Paradzhanov (2013) - full transcript

A film director Sergey Paradjanov creates brilliant films. His nonconformist behavior conflicts with Soviet System. He is committed to prison for being eccentric. His indestructible love for beauty allows him to withstand the years of imprisonment, isolation and oblivion.

My dear Svetlana!

How are you? How is my Kiev?

Yes, I am free...

but I don't feel safe here, in Tbilisi.

I cannot live without work.

I'm illegal.

Neighbours sometimes give food to me.

Only you, our son and my friends

mean the world to me.

If only you could come for Christmas!

There will be plenty of tangerines...

Waiting for you so much.
Yours truly, Sergei.

Tie it up!

And now - like Bette Davis...

Who's that?


Like this - Botticelli's Venus...

Wait, no! Romy Schneider!

And who's Botticelli's Venus?


Let's drink from the joyous chalice.

Where beauty flowers...

Let the fleeting hour

To pleasure's intoxication yield.

She's beautiful...

She's miserable...


I've realized...

a harp would really suit you.


You could sit in an elegant pose

and pluck the strings.

Like this!


you're crazy.

Harps are very expensive.

Quiet! Quiet!

Money is not a problem.

They've given me a commission,
can you believe it?


Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

This is a unique material!

I'll make a brilliant film.

Of course you will!


You're magnificent.

But unbearable.

Dima! Dima!

So, where is the yoke?


Here, got the yoke.

But it's not in the script. What's it for?

We are filming a wedding.

We need a yoke because according
to a Hutsul tradition,

the bride and groom are harnessed
with a yoke on their wedding day... a symbol of hardships
of the young couple.

Well, folks,

how does that sound?
Plausible enough?

- Really, Petro?
- Yes, maybe.

Yes, it could!

Let's go!

I don't like it.

Change the frame!
Put the camera down, please!


Open the chest, please.

Hang the scarves,

- two!
- Like that?

Yes, it's OK!

Young man, may I?

- Is that OK?
- Yes!


Like that!

Dear friends!

Please, one more time, please?


Ivan, take a bow!


And now, miss, cover his
eyes with the towel.

Bring him my way...

Go, go, here, sit down!

Boys, bring in the yoke!

Ivan, turn your head a bit...

Let's film!

Get ready!

All ready?



- Camera!
- Yes!


Very good, Ivan.



I'm not filming any more of this nonsense.


You heard me.
Find yourself another cameraman.

Go to hell!

- Stop, please!
- Anyone can run around with a camera...

You call this running around?

Genius wannabe!

I could kill you, just give me a weapon!

A duel?

Wanna shoot me?

There are a lot of pistols
here - load and shoot.

Fearless, my ass!

I'll shoot you tomorrow, then.

Right here. At dawn.

At six. Don't be late!

Don't shit yourself tomorrow morning!


Shooting is finished for the day.

Tomorrow we are filming "Ivan's Death".


My songs, what can I do with you?

Can I sow you, my songs, in the mountains?

You, my songs, will sing
with the mountains,

While I'll cry away my tears.

And this is the song that the river echoed.

And who composed that song?

It was Ivan's girl, Marychka.

Well, granny, lovely song, isn't it?

It is.

She is beautiful.

Your wife?

Used to be...

Don't be sad.

You'll be together...

Trust me!

Come and eat porridge with sheep's cheese.

Coming, granny.

Thank you, my dear.

My songs, what can I do with you?

Can I sow you, my songs, in the mountains?

So good!

Eat, dear.

Good evening!

Antique axes. Like them?

- And what is it?
- A pistol...

I'll buy it.

Where's the other one?

I took the other to Ilya.
He's already tried it out.

He blew a pumpkin to smithereens...

So he hasn't calmed down.

God is my witness, I didn't want this...

You should cock it.

Don't you try to teach the teacher, kid...

Wake me up tomorrow
at 6.30 a.m., okay?

No problem, chief.

You'll be my second!

- Me?
- Well? Yes or no?


Am I dead?

Let's go, Chief! We'll be late!

The duel?

Duel? Are you being serious?

The dailies are here!
They are waiting for you at the club!

I'll go and fetch Ilya!
You should get up, OK?

Let's go, let's go.

Let's enjoy some beauty before we die.

Well, it's his turn now.

He has all the time in the
world to kill me now,

might as well do it an hour later.

