Paradistorg (1977) - full transcript

A merchant's house in the Stockholm archipelago. Katha, an old woman comes here every year. So does her father, who once built the house. She wants the family, her children and their ...

Paradise Place

Paradise Place
from the novel by Ulla Isaksson

Emma! Heavens above...
Aren't you on your way to Norway?

I missed the train.
I'll take the plane.

- Let me in!
- Good grief.

I'll be picking up Sassa
and Eva in half an hour.


No, I have a taxi waiting.

I'm out of 'sulfa', and don't dare
go abroad without it.

Wait, I'll see what I have at home.

You can have 20 tablets now...

...and I'll give you a scrip for 100.

Is there anything else,
while I'm about it?

Yes, sleeping pills.

- You got 100 in March.
- In March?! Never!

I made a note of it, Emma.

Someone's been at
my pill bottle.

I haven't used half of them.

I'll write you 50.

50... piffle!

Is it Nembutal you want?

What is it now?

Have you put plastic
over the pictures?

No one's to look at them
for 2 months now.

Smoke damages them.

Who'd dare smoke in here?

Do you have to be
so damned fussy?

I like things
to be in order.

You know that.

It's horrible to see THINGS
looked after so tenderly.

...when so many people
are badly treated.

Here you are.


Are you still mad at me
for not going with you to Norway?

It's just that it's better for you
to come with me.

Think what you're like when you
come back from the country.

You're always tired and bad-tempered
after 2 months with those relatives.

Those oldies can't do without me.

You'll sit there playing queen
and all the rest of it...

in your 'Paradise Place'.

So you're going to Oslo now?

To the social-work conference?


Yes, and to Helsingki.

Is anything ever achieved out of
all these talk-fest tours?

No doubt you'll be talking about
your maladjusted suburban children again?

No... I'm sorry, Emma...
I didn't mean it like that.

You certainly did.



You'll come out and see me
at the end of July, won't you?

As usual?

I may not want to come to a place
where Ingrid and King would be barred.

Who talks like that nowadays?

I wrote to Ingrid that it was hard
for us to invite them this summer.

King will be bitterly disappointed.

I have to think of the family, Emma.

He almost ruined summer
for everyone last year.

So you'll close the venetian blinds
out there too?

Is that what you'll teach
your grandchildren?

What would you rather I did?

Dump the oldies
at the old-age rubbish-tip?

Or open a children's home
out there, for delinquents?


I've had Ingrid and King out there
for 5 summers in a row.

At some point,
one's patience is exhausted.

So you'll sacrifice King to save your grand-kids,
who've always had it so good?

Do you really think
Eva's had it so good?

Her only company all winter, is King.

That's not true. It's you
who wants your summer in peace.

You don't think I need that?

With an average 30 patients a day
during rest of the year.

Neither you nor I
are young any longer.

You change security-blankets,
year in, year out.

I can't disengage from myself
as easily as you.

We're not going to let this
come between us, are we?

Ruin a friendship
that's been so enduring?

How long is it now?

35 years this autumn.

Think of me when you come
to your "paradise".

- Hi, Eva.
- Hi, Grandma!

Sweetie pie!

- Where's your mum?
- She's having a sleep.

- I'll have to go wake her.
- Do that.

Mum! Sorry!
I didn't know about this yesterday morning.

I would have called and said
I couldn't come, but I didn't have time.

You're angry.

Of course not, Sassa.
I'm just embarrassed.

Barging into the bedroom
like that.

It didn't matter.

- Where's Eva?
- In the kitchen.


We should've had
breakfast at 7.45.

It's after 8.30.


Can I bring him to
Paradise Place?

That's up to you.

Can Eva go there with you?

That might be best.

So you two get time
to talk a bit, too.


Hey... come out here for a minute.

This is Kiss.

I found him at Norrmalm Square.

I sat in the car,
waiting for green.

And when it finally turned green,
he jumped in front of me and I stalled.

I got out of the car
and abused him.

And here we are.

Kiss is from up north.
He grows mountain lingonberries.

How interesting.

I've never met a
lingonberry farmer.


- I'm Sassa's mum, by the way.
- I realised that.

No... I must be on my way.

I like to be punctual,
even on holidays.

That's Mum!

- 'bye!
- 'bye, Eva!

I'll be there for Midsummer's Eve!

- Wait a minute.
- What is it now?

I have to give the magazine
back to King.

Leave it in the letterbox...
Ingrid could be sleeping.

I'm leaving now.
Could you give this to King?

- Hello, Ingrid.
- Hello, Katha.

How are things?


Really good.

Don't forget your bag!

Enjoy the holidays.

Same to you.

- Was she angry?

Your mum.

No, she never gets angry.

She wasn't even disappointed,
now she's got Eva to herself.

So you're jealous?


Of who?

Both, of course.

Because they have each other.

They always have.

Where's the car?

Kornhamn Square.

