Phases of the Moon (2022) - full transcript

Kei Osanai enjoys a peaceful and happy life with his wife Kozue and daughter Ruri, but his wife and daughter die in an accident. Kei's life suddenly changes. One day, a man named Akihiko Misumi visits Kei and tells him that on the... is deprecated, please
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(Aomori Prefecture, Hachinohe City)

(Hachinohe Fisheries Co., Ltd.)


You're here.
Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you.

Welcome back.

Mizuki is here too.

Mizuki, didn't you say it wrong?

You should say, "I came to visit."

Oh, right.

I came to visit.

We were just about to go out.

Thank you for always helping
take care of our mother.

It's my duty.

(Call from Yui Midorisaka)

(Tokyo, Tama City)

Thank you for coming all the way to Tokyo.

No problem.

Did you find that painting?


Yui, is this your daughter?


Come on, why don't you say
hello to Uncle Osanai?



She gets shy like this.

Mr. Koyama, do you remember this?

It was in the autumn of our senior year in high school.

I took it when we celebrated
Ruri's birthday at your house.

I remember.

Your wife... Aunt Kozue was also all smiles.

Today is your anniversary, right?

Yes, that's right.

Women, huh?

I don't know how to express it to you.

Seemingly casual, but my heart
is filled with countless thoughts.

Aunt Kozue mentioned it to me.

That day, the news of John Lennon's
murder was everywhere.

His songs were playing on every street.

Sou, let me hold my grandchild soon.

Don't rush us, Mom.

It will put pressure on us.

It's okay.

I also want to help Mr. Osanai have a kid soon.

She agreed, didn't she?

That's great.


Kozue? Are you okay?

Are you alright?

Dad is here.

Indeed, it's a girl.

What's this?

This is the child's name.

Osanai Ruri?

This name is really nice.

She chose it herself.

This child is in a dream.

She kept asking me to help her choose this name.

Ruri, when exposed to light, will shine." That's Ruri."

Is it a proverb?

After checking,

I found that this sentence refers to things that are already beautiful.

As long as they are illuminated,
they will emit dazzling light.

It's amazing.

Did the child tell you herself?

Osanai, it's just a dream of mine.


It seems that this child has a promising future.


Little Ruri.

Let me explain, please.

I never meant to make you suffer and worry.

Please let me tell you countless times.

Again and again, I've been telling you.

Anyway, the sunset there is stunning.

It's the secret base where Mom and Dad
went on their wedding day.

I never thought I could take you there too.

Before the sun sets,

Dad will definitely take you to that cape.

Osanai, I'm the one responsible for driving.

That's right.

You said the same thing on our wedding day, too.


I really haven't made any progress.

Just be yourself.

Ruri, we're almost there.

That's great.

It's so beautiful...

so beautiful

What's wrong?

I'm reminiscing about the day I met you.

You really startled me back then.

You suddenly approached me in the university cafeteria.

I was surprised too.

I couldn't resist talking to you when I heard

someone mention Hachinohe at the university in Tokyo.

I can't help but talk to you

And it turned out you were my junior from high school.

I never expected that we would
develop such an inseparable bond.

Do you regret it?

What are you talking about?

I was the one who actively pursued you.


What are you looking at?

Look, it's the moon.

It died last time, and now it's alive again.

It won't die.

Even if the moon disappears, it will reappear.

And it will become bigger.

And rounder.

Then it slowly becomes slimmer.

The moon repeats the process
of waxing and waning.

The moon is amazing.

That's true.

"The Phases of The Moon"

The high fever won't go down.

Prepare the injection again.



can you hear me?

Be strong, Ruri... Ruri

What do you mean by "unknown cause"?

We've done everything we can.

But her high fever won't go down.

It has been five days already.

If it continues like this...


But the results of the detailed examination
showed nothing abnormal.


Ruri, you'll be fine...

Are you okay? Ruri.. Ruri.


Go moon watching together.

Okay, let's go moon watching together.

Hang in there, Ruri.

Engrave love in your heart.

Engrave love in your heart.

Love makes the song melodious.

Ruri is really an amazing child.

She's really getting better before
we go moon watching.

So beautiful.

Akira also seems very happy.


Yeah, him

This doll is named Akira.

Keep love in your heart.

Keep love in your heart.

Love makes the song melodious.

I mean...

Don't you think it's a bit unusual?

What do you mean?

I'm talking about Ruri.

Since she had that serious illness,

she suddenly started acting like a little adult.

She even knew the brand of this lighter is Dupont,

and showed me the flint.

How could an elementary school student
have that kind of knowledge?

Maybe it was taught by one of
her classmates' dads.

The English song she hummed just now

doesn't seem like something a child would know either.