Garbage, is it?

Either I don't get a thing,

or you are a genius.

You are the genius.

No, you are!

I'm going, but you do not be late, OK?

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

She isn't coming. She isn't.

Go, I'll be there in a minute.


We're about to start the screening.

Come on...

Let's go!

I congratulate you on the premiere.

You are gorgeous.

I should be congratulating you.

I'm pleased that you watched
the film through to the end.

And they wanted me to dub it into Russian.

Which I love very much.

But then, everything would have been lost.


The soul of Ukraine, which
I finally understood.

That's what I told you.

I understand that not
everyone likes the film,

but we were honest with
ourselves and the art!

Comrades! Friends! Listen to me!

Right now the Ukrainian intelligentsia, writers,
poets are being arrested in Kyiv, in Lviv.

Sergei, who is that?

He's insane!

You came, even if this is a dream...

You came...

Rise to show your protest!


- Good afternoon!
- Good afternoon!

Thank you!

- May I come in?
- Yes, come in.



Here's the thing, Miss. Svetlana...

I wrote you a glowing reference, but...

it was sent back.

From where?

From the... Well, you know...

The thing is, we wanted to send you

and the two of your colleagues
to Cube, for two years...

Oh, my!

But... Do forgive me, I'm being asked...

about the nature of your relationship

with your ex-husband,
if you are seeing each other...

Of course we see each other,
we have a son together.

Well, they don't seem to like
your meetings very much...

They hint that you should
write that you don't see him

because you don't share his
views and his actions.

And then...

Excuse me, but I need to go to the
kindergarten to pick up my son.


To the health of the man
of the moment, Sergei!

Oh, who's here! Handsome!

This is Arseny. An architect.
He's wanted to meet you for a long time.

His father is a big Communist Party boss.
So think before you speak.

Here, meet Ahmed and Lucy!


I was just talking about
the Communist Party.

They didn't let me go to the
Film Festival in Mar-del-Plata.

And I made the best Ukrainian film ever.

What sort of nationalist am I?

I am just a genius!

Send me to Africa and I'll make
the best African film ever!

How about making the best Armenian film?

- Good question...
- Think about it, while I'm a director there.

Pretty boy!

Will you put a word in
for me to your father?

Just joking!

I'd love my son to become an architect.

Come, I want to show you something.

Come on, aren't you an Armenian?

I am an Armenian,

born in Georgia,

accused of being a Ukrainian nationalist.

Make way!

Here comes the bourgeois
Ukrainian nationalist!

Shut up, would you...

This belonged to Prince of Ukraine.
What century is that?

- The Seventeenth...
- Correct, well done.

- It's for you!
- Thanks!

Take good care of it.

Not a word to your father.

Come, I'll introduce you to my flatmate.

He's studying to become a film director.



Nice to meet you!

Dear friends!

- I'm not a dissident.
- Of course not!

I am an artist.

My only desire

is to make films filled with beauty.

Maybe I am clinically ill
with love for beauty,

like those who search for
pearls or dig for gold?

Maybe there is such a disease.

Let's drink to the beauty!

- Think about my offer!
- Sure, sure!

Everybody is free to do whatever
they want under the covers!

For example, I am happy...

That's right, I'm happy...

...that I'm not a sexologist

when I listen to the music of Tchaikovsky

or when I admire the works
of Leonardo or Michelangelo.

And what does it matter
whom they loved and how?

Think all you like, but do
you have to yell about it?

- What shall we do with him?
- To love!

Hold on, I'll take your picture!

Very good! Thank you!

What did they talk about?

You can't really pick on
anything in particular.

Only about beauty, love for
art, sexual preferences...



and cinema.

- Anything else?
- He gave everyone presents.

A load of old rubbish.

There was someone new there;

...he gave him a candlestick, and
said that it was from the 17th century.

I asked Dima about this

and he told me that this was a prop.

What did you say about

sexual preferences?

Well, to be honest,

I didn't quite get it.

He did say that in such a great country

anyone can do whatever he
wants with his own...

Something to that extent.

Know what, Sasha?

Carry on like this.
You're very talented at taking photos...

I'll put in a word for
you at your university.

You'll get a job in Kyiv.

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

As they say, nothing but the truth.

You are free to go.


Comrade! My duty demands
that I write to you

about Sergei Paradjanov.

He has turned his house into a den.