Was Sassa unhappy about
us going together?

No, she's got Kiss.

I've decided, tonight.

About what?

About taking you to Paradise Place.

I haven't had a guy with me,
in 10 years.

Because of Eva?



It could be difficult
finding yourself out there... an outsider
in a family gathering.

Is his name really Kiss?

No, it's a name I gave him.

When I said goodnight
to Sassa...

...he wanted a kiss, too,
so I called him that instead.

Did he get one?

Not on the first evening!

I'll show you something.

- Are you going to ring up?
- Wait, you'll see.

The surgery is closed for the holidays
until the 27th of August.

- This is Dr Wiik's answering service...
- That's your voice..

I recorded it. Good eh?

So the doctor hangs up for summer.

Every summer when it rained, we sat on
the verandah and played "Happy Families".

A big glassed-in verandah.

The rain just ran down the sides.

It was all overgrown with ivy.

The clock there ticked sluggishly,
as though it didn't want to go.

It smelled of apples...

...and fresh bread-rolls.

Won't it be lovely there,
all summer long?!

You can never be sure.

You know what it's like
at Paradise Place!

You can't...
You can never be sure of anything.

We'll go and fetch Tomas, now.

Tomas... Aren't you taking anything
with you?

All that he thinks about
is his camera.

We can be grateful he remembered
to get dressed.

I sometimes wonder why he bothers
getting out of bed in the morning.

Because Dad wants me to.

When does your plane leave?

We'll be in Nice in 4 hours.

Why would anyone choose the Riviera
over Roslagan?

'bye, Christina.

My dear sister...
you're just jealous.

- 'bye, Katha. Enjoy your holiday.
- Same to you, Karl-Henrik.

Are you happy the school's over?

Why didn't King get to come
with us this year?

Ingrid and King
are probably sick of us.

Did you know they were
hitching to Paris?

They certainly won't.
Ingrid's got no money.

- Hi, Dad!
- Hello, hello!

- Mum!
- We've been waiting and waiting!

Well, I'm here now!

It's so warm! Do you think
it'll be like this all summer?

- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hi to you.

Goodness, how you've grown.

Hello, Saga.

The wagtail has arrived already.

Our one-legged wagtail?!

The 3rd summer.

Lunch is nearly ready.

- Hi, Mummy!
- Annika!

- Here already?
- Came day before yesterday.

Kaysa! You darling child!

What long hair you've got!

Daddy's in Italy and I get
to sleep in Mummy's bed.

- Where's Andreas?
- He's sleeping.

Come on now, kids...
Lunch is almost ready!

Aren't you eating with us?

We've eaten already.
I'll see you this evening.

No one noticed
I hoisted the flag.

9 this morning.
Alma was asleep.

I'd just dozed off.

I've been sleeping badly, lately,
but in the mornings...

I've aired all the bedlinen.

They were hanging
for a whole day in the sun.

They smell so nice now.

Where would I be without you, Saga?

You've managed.

You know that's not the case.

Shall I make up Eva's bed in here,
if Sassa doesn't come?

That's fine, Saga.

And you've bought flowers!

No, I didn't buy them.

Arthur did.


Can I eat with Saga?
Would I be able to?


Will you come up this evening,
as usual?

We'll have a good chat.

Don't you want some herring?

You haven't tasted the likes of this since
last summer.

- That's quite enough.
- Aren't you hungry?

I think you lost weight
over winter.

Mummy dear,
it's quite the opposite.

I'm just not used to eating lunch.

I don't have the time.

What's with Sassa not coming?

She has a visitor
from up north.

Boy or girl?

A young man.

A real man,
or the usual milksop?

I don't know him, Dad.

Sure to be a milksop!

You could never find yourselves
good men.

Neither you, Sassa or Annika.

And Mummy?

No way I'm a milksop.

What do you reckon, Alma?

I didn't have much money.

It was a matter of
spitting on my hands...

..and getting to work,
to get the things we wanted.

No way I was lazy!

I've still got strength in these.

You're not a youngster any longer.

He's quite impossible out here.

You race around
like you were 60.

When I was little, I was so proud
of my strong daddy.

You should have been a boy, Katha,

...and my honorable son
should have been a girl.

What if they heard you?!

That's Sodarberg.
I told him to call.

I'll have it out with him!

The TV started rolling again
last night.

He's going to be sorry!

He has no respect for anything,

Not even for the dead.

He says he despises people...

...with no gumption,
who just fade and die.

He said that yesterday.

It's absolutely scandalous to supply
defective appliances at top prices!

I can hardly believe
that winter's really over.

I actually had work this winter.



I didn't dare mention it to you,
as I wasn't sure I'd manage.

I did just as you said.

I went into the children's hospital
and spoke with them.

They had an ad for a course for housewives,
so I went there.

What a change!

What about Arthur?
Was he OK with it?

Arthur's always OK
with anything I do.

