, who wants to see
an accurate depiction

of the human nervous system

when they're chowing down
on a burger!

Kid not like Pizza Bot. Pizza Bot sad.

- My name is Buzz.
- Hi, Buzz.

And I need to go.

Wait, don't run away from your
problems, brother.

Look, I need to get back to my friends.

We're your friends now, Buzz.
Look around you.

We've all been discarded
and we need to stick together.

- Isn't that right, Super Pirate?
- Yar.

The playtime's coming super soon
Doc-dab, doc-dab

Guys, I'm telling you,
this is the real Buzz!

Oh, playtime day

Rex, he's like three inches tall.

Yeah, but he's
a pretty good ice dancer.

Well, I'm gonna go find out
what happened to our friend.

Little Buzz guy!

Oh, playtime day

Listen, about this playtime...

Playtime? Hey, I'll be the cowboy!

Hey! Come back here!

Get along, little piggy! Hee-haw!

Could somebody tackle him, please?

Playtime is your friend

Thank you.

Even though I have been thrown away,
I am not garbage.

How am I gonna get up there?

All right, everyone, this is a good
time for some re-enactment therapy.

Let's break into groups of two.

And let's have Beef Stewardess with
Ghost Burger.

Bozu the Ninja Clown
with Funky Monk.


- And then Condorman with DJ Blu-Jay.
- All right!

Lizard Wizard?
I'm gonna put you with Buzz.

Now Buzz, you are a child who has
received this toy.

Pick him up and play with him.

Oh, boy. Play, play, play.

Good. Now, to simulate
the abandonment, discard him.

- What?
- And walk over there

next to Gary Grappling Hook.

Gary Grappling Hook?

Hey there.

So, wouldn't it be more
devastating if I left the room?

Oh, what a fabulous idea!
Thank you, Buzz.

Gary, do you mind?

Yeah, sure, whatever. Whoa! Oh, yeah!

That was awesome.

Now, how did that make you feel?

Well, let's see now. It made me happy
when I was played with,

-but sad when he left.
- Good.

Okay, good, hold that thought.

We're going to have Buzz
come back in now.


- He left.
- No!

Okay. To save Buzz, we need to find
a way to get inside Poultry Palace.

So, I used to work at Poultry Palace.
You like honey mustard sauce?

Yeah, you do.

Come on, guys, think.
How do we get inside?

We could jimmy the lock.

Let's act our way in!

We could drive a truck through
the front door!

- Or, you could use the drive-through.
- Buzz!

You're back!

So, what do you have to say for
yourself, Space Ranger?

I've done some things that
I'm not proud of.

I've spent a lot of playtime thinking I
was the prize that came with the meal,

but with the help of my sponsor,

I know now that the real prize is inside
of each and every one of us.


Oh, that was a good one.

Belt Buckle,
you crack me up sometimes.