I request that you bring these
debauched acts to an end.

Yours faithfully.

Signature. No name.

What can you say about
this, Citizen Krasnova?

I've not heard anything about this before,

and if I did,

I wouldn't believe it.

I introduced Arseny to Paradjanov.

Only the most respectable
people came to Paradjanov:

architects, sculptors, film directors.

I don't believe that he might
have forced somebody...

That's nonsense...

Comrades Soldiers and Sailors,

Sergeants and Captains.

Comrades Officers and Generals.

I congratulate you on the
International Workers Day.



What are you doing here, spent the night?

Why? I'm just paying a visit.

I moved away from here.
I've got my own apartment now.

- Where is he?
- Went to the shop. Will be back soon.

I won't wait for him.
I'll just take my books.


This is a surprise for
Maestro - he'll like it.

- Take care, I'm off to the demonstration.
- Goodbye!

I'm home...

Did you buy any sausages?
The potatoes are almost ready.

Look how pretty it is!

But these aren't sausages...

But it's so beautiful!

Alexander Gusev lived at his place.

Sergei did help him with entering
the Institute of Cinematography.

He helped out a lot of students.

I'm listening. Go on!

He never made any strange
propositions to me...


What "exceptional" valuables?

They're all in his imagination
and fooling around.

The signet ring from the
Head of the Armenian Church?


Sergei has had that signet
ring for many years

and the pale-blue stone,
surrounded by small glass pieces?

He bought it

from a mutual acquaintance
of ours for 45 rubles...

Well, that's basically it...

I cant go on living like this.

But why?

Your film is a global success.

And that's exactly why they
won't allow me to work here.

They won't even read my scripts.

Rejected, again and again...

After all this, I am a beggar!

To hell with this!

I'll go live in Armenia, they invited me.

There is my motherland,

they've approved my screenplay for
Sayat-Nova there.

Farewell, Mother Ukraine!

What about me?

Hi, dad!
What's with all the conspiracy?

Why not talk at home?

Not in front of your mother...

- Did you have a quarrel?
- No...


It's a very difficult topic for me, son...

Did something happen?

You see, this concerns your
friendship with this...

you know, this Paradjanov.

He is being tailed, and this
can affect you as well.

As your father, I beg you,

stop seeing him.


I saw the pictures...

He kisses you,

and embraces you.

So what?


I beg you, leave him be!


This is the tenth time I'm saying this!

Authentic style... No props, imitations.

Just real antique rugs,

gold dishes,

truly antique facial features.

This, this is what I need!

Not your tin bowls and jugs out of foil.

Gold leaf!

- What gold? But the budget...
- Everyone's against me!

No gold-- you're done with this production!

In the screenplay the rugs are worn
down by the heels of Kurdish women.

I need real Kurdish heels.

You get real Kurdish heels -
we schedule the filming.

If not, I'm going back to Kiev!

You should not defend her!

I know what I'm saying!

Gayane Akopovna!
Meet Sergei Paradjanov.

- The Paradjanov?
- Yes.

- Nice to meet you!
- Gayane!

Your damn artistic council
did not approve my actress...

Come, I'll tell you something!

These are real heroes
and patriots of cinema!

Go drink some tea, guys!

Come on, Melik, you too!


That's it. I'm leaving!

Here, read it!

Moscow. State Cinematography
Committee of the USSR.

- The scheduled shooting day...
- completely ruined.

I insist on the closing of this film...

...with my subsequent leave from
the film industry in general.

I'm sick and tired of
Tarkovsky's repression!



The State Cinematography
Committee won't understand.

And besides, Sayat-Nova was an Armenian
poet and she's a Georgian actress.

She is Sayat-Nova!

Suppose she's actually Armenian,
by her twice-removed grandmother.

Sounds good?

Send this telegram to Moscow!

Still, she's a woman,
and Sayat-Nova was a man.

Suppose she is a hermaphrodite!

Who would have thought...

So what if she is a hermaphrodite?

At least she's a brilliant actress.

By the way, she's also going
to play the poet's beloved,

a nun dressed in white lace,

an angel of resurrection

and be in the pantomime scene.

Laertes, I'll bring fame to this
God-forgotten studio, don't worry!

Sayat-Nova, shot 17, take 12!

Look only in the camera...

It also says here that you are not only
friends with Paradjanov, but also...