That was probably
a very good thing for you... come out into
the real world for a bit.


What's wrong?

No, it wasn't too bad there,
in the beginning.

I mostly got the mucky jobs,
of course.

Then in March we received
a terribly...

...deformed child.

It was just a lump of meat.

We were told nothing... no name...
not who the parents were.

Only that it should be kept alive.

It was a boy.

He had no legs
and no feet.

He was like a...

...lump of torso.

No hands either.

He was so strong.

He lay there...

...quivering with the desire to live.


I can understand
your being shocked.


I was furious.

Where did getting carried away
like that get you?


He's dead now.

They put him to death in Stockholm,
so they could cut him open for their lectures.

You don't think he should
have lived, do you?

Yes, I wanted him to.

I should take him around Sweden
and show him, and say...

"Look at the result of your tablets,
your mercury, your pesticides."

You don't understand, Saga.

Neither do I, for that matter.

The scientists...

Don't start throwing lies at me
about it.

Not you nor anyone else.

I been fooled with enough shit already
over nearly 50 years.

So what happened then?

I don't know.

I couldn't cope with working there
after his death.

I got terrible stomach pains.

I can't sleep, either.

And I'd never had problems sleeping,
all my life..

I'll give you a scrip for tablets
that'll do you for summer.



Could we have a look
in that old medical book?

I don't know where it is.

We haven't looked at it
since the year before last.

I think it might be in that
old wooden box in the attic.

I'll go have a look
if I can find it.

Tomas, darling Tomas.
I never thought you'd come.

Eva, my beloved little woodland flower...

I've waited all these years,
and now at last, you'll be mine.

Here it is...
it was in your old doll cupboard

Come and sit here.

Let's see now...


I want to see that girl.

Let's see now...

Here it comes.

Wait, and I'll help you.


Let's see what you remember.

Here are the intestines.

What was that called?


Aorta... That's right.

Know what that means?

The major artery.

And what's this?

The lungs.

There's the stomach...
See where it is.

That's the gallbladder.

Now I want to see the baby.

It looks like an astronaut
floating in space.

I'll never have children.

Why not?


That's just what you think now.


I don't think I'll ever stop taking
these summer holidays.

Hi there, Doctor.

What on earth... ?

I saw the light was on.

...and I felt like checking out
my night-path over the roof, from my youth.

- You surely never...
- sneaked out while you were asleep?

And sneaked back
in the morning.

Yes, those were the summers.

You probably thought
only Sassa did such things?

I don't remember.

It's quite warm outside.

And completely quiet.

Just a few birds...

...whistling in their sleep.

And no patients in the waiting-room
in the morning.

Isn't that lovely?!

It was such a hard winter.

I don't think people
have ever been so sick.

Have you been crying?

Is it about Sassa again?

I'm worried about Eva.

I never expected to have a latch-key child
as a grandchild.

You poor thing.

I have Kaysa and Andreas in day-nursery,
that I know you're not very happy about.

What else can I do?

It's the life you've chosen.

It's not for me to interfere.

They're your children.

Your grandchildren, though.

So how are things with Ture?

Will he be here for Midsummer?

No, I don't think so.

I had a postcard yesterday
from Venice.

Those reporting trips seem to come
at unusually convenient times.

He's never liked coming here.


It's totally OUR tradition.

And there are so many of us.

He wants me for himself.

You don't have 2 kids.
You have 3.

How long can you go on
carrying the whole load alone?

Yes, I'm really worn out.

But I manage.

The worst is the infidelity.

It hurts so damned much.

But I won't consider giving up,
like you.

I want my kids
to have their dad.

Did I hurt you?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

I know that Dad was hopeless.

Have you heard anything
from him?


Have you?


- See you in the morning.
- Yeah.

It's late.
Go to sleep. Goodnight.



Can't you sleep?

It's so hot in my bed.
I want to sleep with you.

It gets a lot hotter if 2 people
sleep in the same bed.

You know I don't like that.

I'm scared.

There's nothing here
to be afraid of.

We'll have a look around.

That'll calm you down.

Can you you see now...?
There isn't anything.

There's not anything
when YOU'RE here.

What is it that's not here?

It was because I had a dream.

You shouldn't watch so much
TV in the evenings.

Tell me about your dream.

I didn't know where I was.

I was standing all alone
on a road.

"Where am I? Where am I?"
I screamed.

"Vietnam", they screamed back.


I didn't want to be there.

What happened then?

They cut the sticking-plaster in half... there'd be enough
for everyone.

But the wound was too big...

..and the blood just flowed
and flowed.

You know what I think?

I think there was a big delivery
from the Red Cross.

With bandages, plaster,
and dressings.

Can everyone get some?

Everyone that needs it.

Everyone that needs it.

King was there, too.

Hi, Sassa.
I didn't wake you did I?

No, don't be silly...
there's a whole mob of people here.

It's all happening here.

Can you hear me?

