Paradise Kiss (2011) - full transcript

Yukari Hayasaka is a mediocre student who has worked her way to a top school just to make her mother proud. She always puts others first and herself last. However, her world is turned upside down when she crosses paths with a group of eccentric fashion design students. They know from the start she has the perfect look to model their design in their last school fashion show, but will she build up the courage to stand on her own two feet?

It was past the bakery
that always smelled so good..

...around the corner
at an exciting accessories shop...

...and down, down, down...

...a dangerous-looking alley.

A place hidden away,
probably once a bar.

They called it their 'studio.'

These marks won't get you in.

You'll have to take a study year,
or more, and try the exams again.

At this rate your friends
will graduate before you even start.

What's wrong?

Why won't you concentrate?

Life's not a game, Hayasaka.

I know it isn't, you old bald jerk!
Change your jersey sometimes!

I took my first entrance exam
when I was five...

...for a famous university’s
primary school

But in life? first great test
I failed miserably.

It wasn't failing that bothered me,
it was my mother.

I thought she might abandon
her Mat daughter.

So from that day on,
I studied harder than anyone.

Ms. Hayasaka...


That is correct.

All right, what about the next one?

Let's see...

Ms. Hayasaka?

I got my own back by qualifying
for one of the top high schools.

But my little brother,
who was much smarter than me...

was taking exams by then.

My mother focused an him.

It was as if I'd been set free.

Nope, no girlfriend.

That's Tokumori.

He's so cute!

He was my first love.

But far three years that first love...

...bore the title 'unrequited'


You OK?

Yes. Thank you.


See ya.

Back in a minute.

What are you doing?

Nothing! Trying out my new phone.

Take us both, then.


If you like.

Hey, honey!

Hey! Hey, you!

Hey! Aw, come on!

Go hit on someone else.
I'm busy.

Excuse me.

I'm in a hurry.

Five minutes!

I'm busy!

Three minutes! Two! One!





No! I'm getting robbed!


What are you doing?!

I didn't want her outrunning me.


Now what?

What's wrong?


I've been lying awake nights
worrying about exams.

Let's take her to the studio.


Man, this girl's heavy!

Get her legs.

Nice legs!

A new way of life
suddenly opened out before me.

My monkey palanquin
turned at a sweet-smelling bakery..

Are you OK?

You're awake!
I'm Miwako Sakurada.

We would've called a doctor,
but you were talking in your sleep...

...about a monkey.

Where am I?

In our studio.


We make clothes here.

We're from
the Yazawa Academy of Arts.


You've heard of it? Great!

See? Our school's famous.

Famous for taking in idiots.

Who hit on people from other schools.

I was scouting, not hitting.

Next month we're having
our graduation fashion show.

It's the last school festival
for us third-year students.

We're looking for a runway model
to wear what we've made.

Me? A model?

You've got to be kidding!
I've got entrance exams.

I don't have time for games
with the likes of you.

I'm going.

Wait, Caroline!

You mean me?

You haven't told us your name.

And I don't intend to.

Thanks for the nursing.

Wait a minute.

Now what?

This isn't a game to us.

Take that back.

Say you're sorry
but you haven't got time.


You go to Seiei.

So you can give us attitude?

Take it back.

Who's this?


Arashi scouted her.


For our model?

She looked perfect,
but she's an idiot!

Something smells good.

It's not for you, it was for her.
'Stamina stew'.

I guess it'll be my dinner now.

You won't let me eat
what you made for her?

Just like your dress.




...have you ever met someone
who was 'scary'?

Right from the start... thought,
'This person scares me.

'If this person's around,
he'll wreck my life.'

Right when I me! him,
I had that feeling.

One of those people
you never know what they'll do.

I came to say sorry.

I heard how my friend
chased you, and you fainted...

...and then he got mad at you.

I think we need to apologize.

What's your name?

Yukari Hayasaka!


Your boyfriend?

No, Tokumori, he's not!



Get lost!


Don't call me that!

Let's go.

Hey, wait!

I'm going to be raped
and dumped somewhere!

Stop moaning.


You got in.

I wasn't thinking.
Where are you taking me?

Where we can do it.

No! He's going to do it
and do it and do it and do it!

George, that's a visitor's spot.
They'll get mad at you again.

But this is the best place to park.

That's why.

Come on, Yukari.

So this is Yazademy?

No bra, no panties!

At school?!


What are you doing here?

Our apology. Is Seiji here?


Thank you.

Hi, Mr. Kisaragi.