You see, this is a personal question,
and I don't really want to...

Yes, I wouldn't want to either,

but imagine if someone, besides your
father, finds out about this...

You realize this will be
such a blow for him...

Why does somebody have to know?

Well, we think that's best.

I wouldn't want that.

Well, then, let's make a deal.

Tell us about Paradjanov, the
things he says, about who and what.

I think I told you everything already...

You did, but not everything.

And now you ask us not to tell anyone...

- I beg you.
- And so do I.

I'm trying to look after you.

You do us a favour, we do you one.

Go on...

Do it quickly! That's it!

Let's roll!

What violence are you talking about...

That's a dirty lie!

Simply ridiculous.

Well, look,

you don't have to sign anything.

I'm going to put this bastard away
anyway, for as long as possible.

He ought to get a year for this
- I'll get him five.


This one, right?

They want to look through
all the material in Moscow.

With rough sound.


I need time, I need to edit this!

They want it all...

All five hours?

Fine, then.

Fine with me!

There! Watch it! Bastards!

Panin. Speaking.



What do you mean he slashed his wrists?!

It can't be!

You have no idea how bad it was...

...and so I told them:
"Go to hell! This is my film.

I'm not going to change it."

I wrote to the Minister.

- Citizen Paradjanov?
- Of course I'm a citizen!

You're under arrest. Come with us...


Everything is all right.

How is our boy?

He finished school.

He went to the seaside
with his grandmother...

I feel terribly guilty.

Poor boy.

Change his surname.

I lived so easily for 50 years.

Loved, talked, admired...

Got to know a lot and did next to nothing.

I hated greyness.

Grey is a fashionable
colour here.


everything is going to be all right.

- Yes...
- You'll see!

I was thrown here deliberately
to be killed by inmates.

I'm a joke, I don't know how to
swear and don't have tattoos.

I've been deprived of my role
as an artist and as a man.

Why would I want to get out?

Let's get married again, here.
It's allowed.

You'd be able to visit
me here with our son for

three days at a time,
instead of just one...

They forced me to leave the university.

Our son is applying to the
Architecture University,

just as you wanted.

If he applies as the son of...

"convict Paradjanov", then
he won't have a chance.

You know,

I draw a lot in here.

The visit is over.
Say your goodbyes!

Abroad, they have created a
committee to support you.

Fellini, Godard, Mastroianni,
Yves Saint Laurent...

They all have signed an appeal
requesting your immediate release...

They did...

When you're feeling sad

touch the carpet that I
brought back from Armenia...

There's warmth within it!

That's me!

Say your goodbyes...

The hell?!

The bitch has lost all his fear.

Is he trying to make a
laughing stock of you?!

- Absolutely crazy!
- Damn artist!

Bring this filmmaker to me.

Guys, bring him here!

To become a genius

you must spend at least
two years in prison.

Without this you can't become
a great Soviet director.

Wow... I must write Tarkovsky about this...

What are you staring at, old man?

Your hair is so lucky, guys!
They're already free...

Come on, move it.
The Overlord is waiting.

- He is a bloody lunatic!
- Come on, move your ass!


Kislyak, let him be.

What's up, old man?

I don't really get it... are
you a bitch or an inside man?

You're here under the 121st, as a queer,

but you don't look like one...

This must be checked!

You don't look like a filmmaker either...

I don't believe you.

But I did get a letter from outside,

telling you had banged a commie.


What shall I do with you?

You'll be just like a political prisoner.
Nobody's going to touch you.


I'm keeping this one.

Draw some playing cards, with naked
chicks as a New Year's present.

Make sure they are cute!

With big breasts!

Get this shit out of here!

Paradjanov, stop slacking off.
The governor's waiting for you.

The Committee has evaluated your
request for conditional parole.

Taking into account
multiple rule violations

and an irresponsible
attitude towards your work,

the Committee has decided as follows:

your request for conditional
parole has been denied.


Do you understand the
decision of the Committee?

I do...

I'm being held hostage here.

Be quiet!

There's a telegram for you.

Bad news.

Your mother died in Tbilisi.

Well, old man,

you're back.

We thought you were done for.

They removed one of your lungs...

It rotted completely.

And I...

I cut my finger off at the workshop.

On purpose, so they won't make me work.

I'll work at the church...

Help the priest out.

You know, the doctor was
really worried about you.

