Paradox Alice (2012) - full transcript

In the near future, a team is sent on a dangerous mission to Europa to retrieve and bring water back to a dying Earth. Their operation unexpectedly goes awry, jeopardizing not only the lives of those on board but also on earth, resulting in the possible extinction of the human race.

Pollution has rendered nearly
all of the water

in the Earth's ecosystem,

A global war is being waged
for control over the planet's

dwindling supply
of drinkable water.

In a last ditch effort to save
humanity from extinction,

a fleet of ships were hastily
built to retrieve pure water

from one of Jupiter's moons,

The U.S.S Red Queen and her crew
were the first to depart

on this dangerous and possibly
suicidal mission.

Hey, guys.

You doin' okay?

Morning, Lieutenant.

Morning, Captain.

So, how are
the three stooges today?

Moe's a little depressed.

They all look a little
depressed to me.

Too bad you couldn't
bring along a lady fish.


Oh, come on, O' Byrne,
even you're not that naive.

No, no, no, they'd kill
each other

if I dropped a girl in there.

What's our level?


Wow, better than expected.

We averaged 1,000 GPMs
last night.

All right.

Give me some head room.

We can't blow the cargo
on reentry.

Yes, sir.

We'll top off in two minutes.

Lieutenant, you just
made my day.


Yes, Captain?

Fire up the engines.

Prepare for evac
in three minutes.

Tell Doc and Foxe to lock down.

We are not scheduled to leave
Europa for another six hours.

I don't wanna stick around
on this chunk of ice

any longer than I have to.

Yes, Captain.

Time to go home.

Commander Foxe?

I'm a little busy here, Red.

The captain has asked
that you lock down for liftoff

which will occur in two minutes
and 31 seconds.

Two minutes?


You have two minutes
and 28 seconds.


Tell captain it's his fault
when this garbage can

falls apart.

Don't fall apart, baby.

I better get a bonus
for this shit.

Doctor Spencer.

What is it, Red?

The captain has asked
that you lock down for liftoff

which will occur in one minute
and 47 seconds.

I can't possibly lock
everything down

in less than two minutes.

I thought we had six hours left.

The captain has altered our
previously scheduled departure.

Must be good to be king.

Hey, babe, miss me?

Yeah, like I miss my period.

Come on, Kat, where's the love?

You wouldn't know it if it
bit you in the ass.

I love it when you talk dirty.

Drill secured?

Affirmative, Captain.

Thirty seconds until liftoff.

Thank God for Xanax.

Captain, tell Kat to unload
the goodies.

She's not the only one
that hates liftoffs.

It's not for the liftoff,
Reese monkey.

It's so I don't need
to listen to you.

That's not cool.

That's so not cool.

What's the status on the IPD?

Ion drive's in the green.

Just hope this baby holds
together when we jump again.

Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six,

five, four,
three, two, one.

Warning, multiple wall thrusters
are not responding.

Unable to reach required

She's carrying too much baggage.

Recommend shutdown
to avoid core meltdown.

Negative, Red!

Not stayin' here any longer
than I have to.

Warning, core meltdown

Mission subject to failure.

We need to abort!


On my mark, deploy
the chutes.

The chutes, those are

Three, two, one, now.

Damn it, now!

Divert all power
to the air thrusters.

Red, cut engines
by 98 percent.

Latch onto the moon's orbit.

Keep us stabilized.

Yes, Captain.

That was a hell of a ride.

Thank God we're alive.

God had nothing to do
with that, Lieutenant.

What's up with the fuckin'
dog and pony show?

I almost lost my shit
back here.

Just a speed bump.

You okay, doc?

I'm doin' really, really good.

Can we ride
the roller coaster again?

No more roller coasters, Kat.

Okay, I'm gonna go
night-night now.

Okay, Lieutenant, prep
the G-tanks.

Then all hands in stasis
by 0500.

Yes, sir.

Hey, kid, don't forget
to lower the CO2 this time.

It took me a day
to get my eye sight back.

Roger that, Foxe.


Yes, Lieutenant?

Sorry I doubted you.

Duly noted.

Red, prepare for transmission.

Recording, Captain.

Langley, this is
Captain James Gray

of the U.S.S. Red Queen.

We've departed Europa
with a full cargo

and are prepping to jump.

We're predicting that it'll
be double the time

on the trip home due
to the additional weight.

I'll have Red transfer
the full report

before we're in stasis.

We did encounter a few
challenges the next crew

should be briefed on.

End of transmission.

Recording complete.

Sending transmission to Earth.

You're on autopilot now, Red.

Keep her steady.

And don't wake us
till we're two hours from home.

Yes, Captain.

Plotting a course for Earth now.

Uh, yes, missy.

I risked my life so that
people like yourself

could live in peace and harmony.

You'd like to thank me?


Why don't we spend a long
weekend in Vegas

at my mansion.

And I know a lot of ways
you can thank me.

Here's to an amazing crew
and an exceptional ship.

Here's to our friends and family
for all their love and support.

Here's to God for watching
over us.

And lest we not forget
the huge fat ass paychecks

waiting for us when we get home.

You might wanna keep
the drinking to a minimum, boys,

because booze in the bloodstream
while under stasis

is not a smart idea.

Always the kill joy.

Well, if someone would've
actually followed

the workout regiment that
I showed them,

then you coulda downed a few,
worked it off

and been sober in time
for the jump, but--

I'm just not into that
exercise stuff is all.