I just wanted you to tell Ingrid that
she's welcome here over Midsummer.

- No longer?
- No, that wouldn't work.

You can talk to Ingrid.

No, I won't interrupt.
Just tell her.

That'll be fine.

- Good night Sassa.
- Good night Mum.

I bit more flour, I think.

Look at this, Eva.

No, that wasn't for you,
young man!

Was it yummy?

Yes, I know!

Would you like a drink?
Are you thirsty?

Yes... is that nice?

So how are you going
with the rolls?

Take out more egg-white.

No, not in this dough!

Here I come with rhubarb.

Shut the door, we're baking!

My little lady!

- Come and see.
- What have you made?

That looks lovely!

- Don't blow on the dough!
- No, of course not!

I want to bake it now!

Ask Eva.
It's her dough.

What a Midsummer-bake!

Is there enough for everyone?

You too, Tomas...
That's nice.

How are you liking your house
by the lake?

He's staying in our barn
so he won't be so lonely.

He borrowed my bed.

He's staying in Sassa's room.

You can stay with me
if you like.

I have lots of room.

It's Sassa!

She has a stranger with her.

- It's not a stranger.
- Yes!

You're baking!
God, it smells good!

You're here already?

We couldn't be bothered
staying in town.

We were dying of heat-stroke.

You needn't bring the bags in.
We'll be staying in the barn.

This is Kiss.

He'll spend Midsummer with us.

Hi, Eva.

This is my sister, Annika.

- Hi,Tomas.
- Hi.


Where's Ingrid and King?

Ingrid didn't want to come.

Annika, please put the coffee on,
so we can have some fresh rolls.

There'll be no coffee
till I've finished baking.

How about I show you around, Puss.

That's be great.

I'm coming.

Why the long face?

You came a day early.
You should come when you're supposed to.

Do you know what a silverfish looks like?

Why, is it a bird, not a fish?

No, it's an insect.

Do you know how
they make love?

First, he dances for her.

A lot of intricate steps.

Then he rubs her forehead.

Lightly, with his feelers.

And then she joins in the dance.

Then he spins some threads...

...between two lumps
in the ground...

...and deposits some sperm.

And just at that moment... her tail-brush
touches his threads...

What happens?

She stops.

Gets struck by lightning

How is that?

Struck by lightning.

What a Midsummer morning!

How many girls have got
the silverfish treatment?

You are actually the first.

What about bumblebees?

Monkeys? Centipedes?

"The platonic life of centipedes."

But of course there's been
quite a lot, otherwise.

A guy's gotta have his gimmicks.

It was quite a nice gimmick...



Come in now
and eat your sandwich.

I don't want to!

Hurry up, Kaysa,
we have to go.

I don't want to!

Eat your sandwich.
We're in a hurry.

Pick up the sandwich
and wipe up the mess.

You're big enough to do that.

No, I don't want to!

Come on, Andreas,
eat some food.

Read it.

What's it say?

"Sorry, damned Mummy."

Have you started already?

Hi, little pet!

Happy Midsummer!

You up already?!

I sure am!

Good morning!
What a beautiful day!

Not a cloud in the sky,
and its already 20 degrees.

Hello, sweetie.

I thought I could give you a hand.

Everything's done.

You can take that outside.

I'll just get some breakfast
for Kiss.

Are you already waiting on him
hand and foot?

Only today.

He's definitely earned it.

Is Ture in Venice?

He knows how
to have a good time.

Not at all.
He's writing on the Biennale.

The poor thing!

This is the last summer for us.

I understand Karl-Henrik and
Christina going away.

Couldn't you be somewhere else?

Paradise Place
isn't particularly extraordinary.

What are you talking about?
You're so spoiled!

I work hard all winter.

The holiday's important.

You and Katha think you doctors
are the only ones who work.

You clatter around like
an old ice-bucket.

Is that because I
have a guy with me?

Sorry Sassa,
I'm not sour at you.

But the barn walls a rather thin.

I'm actually feeling
unusually abandoned.

Now we've been quarreling
on Midsummer morning.

That might make for
a good Midsummer's Eve.

Have some more?

Maybe I should
become a housewife.

Baking, cooking meals,
ironing shirts...


I've never tried, have I?!

Come again with Kiss in a month.

That's all it'll take!

I'm picking buttercups...
Are you coming?

Yes, we're coming!

Look what's here!

Where did I put my secateurs?

It's eating up
all our cornflowers.

Oh, Kaysa, how beautiful!

So many! Take some more!

- Gosh, I'm thirsty!
- Have some juice.


Wake up!


Oh, what an armful!

That's lovely, thank you.

There... that's enough, eh?

We gotta have more!

More? OK.

I want to put a garland on him.
Will he wear it?

Look! Isn't he beautiful?

It has to be straight, Arthur.

Here comes the juice and rolls.

We had a drink already.

We need to have a swim.
I'm itchy all over.