He's seen that movie of yours,
about the forgotten ancestors.

He confirmed you are a filmmaker.

Listen, the Overlord told us to tell you

there's word going around
that you'll be out soon!

Early release!

You hear that, old man?

Dear Svetlana!

After the release from prison I
am not allowed to live in Kyiv.

Tomorrow, I'm flying to Tbilisi.

I'll go to my parents' empty house.

It's a shame I can't see you

and our adult son soon.

Take care of him... and yourself...

Hello! Your passport, please.

Let's see...
Release Certificate...

I see.

Please pay 10 rubles in advance.

Room 9, second floor.



Room 9, second floor.

No funny business, you know what I mean?




Listen, take my prison jacket as payment.

Why would I need this ugly thing?
I told you yesterday.

- It's warm, though.
- Give me a break!

Matsoni, matsoni...

Hello, dear friend!

- When did you arrive?
- Just now.

I'm on a business trip, so I decided to
visit you the first moment possible.

We've got to talk...

How are you?



I have to finish my collage.

I don't have a frame.

It needs, you know, such a tender frame...

Dumbfounded, Hamlet?

Come on, let's go.

Sit down!

- Would you like some matsoni?
- Who eats matsoni in the morning?

How are you doing?

How do you think I'm doing?

I completely forgot!

Put it aside!
What is it?

500 rubles...

After everything I saw in there,

I can just walk up to a
camera and shout "Action!"

And anyway,

I'm not thinking of making other films -

it's a boring

and alien art form to me.

Sergei, you should move to Yerevan.

- Where am I going to live?
- My place.

I've got a three-room apartment there;
you can choose whichever room you want.

I'll have a lot of visitors, you know that?

That's fine, you can use
the room as you like.

Sergei, I've brought you
something to eat...

Hello, dear!

Thank you, I'm not hungry.

Damn you! He's not hungry...

Where will I get the money?

I'll take you on in Armenfilm.

Get you a nice position.
You'll earn 300 rubles.

Listen up, Othello!

Who's interested in Paradjanov,

Part Two?

No point in discussing my return.

Especially if you've been
slowly dying of diabetes,

and there's nothing to look forward
to but old age and impotence!


The Armenians are offering
me 300 rubles a month

to move to Yerevan.

And I need 300 rubles a day!

Can you stop fooling around?

I'm offering you this from the
bottom of my heart. Go back to work.

Are you crazy?

In prison my life had some kind of meaning;

It was reality that I had to overcome.

My life today is absolutely pointless.

Thank you, my dear!

Now that's much better.

Hold on!

Dodo, dear, how are you?

I'm well. And you?

Fine, thank you.

Hello! How are you?
How is it in Yerevan?


What's with all the noise!

What do you want? I'm not well!
I'm not here!

Marcello came to Tbilisi...


Indeed, and he wants to
meet Sergei tonight!

Who is this Marcello?
Never heard this name before.

Don't want to see him.
Screw him, I'm ill!

Don't be so difficult.
I've got enough problems.

They did not give Marcello an Oscar,
so he is in a really lousy mood.

And the Minister's supposed to be here.
Sergei, do you hear me?

They did not give him an Oscar, you say?

- Well, that changes things...
- We'll be here by ten.

I'm off, my genius...

Come in from the yard!

I told you to come in from the yard!

Dodo, are you sure that
everything will be all right?

Let's see, come...


Make yourselves at home.
I am Sergei Paradjanov.

Please meet my old friend
Laertes from Yerevan.

When I was young, in search
of a profitable career,

I decided to enter the
Institute of Cinematography

and I've been starving ever since...

That is me as a child...

I was a bad pupil at school,

I missed a lot of classes.

We were raided at night all the time -

my father was the most famous
antiques dealer in Tbilisi,

and my parents made me swallow...


sapphires, emeralds,


And so I did...

as the police were coming up the stairs.

Paradjanov is a genius!

In the morning, they
would put me on the pot

with a colander over it,
and made me sit on it

until the precious stones
had worked their way out.

Comrade Minister!

That's Lenin's skull as a child,

and now it's in his fifties...

That's an exclusive collection.

Paradjanov is a genius!

This is my gorgeous wife,

in comparison with whom I'm worthless,

so she's not here.

This is Kyiv with me,

although it should better
be without me from now on.

