Paradise for the Damned (2013) - full transcript

We all want to have a family. He is the only one willing to kill to get one.




I'm Marcial.

I come on behalf of Mufioz,
for the nigh guard position.

The lights are out all night.

I'll give you the keys.

There's one for the front door,
for the gate

and the biggest one
is for the storehouse.

Listen, if you hear any noise,
it's the cats hunting rats.

We don't feed the cats,
and we don't kill them either.

Is that clear?

Do you like cats?


Me neither.

This one's for news.

If anything happens,

you put the time and date
and you write it down here.

If they bring something
from the factory, whatever.

No one comes at night,
but just in case, you write it here.

This one's for defense.

If you have to open the door,
take the stick.

This way.

This is the terrace.

This door is locked all night.

See that the lock is tight.

Go around the place,
take a look.

Do you know how to write?

Well, listen.

Listen carefully.

Write down anything that happens,
write it in the notebook.

Someone could snkea in
through here.

Pay attention.

If you're scared, bring the stick,

- Are you scared?
- No.

No? Well.

Are you a relative of Mufioz?




We work on Christmas
and New Year's Eve.

There's no holiday for anyone here.

You're going to leave me hanging,
are you?

Do you have a family? Kids?
Something like that?



Come here.

This is the deposit.

Once in a while, someone
from maintenance'll take something.

Write it down in the notebook.

Okay? Careful,
people steal here.

I'll show you the toillet
and I'm out of here.

"1:00 AM: The guys downstairs are
too loud, the dog won't stop barking.

3:00 AM: The dog is calmed,
the guys left.“

Some rats showed up.
The cats are useless.“

"The dog won't stop barking
and the kids are back with the music.

Hey, Peluche!

How are you, friend?
Everything all right?

Do you know the guys?

Hey, Colo.

Go, Peluche!

I already have.
Did I say something?

Everything's okay!

Okay, okay.

Calm down.

I like this.

I'm going to keep it.

Call me tonight.

You can't sleep!

Try this.

There you go.

This is so cool.

He's taking your girl.

What? Do you like me, fag?

Yes, honey, come here.

Why did you come here for?

Get out of here,
come on, go, go.

I'm going to kill you!

Get out of here!



Come on, open up,
I'm in a hurry.

Can you open up?

Where's Miguel?

He doesn't work here any more.

No one lets me know
they're changing staff.

Everything's the same here,
they change stuff over night,

and no one lets you know.

It's so dark in here.

Didn't Miguel leave a?ashlight?


It doesn't have batteries.

They're out of bleach.

I don't know what they do with it,
maybe they drink it.

Aren't you going to write down
what I'm taking?


Here, give me that.

Don't tell anyone I wrote this.

No one trusts anybody here.


What's your name?


What a weird name.

And where are you from?

May I help you?


Did you spend Christmas here?




Poor thing.

Poor thing.

What are you doing!

You're out of your mind!

You're out of your mind!


Happy New Year, cat.

Let's go for a ride.

Party, party!


Let's go!

Three, two, one!

I'm going to kill you,
you bastard.

Victor Martinez?

Bite me!

Turco sends his regards.

Damn it!

What are you doing with that?

You leave my tools
lying around.

You brat!

I'm going to stay, you know?

I'm going to wait
for the doorbell to ring.


She's not coming back.

She's mad.

She's mad at me.

She's not coming back.

That noise!
They're so noisy!

They're going to wake everyone up.

Damn it.


Damn you.

I fell.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Where were you?



I'm thirsty, bring me water!

Bring me water!

Give me water, damn it!

"10 pm. Rogelio took the truck
to the factory-.

He took the whole load."

"2 am. The dog killed the puppies
and I had to kill her.


? What happened?
You didn't call me.

I was busy.

Did something happen?


So? Then?

It's done.

Did you tell him
I sent regards?

What did that bastard say?

I would have loved to be there.

He said damn you.

I think he's the damned one.

He's such a bastard.
He though he could mess with me.

Now he won't be messing
with anyone else.

I'm losing you.

When were you planning
on calling me?

When are you coming?

I don't know, this week.

Did you find anything in his house?
Money? Drugs?