She probably heard it somewhere.

For a seven-year-old child,

her pronunciation is too accurate,
don't you think?

And also...

This picture doesn't look like it was drawn by a kid.

What are you trying to say, exactly?

Looking at the way she's flicking her hair,
I suddenly realized...

Although she appears to be Ruri,

she doesn't seem like Ruri herself.

What's wrong with you, Kozue?

She just named her doll "Akira"
and was very happy about it.

You're overthinking it.


I need to go to the bathroom.

Here I am.

You're overthinking it.

Come, let Daddy take you.

Come, let Daddy take you.

(Thanks to Mom for her hard work.)

(Tamagawa Kita Police Station)

No need to pay.

I brought the person.

Thank you.

Kozue, haven't you found Ruri yet?

No matter how hard I search,
I can't find her.

We've asked the police to search all the possible places.

I'm sorry.

Her classmate who walked home with her said

they separated in front of the station.

It's also possible that she got on a train and got lost.

Why would Ruri take a train?

It's also possible that someone took her.

We've contacted all the local police stations for assistance.

She might have gone on a trip by herself.

Stay calm, Kozue.

She's been acting strangely lately.

(Takadanobaba Station)

Little girl.

Are you alone?

(Paper Moon Audio and Video Store)

I'm sorry to have caused you trouble.

It's okay, it's nothing.

She's just obediently watching
the videotapes over there.

But for someone so young,
she really has good taste.

She picked "Anna Karenina" to watch.

Well then, please be careful on your way home.

Thank you for taking care of her.

Did you ride the train by yourself?


Why did you come to Takadanobaba?

I came to see Akira.


Is it your Taddy bear?


Please don't disappear suddenly like that.

Mom and Dad were really worried.

Promise me, okay?

Be good, let's go home.



I'm sorry.

I'm really happy to be your daughter.

Daddy, you've been so kind to me.

I'll never forget it.

What's wrong, Ruri?

Daddy feels really lucky to have you as a daughter too.


How old do I have to be to go out by myself?

After you graduate from high school.

Until then,

you absolutely cannot sneak out by yourself.

You have to promise Mom as well.

I understand.

Good, come on.

- Let's go back home.
- Okay.

Come on.

I'll also go to an art college like Ruri.

That's great! Wei, let's go to college together.

But I don't have the same talent for painting as you do.

That's not true. You're much better than me.

Is it okay if I go? Won't I disturb you?

Mom and Dad wanted me to invite you.

Tomorrow is your 18th birthday...

Why are you speaking like that?
Who are you, Auntie?

Don't tell me you're treating me like a child?

Let me do it.

Ruri always pours the sake so well.



Wei, thank you for coming today.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Now, Ruri...

Happy 18th birthday to you.

Thank you.

Then she said she also wants to play.

It's really delicious.

Mom drank a lot today.

Having a little drink occasionally is not bad.

Uncle is really gentle.

Because my dad loves my mom so much.

I also want to be like you.


Ruri, you're not dating anyone, are you?

I won't tell you.

Girls like to have some little secrets.

- Dating?
- Absolutely not allowed to say, okay?

If the person is a frivolous guy,

Dad will absolutely not accept it.

That's not certain.

By the way, use this to shoot something.

Then shoot my dad for me.

Why would I film myself?

Today's birthday girl is Ruri, right?

Dad, you better obediently follow
the birthday girl's command

Are you already filming?

- Already filming.
- Impressive, huh?

Well then, it's question time.

Why did you marry Mom?

Why are you suddenly asking that?

Answer quickly!

Should I answer now?

You better not have forgotten, right?

Of course not, impossible.

Then say it quickly.

Wait a moment.

Uh... It was at the university cafeteria.

I saw her for the first time there.

I fell in love at first sight.

She had a gentle smile,

mysterious and deep eyes.

I also really liked her voice.

Dad even went to the nearby shrine

and prayed to become good friends with Mom.

After that,

one time in a business management class,

Kozue happened to sit behind me.

And when we went to see a movie,

she happened to sit next to me.

I never imagined the gods had such great power.

How did you two start dating?

Well... watching movies, skiing.

Did we go fishing too?


We matched unbelievably well.

We have the same taste in food and music.

I thought, this person is my destined soulmate.

And I still think that way now.

I'm grateful that you think that way.

I'm the one who's grateful.

Me too.


It's the Minister calling.

I don't know what it's about.

Sorry, I have to take this call.

Really, Dad? You want to escape?

I can't help it, it's work.

There are still many things
I want to ask, you know. Hello?

This is Koyama. Please speak.

You want me to handle this case?

I've been specially appointed?

Thank you so much.

Would you like to go for a drink to celebrate?