He's a teacher?!

Looking like that?

Doesn't anyone dress for school here?

We've just met and she's angry?

I need a favor.

For George Koizumi?
I'm honored you'd ask.

Can you fix this girl's hair?

My hair?

He's a special instructor here.

He's a hair and make-up artist.
He works abroad, too.

I get it! You brought her
for a hairstyle makeover.


A 'sorry' haircut.

That doesn't make sense!

The fashion show audience
grades us.

Even with a good dress...

...a drab model loses marks.

I don't want to lose
because you look like a frump.

I said I'm not going to model!

You don't know who you are.

Last week it was red!

So maybe not?

It was better the first way.

You I don't need now.

What's wrong? it's not going well?

No. We're starting all over
from the basic design.

You rush things.

You want a fight? I'm ready.

They've been rivals
since they started here.

The genius versus hard worker.
They're both designers.

And that's the model
for Kaori's team.


Yukari! You skipped out for that?

Was that guy a hair stylist?

It looks like a wig.

Shut up. it's fine.

That's a surprise.

It suits you.

It's pretty.


What happened to your hair?

If you've got that much time...

...I hope you're studying.

I am.

What's that?

Who is it?

It's a guy, right?

Sure it is.

'Yukari Hayasaka'!

I already know that, thank you.

I'm sorry, Carrie.
George insisted I bring you again.

They're idiots,
every last one of them!

Where are they?


Oh, I'm sorry.

Hey, that's cute!

We're not making pajamas,


It sure helps
to have the model here.

Look, you've been treating me
as your model since yesterday...

...but I haven't said I'd do it.

But you're here.

Then say you will, already.

Or is it beneath your dignity?

That's nice. A sunflower?

Too out there?

No. It fits her image perfectly.

Yeah, now...



Isabella, say something!


Not helping!

You're always changing it!

More work!

That's hot!

it's Caroline's image exactly!

She still hasn't said
she'll do it, you know.

Well, we can't push any more.

But I think she'd be great.

You've brought in non-students
two days in a row!

Is this a meeting-up place?

Why do I get blamed for this?

Now I see.

That's why your marks
are going down.

Watch who you hang out with.

Real friends don't try to get you
to skip school at a time like this.

You don't know who you are.

A bunch like that
is not a good fit for you.

Surely you're used to
getting bawled out by now.

Gee, thanks!

Maybe I'm not the right girl yet.

Life. I think about lite, too,
you know.

If I had someone I liked with me,
that would be enough.

Someone I loved,
and didn't want anyone else to have.

Just that person being around
makes you stronger.

You can handle stress and hard work,
you can laugh together...

...and be happier.

I think that's all I'd need.

I've said that and you don't get it?
You're really insensitive, you know that?

But why is it...

...the more I get bawled out,
the more I want to hang with them?


Carrie! Hello.

Don't go in there!

Sorry, Caroline. it's OK now.

Your tits are showing.

That's no way to act
in front of a visitor.

I just step out, and...

Blame Arashi.

Are you a couple?

Yeah, it's my job
to tame his sex drive.

Giving lip, taking lip,
being top, being bottom...

...all day long.

Miwako, shut up!

Next time you pay a fine.

A fine?

You're here?

He has such an innocent smile.

That tickles!

Keep still. I can't measure you.

What's that 'Paradise Kiss' thing
on the door?

That's the brand name
the four of us have set up.

'Paradise Kiss'.

We catch on, form a company...

...and make lots of money,
Arashi says.

A company?

I want us to stay together
after we graduate.

We've got test clothes out... consignment stores.

Wouldn't it be great to be
a top brand someday?

I've got Caroline's measurements.


She kept moving around!

Show me.

Bust, 83 centimeters...

Hey! You pervert!


That's private!

I need your size for your dress.

I didn't say I'd do it.

Then why are you here?!


...put that on her.



It should fit, more or less.

I knew she was right.

It's amazing.
It fits perfectly everywhere.

Even though it's for your muse.


Every designer needs a muse.

That one perfect woman...

About this 'muse' thing...

You don't know who you are.


Did your mother ever slap you?

Mine would hit me
if I didn't get good marks...

...or if I talked back...

...or ii I didn't hold
my chopsticks right.

A kid who grows up like that... always afraid of getting hit,
and never develops any courage.

I failed a test once...

...and I thought she'd leave me
right there in the snow.

Maybe that's why all my life...

...I've never seen any other way
but study, study, study...

...and avoided any responsibility.

People say different things...

