Paradise Next (2019) - full transcript

In this hypnotic noir, tough guy Shima and rambunctious Makino develop an unusual bond over their mutual exile, as they separately fled Japan to Taiwan after botching jobs for the mob. The two head to the coast to lay low where they befriend fellow lonely soul Xiao En, but can they escape their criminal past? Wonderfully elusive with a spellbinding flow, the decidedly cool Paradise Next features charismatic performances, sublime cinematography, and an elegiac score by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

He got away.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Go after him and kill him.

Night and day.

At the opposite ends of the horizon.

Crossing paths only at dawn.

What drugs did you put in there?

Yamakawa, leave that woman alone!


She's dying!

It was an accident, you hear me?

This beautiful meeting is all too brief.


What the hell are you doing?

Can you hear me?



That looks tasty.

Hey, bring me one too.

- I want what he's having.
- OK...

It's filthy.

Here you go.


Yes. I'm tucking in.

This is really good.


Do you remember me?

We met at that party.

You don't remember?

Am I so forgettable?


So good.



Say something, Shima.

Who are you?


I'm Makino.

I'm your saviour.


- Ma'am.
- Hi, Mr Gao.

- For you.
- No need, we're friends.

Have a drink on me.

Appreciate the thought, but it's OK.

Your boy's a good kid.

- Don't worry about him.
- Thanks...

Top rate! Food's great.

What the hell?

Shima... Shima.





What the hell?


Try this. It's exotic.

Exotic? I thought it's locally grown?

Exotic in my mouth.

You make no sense.


Don't spit it out.

Swallow it and you'll get high.

Works better than any
drug out on the street.

Boss, we should go.

Hey, anybody there?


I mean it. I need to use the toilet.

I need to pee!

I'm going to pee right here.

I'm not kidding!

I can't hold it in anymore!

Shima, say something!

I can't hold it in anymore.

Sorry... please, let me take a leak.





I'm serious. I really need to pee!


I need the toilet!

You should have asked for more chilli.

Yeah, right.

I need to pee.

I need to pee.

I need to pee.

I need to pee.

What's going on?

I need to pee.

What are you saying? Sit down.

I need to pee! Pee!

Is this necessary?

I need to pee.

Pass me your knife.

Don't move. Stay still, will you?

Shima... Shima!


I need to pee...

Mr Gao, my boss caught this horsehead fish.

I'll have the kitchen cook it for you.


So there's this little rabbit

bursting with energy and running about.

He spotted a giraffe
chewing on some leaves.

You know what leaves those were? Marijuana.

The rabbit went up to the giraffe and said

"Mr Giraffe, don't chew on marijuana."

"It's bad for your health."

"Exercise with me instead."

The giraffe heeded the rabbit's advice

and went jogging alongside the rabbit.

They ran into a hippopotamus

with enormous nostrils.

Guess what it was doing?

It was snorting ketamine.

The rabbit reacted fast.

He rushed over to the hippopotamus and said

"Mr Hippopotamus, quit snorting ketamine"

"or you'll be in diapers"

"for the next half of your life."

The hippopotamus heeded the rabbit's advice

and joined the rabbit...

They're not going to kill me, are they?

So there they were, exercising away.

One, two, three, four...

They're a scary looking bunch.

That's when they saw a lion.

Guess what the lion was doing?

It was shooting heroin.

So, the rabbit rushed over and said

"Lion King... quit shooting up."

"It's bad for your health!
Come jog with us."

The lion gave the rabbit a hard stare

and took a mighty swing at him.

The rabbit flew across the air

and landed a distance away.

Guess why the lion did that?

The lion roared and said

"That bloody rabbit."

"He took Ecstasy."

"He hadn't slept in three days."

"That's why he's so pumped!"

- Here...
- Come on, let's drink.


Get in there!

Mr Lin, it's been a while.

I heard you're selling your workshop.

Stand up straight!

Your lousy workshop isn't worth much.

So how are you going to pay me back?

My boss is talking to you!
Cat got your tongue?

Say something!

Your showing up here has ruined the mood.

Tell us a joke, make us laugh.

Go on, tell us a joke.

Tell us a joke.

Xiao Zhang.

One... two... three.

Let him up.

Mr Lin, remember how that feels.

Get lost!

Get lost!

Let's carry on.

Carry on.

Looks good, huh?

So tonight's dinner was my welcome party?

Oh, it's that way?

That way?

Do gangsters need to pay tax?

Do you have to declare your income?


Shima, what are you doing?

Let's go.

Look at this!

Shima... that's it for me.

Shima, you've been on the run in Taiwan

for a whole year.

Let go of Xin-ru's death.

It was an accident. You're not to blame.

Don't move.


Kato, what do you want?

What do I want?

What's the matter with you?

So you've been hiding out here in Taiwan.

You don't check your phone?

See this guy?

I want you to get rid of him.

I'm the one who cleaned
up your mess before.

Do I have to do it a second time?

Back down!

I said, back down!


I don't have time for games.

Don't forget, I was the one

who introduced Mr Gao to you.

We may be from different countries

but Mr Gao is my key partner.

And you?


You're putting Mr Gao on the spot.

It's so hot here.


I'll wait for your good news in Tokyo.

Don't run away this time.

Ouch! Wait a minute...

Who the hell are you?

What have you done?

I'm just someone you met at a party.

Listen to me!

The girl's death...

It wasn't an accident.

You'll never know the truth if you kill me.

I told you, didn't I?

I'm your saviour.

The Ranchu goldfish is a special breed.

It's been modified by man.

It doesn't have a dorsal fin anymore.

And it's hooded.

It looks comical when it eats.

I like them.

I like seeing them

swimming hard to stay alive.

We're very much the same.

Fighting hard to stay alive.

I've made arrangements for you guys

to leave Taipei right away.

That's all I can do.

Kato wasn't his usual self.

He must be under pressure.

I'm betting Makino has a hold over him.

Head off to the east before it's too late.

We'll see how this unfolds

and play it by the ear.

Surely there must be another way.

I bet they arranged this to mess with us.

Hell... it stinks in here.

It's disgusting and so bloody heavy.

Quit whining and get on with the work.

All right, all right...

It's all sticky and gross.


There must be some other way.


The smell...

So, where are we going?

Shima, what are you doing?

I just had a weird dream.

I was standing alone in the dark.

I shouldn't be able to see anything

but somehow, I saw this shadow.

I shouldn't be able to see it.

What could it have been?


Are you listening?

I don't smoke.

Hey, the cigarette smoke.

Sheesh... no towel?

I'm starving. I want a beer.

Two, two, three, four

five, six, seven, eight.

Three, two, three, four

five, six, seven, eight.

Four, two, three, four...

Beer, please.

Do you have any food? Anything to eat?

We're not open yet,
there's only finger food.

Beer and food.

Only finger food.

OK, one serving?

Coming right up.

Xiao-en, can you come over here?

We have a Japanese customer.


It'd be great if you could stay

and continue to help out here.

I'm a busy woman.

What are you busy with?

There are lots of things to do in life.

Have you called your mum in Japan lately?


I'm not going to help out here anymore

if you're just going to nag at me.

You're a girl, your mum worries about you.

You should give her a call.

I hear you.

Excuse me. No smoking in here.

Wow! You speak Japanese?

A little.

Not eating? This pork is good.

Don't tell me you feel sorry for the pigs?

That's funny, for someone

who is used to spilling blood.

You don't eat human flesh, do you?

Hey, does this place need any pork?


We have a load there.


I mean it. Maybe you could use it.

Sorry. Thanks for the food.

We'll be back!

What a waste of good food.

He said number 18. It can't be far.

It's this one.

Right here.

You've got to be kidding me.

I'll pay you back.

Just give me a bit more time.

I've asked Yu to give me one more week.

Shima, do you know what he's saying?

Did Mr Gao give us the wrong address?

Look... it's OK...

Listen, this house...

My friend got it for us.

We sleep here.

I had a fight with my
wife, I can't go home.

I swear I'll pay you back.

Shall we go back to that bar?

Oh my! You're staying here with your kid?

There's trash everywhere. It's filthy!

This is no place to live.

How could you bring your kid here?

- You call yourself a man?
- That's enough...

Get your life together, for goodness' sake.

You shouldn't bring your kid here.

Are you kidding me? More people now?

That's an irresponsible thing to say.

Is this how you hide from your creditors?

- What about your kid?
- I'm not hiding.

I'm just staying here for the time being.

Look at the mould and mildew on the walls!

I'm only here because your wife

begged me to come.

Stop running away and
spare your kid a thought.

I'm not running away.

You need to face reality.

Excuse me, ma'am.

- Who are you?
- These two Japanese said

their friend in Taipei told them

they could stay here.

I'm only here today

because his wife asked me to come.

I don't know how he can
live in such squalor.

His creditors are after him

so he had to hide out here with his kid.

This is no place for anyone to live.

Did you guys rent this place?


The poor father and daughter

have nowhere to sleep.

Let them stay here.

What? No way, absolutely not!

We have nowhere to go either.

No way, absolutely not. Tell them.

You're such a jerk!

They said they have nowhere else to go.

So, you see...

What should we do?

You just moved in here

without checking whom it belongs to?

No, I don't want to sleep in the truck

with those pigs.

Why don't you share the place?

If it's OK with you, I'll talk to them.

What's your name?

Your name.

Don't have one.

Don't be ridiculous.


And you? What's your name?

Don't have one.

Don't be ridiculous!

What brought you to Taiwan?

There are bad guys after me.

They'll find me soon
enough and they'll kill me.

Let's dance.

- Dance.
- Dance?

- Yes.
- OK.

Hello, Auntie.

What is it?

Hang on...

You're letting those
Japanese stay in the bar?

Are you crazy?

What now?

Your place is pretty big, isn't it?

You have plenty of rooms.

Those guys seem pretty decent.

What are you getting at?

Come on, have a heart.

Put them up for a few days.

No way!

Your mum had all those security cameras

installed at your place.

There's nothing to worry about.

That's not the point.

Those Japanese let that poor guy

have the house they rented.

They're good men, so help them out.


The stench.

Shima, are we there yet?

A little farther up.

Have you got the drugs?


What are you doing?

May I take a look?

You're pretty good at this.

Anyway, why do you live here on your own?

My dad passed away.

My mum...

She paints.

Who is this?

My mum... I guess.

She lives in Japan now.


we don't really keep in touch.

I see.

That's why you speak Japanese.

When I was a kid

I wanted to outdo my elder brother.

I did everything I could

to make my parents love me more.

Thinking back, I was always telling lies.

It's ridiculous.

Maybe we're more alike than I thought.

No, we're not.


a total dirtbag.

Good night.

What's your relationship with Kato?


We'll talk about that another day.

He was...

shot dead.

I see.


Are you with a girl who looks like Xin-ru?

Xin-ru was my beloved.

Do you think she could be replaced?

I trusted you and put her in your care.

What exactly happened? How did she die?

Tell me!

How did it happen?

I'll put this in the washer.

Mind your own business.

What's with you?

None of your business.

You're right.

I know nothing about the two of you.

No smoking in my house!

Ouch! That hurts!

This is harder than I thought.

You've got the engine going.

Shima, you're amazing.


We're going shopping. Want to come along?

He's so standoffish.

Let's go, let him be.

Hold the fort.

Wait up!

- My goodness!
- It's really pelting down!

Over there, hurry...

Oh, wow.

- My goodness!
- This is all your fault!

You took your own sweet time shopping.

I'm drenched.

I'll teach you some Chinese.










- I'm going to quiz you now.
- Go ahead.

Here goes.

What's this?


- Correct.
- Yeah?

Correct, good job.

What about this?


Good job.

What is it?

Don't you ever smile?

You should smile more.



we have the here and now.

That's all we need.

Good night.

With Shima, 2019

A fresh glass of champagne for you?


Stop, you're sounding like a broken record.

So stop.

Why did you go into my room?

Oh, you mean this?

You've inherited your mum's talent.

You draw really well.

It doesn't make me at
all happy to hear that.


Are you angry?

I'm famished.


Let's go back.

Come on.

If you were going to put it back together

do a better job.

What are you doing?

Blue is my lucky colour this month.

Hang on, this is azure.

Isn't it the same?

Hey, Shima.

She says it's her lucky colour this month.

What do you think?

Let's go for a ride.

Where to?


- OK, let's get going.
- Let's go.

Excuse me, I'll take this.

That will be NT$30.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

What took you so long?


You got the wrong one.

We're there! Over there.

- Over there?
- Yeah.

We're here to have fun. Cheer up!

I'll get the tickets.

Shall I come with you?

No, you don't speak Chinese.

Can't find her?

The first time I saw Xiao-en...

I got a shock.

Because they looked so much alike.


I thought to myself

"There's just no running from your sins."

It was me.

I put the drugs in her drink.

Kato made me do it.

It was me.

I killed her.


Are you afraid of dying?

I am.


She must have been so scared.

She was all by herself.

This is all my fault.


Kill me... kill me!

Do it!

I was so scared.

You're the only one I could turn to.

Kill me!

Kill me!

Kill me!

Why did you kill her too?

Have you...

ever smiled?

Xiao-en, let's go out to sea.


Do you...

believe in paradise?