I'm sorry, Minister,

but today I'm going back to
my hometown in Hachinohe

with my family.

Is that so? You still prioritize
your family, as always.

I apologize.

Next time, please honor me with a drink.

I'm sorry.


Yes, that's right.

Please wait a moment.

I'm sorry. What is it?

Hello? What is it?


Please, tell me.

Is it your wife, Mrs Kozue?

And Miss Osanai Ruri, right?

Since then, it's been almost eight years.

Can I see that painting?

It's this painting.

Ruri drew it in high school.

Do you know who the man in the picture is?

I still can't believe it...

Why would Ruri and Kozue...

It's truly unfair.

Miss Kiyomi, it's about time
I took my mom to the hospital.


I prepared some food in the back.

Mr. Osanai,

after you finish this section,
please have something to eat as well.

Thank you.

I'm really sorry, Miss Kiyomi,

for making you take care of me
while being pregnant.

And Mrs. Kazumi, I'm your nurse,
so please don't be polite.

I'm sorry.

Are you Mr. Kei Osanai?

Who are you?

I apologize for suddenly intruding.

My surname is Misumi.

(I'm a photographer, Akihiko Misumi.)

Did you come from Tokyo?


I came to visit your company.

And thus, I learned that you had already resigned.

Moved back to your hometown in Hachinohe, right?

So, what do you want to tell me?

The car accident happened on the same day.

I received a phone call on my cellphone.

Those two...

They were on their way to meet me
when the accident occurred.

Kozue went to see you?

No, the one who called me was Ruri.


Ruri , when she was seven years old,

it seems she came to the record store
in Takadanobaba to find me.


During my university days,

I used to work at that store.

It was the day John Lennon was assassinated...

Women, you know,

I don't know how to express it to you,

but deep inside, I have so many thoughts.

Sorry, I'm about to open the store.

Sorry, I was just hiding from the rain.

I will try my best

to express my true feelings
and gratitude towards you.

You taught me what success means

if you don't mind

Just use this as a towel

But this is still new, right?

It's alright, it wouldn't be good if you catch a cold.

Please use it.

So then...

("Anna Karenina")

Today, they're playing Lennon's songs everywhere.


Do you like watching movies?


I don't have any other pastime anyway.

I also like watching movies

Um... Waseda Shochiku,

they're currently showing "Anna Karenina," right?

Are you from Aomori?

how did you know?

I can slightly hear the accent.

Are you from Aomori too?

Suddenly, I really want to eat
fresh sea urchin soup.

After all, it's the taste of my hometown.

Otherwise, I can have my family send it...

Good morning.

Take three bowls, Akihiko.

Sorry, you were misunderstood because of me.

It's fine.

This is all wet.

I'll wash it and return it to you later.

It's okay, don't worry about it.

If you don't mind, you can use this umbrella.


What's wrong?

You're really considerate.



Your girlfriend is really beautiful.

it's not like that.

You keep saying it's not like that.

I didn't know you liked the older sister type.

What's going on?

What do you mean?
what's going on?

Since then,

during breaks and when I have free time from work,

I would go to Waseda Shochiku cinema

in search of...

(Waseda Shochiku Cinema)
Someone whose name I don't even know.

(Mizuki Gekkō Record Store)

(Movie soundtrack)

(Anna Karenina)

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

This is the 8mm camera I borrowed from you before.


Thanks to your help,
the short film is finally done.

Have you fallen for that Anna Karenina?

You even borrowed an umbrella from her.

She should at least show up.

That's impossible, she's probably forgotten already.

A beauty like her surely has someone already.

Someone much better than us.

We're just flowers in cow dung.

Makes sense.

Don't agree with me.

You startled me.

I was startled too.

Thought I'd never see you again.

By the way,

this is for you.

It's a return gift from last time.

Well, that's it for now.

Wait, I have something I want to give you too.


It's the fresh sea urchin soup.

Since you said you wanted to eat it,

I had my family send it over.

All for me?

Do you always carry it with you?

Aren't you also carrying this for me?

Then we're even.

I have to go now.


Can I see you again?

At least let me know your name, okay?


"Ruri and Glass, shine when exposed to light."

I'm Ruri.

Miss Ruri, until we meet again.

In the phone call that Ruri
made before the car accident

She also said the same phrase.

"Ruri and Glass, shine when exposed to light."


You can find that proverb in a dictionary.

There are many people named Ruri.

But I don't think it's just a coincidence.

Why did you named her Ruri?

that is because…

When she was seven years old

Didn't she watch "Anna Karenina"

at the record store in Takadanobaba?

That was a movie that Miss Ruri loved in her lifetime.

I always felt there was a connection between them.

That's when I knew her name...