Hey, aren't you taking me home?

No, somewhere else.


A hotel.

Want a shower?

I don't care. You're fine as you are.

For what?

I didn't drag you here.

My brain had stopped working!


Just lie still.

Is it someone else's fault
you walked in here?

Like it's your mom's fault
you lack guts?

And our fault you came back?

Now you're saying no
so you can blame this on me.

What do you want to do?!

I want a model, not a puppet.

We'll just do it once for the books.

Keep still.

Do it, then.

I hate you.

That dress of yours
means nothing to me!

My will is in
this frumpy school uniform...

...of one of the country's
best schools.

Do you know how hard
I had to work just to wear it?

I'm proud of it, and I don't see why
I should take attitude from you!

I'll do your modeling for you.



The 1951 Treaty oi San Francisco...

...grew out of the need to procure
materiel for the Korean War.

The USSR and its allies,
though UN members, were excluded...

...and with this separate peace treaty...

...the U.S. gained bases in Japan.

Z Tutorial Academy

Is something wrong?

No, nothing.

Shall we skip out?

I'm sick oi studying, too.

Even you?


Want to go somewhere?

I don't wan! it to be my fault
if you fail.

Oh, well.
Let's both get down to it, then.

Now it's your fault I'm stuck here.

That's Yukari's phone.

It's probably her.

You shouldn't answer it.

I've got something to do.

See you at school.

Are you the one?

The reason she's upset?


Leave her alone, will you?

Or deal with me.

Tokumori, what are you doing?


You brought my bag! Thanks!


What's going on here?

When we were kids, we lived
in the same apartment complex.

Wow! What a coincidence.

I don't think so.

When Arashi first saw you
in your uniform...

...he knew you went to
the same school as Hiro.

How is he?

He's fine.


He's an old friend, too.
The three of us.

Wait up!

We were together
all through school..

...till I went to Seiei
and they went to Yazademy.

Don't lie. You like Miwako.

Sure I do.

OK, we're going to make
a promise between men.

A promise?

We're never going to
leave Miwako behind.

The first one who leaves
loses her, no matter why.

The one who stays
gets to marry her.

But we went to different schools,
and my parents moved.. we didn't see each other much.

Why can't I see Hiro?

We're not kids any more.
Now you're with me.

So what?

Think of how he must feel.

Anyway, don't see him.
Tell him you can't.

I was in the neighborhood,
and thought I'd come see your school.

Where's Arashi?


I'm sorry, Hiro.

I'm Arashi's girlfriend now.

Don't come see me any more, OK?

So Hayasaka's your model?

Exclusively for us.

And George's the designer.

George Koizumi.

Hi. Sorry about before.

This should be OK.

What should?

Meeting as friends.
Do you want to come to the show?



I finally understood why my love
had been unrequited for three years.

Tokumori wasn't insensitive,
he just wasn't seeing me.

He was already in love.

With his first love.

Who he still loved

Yukari, can I talk to you?


Your teacher phoned today.

You could even miss out on
your second choice of school.

Could we leave the lecture
till tomorrow, please?


Look, I've got things
on my mind, OK?

I've hired a private tutor.

He starts tomorrow.
it's not long till the exams.

You'll study, all right?

You mean without a break?

It's only a few months.

Without even a day off?
I've been asked to do something.


Model at a fashion show.

Can I?

What are you talking about?


Just before the next mock exam.

They'll need me for fittings, too,
but that won't take long.

So let's forget the tutor.

I can study after the show.

I could quit cram school, too.

I'm not improving,
and it costs money...

Will you ever grow up?!

Why do you hit me?!

Tomorrow... come straight home.

The tutor comes at 7.

I won't be here.
I've had enough of this.

So you've left home?

Yeah. Now what?

Just so you could be in our show?

Yeah. Now what?

First you need a place.



And a job. You'll need money.


Hold it!

You'd be a great salesperson!

I would?

Are you guys all stupid?!

Go home and apologize.


Look, leaving home for us... nice of you, but...

What's wrong with it?

Not you, too!

Thank you. We'll support you
in your brave act.


If you die and go to hell,
that's not our problem.

Thanks a heap.

The first thing you need
is a place to live.

I've got a spare room.

At your place?

Is that a problem?

This way.

You are a rich kid.
I knew it.

The guest room.
En suite toilet and bath.

George's going to sink his fangs
right into Caroline.

Don't worry. He's a gentleman.


Who's here?

Those are woman’s shoes.