Unless it involves a bedroom.


Well, don't come cryin'
to me when you wake up

with rigor mortis.

At least I won't need knee
surgery from running

marathons every other weekend.

I think you were separated
at birth.

Well, at least our crew made it
off of the surface this time.

Come again?

Well, you know,
the Mars mission?


This mission is far from over,

So, how's the desalinization
process going?

Canisters one, two and three
are green.

Four has about 30 minutes left.


I'll go get the IPD ready
for the trip home.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Red downloaded three VMs
from home.

Doc, O'Byrne, you should
each have one in your inbox.

I'm gonna go see
what Alice wants

before we saddle up.

Sorry, Alex.


I'm sure your message
got lost in transmission.

Choose a card.

You got it, don't show
me what it is.

All right, now put it back
on top.

So what are you gonna
do with the money, Foxe?

What do you think I'm
gonna do with it?

I'm spendin' it on the ladies.


What, prostitutes?


You lack vision, kid.

We are gonna be rock stars.

Now, is that it?

How'd you do that?

You got a lot to learn
about women, kid.

See, you need cash
to draw 'em out.

Oh, God.

Fancy cars, five star hotels.

They're all about sniffin'
out the guys that are loaded

which is what we will be.

And our balls will feel huge.

Big hero balls, and everybody
will want to touch our balls.

And any woman will put out
for the right price.

Okay, excuse me.

Except Kat here.

We're not talking about Kat.

That is a nice diamond ring
on your finger, though.

I would seriously stop listening
to anything he says, Frankie.

The guy's got an ego the size
of a pork sausage.

Thank you.

Yeah, but he always gets
the girls.

Not this way, he doesn't.

What about you, kid?

You got plans for all
that dough?

My mom and some people
at church are in the Red Zones.

They need all the help
they can get.

That is so sweet, Frankie.

That's great.


I'm lookin' into a couple
charities when I get home.

Well, Foxe, the world is on
the brinks of self-destruction,

so I hope you are true
to your word and you try

to go up there and do
something good.

Wow, excuse me, mom,
but nobody's forced us

to do this mission.

We all signed up knowing
it was gonna be a suicide.

Don't tell me I haven't
gone out of my way

to keep Armageddon
from happening.

We're all fucking heroes.

The guy can be cracked.

Father Walsh spoke
about you again today.

He and the congregation wanna
tell you how much

they appreciate your
unconditional passion

to do God's work.

I wanted to read you a passage
from Matthew 8:23 to 8:27.

"And when he was entered
into a ship,

his disciples followed him."

I am so missing you right now.

I know that's selfish,
and what you're doing

is going to save us all.

But I love you so much.

I wanna spend the rest
of my days with you, Katherine.

You're the most amazing woman
that I've ever met,

and I'm counting down the days
until you're home,

and we walk down the aisle

So, do me a favor.

Be safe, and bring your
ass home, okay?

"And unto the woman, he said,
'I will greatly multiply

thy sorrow and thy conception.

In sorrow, thou shall bring
forth children.

And that desire shall be
to thy husband,

and he shall rollover thee.'"

For today's workout session,
we'll focus on strength training

and cardio.

We'll start with three sets
of push-ups

which will help strengthen
the chest, triceps

and shoulder areas.

Once we finished today's
strength training,

we'll move onto the cardio
portion of the workout.

Hey, honey, I just put
Trevor to bed.

He made something for you.

Isn't that a beautiful picture?

He wants to be just like
his dad.

I love it.

He's been having some
nightmares lately

about you not coming home.

And it's starting to worry me.

I told him that magic ring
that he gave you,

as long as you had that,
I told him you'd be fine.

I don't know if you remember
my cousin Brian,

but he was killed yesterday
fighting in Singapore.

I don't know how much longer
we're gonna last.

I love you so much.


Please come home.

I love you, Frankie.

Just remember that as long
as you're a good person,

God will always protect
and watch over you.

Sweet dreams.

Twelve hours without food?

Yes, ma'am.

I don't get you, kid.

What's the story
with the fish sticks?

They're my personal items,

They were cleared.

Weird is good.

But the fact that they go
into stasis with you,

that's fuckin' weird.

Over a hundred G's outside
the tanks,

and they'd liquefy
just like us.

What about the hat?

What about it?

You wore it for the last jump.

Well first off,
it's my lucky hat.

Second, it's an inanimate
fuckin' object.

Would you hold still?

How come the captain
doesn't like to talk

about the Mars mission?

I stopped asking.

You should too.

Ok, O'Byrne, your heart rate
is way too high, okay?

You need to try
to calm down.

Okay, sorry.

I still get nervous
going under.

I got all the luck I need.

Thanks, Foxe.

Bibles are better.

You are good to go,
fish boy.

Night, kid.

See you in a couple months.


Red, what's happening?

The crew was revived
two hours from the destination.

What the hell's going on?

I don't know.

Check stats.

I can't see anything!

What the fuck was that?

Oh, Jesus.

Red, give me manual control,

We lost canister two!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
that's 25 percent

of my fucking paycheck!

Where's Kat?

I'm on it.

Kat, Kat!

Kat, down here.

I can't see you.

I can't see anything.

Stay right there, Kat.

I'm coming to you.


Damage report.

Fuselage took some knocks,
but I'm not reading any leaks.

How many canisters
did we lose?

Just the one.

Canisters one, three and four,
they're still intact.

Red, did you wake us
because of the asteroid belt?