About a week later.

I'm just a burden, aren't I?

Why would you say something like that?

Like mother, like daughter.

I shouldn't have been born in the first place.

Miss Ruri.

We meet again.

Thank you for wearing this outfit.

Can I ask you a question?

Why did you give this to me?

I saw that outfit on the street

And I suddenly thought of you.

I figured you probably wouldn't wear it again

Since I ruined your T-shirt.

I felt a bit guilty about it.

No, I still wear it.

You really do wear it.

When we coincidentally met
in front of the station last time too.

I thought maybe it would help you recognize me

I'm a bit thirsty.

Do you want something to drink?

Here you go, it's beer.

Thank you.

Can you drink beer?

No problem.

That's great.

Shall we sit here?

I like this place.

It's comfortable to sit here.


Sorry, please have a seat.

Um... I won't hold back then.

Miss Ruri, why did you come to Tokyo?

Why, you ask?

I've almost forgotten.

Lately, I often forget things.

I can't remember what I did yesterday

Or what I ate.

But strangely enough,

I often remember things from my childhood.

What were you like as a child?

I was afraid of wearing shoes.


Weren't there a lot of shoes in the entryway?

I felt like the shoes were waiting with
open mouths to eat people's feet.

Um... like carnivorous plants.

If I put my foot in, it would be eaten.

Shoes can eat feet?

That's the curse my grandmother placed
on me because she was afraid

I would run away on my own.

I didn't have parents; my grandmother raised me.

I couldn't go out by myself when I was a child.

Does it hurt to be bitten by shoes?

Of course, after all, they have sharp teeth.

So every time I went out,

I had to confront my fear of shoes biting my feet.

So you risked your life to go to the movie theater every time?

You could say that...

You've been silent for a while now.

Have we run out of things to talk about?

Actually, I've thought of many topics.

My college notebook is filled with them.

Topics I wanted to discuss when I met you,

And pocket-sized bars where I could take you
for a drink.

I'd really like to see your notebook.

My house is right over there.

That's great...

Please come in.

Sorry for the interruption.

John Lennon's death was a shock.

What is this?

A film appreciation?

Did you specially go watch it

to share it with me?

Well... please don't embarrass me

It's quite embarrassing.

But you really love watching movies.

Actually, I've always wanted to make my own films.

Oh, I see... So that's why you have so many cameras.


This couple admires each other's talents.

They are immersed in the river of love,
cherishing peace.

Speaking of Lennon and Yoko, this couple...

Lennon is deeply attracted to avant-garde artist Yoko...

But he has never known what to film.

The next song to be played

differs from conventional thinking

and aligns with today's theme.

It's a catchy special feature of John Lennon.

Now, we present to you Lennon

and his beloved Yoko's composition,

〈Remember Love〉

Let us be grateful

﹣Thank you.
﹣Let's remember Lennon together...

By the way,

tell me your name too.



Originally, I was going to be named "Akira."

But my dad changed it to Akihiko in the end.

My mom was not happy about it.

She called me "Akira" until
I entered elementary school.

Can I call you "Akira" too?


This sky is a glassy color,

neither day nor night.

It's an ambiguous and fleeting color.

I like this ethereal hue.

Thank you.

What's wrong?


I want you to stay here forever.

i want to be with you forever.

I'm sorry.

I should go back.

I didn't even ask for her address.

It's a fatal mistake.

No communication for two weeks.

I think you'll have to give up.

She must have some unspoken reason.

You should understand that too.

"Anna Karenina."

It's a movie about a married woman's affair.

That's a forbidden love, you know.

"Ruri and Crystal Shine When Exposed to Light."

Stop talking.


I've been looking for you.

Did I cause you trouble?

I had decided not to see you again.

I'm sorry...

You... Do you hate me?

hate me?

Even if we continue to meet,

it will only bring more pain to both of us.

Even if it's painful, I'm not afraid.

Where are you taking me?

To a far, far place.

So this is how I look, huh?

I'm showing a smile.

The day I first saw you,

I happened to see a very happy couple.

The groom desperately wanted to take the bride

to a cape where they could see the beautiful sunset.

I think it was a place the bride had always wanted to go.


It was the bride who was driving.

Isn't that embarrassing?

That's how it should be.

Just being together is enough to be happy.

I also want to be like them.

If I could be reborn in the next life,

I would definitely not make the same mistakes.

I want to do everything I couldn't do,

to indulge with my parents, play with friends.

I also want to go to college like you,

so that the future holds infinite possibilities.

can become anyone,

and I can go anywhere.

It's unfortunate that I met you,

but I can't escape from it either.

I can take you away now,

to anywhere you want to go.

No matter where it is, I will take you there.