No, he didn't have anything.

That's not possible,
he had to have something.

Did you look carefully?

There must be something,
look better.

I'm losing you.

Let me go, man.

Let me go, man, let me go.

Leave the girl alone.

When are you getting off?

At six.

I get off at five.

You're so quiet.


I'm off to the factory
or I'll be late.

Bye, Marcial.

No, it's too cold.

It's not cold.

Stay still.

Don't do this to me.



It's cold.

It's cold.

I'm cold.



Take it.

Come on, take it.


It's so hot.

I'm off tomorrow.

But if you'd like,
I can stop by

and bring you something to eat.


I'd better go.

Before dawn, I don't want
my girl to wake up wiwhout me there.

I left her alone, poor thing.

But it's best, I really
don't have good luck with men.

I'm not talking about you,
it's her dad, he's a mess.

I can tell you're nice.


I'd better go

or I won't go at all.


Why isn't he back yet?

He should be here already.

Is he never coming back?

Where did he really go?


He went to the butcher's.

Are you being nice to her?

Don't make her mad.

Take me inside,
it's too hot here.

Uruguayan Aguiar.

There's Bianchi again
with the same idea.

What are you watching?

The game.

Yes, I know it's the game,
I'm not insane.

But you're a fan of Boca.

Yellow card for Jara.


But I want to see if they loose.

You lazy-ass.

Damn it.

Don't talk like that,

your mom doesn't like it
when you talk like that.

I'm leaving.

Are you coming back, son?


Good night.

Who are you?

The night guard.

Where's Miguel?

He doesn't work here anymore.

Why don't you open the door, then?

Move, kid.

Did anything happen?

- Did you see something funny?
- No.

Two guys lurking around.

I didn't see anyone.

Shine the light.


Grab that flashlight
and let's go up.

When does your shift start?

At seven.

Did you see something strange
in the house across the street?

No, nothing.

Are you sure?


Aren't you going to take that?

Here, take it or you'll miss the call.

Why aren't you answering?

Hi, I'm busy, I'll call you later.

Don't even think about
hanging up, listen carefully...

Yes, I'll call you back.


Who was it? The missus?

Do you want to go upstairs?

No, that's okay.

If you see something strange,
call the police.

Don't open the door to anyone,
you'll get killed.

Come on, man.

Do you have a cigarette?

Give the kid a cigarette.


It's a pity about the dog.

Bye, kid.

Be good.

I told Malena about you.

She's young,
but she understands.

She's fast, like me.

No, that's not true,
she's a saint.

I told her I met you at work.

They don't respect anyone,

not even the people
in the neighborhood.

I'd better go,
my baby is alone.

- I'll go with you.
- No, it's okay.

If they see me with you
it's worse.

No, they know me,
they are cool with me.

If you'd like, we can see
each other on Sunday.

I'll cook sheperder's pie.


But Malena is going to be
with me.

I can?t leave her on a Sunday.

That's fine.

Are you sure?

I'm off.

She's such a good cook.


Why isn't she coming?

Tell her to come eat.
Call her.

There's someone coming
on Sunday.


Rosa goes to mass on Sundays.

I don't.

I don't go.

Those stupid priests
can leave me alone.

Let's leave seomthing
for tonight.

Very good.

Very good.

Stay still, stay still
or I'll cut you.

Stay still, stay still.

What's going on today?
Are we shaving it all off?


We're shaving it all off.

Let's see.

They're coming today, right?


And Rosa's late, as usual.

She's something else.

There you go.

You're ready.

Yes, but they're too tight.

I just polished them.

We have to look good.

Buck up.

- Hi.
- Hi.

This is Malena.

- Say hello, Male.
- Hi.


I brought a cake
and shepherd's pie.

Come in.

It's very good, right?

Rosa is the best cook in the world.

She's coming.

She spends all day
in the kitchen, poor thing.

But don't eat everything,

we have to leave seomthing
for the guests.

They already came,
there's no one else coming.


Who are they?
I don't know them.

I am Miriam
and this is my daughter, Malena.

Then we are all here.

Lucky us, Victor.

I don't want to eat anymore.

Eat, Male, eat some more.