I made the best Ukrainian film -
and for that they put me in jail...

They put me on trial saying that I seduced

a communist with a pornographic pen...

Much like this one.

A gift for you!

Thank you, Mr. Paradjanov!

And what are you working on at the moment?

Oh, never mind that...
I've got a better story for you.

About Italian art.

Once, when I was in prison,

I saw La Giaconda tattoo
on one prisoner's back...

When he raised his arms his skin
stretched and La Giaconda smiled,

when he bent over - she grimaced,

and when he scratched his ear - she winked.

She pulled faced all the time!

Something like this.

Paradjanov is a genius!

What film is Mr. Paradjanov
shooting at the moment?

You know, he hasn't made
anything in a long time...

about 15 years.

I don't know...

We'll think about it.

Here everyone needs a
registration and a job.

They won't give me a job.

I can be arrested at any moment,

because I don't work.

Comrade Minister!
May I have a quick word with you?

Paradjanov is a genius!

I'm about to get a commission.

I want it to be given to Paradjanov.

He'll make the best Georgian film ever.

I can guarantee that!

- Dodo!
- Yes?

You are a respected film
director, a Party member.

Even if you were to make
this film as co-director,

if it turns out well, all the
credit will go to Paradjanov,

but if it flops,

you'll take all the heat.

It is totally fine with me!

You've got a commission.

You stand over here...


Stand there and wait for my signal...


What's going on?

Go to sleep already.

How can you sleep when it's
such a beautiful night in Tbilisi?

You stupid woman!

That's why you're so miserable:
you've slept your whole life away!

Genius, let me sleep.

I have to work in the morning.

Haven't you always wanted
to see one particular man?

- Suppose I have.
- You have, haven't you?!

Open your splendid eyes wide open, woman!

Good night, signora Manana!

Heads closer to the ground!

Move your arms and legs!

Move, move!
Quick, quick. Stop. Good!

Show me how to tell if it's
gonna be a boy or a girl.

Look, look. If you try it like this...

Try it!

Hands, and then...

Like this!

That's how they predict...
Exactly like that!

Shame on you!

What is it?

Where are the peacocks?
Where are the camels? Tell me!

What peacocks?
What camels?

Why do you need peacocks?

To fuck them!

Stop it!

Look, everything is ready!
Let's start shooting.

- Everything's ready, isn't it?
- Yes!

Go on. Shoot, then.

Where are you going?

Could you say a word for
our radio audience?

Is it true that you've
been invited to Paris

with your film
Legend of Suram Fortress?

Felix! Turn on the mike!

Distinguished film director
Sergei Paradjanov

is wrapping up the shooting of his film

Legend of Suram Fortress...

Where does it all come from?

Why am I distinguished?

He's the distinguished one!

A distinguished idiot!

You know I've just got out of prison?

Have you got permission from
the authorities to talk to me?

I'm asking you, dear!

This is national radio!
What is wrong with you?

Here's the deal!

Unless I you get me nine
peacocks and four camels,

the shooting is over!

This is just brilliant.

I was right, absolutely
right, to film this in Baku.

Stop it!


God is my witness, I warned you.

It's a flop.

Trust me,

this is the first sign that we
have made a brilliant film!

You wish.

I swear on my mother's grave!

Oh, you, my nightingale,

Don't sing in the garden.

Welcome to our house.

Sing my son to sleep.

But my son is still crying.

Fly away, my nightingale.

My son does not want to sleep



The Pompidou Centre pays tribute
to a great filmmaker of our time

whose contribution to
cinematography is priceless.

Who will receive the
international recognition,

here and now, in Paris for the first time!

Please welcome to the stage...
Mr. Sergei Paradjanov!


I don't have any...

official titles or honours.

I am a nobody.

I live in Tbilisi in my parents'
house with a leaking roof...

...and when it rains

I sleep under an umbrella and I'm happy.

Yes, I'm happy.

It's similar to the films
of Fellini and Tarkovsky.

For me, cinematography

is the great mute.

The fewer the words,

the greater the elegance and beauty.

Thank you!

Sergei Paradjanov directed one more film,
Ashik Kerib.

It received dozens of awards at international
film festivals all over the world.

He died on the 21st of July 1990.
He was buried in Armenia, in the Pantheon.

Paradjanov Museum was founded in Yerevan, which would
have been perfectly logical according to Maestro.