Don't run away!
Flagpole first.

Flagpole first is the way
it's always been!

We call those 'dinner-claws'.
Wonderful crayfish.

- Eva... Do you want meatballs?
- Seven.

Does everyone have a drink?

Looks like it.
I'll shut up.

Try the meatballs.
They're reayly something.

So much food!

In this family food is always
more important than sex.

If you all have a drink,
we'll give a toast to summer.

Have we ever had Midsummer weather
like this before?

No, never!
Last year it rained all day.

One year it was nearly as cold
as Christmas Eve.

We had to wear gloves
to pick flowers.

Yes, I remember!

Before the war, we had a long string
of beautiful summers.

The summer of 42 was fine, too.
I remember.

No, that's not for you, Kaysa!

Why isn't Arthur here?

He never joins in.

Saga, then?

She needs to.

Why isn't he eating?

He doesn't think it's right to eat
when developing countries are starving.

take off your glasses, boy!
You'll have a better appetite.

He'll get a headache.

Piffle! He can't see
what he's eating.

My dear friends...

It's long since the first time...

...I found myself here
on Midsummer Eve... the bosom of the family.

Surrounded by loving, happy,
beautiful women.

I ask you all to look around
and observe the wonders of nature.

I can assure you
that such a view...

...becomes more and more important,
the longer you live.

But, there are other values
to appreciate in this life.

I want to propose a toast
to Saga's pickled herring.

It's the best ever seen
in the whole of Roslagen.

To you, Saga!

Might I get the recipe?

So, are you a cook?

You might have a go
at teaching Sassa.

She can't boil an egg.

That was when I was 10 and
had to get Grandpa's breakfast.

Nowadays I'm a poached-egg specialist.

Don't you think
I've learned anything, Grandpa?

Of course you have,
but not in the kitchen.


That must be King!

- So now it's a ruined Midsummer.
- It was my fault.

I was the one who invited them
for Midsummer.


Nice friends you have...

If they'd just behave normally!

We've never given them
the slightest chance.

King was so upset about not coming,
I couldn't bear it.

How did you get here?

Hitched, of course.

What did you think?
That I bought a car?

You could have phoned me.
I'd've been happy to pick you up.

King can sit here,
so we save the tablecloth.

He does have table manners!

King! be careful with that bowl...
It's valuable!

It belongs to Aunt Alma...

She'd be very unhappy
if you'd broken it.

It doesn't belong to one person.
It's everybody's.

In that case we should be
EXTRA careful with it, King.



The fatal slashes fell to rejoicing...

...cutting the neck from right to left.

The pain in his hand
was unbearable.

The spacemen can't bear
for you to lose face.

You should knock.

I did, but you didn't hear.

There aren't any spacemen.
I asked Katha.

There aren't any spacemen.

There aren't any spacemen.

Stop it!

Are you crazy?!

And I was the one
who was happy you came.

Can you give me a handkerchief?

Why do you have to fight?

Emma's met your dad.

I don't have a dad.

Of course you do.

All children have a dad.

But yours doesn't want to see you.

X73 calling spaceship Z13.

Repeating: X73 calling Z13.

Destroy Paradise Place.

The death-ray for Arthur, Wilhelm, Katha.

3rd grade torture for Alma, Sassa, Annika.

Important message...
Spare Eva. Over.

I've been sitting in a train for 2 days...
I stink.

All that matters is you're here.

I can't get involved in that.

Can I avoid the others?

Just tonight.

We're sleeping in the guest room
in the basement.

Are you hungry?


I'll nick something from the kitchen.

Listen, Annika...

I think I'll need a snorter.

What are you doing?

I was going to make coffee.

Of course...

Ture's come home!!

He's awfully tired and not very presentable,
so I've stuck him in bed.

Well I'll look after the kids,
so you can be free.

We're taking the basement room,
so we won't be disturbed.

I know just how
to handle the children.

I'm so awfully happy he came!

I'll fetch him something to eat.

What are they doing now?

Someone playing the squeeze-box?

That's Kiss.

Sassa's new guy.

Did Sassa bring a guy with her?

Well I'll be damned!

- It's a test.
- Purgatory.

I still have nightmares
about my first time here.

Poor thing!

Stop that...
I'm so shitty.


What are you doing?

You'll get both.

Stand up.

You're more beautiful than all the
Italian women put together.

Have you been longing for me?

Not before today.


What do you think?

I had a damned weird experience
on the train yesterday.

- There was a woman who...
- Shut up!

I don't want to know.

It was nothing like that, Annika.

I've been as faithful as hell.

It was last night on the train...

I didn't have a sleeper, just a seat.

So I left my bags
and went to the restaurant car.

When I got back to the compartment,
it we dark.

Everyone was asleep.

I barely saw the woman
who had the seat next to me.

- I'd had a bit to drink, you understand.
- I understand exactly.

Let me finish the story.