I'm willing to do anything to see you smile.

These words…

I will never forget them.

Please don't go.

Can't we meet again?

I will wait for you,

even if you don't show up.

Tomorrow, I will wait for you in front of the station.

No matter if it's a few hours or a few days,

I am willing to wait.


I was the one who first noticed you.


When we passed each other
at the intersection in front of the station,

even without looking at your T-shirt,

I recognized you at first glance.

But you hadn't noticed yet,

so I kept praying in my heart,

hoping to be noticed by you.

And then, you looked at me too.

I was so happy.

Passengers arriving at Takadanobaba Station

heading towards Seibu Shinjuku

and trains bound for Kawagoe and Omiya,

are temporarily out of service due to an
accident resulting in injuries and fatalities.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Currently, we are unable to estimate the time for the resumption of service.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Repeating once again...

Trains scheduled to arrive at Takadanobaba Station

are temporarily out of service due to an accident

My bad feeling

has come true.

(Miss Ruri Masaki, who died in a level crossing accident)

However I...

cannot accept reality.

I still feel like she's somewhere in this world.


the constant longing for her has become painful.


had already made up my mind to forget her.

But the phone call from Aiko made me think..

Maybe she...

committed suicide in order to be reincarnated.

What exactly...

are you trying to say?

Maybe Aiko...

is my daughter.

There's no connection between the woman
you mentioned and the female I was talking about.

I'm sorry...

I was out of line.

Perhaps I came here

to sever those memories.

I'm truly sorry for today.

Mr. Osanai,

isn't the person in this painting

Mr. Misaki Akihiko?

But this is quite strange.

The person I saw was already middle-aged,

but this painting

looks like a student in their twenties.

She said she painted it based on her memory of meeting him.

How is that possible?

At that time, Ruri wasn't even born yet.

Mr. Osanai,

have you heard the story about children
choosing their families before they're born?

Children choose in the heavens

who they want to be their parents,

who they want to be their parents,

Actually, my daughter also told me

that she chose me.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Can you get me some dorayaki?


Excuse me.

I'll have this.

One dorayaki set, alright.

Coming right up.

Mr. Osanai, you'll have some too, right?

You like the dorayaki here, don't you?

Even if that's the case,

I don't remember ever eating it with you.


It's our first time meeting, after all.

Mr. Kosanai.

Do you remember an old colleague?

Mr. Ryunosuke Masaki, perhaps?

Why did you mention Mr. Masaki's name?

Mr. Masaki is the husband of the Ruri-san Triangle mentioned.

(Tobacco shop)

We can also replace the flints in our store.

Feel free to ask if you need any.

- Thank you
- Thank you for coming.

That person is here again.

He's quite handsome.


I want the product over there.



Do you like Dupont lighters?

This model has a crisp sound

and is very popular.

It's called "Crystal Clear."

This place is not where you belong...

Your eyes occasionally reveal such messages.


I heard it all.

You were raised by your grandmother.

Later on, you kept staying at relatives' homes.

No matter where I go, I'm an outsider.

Can you provide me...

a place to belong?

What is this...?

Perhaps you have experienced many hardships,

but I can definitely make you happy.

Do I look like I deserve happiness...?

I will definitely find the happiest version of you.

(Ryunosuke Masaki, Ruri)

those words were all lies.

(Medical condition, right fallopian tube blockage)

I obtained my architect's license before I turned 25,

all to expand my father's company before I turned 30.

I achieved all those goals.

Now, I support a hundred employees

and their families.


I cannot put my child's photo

on next year's New Year's card.

This is far from what I expected.

I have decided to pass my company on to my child.

What on earth happened?

Can't you fulfill your wife's duty?

You're really unlucky to have met me.

If you're dissatisfied with me,

it would be better for you to start over with another woman.

Are you...

considering divorce?

I can't choose to abandon you.

I'm not the kind of man who discriminates
against infertile women.

you'll lose a life of plenty.

You will also lose your food and clothing

I don't want you to experience that pitiful situation.

You understand, right?

This is where you belong.

That's enough.

Keep love in your heart.

Keep love in your heart.

Love makes the song melodious

Keep love in your heart.

Keep love in your heart.

love makes people meet each other

keep love in mind

keep love in mind

Love keeps life going...

(Overflowing with the aroma of the sea,
fresh sea urchin soup)

So, you're at home?

Changed my plans last minute.

Took the last train back yesterday.

I haven't seen your smile in a long time.

What's wrong?

You're dressed so carefully.

Where did you go all night?

Say something, will you?

Say something.


(Divorce application)

Thank you for taking care of me all this time.
I won't come back anymore, Ruri.