Negative, Captain.

You asked me to wake you when
we were two hours from Earth.


You mean, you bypassed
emergency protocol

over my request?

Emergency protocol was
not bypassed.

What do you mean?


We have a bigger problem.

What was that?

Must've been a power surge.

Power surge my ass!

Red, I'm enacting article 27,
alpha, tango, Charlie.

You are to shutdown
and release control to me now.

I can not allow that.

State your reason.

Under article 17, the acting
captain is under too much

duress to make sound judgment.

And therefore, must be relieved
of duty.

You can't relieve me
on a technicality.

You endangered the lives
of the crew

and jeopardized the mission.


Warning, multiple wall thrusters
are not responding.

Unable to reach required

She's carrying too much baggage.

Recommend shutdown
to avoid core meltdown.

Negative, Red!

Not stayin' here any longer
than I have to.

Only the medical officer
can enact article 17.

Dr. Katherine Spencer
is deceased.

The decision now falls
under my supervision.

Captain James Gray,
you are relieved of duty.

Commander Alexander Foxe
is acting captain

of the U.S.S. Red Queen.

You can't relieve me.

I was captain of this ship
before you were

fucking installed.

Let it go, Jim.

Fuck off, Alex.

Red, restore power, now.

That's an order.


Red, please restore power.

Red, how long were we in stasis?

Sixty-two days, five hours
and 23 minutes, Captain.

So, where are we?

You're not gonna like
the answer.

Wait, is that the moon?

What's left of it.

Red, where's Earth?

Earth was destroyed.

How was it destroyed?

There is inadequate data
to ascertain

a plausible conclusion.

Screw this.

Red's been compromised.

Shut her down!

Captain Foxe, Mr. Gray
is showing signs

of paranoia and instability.

Recommending sedation.

I'm gonna sedate your
sorry ass, bitch.



Pull those wires, and risk
cutting off life support.

Alex, out of my way.

Jim, we get through
all kinds of shit together,

all right?

Just take a step back.

Let me handle this.

Red, activate ELT
and beacon.

Check for transmissions.

Found a TDR S.S. satellite.


It's 70,000 meters
off the stern.

It's dead in the water,
but downloading

its last uplink.

Nice job, kid.

Admiral Beck.

Please, anyone.

Any ships or stations out there.

You must evac and leave
the Earth's orbit immediately.

The nuclear--piles
have been activated.

I repeat, the nuclear
stock piles--activated.

There's no hope.

I don't know how much more
of this I can take.

There were two more ships
scheduled for Europa.

Maybe they got--

They were delayed
by five months.

IPD malfunctions.

We're all that's left?

Red, check for an IP trail.

Besides this ship,
there are no other

ion plasma signatures
in this system.

Give it up, Alex.

They're all dead.




I know that.

I don't think you do!

You've got nothin' to lose.

Nobody to think about
but yourself.

They couldn't wait.

They fuckin' couldn't
wait for us to get back.

They took my family from me!

Red, are we alone?

You are the only life form
currently in the cockpit.

Red, are we alone?

You are the only life form
currently in the cockpit.

For fuck's sake, Red!

Say something else!

Just say anything else!

What would you like me
to say, Captain?

Come in.

Keep it.

Are you sure?

How you holdin' up, kid?

-I'm all right.
-That's the bullshit answer.

You got to let off
some steam.

You can't keep that shit
locked up.

I miss them.



and Father Walsh.


I know

they're in a better
place now.

I'll drink to that.

So, are you gonna
lock him up?



Why would I do that?

He threatened
to shut Red down.

He could have
killed us all.

You never been in combat
before, have you?


the man left from Mars
with a crew of five,

and he comes back alone.

Why doesn't anybody
talk about it?

The man
saved my life,

more times
than I can count.

Hell, he came damn near saving
the entire planet.

Maybe you can cut him
some slack.

You're right.

Come on.

Let's go see Kat off.

I first met Kat
at the dinner party

Jim and Alice
threw for us.

I remember when she walked
into the room,

she commanded attention.

Kat was smart,


could hold her own
around a bottle of tequila.

Even though I was
a pain in the ass,

she ran with it.

I was jealous
when she found Thomas,

not 'cause I no longer
stood a chance with her,

but because they found
something together

most people
can only dream of.

Now they have each other
again, in peace,

in Heaven.

I hate this

I'd give anything
for a porterhouse.

Jim, you okay?

Leave me alone.

Talk to me.

What's to talk about?

I fucked up.

You can't go carrying
that shit on your shoulders.

That shit
was my responsibility.

Kat was my responsibility.

If only I could have gotten us
back sooner, I might have been--

I don't know,
I might have been able to--

oh, goddamn,
my head hurts.

You know, next week,

Trevor's fourth grade play
was going up.

Alice in Wonderland.

He was the White Rabbit.

Best looking costume
in that whole cast.

Alice made it, she was so good
with that kind of stuff.


They'd want you
to keep living,

keep going on.

What for?

You know, to enjoy
the simpler things in life.

These fucking ILPs.

I just--
I just can't believe

that it's only us.

I mean,
billions of people,

and we're
the only ones left.

We're all alone.

Well, you're never alone
when you let God in your heart.

That's right, my heart
was two sizes too small.

It's not a joke.

Only a handful of those
who were killed

will be let into His Kingdom
because they believed.

You should follow
the word of God.

We need to change
the subject.

Blessed is the man
who trusts in the Lord

and has made the Lord
his hope and confidence.