There's tons of woman’s things

A grown man
still making woman’s clothes, huh?

What do you want?

Oh, I was just feeling fatherly.

Come have dinner with us.

Oh, stop it!
You know he won't come.

It's plain as day on his face.

What's that?

There is someone here.

We're interrupting. Let's go.

You're unpacked?


Let's go eat, then.

Your parents?

I don't have 'parents'. That was
my birth mother, and her lover.

I'm the son of a rich creep
who got his mistress pregnant.

She lives in the penthouse.

He comes to see her, and drops in here
when he's in the mood.

What will it be?
Housewarming soba noodles?

I’m the son of a rich creep
who got his mistress pregnant.

Is it someone else's fault
you walked in here?

What do you want to do?!


What do you want?!

Just to watch you sleep.

I locked it!

I have the key.

Breakfasts ready.


How's Yukari?
You didn't try anything, did you?

You did?! I knew it!

Next on her road to hell,
she needs a job.

'High-school graduate'...

'High-school graduate'...

'High-school graduate'...

What good's a top school
if you didn't finish?

Cabaret Hostesses
No Experience Necessary


Hello, George Koizumi.

Is that work you had still going?

What am I doing here?

You wanted work.

Someone canceled. You're lucky.

But why me?

I recommended you.
You'll be fine.

Ms. Hayasaka, we're ready.

You're on. Go for it.

Excuse me a second...

Tokumari, Hiroyuki

Koizumi George


Are you crazy?
They want professional models!

I can't do this!


I'm leaving.

Then you'll never model again.

I don't care. I can't do this.

Do it anyway.

Make Seiji and me look bad...

...and I'll guide you down
the road to hell myself.



I know you can do this.

The girl we found has
as much glamor as any pro.

I took it as a souvenir.

That's so tacky!

But how is it?

Not bad.

You went in uniform?

It makes me feel confident.

Proud oi it, huh?
There's lots you could have worn.

Everything I've ever made.

That was my first dress,
when I was five.

Five?! What are you, a genius?


Can I hit you?

I'm like you.

Your mom decided things for you,
and my talent decided them for me.

Neither of us had a choice.

Some call it genius,
some call it prison.

So all your history
is in this room...

I'll never sell any of these.
They all have memories.

The first thing I ever made,
the first time I found my own style...

But it seems like a waste.
They're so beautiful.

I don't intend for them
to always be sitting here.

I want someone special
to wear them.


Gee, sorry!

Who could that be?



George! Let's have a party!

That's so cute!

And then there's this one?

It's nice, isn't it.

Are you done yet?

I'm not a cook!

They're just samples.
You want one, George?

Yeah, right!
So you got a job?


Designing for Filange!

The genius did better.
He's going to Paris.

So tonight we celebrate!


They're picking up the tempo.


It's not for sure. Get chopping.

How do you know Team Beautiful?

In a nutshell...

...did her...

...did her...

...did her...

...didn't do her.

You really are your father's son,
aren't you.

I'll keep my eye on 'didn't do'.

Didn't do you, either.

Hey, George...

Can we see that room?

What room?

A room of dresses.
You'll love it!

I want to see it!

I don't let drunks in there.

They're special clothes.
Only special women touch them.

I guess last time I was special, then.
I'll just go and see for myself.

You're drunk.

I'm just going to look.

And this is the guest room.
Will you look at that view!

This isn't what I wanted to see.

What's between you and George?

Are you just classmates?
Or is it more than that?

You're jealous?

I'm sorry we barged in.

But don'! worry.
I don't have my eye on George.

What I have my eye on
is a dream.

And passion.

He's always been the genius,
and I've been the slugger.

I work at ii bit by bit...

...while he does everything
in flashes of inspiration.

But I won't let him beat me.
That's all it is.

But will you be OK?

You're too distracted now...

Modeling is more than just
walking around in a dress.

What's up?

At least you could knock!

You're in a good mood.
You must have a great dress.

We're done, and it's great.

I'll celebrate my job
by taking first prize.

Oh yeah? Ours is almost there, too.

Forget that dress.




It's almost done!



But we're almost finished!

We can't start all over again!

This is the one.

That's easy for you to say!

Mr. Kisaragi, instructor slash
professional make-up artist?

Ah, George Koizumi's 'father'!

Could I talk to you?

George Koizumi's future?

He'll be graduating soon,
and as his 'father'...

...I want to think seriously
about his career.

Do you think he’ll be able
to do well as a dressmaker?

Give me your honest opinion.