Since then, Mr. Masaki's life has been in a slump

It seems like the company has also gone bankrupt.

It's your boss I feel sorry for.

That's why I asked you to work with him, right?

We're here.

Sorry to bother you in your busy schedule.
I'm Masaki Ryunosuke.

Masaki is my junior in college.

Osanai, could you please take care of him?

Since the department head has given his approval, it's no problem at all.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Mr Osanai . Nice to meet you.

Then let's have a drink together.

Minister, I have to leave today.

Oh, right. You have a date with your daughter, don't you?

No, it's just dinner.

Then let's reschedule for another day.

Alright, then I'll take my leave.



Sorry for keeping you waiting.

It's alright.

Let's go.

What do you want to eat?

Let me think... French cuisine.

French cuisine?

Or maybe Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine?

- Wait, how about barbecue?
- Oh, come on.

What's wrong?

The areas marked in red on the blueprint...

We've already considered practicality beforehand,
so even if we change the size of the pillars,

it won't affect the original design.

You're really reliable.

You're quite considerate.

No, it's all thanks to your guidance.

I can't take credit for that.

I'm back.

- Welcome back.
- Welcome back.

This is my daughter.

Ruri, say hello to the guests.

What's wrong? Ruri?

What's wrong with that kid...

I'm sorry.

- Please use it.
- I'm sorry.

(Art class)

Ruri, aren't you going to see him?

Didn't you work so hard to find him?

Being a photographer is cool.

If it were me, I'd go see him.

I already promised my dad.

I can't go on a trip without permission
before high school graduation.

I still want to be a child to my parents

I want to continue to bask in the happiness of this moment.

You always say things like that.

But... my longing for him is
growing stronger day by day.

I feel like I can't hold it back anymore.

You're actually scared, aren't you?

Because he's not young anymore.

Even if he has a girlfriend,
it wouldn't be strange.

I've imagined it many times,
and I've cried many times.

Even if I see him,
I don't know how things will turn out.

Maybe everything will end after seeing him.

If you miss him so much,

why don't you tell him face to face?

Even if there's no continuation,

maybe another story can unfold.

We're about to graduate too.


Mr. Masaki?

You've disrupted my life plan.

Everything is out of control because of you.

Do you remember this lighter?

I've been unable to find an answer all this time.

I don't understand why you ran away from home.

I gave you the happiness you needed the most.

What else are you dissatisfied with?

I'm sorry, Mr. Masaki.

I don't know what you're talking about.

When you were seven years old, you went alone

to the record store in Kōtōbaba, right?

I know it all.

You went to see Mr. Misumi Tsunehiko,
didn't you?

Have you seen him?

Where is he?

I want to see him and clarify one thing.

As a man, what am I lacking?

I want to know what makes you abandon me

for a man who is supposedly superior.

where is he?

Tell me.

Speak up.

Mr. Masaki,

you haven't changed at all.

Indeed, it's you.

- Pervert, a pervert.
- What's wrong?

Ruri, run away quickly.

Thank you, Yui.

What are you doing?

I'm going to find a teacher.

Mom... Welcome back.

Mom, there's something I want to ask you.

What's wrong?

I hope you can keep this a secret from Dad.


Don't worry, Yui.

Mom is driving me to see Shōta.

You're finally going to see him.

After all, we don't know what that person is capable of.

At least I want to give Shōta a warning.

Good luck, Ruri.

Okay, thank you.


What's wrong?

We're being followed.

Mr. Masaki caught up with us.

Is he involved in that car accident?

If I hadn't let him see Ruri at that time,

wouldn't my wife and Ruri wouldn't have died?

If that's the case, why did you keep it
a secret from me until now?

It must be hard for you to believe, right?

That accident was actually caused by
karma from a past life.

Even if you believe it,

you, being who you are,
would only blame yourself even more.

Aunt Kozue and Ruri

definitely wouldn't want to see you suffer
and blame yourself.

Thinking about that,
I couldn't bring myself to tell you.

Then why tell me now?

But now is the time to reveal everything.

Looking at my daughter made me have this idea.

Last month,

I even made a special trip to Hachinohe for this reason.

It's been a long time since I visited the graves.

And Mrs. Kazumi also came.

Miss Kozue and Miss Ruri would be happy too.

Can I accompany you to the hospital
for the check-up?

Of course, you're welcome.

It's always enjoyable to be with Mizuki.

Looks like someone's here.


Long time no see.

It's been a while indeed.

We haven't seen each other since the funeral.


because you moved back to Hachinohe right away.

It's been eight years already.

You've grown so much.

I already have a child.

A child?

Yui, you're already a mom?

My daughter is already seven years old.

She's the same age as Mizuki.

I really want her to be friends with her.

