Paradise! Paradise! (2016) - full transcript

Father Omar, who has lived with his family in Austria since 1991, plans to buy an apartment in Kurdistan as an investment, if even as retirement home. This is neither controversial within the family nor is it really successful. The director films the fragile plans as a critical and occasionally ironic witness.



Hassan Rafiq?

Please come in.

This is my daughter, Kurdwin.
I hope you don't mind.

She's making a documentary
about me and Kurdistan.

Please sit down.

What else?

I also need those pills from last time.

I'll prescribe you different ones,
which should work better.

OK, I'll really have to
cover myself up more.

I'll take this.

And I'll wear jeans underneath.

Then something beige under it
so it's not too revealing.

So far, so good, I'd say.

And then...

Dammit! All my clothes
are see-through!

I'll need to wear stuff underneath.

But at least I'm covered,
so it's still good for Iraq.

I bought this yesterday...

...just because it's pretty!

This one has a slit in the back
but I can wear a jacket.

I actually have to because of my tattoo.

It's so dumb because...

Getting a tattoo is...'s harming yourself,
which goes against...

Well, you know, it's in the Koran.

You go to hell because tattooing
is a needle puncture.

And it' so short that
I'll have to wear jeans too!

And then I also bought this awesome shirt.

I'll take that one too.

Then a long-sleeve like this.

"The good old long-sleeve."

"Mr Bean!"


Which bag should I take?
The blue one or the green?

Huh, Kurdwin?

"We will need the Iraqi Military's protection
in order to free Mosul."

"The creation of..."

I think that...

...the small bag is better,
isn't it?

But where is the small blue one?!

Kurdwin, should I take the big one?

Yeah, sure!


Yeah! Or take
the small, blue one.

Or how about the two green ones?

Does it really matter?

Yeah... all right.

The small one is a bit sturdier...

...and a little more...

Has anyone seen my passport?

Omar, how long have we been married?

- What do you mean?
- How many years has it been?

I don't understand...

We could even sit in Business Class!

The plane is practically empty.

Look, you can see for yourself:
look up front.


His car is much nicer than mine.

- You're turning around here?
- Yes.

Whatever you do, don't
drive through the ISIS zone.

- Don't worry.
- Drive around it!

You can't go through it anyway.

The streets are so damaged.

Look, another airplane!

- What are they doing?
- Road repairs.

There are lots of construction sites
on the way to Erbil.

Hello, Kurdwin.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- You look really good.
- No, I look terrible.


She'll come eat in a minute.

Here's a plate for you.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't prepare enough food.

It's delicious, Auntie.

We'll go and have a look at that apartment.

It's nice and spacious.
I could fit lots of stuff in it.

I just want to have a home here.

I don't want to sleep
always at my brother's place.

I just want to say,
screw my job as a doctor...

.. where they make me give
50% of my earnings to taxes.

There, I only get to keep
half of what I earn!

So, whatever I have left
doesn't bring me any joy!

I only get my money
at the end of the month!

Omar, you're just not brave enough.

- That's not true!
- It took you ages to open your practice.

Think of how hard it was for
your wife and kids until you did!

It was 5 years before
you had your own office.

You're just not brave enough,
so just drop the whole Iraq thing!

In Austria, it takes a certain amount of
time before you can open a practice.

No, you just have to pay money, and...

.. and you just refused to!

No, no, that's not true. And I'm also
not like how I used to be.

Every time you visit,
moving here is all you talk about!

But every time you do nothing about it!

Last time you were here,
you didn't buy any property either!

You didn't want to invest.

It was worth $400,000 before,
and now one million!

I'm lying down
because I'm a bit sick today.

What's wrong?

Where were you today?

I have a runny nose.

- Can she see you?
- I didn't go anywhere.

You stayed home?


Why are you sick?

I got sick because it's so cold.

All right then...

Look at me.
Look at the camera.

Don't move it!
She's looking at you. See?

No, she's not.

Yes, she is.

- See?
- Avini, look at me!

- But she is!
- I'm looking at you.

- But how?
- Mama, I can't see your face!

It doesn't matter, does it?!

Your eyes are closed!
Why don't you look at us?

Why should I have to open my eyes?

Does my face look so pretty?

You do look pretty.

Mama, look! I have a
super big cold sore on my lip.


I don't see either of you.

Oh, okay...

Each apartment has a storage cellar.

There are three apartments per floor.

It's very dark in here.

They still have to fix all of this.

It looks like a light bulb
burnt out right here.

It's already furnished, of course.


Let's have a look in here.

This is the kitchen.

It looks very nicely done.

Let's go look at the living room.

This is the living room.

This is the living room.
It looks very nice.

Very nice.
Everything looks fine.

Very good.

I really like this one.

This is the wardrobe.

Look, Kurdwin.

Film me in the mirror.


This is how they do it here.
You see?

It's very nicely done.

How much does this one cost?

The apartments facing north and south...

.. both cost $155,000.

Facing southwest:


$155,000 in this direction,
$148,000 in the other one.

$155,000... and this is

South and north are
more expensive than southwest.

What's the price difference?


Do I pay in cash or in installments?

In installments.

And the price of finished apartments?

- We don't have any yet.
- There aren't any.

They'll be finished
in a one and a half years.

They're still under construction.

The area nearby the villa.

It's in this area up there.

- Aren't there any left here?
- No.

They've even sold shell constructions,
which are still unfinished!

I want to see a bigger apartment.

The next one, I mean.

But the bigger ones are really big.

They have 380 sq m.

380 sq m?

How much does a 380 sq m apartment cost?

They cost...

.. $420,000.

- Omar, I have a question.
- Yes?

Why buy such an expensive place
when we live in Austria?

I mean, think about it...

For my retirement, sweetheart.

I... I'm Austr...
I'm a Kurd from Kurdistan.

No, I know!
I just mean why now?

$400,000 is way too expensive.

No. $400,000 is
out of the question.

I want to find a cheap one.

This is just for the future.

You can invest your money.

No point in discussing that now.

Honestly, I like these villas too.

They're expensive, aren't they?

They cost $825,000.

Yes, we ate very well today.

We'll come visit you tonight.


Omar, are you leaving without me?


- I'll be all alone here!
- No, you won't.


Your family wants to spend time with you.

You can read a bit and learn Arabic.

- Just pick me up afterwards!
- Yes, yes.

I don't even have internet here!
I've got nothing!

I've got no internet, no language...

There's internet.
I'll get you the code.


Mustafa's coming. Is he here already?

He will come, my child.

I want a cigarette too.

Really?! Since when
do you smoke?

I don't smoke.
Just like... sometimes.

And your father knows?

Everyone... well, at least he knows
that I sometimes...


Yeah, but...

He scolded you!

Didn't he?

He didn't because it's not like
he can stop me. I'm almost 24!


We don't have anything like
"over 18" and stuff here.

Girls can't do anything here!
Not even smoke or drink.

Exactly! Not here.

- You know why?
- Why?

Let's say that half of the city...

.. are our acquaintances.

If they found out that you smoke...

...they'd all talk about you!

But it's fine because I don't live here!

Yeah, sure.

But still!
Don't do it in front of them.

Will you go back to Germany when you're 18?

Yeah, I'm going back either way.

Either way, I'm definitely going back!

I'll move into a shared-apartment.

What would I do here?
Look at those guys!

But you don't always smoke, do you?

Or are you just experimenting?

You don't want to move here, do you?

If your parents move here, you'd stay?

Yes, I'd stay in Austria.

- You have your own place, right?
- Yes.

But you sleep at their place.

No, no I sleep in my apartment.

- Really?!
- Yeah, I like living by myself.

It doesn't scare you?

In the beginning I was scared.

But I have a therapist who helps me.

A therapist?!



I'll come visit when I turn 18.

You could even come visit us now.

I'd stay with my parents and
you could stay in my place.

Where's your apartment?

Kind of near the center.

My apartment is close to
the university, I mean...

And your mother?

Do you see them every day?

Yeah, almost.


Haiman, sing something!

Your grandma and grandpa...

Can you rap?

Want to rap for me?

No, I'm embarrassed.

No you're not! She's just
your cousin. Do it!

What's he doing?

Wait a second!
I'll toss my chewing gum.

"Years of friendship, supposed readiness...

.. loyalty making us rich.

It was perfect, color became money.

What a bomb-business, but it went too fast.

What more did you want?
Money, respect?

Was I unfair?

I've had it up to here!
You fool.

You confessed to the enemy,
lawyers, judges.

I don't judge.
Only God can judge me.

That was so cool!

That was really good.


Hey, what's that?

- Show me!
- What?

Let me see it.

See it now?
Wow, what's that?

That's "zoom."

Zoom in!



- This is Kurdistan, Paradise!
- Yes, Omar.

Paradise, truly.

You say that now.

But when it rains
you'll want to go back home.

- Your place in Vienna is bigger?
- What?

Yeah, it is.

Farid, how much does this apartment cost?

How much?

Come here, Kurdwin.

Would the bathtub go in here?

Yes, and the toilet in there.

Here you can see the boiler.

Farid, I like the apartment.

Thank you for showing it to me.


Look at this.

Very nice doors.


Not bad at all.

The staircase doesn't look so good.

There's even an elevator.

Wait, the elevator's coming.

Does it work?

Yes, it works.
Come on, get in.

You guys go ahead.
I'll stay here.

Let's try it, Kurdwin.

We can go see how high up the 6th floor is.

I think it's very good.

Don't you?

Are you sure this elevator works?



Is it your music?


Are you a bit scared?

There's no need to be scared.

Maybe try the other side?

No need to be afraid, Kurdwin.

Can't we go back downstairs?

- What?
- Omar...

I think they made it so that...

- .. maybe it's not finished yet.
- Okay, just shhh!

No! Stop that!

Come on, let's go.

Oh, Farid's already there.


Kurdwin, look!

Just a minute, I'll let this car pass.

Now, you can get out.

Look at that, Kurdwin.

Be careful, sweetheart.

What's that?

Look, there used to be a mine here.

Come here.
Don't be scared.

This is a mining area.

Look, it's also dangerous here.

Maybe you shouldn't go so near it.


Can you take my picture using this?

Can't I just take it with mine?!

This is a bomb...

- Be careful.
- Can you not go near it?!

- Okay, let's go!
- Yeah, let's go, Kurdwin!

Watch out for the car.

Why are you leaving me all alone again?

Sweetheart, we're just going out.

We've been invited to dinner,
then we'll be back.

Haiman and the kids are here.
You guys can all...

.. would you rather
come with us?


We'll visit Rashid's factory.

And after that I'm still not sure.

Maybe we'll visit Farid's factory.

I'm not sure.

I don't know.

Farid or Rashid's factory.

So, what now?

We do disco!

I'll take a photo with you, Kurdwin.

Okay, but where'd you get this?
It doesn't close.

- Yes, it does!
- What are you doing?


Come on!

Come here!

Only buy one apartment.

Don't go spending hundreds of thousands.

No, no, Awini.
Please listen to me, sweetheart.

I love you.
I love you so much that...

.. I really, really,
wish one thing:

.. that you were here so you'd see
all the possibilities.

- But we've visited every city!
- No, no!

We've seen all kinds of apartments.

No, no!

We saw plots and apartments.

But you don't know what
we could build up here.

It's not the right time
for me to move back yet.

Well, I mean...
I'm only thinking out loud.

Awini, my love,
I'm going to move back here.

You always say that when you're there.

But then you always take it back.

No, I won't do that.
Not this time.

Kurdwin, get in!

Kurdwin, this is all packed
and will be sent to Bagdad and Basra.

Then it will all be sold there.

These are all ready to be sold.

You see? Clothes like
blouses and shirts.

It all goes to the South,
to Bagdad and Basra.

Come, I'll explain.

It's their day off, so no one's here.

Come see how it's done.

Look at this, I'll explain how it's done.

They put on these jewels that you see here.

They do it with a laser.

That's how they make these patterns,
all the ones you see.

Let me see that.

What's this?
A pair of pants.

These are a nice pair of pyjamas.

This is our family's factory!

Our factory.

That says:
"Made in Turkey."




Farid, this says "Made in Turkey" on it.

We print that.

- You print it on?
- It doesn't sell if it says, "Iraq."

You see?

It's because...

Omar, don't talk about that.
It's not legal.

It's written on there so that it sells!

This material is incredibly nice.

In Kurdistan everything is organic.

Organic... all organic fruits.


All organic, all real,
and the flavour is totally unique.

No other place compares.
whether it's food or drink.

What's this?

It's Kurdistan's flag.

It's the Kurdish flag, and I...

...I'm proud of it!

- Can we really go in?
- Yes.

But don't film the women.

The Mall has been closed!

Everyone must leave!

Quickly, please!

Leave now!

This is chaos.

They beat up all of them.


Is that the entrance?


Didn't you see it?

We were very afraid.
That was an adventure.

- It was a fight between Arabs and Kurds.
- That security guard...!

Kurds and Arabs.

- Those kids are following us.
- Yeah.


Stop filming!

I'll smash your camera on the ground!

You're making the cake look ugly.

Let's turn the light off.

Look! Haiman's only

What a weird birthday!

I mean, look at how I'm dressed.

"Happy Birthday"

"Happy Birthday"

No, wait. How does it go
in Kurdish?

- There's a Kurdish song.
- "Salaheina?"

"You shall have a good year."

I know there's a song!

Papa knows it.

How does it go?

There's a Kurdish
"Happy Birthday to you."

- No, there isn't.
- "Blessed be your bithday."

"Blessed be your bithday."

Oh, nevermind.
I wish you a long life!

Hopefully you'll become a good student!

Now, blow it out!

Rweda called me today.

What did she say?

She asked how we're doing.

She's going to Lebanon for summer vacation.

We could have her apartment
while she's gone.


- She used to be my neighbor.
- In Germany.

She's going to Lebanon,
so we could stay at her place...

She's moving back there?!

- She's moving back there?!
- No, she's just visiting family.

She's going for about a month or so...

She always says, "Come back!
What are you doing there?"

But why don't you go back?

- What?
- Why not go back to Germany?

- Do I want to?
- No, why don't you?

- Why not?
- Yeah.

- Permanently? Not just for...
- Yeah.

I really want to move back there.

I'd already paid for the flight.

Yeah, she bought them, then canceled them.

Yes, we were totally ready to go.

I didn't want to stay here anymore.

How do you say, "Pescheman" in German?


Oh, I know!
You mean, "regret."

Now she regrets it!

Yes, "regret."

There is still a 329 sq m apartment
on the 8th floor.

- How many floors are there?
- Thirteen.

So, there's still one on the 8th floor?

The apartment would be...

.. right over here.

- Here?
- Exactly.

This one.

- So, I could purchase it now?
- Yes.

You could tell us why you're so happy.

I'm happy because I finally
have a place here.

A place where I can go to rest and sleep.

I can go for a walk and go places by car.

No stress!

I can just call my brother to say,
"we'll stop by for a visit!"

I won't feel confined anymore,
there will always be space.

So, now I've bought an apartment
that's under my name.

I can come here anytime I like.

When it's boring in Austria,
or snowing or raining...

.. I can come here.

It's raining right now.

That doesn't matter.
It rarely rains here, rarely.

Just point us in the
direction of the building.

It's one of the bigger buildings.

But there are three.

- His place is in the last one.
- The last?

But can you show us?

You can't see their apartment from here.

- That's true.
- We were in the wrong building.

This isn't the right one.

Can we walk over there?

Why are you making her come with us?



It doesn't seem to have been painted yet.

- Farid, I won't risk going in.
- Why would you want to?

It's too hard to get down there.

Things aren't exactly as they promised.

You might say it's a...
slight betrayal.

Farid, what do you think?

- Is this your apartment?
- Yes.



Kurdwin, sweetheart?

Let's go to the top.

- This isn't your apartment?
- No.

We're on the fourth floor.


The fourth.

Be careful.
It's very dangerous here.

Walk in the middle.

- Is this one yours?
- Yes, this is ours.

Once work starts, it could be
finished in 2 weeks!

In Austria...

- Wait, what?
- Just follow me.

How would it be in Austria?

It would take 2 weeks,
or a month at most...

.. and it would be done!

Come on, let's go up.


This is ours, not that one.
My mistake.

Living room... and living room.

Which is the living room?

Shit! I never thought
it would look like this!


But I did like the floor tiles.

The window is missing.

Wow, I really like this big window.


I really like it, this window!

Be really careful.

If you slip, you'll fall through the floor.



Hello, there!

Hello, there.


- How are you?
- I'm good, brother.

- Are the upper levels finished?
- No.

- Not finished yet?
- No.

But this level is fine.

They're doing the floors upstairs.

It will take some time.

- When will windows be installed?
- I don't know.

Okay. Goodbye!

Rashid cannot stay here!
This isn't his home anymore!

He should leave!

He's never home anymore!

There's no one here anyway!

I'll tell you one thing!

Rashid, go get your brothers!

We'll take care of this.

Family is the last thing on your mind!

We're dogs to you!
Not human beings.

You just want to be with
your friends and brothers.

He said I'm the reason!
That it's my fault!

But I've had enough!
It's over.

You abandoned us for the last three months.

But enough!
We're dogs to you!

She wanted to set herself on fire.

She, herself.

But why?

She's gone a little crazy.

You know what the problem is?

My father only goes out with his friends...

...or with his brothers.

My mother doesn't get why
he doesn't go out with us.

"Why with them and not us?"

- Does it bother you?
- No, but for her...

.. and Ronja and Hendrin
a little.

But I never go with them either!


- When you all go out with Mama...
- I usually go!

I told him
a hundred times!

Why even bother at all?!

Be quiet!
It's late at night.

- You wish you'd bought one here?
- Yes.

I would love to have such a villa!

Where is Rashid?

My goodness.
Paradise, paradise! See?

Truly paradise...

Paradise, paradise.

Paradise. Truly paradise.

I love... even such things.
Love, love, love.

I love everything.

I shall sing a song for you:
"The World."

"Oh, this world! This world!"

Arab Idol!

"Oh, this world.
This life. How it turns."

"Oh, this world! This world."

I'm in tears!
You'll all be in tears in a moment.

I once sang for Awini's sisters.

After two verses, they were all in tears.

Why are you crying?

So many emotions, sweetheart!

"The Peshmerga are attacking the IS in
order to regain control of the city Sinjar.

"Conflicts have arisen
in north and western Iraq."

Uncle, aren't those our soldiers?

They look so good.

They're all around 20 or 23-years-old.

"In Mosul, there are government troops
who are fighting against the IS."

Everyone in Sulamaniyah has
this jacket right now.

- We only have a few more.
- It's because they're so popular.

They don't deliver that many.

- You know, this jacket is...
- No, it's ugly.

It's ugly, isn't it.

I know the quality's good,
it's American, but...

This jacket is very popular.

In Sulamaniyah and Erbil,
everyone has it now.

Every soldier!

I don't want this jacket.
Let me see some other ones.

Put it to the side.

It's great!

Do you like this one?
It's nice, isn't it?

It's really nice.

Officers wear this jacket.

So, we can also belong to
a class of leaders.

But the others are warmer!

- But it's not cold here!
- No, it gets quite cold at night.

But you just wear it over your uniform.

Then it's fine.

- It's really nice.
- Can you try this one on?

I want to know if it fits.

We need to see if it fits them.

Ahmed wants to convince us
to take the green one.

This one's really nice.

Yes, but we only have four left.

Hey, Omar?

Can you ask if they had to buy
their own uniforms?

Does the government
buy the uniforms for you?

Actually, no.

- Well, sometimes.
- WE bought our own.

Many of them buy their own.

We're supposed to get them.

I wanted to go to the Sinjar mountains.

I wanted to bring the soldiers
some uniforms.

This is Farid's brother?

Welcome, Doctor.

- We can speak German together?
- Yes!

- Where are you from?
- Germany.

- Since when have you lived here?
- Since two years.

- In the military?
- Yes.

So, not just well-dressed?

- You're with them?
- They're my boys.

- Really?!
- My brother's too.

Your brother too?!
And where in Germany?

Isn't this a great story?!

In Munich.


- But are you from Kurdistan?
- Of course! I'm fom Sumel.

From Sumel?

Speak Kurdish with him!

- I'm the son of Hadji Abdi.
- Hadji Abi...

Farid, your brother:
He has a pharmacy...

.. he owns
a pharmacy, right?

- I live right nearby.
- Really?

Who is this Hadji Abdi?

Mohammed Kodjeder's son.

Doctor, can we take a photo together?


Take a photo of us.

I feel honoured.

I almost became a Peshmerga myself.

I'm a doctor and I have my own practice.

- Oh no, I'm in it!
- Don't worry.

Kurdwin, Kurdwin!

- For the Doctor!
- Bless Kurdistan!

Bless the Peshmerga!

Even the Christians
name their sons "Peshmerga."

Do anyone really care about us?

Hardly anyone listens to us.

You can't think like that...

For the past 5 months
we guarded a post all alone.


What kind of jacket do you guys want?

- What?
- Just pick one.

He's one of us!

Pick one out for yourselves!

This one?

Just pick out what you need.
He will pay for it.

- I'll take this one.
- Good!

- Wow!
- That's me!

- Kurdwin!
- What?

They're stationed only
1 or 2 kilometers away.

- Look!
- I'm there at the machine gun!

Those are the IS fighters.

They came in cars, Doctor.
I shot at them.

Isn't that you here?

I'm about to shoot.

What is that?

That's their base.
How far away is it?

- About...
- One hour? Two?

Yes, one hour.
It's not so far away.

Kurdwin, is filming a reportage
about the Peshmerga.

Then come to us and film there.
You'd really be amongst Peshmerga.

We actually had other plans...

Come visit us!

- To the bases?
- Of course! There...

We can even bring you to the danger zones!

I'll call you on Rashid's number...
then we'll go there together!

- Okay! We'll go together.
- But when? What time?

- What's your suggestion?
- How about 10:00 AM?

10:00 AM, 11:00 AM?

- It's fine for me.
- We can be ready by 10:00 AM.

- Where are we going?
- To the Peshmerga.

But on which war front?

It was an honour.

It was an honour.

See you tomorrow!

It was an honour.

It was an honour.

- I'll expect you tomorrow.
- It was an honour.

Bye! See you tomorrow,
11:00 AM!

It's three salt chips.

- Three?!
- Yeah.

Three salt chips:
one with cheese, one...

I'll pick one.

Okay, but hurry.

Just hurry up and write it down!

Why do I have to write it down?

Because you're a donkey and
otherwise you'll forget.

Don't forget the money.

Want me to give you one too?

Your mum's staying because
she's at your grandpa's now?


It doesn't matter.

"I hold the world and
time stands still."

"You are the only thing
that I want."

"I want your hair,
your hand, your face."

"It's a soul
that speaks to me."

"You're the song that
gets to me..."

".. the one that makes
my heart quake."

"You turned my world
on its head."

"You have the most beautiful
ass in the world..."

".. ass in the world."

".. ass in the world."

".. ass in the world."

".. ass in the world."

"You have the most beautiful
ass in the world."

"You have the most beautiful
ass in the world."

"You have the most beautiful
ass in the world."

"You have the most beautiful
ass in the world."

Are they going to a funeral?

Kurdwin, you should film this.

No, Omar, someone died!

Rashid, I won't stay with you
if you keep interfering!

- But they're hitting themselves!
- Just be quiet!

Kurdwin, film the women hitting themselves.

They shouldn't see you filming.
Can you manage?

I don't know.

Holy shit!

- Was it a martyr?
- No, a person just died.

A car accident or something.

You see, in a film there are scenes...

.. and she films a lot, but
not everything will get used.

This footage might be
useful to her someday...

.. also if she films children.

Do you understand how it works?

That's all.
So, don't be worried.

Omar... Some things
just aren't allowed.

That wasn't a martyr, you understand?

You can't be seen filming a normal funeral.

- But no one saw us!
- If they had seen us...

.. they would have stopped us
and confronted us.

- They were Arabs?
- No, but even Kurds would have.

You think everything is harmless here.

Let me call Farid.

I see how you won't give us
room to breathe or take photos.

Stop worrying.

I just wanted to test your reaction.

You know I'd never let you film
somebody's wife hitting herself.

Do it more like Rambo!

Just take it.

Okay, I got it.

We're done.
It's a lovely photo.

- Hello.
- Hello!

Kurdwin, film me in the light!

But the light's not good there.

- Here, take the radio.
- No thanks, I'm fine.

The Austrian government
will think I'm in the military!

Got it? Good.

It's an honour.

- Hello.
- Hello!

Let's kiss.

Oh, you're the son of our Hadji Abdi.

Kurdwin, come.
Or film there.

That's my daughter, Kurdwin.

She's making a documentary
about the Peschmerga.

- And are you all doing well?
- Yes, thank you.

I was stationed in both Sinjar
and at the dam.

Haiman and Mohammed should stay here.

- You'll be safe.
- Okay, come on.

Mohammed, don't be afraid.

We're going to a danger zone
without sniper protection.

Could their snipers hit us?

From here onwards is IS territory.

- Will we see them?
- Maybe with the camera zoom.

I'll tell you when to look.

- We're safe, aren't we?
- Yeah!

- Can their missiles reach here?
- No, they always fly over us.

But what was the bomb that we heard?

- The one from the plane.
- Where was that?

- A plane released a missile.
- Over there, maybe. I'm not sure.

Back there by the water tank
are IS fighters.

- You're joking!
- No! Really?!

It's far away anyway.
Far away.

- Is this the furthest battle line?
- Yes, it ends there.

You wanted to be with officers,
so this is the real action.

People shed tears for us when we're here.

Yeah, you're right!

What would you have done
10 kilometers behind the line?

We never get a single night of sleep here.

Kurdwin, make an effort to film this well!

Don't be scared, Kurdwin.
No problems here.

- Are these IS fighters?
- No, they're ours.

- Dammit, I AM a bit scared.
- You're scared?!


I'll give you my jacket.
Then you'll also be a soldier.

Here, the hat too.

Those are their voices.

Give me the radio!

You hear them now.
That's the IS.

- Copy that.
- Who am I speaking to?

That's the IS.

"Where is Ammar?"

We can hear them.

They're talking to each other.

Come, Kurdwin!

Kurdwin, come on this side.



- Hello.
- Hello!

Come here, Kurdwin!

- Hello.
- Hello!

It's an honor!

Omar, don't leave me alone with the men.

Kurdwin, come here!

- Do the IS have the water tank?
- Yes.

- What region is this?
- Batnay.

You can zoom and get closer.

They're really there.

But they wouldn't shoot you in the head?

No, right in the brain!

I'd like to take a photo with all of you.

It's going to rain today.

We have a canopy.

Can you give me a gun?
I want to aim it at them.

- Is the safety on?
- Wait a second...

Look, Omar!

You think you can hit the ISIS water tank?

Yes, but it's very far away, sweetheart.

Only stronger military weapons
could reach it.

They can't reach us either, right?

Well, only with...

...guided missiles. Only those
could reach us.

- All right?
- Okay.

But we're protected.

Look what they have...

.. they also have helmets.

Come, Peshmerga!

You guys sit!

He's running late.

Copy that, Sheik.

Mohammed, take a couple photos!

Come in, come in!

Come and take a photo with us!

Good bye!

Good bye!

Let's listen to a song.

This one.

Listen carefully, these lyrics
are very important.

- I'm going to memorize it.
- Which one?

It's called, "Chivalry."

It's unbelievable that people
are being beheaded.

I could sell my apartment...

I would even sell my apartment...

.. and give the money
to the Peshmerga.


Then they could at least buy weapons!

No one would protect us
if it weren't for the Peshmerga.

Listen to this!

"We bow down and offer respect."

"When Saddam, the dictator was hanged,

his last words to the hangman were:

'Is this your chivalry?'

Let us see...
who this man really was.

The dictator
of the twentieth century."

During this song...

.. you could see how
the president was really crying.

"And so your gallows rope laughed.

My bones delighted!

You murderer!

It is clear what you have done:

how much fire you've spilled onto us Kurds;

how many sacrificial feasts
you have made us mourn at.

Today is a sacrificial feast.

Each person seeks an animal
to use as sacrifice.

You have become our beast!

You murderer!"

"You destroyed our houses and our fields.

You destroyed our villages,
and set them ablaze.

And what is now left for us?

Is this what's called, 'chivalry?'"

Mustafa! Listen to it!

"You, cousin of Abujahill.

Worshiper of Hubal.

What is in your heart?

What is it you wanted to do?"

Haiman, look at my hair!

Look at how light it's gotten!

You see?

I don't see anything!

Well, Kurdwin said you can see it!

But it's wet now too.

- Haiman, can I ask you something?
- Sure.

- You're all flying back to Germany?
- Yeah.

And never coming back?

Let's say 70 percent "yes,"
30 percent "no."

I have no idea.
It depends on my mother.

- I don't know.
- Does that make you guys happy?

Well, I'm not coming back either way so...

You're never coming back?

No, I'd even prefer an orphanage.

- Honestly!
- Really?!


Yeah, but... what about
your new friends here?

- Mine?
- Yeah!

Oh, they all come from Germany.
They come just to visit me!


Most of them leave again too.

But your father's not going with you.

Yeah, but there's nothing I can do.

"Recording has begun."

"You may now commence

What happens if I run to another country?

Haiman, try saying:
"I love you."

See if she then says...

"I love you.
I also love you so much!"

"What's your name?"

"Samsung Galaxy is my name!"

"Workout: complete."

How are you?


"I'm fine, but I'm not so sure
about the polar ice caps."

"Pole ice-what?"

- What?
- It's "polar!"

- "Polar ice caps."
- Huh?

- What are they?
- I don't know those.

Another question!

- Haiman, say: "I love you."
- So, what are you up to?

"I am Galaxy.
I want to be your boyfriend."

"I'm Galaxy and
I'll be your boyfriend."

But I'm a boy.

"I didn't know that."

Say: "I love you."

Try saying: "I love you."

I love you.

I love you.

What's wrong with it now...?

I - Love - You.

Do something fun.

What do you mean, "fun?"

Well, how about a victory sign?
You like doing that!

- A victory sign?
- Yeah.

- Not like that!
- For the apartment: this!

But sadly: apartment,
real estate, business are...

.. like this.

Or even like this.

But Victory!
Kurdistan! Liberty!

City of liberty and democracy.


.. all nationalities.

Okay, we can go back to the car.

"I'm sad. My beloved is
so far away from me.

She'll be back soon.

She'll be back soon."

What's he saying?

Thinking about her makes me happy.

Thinking about her makes me happy.

Thinking about her makes me happy.

My beloved moved away to a foreign land.

My beloved moved away to a foreign land.

To a foreign-what?