I slept like a baby.

But in the middle of the night I was awakened
by someone taking my hand.

It was her.

Then she pulled my hand down
against her thigh.

I was startled, of course.

But curious, too, so I left my hand there
while pretending to be asleep.

I'd nearly fallen asleep again...

...when I felt her,
quietly and carefully...

...moving my hand
under her skirt.

Can you imagine a woman
being so lonely and randy...

...that she felt the need
for a stranger's Han on her.

I thought it was pathetic.

Nobody to satisfy her desires.

Nobody to be with.

Christ almighty, Annika,
it was a weird experience.

You should have seen us
this morning.

Cheery and courteous.

The lady with her curly hair
and rosy cheeks.

Here is me, for 6 weeks...

Longing for you,
like a fucking lunatic.

Waiting for a letter,
like some schoolgirl.

One postcard!
One postcard is all I got!

And now all you can do is
reveal your guilty conscience

about screwing other women.

And a pathetic story about
helping a woman on the train!

I don't want your disgusting confessions!

- I'm not a cesspit!
- Cesspit?!

You don't know
what I'm talking about.

You're doctor, but you don't know
how people really are.

You exist here at Paradise Place,
summer after summer...

like in a specimen jar.

Pretty, neat, and thoughtful.

Life's not like that, you know!

When I attempt to describe a world
outside this fucking empty perfection... don't want to know!

Learn to accept the world
some time!

Stop yelling.

I'll decide what I accept.

Forget it!

You fucking little boy!

I love you desperately!
You hear? Desperately!

Why did you come home?

I said, didn't I?

Because I love you.

Except you don't want to live with me.

Not here...

...and hardly in town, either.

And you won't come away
with me.

We do have two young ones.

We can't both leave them.

Why did you come back?

I told you you shouldn't.

I can't do without you.

I realised that in Venice.

I tried to get you
out of my system...

but that drove me crazy.

Downtrodden and whimpering
like a stray dog...

"I want to go home to Annika."

"I want to go home to Annika."

Go to sleep.


Where did Ingrid go?

I don't know.

Who wants to come to Klippuddan
and see the sunrise?


No, I think I'll go to bed now.

- Do you, Eva?
- No, I don't feel like it.

Please, Wilhelm!

It's all over.

It's all over.

I'll never see the sun again.

You know very well you will.

It's only these turns
you get at night.

No, not this time.

No, not this time.
I'll never see the sun again.

I'll go and get Katha,
so you can get a shot.

No, don't go...
Don't go!

It'll be good for Katha
when I die.

Good for the lot of you.

Shove the nasty old geezer
into a grave!

Now you're being unfair.

You don't think I have eyes
in my head?

The grandchildren run for their lives
when they see me.

The children avoid me, too.

Karl-Henrik doesn't even
want to be here.

That's the thanks a man gets.

It's not due to Karl-Henrik...
You know that very well.

Just relax...
It'll be light soon.

A failure.

It's just shit with everything.

Everything's been in vain.

How long have you known Ingrid?

We've been together 10 years.

We were in the same boat
when we met...

About the same age.

A baby on the way.

Neither of us wanted anything
to do with the father.

We simply clutched onto
each other.

She attempted suicide.

Had a failed abortion...

Went to hospital,
then a home for mothers.

Emma found her there.

That must have been a while back.

I know.

She can't bear anyone...

....ever touching you.

She's frightened of losing me.

Don't you get it?
She's jealous.

Yes, I've no desire to risk getting
a knife in my back, just because...

...I'm in love with you.

I do have a responsibility for her.

She's the only person I've stood up for,
apart from myself.


Have we got that far already?

Did the oldies get some?

The boss and his wife
got the first litre.

You get the second litre
as usual, Doctor.

Thanks, Arthur.

Would you like a coffee?
I have it on, inside.

What is it, Arthur?

Things are not right with Saga.

Is she worse?

She's not taking the tablets.

She flushes them down the toilet.

I see.

She's not taking her tablets.

Yes, Arthur...

That's up to Saga.

I can prescribe medicine,
but I can't force people to take it.

Gosh it's lovely!

Come on, Annika!

Come here, I want a loan of the boat!

Come on!
Not too far out!


What the hell am I doing here?

I feel sick when I see
how you live here.

It's exactly the same
as the first summer.

We haven't progressed
in the slightest.

I know it's my fault!

Why don't you be open
about it?

You're frightened that Kiss
will come between us.

That's obvious.

You've no room for me
any longer.

It's Kiss or me.

It's Kiss AND you!

Can't you fathom that's possible
to bother about two people?

I LIKE him.

I do.

But that doesn't mean
I have to desert you.

I'll leave with you.

We'll leave for a few days.
Right away.

What about King?

Kiss will look after King and Eva.

He promised to.

Did I startle you?

No, but I didn't hear you come.


We need some rain.

Yes, I'm afraid the well will dry up.