Sure, Ruri will be delighted as well.

Sure, Ruri will be delighted as well.


You must be curious.

(Koyama Family Grave)

That's enough for now.

When I was pregnant, my daughter had a dream

where she asked me to name her Ruri.

When Ruri was seven years old,

she had a high fever for unknown reasons

and stayed in bed for a week.

After the fever broke, she named her doll Shōta

She used to look at the moon
and hum English songs.


What do you mean by saying these things?

Please, stop joking around.

Please listen to me, Mr. Osanai.

Your daughter, Ruri...

Before she passed away in a car accident,

She said these words to me.

The protagonist of this painting is called Xiao Zhe.

Is he the photographer you mentioned before?

Yes, he is.

He was my lover in a past life.

A past life?

I'm sure you must be shocked to hear
something like this all of a sudden.

You can just listen without taking it to heart.

Come on, you haven't finished yet, Ruri.

People can be reborn and reincarnated,

Just like the waxing and waning of the moon.

After death, people can be reborn and reincarnated,

But most people won't retain any memories.

Is this a line from a play?

Only those who hold strong regrets

Will remember memories from their past lives.

Like me.

So, if I am reincarnated again,

If you remember the words I said,

I hope you can accept the
secret message I will convey.

Alright, I understand.

Although I didn't know anything at that time,

But when I, as I am now,

Received hints from my daughter...

I believed that my daughter

Was the reincarnation of Koyamauchi Ruri.

I'm sorry.

I can't bear to listen to such an absurd thing.

And Osanai Ruri...

I believe she is the reincarnation of
a woman named Masaki Ruri.

Please, stop saying that.

I'm sorry.

I came here suddenly and said such things.

But that painting must still exist.

If you find it, could you contact me?

"Children with memories of their past lives."

(Happy 18th birthday, Ruri)

Mr. Koyamauchi,

You really love Aunt Saho, don't you?

Aunt Saho feels the same way too.

What do you know about Aunt Kozue?

Please, don't say things like that.

You actually think there's a possibility, right?

That's why you came here.

That's why you came to see me, right?

Aunt Saho should have noticed too.

Ruri might be the reincarnation of someone.

She might even have memories of her past life.

You have to believe in what is yours.

I can understand that too.

You want the handkerchief to be
the reincarnation of your daughter.

But for me...

To accept that my daughter is
actually someone else...

Even if it's a joke, I can't take it.

If that's the case,

What about me,
who poured all my love into my daughter,

And has been grieving for her loss?

Not to mention Kozue, who died together with Ruri.

Why not try thinking like this?
It might be easier.

Every life born into this world

Is someone's reincarnation.

Perhaps you've forgotten,

But that's the truth.

In that case,

Even if you lose your beloved,

You might meet again someday.

That's also a form of hope.

Aunt Saho seems to have told Ruri that.


I hope you can try to believe as well.

Mom, I finished drawing.

Let me see.

You've drawn so well.

When you contact me,

I made up my mind and called Mr. Sankaku.

I told him that my daughter
has memories of two Ruris

And she really wants to see him.

I'll let her meet him later.

How did you contact him?

After finding this painting,

I tried to contact him too.

But the agency said he left years ago.

After leaving Japan, he disappeared.

But the number in Ruri's phone

Can still be dialed.

Although there is no way to talk to him directly

But my daughter left him a voice message

"I'll wait for you in front of the station

even if you don't show up

I'm willing to wait for hours or days"

This kind of agreement is too wishful thinking.

That number might have been someone else's long ago.

Even if the person on the other end of the phone is Mr. Sanjiao,

he won't call back, right?

That thing from so long ago,

he must have forgotten by now, right?

That's not true. Xiaozhe will come.

Even if he really comes, so what?

Even if we really meet face to face,
what difference will it make?

Even so, she still wants to see him.


I'll be back soon.

Sorry, I have to leave first.

Let's just leave it at that.

Don't you believe me?

My mother's health isn't very good.

Instead of believing in reincarnation,

I'd rather do my best to take care of the living.

Whenever we come back from Grandma's house in Hachinohe,

we always come here to eat taiyaki.

I haven't forgotten about those things.

I was so happy being able to be spoiled
by my mom and dad.

Children shouldn't tease adults like this


I'm sorry.

I've caused you so much pain all this time.

I haven't forgotten.

I'm really happy to be your daughter.

Dad, you've shown me so much kindness.

I haven't forgotten.

I'm really happy to be your daughter.

Dad, you've shown me so much kindness.

I'll never forget.

I'm sorry.

It's okay...

It's fine.

Well, I have to go now.

Are you going to meet him?

Will he wait for you?

I don't know.

But even if I'm scared,
I want to give it a try.

