Paradise Now (2005) - full transcript

In Nablas on the West Bank, Said and Khaled, who have volunteered to be suicide bombers, receive word it will be tomorrow - the cell's first operation in two years. They're shaven and shorn, in black suits to pose as settlers in Tel Aviv for a wedding. Something goes wrong at the crossing, they're separated, and the action is postponed, long enough for renewed questioning of what they're about to do. Suha, the well-educated and well-traveled daughter of a martyr, challenges the action. She likes Said and has her own ideas. "Under the occupation, we're already dead," is Khaled's analysis. Fate and God's will seem to drive Said. We must be moral, argues Suha. Can minds change?

To Nablus?

It's still crooked.

- What?
- It's still crooked.

- What? The bumper?
- What else?

- It's brand-new.
- Maybe, but it's still crooked.

- I'll take another look at it, sir.
- What for? It's crooked.

- I don't think so.
- Are you saying I'm blind?

No, but you might be mistaken.
Looks can be deceiving.

My eyes are just fine,
and thank God for that.

- And it's not crooked.
- Yes, it is! It's fucking crooked!

- No, it's not.
- Get Abu Salim and have him look at it.

It's not crooked.
You're probably cross-eyed.

What did you say?

It's straight as a ruler.

Go get Abu Salim. He'll tell you.

I'll check it with a level.

- So who's cross-eyed now?
- You are, sir.

See? The ground's uneven,
but the bumper's straight.

Are you trying to screw me over?
I can see it myself.

The bumper and the ground are
equally crooked, so the bumper's straight.

Where's Abu Salim?
I want to talk to him. Now!

Please, Abu Salim isn't here.
We'll take care of this.

Didn't you hear me? Go get him!

It's crooked! Just like your father!

- Which side's crooked?
- The right side.

Oh, it is indeed crooked.

You know you didn't
get this job easily.

- Why don't you say anything?
- Said has nothing to do with this.

I hope you go to jail,
and nobody visits you.

Suha, where have you been?

What can I say?
Life is full of surprises.

- Is my car ready?
- Of course.

It almost got pregnant here.

Said, get the car.

Get back here, Khaled!

I'm not through with you.

Why do you want this car?
Buy a new one. This one's old.

I like old cars. They suit me.

An Alfa Romeo would suit you better.

Really? An Alfa?

There aren't many on the west Bank.

Because Arabs don't like them.
Parts are expensive and hard to get.

Honestly, I don't really
care about cars.

But the name sounds nice.

Alfa Romeo.

I'll pick it up tomorrow.
The Othman checkpoint is closed today.

- Is that a problem?
- No, it's not a problem.

Don't make fun of my accent. I was born
in France and grew up in Morocco...

...and as you know, I'm back.
- Welcome back.

Thanks. See you tomorrow?

God willing.

- It worked.
- It's windy.

- What are you doing tomorrow?
- Looking for work.

Where did you get the tape?
It sounds familiar.

I found it in Suha's car.

Found it, or stole it?

I'll give it back.

I think she likes you.

Stop it.

Lucky guy.
She's Abu Azzam's daughter.

All right, I'll stop.

Just in time. Great!

The tea is cold.

Would you mind closing the window?
It's windy.

It's automatic, but it's broken. Sorry.

I hope it's okay.

The repair's 1000 shekels.
Prices are exploding.

One day things will be better.

Sounds like you're not from here.
Are you married?

- Pardon?
- I asked if you're married.

- See you tomorrow.
- Okay, bye.

- Hello.
- Hello, what's up?

- I'll have the usual.
- Long time no see.

I've been here.

You know, in Sweden
cars stop at traffic lights...

...and pedestrians always
watch where they're going.

But they have the highest suicide rate.
What's their problem?

What does that have
to do with the dirty whore?

They're crazy.

She's so ugly.
I've never seen such an ugly queen.

How dare she tell us
what to do with informants.

She cares more for collaborators
than for the people.

We should just kill them.

Drag them through the streets
by their hair and tear them apart.

- Who are you talking about?
- The collaborators.


And their families, neighbors
and those who lend them money.

So you'd kill everyone. What do
their friends and family have to do with it?

What's your problem?
Are you Swedish?

Could you move back a bit?

A bit more.

Yes! Three centimeters to the left.

Exactly. Perfect.

Head a little higher.

No, a little lower.

Back a bit.

Another step back.

Exactly! Don't move.

And now smile. Go on.

Smile, I said.

- Or I won't take the picture.
- I don't want to smile.

Then I won't take a picture.

Do you need them soon?

They'll be ready by tomorrow.

- Good night.
- Good night.

How are you?

Fine, and you?

I can't complain.
How's the repair shop doing?

- As always.
- I heard Khaled got fired?

- Yes, but it wasn't his fault.
- All the same.

It's amazing that he lasted so long.

Do you remember
the martyr Abu Azzam?

He was very security-minded. He said,
"If you fear death, you're already dead."

If you don't, you'll have
a sudden and painless death.

He drove the Mossad crazy.

They spent millions
trying to capture him.

When they surrounded him,
and he knew his fate was sealed...

...he opened the door and shouted,
"You've come too late."

Listen, Said...

we decided to answer the assassination
of Abu Hazem and Um Jaber's son...

...who died in the bombing.

There's an operation planned
for tomorrow in Tel Aviv.

You and Khaled were chosen
for this mission.

Together like you wanted.

- Tomorrow?
- Yes.

- What do you say? Are you ready?
- Yes, if it's God's will.

You'll spend the night
with your family.

Remember, you can't
let anyone find out.

Of course not.

I'll stay with you until
you leave Nablus.

- Are you happy?
- Yes, very. Thank God.

- Mother?
- Why are you so late?

I was worried about you.

"Why are you so late?
I was worried about you."

If I came as late as you...

...they'd chain me up
with the dog, if we had one.

Shut up.

- How are you, Jamal?
- Fine.

How's school? It's good that
you're taking care of the kids.

We do our best.
A good education is important.

Come in. Thanks, Said.

Take that T-shirt off!

That's my best T-shirt,
and you wear it to work.

I didn't know. Jamal's
staying overnight, Mother.

- They closed the road to Sabastia.
- He's always welcome here.

- Take if off, right now!
- That's enough.

I got a work permit for Israel.

I'm going to Tel Aviv tomorrow.

- When did you get it?
- Today.

That's wonderful, my son.

- Have you told Abu Salim?
- No, not yet.

You should. You're lucky
he gave you a job.

And he's lucky to have
such cheap labor.

Don't be too sure of yourself.
You don't have a new job yet.

But tell me... did you get the permit?
Are they taking young people now?

Yes, they're starting to.
Jamal took care of it.

God bless him.

Take this.


What is it? What, Khaled?

- Wow!
- What is it?

Stop that! Or you'll drive her crazy.
Did you buy the things?

- Have you eaten?
- Yes, thanks.

But I'd like to stay the night.
They closed the roads to Sabastia.

You're always welcome here.

What's this?
I already said you could stay.

Pass the salt, please.

Would you like some, Jamal?

It's delicious.


Did you change the filter, Mama?
The water tasted better before.

Would you turn off
that radio you swallowed?


What's wrong? Is there a problem?

- I'm bringing you the keys.
- What?

You're bringing me the keys
at 4 in the morning?

Yes, because...

...I kept them by accident.


...I might be gone for a while.

Come in.

May as well come in,
since you're here.

No, I have to go.


- How much sugar?
- Four spoons, please.

You're one of those people who
takes tea with their sugar?

Okay, make it three.

One thing I don't understand.

Why do people from Nablus
put so much sugar in their tea?

That's the way it is.
Everybody does it.

So, what do you do when you're not
delivering keys at 4 in the morning?

What do you do with your free time?

Nothing. I don't know.
What do you mean?

Do you go to caf?s?

Sometimes, to smoke a water pipe.

What about sports or reading?

Do you go to the movies?

No. There's no cinema
in Nablus anyway.

I know.

Have you ever been to a cinema before?

Yes, once. Ten years ago when
we burned down the Revoly Cinema.

You did that?

Not alone. There were lots of us.

Why? What did the cinema
do to you?

Not the cinema. Israel.

When Israel decided not to employ
any workers from the west Bank...

...we demonstrated.

Then we ended up in the cinema
and set it on fire.

But why the cinema?

Why us?

I don't know.

You can watch movies on video too.

- So you do watch movies?
- Sometimes.

- What's your favorite genre?
- "What's your favorite genre"?

Don't make fun of me. Genre.

Type? There are action films,
science fiction, documentaries...

...films that make you cry.

Is there a boring genre?


Like what?

Like life.

I don't believe you.

I'm sure your life isn't boring.

You know what?

I think your life is more like
a minimalist Japanese film.

God bless you.

Is it true that
you're Abu Azzam's daughter?

They say he was a hero.

You must be very proud of him.

I'd rather he were still alive
than be proud of him.

Thanks to him and his fight,
our cause is still alive today.

There are always other ways
to keep the cause alive.

That's not for us to decide.
The occupation defines the resistance.

Resistance can take on
many forms.

But we must accept that
we have no military might... order to find alternatives.

And pay the price for
our grandparents' defeat?

Accept the injustice?

This discussion is going nowhere.

Will I see you again?

I hope so.


Goodbye, my guest of the night.


Here, take this.

Say, why does your father limp?

During the first Intifada, Israeli
soldiers broke into our house.

They let him choose which leg
he wanted to keep. He chose the right.

I would've let them break both
rather than be so humiliated.

It's unbelievable how much
you look like your father.

Knock it off.
Come and drink your coffee.

Tell me about my father.

What was he like?

What's wrong with you today?

Was he like people say he was?

Forget it.

What's over is over.

God have mercy on his soul.


...whatever your father did...

...he did it for us.

The thing is...

The world changes.

Everything changes, except God.

You'll see.

Oh, my God.

Your future is blank.

Naughty boy. You scared me.

Will you ever grow up?

Good morning.

Good morning, Jamal.

Coffee's ready.

No, thanks. I have to go.

What can you do when there is
no justice or freedom?

The individual has to fight for it.

If we give in to the law,
that the strong devours the weak...

...then we reduce ourselves
to the level of animals.

That's intolerable.

Death is better than inferiority.

Whoever fights for freedom...

...can also die for it.

You are the one who
will change things.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Hi, Jamal.

Now it's our turn.

"In the name of
God the merciful...

In his holy book, God says:

'If you receive a wound,
the people have received a similar one.

Times like these come to pass
so that God can recognize...

...the believers
and choose martyrs.

God does not love the unjust.'

God speaks the truth.

As an answer to the injustice,
the occupation and its crimes...

...and in order
to further the resistance...

...I have decided to carry out
a martyr operation.

We have no other way to fight.

Israel views partnership with
and equality for the Palestinians...

...under the same democratic system... suicide for the Jewish state.

Nor will they accept
a two-state compromise...

...even though that is not
fair to the Palestinians.

We are to either accept
the occupation forever or disappear.

We've tried with all possible means
to end the occupation...

...with political
and peaceful means.

Despite it all, Israel continues
to build settlements...

...confiscate land, Judaize
Jerusalem and carry out ethnic cleansing.

They use their war machine and their
political and economical might... force us to accept
their solution:

That either we accept
inferiority, or we will be killed.

As a martyr,
I am not afraid of death.

This is how I will overcome
their threats and emerge victorious...

...over their military and political force.

Let me die as a martyr.

Dear Mother, dear Father...

...I apologize for saying
goodbye in this way...

...but we will soon be reunited.

I bid you farewell.

This is my testimony: There is only
one God, and Mohammed is his prophet.

God speaks the truth."

So how was it?

The camera didn't record.
Something's not working.

Doesn't matter, we'll do it again.

"In the name of God the merciful...

- In his holy book, God says..."
- Stop.

It's not working.

- Can your wife fix it?
- Relax, Khaled.

Now you have the chance
to do it better.


"In the name of God the merciful...

'lf you receive a wound, the people
have received a similar one.

Times like these come to pass..."'


...before I forget...

...I saw some good water filters
at Al Mokhtar...

...much cheaper than at Kanaze.

Buy them there next time.

Are we supposed to record that?

- No, I just forgot to tell my mom.
- All right.

"In the name of
God the merciful...

we must continue our struggle...

...until the end of the occupation.

Our bodies are all we have left...

... to fight with...

...against the never-ending occupation."

Hold this.


Abu Karem.

- Good day.
- And to you.

- Who is Said, and who is Khaled?
- I'm Khaled.

I'm Said.

It's my great honor to see you
before you go.

You are strong-willed.

Have you eaten well?

Yes, very well.

Did you explain everything?

I was just about to.

This honor is granted only to a few.

After you've ascended to heaven...

...we'll take care of everything here...

...and commemorate your heroic courage.

Any requests?

I hope...

...that my family isn't made to pay for this.

And I want our posters
to hang in the town center.

You're our pride and joy.
Your families are our families.

We'll protect them.

Let's go.

This is the first major operation
in two years.

It has been carefully planned.
The whole world will be surprised.

You haven't been chosen by chance.

We know you have the potential
to carry out the mission.

We will always be with you.

We are proud of you.

Wow! The legend himself.

This belt has a lock mechanism.
It's a new system.

Once activated, it can't
be removed. Only we can do that.

Any attempt to remove it
will trigger the explosion.

If the soldiers discover you, you'll be shot.

So be faster than they are, and
detonate it by pulling this cord.

When the time comes, take out
as many soldiers as you can.

I'm warning you:
They won't take any risks.

If they get suspicious...

...they will kill you from a distance.

Beat them to it by pulling the cord.


On the other side of the fence,
you'll meet a man named Abu Shabaab.

He'll bring you to the location.

One of you must go first.

The other goes minutes later.

That gives us better results.

Within 15 minutes, the police and soldiers
will swarm in.

The second bomb will get them.

What an operation.

Here's a little money and your IDs.

Learn the information by heart.

If anyone asks you anything,
let Abu Shabaab do the talking.

Once in Tel Aviv, say you're from
Jerusalem on your way to a wedding.

- Whose wedding?
- It doesn't matter.

Don't be afraid of the soldiers.

Always look them in the eye.

And remember:

You are in control. Their lives
are in your hands. Stay calm.

Never forget the soldier who
discovers you is a dead man.

He has nothing to gain,
because he's afraid of death.

If you're not afraid of death,
you're in control of life.

If he insists on checking you,
let him do so at the gates of paradise.

Then we'll see who's checking whom.

Just leave it to God.

And one more thing.

When the first one carries out
the operation, don't watch him do it.

What happens afterwards?

Two angels will pick you up.

Are you sure?


You'll see.

Wait here. I'll make sure you get through.



Are we doing the right thing?

What do you mean?

Of course. In one hour, we'll be heroes.

With God.

In heaven.

We discussed this. You were the one
who said we had no choice.

Under the occupation, we're already dead.

I know, I know.

Is there no other way to stop them?

Are you scared?

No, not scared.

I don't know.

It won't be long, then you'll know.

The moment you do it.

Is it true that before you die,
you see your life pass by like on a video?

Is that true?

I'm with you.

Let's go.

Look how dirty your suits are.

Okay, Abu Shabaab is there.

He's an Israeli, but don't worry.
He's well-paid.

He doesn't speak Arabic.
How's your English?



Okay, be strong. If you feel weak,
read the Koran and pray.


who'll go first?

- Me.
- Me.

- Heads or tails?
- Tails.


Good luck, boys.

What's wrong?

- Where's Said?
- No idea.

Where's Said?

Gone. We looked everywhere.

Then the helicopters came,
and we couldn't wait any longer.

Put out a description with a photo.
We have to find him, and fast.

Take the belt off.
What are you waiting for?

Pull it off all at once,
then it won't hurt as much.

Couldn't you have used something else?

It has to stick.

We never thought we'd have to remove it.

And now?

We wait.

Brothers! We have to leave.

It's possible that Said's been caught,
or he's betrayed us.

We must warn every member
who had contact with him.

That can't be. I know Said.
He didn't betray us.

It's just a precaution.


We planned this operation very carefully.

You were sure about them.

I've known them for a long time.

You should've been more careful.
You're putting many fighters at risk.

Scatter them, and we'll keep
the ones we need.

It's more likely that
Abu Shabaab's the traitor.

I doubt it, because he doesn't get paid
until after the operation.

The tile factory, please.

Could you close the door again?

It jams.

Shut it hard.


What else? You won't be
carrying tiles in that suit.

No, a wedding.

In the factory?

Polluted water got you down?
Kanaze's filters are the best in town.

Kanaze's filters for clean water
and better health.

Water filters!

All the filters in the world
couldn't clean the water...

...that's been polluted by the settlers.

Did you hear what they found in it?

Do you mind...


No? They found something that
diminishes the quality of sperm.

But they could use rat poison,
and it still wouldn't hurt my sperm.

I have five children.

The operation's been postponed.
They're probably looking for us.

Said didn't betray us.
Something must've gone wrong.

It was all so thoroughly planned.
Something's not right.

We'll know soon enough.
We're just taking precautions.

Said's walking around with a bomb.
How will he find us?

Calm down.

And we could be hit by
a rocket at any moment.

Then let me do it alone.

The attack is postponed until
we know what's going on.

Said didn't betray us, I know for sure.

Let me try to find him.
I know how he thinks.

I'll find him.

I have to find him.
This operation must be carried out.

Everything okay?

If we'd only had them earlier.

They're easy to locate.

Abu Shabaab was supposed to give you
the cell phones in Tel Aviv.

We'll be better off if you find Said.
You have until the end of the day.

Otherwise, we'll be forced
to settle it another way.


Are you getting married?

No, I...

Is Khaled here?

- Where is Said's mother?
- How do I know?

- You're getting it dirty again!
- So what?

- Come in.
- Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

Why the suit?

I have to go. If he comes,
please give him this number.

It's important. Goodbye.

Who's there?

Have you seen Khaled?

He was just here.

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

- Can I use the bathroom?
- Sure.

- Wasn't that Said?
- Yes.

Why does he look like a settler?

You cannot alter your fate.

There is no other way.

It's God's will.

Look, the sun is rising.

Are you teaming up
with your friend?

- I'm not coming tomorrow.
- Problems? Why the suit?

I'm not coming tomorrow.

As long as you make us coffee...

was Khaled here today?

Thank God I'm rid of him.

- Everything okay?
- Yes.

If you have problems,
you know you can...

Good God.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- My Aziza got sick again.
- That didn't take long.

That terrible noise is back.
Did you hear it?

I'll have Said take another look at it.



Can you please wait inside?

I'm fine right here.

I can't work like this.

- Idiot!
- Go to hell, you fool!

You can go now.
The problem's fixed.

- What is it?
- Yesterday you were different.

It's nothing.

Then why are you acting
so strange?

It's nothing, believe me. Go now.


Now your watch is broken.
I'm sorry.

Doesn't matter.

It does matter.

What now?
Should I get it repaired?

No need.

Abu Salim.

Have you seen Said?

You? I thought I was rid of you.

- Whose car? And why the suits?
- Doesn't matter. Have you seen him?

He left with his favorite customer.

- What?
- His favorite customer.

- Who?
- Suha. The daughter of Abu Azzam.

We'll have it fixed in no time.

Then I'll feel better.

- Are you?
- Suha, I'm...

Go ahead.

No, it wasn't important.
You go ahead.

Stop. Here's the shop.

Why do you look so angry?


You should see me when I'm angry.

That'll be 12 shekels 50.

Excuse me, what's that video?

- The farewell speech of a martyr?
- Yes.

We also have collaborators...

Excuse me?

Confessions of collaborators
before they're shot.

Let's go.

Excuse me, but are they
for sale or for rent?


For how much?

Fifteen shekels to buy.

If you rent, I'll give it to you
for only 3 shekels.

Thank you.

A martyr video costs the same
as a collaborator video?

We could even charge more
for collaborator videos...

...they're more in demand.

But then I'd have to change
my cashier system.


What about the watch?

Do you think it's normal
that those videos are for sale?

What's normal around here?

It's sick. Three million people
are struggling to survive.

Nablus became a prison.

I don't know what I'm doing here.
What a load of...

My father was a collaborator.

He was executed.

I was 10.

I'm so sorry.

No need to be.

How did you deal with that?

It was okay.

It's not as bad as you might think.

Do you want to talk about it?

What's there to talk about?
Will it end the occupation?

Will I stop remembering that
my father was a collaborator?

The whole world knows.

- I didn't.
- What do you know?

You come from a different world.

Abu Azzam's daughter,
living in a fancy neighborhood.

What are you talking about?

Why talk? To get your pity?

To entertain people
whose life is a bit better?

- Have you seen Said?
- Another suit?

- No, no, no!
- Where's Said?

- Where? Tell me!
- He ran eastwards.

- His father's grave.
- Wait!

Why are you doing this?

If we can't live as equals,
at least we'll die as equals.

If you can kill
and die for equality... should be able to find
a way to be equal in life.

How? Through your
human rights group?

For example!

Then at least the Israelis don't have
an excuse to keep on killing.

Don't be so naive. There can be
no freedom without struggle.

As long as there is injustice,
someone must make a sacrifice.

That's no sacrifice. That's revenge.

If you kill, there's no difference
between victim and occupier.

If we had airplanes,
we wouldn't need martyrs.

That's the difference.

The difference is that
the Israeli military is still stronger.

Then let us be equal in death.

We still have paradise.

There is no paradise.
It only exists in your head.

God forbid!

May God forgive you.

If you were not
Abu Azzam's daughter...

Anyway, I'd rather have paradise
in my head than live in this hell.

In this life, we're dead anyway.

One chooses bitterness
when the alternative is even bitterer.

And what about us?
The ones who remain?

Will we win that way?

Don't you see that what
you're doing is destroying us?

And that you give Israel
an excuse to carry on?

So with no excuse, Israel will stop?


We have to turn it into
a moral war.

How, if Israel has no morals?

Be careful!
Or we'll become traffic martyrs!



Said. Said.

Thank God.

Relax. Just relax.

Calm down.

Was I stupid.

We must find Jamal. Get up.

Get up.

I'm going tomorrow morning.

- Enough!
- What's she doing here?

- Calm down.
- Go, and take her with you.

- I won't leave you.
- Go, take her with you!

- Please, stop!
- Go, and take her with you.


- Go.
- Said!

- Said.
- Said.

Said. Said.

Said, stop!

Does it still hurt?


What now?

You tell me.

It's up to you.

What does that mean?

There are no more obstacles
to the operation.

If you want,
we can start right away.

What about Said?

He's fine. He's been tested.

What about you?

I want to speak with Said.
I have to see him.

That's not necessary.
You decide if you stay or if you go.

Listen, Said...

You know what this cost us,
and how many risks we took.

You've ruined everything.

I can no longer rely on you.

I'm sorry.

You can go home.

I was...

...born in a refugee camp.

I was allowed to leave
the west Bank only once.

I was 6 at the time...

...and needed surgery.

Just that one time.

Life here is like life imprisonment.

The crimes of the occupation
are countless.

The worst crime of all is
to exploit the people's weaknesses...

...and turn them into collaborators.

By doing that,
they not only kill the resistance...

...they also ruin families...

...ruin their dignity
and ruin an entire people.

When my father...

...was executed, I was 10 years old.

He was a good person.

But he grew weak.

For that, I hold
the occupation responsible.

They must understand that
if they recruit collaborators...

...they must pay the price for it.

A life without dignity is worthless.

Especially when it reminds you... after day,
of humiliation and weakness.

And the world watches
cowardly, indifferently.

If you're all alone,
faced with this oppression... have to find
a way to stop the injustice.

They must understand that
if there's no security for us...

...there'll be none for them either.

It's not about power.
Their power doesn't help them.

I tried to deliver this message to them...

...but I couldn't find another way.

Even worse,
they've convinced the world...

...and themselves
that they are the victims.

How can that be?
How can the occupier be the victim?

If they take on the role
of oppressor and victim...

...then I have no other choice
but to also be a victim...

...and a murderer as well.

I don't know how you'll decide...

...but I will not return
to the refugee camp.

I'm going to pray.



How did you decide?

Where is he?

I'm sorry.

In case you are lost,
you can call me on this phone.

Just press here.

Good luck.

Said, listen to me. Said.

Listen. Answer me!

Why did you come? Why are you here?

To be with you. Let's go back.

Suha was right. We won't win this way.

We do what we have to.
God decides the rest.

But God says, "Think first."
We kill and are killed, and nothing changes.

Not our death, but the continuation
of resistance will change something.

I have no other option.

And if it doesn't change anything?
Answer me.

There are other means of
liberation and resistance.

Perhaps for others.

For you too. You're coming back with me.
I won't let you die.

You're coming back with me.
Give me the phone.


- Come back.
- Come back?

We want to go back.


- Sorry?
- Think again.

No, no. No thinking again.

Yes, he also.

- I want to talk to him.
- You want to speak to him?


Speak. Speak!

- Yes, this is Said.
- You want to come back?

Yes, come back. Me too.


Said, open the door!

Open the door!