No, I don't want to.

Okay, don't eat.

Now, the suite for piano
and orchestra.

Don't worry, Muriel,
I lost interest in music.

I have bigger plans

than listening
to a crazy old hag.

They were a nice couple.

Did she die a long time ago?



You don't know when
you mom died?

Along time ago.

It's so sweet of him
to still wait for her.

He's always waiting for her.

He's so sweet.

Your dad is so sweet.

What does he have?

He's insane.

Don't say that.

You're both very sweet,
you too.

So sweet, so quiet.

I'm so lucky I found you.

It's upside down.

No, it's okay.

Everything is upside down.

What are you doing?

No, that's not the piece,
give it to me.

- Nothing.
- It's not right.


I don't want to play with you.

What is it, Male?

Come, morn!

Why are you yelling like that,
Male, what is it?

He's not letting me play,
he says it's upside down

and I did it right.

No, it's wrong, it's wrong.

You're tired.


- He's tired, let's go.
- Leave me alone!


It's crap!

- I didn't do anything.
- I know, honey, I know.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

Let's go watch TV

They leave everything
lying around!

And you are always misbehaving!

I'm tired of you!

Drop that, I said!

Bring me my belt!

And you'll know who I am!

You're a bad son.

What happened to your dad today?

I don't know.

Poor thing.

He was getting along just fine
with Male.

He's like a child.

Did he get sick before
your mom died?

Do you have a brother?


.Why didn't you come?

Do you want what's yours
yes or no?

Yes, I was busy.

I'm not waiting for you
any longer.

If you don't come,
I'll use it myself.

Did you hear?

Hurry because I have
another urgent job.

- Okay.
- Come on, idiot.

Stop fussing around and come over.
Stop messing with me.

I'm coming.

I have to go.

Okay, I'll wake Male up.


Stay here.

Let me out.

- You can't go out.
- Open the door!

Don't yell.

Let me out!

Who are you?

It's me.


Victor, you are not Victor.

I don't know you.

Leave this house.

What will you do if I leave?

Do you want to be alone?

Calm down.

Let's rest.

Eat something.

- Come on, eat.
- No.

- Then take this.
- No!

There's no point
on being like this.

Everyone leaves-.

Good Day.

We bring the word of our Lord.

Our Lord's wish that the earth
be a paradise shall be fulfilled.

It shall be populated by those
who appreciate his laws.

It's a free brochure.

We want to live Heaven on earth,

so we're awaiting the arrival
of the new messiah.

Do you know the Bible?


What's your name, brother?


Damn it.

He's coming back.

What are you doing here?

Come inside, you're grounded.

I don't want you
to see me like this.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

Who was it?
Who was it?

I don't want you
to do anything.

Promise me you won't do anything.

This is so good.

Come on, idiot, give it to me.


Come on, man, wake up.

Hey, man, stop!

You're dead!

Get ready!

What did you do to him?

What did you do to my son?

What did you do to my son,
you murderer?

They're coming today, right?

Yes, they're coming today.

This one.

They all come back today, then.

And we won't cut anything.


I put the tools away.

Very good.

And where are the tools?

I put them away.

You always make a mess of them.

I already told you
I put them away.

I heard.
You think I'm deaf, don't you?


There's a word...


Well, you know.


Where are the tools?

I put them away.

May I pet it?


We have to bury it.

Come here.



Let's dance.


I heard Victor is alive and well.

He's in his house.

Did you think
I wasn't going to find out?

Whats your business with Victor?

Whatever it is, it's over.

He's out of time, he's dead.

And I'm giving you another chance.

Bring me my money
and whatever he gave you!

Bring everything!

Come, or I'll find you.



You have to go.

Here, get dressed.

- Where?
- You have to go.

- This late?
- Get dressed.

Marcial, wait for me, please.
Where are you going?

Why do we have to leave
like this?

Go outside.

Go home.

Don't come back, don't look at me.
We'll talk tomorrow.

- But what happened?
- Go home.

Explain what happened,
I can't leave like this.


Is it because of Omar'?

Was it you?

- Go.
- I'm staying with you.



Don't speak.

We're all together again.




Turco sends his regards.