So you don't be afraid either.

What are you saying?

It's not just me who will be reincarnated.

Well then, I should go.

Take care.


I think I should keep this for safekeeping.


don't know how to express myself to you.

I may seem careless, but inside,
there are countless thoughts.

Anyway, you've always been kind to me.

I'm sorry...

Excuse me...

My true feelings and gratitude towards you...

You made me understand the meaning of success.


You understand, don't you?

Inside a man's heart,
there will always be a little boy.

Please remember that my life
will always belong to you.


Embrace me tightly with your heart.

No matter how far apart we are,
we cannot be separated.

Our destiny has already been written
in the starry night sky.

I've been waiting for you.

Since that day, I've been waiting for you.


Please let me explain.

I never meant to make you suffer and worry.

Let me tell you countless times,

and tell you again and again,

i love you.

From now until forever.

i love you.

From now until forever.

i love you.

from now until forever.

Great expression, look here.

Just like this, want to try eating it?

I really want to try it.

Have you heard the story of children choosing
their birth families?

Children can choose in the sky

whose child they want to be,

who they want as their mother.

Thank you for riding the Tohoku Shinkansen

to Shin-Aomori Station.

This train will stop at Omiya,
Fukushima, Sendai...

Morioka, Hachinohe,
and the final destination, Shin-Aomori.

I'm grateful.

Me too, right?

It's Minister calling.

I don't know what it's about.

Sorry, let me take this call.

Come on, Dad, you're trying to escape?

I can't help it, it's work.

There are still many things I want to ask.

Why not ask Mom then?

good idea.

ask me?

Mom, when Dad approached
you at the student cafeteria,

Did you have any thoughts about
getting married in the future?

I've been looking forward

to marrying him for a long time.

Since a long time ago?

On a rainy day during my first year of high school,

a senior gave me his umbrella and ran away.

Could it be...

It was Kei Osanai, the senior.

So, Dad has forgotten?

Of course he doesn't remember.

He didn't even look at my face and just ran away.

Since then, I started paying attention to him,

watching his gentle figure from afar,

becoming my small happiness.

But didn't you initiate a conversation with him?

You could have returned the umbrella
and thanked him.

No, I couldn't do it.

Just watching him from afar was enough for me.

I didn't want this small happiness to be destroyed.

But when he graduated,

my heart suddenly felt like a huge void.

Just unrequited love was no longer
enough to satisfy me.

I decided to take the entrance exam for the same university in Tokyo,

just to see him.

Ignoring my parents' wish for me
to stay in Hachinohe,

I forcefully took the exam for that university.

And when I saw him in the university cafeteria...

I deliberately approached him acting
as if nothing was wrong,

hoping he would start a conversation with me.

That's why I loudly mentioned things
about our hometown.

But Dad thought...

That he was the one who fell in love with you first, right?

I had already investigated his preferences.

I loved seeing the surprised expression on his face

when he found out our common interests.

You really loved Dad, didn't you?

I still love him very much.

Dad will definitely be surprised
when he hears all this.

I will never tell him in my lifetime.

I don't want to be seen as a stubborn woman,

and I don't want him to get conceited
and cause headaches.

I don't want to ruin our current relationship,

so it must remain a secret forever.

Let me ask you,

what do you want Dad to do for you?

I want to go on a drive together.

We can go anywhere.

Just sitting in the car with him

makes me happy.

Oh, I've said too much.

It's really a good story.

Come on, let's have the cake. Seriously.

We have arrived at Hachinohe Station.

Thank you for riding...

Mr. Osanai.

This way...


With Miss Kazumi's condition,

it has finally stabilized just now.

The doctor said there's no need to worry anymore.

That's great.

Let me go back and get some clean clothes,

then I'll take you to the hospital.

Sorry about that.

Shall we go then?

So, you went to Tokyo?


where did you go?

A hotel with a beautiful courtyard,

and a café that serves delicious taiyaki.

Welcome back.

Look, Mizuki.

The moon is beautiful.

Yes, it is.

floating body

can go anywhere

i'm trying to remember

once agreed promise

in my body

that childlike mood

as if wanting to get closer

Close to all the little details in the dream

"Don't want to sleep, don't want to sleep

There are so many things I want to do.”

"So I look like this

I smiled."

A scene recalled like a marquee

with my heart

overlapping lives

will be all over the world

just keep living

just keep going

Through the cracks of all memories

just keep living

just keep going

just ask

Whenever I meet something I like

will understand yourself better

I want to just hide in love

falling into happiness

just keep living

just keep going

meeting and parting

just keep living

just keep going

meet sorrow and joy

just keep living

just keep going

you can taste the fate in your hands

just keep living

just keep going