If young Koizumi goes pro,
they'll crush him.

Most people struggle
to find their talent.

But he's had that talent
right from the very start.

For him it's natural.

For him, making clothes... like breathing.

But as a pro,
you don't breathe freely.

There are restrictions,
and problems put in your way.

When someone clamps a hand
over his mouth...

...he won't be able to fight back.

It's been too easy, then?

That's my fault
for pitying him, I guess.

But I'm glad to hear that.

Now my conscience is clear.
He can work for me.

As a salary man?

Why not?

We're society's engine, you know.
Not artists.


What's in these?

Paradise Kiss consignments.
They were all returned.

We didn't sell a thing.

I guess nobody wants our clothes.

That's not true! I do.

But this decides it.
I'm afraid Para Kiss is dissolved.


You're breaking up?

That was the deal.

Having fun and making it work
are two different things.

If it didn't work, we'd quit.

Now we'll all go our own ways.

When the show's over,
I'm going to Paris.

I'll be a lone warrior,
going around the maisons.

For how long?

All my life, maybe.


...this dress will be the last one
we ever make together.

The last dress
we ever make together...

Hayasaka residence...

Suguru, is Mom there?

No. She's really mad, you know.

I've never seen her this mad

Why don't you come home?

Aren't you tired yet?

With Dad posted away..

-..Mom's got to be Dad; too,
and it? hard.

She's trying her best.

You really are
a lot smarter than me.

Suguru, would you give Mom
a message?


Miwako! I'm here.

George's already here.
Why didn't you come with him?

Did you have a fight?

No, we didn't.

How many more?!

Lots and lots!



Could I help?

No amateurs.

Oh...I see.

Your attention, please.

The 3rd year Fashion Show
rehearsal is about ta begin.

Please assemble in the Auditorium.

Here we go.

Shall we?

Didn't rehearsal go right?

All she had to do was walk.

Couldn't you even do that?

It looked like slapstick comedy!

You're like a robot!

Well, she's never walked
on a runway before.

All she has to do
is walk normally!

This room's in use?

We'll find another one.

Sorry to bother you.

What's she glowing about?
I hate her!

I'm going to go and practice.

Be back in 30 minutes.
it's almost show time.

Your attention, please.

The Fashion Show is beginning.
Please come to the Auditorium.

Don't look around. it's too late.

I shouldn't have treated this
as just a game.

Don't worry.
A festival's supposed to be fun.

No. I can't mess up
in your very last dress.

I'm the only one
who didn't take this seriously.

What else is new?

When did you take anything seriously?

You're all pretend.

You pretend to try hard,
to brood, to be different...


I'm sorry.

You know, Carrie...

...ever since I can remember,
I never felt right as a male.

Inside I was a girl...

...but I had to live as a boy... long day after another.

Then in Grade 3 I told that
to a boy named George...

...and a while later
he gave me a hand-made dress.

With that one dress, I was reborn
from a lifetime of tears.

With make-up and a pretty dress,
a girl is reborn over and over.

Beautiful clothes give people
courage and confidence.

That's why we've gone on
making them.

Maybe in the dress we've made...

...courage will work its magic on you.


Wait, Arashi!

Not so fast!

I can't run any more!

What are you doing here?

I'm here to see Hayasaka.

Then get in there. it's starting.

When's Yukari?

Three more to go.

Please! Walk straight.

There's Kaori's team.

Kaori's piece is great!

She could sell it right now.

She's good!

Well done!

You were great!


They worked really hard.

Oi course. If you don't,
you get nowhere.

You're next.


Left hand.

That's my wish.

Be like one.

You're on!


You don't have to walk straight.

Sway, or turn ii you like,
as long as it's your own walk.

Walk on your own feet.

I'll be waiting here.

I'll be fine. Leave it to me.

Maybe I'm not the best,
but I'll walk like no one else.

I'll be so in their face
they'll be jealous.

I'll take everyone in this hall
up to paradise.

Go, Yukari!

She looks great!

Just don't fall!

Well? Did I walk right?


Is that...

...for us?

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Why did we come second?

Smile. Act like an adult.

You heard how they cheered.

That was for you...

...not for our dress.

Our last festival's over.


...I hated you at first...

...but now I love you.

Too bad. I voted for your team.



You voted for them, to get revenge.

Bad joke.

Why are you angry?

Why second?
His dress was the best!

You said it was a child's game...

No one wants to see his kid lose!

Weren't those George's parents?

What happens now?

Don't worry.

An alumnus has given me a job.