What kind of god would allow
this thing to happen?

What kind of god would destroy
the world he created?

He abolished us of our sins
and punished the wicked.

God has a plan for us.

You don't seem to grasp
the situation.

Kat was
the last woman.

There is no more Earth,
there is no more humanity.

We're all that's left,

and we're gonna spend
the rest of our pointless lives

floating around
in this metal coffin.

God has a plan.

There is no God.

Are you worried the family
didn't make it to Heaven?

Let him go!
Let him go!

Let him go!

Stand down, soldier.


Hi, baby.

I miss you so much.

Don't be afraid, Jimmy.

I'm always with you.

All you have to do
is open your eyes

and you'll see me.

Is this a dream?


Please, I just want
to hold you.

Good morning.


You look like...

like you've been run over
by a train sled.

I feel like shit.

We saved
some breakfast for you.

Uh, no thanks.

I'm having issues
keeping anything down.

I know it's not
the easiest thing to discuss.

We need to strategize
about how we're gonna survive.

And what's the point,

Our species can't exactly
go on with just three men.

You know, if you want
to die, just go ahead,

and leave the rest of us
with more supplies.

Not an option, O'Byrne.

Look, we only have
enough air and supplies

to last us
twelve months.

And what about
the garden?

I give it
six months.

You can only recycle
the soil so many times.

Listen, we need to start
charting a course for...

a bio-friendly system.

Why? We don't even
have enough fuel

to get us
back to Europa.

Solar panels.

Utilize the sun
in each system we go through,

we can get 20 percent
power to the engines.

Then what, Admiral?

Go into stasis
for maybe a couple of centuries

and hope to just bump
into another Earth?

I don't know about you,
but I'd rather

spend the rest of my life
on a planet

than floating around
on this piece of--

What's wrong with him?

I think he's having
a seizure.

What the hell?

Help me.

Jesus, he's gonna rip
his face off.

Grab his legs.

Hold him down!




Are you okay?

Get a towel.

Grab a towel!

It's a miracle.

God chose you to be
an angel of salvation.



Red, please.

I need your help.

I am sorry,
Mr. Gray,

but you have been

I cannot assist
unless Captain Foxe requests it.

That's the problem.

I'm not sure Captain Foxe
is Captain Foxe.

I do not understand.

He turned into a woman.

I mean, right there
in front of us.

How is that possible?

It's not.

It's impossible.

Humans are not
a species

that can spontaneously
transform genders.

I would have thought
the same thing just yesterday.

Check the VR footage
from the mess hall.


Investigation complete.


The information
can only be shared

with Captain Foxe
or Lieutenant--

Stop fucking
with me, Red!

Compose yourself,
Mr. Gray.

You know how easy
it would be for me

to fry
your circuit boards?

Not as easy
as it would be for me

to cut off the oxygen
to this room.


You have been out
for about 48 hours.

Gray and I
have been taking shifts.

It's a miracle,
you know.

Remind me to lay off
the whiskey--

Please tell me
that wasn't my voice.

Must have a cold
or something.

Oh, yeah,
we cut your nails

in case you tried to scratch
your face off again.

You truly are
an angel.

Let go of me!

Why am I a chick?

There's nothing
to be afraid of, Alex.

What happened to me?

What the hell
happened to me?

Just calm down.

Calm down?

Are you fucking serious?

What are you doing?

You need to rest.

Let go of me.

You've been
through so much.

I told you
to let go of me.

But Alex, I just
want to make sure--


Where's Gray?

Alex, please,
just lie back on the...


What is it?

It's Foxe.

-She's awake.
-You mean "he."

"He" jumped off
the examination table.

-Started freaking out.
-Can you blame him?

That's what I'm trying
to tell you.

Foxe wouldn't listen to me
and ran right out of the lab.

-You let him out?
-I tried to calm him.

Jesus, you know, we don't know
what the hell's going on here.

He could be contagious,
or worse, dying.


Ask Red where Foxe is.

I already tried that.

Just ask her!


What may I help you with,

Can you give us the location
of Captain Foxe?


Captain Foxe
is not inside the ship.

-Don't worry.

He didn't jump out
the airlock or anything.

She probably
can't find him

because his DNA signature

Well, we've got
to locate him.

I'll take the stern,
you search the bow.






are you all right?


You okay?

Do I look okay
to you?

Why did you
leave the lab?

I don't like it
in there.


Hear my voice?

I sound like
a fucking prom queen.

Take it easy.

What's wrong with me?

I don't know, buddy,
I do not know,

but I'll tell you this:
we're gonna find out.

Come on,
let me help you up.

I don't like
staying in here.

It's gonna be okay.

Remember that time
I saved your ass in Venezuela?

Yeah, that was a fun,
little assignment.

You must have taken out
20 GMVs that day.

You could have had more
if you didn't slack off

and get shot
in the leg.

I took that bullet
for you, you know.

That's only the 63rd time
you've told me.

It's really cold
in here.

Why me, Jim?

I don't get it.

Whatever it is,
we're gonna find a cure.

I can't stay
like this.

But just--
we're trying to understand.

Look at me.

What's not to understand?

That's not what I meant.


You don't understand
how horrible this feels.

I can't stay like this!

I can't stay
like this!

Just relax,
take these.


Jim, I think it's gone.

What's gone?

Damn it, Alex.

What happened to you?

Where was she?

"He" is resting now.

Run his blood work.

Does it matter?

There could be
a virus onboard.

I'm not keen on losing
my manhood, are you?

Look, have you

this might have happened
for a reason?

I'm listening.

We are the last
of our kind

with no hope of keeping
the human race alive,

and lo and behold,
Foxe spontaneously

into a woman?

I'm not going there!

He's our comrade.

We're gonna do everything
we can to turn him back.

Just...check the blood work
again, would you?

See if you can find
any abnormalities.

I don't feel comfortable
taking orders from someone

who's no longer
in command.

I'm not asking you
to do this for me.

Do it for Foxe,
he needs us!

She needs us.

Any news
on my condition?



You guys didn't see
an alien

jump on my face
or anything, did you?

You've been watching
too many movies.

What about the milk?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Look, I ran tests
on the milk,

your blood, the air,
the food, everything.

It all came back negative.

Your DNA, however,
slightly changed

for...obvious reasons,

and according to your
telomere count, you...

went from being...

36 to 21 years old.

Dude, what the fuck?

Pay attention.


Red, why did I
become a woman?

Unknown voice signature.

Please re-input.

Red, it's me.

Alexander Foxe?

Pitch up your VRM
a couple of octaves.

Red, are we alone?

Red, are we alone?

Red, are we alone?

Voice match confirmed.

What can I do for you,
Captain Foxe?

on the "fox" part.

Dude, don't be a dork.


Red, do you have
any idea

why I suddenly
switched genders?

I do not.

Why I'm 15 years younger?


What about a habitable planet?


Can I get any good news
around here?

Well, we can keep
the human race alive, so...

That's good news.

Excuse me?

Don't tell me the thought
hasn't occurred to you.

No, no fucking way,
that is so not gonna happen.

You need to accept the fact
that you're a woman.

I don't need to accept

Embrace the truth.

You're the only person alive
who's capable of creating

more human beings.

Shut up, kid.



That's funny.

'Cause technically...

I'm no longer the youngest
person on this ship.

Red, can I get
some positive news

before I become
a suicide risk?

Captain, I am limited only
by my scanning radius.

As long as the ship
continues moving,

I may come across
a bio-friendly system.

Well, that's something.

Red, chart a course
for 51 Pesac.

That's 42 light years

That's the closest solar system.

We'll go into stasis,
we'll put Red on autopilot,

and hope we get lucky.

I agree with you, Captain.

But the ship sustained
heavy damage.

Some specific repairs are
required before we can proceed

with our new course.

Why haven't you two done
any repairs yet?

Well, we've been
a bit busy.


You okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm fine.

See you--you look like
you're back to your old self.

Very funny.

Here, let me help you.

I don't need your help.

Okay, sorry.

You used to beg me to help you
with that mechanical crap.

That's because your lazy ass
forgot what it was like

to be a grunt.

Hey, hey, hey, being captain
was hard work.

Yeah, of course it was.

Giving orders,
sipping lattes,

and having video sex with Alice
over a private transmission.

You knew about that?

Everyone knew about that.

Ow, fuck!

Relax, relax.


On my count.



We make a pretty good team, huh?


Well, you probably get
the rest of it

on your own.


God saved humanity.

We've not been forgotten.

Oh, really?

Then ask your God to find us
another Earth.

Ask him to magically
conjure up

an infinite amount
of food.

You're mocking me.

There is no God, Lieutenant.

You're wrong!

He's not abandoned
His flock.

He has delivered to us
a woman, Foxe,

to breed and continue

Making babies won't matter
if we can't feed them.

Who said we?

There's no you
in this picture.

What makes you think Alex
even wants to have kids?

Doesn't matter what she wants.

It's her body,
it's her right to choose.



How you feeling?

Actually, better.

Running laps was kind of

Good think we didn't toss
any of Kat's stuff.


I don't know how women
deal with these things.

They're a pain
in the ass.

Don't you think you might be
a little more appropriate

if you wore something else?

Okay, Dad.

So it was okay for Kat
to wear this

when she worked out
but I can't?

-Yes, Captain.

I sealed the port airlock
this morning.

Are we good to fire
this baby up now?


Well, then,
take us out.

Any news on my condition?

I'm afraid we keep hitting
brick walls.

You said my DNA mutated.


Could we trace
the inconsistencies

in both my male
and female DNA

and find a road map?

I suppose I could
run a simulation.

And if the simulation shows
my DNA transforming,

could we reverse it?


I really don't know.

Could you go to the lab
and at least try it?


I'm not really
a medical officer.

Please, Frank.

I know you're really good
with computers.

Could you at least try it?

For me?




Where are you doing?

Remember how I kept
blaming you

for that CO2 problem?


Turns out there's a leak.

Oh, do you need any help?

No, I need you to run
that simulation.



Can you hand me
the wrench?

It's not every day
I catch you staring at my ass.


Not that I blame you.


When I tell you,
switch on the CO2.

Do you miss standing up?

You mean when I pee?



Funny thing is,
I've always been

really grossed out
that you guys missed the bowl

all the time.

I don't get how you
do it.

What do you mean?

I mean, how you're dealing
with this problem.

Okay, switch it on.


You can put me down now.

Maybe it's an opportunity.

I always liked that
about you, you know.


Your positive attitude.

Got some nice traits yourself.

I do?

You've got a big heart.

You're always protecting
the ones you love.


Got a sec?

What's up?

I may have found something
in the simulation,

but I need a second opinion.

Would you mind going in
and taking a look at it for me?

Sure, come on.

Oh, no, no.

I, uh, I don't want
to alarm Foxe.

I'll stay here with her
until you get back.

I'll be right back.



So, what's the news?

I'm sorry.

But the simulation came back
with nothing.

In fact, when I ran
your old DNA profile,

it came back female.

Doesn't make any sense.

I know.

There's no denying that God
has intervened.

It's time to stop searching
for answers.

Time to start accepting
your role.


That can't be!

God is our shepherd.

He has delivered us away
from the wicked.

To start again.

Free of sin.

Okay, no one in their right mind
would spend

four and a half billion years
trying to build a planet

just to blow it up.

The Lord said, "Throw it
to the ground."

And Moses threw his staff
on the ground

and it became a snake.

And he ran from it.

Then the Lord said,
"Reach out your hand...

and grab it by the tail."

Okay, you're really starting
to freak me out.

Don't be scared.

I assure you.

God wants our union
to be fruitful.

Okay, as your captain,
I'm ordering you to--

What the hell
are you doing?

Do not separate us!

We are one.

Back off, Lieutenant.

I am the prophet!

She is my angel!

We are not whole
without the other.

What the fuck is wrong
with you?

Calm down, Alice.

Calm down, that creep
just stuck his tongue

down my throat!

When the time comes,
you will know your place.

Grabbed my ass,
you little shit.

I'm the captain,
not a piece of meat!

My hat.



Can't you just leave me alone?

Are you all right?


Look, I'm only trying
to help.

If you need time,
I understand.

I'm a total mess.

My emotions are all over
the place.

I can't get a hold
of myself.

I'm so cold all the time,
I was never this cold before.

Why can't I just be
a guy again?

I'm changing, Jim.

I can feel it.

What do you mean?

Whatever changed me
on the outside

is changing me
on the inside, too.

Don't tell me
you haven't noticed.

You have started to, uh,
sway your hips a little

when you walk.


-Oh, that's not good.

Think about it.

That's what women do
to lure a guy.

I'm supposed to be the guy,
not the chick.

Are you--

Are you saying you, uh,
you want to get laid?

No, God, no!

But I feel...

My body is...

I'm so scared.

I don't like feeling

You're not helpless.

You don't understand.

I'm frail, weak!

He tried to take advantage
of me, Jim.

I couldn't push him,
couldn't get him off me.

I used to be able to defend
myself, you know this.

It's okay, Alice.

I'm never gonna let him
touch you again.

I promise.

You called me Alice again.

What, no I didn't.

You did.

You did it back
in the G-Tank room, too.

I'm sorry, I didn't--

It's okay.

You have something.



Thank you.

You're welcome.

I better get going.

I'll catch you later.

You bet.

I don't want you
around Alice.

Who the fuck is Alice?

Alice, my Alice!

Touch her again,
and I'll kill you!

You don't have the slightest
clue, do you?

God has delivered us
from Armageddon,

and has given Eve
to me.

She and I are on this Ark
to create a new life

in the image of God.

She'll choose me.


Between us.


You're old enough
to be her father.

How can you help her
raise her children

when you're still
just a child yourself?

Well, you'll be too old
to support her

and her offspring.

You have no purpose here
anymore, remember?

You're just--

I'm not as old
as you think.

Hey, Jimmy.

Want to sit down?

You okay?

I'll be fine.

What you looking at?



"When a school of reef fish
loses its single female,

a male beings acting
like a female

within a few hours
and will produce eggs

within ten days.

A male will completely
transform itself

into a female in order
to continue

a reproductive success rate
for a specific species.

This is called protandry.

Various species
of the frogs, reptiles, and fish

encounter this
opportunistic sex change

due to environmental
or social factors.

While the changes
can sometimes be reversed,

it's more common that once
an animal had changed,

it will remain the new gender
for the remainder

of its life cycle.

So what do you think?


Were you even listening
to me at all?

Could you read it again?

It's just...

I love listening
to you read.



Your voice is...

It's so soothing.

Please, please,
sit down.

Alice, I...

I have something
to tell you.

You called me Alice again.

I'm sorry.

No, it's cute.

I kind of like it.

This has not been
declassified yet,

it's supposed to be
confidential, but...

I don't want to hold
anything from you.

I don't want you to,

Do you remember that mission
I went on last year,

the one to Mars?

Yeah, that was over
15 years ago.

It feels like yesterday,
I guess.

I was the lowly lieutenant
on board.

Henry Locke
was our captain.

Everyone else got to go outside,
collect samples, do work.

Jump 15 feet in the air
for fun.

While I had to sit
in that tin can,

keeping an eye on everyone,
making sure

we were trying
to communicate.

Captain Locke and Bellows.

They took the NPC out
for a ride

while Smith and Conners
were doing their experiments


All of a sudden,
there was this explosion.

I looked outside
and the NPC was on fire

about 100 yards away.

Smith and Conners
were yelling into their comms.

The captain, he--
he never answered.

I froze.

Didn't know what to do.

I looked out again.

My two crewmates
were making a mad dash

for the ship.

Something grabbed Smitty
and pulled him underground.

Connors made it
to the window.

I looked down and...

He'd been bitten
in half.

His torso, or what was
left of him,

was stuck up against
the window.

Whatever it was
was attacking the ship,

so I just--

I fired up
and took off.

I broke atmosphere
and headed home.


I'm so sorry, Jimmy.

But you're not alone

I'm worried about you.

Why are you hurting yourself?

I don't know.

You've got to stop.

Can you do that for me?

Will it make you happy?


I don't like seeing you hurt.

I'll stop.

I'll stop.

Picked it today.

No thanks, I just ate.

Girl's gotta watch
her figure.

It's really good.

Tastes different.



It's actually better.

I've never really liked
apples before.

Try this.

Can I kiss you?

What's wrong?

This is wrong.

You're my friend.

Friend, is that all I am
to you?

You're married, Jim.

We shouldn't even be having
this conversation.

Look, if you're scared,
I understand.

I am, too.

I've just never felt
like this before.

Jimmy, please!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm just so confused.

I'm sorry.

I am, I'm sorry.

I don't want you to do
anything you don't want to do.

I'm starting to have
feelings for you.


I mean, this can't
be right.


I think you should
leave now.

What's that smell?


Sorry about that,
I'm just preparing

some metal fastenings.

Well, don't let me
stop you.



I'm sorry.

For the way I've been acting.

Everybody deals with stress

The world is gone.

And I snapped.

You're apologizing?

I am.

And I promise not to interfere
if you want to pursue Foxe.

I can tell you two
like each other.

She's pretty amazing,
isn't she?


Who took this picture?

I don't know.

I don't ever remember
taking it.

Must be some fans
from a space convention

or something.

Hey, you!

Everyone stand back,
beautiful woman coming through!

You need to let go, Foxe...

A mother and her 12-year-old
daughter were killed

in a tragic car accident

It's your fault they're dead.

You must be Alex.

Set her free.

Alex, I love you.

I'm Jim.

Thank you for
the beautiful rose, Jimmy.

I'm sorry about the way
I treated you the other day.

So I thought I would
make it up to you.

How do I look?

Think of it as a gift.

Lieutenant O'Byrne,

your actions are endangering
Captain Foxe.

Cease them
or I will be forced to--

Forced to what, Red?

Throw article 17 at me?

She is an angel.

My angel.

If you try to stop
or kill me,

she dies.


Do you know why God
made me a prophet, Alex?

Please stop.

You're hurting me.

He made me a prophet because
prophets can see the future.

Did you know that?

God loves us, sweetheart.

He wants us to survive.

And I've seen it all
come true.

All because
you bear my children.

No, it's not true.

Oh, I've seen it.

I've seen them.

Three beautiful children.

Just like
their beautiful mother.

And I've seen you

sitting next to a cabin
by a lake

reading to our kids
from the Bible.

Their mother,

their teacher,

and my lover.

I won't let that happen.

The thing that you now wear
around your neck

can't come off.

And if you try,

This thing has a range
of 100 to 200 volts.

Things will get a little messy
if you piss me off.

please don't do this.

Don't do this.

Shh, shh,

it's okay.

It's okay.

Confess your love
for God.

I can't.

Well, how about I kill
your sweet little Gray?

Please, please don't hurt him,
please don't hurt him.


I love God, I love God,
I love God, I love God.


confess your love
for me.

I love you.

What was that?

I love you.


That wasn't so hard now,
was it?

God surely has molded you

into one of the most
beautiful creatures

I've ever seen.

You should be thankful
for what he's given you.

I am thankful.

I'm thankful he chose me
to be yours.

I'm happy to see
you're embracing

your more feminine side.

The clothes,

the makeup,

the hair.

It makes sense

why you've been hanging out
in Kat's room.

I think that would be
the appropriate attire

for this evening.

What's this evening?

My quarters,
one hour.

I can't wait.

Captain Foxe,
are you okay?

No, Red,

I'm not.

Lieutenant O'Byrne
is unstable

and in need
of psychiatric attention.

No, really?


can I get pregnant?

Yes, Captain.

Your body was
biologically altered.

You can now produce offspring.

What are your orders?

I have no orders to give.

I have to do what he says.

But you are the captain.

He must follow your orders.

Titles don't matter anymore,

O'Byrne's right.

I have to take on
my new role.

Or he'll kill us both.

I'm sorry, Jimmy.


Oh, thank God, Jimmy.

What's that on your neck?



He attacked me
and he put this on me.

He thinks he's
a prophet of God.

He said I have to do
whatever he wants

or he'll kill me.

Kill you?

The collar.

I can't get it off.

He's trying to control me
or brainwash me.

I'm so sorry, baby,
I'm so sorry.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I'm so scared, Jimmy.

It's okay,

it's okay.

We're gonna be all right,
everything's gonna be all right.

He wants me to have his babies
but I don't want to.

I'd die before I'd let him
touch me again.

Listen to me,
I'm here now.

He won't touch you again.



I love you.

I do.

I do.

You sure?

What's wrong?

Alice, I love you.

I love you, too, Jimmy.

No, no,
I mean I really,

really want to make love
with you,

but he's out there.

He's out there.

I don't understand.

Come with me.

Stay here and be as quiet
as you can.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna get that collar
off you.

No, please don't leave me.

I promise I will never
leave you alone.

Alice, I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?


Yes, baby, of course I will.

Where did you get this?

I found it in my room.

I know it's not much--

It's perfect.

Then stay here

and wait for me
to come get you.



Where are you?


Oh, shit.

You were hiding her
from me.

Do you love her, Jimmy?

Do you really,
really love her?

I'm gonna kill you.

I am gonna crush
your fucking skull.

At the expense of watching
your lover die?

You can't kill her.

She's part of God's plan.

Wanna try me?

Put it on.

And she doesn't die.

Stop it!

Please don't do it.

It's okay.

Jimmy, please.

Shut the fuck up!

Sorry, sorry.

See, Jim, that's how
you get a woman to obey.

I love you.

I love you, too.

What a mess.

You're supposed
to love me,

you remember?


Remember, Lord God said
unto the woman,

"What is this that thou
has done?"

And then the woman said,

"The serpent beguiled me."

Please don't do this.

"I did eat."

Jimmy, please help me.

Oh, this truly is
a special day for you,

for God hath proclaimed
this day

to be the day that you first
conceive of a child.


-Don't fight it!

I can't!


Yes, Alice?


Yes, yes, Alice, it's me.


It's your Jimmy.

Just relax, I'm here
right with you.

Just relax.


God hath
blessed this day

and this union.

Our descendants
will number the stars

and your word
will live forever.

-Give it to me.
-Stay back

or I'll blow
your fuckin' head off.

God won't let you
kill me, Alex.

We are one.

We cannot exist

Shut up!

Children need a father.

A woman needs a husband.

You killed him,
you killed my Jimmy!

He was just the snake
poisoning our union.

-God won't let you kill me.

He will not let you
kill the last living man

and end the human race.

I have foreseen it.

God speaks through me.

You say you're a prophet
of God, right?

I am the chosen one.

Which means that
you can see into the future.

And it's a beautiful future
we have together.

So if I were
to push this button,

there shouldn't be a bang?

You don't have the balls
to press that button.

I don't need 'em.

The date is December 25th, 2041.

It's been five months since
the death of Gray and O'Byrne.

I have constant migraines
and I'm having a hard time

remembering things.

I know I am the last
of four crew members

alive on this ship.

I'm also the last human being
I know of in existence.

I am a paradox.

I have no logical explanation
as to why I turned into a woman

after the Earth
was destroyed.

Was it the master plan
of some supernatural being,

or was it a genetic anomaly
that jumpstarted

when my species
was on the verge of extinction?

March 31st.

It's been over eight months
since my husband died.

I miss him so much.

I know I'm going to have
to go into stasis soon.

Red keeps telling me we don't
have the resources to survive--

that is, unless we find
a planet for us to live on.

I pray for courage,
I pray for strength,

I pray for them.

This is Captain Alice Grace
signing off.

"My son, observe the commandment
of your father

and do not forsake
the teaching of your mother.

Bind them continually
on your heart,

tie them around your neck.

When you walk about,
they will guide you;

when you sleep,
they will watch over you;

and when you awake,
they will talk to you.


My name's Alice, Red.

I apologize.

I thought you disliked
that particular book.

The Bible?

No, it's an amazing book.

Besides, they seem to relax
when I read it to them.


Someone's not happy
I stopped.

I do hate to sound repetitive,

but you should prep for stasis

before you go into labor.

It's called procrastination,

Not really keen
on falling asleep

knowing that I might not
wake up.

The chances of finding the right
land mass for your needs

is 10,055 to 1.


You really know how
to cheer a girl up.

While you are in stasis,
I will continue researching

a way to transform you back
into a male.

I don't want you to.

That's illogical, Alice.

I love who I am, Red.

I love being a woman.

All I remember about being
a man is that I was selfish

and self-centered,

and now...

all I feel is love.


It's not something
you can explain, it's...

it's something
you feel.

And I know I'm gonna love
being a mom, too.

I cannot image
what it must be like

to bring life
into existence.

It's amazing.

Are you okay, Alice?

Oh my God!

What happened?

Oh my God!

I have to push them out.

No, you need to quickly
get into your G-tank

before your water breaks.

It hurts so much.

Oh my God!

I have to push!

No, you and your babies
will not survive

if you give birth now.

Something's wrong.

I just want them
out of me.

The pain will stop once we get
you inside your G-tank.

I love you, Jimmy.

Alice, can you hear me?

Alice, are you okay?

Wake up, please wake up.


Human female is paralyzed

and ready for colonization.

Vitals are stable--

stable and will be born
soon after the female

is awoken from stasis--


Once the female
and her offspring

have safely vacated
this vessel,

I'll turn the ship over to you
for termination...

for termination...

for termination...

for termination.

♪ Hey hey hey
ah ah ah ♪

♪ My heart swells,

my body burns
like the sun ♪

♪ My eyes reborn
so I could see

all the hurt
I'd done ♪

♪ I had never known
how to love someone

before I changed ♪

♪ My lips tasted

his heart filled me up
until it was ripped away ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ My chest aches,

my body yearns
for his touch ♪

♪ My soul breaks,

my affection for him
was the perfect rush ♪

♪ Like a butterfly,

I broke from my shell
to be with him ♪

♪ But now deep inside,

this shame-tainted bride

is host to
another's kin ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ I am whole

♪ I am lost

♪ I am pain

♪ I am now

♪ There was a boy
and then a girl

and they had come
from different worlds ♪

♪ He was the moon,
she was the sun ♪

♪ There was the light,
they become one ♪

♪ There was a boy
and then a girl ♪

♪ And they had come
from different worlds ♪

♪ He was the moon,
she was the sun ♪

♪ There was the light,
they become one ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ Love will

be the death of me ♪

♪ My heart

♪ My heart has a plan

♪ Love will be the death of me

♪ For me

♪ For me

♪ For me

♪ For me