Maybe we should cut down
on watering.

Don't worry.

Emma will be here soon.
Then we'll get rain.

It can't go wrong.

How are you going?
Are you managing with the kids?

Yeah, sure.

It's just a matter of having something
for them to do. The whole time.

I realise it's all a muddle.

If I spend too much time with King
then Eva complains, and vice versa.

It's not Eva's fault.

King is not good for her.
He has to leave.

The sooner the better.

But Evas good for King.

I don't know.

Ingrid and King have been here
several summers in a row.

I've never noticed
that it helped one bit.

It's enormously helpful.

At least, that's what Sassa says.


She went off with Ingrid...

...without a word.

Have you heard from them?

Maybe you think
it's none of my business.

Of course it is.

Yes, I've spoken to both of them
on the phone

It's okay.
They'll be here on Saturday.

So be it.

You were looking so lonely.

And so like Sassa.


No one's ever said that.

It's true.


And here.

Emma will be here soon.

And I'll have company.

Heavens above, this rain!

Hurry up!

I'm coming with an umbrella!

I'm coming with rain!

You pull one way,
I'll pull the other.

I bought it at a sale.
What do I have round my neck?

It matches.

Dry me well,
I'm soaking wet!

It was wonderful weather in Helsinki.

The sun was shining
and there were sales on everywhere.

For once I missed having money.

And I thought...

...FINALLY, I have to make
an appearance here...

...looking as charming
as the place I was coming to.

Short of wearing the pearls!

You're so wet,
I can't get your socks on.

That's OK now.

That was nice of you.

God, you look so beautiful, Emma!

Hello, Queen!

Hello, Jack!

Hello, Queen!

No, that was you.

That's why I say you're stuck
in old-world order and stability.

Do I work less diligently because I'm limited
by a bourgeois environment?

How do I get the ordinary person
to understand that it's soon too late?

That was a mosquito.

No reason to knock me out!

Look at this, Emma.



Emma, sweetheart...

You really seem depressed
at the moment.

Yes, I do have depression.

It follows me around all the time.

I don't know what I'm going
to do with you, Emma.

You know you've got
to help more people...

...than most of us ever could.

That there are a lot of young girls
who have you to thank for their lives.

I've only done
what had to be done.

I don't care about your motives.

I'm talking about practical results.

And the children.

I've told you before that there aren't
any children in the world any longer.

They're born poisoned and ruined,
abandoned and anxiety-filled...

...with a latchkey around their necks,
and a gang waiting for them.

They get neither tenderness nor resistance,
neither love nor discipline.

How can they ever become...


...when they're only ever treated
as nobody?

They start stealing and snatching bags
when they're 6.

At 9-10, they start sniffing.

At 12, they can kill
themselves on a moped.

At 13, they knock down pensioners
in the subway...

...and at 14 they start
on the serious offenses.

When do you think
they were ever children?

We have 3 children here
at Paradise Place.

Pleasant, gentle...


It's my duty to remind you
that they do exist.

They aren't unique.

And King?

I'm talking of course
about the family's children.

Thomas, then?


Yes, he's been unusually quiet
this summer.

Perhaps in the middle
of a parental revolt...

...or an unhappy love affair.

He wants to be left alone.
That's totally normal at his age.

What do I have to do
to find favour with you?

Sell Paradise Place?

It's not about Paradise Place, per Se,
as you well understand.

No, what I want
is a change of attitude...

...sufficiently deep to produce
something positive.

You can be so close sometimes,
but in the end, lock yourself in.

You won't make an effort
to join in.

You just want to sit at Paradise Place
playing at being a good person.

That's beside the point.

There are a lot of us here
at Paradise Place.

We must make our decisions

It all boils down to YOU,
and you know it.

Wilhelm and Alma do as you say...

IF you say anything.

The same with Annika and Sassa.

You don't seem to understand
that your primary duty lies there.

My primary duty is
to take care of my patients.

If only you weren't so hidebound
by that platitude.

You even have the same handwriting
you had in school.

You're loyal to the machinery of life...

And as long as you are that...

...Paradise Place
will be closed.

That's why I can't sleep here.

It's like I have ants
crawling all over me.

Is it me who's the cause
of your depression this time?

Are we to really let this thing
with Paradise Place come between us?

You and I have the world
at our feet.

Absolutely fabulous!

Absolutely fabulous, eh?

Not wine!

Crayfish need beer and vodka!

- Sassa...
- No, thanks all the same.

- Excuse me, Kiss.
- No thanks, I have a different one.

How did you get into
growing lingonberries?

It seemed more fun
than fir trees.

- Sweden imports lingonberries.
- Sweden does?

We need to develop hardier types.

The best ones grow
on the Vesterbotten islands.

Are going with him
back up north?

Be hard to find work there.

You can try
at the Northern Lights.

I could always commute.

I could come to Stockholm for winter
and be your camera-assistant.