Miwako, too.


Change of direction.
Para Kiss didn't sell.

Me and Miwako, together forever.

Yeah, since I moved.

No, it was karmic distance.

I'm closer to Miwako that way
than you are.

No, if Arashi had moved,
I'd probably be with you.

What about you two?

I'm taking entrance exams.

What about you?

Me, too.

You are?

Yeah. Why?

Well, you have a talent...

I do?

You were like a real model.
You were gorgeous.

Man, you're heavy!

You're crazy. Me, gorgeous?

Well, whatever you do,
I intend to be around.


Thank you for coming. I...

Just come home, will you?

I've been worried sick.

I'm sorry.


...I won't try to run your life
any more.

Do the things you want to do.

Thanks far everything.
I'm going home.

Leaving without a goodbye?

That's a bit rude.

The show's over.
You're done with me, right?

You're going home?

Yeah. Mom wants me to.


It wasn't very long,
but thanks for everything.


...would you like to have dinner?

Sorry. I'm meeting Tokumori.

A date?

You're going dressed like that?

Clothes for a make-or-break date...


What restaurant?


Leave it to me.
You'll be the belle oi the ball.

What I mean is...

...I can't afford these clothes.

Where are you going?
A greasy-chopstick?

No! A family restaurant.

Well, you can dress cheap
and still be stylish.

So this is what's popular now...
No wonder this genius can't sell.

But this is nice.

This, too.

Not bad.

Now make-up.

She's sure taking her time!

You guys can go.

No! I want to see you
tell Caroline you love her.

Don't worry.
I know she likes you.

I hope so.

She said she'd had three years
of unrequited love.

She did?

You didn't realize?
Boy, are you dense!

You're made for each other.


Will you go home, please?


Go away, will you!

Why do you enjoy picking my clothes...

...for a date I'm going
with another guy?!

I don't get it.

Why did you kiss me, then?

You're going to Paris alone!

I want to be a model.

A professional one.

Today I was all excited...

...and the crying looked stupid,
but I want to try ii again.


Do you think I can make it?
Do I have the talent?

You don't get it, do you.

It's not talent, it's desire.

If you want it, you'll get it.

Nothing happens unless
you believe in yourself.

You'll manage.

But I won't be around
to hold your hand.

Will you be OK?


I'll do it alone.

All the best, then.



You look strangely sentimental.

Are you still going?

Why go if it means
leaving the girl you love?

What's that for?

To go to Paris with you, of course.

All I've ever wanted to do
was the patterns for your designs.

You're stuck with me
till the very end.

I shouldn't have given you that dress.

So what are you going to do?

Of course I'm going.
it's the logical choice.

Every designer needs a muse.
That one perfect woman.

Does a designer who leaves his muse
have a future?

Shortly after that,
George went to Paris.

I didn't go to see him aft

You're sleeping again?
That's all you've been doing.

Go away.

Is sleeping what you wanted to do?
Come on, get up!

A parcel came for you.

At leas! he could have
written his name!

What has he sent me
after taking off to Paris alone?

What did he leave ?

I'll never sell any of these.
They all have memories.

I want someone special
to wear them.

That? my wish.

Be like one.

Walk on your own feet.

I'll be waiting here.


She's doing real well.

I said I loved her,
and she dumped me.


Yukari Hayasaka?

No! Just kidding!

So Madoka,
have you got a job offer yet?


But there's lots of time.


Let's take a break.

Good work.

We're late, so we'll have to
eat in the car again.

I'm really sorry.

Then we have five
magazine interviews...

...and the 'Somehow Smart People'
quiz show.

And your New York shoot's
been set for next Tuesday.

And then...

Another day without yum
another cover...

...I wish you could see.

New York, huh?
Why couldn't it be Paris?

Three years,
and I haven't heard a thing.

Are you designing, or what?

Can you believe this, George?

You found me this road.

At first I was afraid
I'd end up torn to shreds...

...but you found me this road..

...and told me to walk it
an my own feet.

But George...

while I'm doing my best...'s no fun walking alone.

I want to see you, George.

I want ta see ya...

Have you forgotten
all about me?

I want to see you...

...and start out in love all over
from the beginning.

Well, since I'm here...



This is a surprise!
Did you know we were here?


Stop crying.
Save those tears for George.

Is he in New York?


We came last year.
He's had a change oi heart.

Ready-to-wear isn't
the only way to design.

He says there's no need
to make clothes just to sell.

Wait...I can give you
the address of his studio.

His studio?