And Eva and I could go to Norrland
in the summer to do the weeding.

Here's to love and lingonberries!

...fired up to 15 km
from the targets in the centre.

The artillery fire
hits indiscriminately.

Some shells ended up at Beirut airport,
some distance from the combat area.

Since the last wave of fighting
started just over three days ago...

...there have been
around 200 people killed.

Can I help you?

Do you need something?

No, I just thought I could help you.

Thanks, but I can manage alright.

What is it Ingrid?

It's hard.

What's hard?

To help in someone else's kitchen.

There's no need for you to.

You're a guest, after all.

But if it was Sassa
or Annika...

That's a different situation though.


I could try though, couldn't I.

Of course, Ingrid.

Naturally I'm grateful.

I think it's dangerous
to be too pessimistic.


And I'm quite adamant
that parents also have the rights.

You have no rights at all
before Andreas turns 2.

Sassa was saying that you believe
in a whole new human type.

Not believe in...
frightened about.

An calculating individual,
devoid of feeling...

...adaptable and efficient.

But dangerous if he doesn't get
what he wants.

Things don't mutate so quickly.

Test results point to it.

Though I guess it's different
in in the northern forests...

...compared to our concrete jungles.

I believe people are much the same...

and in every era.

You ignore the environment.

Why has Kiss become
so open and sociable?

You're supposed to say that you spent
a wonderful time at your mother's breast.

That's what Emma
wants to hear.

She like a Greek goddess
with 18 breasts.

Kiss had a good relationship
with his dad too.

You're forgetting the dads, Emma.

There really are a lot
of normal children as well.

Statistically speaking...

I don't give a fuck about statistics!

You know what I mean,
all the same.

We ruin and deform the most
important thing we have...

The children.

We surrender them.

We release them to the wolves.

It's an epidemic,
a creeping epidemic!

An emotional cold that ruins
all that "humanity" stands for.

And we don't want
to know about it!

I don't believe in such
a doomsday theory.

You have visions, Emma.
Huge, awful...

...but they're not anchored
to reality.

- On the whole, I think Emma's right.
- Thank you, Ture.

Continuing this discussion
won't achieve anything.

You can't just leave us
in the lurch like that!

What more can I say?

You could give us
a bit of Ellen Kay.

Some of that wishy-washy
"wisdom of life".

It was a pity you asked,
because now I have to answer.

There won't be any
wishy-washy truisms.

It's a disgrace
to be human today.

It's even more of a disgrace
to be a woman.


Because the woman of today
denies herself and her attributes.

The uniqueness of her ability
to bring forth life...

...and in a humane way,
look after that life.

Do you know what today's young woman
says to me

...when I ask her to give up
smoking during pregnancy?

It's proven that it causes the foetus,
to be smaller and delivered earlier.

"Isn't that a good thing?" she laughs.

"If the kid comes earlier and weighs less,
it won't hurt so much."

And when I suggest to well-off, professional women

...that for the child's future well-being,
they should stay home for the first two years...

2 years, I ask... I beg... I plead.

It's a 20th of your working life and
a 40th of your whole life.

They stare at me
as if I were insane.

Proof of a human-generated venom
penetrates the marrow of the unborn child...

...accumulates in our laboratories.

We don't even protest...

when the obstetricians stick their

greedy, avaricious, money-grubbing,
thrill-seeking fingers...

into our uterine cavity...

and fiddle with the very code of creation.

No, now you're unfair, Emma.

You're being unfair!
We have no choice!

What should we do while we're waiting
for the local council men to become human?

Should we sit breast-feeding year after year,
hoping the politicians will get off their arses...

...while the guys take all the best jobs?

Then we get no female politicians.

Aren't children
everyone's concern?

Why are you
just blaming the mothers?

There are lot of people associated
with every child. You know that, Emma.

Why do you talk like this?

I ruined the whole
crayfish supper, didn't I?

We just have make sure
we get to bed.

We both should take something
to help us sleep.

No pills for me.

Is the spare bedroom
in the basement free?

Aren't you going to sleep here,
like you usually do?

No, I'd be better off
in the basement tonight


Poor Katha.

Poor Katha,
who wants peace and quiet.

Come on now, Emma.

We'll go out to the island tomorrow.

Those words we lived on before...


kindness, love.

Now they're dead.

They're dead.


I'm tired from revolution...

...but it'll just be...

...other machinists.

I surrender to the machinery.








I'm nearly ready.

I just can't find my shoes.

There they are.

I must get the flowers.

I need something.

I need something... wrap them in, too.

We have to go now, Emma.

I'm nearly ready.

My bag... And I can't find the flowers.
I don't have a hankie.

You can have mine.

Here you are.

Is my hair combed?

I must have my beret.

The others have gone already.

I can't handle this funeral.

I can't handle it.

You can see that.

I can't handle it.

Or can I?

I'm sure you can.

Will you help me?

I need you.

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG